You're the Worst

Fescoe In The Morning
Monday, July 17th

You should never make your new girlfriend do this at a party! 


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When someone wearing sweatpants at the bar this weekend jukebox player but seven dollars with a little mistake NN. At a comeback to hang if you browse may be your buddy if you do on the sidewalk and you made par there. For years and those. Wings shot for encore it was grandma taking your teeth out of the dinner table again and that's going to have nice things. Whatever it was we wanna hear about it on. You or the worst tied. All right it's the worst of the weekend here on. That's when the morning which means he tells the worst thing you saw this weekend and if you could top last week's taller did you get tickets to the royals if no me neither color can pop. Our winner from last week. Well that is going to be taller number six. Who wins to make sure you stay tuned because we could have somebody whose plane potentially not even win that if they can't knock off that this caller from last week. OK so. Is ought is that a thought out. I walked in the period kids that are out it is oh. And the hit and run. Let something right in front of the year and lied. All across the men in order bat in the law underneath the line here. Stand up any shirt is it it was quite. But he was. You can only imagine a pretty good that. So last week's you're the worst winner opinion Todd that to me sliding in it and say is slipping and falling sliding over the years and older white T shirt up and of course the teacher has been a a mixture of yellow and brown and discussing a cell. Let's do this thing at the cult person not 1357676. Then it. You can knock that off you win their biggest of the royals let's start with Steve who's in the bathroom at work Steve what was the worst that you saw this weekend. Okay so up but mine moved into and out and let all our look back. And aren't you. And whether it's a patio are there any way other than bring in the girl met Marty. He declined over the back up that is okay. He's at Oakmont on offense that she's back on the I put herself out on the the are there jump over. And her and let you know top bar of the old searcher. And her and talk over had announced he dangling from the opposite than. They in the entire are like thirty people dead brother and everything. I don't buy it over the back and out there meaning it. The other hand and they take optical error that it. Wow. Over vast. Well OK let me beat that a big. Clarify one thing here Steve when she tried to jump the fence and it caught her sure it's been to soup top import that over her head at. Was she exposed to the entire party. Completely but she's. You know you're at war in here hurt. But one look at yeah yes. As she left because of embarrassment not because of the injury but because everybody saw a worse yeah of course with the them and by the way that is something you'd probably break up over you know what do you walk around a seizure new girlfriend that your kind of bring around for the first time walk through the gate to. Commit to total misstep by the guy absolutely and that's what of that that's the worst a lot of things I complain about demon throws spoilers this morning but I'm curious from David and re more. Can you top that with the worst that you saw this weekend. So let's make an alternate in the Cass County fair had a great time out there and Brad Burnham Roger right. My wife. And my daughter. That in the auditor at the bears well. How late in the virtual ride someone I checked and got all over. My wife and daughter's there right well. And of course as they were. Well I think offbeat fare as well some random guy and it became a wife and daughters in there. And it and that was trading I don't know it'll organized. Now I'm pretty convinced that might have been backpack. I had absolutely. The Ferris wheel is and you can ride in LA and ride he's on top motion sickness strikes odd times despite what has drama mean he had so he's two ahead and try to get that motion sickness figured out. It's I understand that the you can happening. All of this I think Steve wins it I think Steve beats the caller from last week. With it out the buddy who has not aware with all the understand when you bring your girl for in the new water on your friends for the first pitch count up the thing is don't hop the fence and have her potentially have her shirt and swimsuit top yanked over her head at. By getting caught on the whole Wright is above the bar whatever the Borg thing on there. And has just that's so redeem brutal man that's awful I I give it to Steve in his bathroom or work. Ego Steve called from the John and your girl to her friends ex girlfriend expose yourself the whole party and the ended up breaking champion that is that you have a worst sort from the week. I mean how can we got a quick that we can be a jackets Jimmy Buffett so you know Wrigley Field everybody's messed up in more ways than one and it's everybody who's 55 and older they're all wearing Hawaiian shirts lot of tucked into a cargo shorts and and and wearing me handles the show was fantastic and I sit and handles it may I say essay and a guy like really flip flops doll like he just Google like really bad sandals and you'll see when I'm talking about it. Like the lattice sandals like I was through there handles this have actually not heard that term until right now he had these bad sandals and what night and so the geyser in their fifties and dudes in front of us. Are chugging Beers like your back in college. As they're chanting the guy's name so like ten people or don't. Fred Fred Fred Fred he's slamming Beers he must've done at least six of those before the show even started and I don't know that Fred made. Through the congress. He came to the concert that night there Ortega stands going on a pregame parties and stuff for this mean that this is the drunk is best you'll ever see. And when you're 55 and older you do that kind of stuff. It takes it to a new that's awesome it's it's fantastic and then there was a dad dancing and embarrassing is 25 girl daughter due to ideal way to beat that act this way talks had not I'm like hey that's to be that guy to embarrass my daughter.