The Story of Adidon Episode

Carrington Harrison
Wednesday, May 30th
Pusha T has responded to Drake's Duppy Freestyle in a major way. Carrington is rejoined by Brandon Shackelford to discuss Pusha's latest diss. Did Pusha go too far? Should Drake respond? How does the diss rank with some of the greats? All the questions are explored.

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Easy money. Yeah and win and about the resurgence of some. Medium. Kept the caps off the cool. The quark OC until we check that he told you. Despite originally. It's this big this sports podcast. We got to do this thing and it's been another emergency. Stick to sports. Episode. Beat us. Yeah until my dog drags right now ain't looking good yesterday avoid great Britain and told us. Rain is that before back I promise I'll scrutiny right this time I can see them. I it's complicated and as my moments. I had names they've wrong in my phone for years I don't. As you didn't the presumably does them means seek seek all for it sack. All full ma I apologize don't go to Google and please I was actually at dinner yesterday. The reds paler Tweety is so open about our bodies just talking about it for ray offers things are applied to a and in that wind Twitter refreshed. I saw somebody say something about. Push respond and how might. I miss something. I wrapped up a bitter quicker but it's not like check please all of sit down I got caught with that being me you are I was into it in fifteen times. I'm gonna do you have the first shot. Because you are resident right caters so I imagine you were attempting to dance on the grave of one Aubrey Drake Graham. I'll I'll I'll never were buried anybody quickly I really honestly like. Despite what you say noticeably slow walk we'll walk you though real slow night like this I appreciate it was don't. Take time to you when you what do bury somebody. We wanna really body bag somebody UK glow which for a makers though the first is for real with a jam. Let's see what would drink you'll respond to use you come at the same way which he would meet. But I'm not leak. OK so now welcome back to this over radical group quick detested gel is seamless one local this group could come over him right deceitful what you. Now is on Drake I don't see I just thought even he'd been hit it toward it in the folksy you know you can do that say. Who wants you to do when you get angry now that this column coaches agree it sure all right let you know. Let me just a bit yet but I thought he'd do it he may have had the premise. Of what he was gonna say if you respond. But even that last bar isn't this to these recent drop of it which is awful yeah. We went into the plot which for eggs right so what about artists it because what you I was bowled out at the same place no I'm upset. I was going to lead overnight gonna push it as a single soul. I'm upset is a flop records some with debt discs at the very inquiries about wanna see which you do when you get mad is a very big thing. Let's start with this. I think this is worse for right from the ghost writing accusation. One easy don't Harlem shake and say everybody did the ghost writing stuff that even people like me. I'd appreciate the essence in the court give up out of what an alleged rape get a pass because there are enough artists that I like and appreciate the exact same thing. Talk about the last pocket eliminate you from certain conversations but doesn't eliminate you from being adult parts. Brawl you've got to answer to a porn star kid accusations. Answered for the black based pictures even though people look at between explaining a little bit maybe they'll benefit in the methodology in a message behind it but he's not as bad as maybe it looks just the initial picture. He's got to explain it there's an old saying hello interview you can move them there's no. The first two questions you have to be asked after a what's it like to be dealt with the album we gotta get that it's sexier like there's no tap dancing around is this is worse for rate that would ghost writing activities minimum. I will say this the the deadbeat dad thing. A lot of hip hop and go with that saw me he didn't give this accusation to the gold bedecked her foot may be hard for two with female phase two seed Drake in this light of the optimum guide this sweetheart that terrorists who carried about women and he's just this heartbreak love stroke he had no he's not there. Either flew the I'm so upset with him being treated like he did that he makes little sad songs like mormons rule and now he's the movie. What do you appreciate about dregs music news trick is found the perfect balance of degrading women in so many saw that didn't let it and it puts all the opposite purpose like I can't I think it's gotten and he answered yes. Talking bad that it that it is it you can't beat it doubted they say it I just want to make a ball but he lives but how do you guys would have almost everywhere but you besides it's out there. I think. I'd have a debate about the bodies they've got plans in the hospitality was beyond dot. It was sold pretty great jokes last night I was getting. Everybody who is on Twitter I was citadel the jokes but it's okay Brit is numbered them like this horrible that's what it is 12100 he had tonight. You said something the last podcast. You said the person that throws the last punch in the around normally wins right we agreed with the round two. Dom hydrates would in his round. I think just even used it last night when you said that it was a teenage. This with a Mac upland. Roughly do the death he would ever write us at I don't get out aren't they dug deep freeze that's not being disrespectful but that was that was a nice opening round out the window push Kate being very very different but like light. What I've really appreciated about the dias is somebody that it likes rates music but also like ran. It was very compartmentalized. About things right touches on a lot in his New Brighton his militia which is Bob did the part about the wedding he talks a lot about his mom being single and alone and all that kind of stuff he determined that have put it it's your relationship with his father who don't know is bothered you look at like Liz who club may have missed that cool Steve Harvey so called Obama's theme parties to where. Got those boards up he and trades missions to the port in his freaks out where. Drinking shots and late I think it was religious suspect was shot but he did you rigor up there and then he's like don't you talk about OK Joseph let's talk about George situation could. I remember when that girl said she was right and I remember when rights people released this statement about it just the right. So I assume you it was a hoax or some other stuff happened I had no doubt she bit that we pops up. I think we all over Drake was about the Wii Jordan brain go to woody is right he didn't ruin the whole thing big deal about the battle that was done yet you have to change the name of yeah. You can't call it a dot as you know or go you can't edit kid in the promo anymore. You have to scrap the entire idea that you're probably going to announce around the drop of your outlook. He can sing you go and let you know no this is route one I've got more on the change for you. Yeah. Goals that forty and I wanna talk to you about was that too foreign because my only issue with the beef put even I can appreciate apart when he was light. 4666. How much time did he got tick tick tick I got the double floats 666 like we dropped regardless music. Like that part right there you know I think he is what over the line. Was just an incredible wraps teams in the salt like. Goodness is incredibly compartmentalize. From beginning to in any touches on everything you love bright. And I think like this would like what with that with the days it was this. Personality Drake really got with Dwight Howard bag could like we really just saw her disappear up space and earth to my dogs. And obviously. I know who wrote I mean not elements of probably wouldn't work it out. Yeah I like certain things about. That's doubtful it when you go president. But I was familiar with her I have made my immediate follow her in earlier days of Twitter in IG there's follows. I may still with a Obama go get but. When they came up as she had a Q with team and in the had the pictures of them to get. I covered the team's pitcher what they like it's far away and elected didn't do an outside of its outlet is hopes that. Well I mean if it's this tightly linked to bullets indicate lap so you know. But did wind it was a rumor that she had a cute looking. Ended did nothing came of it it was like OK if he really did just quietly goal I think that it's now just coming back and we're seeing. A unit that was key he has in the eighties and you've never seen before like this. And I thought a lot of people talking like what is it did is he did beat if he doesn't shall. He's tied into yet I. Think about it would you like what I think that's what Drake Drake has been open book pretty much everything under like drinking a book about it. Hard to know if he's hot and acute without knowing that Al might maybe in this play. In we can disagree and agree on this that the plant was music I talk about this relationship on a solemn. Which to me is that I didn't kid. Does Wright did goal way for a little bit he didn't is dealing with that situation comes back he puts him bars you've been publicly acknowledged acute in this context in the deed is vague I don't know off by having a really big problem with the but how with the kids that's the question about it has to be less than eighteen month. I think that's that long ago but what her. But I think the long time ago I think they'll let us last year does that and I are both Tom Davis argue we could be like I guess we'll see it would if you go about it breaks up it is seven years old and if I didn't realize you know this kick about like 23. Yeah. Had a lot how hot this pick a red a lot of tired demoralized. About as exhibit about the Italian in our zone hit of the night. Twelve diploma the eagle at the last eighteen months you know they okayed me you owe the Democrats in the top Indian music that you don't have. You only have my way out in its which was the last thing with the play in this world that when I use more life and his album come about what stated I don't know public statement he's hiding you cute yeah. Based on the fact that I had heard this out yeah it does put it does it come what happened album. It won't be dropped eighteen sought album. No mention of a lot of other youngster that's and they all of a sudden you pop up with the latest row. Out your future my goal I've dropped the bigs in August oozes talent that I mean. And I. I want it to the tee and I think a lot of it is about so that's what it's supposed to be useful to go at it and say this is what empathy about to be input from experts also. It's not there yet he did beat maybe he is maybe but it's the little more interesting when you say you I've Dickey. Because if you just say it you got a huge over the top of that did that doesn't sound as good. As somebody that would appreciate the demise of draped. Did you have any issues with the forty days. I didn't like it to me mom stuff imbalance dance stuff inbounds. Even to me he kissed up and down Meehan one conference Dana talked about yesterday like is that too far lottery tickets who unlike. Broad you brought in family and quality so it's been named is given the kind of music that you make I think he was very fair. I thought a forty to have a multiple sclerosis with this kind of whacked him meet him there context all of it. I understand it's rat beat. I understand the history of the nineties with no gasoline at a mob that all of this is that he's seen. So I understand the kind takes a rat battle in big bold signed up this is you get editors that is thought to make it fun of forty multiples DeRozan was just I don't like how much out of the got sick. I thought was kind of way. What's your earlier. Drake is heads east peace is always heat even hinted toward affected forties in the studio late night. Gotta keep you don't wanna make you think of that inward so. If it did he just turn everything that he stayed back on he'll like you care about is named remains in the studio which you know he's 66. Like. I was Tommy tick tick tick bite like I did it. That's one of those things where. Like you say we all us up and look at tonight he's a top error has had her these days though there have been very hurtful. It away to people like is like there's no. Don't hold back I don't care what if I talk about it mother will. Like they're happy to get it ready about me like I can see where people may say he may want to for what it is it really Iraq beef if you don't go to four. Is it really additional if you don't find a way to put it but some people if they did about what -- really do. College currently subject to that the zombie it up just. Is he not Duffy got to back it is upbeat sound right you know it is the ethnic this analogy yesterday when I was incidents. As someone that is emotionally invested in Greg's career. I feel. Like Drake is that he'd at the beginning at eight. Infrared it was the ball game that bridge that that should own that took him so they George nor. Implicit seat with the class at the bottom of it was baiting you the entire time knowing he had this in the chamber. What's ahead in the hole is pushed it is tight wit I gave me and I believe push at the given so with a deep it's right so if you are into a deep historical. You knew all of it didn't matter about your views but yet you may have had that information. Now maybe we look a little funny at break in the liked the same way something would do about the Kendrick smoke. Well at least you live to fight another idea about the connection like a drink to have occurred looking. Like here you let. Him use infrared is the boat to draw argued that the storm drain you push grab you and you're going up against the beta battle that right just because how popular he is he's still gonna keep a little bit PC and not be writing nineties hip hop. Thought somebody that don't follow that side you know I don't hydrate can win this rat beat. I don't know if you can lose it just that he's such a popular artist acting. He's talented enough yet the team around enough that Wright's response is going to be flight out of it's going to be better than this is what it is but it's going to be a song. That people like you get it park indicated shots in the club didn't clubs and we know break it up and it. George Wright got the OBO investigators know he'll buy something from which it sees past the bring up and we'll look at puts a little funny in a lie. I just don't know how Rick can win this in the last time we talked. You were like Joseph looking say that it goes right bars don't push thousands though did in the Rihanna now he he. Thousands W brought up is that they got a break on the ropes like Apollo creed around. To via the inaudible pocket passer I thought at a supplement to that conflict is no excuse me I'll be offended by this but public slap this one. Watch it Apollo program to week dead it broke my heart but I got a big difference is polity and a more hit Saturday. More hits we don't know what can happen and in. Is the commuter town where. You get what superhero movie would do finally bleeding is like these you'd be believed. Because this is really big leaving for the first time absolutely that's it visit. I'll save the ghost writing this is the first big leaning that just wasn't like of vicious cut Joseph. This is a vicious cut even when the ghost writing stuff happened right wasn't openly mocked when the Internet. Yesterday it was the first time aside from light means stop that we saw double who booed big government no corporations. He had a little abuse thing like like flooding means everybody's been right. First talk in a while people were meeting right in a mocking or making funny you wait for the first time I can remember I would. Think dead Drake in this in this version of Drake. He has what it would get on the fact that. It's difficult doubly for perjury he can't lose this because the popular but his popularity what do make it's bigger than what it could be. Because I thought CBS news talk about to get out like it's only reason why CBS news because Drake is as big if she would want to give any of the rapper. Like years and this doesn't it covered on CBS news or any of the news but because Drake is this lovable lights team who was funny and hopes fan and I. Most popular current rapper in the world and he's a great pop artists let's not not he's the most he's the most well I'm not sick more popular and JC history. I'm saying in 2018 is the most popular rapper in the when I when I say rapper I use air colts' old oak. Anyway yeah popular person making rap music. Agree it's rap music wrap this nobody from the right people. Keep the keep the rats though debate today yes it repeatedly wraps all I don't know the diplomatic community the wraps off let's. Agassi might Craig don't wrap. Dripping. Michael. OK anyway no I just think that this is almost the doubly sort of you solved the whole time line basically just terror into jokes against Drake and legacy I think that. The meat thing was a good spell of internal bleeding. It was internal bleeding this what's a good putts debt is sort out worked like did its. Like he can come back swing it like the internal bleed in the ink is something that's releasing let it bother drink like somebody posting your ribs and you rip broke you late actor it's the what you're letting me know by your accident to keep talking about is that it has affected you. Like Drake has not got over the schools run day this broke my biggest moment in his face and don't care. If there's like this yeah I would just like you say meaning the people do it's a good don't mean I can't take you to take away from me but like Drake is when you build this still bothers him. This is still something that we'll ride with him. For pride to the interview career that he's gonna continue to address the school rankings because it won't always be attached to his legacy. And you know this. While this is this battle this. Absolutely and bracelets like whenever you read the book of right both right business ghost riding gonna be in there and losing this fight. I don't think he wins this battle anymore losing this did not uncooked eggs and there have been a lot of great things never dragged on a loser he is certainly I would I would literally I had two more things talk about. You know I'm here we are a though the though. Do you think he's he was out at the start witness first it will do today by a longer conversation I think that's the heart is -- it's hers and jade accused checkmate freestyle fifty. Whoever we handled it's like grow mean you don't win you don't feel comfortable and old ski and I can't remember a rat the and I was even back the debt like back to back. With jokes. That show dog was it a bit of the real. Opposite got to tell you scrap that this is the forty year old may have box rates up toward the debate likely need a union raising key to me. You need to be a better father better than me and I hit he streets man by the OG just coming out towards the back if I mean like talking like this over the know you like that it. But it was funny to watch. Like this idea of Drake beam a deadbeat father at watch all of these people Powell wanted his IBO out like just what the did. Sweden real effort yes but it doesn't. I don't buy it pulls drink it futures cover talk about what is found the dead the they don't this is crazy. It's guarded him. I guess it ended the hadn't actually. You bet I thought life would take care if it was that it lacked. Like to hear your child but I'll take your album got all know it was real bad. I just I can't remember it is that was aunts pointed as that one that we've heard it while we certainly are some shots I mean this Wednesday bright lyrical ate there it is the best way to put it was an exit just. It was just on our heart to hearts. To need do bikes like beets on top of what they go when I heard of easy money I'll come. I'm gonna cover the public and all the color was all about the cover what we've come over when I heard him say easy money to what about we do need the money we've got you. We didn't talk about the cover. The cover was much. More information on the Culver. I was doing some reading yesterday because it straightened up against the rope. They was talking about finds a little brother out Al ultimate show and it was. Candidates I don't understand it beautifully but I think you got that it's about the you know you've got a jump on top of that quickly Honda. But definitely and things like we do have those tweaks that you know maybe problem that he got to the movie to go into delete our address them quickly before. Before the world and its sixth this idea about she and you have to gore re. Redefine yourself dribble it's pitcher he knew what out here if they're for the longest that we had never saw this side and I would like it. Mr. elected it would put is there not a publisher I I'm I'm I'm a grown man I don't use Photoshop but that obviously the real. Is it got a confirmed by the time this. I out more information and I could admit I'm copy and break a little bit of bail beer and a little bit at least. The photographer was cool winning independent brake a little bit instead it was the ideas constantly with China rep for it. No the little Brothers reading more about the clothing line and it. Waiting for right saints can at least wait for racing answer legal for us say he's done Europe where kids are really crush of four. I can say it ain't looking good today that the new look it up against the ropes right now you way to slice you didn't. You're up against the culture right now. You don't yeah. Hezbollah. Now does this. What do you pros are a little like dial but let me give it a little bit for information both latest with the outrage about the guys about listen to a several times like most humid people who enjoyed the days. I wish he had idea. What Cameron did on. The disk the jays the key of the have been able to do is the date the on. We thought about first of all so Rockefeller. It Bombay second army would have told lives and in Atlanta but for the birds could be if if there. It's at at that I would say that about you deadbeat dad to be live at the data the data on the streets. It could be that your relatives opted out of bed so much more that. Do you think you'd you'd think push kids in points knocked off. A flawless victory for not using his own beat. I think they use the story of OJB is really great do you think about the cover of it. The video of storing it in what the song kind of talk about it kind of talks about light. Racial identity yet a lot of different way right and he attacks open I. Never talked great I know he is emotional about racial identity grown up in Canada BR Jewish and black. And all of that stuff he's talked about it not to know. That's a sensitive subject for rate right sort of back you what that picks around we'd never seen before you use the stored at OJ beat. We're all looking could afford right now and I would say that. I think the story of OJB you know being used for dias. I think of this beat a pick apart marketing. OJ is the more simple beat that's usually sort of volatility in I think it was so effective because. Really was this song that was a storyteller like it's a week it was just down with him talking to him today. Is what you need to do is walk talk back to character. Over repeat that is simple like you said it was sold. What's it in the twelfth the story so wail because. We're able to is about. Even the video music video just diss black actually some character with the big lips in a minstrel show kind of look in the you have to expect. Ended it just it just cope with that so well that is why this is like some out of school. Surgical. Suppose it was absolutely is sort of I just wrote this down and were coming up 130 we'll get to should Drake response. I was thinking oh this it's different in the ring in my sheet there because. Really was rapid and Alex she adds something to prove it she wrecked angry bright push Colette doesn't need to prove anything I'm never gonna question is wrapping acumen MM push to talk about didn't seem very angry like. I think quite different kinds of rat beat it like demise that you go to like back to back was beat. You'll try to embarrass me I'm point two impairs your opponent everybody Remy mob was how dare you speak disrespectfully but to give you eight minutes of bore me and bush was more the dough on the elder statesman here I've been doing is longer than you've this is my life you Rexall Place how are bullying and nice but what did you make these rap song that I'm going to show you what a real rapper can do I believe in myself in a cold in Kendrick. Like I is appreciated the different kind of beef rat is that it was. I think that. I also think like in at the grand scheme of I think puts his months it is that I'd different city you know he bettered him but I also feel like he also knows he has small. At that attitude console even at the last second like that last sound byte of the phone. Felt like he has more please be absolutely get more like if NASA did this is like if the impact on the distinct abusing at just the ropes this. Do you like if you don't meet and it like the ultimate really dramatic stuff like everybody on the crowd behind you that it just like it's as good men of good luck this. No way you're prepared. To really try to hurt you I know he's got the detriment legalize the stuff we can get that is. Yeah about five minutes OK. Should Drake respond. Yes but not immediately. Liu who's. The last thing you need to do now is put put together a half. All rushed. Not fully your best work if it if it takes 22 weeks ago. Cool. You gotta put that album back a week humans I think you've got to respond with how bad this was from published because that do things right. Desperately wants to get the credibility back as a rapper who's the best thing you can do now is make a good wraps up. You lose the battle and some like it's not a huge great big app respect or right at feet. Response. Talks about the kid and authenticate or says yelled out which is rat beat does not my seed. Address of the black face Indian rock the Al. But can't dance added this when Jimmy Key jets. Pay a shot on the album that we all know that it's no push it for the first time I would say even more than meek attacking or credibility at the Parse edit that Japan and the people closest. You can't let that slide not if you wanna be taken seriously at the rapper which are currently believed rate won't. I will say this I don't think he should pushed album back because it was an album back almost. My kind of admits defeat I feel like once you have this out I don't know what his video but he did art is the date you don't. And a lot of keeps enjoys school only okay yeah eight feet maybe it was June 15 they haven't announced Egypt and push it back to the 22 we haven't announced judgement as scene that we can't outsmart you announce the 22 but. You have to take a release an obvious if he said don't take it don't I agree. And I don't think you is this can be after the album. Know either you were waiting to put it the song on the album more bonus track what you're doing it before and it could be if Drake is trying to be taken cedars the other rapper which I firmly believe he's trying to do and that's all you try to prove to us since quit -- like hey you got that all right I'll boards but I I'm gonna rapid this level. May you got a response to these anybody that takes themselves seriously and you what I have already excluding some rat conversation right. I'll put you back it's a little rat conversations if you can at least fire back in eight. Sparring match with somebody who was I think a clearly superior rapper Liu cleared. Out at. I was wanna say like. I don't think he should respond. Just because. At this point. The biggest get a big artists. You've already proved that you can respond to rappers like meat you've already responded to it for raid in a certain way. This kind of thing unless you will respond all over. Like you have to prove like Europe and just do Europeans like you don't have to prove anything to me because like you're not gonna ever win Whitney. I mean the she comes out well liked the most scathing thing I've ever heard in my life and. You could at least gain respect at Sotheby's Drake feet. But to add to what he's gained respect for Gregg for how we handle the ActiveX being an Olympic weeds sitting at a that would mean he didn't really hit the with I've made more money you conversation. It was Boris and jokes. So that's why I'm saying is I don't know but I didn't win in this context I don't think he can gain in public respect as a rap artist I respond. I think I'm private person who did you say I'm not a hater but I. Think right now like. Charged up wasn't that good to me. Back to back was better. But I got over the EU. I just argument wait with everybody just aghast when he's against them like if it was about anything other people like when. I populist I hope it's. Whatever comes to light entertainment. It's too big to date. As Buddha. Of the hotels that I think. But it's great to go by the. He was it like drinks rap over Buddha it is dead they gotta gotta be bright and his will house if you read it this song right over Buddha. If you don't think he should respond I think that he's done he's done what he had to do think that right now. It's just going to be a lot more obvious but it seems that it's like. Industry's going to show you who really eagle rock treatment because this was what they've been waiting for so good votes literally press yet Indian. I mean Kendrick Kendrick has been trying to get him to say something into been baking. Drake to say something to him so she can do be the one. But now that puts it has opened this door I think that it's gonna open the door for a lot more artists who know the Drake is bigoted. Who does don't wanna be the guy who seems like they're trying to make their name off surgery. But now that this disk has come in. A lot of you will say a Wilson house or is it's fair game. And the party talked about it now I can start with hubs at the stuff did you get put to settle solves I'd never be did beat like. And he cut. Everybody don't know we talk about. But I don't they are anti doping Drake has to respond apiece to respond if he does respond I'd say he'd better be coming with them if it's black. If it's wet beat you can't have it as black is it a bit. I don't know Drake can make a wet. I think he can make it's all that maybe you don't really like which you can appreciate the bar and you don't like WB two at least appreciate. Look at the this song he released last week you always appreciate the bars in the directly shots and push. I think you need to opposite whatever that was that if that was a six or seven broke reason I entertain early this. If you would just sit down. Tribute infamy which was that a zone. Read the better team also also glad when I saw you tweaked it to the thought somebody else say an ever written wasn't a good talk about like this doubt. Are you out talking about rapped at ya don't like there's nothing about I don't want to hear your opinion or rap music super rich not a good some good infrared is the heartbeat. The lyrics are good if it's not a Drake gets its. It's a lot of shots right now going back it's a lot of shots adrenaline has a lot and I believe that you know. Like he could he kind of he kind of moves for the black face up with Charlemagne with the argument that you kind of lose to a program. Yea as if it's more shots and if parade do we thought you lose it and it's more shots than we thought but I'd just. I again I think that's one thing that always annoys me about Drake because Drake is it by the a lot of people are hip hop into talk about it. And that's one thing that I will always associate William he's like. He appreciated this like new wave of people who don't really like hip hop electorate. And they found their way into talking about it out in every time they talk about hip hop. It's always in a way that's flattering toward he'll. And everybody else is kind of pushed aside so that people say oh for a it was a blitz zone almanac listened to a hundred million time. You've. Heard. The did these one time and I'll let you know that this is not me I listen to it twice in our I don't wanna do is no more yet not even in what. It is I. Actually have a note at all. But I. All I can be notes and talk I don't think I don't. I told reduce America's got that yet. Know you'll win you'll went argument about super eight we went over to our march in and a deterrent a fire. The turned up. I hate you right back legacy it I don't think he's a respond. Drink if you do listen to this don't know respond if you don't if you do don't get to break if you get a break please note I'm going to be Photoshop myself all topping your grave due to do it. I hope they he has worked shoot it and it's not. Will miss the game I'll do it right response different spots what do you work or you know Beckett. At 5 o'clock and out you know brown or orange. Only three. We are glad that everybody gets one yeah because I don't want no holds some rural back of me I can't that be at the people what to do about and I got no problem to another its third number come out. I miss our little window. It is all about whom he thought about daylight both listed them the Drake had to get them fake. All. It is please set out to social I don't know when I. Watch around the market you know what it is the only negative energy. A you know it is their looking him damn book at him AK AMR Jimmy smoke AKA hoop with Bach double that smoke got that smoked off flames when your neighbor. I got to AK yet but I will come when the accident that the alcohol that at. Other deputies I am looking across the board to visit him in Twitter snatch it IG it is Google dim with him market to better come up not. Slap liberties I hope was in black face gotta open the.