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Monday, March 12th

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Yesterday's scene on I think yeah we start becoming a believer manage through on the bandwagon you can join me here if you wanna get on it there's plenty room everybody's doing it so it's time now to get on the Tiger Woods and Tiger Woods yesterday for those that didn't see it. Ran in a forty foot putt on seventeen to get within a shot of the lead with one hole to go all whose birdie eighteen. If you do any would you Redondo playoff would Paul Casey so Tiger Woods is back. That being said. Tiger Woods did did fall short yesterday in Tampa here's why also calls. You know I have. Had a chance today. I enforce existing quite still as sharp as I need to Myers I was final conservative because of a dynasty to handle the Hawkeyes looked better missed a short when there for our sit two putted fourteen I don't know us. Along like puck battles currently below the hole I just overdid it. And mystics in a nice putt at seventeen you must have a chance on eighteen and and only he can do is they shorten that migraine just chewed it up as a one up that hill and apportioning and they're. The bottom line here Tiger Woods is back. He's. You know it the it was going to be this acted do we want it to be he's back to be on top of his game in the Tiger Woods should won this golf term yesterday that's a wily play he talked about not play the par fives well. On the back to I think it was number eleven miles launch before it went on to twin peaks to doer or tourney selection show. He hit his tee shot out of the bunker and it had a sand wedge in and he missed the green. Tiger Woods typically. Dominates par fives and he didn't do that this week in Tampa and he was still within one shot lead so. For the haters don't wanna say that he didn't win so it doesn't count I would beg to differ on is it Tiger Woods going into the masters by the waist and a one odds to win right now. Doing what he did means that you better watch out here comes Tiger Woods. I don't know why we have to continue to do this. The stance on Tiger Woods is a very simple one I hold tiger to the standards that hiker held himself to. Tiger Woods used to judge himself off winning a major tournaments correct they haven't had a major Jarvis is yours is geared up for it. Did he used it judge himself like winning major turn and that's before I tune who needs a new spy Anna do well below whatever salesman got the tools so yes is the intimate way. So is this a major turn. Now know. TD the start and nobody had yet a solo lead on day two and he was one shot back going into the final or which which were a bit. So he lost to this turn out but it's different like all this different than every other sport and Google against the best players in the world the course is different every single I'm not denying. Tiger was I'm talking about oh gee we would. We're not talking about every other golfer we're not talking about Dustin Johnson Rory mackerel were talking about Tiger Woods and tiger to the standard that he used all the insults you. We wanted to create new standards for tiger partly five. Tiger Woods the only thing that I'm a care about Tiger Woods and chasing Jack. If he's not in our resident winning majors or winning majors he's not that relevant to me especially coming in second place them. The bowels sports championship all weekend that nobody is watching golf so I understand why people are excited about it. But what have the conversation about Tiger Woods you can look me in the face and say see I told you about tiger he won at the masters he won the British Open. He finished second in the bowels barge championship. Or the do little cup. Win that major. Ordinance Tiger Woods has not won a major turn in ten. Years and competence and you can't just it seemed. To be copying Kansas basketball and I. I won't tell actually tiger was playing a guy like you. Played well lately this and tiger was gear and he's gear up for the masters that's always set schedule. And he's playing well right now is in the best golf he has probably the since he came back from his first injury in one player of the year. And the beautiful thing about Tiger Woods is there's and I understand he's got to win he's got to win majors for for people say he's back. But tiger does that to wind turbines for the PGA tour to benefit no salt. Those are two different conversation with you but we're talking about is Tiger Woods rat if tiger was relevant answers yes Tiger Woods already. He's on his way back to have played one single major this year what is way back in backer to accomplish absolutely saluted. But it's just it's different golf and you've got to build up to do you think tiger is winning and I think his legitimate chance to win the match of the ways I asked title. I didn't make huge beach. It used to be I think you'll agree when tiger was notified answer that question you would say Tiger Woods is winning the Mac can't he's. The guys in his forties now with too many different spied a about a million surgeries you think your swing you've got to relearn your body in a different age. Madonna reinvent yourself fifteen times. Golfers at their age to do that too and tigers had more injuries than those guys so listen. The bottom line is this mad people or more excited about golf now because the way Tiger Woods is great and he's and he's leading up to the masters and he's starting to play his best golf I watched his ball flight. I watched a lot of stuff that he did this weekend and he looks like the old tiger like he's getting back there he did some stuff. That old tiger doesn't you still got to work outs and can't man you can't. You you can't have a sand wedge into a par five on Sunday and missed the green tiger at a barge is strokes out there and he's still almost won that thing. What are these days when me and if you wanna turn him when he was in his rookie C he said he wanted to see I. Yesterday and still damn near won the tournament against a field with a lot of the top players in the world. I guess my frustration with all these Tiger Woods' conversation news. I just feel like we've watered down discussion when Tiger Woods. A Tiger Woods used to be held in that like break EU. LeBron. Hate meaning company were the only thing we cared about was we reveled in the greatness of anti. I got a chance to win every single major we would have conversation of would you take Tiger Woods of the field that's out Dominique he was now now it's got the point you're happy that he came in second place it in the ball or like that's where we got cut the. Residents are that it is a lot of the top players in the world there's the complaint that the Web.Com event out here at Lionsgate Sony beat. Well good players some of the best in the world say we're seeing things out of tiger that we haven't seen in the in the past few years he's healthier than he's ever been and they start apply. All right so I mean right now I feel like for the first time that tiger does have a legitimate shot a shot to win a major. And I understand like I I think maybe you're now arguing over like degrees. If you were saying Tiger Woods appears to be getting better and looks to have a chance to win the match. Absolutely. Tiger Woods is back it would not back until he wins the masters tiger. Wins a major interment this year. All the pro which you say I told I told I told you this conversation you're having we have had for India but it's different we have. That is still in the tournament finish second have a chance on eighteen that's the first we see this it's like your game. I this time yeah. It's 111 he not think this year of the last couple years when he's come back too early from injured agree I'm saying is this conversation how excited about tiger we have this exact same conversation it's in the last ten years edit re four times in the country. Tiger let's back tiger won the spot I. Attic I. Those times you want him to be back I think this time he is. Based on what I'm seeing in Iowa and in the way he's playing right now. I think this time he legitimately is back he's healthy he's got a tournament Shia yet ready to swing coaches. He's playing on field now is get everybody out of his head he's going out there he's healthy so. Say this the time to watch right this. This time when when fans can legitimately turn on the TV all the weekend I think the Tiger Woods had a chance to win and we haven't been there a few years.