Bink at Night / Bink Sunday

Bink at Night / Bink Sunday

Join Bink at Night on 610 Sports Radio. He's back talking football from 6
to 9pm weeknights and Sundays from 10a-Noon. Of course, with so much
football going on, he’ll get bounced around a bit. But that’s what
happens when you’re on Kansas City’s premiere football station and part
of the largest sports radio company in the world.
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11/15 - 6pm - Bink at Night Hr1

Thursday, November 15th
Andy Reid gives his opening remarks on the upcoming matchup with the LA Rams. Sammy Watkins provides some feedback on playing his old team and WR Chris Conley...

11/14 - 7pm - Bink at Night Hr2

Wednesday, November 14th
Guest John Kurtz gives us some insight into what's going on right now with the Bill Snyder and the K-State football program. We get some cuts in from a Priest...

11/14 - 6pm - Bink at Night Hr1

Wednesday, November 14th
Chiefs news of the day as they get a big test Monday night against the Rams. It's a good test on whether this defense is ready or not against good competition...

Bink at Night_The great debate

Tuesday, November 13th
Are the Chiefs finding their idenity on defence? Jeffery Flanagan joins the show after Brad Keller got snubed. Is Eli a sure fire HOF'er and What is going on...

Bink At Night_Surf and Turf

Tuesday, November 13th
The Chiefs news has been all about the feild of play. They wont be playing in Mexico anymore...Bink calls his turf guy Jason Clarkson to talk what the hell is...

11/8 - 6pm - Bink at Night Hr1

Thursday, November 8th
We get you started with the Chiefs news of the day. DC Bob Sutton is talking like Justin Houston will be back in the lineup this week. Guest Danan Hughes joins...