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5-0 Makes Us Look at Things Differently

Fescoe In The Morning
October 10, 2017 - 2:34 pm

We are more than a quarter of the way thru the 2017 NFL season and the Kansas City Chiefs have taken the league and America by storm.  No one thought they would be sitting at 5-0 and the last undefeated team in the NFL.  No one also thought the Giants would be 0-5 and the Steelers and Patriots 3-2.  So the Chiefs aren't the only team that is being looked at differently today than they were some 6 weeks ago.  Getting out our crystal balls, we take a look ahead.  We each examine 2 games:  1 we thought was going to be tough that doesn't look as hard and 1 we thought was going to be easy that now looks harder than originally thought.

Fescoe - When the schedule came out, I thought the Thursday night game in Oakland was going to be rough on the Chiefs.  Everyone was in love with the Raiders.  They were a popular pick to win the AFC West and a popular pick to advance to the Super Bowl.  So far, the Raiders are 2-3, Derek Carr has missed games, Marshawn Lynch hasn't done much, players are fighting with fans in the parking lot and they are playing like the Raiders we have come to love in the past.  I originally thought this would be a tough one to win.  I now think this game is a lot easier than originally thought back in April. 

The game that will be harder now is the date with Buffalo.  The Bills started 3-1 on the season and surprised everyone.  Usually this annual meeting with New York's only team is a gimmie, but now, I am not so sure.  Thank goodness this game is at home because that may be the difference between winning and haulting the trek to 16-0.  I think right now we have to look out for the Bills.

Kling -  On schedule release day I always pencil in my wins and losses for the year.  A pretty dumb yearly exercise of truly what the season looks like "on paper" months before it becomes real.  I had the Chiefs 12-4 on that day with a sweep of home games and four road losses.  One of those was New England (glad to be wrong) but also another was at the New York Giants.  Um, not so much now, since it's gotten weird.

The game I think might be harder than originally expected will turn out to be at Denver.  Yes I know they Chiefs haven't had a lot of success in the Mile High, but I expected a sweep.  It's the last game of the year and the Chiefs might really need it.

Welch - Week 16 vs. Dolphins: To start the season, I had a few games on the Chiefs schedule circled as potential problems, I can cross off Miami. Ryan Tannehill clearly was the entire team and Jay Cutler is an unimitgated disaster. Add in the fact Jay Ajayi is a shell of himself, and I no longer have any fear when it comes to the Dolphins.

Week 6 vs. Steelers: What in the world is going on in Pittsburgh?? Antonio Brown is flipping over water coolers, Le'Veon Bell is complaining to the media about his lack of touches, and Ben Roethlisberger is telling people that he might just not have it anymore. That said, this could be the worst possible time for KC to meet the Steelers. I don't want a ticked off Ben Roethlisberger in Arrowhead, but unfortunately, that's exactly what we're going to get.


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