Vern's Hot Stove

Josh Vernier
Sunday, March 26th

In the final Vern's Hot Stove from Surprise, Arizona Josh Vernier is joined by The Drive's Brad Fanning for the first two segments where they discuss their time together and the biggest takeaways from Spring Training. Also, they discuss Ned's announcement about Danny Duffy getting the nod for Opening Day and Vern breakdown the Royals over/unders as released by Vegas. 


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Humor tonight. That the ship six and Sports Radio excuse me Kansas inheritance. City. Angel keeping you up to speed on everything. It's burns hot stove powered by spring venture exclusively on sixteen and Sports Radio. With 610 Sports Radio in Wales insider just burned here. Turned. For the final time this great. Welcome back inside surprise stadium site of royals' spring training Taiwanese seventeen jobs for you which he. Here for the next outward joy that. By. Brett betting who I believe works its stand quietly by and it is early in the morning it's not fair defenseless. You are correct I should start. Off the show by thanking you should for making the journey out who love bill Parker field candidates and joining us here on her it's not so good reader it's a beautiful morning surprised me and it's. When he gave him fifty to 54 degrees a 660. I don't know leniency now I don't know I don't know Ryan always find out. Yeah we're close so that's that's what kind of fun. And he won about so yeah it. Every closely at this thing and it is spring training is is seven weeks and it's even longer this year because of the World Baseball Classic in. It's about. As my dad would say it's more common enough content. Although only one more addition. Burns hot stove that'll be the Sunday before opening day next Sunday and again nine until ten will be back in Kansas City. Fanning you'll be back in Kansas City at that time you'll be back. On the drive along with the dots and any ice so I'll. Grateful that you were able to join us as blue that you made the journey out here because this being the eve of the final show prior to. Us leaving the valley of the sun I want to get your thoughts because. For as much as people love baseball it people's seat gains somewhat differently yeah people enjoy it differently we view it differently wanted to refute your stories coming up at a moment. But the questions that I and likely you on Twitter at. The questions that you'll likely get all of next week on the drive. What it over a few of those double begin with in my opinion the biggest question. Of spring training Natalie coming into spring training but still. As we prepare to exit Arizona. At Addis the second base job. Ned Yost admitted as much on Wednesday morning with fast with a warning that when. They first got here was Whitman air field chancellor copper Christian Cologne and they were just doing Ronald Mondesi asylum by putting his name in the mix. But he was likely gonna open up the season. In Omaha getting every day at. That's that this guy has forced his way into the conversation yesterday. It's a 95 mile per hour fastball to dead center field I'll walk off home run of the tenth inning US Ned Yost. What he's been seeing from Ronald modesty and what that homered yesterday showed them. Not just shows. You know that McCain can impact a game and then a lot of ways and Power One of them by the speed you know you can even do some things. Played great game defensively made some nice place in the exhibited his power there in the tenth. And that's always. Always impressed with himself when he uses a big word and I believe that existing it as a big war is ignored teammates and tremendous plays at second base and Brad he makes them look easy. The offense he's been able to recognize the off speed she's laid off. Port pitching as he told that you went planting myself in arrested after the game he's not swinging at everything that spray again what do you make of the second base competition. Well. I thought come into camp there's no him on breaks camp because of the big league club because. Just the copper encryption or both that option cancer and send them out of the miners other of which job. Now not so sure you know all got here at wise spring training so long because players in the entire offseason. Getting in shape and get ready to go. Or spring training and he gets seven weeks end here. What that even needed dialogue that is because it's become such an industry here that it's a money maker which is why spring training needs to be locked. But on the flip side of that. Maybe it's spring training wasn't this long we wouldn't see. The things that role models she's been able to do because he's been given seven weeks to prove that he belongs on the big league roster. Not this year yesterday's walk off home run wasn't sort of the exclamation point to say okay he's dollar. It's it's hard to explain. The impact he has if you don't you've got to play every day because he. Is fast league judges at a conversational Lorenzo Cain. I believe it was in Peoria. When Lorenzo nearly collided with modest seem shallow right field. Track and on the fly ball and the conversation and them I'm paraphrasing what he was telling me you just Lorenzo you have to play differently you'd get to play differently. Will roll modesty is in there and he said absolutely. King has the option is another way that he impacts the game literally and talked about McCain has the option to play deeper he wants do because Mondesi. Has so much range defensively at second base and he can run thirty yards in the outfield and make the play which means Lorenzo can play back farther. And you know potentially. You know that doubles you know that would be in the gaps I mean that the way I impacts the game is. He can do things that Cologne kid do that America can't do and chess circuit view at second base so. I think right now I think he's a virtual lock to get that job but again that is it is due. If if we're gonna take him and he's got a break camp he's gonna go big league level is gonna start at one out there sitting. So if he breaks camp he is the starting in May and in my. Modest in eighteen games is hitting 372. With three home runs of the other. The other guys in that competition Christian Cologne played in 21 games hitting 280 theory and on base percentage of 313 compared democracies. 386. Just like copper 22 games. On base percentage of 317 an average of 236. And Whitner field and 25 games he's played every position obviously. He's heading a solid 286 on base percentage of 375. And if you keep brawl modesty that likely means because the oil spill. Prioritize. Inventory. Public have to think that means Whitner feel opened up opens up the season. In all the hall which. Hinders bad somewhat as far as late game replacements or his ability to play what the lineup. Somewhat I don't think it's as much as it was last year when all those entry because you still have. I'll Orlando on the bench you'll still have Cologne and copper on the bench and he'll obviously have your packet capture in junior Terrence gets a solid back. They do it in and let's not forget I mean Brandon Moss complain if you choose not Billy Butler PH and you can plug in moss. At the corner outfield positions or can put them first not the greatest offensive player that we've seen but you knew that when you got. He's beaten he was brought here for one reason to come off the battered it to be the designated hitter and coming here hit so I don't. You know that they wit he's so versatile you can put in just about any place with the exception of pitcher catcher and he's gonna do a good job for him but the heat you know I mean this is dynamic. And the ease. For eight days he's sort of Josh Jackson asked you to get a fair statement does everything Gary while yeah yeah me. He's fast and he can bought for it. He's got range defensively he showed that he has power so. Again without this law and suddenly spring training and the Muncie. Are to triple it's been so long. I think he's guardian job I really do. Here's the thing. Even coming to camp everybody knew that his defense was superior to everyone else in the competition meeting his. Speed was superior to everyone else in the competition. But his bat as we saw last year he was just so overmatched at the big league level that I didn't think he'd defense and speed that he brought. Offsets. The hole that he would put in the line. Now that his office is on par if not her. Then Cologne. Then there feel a copper now that that's kind of a push yet his defense is speed is dynamic ability as you point out. Sets him apart that in my opinion gives him the job. But the defense alone. If if were all willing to admit how important the first two months of the season are to keep this team in it. To avoid is eaten more this add a fire sale at the deadline defense starts up the middle. And with ASCII and month to see. As your keystone combinations are behind the bush and the reds okayed in center field there's not a better defense up the Middle East now now it's really an. You know let's not forget modesty is these trees shortstop. In Brooklyn Brooklyn. You know we've we say we want him to get every at bat so maybe he should do that in Omaha. He's sure starting shortstop next year yes eventually going to need that goes up against big league caliber pitchers why not do it now at second base. Had indeed hit the bat you know yeah. Your fans in the senate dancing that are you know really get better Tripoli pitchers they always says you play your level of competition in the you go to other Raikkonen. Or about glory so there in mind again. Later on the show back it's meant that it. That's the whole thing I mean if he's going to be able. And usually curable of Major League slider changeup he's he's here. There's a reason guys question in my early because they're facing minor league pitchers so if you believe he's going to be he's got Z. Big league pitchers. Who won a little hears about applicants based on but it is in the position. In shorts or so different. Got to communicate the first baseman a little bit more so. You know that's. Trying to be fine there but it's a different position. And they're different things yet to pay attention to you for share I will say this I think it makes it better to you know put again with. Much ranged in Odyssey second base because I believe it's like it's wrong to correct. That. Not really weak at any part of his defense and it's glove side is that the weakest part for him. Going to his writers aren't like them either way. That is the only we don't say it would be gloves. And so that helps them out. Do right arranged right as I can guard the line a little more and modesty. Here arrest because so much. Like right now there isn't that work third baseman and neither is it so it wouldn't really get Odyssey. Is just a different animal. I'll be interested to see because it's already reared its ugly head at times here in spring. Marty's modesty is so freaking talented defensively. That he just relies on that raw talent and sometimes. Doesn't make the fundamental play when he had a square up a baseball. Below it you know square up a grounder. Feel that properly heal just sit on it and kind of backing and it yeah and then make the thrower or boot off his glove or whatnot I'm wondering if feel. Stick to the fundamentals rather than always and I can make the difficult plays look easy but that's nitpicking. Historic road upload view and daddy always says the great defense team's. Make the routine play yet make the routine play that every once it while you can make a spectacular play but you must make their roots and play. I'll be curious to see if Mondesi is focused enough to always make that routine play. He will he will be just as he doesn't it doesn't mean anything yet here we've seen him make it yours down here and it doesn't mean anything it does it does they're different swing and games mean things in and you know. I talk to fans out here for what he wouldn't win would be in the world that really matter here just as you're working on certain things have been one of the you know when it. Things Adler you the most of it portal go out there counseling and anything but sliders and games you know because that's he's working on glossy sliders. In the evening and its negative outlook on three straight fastballs that's because that's not working. He wants to see sliders when they when the games are for real. In the regular season he's ready to roll and so. When games don't mean anything you're not as metal locking you just now you're just not so. That's not a concern of mine are all from on C and he'll be fine. I think that we find offensively and if he's not. There's enough veteran leadership in that clubhouse and really good coaching do it isn't it. You need your fundamental here's what to do music and apply because we can't happening. It in the regular she's not worried about that at all. The battle for second bases. I think the most interesting story in the most often asked question that I get since since we first arrived out here. In Arizona. Number two that the second question I get most it is. Pals on now with Torre solar yeah port basal layer who in nineteen games has eighteen strikeouts is hitting a puck 43. In on base percentage of 250. Fuller look at him for four more years I've told people laugh I think you need to view him like you did. Might move stock is Eric Hosmer for five years ago where you knew the potential was there. But if you were expecting him to reach his potential immediately. That's on you. I don't have expectations for or basal layer I am pleased though the Apollo candles ready and waiting in the wings. I keep waiting for slayer. Like for that aha moment with them and we haven't seen this spring and a couple of bombs in the last week. He won what two days ago. Yeah yeah I was it was in Peoria one in the ninth inning. And he won in its. Get used to the fact you're gonna see more strikeouts and it's roasting and that's one thing you have to like he used to visit and we see this team. When they when they break camp and watch him on TV for the first 48 games they play on the road. And when they get home you're gonna see more strikeouts sellers and a strikeout much loss is gonna strike out of it's who they are. Is it you want more calories that you ordered more home runs well you've got it. With that comes a heck of a lot more strikeouts so just get used to it and solar still puppy so. Burger point is it is right you can't expect him to come in he has certain launch in bonds in the end Mike Trout. You know right now he is it now. Now that being said. Is that part mean there. C'mon you know look let's get a gold little bit I mean we talk about the ball flies spring training. And numbers are inflated in this that the other will that really has pitch recognition is off yet. Some watched on given credit for that acute does he does drop he walks by. He doesn't look good is because he had that look and this morning he does hasn't and went with an air balls flying out of the ballpark and bonds and Arizona home run we hear so much about we haven't seen that from him he's supposed to lock on things that you hand. Surely identify out here and spring offensively. Bat speed pitch recognition. When it barely. I mean it's just not there now I I think it's educators when they bear all the baseball that's been. That's and I know that I feel like the life barely everything Peter O'Brien early in the earlier spring barreling everything. Whether it was a home run or it was a hard ground ball to shortstop Lori too hard ball. He barreled everything at its line and doubles he's. Oh. Little concern. Lights yeah I am and and I I thought you know the first few weeks and time now when your. And it would get done so again I'll talk more about some of the things they saw. In due back in mind here. Just a little bit yet Byrd's hot stove powered by spring venture group pleased to be joined by a Brad fanning from the drive I'm Josh renewable we'll get some of fanning spring story lines into spring stories coming up in a moment also dive into. This rotation and the battle for the final pool and spa that's coming up next we're live from. Surprise stadium in surprise Arizona site of royal spring training 20s17. It's the final. Burns hot stove live. From the valley of the sun and it's back after this. On stocks though brought to you by spring ventured here. I. I welcome back yeah we're. Vernon eggs that are barely. Beatrice and thought about went to a level to say about one he's spread betting on Jasper here experts hot stove powered by her friends. Over at spring venture group. Funnel for it's hot stove from the valley of the sun. See that's that's Nokia should be the Valium and ninth his business it's. House that is that the Rheinecker. Factually correct we're us that yet though. Hope it's not hot right now our dear heart it's Bernie down yeah you do is hazel story innings brings story yet peso folks look at one of the reasons. I'm a Bandana the entire time for a job on the drugs. My video business. Secured the royals' spring training video contracts are basically. I do much video for the royals made a bunch of money yeah essentially everything Lisa. Rose com. Comes from stuff that I shot so. Annan on the days where there are televised games she games but again it's on the go ponson shoot so I've got up and modesty insulator. We're gonna go back on the back fields and it's bats in the way that works. Is there is usually this a couple of single games going on backfield against whoever you know the Padres were here yesterday. I think they've known that there's no manners and double in Tripoli. And so what happens is big leaguers go back there and did. 789. You know in a matter and our half what they use the big legal go back in the lead off every inning in my game and it. And so so layer was in the Tripoli and and he is left out every inning. And in modesty was on the other side leading up everything in the double game and Celera back there's an economic issue when she comes you what goes on back there. And alerted dementia like he would rocket. Launcher and edit bar parking. About six blocks away from Wal-Mart without him yet it alligators you know that there are any outward what's the case in last night. But. That's to me that's really if you see Ellis of worse because while everybody's over the big stadium watching what's the big leaguers play. Spring training game if guys wanna get it. They go back up did they go to the backfield and goes is in the past they want in the minor league if you look at the same day. They'll go back there and leave the Opel and all the games on horrible throw it moderately and they absent the need to work and I've found Judith. A lot of times if for example the royals are playing Indians. The White Sox division team. Down here and say for example southeastern to make the start. Oil product line with the LP the White Sox and Indians so instead of him making that startle us some meals are the game. And candles and into the minor league game against negative working in. But it's just a few let's pitches that the whites see. These are so that's one of the relief he thinks it is on spring training the fans see the only people literally back there watching those games there. Parents of the minor leaguers and of course scouts and coaches and front office guys within both organizations. The power. Really interest that we don't see any added doctor Eugene did. Two days worth that matter to our. Go back to. Him is really really acoustics while watching. Social or putting in the work absolutely. The numbers aren't there and FYI. Wade Davis the guy who sent to Chicago four or hazel layer is necessarily. Impressing cubs fans right now we it'll. A four spot in recorded one counts innate cactus league game yesterday he has in the very near to one. Five game hotline. Six strikeouts five walks eight earned runs in. Three and two thirds innings for coal captain fingers. The one I don't know it's not captain it's just hash tag middle finger Otis early. What do you think. Royals fans are gonna think. Parties Solarz effort. Let's get the chance we'll see what he does in the regular season. It doesn't happen though late. That's not realistic for fans and I understand it a little like one game you know. Weird it's weird I got here than it is it different mind game in town. Use it in literally relate to eat it takes me insular stuff like. It pump the brakes now you know it and it. It is since the first mussina he's added that. And maybe two at bats he states I think that's march the that it pays due to a back here my first impressions a layer and he's awful. You know I mean Andy is the first re impression of Soria last year they got him off to a bad start with royals news though. The letter. He's not to be what you're used to see. From our court and not get the fair way to put it he's not cooler so I think he's. You know you have ample room is particularly. Now Alison yet but that he could very easily beat. Then the Dave's good that's the last things gonna start with us whoever's it's. Normally what would we talk with an idealist he is going to. Lol bouts any person. If you're trying you know down and saying is that going to be elect the right he's gonna dodged the question yet he's always going to act as if every person inside that big league club house. Has a chance to make the team so I was surprised at his response when asked him the other day. With. With minor with Strom and Travis Wood in double and does that hurt the chances of a guy like Eric Snow or scout Scott Alexander. From grabbing that final poll and spot. Here's what and it yields at this in response. Again we're just gonna have to look at him in August and now. Is gonna have to look and see what's best for our club got dismissed it pretty quick normally well does furcal that's a great way to get out of that we're gonna do what's best for our club I was expecting this and of course. Of course it does that's the obvious to give everybody a chance that that he was telling media being radio I'm reading too much into it probably our. It but have you ever heard of that team with six lefties now with half of its pitchers being left handed. Now Alexander is pitched great snouts pitched great. I can't imagine them grip and that final bullpen spot which leaves us yeah under Romo. They're that it's under your that you're dealing yeah animal animal do the Italian version animal it. We image I think it's obviously we thought it was her Ramo. But but to me he's younger version of Peter Moore and the unique background ball yeah double play. Terrible indicated Peter Moylan could also get. You all that the ball would eat a forty man roster spot. More the team Moya was yesterday at its side. Equally it's liquid. So. He can't get he's right I mean bright yet so in the right thing. That I mean so. It is carollo. Adam Paramount yet is he can it. We think you'll be a better job because of one you can get pretty power sinker you hit the world against lefties. Which you can't throw more audience let it do when it matters used to hand out of the great news but he beat the final guy animal got. All of his terrible the the ability to write and let me yo there. That's available yet and it can you just have more options and you'd have to make it you're only if the situation dictates. I think you lose Moylan. If you don't keep them on the T agree or you can send the money Iger and and and so that there's where the decision comes to me. But there are three questions that I wanted to answered I came down your second base on spot noble and and in the fifth stars in the only one of those dancers and I feel like the second baseman. Jobs probably the answer to. It is not official yet. And and so we come down the final arm in the bullpen and and that's about it the other things you'd over there you have to make a spot on the forty man roster this is what you are talking about commercial break who's that going to be a Q&A couple some of the authors of Bubba. Is that a guy on the eve violate the FA. It would lead you there because they're gonna have to make room for either caramel or Moreland it's gonna happen so that means it somebody's got to get pumped up forty man. You mentioned the final spot in the rotation. The final question that I receive quite often this spring is then. Make comparison you know what does this rotation. What does it remind you as ours passed royals rotations. I think it has the chance to be 2014. Light that that that that that shields got the Ventura got three. Vargas one through five. I think it has a chance. You know Kennedy and Duffy I think are the most important obviously the guys that could serve as. Com. You know the James Shields in the Oregon opens or of that 2014 group. Adam. You know got it was a god that he knew would take the ball to be fit there I think Campbell can be that guy. Marquis marquis and I think we have enough arms throughout the organization. Always have a chance in that odd spot I've men. Impressed or. The rotations than what I thought it would leaking out will say this I never thought they would be able field. A rotation as quality is the wonder ultimately going to yelled after your title passed yet. Exactly because after Donna actually moment it is a little hole in the UN got Jason Hammel got Travis Wood so. And then Nathan cards in the Dyson deal accuse him you're look at it or three guys competing for that wants spots and that's pretty strong and I've seen enough about it. A few questions about gays in bars and tell them about those are answered. I feel fine them many cards and he's got that policy. What he can do any game situation is knock on him and granite part of it was health idiots and back issues and he was Ernie is last year. He really messed it up when he wins hitting it in the National League. But he he says that he Singler proves that he was healthy these things island Peru is getting hit it that. Oh lineup at least two and a half times three times and he can do that the most amount we appreciate it regarded rotation so. And that's a policy at I feel so much better about the rotation right now that I did. The day you're down past I mean would you agree with that. Mean yeah or Donald passed it was cart and Chris Young in the rotation now Chris Young is your long yeah and now this bullpen looks as deep as ever and might be as apple. They've had Travis will start for it yet Chris Young can make you spots are forced to essentially get you guys are probably wrong guys down if you need more. If somebody gets hurt. You're set and if somebody gets hurt the rotation you paparazzi why you walk up what would and he got all these great arms you've got to send them to AAA. So they're really pretty good shape pitching wise. Without a doubt yet com. And barring injury get to this coming up in a moment barring injury. I'll touch on that because still the biggest over under on the royals right now 76 and half. I just don't know what I'm missing. Last week I went over sixteen reasons why this season will be sweet like you because he's a sweet sixteen already I play out. I don't know what 76 lenses what basis in over I don't know what the code avalanche exit and you were having won I don't I don't care about the code of a Vegas then we're talking about money. This is weird. You know what they're talking about it I don't know what I'm missing it you over on that and I'm not I don't. Yeah and if I was yes I would bet the over and root against the team uncovered recently pay I know you gotta. Get to that clubhouse you know your computer stuff that your camera stuff here. Whine and complain that everybody on how heavy let me ask you senator. Harry physically and here's Richard. You bit easier in Saturday on another NC it's it's true that voter on line. It yet if you have any other fan stories brings stories for the listeners out there that are were fortunate enough to make the trek out to them now we have this on it's just I've been heavy and extremely encouraged violence seen in. That concern to me so layers concerned. Moss little bit of concern and with that real quick yeah. They went to the World Series with or hokey. To the World Series Alex real exactly right field. A 25 year old right field where analyst potential is your biggest concern yet that's pretty. Now it is day in the ears think so we've seen -- play right field once this year it's boring and he's been out there more of these that in. And so you make fun of me for the fact it eco region my girlfriend. And so Lee and I were taken it's around one of our hour long drive back from mesa. Or Scottsdale or whatever and and so we're trying to figure out why court has been right so much and so. We started thinking about how would you put a platinum. Over gold Glover. Left fielder while you put and ride and why I was solar mile or will they feel like what are they thinking what are we missing. The reason doing that that was is going to be kind of plaything like just to see spring training can play around some things in Toledo went to the numbers the royals a 240 more calls it the right field last year and they did. And so we're like okay is that it is because they feel like. The baseball going to be hit to right field a ton more you can sort of hi insulator and let the little bit but at the same time baseball's hit to left field or more seekers with top spin. Which tougher place. And right feel a lot more flares. That that things are still trying to figure that part out you know I don't think there's anyway. Ortiz sellers left field when the season starts but I'm wondering if that's why they did it. Because are so many more baseballs into right field last year in the world laughs I don't know and I think that got to figure out away. It. Hi so they're a little bit and you're poised to bring this up. I mean girls one World Series Alex Rios went to another door and either one of those guys were very good defensively in right. Anthony's pretty clear that left field a much more difficult position play. Because as mentioned the tough in this thinking liners. We've seen Gorham display. You know a million times there and I can't imagine them actually laughs oh. I'm a little curious about. About to get stimulate Cordero I yet. And maybe breaks the monotony of it you mean in this sounds crazy because but other. I mean how many games they play again here to play and win thirty games are censored audio academy and got to sort. You've got to break it up a little bit so it's not so monotonous. Yesterday lesser of it. Yesterday I went down and they'll do it normally works its spring training is that I gotta post game of the pitcher that injured Q but it takes me longer. You're ready for some turnarounds tool time I'm getting here things are gonna take your daily cited other little bit earlier. And Gordon like politely player at fighting some answers there and so I get done in Walken as a complex he's they're doing wind sprints on that field. I was talking and cap the one PR guys down there scorers other expertise yet he has and he was a couple of weeks ago. You get there he gets here early as a full workout. Play 56 innings brings depth and work out now. And that's what you mean it's it's freaky crazy at the things that you hear work out play work gotta go yeah exactly that that's what he does and that's why. When when the clubhouse you know unique muscles like yeah we're a resource he really is that there are over a secretary. Is what he has but. Yeah I'm ready for this thing you don't I'm ready for the regular season and I think. We've got we have four more left in some brighter in Arizona. Against the angels today on the road in Macy's the eighties tomorrow. In the final two years surprise in the plea to taxes and everything you've locked it. You need to see a fly ball in enemy shoots. You need three acts needed. Develop your perception he depiction of big league scene he hit the big league stage need to understand that. One actually uses those two games but so what we play these final four we're down the final four. Once they leave here. That's your point five men that are in play right now prophetic thank you very much you look embody hate doing to your phone down for energy which I'll look at you on the carrier. You know and you'd like he carried out there I can I can look at all the on the OK I disagrees Japanese finally worn out. Carry your and your phone and I'll tripod and as a. I'll try to figure out what I'm missing with this royals team how is it possible that they can actually win lasts. That 77 games well that and that next concerts and Sports Radio. Earned spots though. Brought to you by spring venture group. Six tenths. Listening on the go get this extends sport where you land. Back with you just burn yours burns hot stove. Pollard by our friends at spring venture group that. The practice squad that show ones are coming your way in fifteen minutes from right now. Hopefully we'll take a break from lamb basting the beautiful game of baseball to. Director here at that game you. Anyway as I mentioned going into the where. Last week at that party playoff for the sweet sixteen you know sixteen reasons why this or oil season will be sweet. And look how wasn't trying to fly off the room deals with that I truly believed that those sixteen things could possibly happen. That this could be paid ninety plus win team. But this could be a squad to walk away with their second division title in three years. But. Vegas is Vegas for a race. And Vegas still happens the royals over under at 76. And act capsule look I don't know. You know does that add up to me. So I thought about it. What about this sort of mind not seeing what it might maybe. Avoiding. Home it may be time. It it too deep maybe I have royals. Tinted glasses on. So let's have a according playoff for the final four. So this is the final time all I'll discuss these four things for things that could make this a forgettable. One. Now number 11 and foremost is an injury right it injury to one of the Big Five. It to be the Big Five the guys were if one of these might go down. This ballclub could be interests are. And if that happens at the season's first months it could lead to a fire sale at the trade. The Big Five are Eric Costner. And look I understand Britain Moscow played first base chancellor comfort to play first base I get that. But just the presence that Eric Hosmer is on the diamond in the dugout in the club house. Ball clubs in disarray if you lose 35. Danny Duffy Ian Kennedy Eagles are the horses of the rotation that you guys in the rotation that I think could be replace. Maybe Travis Wood could hold it down for Jason Campbell who. Would Travis Wood for Jason Vargas. For Nathan cards. Be somewhat in the minor leaks could step up whether it's Zimmer or Osama it would. But I don't think you have anybody in the organization that concerns you expect 200 innings like you do for Ian Kennedy or expect the dominating stuff like we all do. From Amy Duffy so Hosmer Duffy Kennedy Lorenzo Cain it's obvious you saw what this team looked like last. September. Without Lorenzo Cain the red so Cain is. With all due respect to the great Reggie Jackson. With that typically capture Reggie Jackson Lorenzo Cain as the straw that stirs the drink it does it. Not just because he's your three hitter not just because he's your setter the other because he is your past all the rumble. He is the spark plug this team. So Robert Duffy Kennedy Lorenzo Cain and Salvador Perez look you view terrace become name. Much more difficult out I'm not going to. Denied the improvements that terrorists meet at the plate in the quality of defensive catcher that he is but he's not a four time gold glove catcher right he's not one of those three to five best catchers in baseball. Salvador Torres over and so Cain Ian Kennedy and Duffy Eric house three was one of your well those five. This ballclub is in disarray and again if that happens in the season's first two months were lightly staring acts. Hey. Full fledged fire sale at the deadline. So injury obviously is number one. And look all of these four things have the caveat of if they happen in the first half of the season itself. You're trait in Cain or moves are asking your Hosmer all four. It's picking up that to me that the the second thing that could make this a forgettable season. Something that maybe we don't wanna talk about the I I just feel like we need to be honest with that. Yes there's plenty of reasons for whole hope springs eternal all that. But they see something to keep that over under at 76 and half. The second thing to me is early season pressing. We all remember what his team did last year at the trade deadline puckered up a little tight. But they looked around the clubhouse they want terrorist illustrated they wanna see that in simple as leave Kansas City it wanted to keep that championship group together they wanted to finish out. What they started. Back and 151413. Whatever. Each individual. They pressed I think a little before the deadline and then the trade deadline passed volcanism or Alice remained in that club policies on the past. Month of August. That any royals team has ever put together. So. That same. Along those same lines if that happens early on this year if over the first. Twenty games the royals are ten and ten you know that's not awful. But the buzzards are gonna start swarm right the National League is gonna start to bits and at Kansas City and wonder. Royals are ten and ten in the Indians and tigers get off to a red hot starts. You don't play the Indians and tigers until late today. Those teams could put a nice little gap between them. And yourself. And if that starts to happen out what are the teams stepping up to the plate trying to hit five run home routes trying to keep the band together. And it they start pressing if they start puckered up to me that's the second thing that could make this. A forgettable season number three is you never really replaced congressman routes. What we'd like the power potential or hazel air we'd like the Palmer potential. Brandon Moss. Were hoping that Mike was dockets can continue what it look like he was about to do with the start of last year were expecting that Alex quart it's gonna have a bounce back year. But you need what can -- morale is brought to this team the past two years thirty home runs last year hundred RBIs the year before. Kendrick Morales is one of the main reasons why you won a World Series why you won the division. Right without Kendrick Morales a 4014 royals. It was when you had Billy Butler but he had a dominating bull and yet solid rotation. But you just didn't have enough move to win it division he had a sneak in there with that with that wild card. It without Kendrick Morales here the 2014 royals with Billy Butler. In the 20s16 royals with injuries. You need to find that replacement whether it's a combination of solar air and loss in the return of moves doctors. But we are going into the season mean for being honest. We're going into the season all of us expecting portal to bounce back expecting moves it 25 home runs expecting soul Erin moss two combines. To have the kind of production candor is morale Louis had over the past two years now that that's a big. Let's think expectation because tempers are Alice I don't think he was. You can buy some maybe he was undervalued by Saddam. But generous morale is in my opinion is the guy that made us a championship offense Morales and of course the addition of sober but. Just to say that out loud Ben Zobrist and Calgary some analysts think how vital in word that championship team neither one of mark here. Now we're looking at martz solar air and eight year old Marcus navy modesty could. Coupled with those aforementioned. Free agent signings. Or trades signings. And giving that kind of production. The number three as to what can make this a forgettable season is that. In the realization that they never replaced interest around us and number four. The only other thing that I can think of as to why. They win fewer than 77 games. Is the royals don't have full season arms in the rotation. And what I mean by that's our. You know this that of the kind of picture that you know every fifth day he's gonna take the ball in PV six innings jury's gonna have the occasional blow up. The occasional gave up six runs made it for a third. But four out of every five starts he's giving you six plus innings and giving you a chance to win. These. I think we all feel confident in saying that. But who else. Mean I believe Danny Duffy is going to give you more than a 188 exactly. Eight CN. A wanna see him give it 200 to be quite honest with these expect him to give you 35 starts. I think Hammel can give you more than a 180 innings I need to see it. I believe that Jason Vargas can stay healthy and give you more than a 170 but I need to see it. You know these are the questions of spring training these are things and expectations that are happening in every camp you. Yeah yeah hope that it happens. Things need to go right you need to stay healthy. You need to have that offense a replacement for categories paralysis. And four out of these five arms in the starting rotation need to be that guy that you could depend on every fifth day. That's the final time we're going to be talking about it and it's the final time by the way. I'll be talking via from Arizona. First half so next Sunday night at sold ten. Live from this extent studio back in Kansas City. Thanks to us Stephen certain they'll frigates are the show insert other coming up next. The practice squad that's not gonna wanna miss that. Run the show you please Steve insert coming your way next right here on 610 Sports Radio this is bad for tots stole our body. Our friends at spring adventure group thank you very much for listening and enjoy the rest of your Sunday. To play hide and seek in your backyard and now she's getting married. So when you see a bare spot. He needs something that patches that fast any.