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1st Quarter of the Chiefs Season: Highs and Lows

Through 4 Games, What's Going Right? What's Going Wrong?

Fescoe In The Morning
October 04, 2017 - 6:30 am

25% of the season has passed and the Chiefs are 4-0. Kansas City is the only undefeated team in the NFL, a legitimate Super Bowl contender, and the #1 team in every power rankings. But, to look a little deeper, the guys from Fescoe in the Morning break down the Best and Worst of the 1st 4 games of the Chiefs season.

Fescoe - High: Alex Smith is the easy answer to this question and Kareem Hunt is an obvious choice as well.  For me, the high for the first quarter of the season has been Justin Houston.  This dude is a one man wrecking crew on the Chiefs defense.  In fact, in my opinion he is playing his best football ever.  Not only is he getting to the QB but he is a beast against the run.  He is blowing dudes up all over the field and coming up with big time plays.  Houston, the rest of the NFL has a problem when you face em.

Houston making plays against the run has been one of my favorite things to watch so far this year.  Let's hope it continues.  Sacking the QB has been pretty cool too for #50

Low: The loss of Eric Berry.  I think this is a low from an emotional standpoint more than an on field standpoint even though he is tough to replace in the lineup.  Berry just signed a new contract and was coming off his best season ever.  We really wanted to see him back there making plays again in 2017 but after the injury in week 1, we will have to wait until next season.  If the Chiefs go on to do something special this year, part of me will be sad for Berry not being part of it as he's worked so hard to get back to where he was before the injury in New England.  He will be back!

Welch - High: Kareem Hunt is clearly the best thing that has happened to this team over the offseason. Hunt is currently on pace to have the best season in the history of football, so there really isn't an argument against him. Not only does Hunt put up the numbers, he opens up everything else in the offense. A massive part of Alex Smith's improvement this year has been Kareem Hunt taking a ton of pressure off the passing game. Not to mention, Hunt is also a huge part of the passing game.

Low: Eric Berry going down with a season-ending injury. Daniel Sorensen has been really good filling in for Berry, but he's no Eric Berry. No matter what way you cut it, losing a 3-time All-Pro who was the best safety in the NFL in 2016 is a big hit to the Chiefs defense. His big-play ability has already been missed, and KC is going to have to make up for it.

Kling - High:  How can it not be Alex Smith?  Even the biggest detractors (I've been a club member) just don't have a lot of arguments right now.  He's been great.  I will keep pointing to this throw from the Washington game.  I tweeted during the game, old Alex runs this out of bounds, new Alex looks downfield and hits.

76% completion rate, 267 yards per game, 8 Tds 0 interceptions.  And he's using his feet again.  Can't ask for much more.

Low:   Chiefs special teams.  I'm #TeamToub but this year's edition has been terribly flat.  No one wants to kick to Tyreek Hill and I get it, but they are 29th in punt return yardage at 3.5 per return!  Kickoffs have been blah too albeit the average is amongst the league leaders.

Despite the buttkicker, Harrison Butker going for 3 Fgs in the Monday win, the kicking situation can't be called more than incomplete. And even Dustin Colquitt looks human (this takes a lot for me to say).

We need more fireworks!!


High - Its more personal than anything else but the Chiefs have beaten four teams that I just really love beating. Nobody loves the Patriots (whether its jealousy or not) and we all want to see grumpy Belichick or Tom Brady whine like a baby. I have family from Philadelphia so bragging rights were on the line in Week 2. The Chargers are irrelevant but still in our division and not the Pac-10 so there is enough history there. Then, being raised in Washington D.C., I know have won bets with my step brother and a number of friends from back home. My two favorite things on an NFL Sunday; the Chiefs winning and the Redskins losing.

Low - It has to be watching Derrick Johnson. He is my favorite Chiefs player of all time but he looks slow and frankly, what a 34 year old middle linebacker should look like. I'll hold out hope that this is him getting warmed up coming off that achilles injury but it has the feel of the end. Four games in, I haven't seen that signature play from DJ. Even something more to watch moving forward is Reggie Ragland as he got his first start on Monday night and it looked like he was doing a lot of the communication with the d-line which has always been Derrick Johnson's job. Great job Steven, now I'm depressed after writing this paragraph so lets watch an awesome video from his career.


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