The Tom's Town Episode

Carrington Harrison
Monday, June 5th
Carrington is joined by Cole to discuss if millennials are killing Applebees, what's the song of the summer, and what's the proper ettiquette to asking people to turn on the air at their place plus the founders of Tom's Town stop by to give us the history.

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They should they just stuck to forge. It's gonna stick to sports podcast with Kerry and Harrison from the drive. Those are you all right another day. Of this big fortified. Ladies. Cold blood did. The little I have an illogical and humbled elective for the summer hat exactly is the Thompson and a Betsy at this interview with something a little bit. And I was waiting for a perfect time to profit. I told the people I would drop a house of cards when today. I would be dropping out the heartland today I'm not finished the show yet but. This week you have my word there will be a house of cards review I feel like I feel like a two week window to watch fourteen hours of television. Give me a little bit I had a lot more than I thought I was at and son. In the middle com I'm in the month yeah I don't agree Garnett into it and I'll be done by Tuesday. By Tuesday Wednesday Saudi don'ts all drop it on at some point this week. Pulls back that's go back from London subscribe to this podcast on iTunes also six and sports background review it. All the good stuff that podcasters. Ask us to do where we are going to start today's stick to sports. Old people blame us for everything. Internet yesterday and I see this business insider piece that was kind of trend yesterday she Tuesday about Applebee's. Game bubble while the record. Love buffalo while I love it's wrong I like buffalo wild week. Applebee's I've just grown out of Applebee's I feel like whatever old people's businesses failing. They're goats you is this the blade Bolivia know if food sucks and that's why I'm not going there so. I love apple is for the convenience of you know the half prince appetizers late I'm never Tiki like I'm never like oh let's go to Applebee's Applebee's is as much better spot but apple visas is a good little lunch spot audiences occasionally. Yet no seems like every time something is doing wrong. It's millennial sort killings so and so. Boy deals can't buy houses of the doubt too much Mullen feels like showing restaurants they Dodi Al out enough like have to make up their mind on what we're doing. And and I think a couple of things about that I would say and number one. Going out to eat isn't that big deal that it was we were cute no meant I was a kid going to red lobster was a huge merged you'll buy something special had to happen. My mom to take you to turn red lobster. Now. It's got a touch screen aside incentive to go do we. Right we went out. You may be once twice a week Max and it was like maybe faster once a week maybe we got like a sit down like Applebee's like chain restaurant once a week as well so it was never anything. We just changed like what you think about it are growing up. There was a five guys there wasn't chipotle there wasn't places like bet that you can do it I thought you get more food at those places I'd much rather have the seven dollar to pull labor read oh. Then sit down and Applebee's it's been thirteen dollar and that's a polish food is better like if anything. I would say group are exchanged things that you now cooking gear you can now be really good places for a lot cheaper. I would say it is casual fast food is really grow plays like triple late Hugo would that we didn't have access to. If anything I just now noticed the lower quality of food that is Applebee's is not good those are good it's cheap. Now you wanna state you don't want us but a lot of money you can go to Applebee's that's perfectly fine but I'm not going to Applebee's get a cheeseburger anymore why doesn't achievers. I think you'd think we've seen too is there's been this massive like shifts towards like kind of local or supporting local restaurants and supporting local organizations do so I think that's also driving in the business select. You have restaurants local restaurants that do the same thing Applebee's of their bar and grill right. By the option to go better or go to Applebee's are probably empirical locals era is usually better supporting local business as probably going to be I guess there with two or three more dollars on my bill Paula. I I'd as fuel light. Companies that have like it very archaic business model instead of adjusting and changing with the times it just lets blame young people. And so on tweeted this that I was given a proper attribution. They say it. They always blame Alito project to think that we don't really need. One articles like six months goalies all this. Molecules are ruining fabric softener thugs aren't I don't fabric softener. Usually that great classes my ire using fabric softener. Like I thought we did America favor thank us but you're no longer use the fabric Saunders I I just feel like a lot of the burden is placed normally meals in young people. For just. Changing in being different in the and that's impeached because that's utter piece it was like polio wanna eat healthier that's good and didn't and round. Right out and understand how that it not only deals what do you held your. We're also filling bar soap specialists all through my bar separate buy liquids. I just that your dogs spot and hit read about it. But why is that why that's our problem likes things and you problems if I urged boring and you're still selling are so. That's that you had never behind bars opened lower to quickly get the loop. And I'm out here doing it olds old spice realized it dinner early. Bear. Should open up the right. The ditches or spice donuts though in doing lines that's a little spies now is pretty much stay under the old spice of the popular out here. I don't know I go old spice Wharton. Agreed to. Don't it's about the dolphins keeps you dry and cozy old time I don't use the dove the dove is on my go to room. Heavy subsidies or girlfriends younger. This is a real made you a real man if you never once secret like if you never awards seeker deodorant I got a question in collared. Because we've all been in that situation in. He stayed in over somewhere that you forget the fact you're motoring. You've got to go in there and you got to take a couple looks in this issue and you've got to apply. You got a lot of damage your fresh throughout the day. So the the last song for a minute oral hey we do so after I got back from London bill and I went up to Chicago for a week and we were on the train back from Chicago and I I was like I'm. The travel and all of them a little little little freshen up Regina Bagram Betsy is this video. Got to get the seek out I'll say this. I know are jumping around but I enjoy the fluidity of the conversation. I've never been to New York so I cannot comment on New York. So with my limited knowledge I feel like Chicago is the best manner. If you think about it. There are certain pockets of the few kind of small the sooner herbs are really guys yeah. It's a huge city with opportunity. I feel like Chicago can make a strong heart it's better the Los Angeles when you factor that a 100% I'd kill others and whether the weather sucks there's no argument whether. Evidence if you stay it's like there's some big cities in the south but I evidence that I thought you could make a really strong heart of Chicago being the best of him in a country. I've been fortunate to travel to basically every big city United States Luther workers are personal travel the right privilege. Yeah yeah I hope that. I think there's something special about New York though always. As as amazing as Chicago is it'll never quite get to New York level vision and energy of those in New York that can't be matched Russia's New York. Does seem very dirty which actually seems to be. For what I've seen from Chicago that happens with outside Chicago but that was we we're there for less than five minutes out of my parents brought you took that wrong left iron. And we did that you re back banknorth. But. Los Angeles is dirty. Loss in New York a key errors dirty. That's a bit he urged dirty yet. Edit I mean it's it's not like you're walking through here from Kansas City especially and even in Chicago if you're from Kansas City to looks Dario that just because what you're used to here. I'm dead York's little grimy my favorite city in the message that says Francisco. My hands down. I think if it doesn't cost the lifting though doesn't seem like its own minds in the favor of not at all but II or seven Orlando before. In Orlando is hellish experience. But I'll sort of been like a church straps like they got you so you're gonna spend the money because generally have a choice would you give Orlando I. Think San Francisco's to such. You get the nice weather like it's gets chilly in San Francisco it is never going to be thirty degrees like to get down into the fifties or whatever and there's also so that kind of like. That buzz of everyone who's there is trying to further themselves like advance which I think as a and the thing to have in a city just Canada energy that's it. Crazy when you go to places like that. And I looked into that Obama only do I don't have any interest in moving. When you go to other cities like wily in you optionally choose to live here because. Like you know for five months it is going to be awful. You go to someplace it's all my god it's not about what the cobble. Everyday gadgets like the outlook someplace that this every single day seventy seater let's. And Diego and athletic cost you two arms into excellence and he. Mean just understates applied to me AMP administration I think that every December. You know where I parked in my party not likely to block to a half block walk to view of downtown which. That's the one negative we it's been negatively downtown to duties. I'll leave those walks from my garage to my apartment Hobson middle I want beholden live view like I could move it to be really happy later. It later and they're big news that you would agree place while I. Option we choose to freeze and be miserable and you you deal well with the heat which is due to get into an excellent segue here auditing and with the wait that I. You're parked when it's 52 degrees outside it's cold outside bro like I'd. You know at this Tuesday. White people respect the cold like yeah respect when it's cold outside easy I was born in the cold when you watch the football game you had a brother that there weren't that sure at all orphanage estimated. White people don't know what it is that's the difference on installation when it comes political. Don't like that they would look at the winner of Winter Olympics you'd prepare for that my people come from put the words to admit that. And that's accurate. Are you talk about this into the go ahead and trust me I like I've made good choices I've made good life decisions but it. You're gonna prize fight some flaw in me as a person I really appreciate. So vote the question that I wanted to bring up the talks about. Is is it OK to ask some ask someone to turn on base in the apartment. If you're uncomfortable if you aghast that I want you to be comfortable put your level of comfort in my level of comfort are different. Errol the fans circulating isn't enough for me that I at least I'm personally comfortable be a little bit colder. But I'm making the choice in my mind to evaluate. The 150 dollar bill in June with slight discomfort that is what I'm not uncomfortable. Have the freedom I'll be fine with them all would you come over. I understand that I have to cater chew your likes and needs the net so it all. That you bit over. Just ask I want to do your part it's been eighty degrees before I left it was 83 if you recollect that this. It was miserable. I'm pretty sure that violates new slate of there's really you can't have your apartment or it is not accurate could run a bath house in your apartment considered. Altogether fan on right and that is there's no air movement are you here it is still miserable in your apartment okay so what you come over all you have to do I've never ever denied you the ability but everybody make me feel bad after you turn on the as you can you know hail the bill. No but I'm over here me. Let's start doing our bit more people when they come over to ask certain air all mention of my knowledge call here a lot. Chip five Brett. For you drink for each file but I air bed to get into about what a comfortable at room temperature should be. Nothing about 72. I normally when I throw in the air and put it's that five of like that's comparable its air circulating. And that's all and in the winter you help me out here try to treat. Subject a little like it's the movie theater there Isa two degrees and there. That cold in this unit apartment like 81 during the week to those that doesn't mean it's I don't know why don't I just somebody blogs to not all warm but I also don't want it should be. I don't wanna be in this way or just when it's what if I can but double I'd like that I go cut at all. I thought saying he's and I give any credit for that. I've given you credit affordable and comfortable but I did speak speak. Today you my man outlets and air Odom and I've never fought when I give you grief about it regardless like badges screen shot your bill. We look at look at the man that one month. You can 150 I think that tells me something about her yeah this massive windows did know that's only happened to happen. A year ago it was in February I remembered as you blues. My January build on my December bill was like 55 dollars. My life January bill was like 42 dollars. Dog February it was like 151. What. I what changed and understated. Was he got a because I was I was going on for a couple days and it was. It was weird talk column and Casey you know was light. Dog basically that's all they say that's a story on the air. And somebody said that I was viral the dumbest thing ever heard my life. I'll tell the story I was saying now it frustrates me that we've allowed Casey PW monopoly we have allowed. The one thing that all of us need to be controlled I'd be certain peoples but everything else this competition. Food it's competition at every single walk a lot there's a one car company you can buy from a book for energy. They have a monopoly I'll tell the story effort street's outlook. This guy really was like. Shut up. Don't complain about it go by solar panels. Would meet that the solution to the monopoly. That in the electric companies as you know what you should do invest. Hundreds of thousands of dollars into solar wind where are you putting solar panels on your apart I don't I was trying to figure that Al I don't know maybe have a apartments with solar panels I don't know I haven't seen one they think you owned the department build yeah maybe I don't know. That's like they're solar panels in the organ or something like that Hillary Clinton's here I'm. The West Coast there I mean organs little cloudy but if you're done no later Phoenix to others solar panels everywhere. Yeah I I. This apartment not apartment this subdivision excellent parents lose. One of the houses as solar panels and its actually got a new attack on to look at true. I took a helicopter Torre yesterday. Who play with bad idea we had a plan for like two months ago got rained out systems the makeup the bigger political. Yes our eye not clear to understand Obama about you know I'm take him pick and helicopter like I. Number we flew over what sport and and we are kind of looking down and a lot of the buildings and export of solar panels of all. And until the final. And it even knows that. I go with the public Josh Josh a couple of days ago. Now is that they're thinking that I think we're all biased towards where we live. And there's no place in Kansas City in the summer rather be the west or fighters Saturday. This is the energy. The middle of the surgery at the village streets but the going into the bars I agree they insist. It's up at about it's it's. Clearly better than our life there's no placing teams did that kind of energy. If you're young and in that it's the summer there's no old place you rather be on those days now everybody knows like everybody kind of meets I was gonna try to I was gonna charge you some big Smart or find Internet yeah I was gonna use that word but I couldn't get it outside his head are open and switch course. But yet there's no place I'd rather be in the summer than there. I think what's which. The public in full force to targets off the top helpful force dog couple days ago. They have like three or cop cars and a paddy wagon just posted up at the intersection where like Kelly it is animal courses across the street and beer tension. Ares I don't know the other you know that all homeless because it goes yeah dot. They all these people just posted up. To make sure not to happen. And and we're all your outside you able to fireflies in the if you about the fight outside our clothes. And a cops came with a spree and ending quite quickly dispersed. Obama. It's not your average grade underdog. Over under real is it couple reasons over the summer over under six shootings. Rule over all right in the over all over. Okay that's been out there are confident out there are way it trying to keep the army people who I mean yard no people no active who. Fifty cents that is it's hot outside it's a good enough reason liked sometimes. That's good enough reason for some people. Other spy agency that I love and that I think is is going to be growing and and getting busier soon so enjoy rules not by the river are now. Should car yet it is in the summer session it's just going to be a video of those ideas. Got to tell you this yeah. I met you for not ever notified me it is no talent to facilities. Mountains it's this place a cult south of Truman. It's over there by a cigar bar across history from record bar. Huge JD now the food's good it's great yeah it did go spy. Charging you for the extras in not actually what you gain a that's a good. Conversation date place. Salt belt for this fight started dominating thing. Frustrated with a facility why this is my fault. I feel like you tell me about it all moderate recently have you never I never heard those lives have never been and you should they don't get the cool thing blooper now okay all right well it should go about that you should know. Give it a very good yeah. SATs if you wanna talk my bill might have been the basis of good things I would do it. You would dole I beyond spot. Mike it's so cool place to go oh. But I was thinking when I was sitting there. I was like New York probably as all hundred of these players but the fact it's like the one place in Kansas City. They can charge you thirteen dollars for an appetizer we're gonna pay because of the ambulance and a like it feels so quite intrigued he would you know people are always going to overpay a little bit personally intrigued so I'd I'd I'd say that's up and I mean. Griswold overpriced me but nobody yachts and how the cool factor of it is I think it's a nice place ago. Well my other favorite kind of summer spots and considered hate saying this for billions my little stickers but John's they dec. Boom we. Been in a couple times it's like a big party there one time. Cool I mean I don't the only negative thing is good. Got walk this way to have an agent shouldn't just don't you play it's it's yours yet known and the crowd can be a little. Interest in some time insisting that's a good word choice interest. I just really likes and implement them. Big backup there. Parts that makes perfect sense I'll ask you this question who is a beard I was gonna is frequently asked questions response talks until the siren and and taste the boulevard week new. In a blue moon and hell could you ever drink courts like Miller Lite in lesser quality years that's apart I don't understand because you go out it's not like. Bullet or -- nine dollars and of course the story that you are gonna sacrifice or taste on that date. Every for the price is one. Dollar more for something that I think leave here are severe your products. We have people who don't like we Peter's which is what are visible but we implement our. And have people prefer just a pills in her or about light beer which is what you're getting out of column accords like order so I think they get it goes back to preference. For me like I'm always you know I'm a dear I don't drink the mastic. Light Beers and no I think just it's a preference and just like how you if you're going to have to do like outsider like you pick the cider you like about. And accidents but I'm saying is beaten. The cider industry hasn't gotten to the point if there's like nineteen different choices you know like I'm picking it solely based toys and believer but I say would be years something as popular as the years. It's hard for me to if you had a blind taste test someone you know is someone taste Bud Light and Miller Lite in the tasted polluter boulevard. But the to collate the conclusion that the Miller Lite and Coors Light is better beater it's not better I. I also think too like when you go to a bar and so it's a flying saucer down and Jason McCloud about it simple but there's a hundred Beers on tap. I note of course like Tesla. You don't know what these other Beers I don't know what part of a tier V and oh yeah accidents and you know you're being used in view like no other off like. It's not like they're gonna if you just 400 flights unit is global and no not amount. So we've talked on college I Bart I'm Bart and it at a beer hall so it's kind of the interesting fascinating Beers were always. Interesting to me and I kind of a good knowledge of that so closely that of them intimidate me but we have people come all the time we're like man I Islamabad life we have public. Like our only teach you about what's going on oh here's our. So I think when you when you stray away from from the things you know it's scary when your out of power line there would have. You don't use your word out one thing about beer guy to his beer guys do we really knowledgeable intelligible auditions that you don't hear about it rent dog. That's major talking about the fermentation process that my Hopson. Of it tastes good let me get this that yes if it doesn't if that. Not for filling that that we don't have anything else to talk about I don't care about the process I don't care how long it would. I don't care about where its problem that doesn't taste good that's all I care about our simple old fashioned incomes and a. I was always is where it was brood when I was part and in the picture of where it was brutal. What are what are your notes put your hands what are you getting and then what is an equivalent beer too much on the you would know I was those come I'm Miranda thinks. I want to kick this around sly or on the war and saw over the summer you know why he's on and the one. I just. The only thing his wings are no he cut it. If I can just right now and Adobe audition I just caught in part all it does get right to be repeated and that I think could be. Might be better that slot that's the case puts lives from start to finish just I love girls who did consistent ride. The one. I think it likes. I don't like quite able avert a whole lot she instills is reversed the course is perfect we've Bieber and and it get old west way to Graham plot Joba to the party invested like Doug you're too old to be no way it has become now. He's become that old guy in varsity blues missiles Vanilla Ice you know it's quite it's over Brad. Great wrote an amazing girl and it's over my dues collection Cohen's article do not view and NB a legendary leader. What struck like what hot person to leaders. On truffle butter zones last Donna sit tight personally is that rocky album in them is actually pretty. I thought he killed that. A big battle monster future I mean I'll I'll I'll get. Wimbledon doesn't view gentlemen way he's not consistent at all is not consistent and basically he is more in the Lugar. You heard it. He's old he's a loser from the future of boos were I I just really don't like to be a song which is my main issues to bubble gummy for me. Its so poppy when I first heard this all I was like my sister will love this idea is like buses is fourteen I'm like she will absolutely loved the song like this has made for her. The song is made for thirteen. To nineteen year old has not for me I don't mind it. But it does it. It doesn't give me that. Feel the way slide does likes I'd make you actually looks like he yet they're group with a little pregnant pollution kills not so hot like a Fargas aquae vote wanna go whole. That's like the perfect for that's like a perfect sense that it's a perfect. Summer two. That Rolex on mile loan that's gonna be fair that I. My kind of sleeper pick for the Summers grew by gold link dip firing on big fire record. Magnolia is in the congress earlier this summer this song and it's an insult any phone that has like a dance move talked about and it is going to be good. It works is being completely honest assault in the Summers still golf until somebody else is oh like. Mascot it's the biggest reaction mast off is the most popular rap song with. More popularly DNA hopeful in my opinion I think getting home or fire records I'm like hey don't be available at all. We have mask off is still the soul of the year put slide it's just it's so perfect. Summers indie music either homeowners does another song and snorkel out rule which is really. Yeah I did not know that until pretty ads in every public and there as a religion and probably not really paired in news out of don't when I was in Joplin follow him. They were like trying to use another day. They elect a unit care it's magical Rodney like one that's not my name writing cared what the government. At it like I would call me that I display. Kicked I don't wanna be called this I've really. And got I used to get called rotten back annoyed that why is it do Joplin eagle's eyes to board up for the job when Eagles baseball teams or imagined. Listening to high school baseball Hillary yeah that was my job paid. We're on not. Seventy yet they might ability 51 of those I don't remember news you're doing it for the opportunity to object you know. How was a school based on you. I don't know I don't watch the other tularemia. I don't know I I had the board op. For Joplin eagle baseball. I work opt for Carl junction football. So every imagining college. Every Friday night you were in radio station by yourself listening high schools Opel substance that was my life for the last three and a half years I think college. That's all I did every Friday and I mean like a lot afterward you're done by time. But bad luck that it at their post game shows always every Friday nights and about tiger but these are the Latin you know. Com you know my week in college consisted of Thursday night was the coaches show they did a lot has Barca chatters were both law allowing some bomb. Bloated and don't know and our public attitude I'd get a 45 minutes before. And and I sat there for that whole thing there was never that much of its without pretty much like seven and nine lower my. Friday night Carl junction. Do bigger games lighted football. And in every Saturday. Aideed. Missouri southern football and then when it transition to basketball and it's a baseball stuff so they at a baseball game. It recently I'd go to a basketball I would like one basketball game clusters approach would work. Brandon. Is it 11 more fun summer I understand hours for little French Montana I think we've talked about. I'd like that's on the lot oh win and I liked us on a lot I think that's always be a lot popular if you could just switched slightly with the weekend. I think slowly lose and I think he's dope or you don't dislike name's Allan sales you can get that we can make that same sound the soldiers infinitely bigger difference is terrible us all like. They could've put anybody else like this what code black governors of audio. And critique guy of the bulletins. Well the salt stretch like. Now that I French songs songs like who will it I wouldn't it's there was a feeling I wouldn't go see for funding concert. But not he ruins this. I think I like French want to know more because it is an arrow boy Camaro likes for French so much it's made me appreciate it makes you appreciate for its it's that interprets that as you can do really haven't. Yeah I I think that's you know the leaders a little further ambulance. We got everything else and where I was at thirty minutes of what though this through downtown on the bigger sure we got there didn't. I'm looking at the list when Lewis know Thomas Drake he's been on the how one under for street use grip on the incredible run and then. Yeah I hear is it's art when it counts and that's that life is that for me. So are wearing that our lives right baby daddy albums it's going to be fine. Terrible. The next out gonna be called lifestyles more lifestyle so that's going to be more aboard diaper they're under. More Pampers for your head ducks a lot to you speak Coleman and I had kids on reaches bottom conflict anymore yet though I don't feel like talking elected though leases pseudo that's I would say don't. That would be my lesson for cold it's it's it's it's to the sport but gas coming up next tops them. This is Mac lethal you're listening to the stick to sports. Podcast. Haven't you join on this to the sports podcast by Steve repair and David Epstein. From Toms is the place that I past history Carl line. A couple of times that I want to learn more about it so it's introduced you first he'd gotten used is voice. I welcome Steve Rivera I'm one of the founders of Tom's town where it's seventeen no one main dam in the cross routes and. David Epstein nice to be here thanks for having us all right first off whoever lost its first tell us a little bit about the history of times well history. Steve looked at me knowingly I love tell him this shutouts on. Tom stone is named after Tom prendergast who was the city boss in Kansas City that ring and Kansas City from 1920 to about 1938 when he was indicted. By Steve's great uncle guy named Moe Milliken. Tom's Boehner gas basically ran this as his own little fiefdom Kansas City and this is the headline. Did not recognize prohibition. Period there was not one alcohol related arrest during all of cancer is history during prohibition. All of that is because the Penner gas and because of that. Culture here exploded all of the jazz greats lived here. And that's because those speak PCs that would have been illegal in new York and Chicago and Boston. Were very legal in Kansas City. While that I mean I don't know allot enough about the history obviously the way you guys know but. If there was a federal law here and this is one major city in the country just following event. It's possible call politics. Better gas delivered. Big time for FDR. So if you could deliver Missouri in those days and you got to remember that Kansas City in those days was the Vegas of its day it was a big big town. If you could deliver Missouri you can basically deliver the south for the presidency he did. So with that FDR just kind of left them alone until his power starts waning in the late thirties so he delivered the presidency so just let him do what he wants to do. You know if you could if you bride can you could do whatever you wanted to if you wanted to open a bar or may clicker you could do those things as long as you drive the right people. That's a lot like what's happening with marijuana right now but it it's legal a couple of places you've spoken to over it it's look at Seattle but there are some places our country because we prosecuted for I don't know the guys make that parallel and about how it's announced that we would like to be the top and I guess of marijuana someday. Yak is it's interesting meanwhile. You know from the federal point of view it was still illegal in Kansas City. And they would come through and they would occasionally you know do a big show and knock it still over or empty on a speak easy but by the time those went to any kind of trial. That charges would disappear because the feds would leave and leave it to the local. Authorities to continue to do. Processes charges and they wouldn't do it because they were bribed by it and so they were just disappear by the time it came to court. Stay that was his grown up with this and your family history I don't know a lot about my family history distorts full from me from my grandparents but there are obviously different kind of stories that were part of something like this was like growing up about your Baghran. Well it's funny because you know it kind of went in when I was little when and one air went out the other and I'm looking at the bookshelf after I've talked to my mom and said we're gonna call this company tones down. After Tom Penner yes she does well Graham. As soon yet here and related to your great great uncle and I went who and I didn't you remember it and there's a book on the shelf it's written by. Morris Milliken is about his story called Missouri Waltz about how we took down and her guest who's a huge story and in their forties. And then I think because of the embarrassment Kansas City felt he kind of got shuffled under the rug because. A lot of what he did obviously was a legal one and he's taking bribes and things like that. And on the other side David has some family history relates to the story as well so. My grandfather was a boot liquor. So you have to remember that in Kansas City can't he was divided into two games rabbits and goats Penner gas ran the goats. My grandfather was a rabbit a bootlegging rabbit. So different then you would see a New York Chicago and Boston my grandfather was not killed by top ten I guess he didn't operate that way he did kill you economically. So which he did due to my grandfather he had a product called Rick and barker malt. And if that was not part of Penner guess kind of round you had ten sometimes twelve products that Penner gas allowed you to make usually his one was called Royal Gold which is the name of our urban. Ruble Berman. So but my grandpa for whatever reason we don't know he died pretty young I never met them. Refused to be a part of that and he stuck with the rabbits and he went bankrupt. You're talking to Steve Rivera and David Epstein of Tom's town of the president hey Heidi good to the president David you guys have this idea you have this concept. How do you keep your idea up off the ground because a lot of good ideas there communicated that most people but they never go anywhere you guys actually put your idea into motion. You know we're sort of serial entrepreneurs we've had several businesses in the past and what we kind of noticed noticed happening here in Kansas City as it's having this Renaissance right now. Kind of resurgence in popularity and some national attention focused on Kansas City both from. The royals winning the World Series last year is streetcar. The performing arts coffin performing arts center. He sings there's sort of I'm reminiscent of what things were happening during the first Renaissance which was during an August day. So those things have sort of all sort of coalesce to us and I was like you know. The only thing missing some Tom and aghast inspired blues. I have been living in New York the last eighteen years Stephen I ran an ad agency here in Kansas City from 1995 to 2000. I left in 97. With the same agency to actually run it in New York. And as I would come back especially in the last five years from Manhattan. I just kind of saw this explosion that was occurring here and Steve and I started talking we are serial entrepreneurs. And working at Access Hollywood have been an Access Hollywood for the last seven years that's owned by NBC and I got a taste of what corporate life was like and a lot of that is busy being busy. And that bored the hell out of me and I fun it was like Stephen kind of been talking about what's going on here. And we've always wanted to build a brand. And that's the difference with an agency an ad agency you work on other people's brands and it just if if you are built this way. It starts in just create German aid that you want to build a brand and especially if you're much worsen heart and finally found this opportunity. What would you guess Christmas. The other. We had a digital ad agency in Kansas City the first agency that focused on solely on the Internet. Marketing and so we are kind of pioneers in Kansas City in that respect and got some large clients worked with Scranton American century league teams things like that. You could argue though that our first our first business was easy roller when we were in second grade and we've really kind of her dad I know. Yeah yeah and we have notes where easy roller what was the card making him number number. And we have our mothers have kind of kept some scrap books are for splits the Lumix. Again you guys that spirit I think people get into business or a lot of things is they wanna be incredibly wealthy or a lot of people I think are just really pour and then they'll figure out ways to try to make enough money and then outlets like you stumble or really good idea that you fall into money outweigh what you guys that's not money that comes it's here. It's not money it's it's it's it's being scrappy I think. Wanting to make a difference nets and I think that reads this like a benevolent king I don't think that we see unnecessary hurt that way. But it's you know when your creating something every day it makes concrete steps to move that thing towards a certain direction and that's wildly exciting again. It NBC I always that I could have been working at the post office you really it's very hard to make a difference in a large corporation are for a life you make a huge different key difference to your lives and we already have thirty employees that makes a huge difference. We were that tiny lives in New Year's Eve we we open we had a sort of internal opening on New Year's Eve physicists who you know not even opening year yet. And it was about two hours before the party and we can never liquor license yet. Somebody was pounding on beam in the middle of floor to make sure you know he is worried about the structural integrity of we're gonna the party. All these things I'm seeing are going why have I done why am I even dipping myself through this. And then two hours later everything's fine we got a liquor license everything was structurally sound. And were upstairs at the party and you see people enjoying their product that you actually helped make. And having a good time and space with that didn't exist in house a year before. And it was just extremely rewarding to see that come to fruition something that you actually had a hand in creating a sixty people early in their first business. I and I and all we have definitely made them all. I think you'll always hear this but under capitalization. I think that's a big one. You've got to raise the money or you've got to be willing to write the check personally because it will happen. And then surround yourself with the best and brightest again cliche but is 100% true you don't always know who that's going to be sometimes you want to find the most loyal person or you wanna find the smartest person around but find some. Someone that is is as passionate as you or for what ever reason that drives them and figure out what you need and grab hold of that. Like if I'm wrong on this but I would assume that you need that you got seven or eight core people. It seems to me like you need somebody is really good at a lot of different things and everybody's good at their owners but the kid at eight type a personalities you need a couple Taipei the couple tight these a couple of side seems like you need a re you'll collect it mixture of people to really get things off program. You're absolutely right and one of the things that's appealing about this sort of corporate life that David was just like you know he didn't like was everything's taken care for you go down the hall and there isn't. Supply of paper and pens there. You're gonna small business that's excellent does that Wear underpants it's like I guess you're going of the office supply store. You know it is it's it's not you know it's just everybody does a lot of different jobs and really that the people who. We felt gave us the most impact were ones who are self motivated self starters. And can take a goal and understanding overall mission mango with it and make that's a big. That is a big part of it is also give out of their way so Steve and I are not distillers we are not Rick's knowledge as we're drinkers. But that we have to hire the best to Stiller and I think we found Ayman rob Voss Meyer. This guy out of a Saint Louis who now has moved against that he has been with us now for a couple of years he's now created. A vodka. And I'll call that we have no intention of doing out of pocket doesn't exist during prohibition but we knew that people still drink it. So we wanted to create something that would be a little different he's now on his third gold medal nationally. This is this is a true I would argue genius at at what he does that had. Meant that we needed to get out of his way let him do what he's great and and that was creating an amazing recipe for vodka I would argue that the Genesis same way also award winning and the urban. So that was a matter of I think as much rehearsed knowing what our strengths are and getting out the way and let somebody else Phil where those weaknesses. Our and the price three or four examples of that happening in different areas of our business where we did the same thing that's prime the most visible one. Padgett got its Ehrlich licensees that it was two hours before the party its New Year's Eve. I think he's opened that back up I like how it's gonna be the last minute. Vaccination and out they showed up at 530 and they do a last minute to or through the facility and and then they give it to you and I think part of it is. To make sure you understand that they're watching news that there are going to be monitoring use and that you're. License to operate is at their discretion. Is the location that you guys chick car. We looked we looked it over you know a dozen places we knew we wanted to be. Downtown ish. Kansas City even that trickle while this story Penner gas office was nineteenth in Maine were at seventeen to me. So that became really important to us was the whole history. But adding the streetcar know what's interesting about the street carcass everybody asks you get a ton of customers literally from the street car I don't know that that's true what we get those the cool factor which you cannot make up. So. People know our location just because of proximity to the streetcar. It's been an incredibly helpful thing now we're paying a big price for that we. We had to we pay extra taxes we do a lot of that. So we knew what we're getting involved with and I think it's been an enormous an enormous plus. I would suggest that it is this a great commercial like not many businesses in Kansas City over the last couple of records and open about a million people right right right that's a good point just yet or business has had a million people arrive by the maybe they don't get off all that stop. Yeah but I've site I've seen it yup repeatedly. Keep driving by and that you hear more about it I think eventually the curiosity like something and I eventually just one of those Ricard Asia is get off the stopped and you walk in there are pretty gets that advertising. I I guess which you pay in the taxes and all the kind of that you make up for the advertising now lot of places. Absolutely just encapsulated the main reason we went there is because we didn't have to spend extra marketing effort just to tell people where we were and now we existed. So just the fact that so many people pass by gives us a boost in both brand recognition and and sampling and right next sort of assume that's about it. Can't let the in terms of other marketing how did you guys get things out there now with social media there's so many different ways to get word of mouth I did you guys get the message what you got for two and a social enormous so. And in fact. We have tried to steer ourselves away. Traditional media is very tempting because you think you write a check and the people come. But and we've now all know that in 2016 that's just not the truth so we have our own social media manager week Stephen I have that background. In in dot com so social it is in our DNA so we spent a lot of time on that now we are at the same time. We have just were experimenting we have just bought our first outdoor so we're doing our first billboard. That's very expensive so we're gonna it's we're gonna play with all these mediums but obviously social and finding influencers. And people like that. Spirits are very. Different animal it's a lot like perfume. You really have to find those influencers that talk about it. And then they subtly like if you see somebody drinking that that's cool or that that you look up to that changes everything that's that's. The old days of where you just hire celebrity and called today that's gonna dead. So NN if and you know we're really courting a lot. Response on social media for people to review us talk about some trip advisor things like that. Those things are just and that's how people find out stuff when they go to any city they use heal these trip advisor of these basement. Google leaves all those tools to find a sin to return. It's a double edged sword. Can you can have negative. So. We you have to constantly be prepared. Too because we were not only a distillery were also an event space as you mentioned and a powerful restaurant and a bar. So it one. Person out of ten has a negative experience. We have to address that and that's the big change. From I think even ten years ago you have to swiftly. Get to find that purse they gave you negative review and it's an inner act with that person what went wrong hopefully you have a learning culture in your own organization and maybe he or she has a point. 90% of them quite honestly are about the volume of the bar. There are places like a New Orleans house parties specially on Thursday Friday Saturday it's a blast. If someone has come in there like on the on a date night it's. Possibly not the right place for them on a Friday or Saturday night. You have to get to them in and say welcome back on a two easier when symbol by a cocktail. That was David Epstein and Steve purveyor. They are people the founders of Tom's town distillery right here in Kansas City Heidi trick atmosphere actually at your location it's hard to treat Allah be deported sixty. April of mission field because for so far removed from how do you create that. Well part of what we wanted to communicate in part of what we discovered when we're looking back to the Tom and I guess story is that he. Is I was an English major so I read The Great Gatsby probably twenty times throughout my educational career. And we determined after doing summits research that. Penner gas was sort of like you gas speaking at a very nice expensive commenting on a more parkway right in front of everyone's view when they drove up and down more parkway. He was a visible presence in Kansas City. And then in the back you know on the back offices he might be beating up some money for not voting his way on a local election. Our local City Council vote so he was kind of have that rough and tumble you know gas he was a bootleg or video of this glamorous side he was trying to impress people with. So and once we decided that that that's sort of gets the theme it was easy to sort of take that. And embodied the art Deco and glamour of the brand in the actual space that we offer us. Yeah and it's it's been that it's that what you ask is the secrets of the sauce especially since Stephen I have never built a restaurant or bar in our lives. So I think a lot of it was plucking stuff that we found. Really great about other spaces I think both of us load the preciousness. In cocktail culture I think that there is a a sense out there are especially in new York and in some places even in the midwest that. They they are. Too cool for school. We wanted this to be accessible just like Penner gas would have had a mean quite honestly we know he drank he just kept a bottle of urban and in a drawer of his desk so we wanted. Awesome cocktails but at the same time. Didn't have to have like a dollop of blueberry and all that's first up they think what people see that you're just about fun and reverence and our our tagline is the people are thirsty well that comes from a line that Penner gas himself said about. His basically his excuse for being a boot later the people are thirsty well that's a reverent and so kind of hysterical but that's kind of what we wanted to do the same time building very glamorous space for spent a ton of money. On creating this Gatsby esque kind of look and feel. You guys feel seems very competitive. How do you get people to initially try your product because I think with alcohol the same way with clothing they say by local is you get used to your poll -- it used to Tommy Hilfiger that she wears what's hard for you to go away from while it's been 35 dollars muscle shirt. But it's been missing get a polo shirt. Alcohol people pick their pockets people to pick their urban people pick their Jack Daniels how to get there and you try your product. Well we I was doing so we go we are on liquor stores all the time doing samplings and tasting events and things like that. The tasting room that we have a 1717. The main. Draws people and it's a chance for them to try cocktail showcases experience. That I was out and doing it tasting at a liquor store and I remember a woman came in NGOs and an ally on the during Tito's. And I said you know in 2003 I was in Austin. And Tito himself this point samples at a concert. And I tasted it I never forgotten nine enjoys his vodka. So let's give it a try and that changed her mind trying and she's like that's pretty good I bought something so it felt like I'm if you get him to try and get him to buy. And they will hopefully then become evangelists about the brand at the end of the day the core is that that you cannot go out the markets face with a mediocre product anymore. That that ship has sailed. So you have to come out with a is ride based that's very very different there's not a lot of American ride based bachus. Our Janice fourteen different the tentacles so you have to I think you really have to lead. With with outstanding world class products and then you also have to just be prepared as Steve said to. Do these casings to just been around for 25 years people think it's an overnight story. He's been around doing these tastings and Austin and so when you interview us 25 years from now we are fully gray hair and stooped. We'll probably be doing tastings at gum or stuff and I asked at. An otherwise perfect sense is at Harding Kansas City because Kansas City is such a beer market it would seem like. Boulevard is out here this case he'd be your cup is a lot of local breweries are the kind of stay in a bald as a place that isn't selling beer. We wanna change that we wanna change that culture. Beer is it's an awesome gateway to what then leads to spirits and get a who's leading that normally deals. So beer itself has collapsed as soon. Normal. Of standard beer your Budweiser your coerced so there quickly gathering up their bank whose silent all these things all these small. Breweries here in Kansas City I think are destined for huge success because this is where all the more needles are shifting to. Did then the next place they'll go is to the spirits so. I think Stephen I would believe that. The best thing that could happen Kansas City is if numerous distillery is actually open I know that's counterintuitive to what you would think. But when you go to Louisville when you go to Denver these places have a lot of distillery is. That's only good for us it raises the bar and if we could be known as which we were. From 1920 to 1938 as as a great blues town that would be phenomenal for all of us. And I think it really enhance this is yet we a lot of times we'll get people who come in on Saturdays who come in and do a tour. Who then they came to Kansas City to go on a little breweries. Sort of crawl. And they stop at times I'm also so I think at all feats on each other on helps everything. As a living you but I think right now it's like the flavor vodka waved to be Alex Iraq. I like that they have all these different ones of the apple mixes really well what's up impeachment really well I think would really change Beers it's. Those fruity Beers those readers really hit over the last couple years and they really exploded match changed their. Nothing though like what's going on with the brown spirits for Mullen feels so you saw rye last year. As a category rice 25%. That's unprecedented. Novartis then you have to remember buck has been on a sixteen year care doesn't come to United States still practically 1940. So but since then you had. But the movements of like sex in the city. Brown spirits really started coming here in the last five years in earnest people talk about was it Starbucks that change the American palate was mad men. They kind of created a cultural thing. But burba and rye and whiskey is. Just get out of its way you cannot make enough of it to it to meet the millennial pile. Give me an example which Obama when they're with the ride bases are like a brain or something like an associate with like this is a ride based alcohol. Well any is so even if you look at urban so look at a four roses or or any of the of the turbines that are out there. All of them connect continue to creep up. Vodka is kind of stalled out in fact if you look at lake grey goose it has stopped. Absolutely as stops absolutist on more than stop its plummeted actually there but that's such an enormous brand. You're talking about hundreds of millions of dollars and one brand so they'll they'll pay that it you'll see massive advertising for it. But the whiskey you're gonna start seeing more and more like a straining hands they just put fifty million dollars in distress it's we are craft. So will continue to focus on. Hyper equality and world class spirits. But we we do look at ourselves as not rehearsed we want to grow we don't wanna just be at a local Kansas City kind of a great spirit. We are now launching in Saint Louis in middle Missouri and. And have our sights on other states. Does she got what's next. Yes a movie in a liquor stores restaurants and bars as kind of the next phase and I have a timetable which you elected. Who were in Kansas and Missouri now or will move in an additional states in the first quarter next year I'm guessing would probably be make the most logical sense to us. But the main thing is really because that's their scale you know are tasting room can only do so much business we can only introduce a brand is so many people in that space. It's getting out in the liquor stores and restaurants where ruling be able to grow. How many people deserve it space hold 200. So in the downstairs is an additional about a 140. So. All of those people if we have done our job it's that we have created dementia evangels about our brand. I don't know. We want to have an amazing experience but what we really want is for them to walk away and say have you tasted. The burba and at Tom's talent comps down Royal Gold you have to try it. Then we've done our job this is an incredibly unique in fact. I don't know that I've seen this anywhere else. Peach street. Where you have eight tasting room like we do that's attached to me as giant windows that you look at at the manufacture of the stills. That's incredibly unique usually you go there and they have a little TC room where maybe. Ten people are sitting around having. Sniffed her something like out of of whiskey or something like that. This we are doing as C I think this is a brand new concept. And so far I mean were packed to the gills it's really working. Now will this resonate to people then leaving us and then going to. The Bristol and asking for can I have a Tom's town martini. We will see. I assume that you guys hope. That's irrelevant except that the people in the house you'll want him in dynamo and your product you know give them all the stuff the political aisle they are there they go we delay. I want to odds that if you don't got up but enough people asked where thumbs down and eventually put it in Europe we've been saying ad demand it because he had this great picture of Penner guest. Waiting at the governor Missouri at the time he's like. Being real aggressive out and it looks like he's saying like demanded. So we want people to demand it because we're not at Wilbur were so new we're not in a lot of restaurants yet not in a lot of margin. So it's the consumer will literally demanded and ask for it. Believe me the bar will respond tell people to get where you guys are not a found out more about yes product. Seventeen no one main street or they go on the web two Toms stash town dot com TO MS stash TO WN dot com. Because what side of the lineup and all of the imagery of it you could tell a lot of time was put in so with the try to find a unique. Avenue and it it's pretty distinct like would you see all that's tough on towns far I I think it's really cool which you guys have done from from NG imaging counts. We had a saying we went to actually log you need is underneath his beer which is in Petaluma California and a friend of mine runs like India's. And her whole concept is that it's. A party and can't. And what we want is it for people when they see our imagery Ortiz our product. That there walking into this Gatsby esque world of glamour so everything that we touch every feel of the brand everything about it. We want the consumer to feel like they're walking into a different world that means we've done our job. That was David Epstein Steve repair from Toms down the founder of the tops out there really appreciated congress think they welcome the Yankees right thank goodness.