Terez Paylor Interview

Fescoe In The Morning
Thursday, October 12th

A very interesting conversation with our Chiefs Insider Terez Paylor surrounding the comments made to him by CB Marcus Peters 


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Drug answer as gathered she sits out of the Kansas City starter is are you there. All right you we will Travis guilty plea this week. Although you do their industry globally would get Gold Coast for Coleman plays and that's. The subsequent opinions. And it pretty important games it awkward. When they directory. What he doesn't play. I guess that's going to sound good yup that target of its history I would imagine globe. What about just in Houston and Albert Wilson where we right now with those two guys injury wise. What you like walk along the lawful children still you've been having that long so that plays and four wood. Cool yesterday it will play. While lot well it shouldn't lock for sure before it got up and let it flow. The blue route they're not in the locker room. Yeah no doubt about it so but say let's double Wilson doesn't play and we saw the gruesome Achilles and Chris Connelly has. We are we at wide receiver right now with this team from a depth perspective. And long about the second spot. You know I've been involved as well but probably can we'll instruct me the kind of guy that she'll look like a more. I think you didn't know that you can have your mobile number two option. Well partly due. They've both got a plan that the certificates usually each other but the war. Ultimately it was it was in the pop more pardon. More guidance that Chelsea. The transport. Little bit of chance for your arms shall do. The conflict your. Old without. I mean. They haven't. We'll get to the roster it was he's themselves. Public well the problem plan with the network. Andy Reid give a lot of credit due to Alex Smith yesterday for kind of bringing along this young wide receiver group do you buying do you buy that he's had a huge effect on. On their growth. Livable for. Opposite. Old Alex if you look at the way out slate or are we. You have to look at the plant that received. Some of the and the drop it like that where people would wait for everything they've been away for Alex and they shouldn't assume that he's done that and I think you won't get I hope that the law or it was. Talking with Jason SATA for the Kansas City Star Torres Taylor here on sixth and sports radio's extends forced our comment. Where apparently me cursing at phone lines makes the clear up and they come through for the come through clearly again it. Threads. You've had your conversation with mark is Peter's last week it was. Long form piece in the Kansas City Star about what Peters is protests in all things Marcus Peters that people have been asking it. What did you take away from your conversation with number twenty. Try and ensure complete at all. In stores in good conversational odd conversation. For a couple of Q you were called. Mr. Caldwell and except for the moment where. You know he got loose and passionate which was about to open cutie. That's and so we'll you all look in his or like you can lose yours. Oh that. All that kind of look like you know what sort of resented. A couple yet let the ball and people. Really gotten and also. And that people might have some of the deal by the interest in what that symbol of the old. Oh. So all one. People view. Google books as Peters hit right now and don't want more controversial arms of his career. And the more oil more controversial times and NFL history to right now Torres and and it would Marcus Peter's got a B and one of the focal points of that the NFL is gonna meet next week about what to do for the anthem. What do you think the reaction will be inside the chiefs' locker room if the NFL says everybody now has to stand for the National Anthem. Hold a little puddles on the older you'll still get on 2% Y. I'm without help. Of the battle I don't know that's possible Gaza wired now with a little it on purpose of the compliance across that you. Well look government loans to them money because of that so. You know we're gonna papacy. I hope that the person you know he's not a coup. If and I to tell them players in the middle of season they have to do it. It's become so politicized now you know competent should be global for the league and I can say you don't think. Some players are gonna respond to that Third World. Well good looks for the league from a player's perspective or good looks relief from the fan's perspective because I think the NFL isn't such between such a rock and a hard place right now tray is no matter what they do it's gonna be looked -- as the wrong decision by someone. Yet the vote for the president to make it short right there they date he players get up and saying we're gonna alienate a segment. I'll probably people of color will call for the people of color. That's not gonna opt for that of that circle of their bed. Players in the field sort of gone away. People's color. Who happen to be sampled some sort of weird but but I guess if you don't do you have to say yeah a lot of fans. Who will continue their adult lives so yes they are now. I'm not sure that that. That conversation. Pentagon does which would listen to each other more. Add that that's the big problem because it it seems like either side like everybody wants to talk which nobody wants to listen and say all that's a good point the you're making and try to find some common ground on this. I think we've gotten so far removed from the issue at hand that people don't little lesson and and and here we each other say. We have been there are a lot of I know that. For a lot of people that like protests and during nap of short Circuit Court that they can't even properly at the concept of what it. The players a protest in what they're trying to critical thinking and think. At that point right it would. The problem is that they do with that. The war if engine in. It that there's no good way we approach to right field it is. Of the. You have to insult the offensive. And talk about the issue right so lots of people actually it out walk. But not what people written about. We'll be open on you got a pop up right now. Talk about. I don't know it is not like. It was typical to open them. Oh well it. Again need to look so. A long way. Forward in this. In the workplace without. Really want. If you want that world war acute and open. But simple world out there oh and that's. Also drew as Alex was asked about yesterday Alex Smith in and he says that I just wanna get back to playing football what percentage of the league do you think takes on that same feeling that Alex Smith echoed yesterday. Now. The problem. Was called the clear color. At all in a world. Player of the color. Art. What does the Lenovo. Which the culture that's may you rich. You bring more color on McCain's awful. There are prayer. One of them. What about her brother and would server them over who will raise their difficult environment. 00. The evidence of who who as they and what there are relative up in the football player right. He's got to understand a lot of players on Holmstrom. And people that it would and so it again you know no matter I am on the flight. Product of the board of the right like it it's a great thing while people who sold their. And compact. That got great things that are. Appreciate the sacrifice. The third that may very. Well. I. Realize. Award is on the downward. Without. A cup wasn't outward. All the. Sad thing is our program and on zen like that's the sad part of it there or people that are rated not necessarily buy new money at them but. Other people that people who are anti military there are people who wore anti America all throughout the country has been that way for a long time and. There are people that way. Oh. Probably make sure you understand there's a clear delineation. Between the players certainly during the happened in the old people. Really have anything to do one bit. Now Torres asked this because I think that the response when it comes to protest and Izzo is. What do you want right like what are you protesting for what you want I think for a lot of people they're looking for some kind of silver bullet solution like. Do this and then protests ended. And you've talked to obviously more players and talked Marcus Spears and all that so pony or take on it because more than anything it feels like the players just want. The knowledge meant that people understand it yes there is a lot of things we have to do better in this country we do need to work on it. And it may be getting together in feeling the same way is that cathartic moment for them to feel like. Aren't there other people that feel the same way that I do and we all do need to work on it. And this protest is us just letting our feelings out is not necessarily we need you to do XY and see. Is we want the acknowledgment. Yeah that that more on point Byrd at. The sort that. For more on this country. The struggle that their had a little bit and adequate to meet others who'd. Or at the par four right. And I think even though. Probably. A lot of players look at. Yeah election. Welcome our president and the things he says. That'll balloon that. There were a lot of work during the campaign though. One of the reasons players really out there few weeks ago for the law as a stronger gain because. Life. Most of them will probably figured they saw some of the comment the court and make something that you could seek election. So. But the concept. You like people don't understand. How complicated could it be personal Coke. Right go on the formula. And understandable where so. Right. Is that big dipper look now at Google who solicited. Then there are no easy way for the country ever had great. I'm opting in a lot of ways like. I thought well we'll baucus that life in America. Interpreted that he was wonderful cook for you want to make it better what that would you. That would help the people of this open people up a lot of people who bought interest paid them here. He got back in the locker outlook reflected in the open. It was October the world are a lot of little with a wonderful code you can make it better like. What is it it isn't that right in June. Oh. Like it that is that what you believe he. Saying he's proud of America that are like babies just try to like on the sale would understand. It would not even in the watch for it. You know to the hands of more than before so that might might be. But it also goes back to what we talked about Torres about the listening and hearing what people are saying and Marcus Peters can say what he said Eric Reid can say what he did out San Francisco. And you're still gonna have people believe that what they're doing is anti American in there against America because people are willing to listen and if you'd do you'd be a million are at odds over the same with me how we get people to listen and hear the message that has blogs said not just in this situation and all situations how you people that truly listen and hear and understand. We'd all be millionaires and that's the number one thing that's holding everything back people just are willing to listen and hear the message that is being convey. Do. Treatment like that model. For the plight of people who. You know in the middle class now that we pour. It all happened that it now right or like make life. What college. Our patent laws or what. You shop with a leap. Into all of life when you're who. Why would you you can rate currently have all brick and right back all our on the tractor pull up a bit short right back through walls. Like any. That we don't know what it matters how all it would take your family they didn't. You say who. You are pig in that way people. Breathing human. You know. We've beaten in acting up again want to what the but it didn't get back a little bit. Normally write though again it put me right like with. They're good girl so people can. People with all of the fact that was what people on the you know yet. Leno I enter Thursday's loss take you so much talent as we appreciate it man.