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Most Hated Broncos

Non Elway Edition

Fescoe In The Morning
October 25, 2017 - 11:26 am

When we think of who we hate from the rivalry with the Denver Broncos, of course John Elway tops the list.  There's not even a debate.  So Fescoe in the Morning will debate who are the distant seconds on the most hated Broncos list.

Fescoe- I have 2 guys that make this list.  First is Mark Schlereth.  He was part of those old Denver offensive lines that were so good and for the most part cheated any way they could with cheap shots, holds and all kinds of crazy activities.  Those lines were outstanding and they made Terrell Davis and Mike Anderson all star running backs.  We always hate guys that are good and beat up on our team.  I hate Schlereth for that but I also hate him for another reason.  Back when I went on my world famous Cider and Donuts rant, Schlereth ripped me apart on ESPN.  I have no issue with that at all.  However, when I reached out to him to come on the show, he chickened out.  That was weak sauce and still bothers me to this day.  If you are gonna talk smack, come on the show and back it up!

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The other person on my list is Ed McCaffrey.  I loved him when he played for the Giants but then he went to Denver where he became a star.  He became the go to receiver for John Elway and was always coming up with a big time catch.  Another guy that was so good and one we were all jealous of we had to hate.  There wasn't a game vs KC where he wasn't coming up with a big time play.  Thanks for all the bad memories, Ed.

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Kling:  My #1 hated Bronco unfortunately was also with admiration. I still fear Steve Atwater. In fact I appeared on a radio show he's on in Denver a few weeks back and told him that. I don't want to get leveled still by 27.

Dishonorable mention – man I hated the Three Amigos ---> Mark Jackson, Vance Johnson & Ricky Nattiel. They had a stupid nickname and I feel like they played forever in Denver. And in football terms they did. Jackson 7 yrs, Johnson 10, Nattiel 6. They combined for 69 Tds, 12,413 yards. But hey at least they have this stupid commercial on their resume too.

I also don't like you – Mike The Rat Shanahan (below), Shannon Sharpe, Neil Smith, yeah I said it, Bill Romanowski, Keith Traylor & Trevor Pryce, Jake Plummer, Lyle Alzado, Sammy Winder, Ray Crockett, Emmanuel Sanders & even a punter Tom Rouen!

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Welch - Shannon Sharpe

THE WORST!!!!! I mean, if you don't end up on this list for baiting Derrick Thomas into the Monday Night Meltdown, then you might as well not even have the list. When I think about Shannon Sharpe, nothing good enters my mind. All I can see is him riding John Elway's coattails to superstardom. Not only has Shannon Sharpe ruined multiple Chiefs-Broncos games for me, he's also ruining the young minds of America by spreading this FILTH on national television on a daily basis.

The audacity! Let's be clear on two things. 1. Tony Gonzalez is the best TE in NFL history. 2. Shannon Sharpe couldn't hold a candle Tony G on his best day.

Spec Since Fescoe took Ed McCaffrey (who I swear to god converted every 3rd & 7 for years against the Chiefs) I'll go with every Broncos running back, ever. Mike Anderson, Olandis Gary, Tatum Bell top the list as productive backs who were just trash. Atleast Terrell Davis had some talent but another Chiefs killer. It felt like for 15 years, the Broncos would find some rando off the street and he'd rush for 1,200 yards behind a cut blocking, dirty offensive line. I don't have stats to back up anything I've said, it's just that feeling in my cut everytime the Chiefs played the Broncos during my childhood.

Most Hated Broncos


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