Show & Vern

Crossroads Investment Lending stepped up,  The FIX and Flip guys at [1]. This is the daily punch Kansas City loves to hear!  Show and
Vern always gives you the energy you need in the mid days.  With the
fearless passion of Ron The Show who always believes he's right, and Josh's
veteran radio chops all the while having zero problems with putting Show in
his place.  You never know when these guys could go "Off the Rundown" and
take you to a place you could never imagine.  Join us weekdays from 10am-2pm
for a fun, fresh and unafraid show for the people.

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09/20 - 1 pm - Dustin Colquitt's House

Friday, September 20th
You'll actually be able to hit Lamar Jackson in this game on Sunday. We head out to Arrowhead to hear from Andy Reid as he confirms RB Damien Williams will not...

09/20 - 12 pm - Useless Predictions

Friday, September 20th
Show doesn't think the Chiefs defense will be held back by the stupid mistakes the way they were last season. Like Orlando Scandrick forgetting to cover...

09/20 - 11 am - Physical Defense

Friday, September 20th
Show is convinced without a doubt the Chiefs will find a way to get a lead corner. Ron was kind of an a-hole on twitter. The Chiefs defense will be a lot more...

09/20 - Lead Corner

Friday, September 20th
Show is convnced without a doubt the Chiefs will find a way to land a top corner.

09/20 - 10 am - The AFC Powers

Friday, September 20th
Show is ready to bust out the 5-7 Show Stamp of Approval to predict a double digit victory for the Chiefs. The Chiefs and the Ravens could be serious AFC...

09/20 - Double Digit Victory

Friday, September 20th
Show wants to ruin everyones Red Friday by putting the "Show Stamp of Approval" on a double digit Chiefs win this weekend.