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When the sun goes down, we light up the air waves with lively, and sometimes a little off the wall talk. The freaks come out at night, and that certainly holds true for this show, heard weeknights from 6pm-9pm with a variety of hosts when there is no play-by-play on the station.

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07/15 - 11 am - Randy and Shannon

Sunday, July 15th
Serda just won't udnerstand how rough summers are during the summer where baseball is the only sports running and there's nothing to look forward to in sports...

07/15 - Who the Hell is Bud Norris?

Sunday, July 15th
Sal is getting the nod in the All-Star game and Ron doesn't have a problem with it even though we know Sal doesn't deserve it this year. Serda all of sudden...

07/12 - 8 pm - The Real TO

Thursday, July 12th
The A's have to be jealous of the Royals becaue they kind of owe them a title. That guy Gets the Show Topic of the Day makes a comeback as well as the best 59...

07/12 - 7 pm - Big Ken

Thursday, July 12th
Ron had a life changing moment when he realized the Royals are actually good and Ken Rosenthal is not letting anyone keep him down. Ron blew out his calf and...

07/11 - 7 pm - Glenn Sparkman

Wednesday, July 11th
Show is pissed that we just had to spend an entire day acting like the supplemental draft matters. We go Off the Rundown about bathroom breaks and we think...