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The Puck It Podcast, hosted by Jason Ketz, is a show dedicated to bringing
hockey fans the latest news and opinions from around the NHL, AHL, ECHL and
international levels.
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Are you PUCKING kidding me Babs?

Monday, December 2nd
Ketz never thought his opinion of a coach would be changed in 1000 words; there is some NHL brotherly love that needs to be acknowledged & the Mavs are...

What the PUCK was I thinking

Monday, November 18th
On this episode of the #PuckItPodcast Ketz rants about a legendary milestone reached that just doesn't seem right, an update on the playoff predictions if they...

PUCK Cancer

Monday, November 4th
Ketz dives into another edition of Lazlo Holmes, plus Title town USA has another celebration & this is a crucial stretch of games for the Mavericks early...

A great PUCKING game in Saskatchewan

Monday, October 28th
Ketz praises Tampa Bay for something they did last Wednesday night, the first outdoor game of the season happened on Saturday night & a recap of this past...

Pucking Playoff Predictions

Monday, October 21st
Ketz brings up a stat that tells us why Connor McDavid is the best player in the NHL, Lazlo Holmes is at it again & the first update of "if the playoffs...

Lazlo PUCKING Holmes

Monday, October 14th
Ketz discusses why the game of hockey can grow and where the NHL should lay their next sheet of ice, plus a breakdown of the Mavs opening weekend.