The Day Shift

A Kansas City lifer matched up with a Kansas City transplant provides the balance we all need, with Lake & Bink. With features like “The 610 Six Pack”, “Hump Day Wednesday” and “Don’t Be That Guy”, these guys make your work day and lunch break fun! It airs weekdays from 10am-2pm. And just when you think life at home can’t get any more frustrating…at least you’re not Binkley.

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06/22 - 1 pm - Omaha, Argentina

Friday, June 22nd
Binkley learned a lot in Omaha yesterday and he thinks he may have found some ways to fix baseball. We're ready to get rid of the one and done. Argentina is a...

06/22 - 11 am - Pete, Omaha

Friday, June 22nd
Our guy Pete Sweeney joins the show to tell Henry why he needs to back off hating on the Chiefs offense. Binkley was in Omaha yesterday and it's his favorite...

06/22 - Pete Sweeney

Friday, June 22nd
Our guy and the fearlesss leader of Arrowhead Pride Pete Sweeney joins us to talk Chies offense because Henry thinks we're putting to much pressue on this...

06/22 - 10 am - MPJ, Offense

Friday, June 22nd
Michael Porter Jr was all over the board when it came to the where he might go in the draft but he fell further than anyone anticipated. Basketball has some...

06/22 - Devonte & Svi

Friday, June 22nd
We spent all of our time focussing on MPJ it's like we forgot about Devonte and Svi. Svi might have wound up on the best situation of all the local guys to go...

06/22 - MPJ Slide

Friday, June 22nd
Michael Porter Jr who was all over the draft board did indeed slide last night all the way to 14 where he was selected by the Denver Nuggets. He hurt himself...