Agent Confidential

Agent Confidential

Jim Chapman, a former fullback at Ohio State turned sports agent, takes
listeners behind the scenes of the sports world that most people do not see.
This podcast is all about shining a light on what you don’t see on TV or
read in the newspapers the next day. Everything from how contracts get
negotiated to signing college athletes, this podcast takes you off the field
and into the meeting room.
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Agent Confidential

05/29 - Agent Confidential

Friday, May 29th
On this episode of Agent Confidential, Bob and Jim discuss the major changes that could be ahead for college football plus they discuss what some of the big...
Agent Confidential

04/20 - Agent Confidential

Monday, April 20th
In Episode 2 of Agent Confidential Podcast, Bob and Jim discuss ways NFL teams are trying to get around the new rules set up for the NFL Draft. Plus, a draft...
Agent Confidential

Agent Confidential - Episode 1

Wednesday, March 18th
On the first episode we get to know Jim who shares how he go started in the business plus he tells Bob a story about a QB that you'll wanna hear. Download the...