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Crossroads Investment Lending stepped up,  The FIX and Flip guys at [1]. This is the daily punch Kansas City loves to hear!  Show and
Vern always gives you the energy you need in the mid days.  With the
fearless passion of Ron The Show who always believes he's right, and Josh's
veteran radio chops all the while having zero problems with putting Show in
his place.  You never know when these guys could go "Off the Rundown" and
take you to a place you could never imagine.  Join us weekdays from 10am-2pm
for a fun, fresh and unafraid show for the people.
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11/15 - 1 pm - Perfect Pat

Friday, November 15th
The offensive stats for this team about how they've slowed compared to last season are pretty misleading. Show has never been more proud of Patrick Mahomes...

11/15 - 12 pm - Primetime Pat

Friday, November 15th
We're trying to figure out why all these people are sleeping on primetime Patrick Mahomes. Show believes Tyreek Hill is setup for a record breaking performance...

11/15 - 11 am - Stats are Misleading

Friday, November 15th
Show thinks there is something that can be learned from last nights brawl between the Steelers and Browns that can help the public understand a bigger issue in...

11/15 - Proud of Pat

Friday, November 15th
Show was really proud of the growth it showed in Patrick Mahomes for him to take ownership when he met with the media yesterday.

11/15 - Fighting in Sports

Friday, November 15th
It goes without saying Miles Garrett deserves a suspension for the fight that ocurred at the end of last nights Thursday night football game. Fights happen in...

11/15 - 10 am - Pat Isn't Winning MVP

Friday, November 15th
Show is under the impression Tyreek Hill is going to have a monster game against the Chargers on Monday night football. They fight in sports and Vern isn't so...