The TJ Carpenter Episode

Carrington Harrison
Friday, March 17th

Carrington is joined by TJ Carpenter to talk about his time in KC, his start, his new job and the sports radio industry. 


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They should they just stuck to sports. It's gonna stick to sports club dancing with Kerry did Harrison from the drive. You. Find another little. This is his fourth podcast you got a special guest. Behind in a lie and Steve Dave carpenter joined that he had the inner confidence that's let us real feeling these. Just have a nice building this is really really sleek. I don't take that is basically expletives at him today so BA side has its world that. That's razzle jotted here all the people on the other side yeah it's great divide in the middle would know in my studio I think I've never been you got offers a nice. Buyback. You go in and there's like these these horrors in glass doors with a logo and everything and put on and I show and then you know the further you go down the rabbit hole the more and more like well this is. Well a little bit of paper Reche commits older minutes you know local companies so. They don't really replace things that often I think that their their operating system while this got really insider radio right to publish every don't like the operating system that they're on over there is like. Forty years old so they don't actually have to run it on my skin color and don't forget it's basically it's like the same and right above two tactic yeah. It it's it's based off the cart system like they still have carts and everything like that so. It's called maestro adapter and on windows 95. They can't run it on modern operating systems so. Yeah I wrote when I first got 810 all the computers were running an Internet Explorer like that was though default web browser. And I told the tech and their mind me and you realize that Internet explorers like going away like they're discontinuing internet's where you can change all of these either Firefox. Or too far in order for our own or something. Because you're like mile access to Internet use for weeks analogy yeah on the front. I think you're ideas and pro safaris that apple guys use race card out like from the yeah mama mama prone guy personally but yes so he gets a little bit more technologically advanced over here tell people what you're doing next I think people noted jockey came from a fully what to do and next we'll go back cherry. So carpenter travel through done sure absolutely so I'm going to mile high sports in Denver I'm going to be hosting with Sean Walsh there from 24 mountain time so I'm really excited about that it's it's awesome there's the station there they're a little bit more there are local company to Denver to. You know obviously there's a big station near the fans attack ads mark slayer earth and Brandon Stokley in guys like that so. You know they've been really big in the market for a long time that a mile high sports is in its young and kind of rag tag in and really like the culture around and there's a big opportunity for us there it's. It is really great things so I'm excited to do Denver Broncos stuff on your work in the beat there to like it did here with the chiefs. So. Yeah and I it's it's gonna be a lot of fun Johns agreed to some really excited to work with. Lot of people ask me this question in my story's so unique because I didn't have to go through the process a lot of other broadcasters do the right yeah resonates to a lot of different places and sit like I'd have to do that the people ask me for life it's really hard for me you got to tell them. My story to light load you can replicate because of you can't replicate my stores so you need. But you do know the prosecuted for markets all you've now got a job in Kansas City just got a job in Denver now like take people through the process of trying to find a job in our industry first he started with nick right right yeah I was and it's our basic elemental story and the super shorts short I eventually got. All its sixth. I was a junior college it and I sent an email to both sixteen and eight atlas that when the voter it's that when Ryan McGuire it's now my dad and now and Miami I never heard from Booker. Ryan McGuire that is not surprising. Its rival wire emailed me back and set a severe arrest them. At that time I was doing and board up stuff for school for the lines I was doing every bath water every football game so. My sophomore through senior I never with about hopefully in my school never sol. Sol I symptom. My kind of credentials I know how to work or don't and is an auto were who's boss here's some audio stuff I've done here Hugo. I was taking a nap one day. I woke up. It was Ryan McGuire had a phone essentially outcome like trying to wake up and I fifteen minutes say I'm excited to work resides do all this stuff you are it will let you know. Three weeks later he calls means that you got the answer should be here this time at 8 o'clock and and show up either and says you're next in third. It's like I had started following the right around in his legs about the Mets and and I department upn name. The crazy thing is the second year I'd come back Ryan had no clue it's the second day I was back from college he was like if you wanna jogger you've got to prove itself. And it's the summer conference realignment. Yeah airline comes along because my team was involved a doctor. Expand I had no clue conversely are going to be united made a point we're gonna cover comes realignment flight has made every bit somebody wrote a stored on the Omaha world herald they were coming on the show yeah. And at the end of the summer he was like you do good work your offered your job and rideau schools dropped out that next semester Eisner organ its extent by the way. Wise that is if I had any advice for any broadcasting majors. If you were in college right now and you're taken classes and you are not currently employed in some way shape performed by. Either TV station or radio station. Figure out a way to get employed by TV station or radio station B you're gonna learn. A thousand times more doing that and you're gonna. Ever learn you know at whatever school here at and that's not to say it Arkansas wasn't great because I you know I want the youth day and they did they did a good job but there's just. I remember being in an editing banner if you ever had an experience like this I was in an editing de wits one my classmates and it was John Sheehan a work in Joplin for awhile. I'm in a really cool girl but she she was kind of a perfectionist that you would stand. Like six hours putting together a TV package in an editing thing and armor going in there and I would just knock it out twin immense and Mike and done. And she's a power you've done how are you already knows that while I've been working for TV station for two months and if you don't get it done and forty minutes like it's you know you get fired so. You just learned so much more that way so why is wise on your part to yeah its it's we. Go to school what's the best fit for you like we can all name broadcasters had to go to mr. Matt what's that that are really excited. Like almighty Jones that you go to Syracuse is a really good job immediately like yeah right if you're talented. It'd have to drive a feel like this I you can relates that is just based on your story and you felt more about it. I feel like our job. Everybody wants to Duchardt sounds funny is talking about sports yet but and few people are willing to your point before. For a lot of your early life yes years years indeed more than genocide. Some people points or saline. I can make sixty grand doing this I like doing I don't love it the same way I love doing this to make do something else which don't gonna criticize you for when that world trying to make much money as possible yes some people stick through at 44 point five being broke and didn't officially. Leaving room blockers and people see your dedication to the process like I think that's way more important pay and pay out with a loser. Bright wreck oh no a 100%. Where you go to school does not matter unless you go you Google play six Syracuse and northwestern players. Or Missouri they're scum like this network of people who you get to know because your. He went to school there but other than that there's not really any advantage from a mechanics of doing radio or doing television or writing that it doesn't make you back. The schools to make you better actually practicing and having a passion for well. Like the for the first time that that I actually got a job. In radio was in Fayetteville Arkansas did you start the ESPN affiliate there. I was hosting a once a week radio show at cake she way home doing a sports show there and I wasn't the PD either as well. And and I wanted to I really want this job and it asked a couple of other local guys to do the afternoon show there and don't wanna wait too much money. Them play by play guy chuck bear it for the razorbacks he wanted to like you know he wants he wants a 100000 dollars a year something like that and they're not campaign that's too small market paceman. So I basically I just go into the market manager's office. As I was an intern there at the time. And IE I'd I'd put a CD on his desk Tennessee this is this is mired check this is mine. I've been doing a show. And it would you consider this and so he takes it and like two days later. The key is let's go let's go take a ride Terry takes me on his car we kind of drive around he says. Mafia's job. It's no money and you're gonna take it. And it was 25 dollars shale so basically what I was doing was I was working 78 hours a day plus the classes I was taking. To do a show for 45 dollars a day. Which was less than minimum weight loss of them but that's right and an a for two years that was really good top ratings in the markets in ended up getting syndicated. And by about 2012. When I graduated. 810 called me Sarandon on the show a couple of times and and he had recommended that I've I go on with with Chad and talked to him in and Jeff Montgomery but come on on. There and at the time they wanna me to do a lot of vote royal stuff. Because I that's experience covering the minor league affiliate down near doubling northwest Arkansas natural. But. I was more a football guy and I told I was like I wanna host shells. Which album ultimately you know they like within her in and I got hired and he tent. I spent four and a half years of age ten and I would say and you can probably relate to this having anybody who really loves doing radio can relate to this. My biggest frustration or the entire time was not. Relationships. Porter were being ignored necessarily or anything like that it was. I wanna be on the air and especially during football season I was I was never on the year and it was really really hard thing to it to go through. And I think anybody's ever been preempted by another. By another program of any sort or who's not like the main host on a show. Euro is gonna have that frustration if you really love it I'm so like with neck I am I sometimes I wonder to myself whether or not. He has days he has moments because he's really talented thank god I've always respected nick and. The metal actually I just Albany's when he asked and that some like June never happened and that's got to be in fury like a beat I assume you're doing well financially I don't TV money is but it's more like I ask what's that mean if I do you. Is rate of would you podcast all the time yeah but some of those who and it brought you got all Twitter followers from Houston. From Kansas City from now be on national scholar at that's one they're looking for attention they'll click on like. You want a liar but you look at our breath yeah time to sit out one day. You're efforts wanted to probably its audit from the show the couple on jet engines for two out let's talk about the wire write about sports well it's something you do every day like I think people think at least with me. Like army got a lot not be in on Pittsburgh trading it's cool one and it's like everything is happening I can't talk about like right snapped it's the third day of free agency at 3 o'clock and I'm not on the year because of a fake baseball game. That's right yeah I use a lot like me like Bisbee. Yes and on something or doing some that I thought I'm not like. I'm Bork like this are not getting better I hate that Felix likened deathly identified the feeling that made on the year to this day. Yet what my fiance. Like right now I'm kind of in this transitional period right I don't start in Denver until April. So basically he's last three months I have I've been searching for jobs but more so than that like you could only some not so many emails and calls so many programming directors. Until you're you're you're out yet nobody else left in the country email. So I'd I'd just like scratching my you know the wall paper out because I'm rounds going crazy. Site I started working on a couple of different. You know Alex segment things that you know. My buddy Josh and I we've been doing some awesome videos in the past. Which is funny I guess I can tell the story now I really wanna tell the story this is that there's been the deep the funniest. But the one of the funniest things that happened to me kind of in the last year or so was that we did. A video on what was kind of in The Daily Show format about the Indy Reid's time management. And we worked really hard like we put a lot of time and effort into the city had graphics and and Photoshop things just had a really good job with that. We spent. I wanna say like six or seven hours just just filming time after time after time mainly because I was not very good at delivering. In that in that format yet. So. So we mean we we wrote like 3 AM no filling this thing. We finally put it together tough five minutes long we ask Todd and cabin and frank bowl and we ought we asked them to watch this tell us what you think. Tell us if we need to change something along with. It was about seven minutes or if we first and it which for like John Oliver or Jon Stewart like you watch that and your captivated because they're great television rights and their funny. I thought you liked a guy I mean to be fair you got for John Oliver Jon Stewart's sixty people working to create that sentiment correct words if you like Audi dealer. Realize that. Like Hamas I got to be Jimmy Fallon by Jimmy Fallon resources and a lot of cool stuff right yeah it's a. Please sell you have all these resources it makes life easier to put out a lot of that stuff but if it's just view in a friend and he doesn't necessarily have. Experience doing that for you it's it can get relief heart. But what we put together was. You know I think at least in terms of Comedy Central holy Grail I feel like a lot of time to Comedy Central as they wanna do a sports show. That's like The Daily Show put for sports because they know that there's a market for that means is wide open Katie don't want try. Like three years on FS one and nobody watched. And it's not say she's not talented who just think that's hard to do that really heart Louis CK can do sprint senator and be funny for on behalf. We tried being funny for seven minutes like it's hard. So what they do is amazing but we put this video together and we made some wind it's a pretty good points on I felt like on any reads time management issues. And sole book I think. What what's funny about it is that we put all those work into it it's really good it's actually kind of funny despite me like we got some good laughs out of it. And and so we put it up on 810s FaceBook page and put it up on mine my Twitter page and things like that. And like within a couple of hours just like. 121000 views and like people watching it and it's kind of got it it's got the beginnings of what Clinton of being something that someone viral at least in this market. In the enough I'm atomic training camp at this point last year and the video gets taken down like really quick. I'm like OK well what what's gone on here. So. Apparently the chiefs contacted. A ten. Partners see now what. Wasn't half like not not a fan soul. Arm and I totally understand again this is not to say how to how to there's a right like we're like okay well this is interesting we don't know how far up the latter. I I found out eventually. From a from a couple of guys with the chiefs ED read. So all the video. And so. You know on their covering the team and I'm seeing any re I didn't know the first couple of days that he'd seen it after been taken down. He's actor really weird tortured to give me like one word answers. In Ivins died in the questions that are like controversial early don't make censoring thing like they're just sort of like hate talk about your tight end now and it's he's just like one word answers. So it's like a little while to like give back Honeybee reads good side but. I I took that as like a huge compliment like hey you know this guy the skies actually. He actually watched it and on some level resonated with him enough to where he got little a little thin like we'll have blind spots right. And if somebody attacks that blind spot a little bit you're getting kit. Gonna get a little ruffled at least at first but you know like I I told him. And you know that I never meant to be a personal thing like week. Which I thought we talked a little bit about how much she loves cheeseburgers or is it a segment actually UN Dini did a segment. Where he described as his. Is perfect cheeseburger right. With the with the with the onions he loves it delay has specific kind of onion he likes things like that so. Without that stuff was an inbounds and and he you know he had a problem with that putt. In all Somalia I think tells kind of a testament to how good it was split. Your point I don't think that we do that video if if sports night was on Iverson might. Which was not my biggest frustration I don't want to be on here so. But also to you know I think that if somebody could figure out how to do that well. Like I think there's I think that that person becomes. I don't say a voice of a generation but that except somebody who becomes a voice in comedy your voice in sports if you can do that and do well. You're you're you're gonna have a lot of success its essence. You're talking it's either car under on AD read. Kiefer short knows and sees that stuff because I went out there. Was after the Denver game about Tyreke. Yeah where sometimes I think. You can. We've reached the point with media and how information is disseminated to people say things he can't like proved why they mean it like everybody kept saying. Our angels are really good off the field. What you doing off the field like. Yeah did you like to give me an example is going to count it's like well all I wanna know what the answer is everybody keeps saying he's doing so well. What are you doing and I didn't wait I did at any rate if he was like eight to a lot of things we really liked. 81 of those things that he's doing now do you like. All I know whiter here like it was cool here that I can do about it and go funny and all the stuff that we had done before. See it's without question of the nova with the August they want more than a map point. So that's about creativity dumping people gave it. For goodness is normally fueled by being around other creative people talking about ID percent as British Chappelle show is there's another person that the brains out of the palace a new Brennaman a Vietnam like. These season he's incredible he's not a battle. It didn't show by himself now. So the idea it's the jokes are funny at all come from a well perhaps they never knew it and they talked about it and that's where creativity is burnt from an environment. With enough creative people in all working towards the same thing. Hook up with some really cool stuff and I feel like to anytime especially today. Like our society our generation where like I can't meals. A lot of times. Doing great things are just as simple as doing them. That's 18 yeah I hit it right. If you start Brighton for us right now. Might be terrible inhabited the but we usually there's at least brought some but now Brent which a lot of other people know what's on the computer type some arms and if you keep do not enough. My it's certainly tough. To that point too about collaborative. Collaborative relationships if you can find somebody like that. Com am I would say you know if I find there re do everything in my career. I would put a priority on working with the people want to work with a lot more than working in a bigger market or working in. Working for a certain station or more in a certain medium because they think you're gonna enjoy eats stuff that you make. On a daily basis so much more for doing with people that you enjoy. And an animal at times completely disagree with on things like with Chappelle and and Brennan. Those two guys got into to a point where it means Brendan quit working on the show and Mike. Chappelle fought one on this one skits hero was racist and etiquette it was a really. It was a contentious relationship for one to. That's why video that's like with Africa that's cute yeah the other of the racial mix is that that's who Vince lets everybody says eventually got to the point like quotas is what I wanna be doing and that's like that right right the. The vote for is that the racist pics here the racial picks I like where it's like it's basically they're in a plane and they're looking at this year for meal yet. And that was always fascinating to me because if you went if you know anything about new brand and he's such a tight BE personality. That tend to think that he would he would get into it with somebody else on that level this is very interesting but. I think that it created one of the best shows certainly the basket comedy show up. So. But yet I mean that's such a rare opportunity like what you find you have to hold on. Here's oddity Dick Robert on the as the sports bike as I'll ask you this on that for a long time honestly answer content you think your troll. In my patrol do you do you think your troll. I do not think on patrol know what do you pick up people could see your draw the bother me. I I understand it Twitter I spent some time to create characters and once you turn your follow I don't really care about them edited out you know that you are not tired and a change in the world right talking about sports atomic people laugh and gotten it done that but I can see out some way to go your tweets and think they are virtual lynch. Absolutely there's no question I mean there's a difference between clay Travis and me I think that clay Travis. Racist troll I. But we're not racist role. It at all. Patrol. Huge role she's brilliant at times do. I can well see here's the thing I think that I. I believe everything that I say and I think that there has to be on some level if you are troll you're saying something to get a rise out of somebody you're not saying something that you believe and it happens to get a rise out of somebody. I I believe everything that I say that every team and I say it I just I I think the way that I package it is definitely incendiary. Polarizing people are going to get upset with how life phrase things I'd amount on your side. I think the fans think to some level I got an email from a guy once he says I expect local media to be homers and I expect you to like my team. And that's one of the things that for a long time in Arkansas I always prided myself on like I go to university. But I'm not going to I'm not gonna talk like I'm a fan of his team. I didn't own a piece a shred of Arkansas gear until a move to Kansas City. And as you know I think a lot of times people expect consumerism from local media. Because local news they're always homers because they don't necessarily feel like they they they need to be objective with sports. Because it's not a serious is politics or something else. I'm booked and also to I think our our industries a little bit responsible for that. Because if you listen to the Border Patrol like clearly their fans clearly. Nate gates. Emotionally invested in what happens with key basketball same thing with with Stephen and that's one tack to take the tests and and that's fine it's not necessarily wrong. But I I am homer to myself. I don't I don't care whether or not you win or lose I'm not invested in whether you win or lose I'm invested in whether or not I am correct about your team. And you know what I don't think there's anything that I said about Missouri that's incorrect. I said frank case was running their program he was I said that it you know it was going to fall apart when he leaves he did. You know and it's nice is Kim Anderson is and is now one don't work. I you knew was gonna work from the the second that you know his first offseason he had he had players leave and left to right from the program since they would KU. Is basketball program is incredible. An and I have a tremendous amount of respect for Bill Self. But let's be honest here the culture around that program is one that. Allows players to get away with things that they shouldn't especially 2070. These you are much more lenient with your players that you or people who accuse your players. I think you'll appreciate this analogy I saw this guy on Twitter I don't wanna take credit for the idea but it was a really good point. Everybody is a trump supporter about something. Maybe yeah Donald Trump is St. Louis Cardinals executed jayhawks. Maybe it's the Missouri Tigers wherever it is but I think we all have eight picture in our mind about what trump supporters all or what they need it for Howell. Passionate they are about that person now unwilling they are to listen to the other side yet. That's how people are about their sports team I'd always trying to think of it like this. They pay me enough to be dishonesty you. Need to be dishonest but considering it would have been a little bit different I but I don't pay me enough where my integrity of my opinion but I try to pride myself on that now you turn on the radio you would give my honest opinion about it and violence happening you when you see people out like. What do you think about whatever it is and I'm like. I told you on the radio all the time I don't have these secret thoughts about teams yeah that is like art whenever I see you in person almost podcast I'll tell you exactly what they are the all time yet and if I get you fired them all to get another job like that's the worst packet at that I. How tired I remember Dini. During the all star game he you know he almost got fired I'm pretty sure we're good. Or for going after class mr. glass not naturally going after he was asking what I felt was absolutely fair questions. About whether or not. He should sell the team or thought about selling the team. And that people wanted him to sell the team to the royals have been terrible for twenty years. And but he sure did here at the station that. Carries the royals so. He's told me this is all the questions the glass is did he finance. I think at that pork in our career. I think you're in different parts. And now are I would say. Attracting attention with big for us we were new we are going up against the huge giant eight -- images Dayton that year beautiful appetite yet nobody thought we could be him except us two out of the car off the time it was just hey. Wearing a place went out just try to be competitively try to play a big break of the station. Think at that point it was about making a splash at the radio show her shirt Douglas that I'll bite. It's I think they are fair questions but we could agree there was any level of the nets have been put the owner of the rules and a bad spot like. I believe way to do yet right but you get to a certain point your career. Like you get a little bit more leeway in the you can go out on a limb and do different kind of thing right just at that time and our courier it was not the best thing to do because it looked like at that time with the package deal like a dad is going to be there. Keeping me around and yeah all ya. That's the thing though is that I mean you mentioned but you don't pay me enough to compromise my integrity which. And that's that's admirable but it all sleep you left understands. Same thing with the the EG read video we did. And my bosses and and Gainey asking that question. Of the owner of the royals. And in if you know his job can be coming in jeopardy is that but you may not get paid enough to compromise your diary but the radius if you work for does and they're knowing you know like that partnership is valuable and they control. You whether you pure employed so. You know alternately. You always have to understand. If your circumstances. To certain extent and you know win massive. Went to tilts and wind to be reserved and hold back and maybe you know don't be so aggressive some of that stuff. But you know alternately and we all wish that we could be completely on bought but that's just not our business now that. And that's and companies know that companies know that that they can either the you can go into a relationship won it two ways knowing that you have. Control or or knowing that you don't want control. And business goes in one and control them they're gonna get it from if you wanna keep if you want the money Lichen it's like that's ultimately that's the relationship. I mean you know pass some people just love the product like I wanna support that I wanna put my brand next of that 'cause I like that. But a lot of tension were saying I want to buy. I wanna buy favor Obama by except. Absolutely I mean I always say against him along with the child support line we also are sol a little bit over something. I like. Cat was your capitalists Dirk we also are so we all numbers that what we think all the time all hold back salt level of opinion. I just ask myself which ones I lived with at the end of the day. They don't know which ones I live with. Sometime I go I mean I religion it's like I kind of regret mansion apartment and on the year I don't try to make sure I go home at the news that I never had that feeling right about whatever it is. What like in Italy but I think this last year was really good example. We talked a lot of politics on the show because people were talking about politics and I think that that's good business to talk about which are audience's interest it and but at the same time. Remember I disagree with a little bit on politics is because. In Iceland IBO got a debate emotional. Do we get into that yeah. And young and black. It's kind of epic about Donald Trump the shirt I got a truck breaks really odd amongst African right or right onto one person as a Leodis I'd like. It's kind of understood I feel about him. Air I guess I wondered Ryan Russell made this point. Is the player for the next four years every time Donald from does something that I don't like I'm being going to be you know what this emigration mean I completely disagree with it now that. As I've taken the stage it is enough stuff socially is going to happen over the next four years I never have to force. Yeah let the police are wrongly shoot somebody. Of mass shootings going like something's going to happen. You know chuckle I. Our revenues wait until I feel really passionate about it a bit forced myself to quote talk about what people are talking about agree that we agree in terms of divisive this this is the most divided at least of our lifetime the country would appear to be politically vet. The most what you say something approach from you get labeled I want cited some in the moment you'd. Say your anti trump. It's that the sports shut up does not want we want this is skate and now we traded now we've turned Sports Radio in that coax the Rica like now people accuse Jews. Ate dinner 62 to escape from their real lives like that but right now. No and I I think it has a lot to do with how we can since social media right I don't know what your Twitter feed looks like but mine is a lot of sports but it's also a lot of all the stuff like you know I'm. I pay attention to. You know culture night I'd a lot of stuff about movies they a lot of stuff about politics it's just a hodgepodge of all of that and I think the more and more people consume media that way where you've got. Sports and then politics in the end for more sports things and then some culture things and there. That's however worry consumes and so why shouldn't you were medium reflect. But he's at at the same time I think it's it's different when we get avenues into it like up a lot of times domestic abuse by. You know whichever pro athlete or mom or the protests on Missouri campus. There are certain avenues into those subjects that you feel like well it's you know by proxy it is sports related so therefore we can talk about it. But you know ultimately. I think you're only going to get the objections that you are talking about it from the people who disagree with your point of view. Do you feel like 810 is a good platform to discuss those things because I've always felt. And I'm biased I'm not independent I work at their competitor. That if you're gonna have an environment. That it's just all straight white people. It's hard to have a real honest discussion about the Missouri protest. From that level of understanding as well I guess the wise I turn on it's like all right I got 46 year old black kid on the discuss that protest the rust on what happened. Yeah you got old white guys having just a little old white guys talking about ninety year old black kids. You seem wait disconnected from the Coulter to have this discussion and if you're not gonna at least kind of entertain the other side the right. What are you go it's not really talking about it and yeah I would say. If at least I mean I was the closest to to being able to relate to two. Nineteen year old black kids which does not mean that's kind of a sad state of affairs right because I'm a thirty year old like if rice lake it's them. It's it's tough for sure but also I think that that's what comes with success right eventually. Did you become the old white guy. I'm even if even if you're not liking you know one at one point I was a college kid doing the sports talk radio show and some really young in an edgy people people fought like all the as a young guy who's. Get a different voice. What the older you get the more people become that young that young voice that you think. Om and eventually your fifty years old and you've been number one for a long time in just stick with what works. I'll butcher also influenced by your atmosphere and environment and let's be honest the midwest. This is predominantly white community just like the community I came from an Arkansas. I'm unless you are forced to live amongst. People with different points of view in your forced to acknowledge them every single day in the supermarket and you know deli in. At the gas station unless she publisher forced to listen those points of view your your opinions are never going to be influenced by them. And you know I think it's certainly in midwesterners. There's an echo chamber because he you're just not exposed to it now and I I think death by the biggest problem. Is that. Jew if you if you just sort of put. Young black guy in a market full white guys. Yeah you're gonna sound different and you're gonna have a unique point of view and it in debt when he's going to be important. But. I think once again yet to remember that if your if your audience is 80% 8590%. White. But what's the profit motive to change what you're doing. Because ultimately people like hearing what they believe and having it reinforced. You won't like being challenged which has been it's been hard for me because I like challenging people. I'm which is I think one of the reasons why I come office trolls. That I like offering a different point if you like hearing different points of view. Alice talent Osama my body were have lunch before this I hope in fifteen years might show sounds completely different than it does right now. Has it that means that I can have continued to grow and continue to change not continued to adapt. If it's to say he. I have not done my job I may have kept the people who like me but I haven't gained anybody knew. I'm so all the way I think the success of of 810 has been that they. They don't challenge the status code and haven't changed who they are. They don't have all we don't grow but there's a lot of money to be made not growing you know it's a dad that stability that that's what that's what conservative business. I think I think people like familiar I think that's. I think that's the beauty of radio ease and we all get McCall. And I'll go back most of birth this way. I think our goal would gain was whenever something big happens we have to elevate our status to the point that when Missouri makes a hire like they just may have won the Maarten the union to turn its sixth and here our opinion over anybody oh sure that you can win enough of those moments I think that you provide a product that people like. Be convinced some of those people to come back some people. It's the scene in effect. Alan watts in in whenever something really that it happens and how does nothing. They can sell Beatty did you watch Ayers and Cooper are regularly and I think much about it I recoup but. If something happens bit patrol is something happens big with the police something happens big somewhere else. I want the information that if you can win enough though not about things like meet the I think that's the goal of it also in terms of challenging yourself. We all battle that complacency could you feel like you do something but college you like if I feel like I'm getting better. What do I do and you know like I. I hate feeling that complacency I feel like I'm not getting better and not challenging myself that could be amstel under thirty so yeah I haven't had that decade long run of success that still kind of motivates me now well. I AM and that's a thing with Kevin. LA I've said this a bunch of times I believe it's true and it can and it's a bad rap the people think Kevin is a bad guy. And he's hot he's hot he's he's one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet he's he's really nice is great to me. He sees very friendly he's I don't know if I'd say he's out going hmmm he Boise you know he's he's always gonna have a smile on his face is when it he's always gonna treat you with respect. But what you know when he gets on here is gonna say were when he feels when he believes and that's going to irritate. A lot of people and so I think that they in the completing the two things where. You know they they don't they don't really. The date they don't really like. What he's saying therefore they don't like who they think he has. But also way you know I think it's which really worked for him arm and he's had a lot of success because of it. And he's not gonna change like in ads I do think to some extent. Factories some complacency but it's inevitable once you have success. We talk about the swift you know with with any comedian or or actor. Anybody who finally who's he's been grinding and grinding grain once they finally get that payday. I wish you and athletes all the time we get paid the limbo the second he got paid. Became less effective wide receiver is an after work as hard and he didn't. That's why they always there at musicians like your best albums. Are your very first out right right without he could you spent twenty years to make or outlaw you spent to make it. And that's the pain in the struggle to get to where you're at right the second album you've seen money. You have to like it's hard to go back to that place of being poor and struggling for relationships now all the girls flawlessly with the senior rich right time they saw art anymore yes. Play I ever went cold play it was cool like I actually do remember when their albums were good and now they're just Ehrlich this weird. They're there irritating you know to a large extent put. Yet you know I I think if that happens you know it's inevitable that you get complacent a lot of times especially with a lot of success and I. I don't know what the writing answers to fighting against that and maybe someday will both be complacent you know maybe maybe you know we'll we'll win this I mean it. Yeah yeah with everybody right I I just hope that it it happens way leader. To me I hope that the drive to just do good radio is enough that I don't wanna take segments often I don't wanna. Record stuff and you know that that I'm I'm I still wanna challenge myself to think in a different way. But you know I I notice now even even at thirty like I'm still I get to the point where I'm like man. Young people league they don't know if they don't know why it summoned some of the things at their inflict Pokemon go no interest. I have no desire to do that. I'm and it's a young thing if you were relieved to organize didn't get it. Putt and made it means I'm getting older but I think you know ultimately that happens to everybody especially successful people let me ask you this last question here Africa and apple 45 minutes. Just what time it is city here. I grew a lot. I learned a lot from high if you enjoy it earlier I you know what it was hard it was really hard for me early on especially. Because they didn't have any friends I didn't know anybody here. And I thought that I was really really good. At what I did. And dumb and I came into really big radio station with a lot of established personalities. On who had been told that they were also reasonably good and a bigger stage and so. Very quickly it became in it became expressed to me that I was not nearly as important organisms do do you. It SO yeah other people could I feel that sometimes. Like sometimes when you're doing it when you actually do radio you kind of feel like and I can be a whole lot better than what I am. Yeah and then you've heard all the radio and you hear other people not just locally huge toll on the raider like. This isn't SA. US I think that every MI out. I do like the seat now party wants to you don't like. The gravel or there doesn't seem now hard to do I think that kind of stuff everyday I would join it. I got way too hard on myself at the show I have a really good show up but I bet. That one through 45 site and I don't feel like I was shark I will be in kill myself about about once I went out to a boy that's more of them like sometimes but like I never get to enjoy the success of the show. And always focus on the lights and it's 1% that I can improve it you know realism you'll never did. Why you're into you're like me I gotta be a lot sharper and a lot cleaner than this. But don't you turn on the radio and like. That there. I mean it's it sounds silly to say now blood because I'm I'm going on in Denver which is a bigger market but. I iced I felt like I am my job took a step forward in Kansas City I became a lot better at my job. But my career took a huge step back in a lot of ways because I. I was focused warm my job that I wasn't my career and I think could be we've here who get to that national level and don't really sound that good are more focused on the career than they are job. It's a balancing act you always have to make sure that you're focused on on both. But yeah ultimately I would say that you know the last two years of my of my time in Kansas City where are spectacular because I met my future life. I sort of working with people and really enjoyed working with again when you as a gimmick. We're getting married me six cycle so he has so so I'm going up their work for months on come on back here we're getting merry go on Hawaii for the honeymoon on all our piano and gone back to Denver and basically start in earnest. Actually going to be in Denver when you're not gonna be yeah I think it apart as Ali and we can sensing that in my own series he's going to Denver for yes over there to be there at the 57. So you will be in Denver when you're not going down that's right trivia how that works out blood TJ I mean always what to talk to you like there's Wii title probably see dental volatile like LTV issues TJ you're Texan before like regular stuff that we always had to Google and the only time I think whoever got sideways was when IE I. We did something now about all of our live radio station during training. Because Bob Tesco said something about it when I was there and Mike when Obama went on job delivering areas like whoa hey when that we're different than that in the that was that's an immediate be it Doug Stewart is negated through all the time I remember. Ira once thought he would pay odd truck through this picture of this empty chair. That's why it. I'd like AT and work and hollered. You doubts what are is that a lot of the funniest thing ever other people like I'll focus on yourself or whatever I thought it was funny then an indoor expert notes it is like. Happy to be here like desired in jokes all bunkers. I am so glad that I finally get a chance to talking on microphone candidly about like sports talk radio in this market because for. Four and a half years company policy was like don't acknowledge. You know the other guys so. You guys are you guys always did yeah it was weird to me and I mean our faces the same maybe they'll even let us air the park has not out of it wanted to do it but. Would like ever knows that her station exist but why am I gonna pretend like it doesn't exist like. One time we got this thing makes him a letter goes on with the competitions those references story. If only wellness for the kid. You not only did I guess it's not gonna sit here and say hey. At 3 o'clock this sugar check it out Jackson met. I've got promoting yours Asia what they act like your station doesn't exist as dull to me I know the competition those. Apple alliger Samsung's existing wireline out and act like that that just it never made since the meat. Right yeah why I think for a long time they didn't right there right so if you're like always if you're at the top you never acknowledged the of the people beneath you put on your way up like you have to do like it's impossible not to because people are always gonna comparing them. And I think in our in order. Field the competition I think breeds. Good for the listener. Like I know what's across the street and I know I'm not doing my job. There's one of the other five shows that he is doing it right like I always tell people to competition in our profession. Isn't so much in her personal. No issues now with anybody even though storming a filed at all what I know ethnic inner body of our profession view as more free ticket anymore it's what the competition is. There's like six big guest in the city. Six album you did and let me read competition is like laid out like say John. An injury over the vikings don't draw it yeah I absolutely I don't like it that much yeah like that's and I I hope that the same like about trying to do the best radio show IKEA I don't care about your show I care about anybody else joked yeah I drug that does show that I've seen it I think all six shows have that mentality. So everybody has that mentality ultimately it's. It's good for the listeners and you and I both got and other markets. We were bad sported song that you don't melodic and once they should exist where you only have one option yeah I know if the trash job. At first one but on your radio never hear you yeah yeah. And I'll I'll say this. One of the reasons why I respect you so much is because. We see each other at sporting events and locker room availability is all the time. And you're out there doing work and there are a lot of people don't do that and I think that your falling behind when you're not out there. Developing relationships are athletes and tossed into home and have a good time and not just asking them like. You know why why they had issues with a certain 34 defense or some something like that like to know these guys and you're now a lot better time. And you do that so yeah with a huge far six. It's always try to create different content you know like maybe it's a losing strategy and people want more of the just hardcore x.s and o.s stuff right right I do is go to. That interest me out must deduce how urgent I got a sport I love watching it yeah hello following outlook talking about it through all day bright but is that there were four hours and really break down who's gonna get the seventh happening -- Dodgers it I don't care sometimes I would rather talk about what I saw on crashing and HBO last dialing I thought that was I don't think it's funny -- a while for other answers are revelers thought the air -- enough to know what questions you gonna answer which when he's not an answer yeah I asked what are what does favorite -- the movie is merely says the Latin I'm like you're crazy Lion King is much better than. I think I think it has a lot more it only interest in doing the show for myself now but I mean I got to go to bed happy everyday up. For sure for sure and you know a lot of guys who wish for stealing keys and Eric Winston was used one time he didn't Schwartz who has gotten so far out of here. Yeah hey Dan Terkel it's the right now I guess it was the gladiators and I castle and that he was so bad date. I I slowly integrated anybody Betsy for speak now let's say it actually wasn't a lot of Republican Matt that's really not that bad but there it's like my happy time your show we don't talk about the power rankings like you as you know it. Now the chief saddened that the raiders fits what we didn't think it. It. All right. It's just one sit down a list decide what you think the best college at the college sports with the polls actually matter right palpable how we see in bath while it does matter to be right right that he didn't written right into it and seen the targets write about it that it. Why do you care as much about the. Liza and I mean that's the ultimate question sports what is any of this matter you know ultimately it's something to do and it you yeah have a lot of fun doing it and sometimes he you know he heal yourself get in of those things. Nick that you're on nick a lot of nick Wright gave a lot of times he will he'll get into that like greatest of all time conversation and start getting those power rankings and things like that. Beautiful FS one get into home put. Like you know I've always respected daily so it was over he embraces that. I enjoy oh I mean I enjoy it because list or so subjective like Nazi peoples they mean that was the trash. It's my stuff. If I don't make so little as you can logically now say like a bus at a great album of all time with soldier of what I would elicit stretcher item based on any real criteria but it. The best out of reasonable doubt and you think it's. All eyes on me. Okay. Did it for very happy like I guess the result of power to grow quick. I always say at least with NFL quarterbacks we spent way to much time arguing believers is rotten look like it's a clear tier system. That's not what we're both of those guys bear the question is where's the cut off yeah I don't not when it's admirable what you what the real. Question what's the championship threshold that's that's what I said like some guys are above that and some guys art and maybe you can win with one of those guys but. Like there's there's a clearly different you know distinguishing line between those guys for sure my favorite interview. Two totally switch topics but. My favorite interview. That I did last year was with Kim Anderson. And I asked him what it was like. Being inside of a cough and that's beginning of the season. And he said it was really hot he'll never had to get in there again. It was but it was it was fun to actually like get to talk to a guy that's something like that to your point earlier about. Asking guys let's Seth has nothing to do with you know. With with a sports you know newscasts. So. I thought Microsoft so this is like spring training 2013 first spring training I've ever covered. And it seems really laid back writes he's really laid back in the clubhouse in spring training is nobody respects to be there you know nobody. Nobody really cares that much and so I wanna go into the clubhouse there's nobody in there and get an interview my sockets and I see him at this slowly. Fold out card table in the middle of the room. So he's eating a salad and so I go over there and like law. Only thing sheeting for asking if you want if you do an interview so I sit down at the table like a couple of chairs down from them and he looks over at me. With this look of just disgust. And he's like he kind of looks over me any kind just his media on its snarl. And the new talent goes back to eating. And someone will listen arms. And so couple couple times simulate 45 seconds passes and I'm on my phone itself and what's over music. Mean you still sit there. Am I. Ops army and a cause I was gonna ask you for navy I wanted to do weeds until you're you're finished eating to ask you for if you can do an interview he's like. As we just kind of kind of shakes his head and then. And any searching again and a little bit more time passes. And I I can expect over greens like. He's like he can he say you know why don't want me to to consider at this table. Make you think you can see here I work five years to get to the Arab point were I got the right decision this table and you thinking coming years at this table from. Oh yeah. Hard. I'm almost sure to be polite I did not mean I did and now Pinochet on sorry so I like a couple of guys were in the room like Billy Butler kind of turned around and he kind of looked over everybody noticed yours and it's everybody's yes so a couple more guys easily click and then might wanna I'm sorry so like I got up and I left. And Joshua I guess I should just go our a Mike Swanson and I'm like man. I think I really pissed my stock is off I didn't I didn't an obvious and I told what happened. He's again you know media members journalists in to sit down in the clubhouse. And Mike we can solve the judge sit down talk and some guy gains again how well he like to try to explain like. You know the judges 150 year of your 25 so like there's YouTube you can't sit at the keeps it down with table. And sonic get kind of talent everybody the story some might mean he's really touchy and he's kind of like that a little bit you catch him at the right time. Do you really get along like ever said moves like that out I think it is I don't vote every interaction I've ever have a Microsoft has gone well I yeah it was one time I've got to close the reporters that it was that the 42 premier yeah it's meet him and his fiancee and their asking me if you can work top ten in the wedding. And I'm like pick up that's forty years now you have a kid. If you want your kid CU wit a top hat now look at you like Nell and unlike the nowhere breath. I thought of all he's been enjoyable to look at the bottom like the script yet. If I think it's just one of those slightly cancer at the right time you do the right thing I don't really know anything about the rules of the clubhouse when I first are recovering the royals. And it real and make it irritates me because like baseball players lot times act like they're better than you. What I know I love about Danny Duffy said he doesn't like put himself on a pedestal. Really cool to. And there's always a lot of value in seeming normal yeah Duffy is just normal view that people go crazy loved and Duffy written got a privilege holiday Duffy a lot yeah. But make any Duffy is normally it's weird that we've created what happens or just cool that is the goal it's like midnight my favorite. Little bigger treat me like a human DN. Like it's. It's so crazy in but baseball players of the worst I've I've never had a problem football players like that ninety close. By the couple times a baseball players like it'll get beard like you asked to certain comic question and they they like don't like that we freeze it. And they'll get all the move took little irritated by it or thing with new stock aside and understand you can't sit down clubhouse for whatever reason. Like I think everybody's the same I treat everybody the same way why wouldn't you. Or like I mean I gotta I got a text from Danny Duffy when times when he came in what did I ever do to weigh in on your bad side like LD army. I felt like I told a joke like he'd shaved his head and so like I said I told a joke on Twitter and and to be sure to tune in and ET touchy about it. And I told him like man. Like I never meant anything like that personally here actually like one of my favorite guys love the turnaround story. And in afterwards he's like yeah I really appreciate it man thank you very much and you know we've got a good relationship now and everything that. It's just sort we you're kind of like achievements a little bit like today. But there around every single day sewing kit it's like the constant barrage of criticism McKie can get to you. Billy Butler was kind of calico although we know Billy Rhodes go percent to can. They're different relationships that different guys but you know ultimately and baseball's weird like that so. Now and not anonymous likes soccer soccer players are the Sochi and I think that's. Due in large part factor not as if they're not as criticized as much attention. I would say it's crazy because I was only talking a lot about this we about the sporting and we can vote this idea from washing foul language does play games with athletes. I pledging and my night people watch her so we're playing the jango with these two sporting players and I'm telling you once they knew our names. It was like. I would like us but we just sort of quick hey yeah like they were normal like they were brought back a four bit ribbons what you're trying not to block off they were like talking on disliked. I solve it is money relate like once you get to a point financially. Well like you don't need anybody else. Why I think it's hard to kinda normal conjures up so many more people pulling at you in so many different expectations right earth boarded play at a sporting player might mic like. It's 50000 more dollars and I'm a quick note at. Look reality that much you don't get it right. And why he's also too like you feel like your on the lower level if you don't make as much and you're not treated as nicely in you don't get the same perks is as the other guys so like if you're a national radio show guy like Levitt's hard you know he's hanging out with going. Rappers and you know all the people you run into Miami. And he talks athletes and completely cavalier way and he'll insult them on the air Eleanor and those that. Aren't all that's like on a different level like he feels like he's at all. Our lines up. So like you know the keys he's on a different level blazers on a different level criminals those guys get to talk to and feel like to have they have the right to talk to athletes history. Anything it's in connivance of the come on before and you can see information gets passed. I left as a lever to the seat which you can see how everybody talks the Peter K. Everybody know coaches like the cobra the potency Peter King Dana talked to a like Jesse how you get scoops everybody likes you like at Bristol what is it if you could see like two year. Like wrap reports on a little lower here than Peter King. Everybody talks that Peter Kate right a lot of people talk to those other guy right in deceiving deceit hierarchy and you could see all right. But clearly his guy yeah so if a chiefs report comes from this reporter are right we you can see you'd have a good relationship like. I went their view that achieve that the first pick it really changed my they're there to point out information is just pass you deceive I'm. CCD and Patrick minions just run around everywhere talking everybody I had an in with Chris mortenson because he lives in northwest Arkansas and we had done a couple things view of a mouse France's son. And and so like I'm behind ESP table talking with him and Bill Polian and Adam chapter on the fourth person in that conversation. It was just so. Crazy gives you can ask them whatever you want to ask him. And like they've got information that they don't say on TV you know they think they've they may pass thinks people come up to them and handing them things and yeah I eat you get to Seattle sausage is made sometimes especially in an event like that that was. It's changed haven't been since since then that was 2013. When you and I went by Ivins and accents and I'm at Cilic exchanged a little bit. Probably a little bit of the venue will never ordinance everything does RNC Crocker coming up match to keep these things at an Arab head a lot of your time. Did you grow up it's a little more time we're headed I'm headed to Denver Colorado mile high sports thirteen 41047. FM as well. And then you you can chicken a mile high sports dot com as well at TG carpet and show on Twitter had to change it because I don't work for WHB. If I think if I got you that's another episode of the stick is worth bucket.