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Friday, November 17th

The best Chiefs tweets that you need to know before they take on the Giants 


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Then Sports Radio. Is Richie Twitter and we do it at 915. Every day before chief's game. Various on the Friday before chief's game or Monday before it happens primetime games that we get sick every Friday but. Go with prime timers are late. Saturday but there's a wax death probably going to be a flex some I don't think so. Well it was let's keep it on the raiders that's ominous thing keep an eye on the raiders' what we there's been there. It's December 10 week fourteen that's a flexible games three games and tell them if the raiders win the next three games to be sitting at seven and five and have. Most likely to succeed in the playoffs the keys be sitting here at the three or four seeded. My guess is they reflects that what did you say week or team yet. Pilots who announcement that we fourteen New England or New Orleans and Atlanta as the Thursday night game. Minnesota Carolina minutes it flexed that's not getting waxed Minnesota Carolina by that because what's out. It is Sunday night. Absolutely. To really get NFC teams why would that get locked up. Since Sunday night football hall of zoos and too sudden I get on to the next game will be too bizarre I am I. I particularly Baltimore at Pittsburgh is the original 10 Philadelphia Los Angeles. Out that's going. That's your Sunday night game and we fourteenth yes that's it. But when the time. Alex Smith leads the NFL with a passer rating of 134. Point one on passes to travel at least. 21 yards. Let me just dozer narrative just does it's great outlook. What what Meredith thank you. And I recently. Yeah Richie entities have another primetime games as. Yes it's Saturday and data center and again yes chargers. Bump up from our standpoint that's for that's something in them. Coming into fifth place the Sunday Night Football so this love thing but they're not gonna flex Saturday. It was Saturday but I'm saying police Friday show standpoint for Friday's show standpoint we should be fun right now. The giants punt coverage unit ranks last in the NFL well. Nine yards per return. That's going up this week. We're gonna get a ticket to tire retail. Have you seen how stupid the giants are content. Hopefully. The chiefs are thirty the 33 and five against teams at. At or below 500 under Andy Reid that's the best winning percentage in the NFL against such teams since 2013. With that yeah. Losing teams lose and it's it's it's it's model number one of the premier. No quarterback has been better on the road this season and Alex Smith you've leads the league and yeah. Once when he point to completion percentage 75 point five. And touchdowns fourteenth while ranking second in yards in five rookie that's hopefully what. He's thrown for touchdowns at home and fourteen on the road all the crap. Sounds about right. She's been great I get really good. Offense at all I don't feel like they've even played at home this year they have absolutely think about the two Monday night game so it will be game was bad offense right all the way through Korean finance a bail amount on the long run in the and yet the Washington game that was ugly on Monday night. Alex put up. Quite a few yards but wasn't really anything to write home about. And yet the Pittsburgh game which was a disaster right at the Denver it was a disaster offensively that was a few wolf that's for the chiefs they think great offense at home. Daddy Nicholas has three quarterback pressures on just when he wanna pass rushing snap well error December pro football focus this. The railway that man what did you get those numbers one more time please daddy Nicklaus has three quarterback pressures on just when he won. Rushing snaps last year her pro football focus the percentage. It's over 10% of the time he's going after the quarterback he's getting a pressure that Nicklaus I'm telling you if he's healthy. He brings a dynamic in the pass rushing game the chiefs will very much speed down the stretch he might play 21 places here again. Maybe at that the giants needed this right tackle Justin view is out Sunday vs chiefs would be back injury. I injured while I want our eyes and camera gamma rooting for someone's injury but it's it's just rooting for is out giants had a liver injury. Plus giants still it's not like a man that offensive lineman Justin you resolve that and change everything ala face the best. Apple now I don't know him out of hospital in Idaho I'm healthy I'll never Wu an injury to that this is a make sure everybody stays healthy kind of game. Indy Reid's success following a bye week is well documented. He's sixteen into in his career Reid's teams have outscored the opposition by 166. Points in that stand. An average over nine points per game. That's that and I was looking and it today actually compared to other active coaches outside it's a great hopes of winning percentage after the bye AD re at sixteen and do right up there he is he is at the top second. Your group was it was 410. My god has any kind of substantial like long term record that solid. Is Mike McCarthy at 93 what spell a cheap. Does it's not only William list. As crazy as that might sound good analyst he probably just doesn't care. We years. Again I was looking at a list of active coaches from NFL like dominating even happy at top five inning yeah Dolly did a good because he's always on the next opponent right so it'd be onto appropriately society where it would just always think like. He's just good deeds of console fourteen attempts. If it's yeah you would think with those record and I always have really just by the osmosis property but the factory in here and he was he. One of the better their finals there are times when he didn't he didn't take abide completed one with guys to have a strong it is kind of off. Never it never stop moving forward or they're awfully next week final one to cheat offense has scored eight. Touchdowns of at least forty yards this season which leads the league. And I and the giants have given up I touched. Earlier this season. But just hide from. For most of the activity it's gonna VA bat and ball yet it is time we feel it's gonna give his name known on the New York scene Travis Kelsey is Dennis. Shock Madison avenue and perform in times. Way there Travis Kelsey might put up 200 yards in this game I did there's nobody on that giants defense that can guard Travis tells me you mean he might have so that the career game like I'm serious I would not be shocked at all is Travis Kelsey broke some franchise records may be some even some NFL records that Sunday. Easier to do and everywhere you are going to be able to stop with that defense.