Will Mahomes Play Sunday???

Fescoe In The Morning
Tuesday, November 14th

A bet is made on Sunday's game about whether Patrick Mahomes may see some action 


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So we tell it loud noises discussing. Patrick Holmes and what are you place this Sunday against the giants when Alex Smith in the chiefs' run up the score because I believe that's what's going to I think they will now yes I think. Patrick a home should be put in so is playing at best though inspector on the other side as we haven't. This has really dive into yet is a potential bet. On this situation since everybody's on opposite sides what Patrick Holmes does play on Sunday. Boy who techs like 69306. What should suspect in vesco have to do. If they lose this bet we see Patrick Holmes on Sunday so another bet that nobody's gonna pay up on his way to topple the cast on my first model my my first inclination on this is Iowa expects to admit that Alex Smith. Is a main reason for the chief success on and light at night that's terrible. I didn't people. On groovy Fort Stewart at Alex Smith is a main reason for the chief success this year. If in fact that your OK with it but she's place. This New York. That they have to inserted Jack anybody's performance against the shattered home I mean it's not let's not act like they're going to be like if it if Al. Alex Smith when they beat the Steelers in Pittsburg. That's a win at your beating JV squad right now. Saying that Alex Smith is the MVP of the NFL all one aspect to admit is that easy main reason was. The main reasons for the chiefs' success Ray Charles could see that Steven c'mon spec whenever that value so you must like him I wasn't wise part of the how forced us it's part of that and I'll see Patrick Holmes play on Sunday if that she's getting a run up situation. The last thing any reach you be doing as a coach. It's say it will I don't want the media to make my life a little bit harder than it is by asking me a couple questions about Patrick Holmes after plays well and garbage Heidi is that terrible giants team is clearly quits. So you wanna get his feet wet and NFL regular season game if you can't if you're lucky enough to be in a situation. Weirdest war in a terrible team as we'll take advantage of it get SP. Well I just don't think the veteran coach is gonna do that at this point of the season you know how committed this guy is it has been Alex Smith is quarterback I think it affects Alex Smith a lot mentally because. The do you think he's the most mentally tough guy Alex Smith I mean sometimes you wonder if somebody I think physically he stuffed. But I think you look what happened in San Francisco and it took only capita giving never got his job back right. This to me is one of those deals where you have flashbacks I worked with a guy who is in the produce department chopper when I was cute. And this guy served in Vietnam and he would have those flashbacks of the army would be diving into the Prodi's counters I mean it was a bad deal and I saw about those flashbacks he never recovered from those situations. I'm not trying to make light announcement does have a military flashbacks or anything like that. But he was in a situation where he was bad spring minor injury I came in played well. Never relinquished the story concert never minor bombs out of a job and well but however they determine it. Me whether I win the blue tents on so. I asked lieutenant then I think right now you're in such a good spot they really don't have it now how we think it is on Sunday. I think you're distort Barack's not a not a footnote not not for valuable aspects of a team corrects third line and he's going to get into you know tainted. All I think right now we've Alex Smith that just because it's happened before. You don't want to mess with him right now this team is doing good things he's playing good football. The last thing I would wanna do as a coach to get my job is to put people in position to succeed is to put Alex within a position where he's having flashbacks separatists are only gotten this is happening again. I would do it to Alex. Last thing and it happened this announcement get hurt me asking where your two Democrats and that the worst of it but what do you do bench everybody because anybody can get hurt or that's what do you have your runup the last few second receiver what are choosing deterred meaningless game he's done for duty for example we claim that keep on. I mean he's got confidence in all of that graduated in Canada quarterback is different course I can't quit and that's what I'm saying that's. I'd say there's rats are behold should be playing already I don't know Diaz and never never said that directive that Macs are already drinking antenna helping to be the worst thing in the world for him to get the mine different Petri. Think what he's not and the idea why I didn't gain anything by. See Alex Smith is some delicate flower were putting somebody in for a few minutes is going to make him shut down to start having flashbacks you don't know if it's in flashbacks that second that she's treated at the number ten overall the 2017 drafted to patch or bombs. He's at a time. Aren't good advice and they put him in this light the fire for him for the second half that it works then they got to they are straight out lie low level torture under a different spin wheels are taking more shots down field but he's clearly decide to stop doing a few weeks if you all know their running game nobody nobody knows he's gonna do and Alex Smith there's somebody sitting behind him. I think there's one point raw missing and I'm surprised Josh is on the other side this. Get off thinking that he's gonna blow anybody out there might the scandal prices and fast guys designs. Are there grass. I like I understand that they got the handle you know I know how well it you know how the NFL works it's week to week about this and when a team is embarrassed like they were against the 49ers. And even if they don't like their coach. No professional athlete likes being embarrassed in losing to win bail he's he doesn't care. They don't care you you don't you don't know that I LLC talk to a two week leave. And to say that the chiefs who have played the worst football the last four weeks is going to blow any team now. Is is not that likely their miraculously Andy Reid and Andy Reid is miraculous after a bye he's got an 83 and I are high not seen the T gonna lose. Team negotiate the game will be competitive. But to say it's gonna be. Benito about the illness saints from this weekend. I think it pretty damn I don't I hear if you're the TIC is a better possibility of being bill saints that it is due to be a game that comes down to the wire. I think there'll be an opportunity at some point in the second half of this season for. A backup quarterback to to get some PT not an injury situation that's on saint and might happen this week maybe have another game could have against the jets I'd weeks I'll put Matt have a homes and that's all science. I'm usually very any given Sunday driven. I take every game like it's going to be a loss by guy I assess over and anxiety usually it's about the time of the week where I start to wonder. Gosh that she's gonna lose it this way they did Tuesday that way to lose. I don't see any way the chiefs lose to the giants. I don't either I don't see anyway I'm looking at this thing a look at the spike in the last few games for the giants to an awful guys scored thirty points or more since 25 and their owners came out yesterday and said they they were inexcusable and frustrating. Onerous I mean I'd say the owners put a statement out to talk how bad their last two games right now John Wooden bat did what gas and that your boss calls you out you go back to work this week much harder now. You go actually less you just you just quit. Now would you come out if you if your boss is call you out publicly. You come back to work out week in put a little extra effort in round and I think that job people do that is amazing that she's gonna lose but it. I don't know where we get office tees and singing having lost three of this or I've watched and not having an embryo isn't the patriots team. It that she's just gonna blow another L to my dad has been a giants fan since nineteen cent a run ads a Steve sees tech seemingly was the worst I've ever seen is that he's just as terrible as a role does your dad feeling about the giants right now he thinks they're miserable right now. It's what they do. Base state they've made people stop them bad. They're having to do with the president and has had a homes debuted and battled an event that bat on a company kitchen purchased from Josh personally absolutely it Lou there aren't that bad this team did did he chiefs will blow this team.