Vern's Post Game Show 05-22-18

Tuesday, May 22nd
Vern talks to you following a win vs St. Louis on 5-22-18 the Royals won 5-1. snapping a five game losing streak vs the Cardinals. 

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The city here six. Insider Josh burn here. Doesn't happen very often this season. And I can think of two instances. Solve the problem I had twice. In the first forty. Seven games now three times the first 48 I'm sure I'm missing. Two hour theory. Let's say I'm forgetting for. Let's say there have been seven games like this that means. Once every. Seven contests. This royals team puts it all together. A night like tonight's. Should remind all of us how difficult it is to win at the big league level. How good those teams were in 2014. And fifteen. And I heard the guys talking. Prior the first match. Listening to Ryan and Stew. And Denny Matthews. Talk about this ballclub and say. Not very often this season is everything sing dot. Right the starting pitching would be solid but and the bullpen would give it up or offense wouldn't support it. The offense would have a big died at the park. But the starting pitching wouldn't allow the offense hold up. Each facet of the team has had its. Moments in the sun so far this season it's just as it lined up with the other facets and thus the royals came into tonight with a record of fourteen and 33. Well tonight it all came together. But let. You reminder. That team very. Teams like you had in fourteen and fifteen they didn't need all five facets to play well in order to win this team does. And it sure is fun to watch when they do. What kind of baseball Europe and sue got it tonight. You've got it maybe 57 times this season tonight. Was definitely one of those nights starting pitching. We haven't seen many better performances than what Jason Campbell gave it tonight. I felt there was a lot of traffic on the base pack. But when he needed acts acute a big slider he did. When he needed to make a good pay a big pitch he did. A slot I get so needle to finish off things in the first inning. Runner on second two outs he strikes out O'Neal but god that is then killing anyone on the mound. Hammel gets some swing. Runners on second and third with two outs in the second inning. He gets Dexter Fowler look and that. Third inning runners on the corners with two outs. Eddie it's cold long. Down 30. Jason Hamels down 30. He battles back to get all want to pop out in our fault territory. Self help them out no doubt self help them out with the Arabs strike about the role model. That happened at a fourth and in the sixth inning but again. Jason Hammel fifth inning runners on the corners with two outs. And again I think it's O'Neill's swing at a slaughtering that are. 01237. Inning and for the first time this season. Jason Hammel. Is the Victor for the first time since September of 2007. Team. Jason Campbell is the Victor but it wasn't just animal. Now he yes he was the game MVP there's no question in my mind about that but I'll listen to an argument for Salvador rafts. Runs and away. Solo shot in the sixth inning his seventh of the season. Catches two would be base stealers behind the dish. That's second one that one they came in the sixth inning he picked that slot or out of the dirt came up throws a seed down the right bella who made a spectacular. Attack. On Munoz for the third out. South with a great night defensively and offensively Alex Gordon with a great night's. All sensibly three for four with a home run in the second inning defense ability with that sliding catch in the seventh inning LCDs Escobar. Great night offensively and he offensively he goes three for four at the plate big say. Vintage. Alcee these Escobar play. You know I saw Ryan wood house key from fast in the morning tweeted out during the game but. That's one of those place we take for granted. That Jeter jumped throw UN we've seen that we've heard that so many arms over the past 57 years. Don't take it for granted. I can promise you're gonna be seen it. For much longer. That this 2018 season. So offensively defense at least starting pitching relief pitching. Brad Keller. Knew he calls through the the 345. Hitters of Saint Louis are just twelve pitches. He now has a scoreless streak of nine and two thirds innings. Is he our is one point 86. Kelvin her era. Nineteen. Appearances. Zero walks. He takes care of things in the ninth that. Big offense. Action on the base pads. Solid approach at the place. A quality start. Better than a wobbly start let's be honest. I know it's seven innings of one run baseball bat one run that came across to score Jason Hammel didn't have anything to do with that that was. Mike was stock is struggling with the transfer. Starting pitching defense base running small ball big ball overly pitching however you want it. Royals gave it he would tonight. Royals pick up the win five to one med shares these wins. You know if you've been paying attention they have been few and far between we get one of these every week and a half. What do these well rounded games every. Seven to ten days the royals put together a contest like this enjoyable. Enjoyable to listen to enjoyable to watch. Encouraging for the rest of the season four of these seasons to come. Overall just a great night at the ballpark got here from 91357676. Tennis our phone number. That's not 135767610. What stood out to you what's the I say biggest surprise but as the most encouraging take away from tonight because there was plenty to choose from. What are you buying it from what you saw tonight. You don't deal look at what animal did arguing courage by. Or argued dismissive of a nice outing to again. Singer wrong I'm just curious. What did you find encouraging. What's. Stood out to you. And is it something that can become a trend. Saudis all around game portals all around game as skis all around game. Quick shout out to Whitner feel the versatility. Offensively Alford to a pair of walks have played a fantastic first base. Matt I can go on for hours about this game not 1357676. And it's our phone number but I hear from you and will do it next. Turns post game show. National brotherhood of electrical workers local 124. Seventh street casino covers the red Mercedes. And seeing MVP electric heat. EC route Randy electrical. And not notice. Salvador Flores hits one deep to left field and now all ride in the royals' bullpen. Salvador Torres gives the royals a three to one lead in the sixth inning it's his seventh home run it is the royals. Second home run tonight. And it is a sonic slam congratulations to share and verbal from Shawnee. River and electrical play of the game this is playing join us on Vasco the morning tomorrow at 745 tell us who was part of the the life and you win pizza from choppers now back cover up thanks to our friends Bob Hamilton. Plumbing heating. AC rotor and electrical Salvador for razzle leadoff home run. In the sixth inning that is the play of the game Salvi has now driven in 21. Runs in just. 28 games since returning. From that freak injury the night before opening day Salvador Perez. The job on a bowl sites offensively one for five with of course the home run but also a defense of Malia pero. Strike I'm out throw him out inning ending double plays fourth inning and sixth inning and again that one of the sixth inning. For as easy as asking made that jump through a law in the eight. Selby made that there. Again this is a strike three Francisco Pena runner on first one. Slider down and away it's in the dirt but paying is chase and because Hamels slider was fantastic. But it's in the dirt itself with a backhand exit. While coming to his feet makes him easy transfer and just roses scene down to grind Collins and Collins to straight down with the act like you're not. Great play all around Salvador practice. I hate saying it. He's a gold glove catcher we all kind of as soon veggies well he's the best. Right south as we expect night in and night out to be. The best defensive catcher on the field I don't care what their plight. Dot able Lena Buster Posey Martina Maldonado I don't care who it is. I don't know about you but I expect savvy to be the best defensive catcher each and every. He was that tonight and got it done at the plate that's what I expect from this. Multi time all star every night when I show up to the ballpark so Salvador for a as the blue collar player of the game. Presented by the sheet metal workers local union. Number two. So while southeast the blue collar player of the game I already mentioned that Jason Campbell is the MBE. Of the game let's hear what the MVP had to say following his first win of the season. He has been working hard in the sun village trying to figure out it's what I've been doing wrong and as illinois' corporate my lower half club better it's with the legs are so they aren't. The last last and it really worked hard and getting out over my front side it's just being alleged down because I was. Dallas anything's latter as. Heaters were you just think it was flat so early enough in the goes to your twins. Indian head around there's so. In my news. Union ban on seismic continued it through it's very frustrating. Complete against the shift as of today physicist bears frustrated eminence. They expect to make pitches. You know when they make a pitch in and expect somebody neither of them feel that so final Sunday at three notre try and I'm sure there's some at one point two. You know Sally was excellent that they're not obviously to two hostilities. Sponsoring a drama like amazing friend. You know guys gave us a run. Or listen Mozilla holdup. Of the disease field. It's obviously feels good wins. When he says when they're losing. Good efforts from everybody around. Put some good at bats today. It's been doing a lot of early quick swings first pitch for pitch outs and you know we've made we've grown a little bit. Clearly it's big enough to John so. Overall you know as a team we should feel good about this when Goodell continues. To push forward and turns and tomorrow. I honestly feel like if I forgot how to. How to celebrate after when it's been so long. Personally. But. And in doing a long time and there's times when you're when you're down and you feel like you're making good pitches like those earlier in the year and just sometimes just doesn't happen so. Everyone's important you should silver and all so obviously it feels really good. Yes first answer a decal afterwards as soon. You know direction lies so good arm felt good I felt like I was really working hard. So throw or one and two in the last four or five games it's been an effort facilities so. Yes it is different investors felt some time. I saw that audio is courtesy of fox sports Kansas City I mentioned Jason Hammel was the game MVP. And rightfully so I've been railing on the veteran starters. On this team Amylin Duffy and Kennedy. They came into tonight with three of the seven worse ER worries that all of the American League among qualified starters. So that was they're they're they're making on average thirteen million dollars. Despite that fact. Jason Hammel has one more game and BP's been in this city's. Tonight his fifth game MVP. Of this season his fifth quality starts of the season. Inside the clubhouse delivered by red door grow Kansas city's best little upscale neighborhood grow. Dimon umps. Let's stay at. Jason Hammel. Diamond notes the best bits from the post game notebook. Jason Hammel came into tonight allowing three runs in the first inning in each of his last three starts. Tonight he did not do our. Only allowed one run in the first inning and again some all that needs to be removed. From his record. I don't know if you give Muhsin error on that. Jose Ramirez reached base on it a clean base hit but. I don't think Hammel should have to Wear it out. Hammel also came into tonight with the second lowest. Strikeout per nine. In Major League Baseball. Hammel was barely striking out four and a half batters per nine innings. Tonight he struck out six over seven frames picking up his. First win since September 6 of 2007. Team. Hammel came into tonight. With 763. You know right away from Kauffman Stadium rose seven innings of well between you and me seven innings of shutout baseball. Diamond notes are driven by jaguar of Mary at a Brister crab motors experience luxury performance. Royals knocked off the cardinals' final score five to one lines are open Korea. 9135767610. Will hear from right after this. Earns post game show built by the international brotherhood of electrical workers local 124 Kansas City and powered by Bob and easy route or electrical dire events and vials stakes are you win it hands it's. A good hands can't just. Munoz runs Pena swings and misses a throw down the second is in time. And for the second time in the last three innings the royals. Get a strike out throw out double play. Streets are you in good hands summit or Perez has now climbed six of the nine. Attempts. This season. Well on his way to scripting the American. Gold glove back. From our team mold and not sell. A race. Six of the nine would be. Feed on the base. Salvi the defensive play of the game in good. Play of the game royals they win even up the series. They knocked off the cardinals' final score 51. It sets up the rubber match tomorrow. Let's quickly take a sneak peek at what's to come with our friends over at twin peaks. Tomorrow the rubber game. Royals are only six this season and Robert games. Jacob Judas squares up with a righthander Michael watt at 12151. Pitch 11 AM. For the pregame show. And then they had to Texas for Ford Duffy pitch it on Thursday night at 705. Hertz global and Friday night at 705. Ian Kennedy's Saturday afternoon at 305. And Jason Hammel. Sunday's finale. First pitch 205. Sneaking a peek would twin peaks twin peaks the ultimate sports slides you've been searching for. Go to the tax line text line 69306. Jaycee and Casey writes in Verne. Where's that dude separate studies on a train I don't know. That's a good call. A lot of those. Bleeding heart royals fans that we heard from religiously the past few years they are nowhere to be found. Kevin in Kansas City expense support this team for decades he's not alone where Kevin what's on our body. Is there a way to win again strike. Yeah I guess it is. We miss you Alex welcome back. Then the next thing is now you'd better hire ballet company custom. Boy it. NJ. I that you detectives tomorrow is going to be one you can get it done I'm sure that. Jacob Jonas Michael walker tomorrow at 1215. And swinging for the fences. Second it's good. We'll Kevin Arnie welcomed him back. Alex Gordon pulled his fourth home run over the wall in center field up on the grass. 417. Feet away from all played a fastball down from Luke Weaver. Tied the game up at one appease. And that in the fifth Salvador Perez destroyed. First it studies. Hanging breaker from Weaver number seven. Purcell. Arrives in port Al Gore girls by the way. Snapped an offer thirteen it was four for forty coming into tonight and picked up votes. Because again that run that came across to score in the cardinals' first. That could have. Should have. But place it defeats of Mike moves doctors. And gore picked up. He tied the game up or else I'll be all of swinging for the fences with dire offense. It just makes sense to get a guy here fence. I've mentioned it. Fifth time this season. Jason Hammel your game and BP presented by MVP electric heating and cooling relax. Its MVP. From the text line 69306. If bird Hammel gets the stop worrying about the shift and worry more about this horrible ERA. He sounds like a whiny baby. Seven innings of one run baseball what else. Any complaint about the shift. Eight I. Don't believe that Daniels is really a fan of the shift. I think he's just doing it. Has so many people have told him to do it. I don't blame them. You know if if you're at. Old royals were to royals games this season. You've had that same experience. Where it's a big situation. Hamel or whoever's on the mound makes the pinch. And what should be your routine 63 put out for three groundout. As a base hit the other way. Maybe a tip your cap to the opposition I don't know but I'm not going to grudge. Jason Hammel for airing of grievances. Text line 69306. Luke from North Kansas City right sentences for in these guys are bad they just expect the blues. Okay you're entitled to your opinion. I don't know I don't know pricey. You know on April the bullpen and the offense didn't rarely. Inspire confidence. But I mean for being inside the clubhouse I don't see many guys hang their heads before the game. After they suffered Al shore they're defeated. The the next day's sell it does and I'll sell becomes bouncing into that locker room. Sell BJ he'll wins those guys are bundles of energy. So so I don't sense that. Text line 69306. Stetson from Casey writes in her in the shift socks. I hope pitchers and players keep complain. There. I'm not pay a big proponent of it unless we're talking about right the Joey gallows of Adam done the prolific pole sitters. Remember earlier this season and they're shifting on Mike Trout and Albert Pujols come. Give them a little bit crime they. I understand a Major League Baseball hitters are not what they once work. It's not that bad at that no one. Can put a pitch anywhere they want a lot of these guys can do what day. What they choose. If you make a mistake a Mike trotted over pools can put it anywhere in the out programs. Text line 69306. Watch rights and bird is it wrong that I want to cash in on cell or programs. I think he could be our Bass Strait peace if we got emotional tie. Yeah I would say the only thing that that. That stops me from putting him atop my tree chipped power rankings is his contract. It's a very fair contract. But it's just so much easier to move Kelvin her rigorous Mike was stock uses Whitner feel. That's why I think I would. That's why have salvia number four but you're right. BellSouth is a great trade chip. Other than the Chicago Cubs. New York Yankees. And San Francisco Giants. I don't know there's a team in baseball bat what it's except Salvador programs I would say now we're. Yankees say that cubs say that giants say that. I don't know who also who also then. There aren't too many catchers that not only do what he does behind the dish can do what he does add additional beds of he's a game changer most catchers you just want them to be solid defensively and anything you get from them at the plate as the ball saudis the total package. I'm not gonna disagree with them. Qaeda and write sentences for and the defense played great tonight southeastern parts dealings as skis Jeter asked play. As well was gore girls sliding catch. You're right Kate. Great night all around defensively Kathy is all fired up about Alex Gordon. I'm with you. I'm Whitney you have to enjoy games like these you have to enjoy the well rounded ball. Because it's not too often. That you've seen. Just some good old classic things. Classic royals wall. That's what it was tonight good base running solid defense great starting pitching timely hits how powerful it's solid ball and it's at most the seventh time they've done that this season the first forty games. I don't talk to 11 AM tomorrow morning dusty light and thank you very much for the help. In a chance to win a thousand dollars national cash contest 7:30 tomorrow morning that's when the morning enjoy the rest. Of your Tuesday night Kansas City take care. Built by the international brotherhood of electrical workers local one. 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