Two Year Anniversary

Fescoe In The Morning
Thursday, October 12th

A two year anniversary so we look back & celebrate a wild day in KC 


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Best coach Josh. Producers Steven Specter. Two years ago today were the greatest moments in Kansas City sports history took place vesco you wrote a blog about it. Internal microphone yeah I did I technology technology and stuff is really really interesting today I I did I I wrote about it at 610 sports dot com. And I called maybe it's the most incredible moment ever in Kansas City sports history because two years ago today was obviously the wild card win about the wild card when he ale DS when game four. Over the Houston Astros down in Houston. So now swing. It's a fly ball deep and Olathe. At home run into the royals' bullpen. Game goes the pitches one night. Three you know. Tie it. With a bases loaded walk and why it. Bryan Faber Steve busy oxy Stewart and producer engineer Don free it's the top of the eighth inning. The royals are down 62. But. As our late friend Fred white used to say if you want a dream a little bit. This magic ride for the royals began. Last year in the wild card game with the royals down by four. Going into the eighth inning and here they are down by war going into the eighth and another. Do or die game. And now slipped to develop and to the plate breaking ball ground ball up the middle of the red. Is the real. Around dawn. And Carlos Correia. In the void Kevin I'd goes from hero to go out and here's the pitch. Hosmer swings and drives it didn't go right center field and as. Arid hot. Except through run home run. Ended the astros' bullpen. And the royals. Have come up with seven runs in the last two innings and they lead 96. And right. And a broom ball. Here's the one to. You're the 11. Broken bat little bloop silver's goes out. Do somersaults and there's one down. Solutions that is the target. Would be settling in today. God. Frontiers Canada flights that sent him. Fly ball deep right. Orlando to the offense through the wall. Yeah. That is your mom's closet this point fifteen and the yes. The Kansas City Royals pretty impressive and obviously it back that play about Carlos Corey and I thought man that is not the most incredible play in moment in Casey sports history. What is because that changed the shape of everything for this ballclub if he doesn't make that play the world's probably don't win that game and clearly don't advance on to the ALCS and then on to the World Series the claim their second trophy in the last thirty years and get to back to back World Series I think that's one of the most significant place. In Kansas City sports history civil put it up on FaceBook page you guys away and they obviously got the Gordon home run in game one that significant. You've got game five of 1985. That is a significant player in post season history in sports history hearings in the city I mean we've got the shoot out for penalty kicks were you know sporting Kansas City to win their MLS championship a couple of years ago. I don't know a lot of credit is there with a wild card game obviously the southeast it was a big moment in Kansas City sports history. Chiefs need to get in there somehow someway and and find a way to the crowd get asked costs. Our track or whatever it is yet that's that's what happened to be a championship to make that happen and that's why the royals right now the last few years and they owned this. Worst moments in Kansas City industry because. They've won championships since 1969 and what they want to have a zero out all those moments and things are going to be gravitating toward because they actually led to a championship yet if the royals had fallen short in any capacity all those moments would have been. Nice. They're nice there but there's always that but in when my credit for the Cleveland Indians he brought up that. Nobody's behind those bats that's the way to game waste right on it because everyone's gonna talk about that street of the say yep that we blew it AL DS 20 lead. That is even when you bring up point fourteen it's like yep the the precursor the twenty bright with the world's sell all of the collective two years works together one massive amazing moment in the city is I mean it's. Really like when using a great moments in Kansas City sports history guys 2014 and 2015 pretty much excited table I mean who really has set the table. And then everything else comes from yelled from I mean really it doesn't in the back the 85 if you want to and and whatnot of that I think this is the year may be that she sent one of those miraculous moments hopefully we're talking about listening to a playing over and over again and having anniversaries of an celebrating big time moments so hopefully that sees it on that page you can weigh in soon on her FaceBook page sixty in sports now if that she's make the Super Bowl are you getting name Alex Smith's Jersey with this rule logo on all that's an interesting one man depends on how he plays I would say I wouldn't be shocked if a lot of people went that -- I think anybody made I want and as well. That he may get what does Alex Witt here's his with a patch on it.