The Day Shift

A Kansas City lifer matched up with a Kansas City transplant provides the balance we all need, with Lake & Bink. With features like “The 610 Six Pack”, “Hump Day Wednesday” and “Don’t Be That Guy”, these guys make your work day and lunch break fun! It airs weekdays from 10am-2pm. And just when you think life at home can’t get any more frustrating…at least you’re not Binkley.

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07/13 - 1 pm - Pete Sweeney

Friday, July 13th
People seem to be changing their tune on Tyreek and we get into that with our guy Pete Sweeney from Arrowhead Pride for an entire hour! This year's HOF...

07/13 - 12 pm - Twitter Purge

Friday, July 13th
We crack it open as we do every day wit ha 6 pack. The media is changing the tide on Pat because that's what happens during the offseason when they don't have...

07/13 - Patty Perception

Friday, July 13th
The perception of Pat was going to change negative sooner or later because that's what we do when we can't think of new things to write. Local TV ratings in...

07/13 - Svi

Friday, July 13th
It would seem as if Svi might have been held back at Kansas because he is straight up balling in summer league.

07/13 - Patty Perception

Friday, July 13th
We've spent months doing nothing but praising Patrick Mahomes so it was inevitable that the negative perception would eventually show up.