Cody & Gold

Cody & Gold

Hosts Cody Tapp & Alex Gold team up for 610 Sports Radio's newest mid-day
show "Cody & Gold." 
Two born & raised Kansas Citians, Cody & Gold have been through all the highs
and lows as a KC sports fan and they know the passion Kansas City has for
their sports teams."Cody & Gold" will be a show focused on smart, sports
conversation with the best voices from KC and around the country. It will
also feature our listeners with your calls, texts & tweets as we want you to
be a part of the show, not just a listener. 
Cody & Gold, weekdays 10a-2p on 610 Sports Radio. 
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Cody & Gold

07/02 - 1pm - Happy 4th

Thursday, July 2nd
Kansas City Star Vahe Gregorian joined the show, Pop Culture Corner, What’s Trending, and how important is Chris Jones? Happy 4th of July!
Cody & Gold

07/02 - Noon - Come on Rob!

Thursday, July 2nd
What's trending around the sports news, Rob Manfred says 60 games no matter what, Random question of the day, and could the Royals be a surprise team.
Cody & Gold

07/02 - 10am - Down to two.

Thursday, July 2nd
Preseason games go from four to two, chose your own adventure with Chris Jones, how COVID messed with media rules, is it finally going to catch up to the team...