The Stick To Sports x AHPKC 2017 Chiefs Preview Episode

Carrington Harrison
Monday, September 4th

Carrington Harrison is joined by Ryan Hall and His Dirkness to get you ready for the Chiefs 2017 season with a wide ranging discussion.


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Our I don't know what we're name in this thing I don't know what we're calling it let's call the stick the sport's. Ever sure our podcast mash up here I wanted to reach out to two of my favorite chiefs people. And did you guys the content to get you ready for the start of the season that she's played on Thursday they have the season opening game will go to the schedule. We'll go to our thoughts about the team I feel you guys feel when he introduced his darkness and Ryan's gall to tweak it more Iowa happened well I mean I used the HP Casey's Twitter handle. Our I don't know I shut down. My eight Twitter account can handle it I could I couldn't so what was that like I was getting so frustrated. With with online presence. That he was like like interfering with my normal life fit and I and I recognize that that doesn't happen every one. But I've but I realized that it was happening to me sort of take a step away. And I just never reactivated magistrate using the podcast counter grow a love poetry about soccer on the podcast now it's my favorite thing in the world. Yeah I accidentally forget it's you know like I doubted my personal account who's six and account like it's again accidently start live tweeting was or football games all male although no one cares about this in the count but on my account I mean you know which signed up for. Whenever you could follow me. Alright as golf hall his darkness here we're going to be talking she's for the next hour let's historic conversation with his very simple question. Did she make the playoffs. I mean I I must. Yeah Brian's face maybe think he has been know for the making the playoffs. I would say yes because I think AFC is a holes pretty weak. So I think even if the chiefs are on the if even if I figured negative on the chiefs are now you still got I'm about nine or ten wins and that's weakening the I'm I've I've got to teach the class because I think we're gonna win the west. Like the the one thing that the chiefs have on the other teams in the division if nothing else is they clearly have. A leg up and coaching you know and you read on object Hillary oh. San Diego and Denver both have rookie head coaches not just like first year with the team but first time being a head coach. And so I have them winning the west. I. Let's start I think that's interest in places are the conversation. That's weeded out my playoff predictions my divisional winners among while Corwin and I at Oakland winning the division and I had that she's being wild card team. This is the conversation that I don't you Greg you got Mitsubishi's means. We all know at some point dear caller is going to beat the chiefs not saying he's going to have a patent meaning level dominance against the cheese but. Dirt cars too good of a quarterback Oakland has too much talent for them for him to go one in seventeen in his career against the chiefs. So the question isn't if they win the division it's simply win they win the division and is it going to be a back and forth. So I picked Oakland because I think they win the division last year if your card as Mcguirk went thirteen game she's won twelve games. And I really struggle to find where the chiefs are better the last time I want to chief play meaningful game against Pittsburgh at aero of the acting game. And now looking at their team on paper I can't really find too many places that they're better. And if you're getting better in the NFL you're getting worse just based on doubtful all worked for now the teams are improving teams like Tennessee and those teams are getting better. So that's where I struggle at least in this season where it's hard for me to pick Kansas City over Oakland given the I think a pretty sizable gap in quarterback. I mean I think now I would singer overeating there car. I think he's. I mean a good quarterback bring people put him in the top five quarterbacks in the league I just don't see I don't Obama's top five I think he's probably seven to obtain. I'd that's when this spat out there. She's the same Masur Rodgers was when he started in Green Bay after like people think that their cars 2829. Not 26. That he's improved every year he's been a quarterback he's finally in your four. I just feel like this year he has a 4235. Touchdown got a season which when that's clearly out of what the chiefs are trying to their QB this year. It's possible I mean if you're projecting it I could see it but I don't think I think his season last year is overrated I think his receivers are really good. And it gets on the best softened the lines of football and I think he just checks now a lot more than people want to admit like his his yards per attempt numbers are. Anything pretty like it's not up there with the elite quarterbacks at all so you're saying he's going to take that step. I could see it. But I haven't seen from him yet to say like he's. Good enough but I'm just gonna Bliley picked the raiders to win at all despite all their other holes mostly Sunday. Like she's been to the contrary view yes. For Dirk gift cards Roger. I mean he did how. I just think a lot of hype I think now in the NFL if you had a one ring people like why did you pinning as a lone playoff games when. I can be honest my home is going to be in the exact same place if if they're not gonna pay and this year. Our player this year so we get two years maybe three under that rookie deal. Amid the chiefs would assume Ballmer the next three years under at the table homes without really seeing a whole lot of you dodged when the Super Bowl Friday at the liberals on the court today and if you look at it that like they're gonna have to pay a quarterback that you haven't seen before. Yeah I think the car contracts really -- I don't think people are really it looked at the terms of the deal these first two years it's really all citing a switch are that you got to live with that. Ended after two seasons you can make the choice to cut them or not and they just look at that cited most I think Peter Clarke content actually really Smart. So here's the here's a thing for me and I'm not trying to just like steer completely away from their car. The original question you talked about how soon earlier dirt cars going to beat the chiefs and that if you're not getting better than you're getting worse. I know this sounds like a complete homer take but. I feel like the chiefs are an anomaly and I don't know if it has to do with coaching or one like. You know this offseason I keep listening to like the ringer NFL show some result podcasts and the talk about how the chiefs. Are not definitively good at anything and yet were basically winning ten games a year. And I don't see that changing. Like I I just think that as far as the roster if you look at the talent top to bottom is concerned I think the chiefs are right they're if not better than the other teams in the division. And I'm I'm not trying to like the earlier the point but again Andy Reid is a better coach than the other coaches in this division agree. So I'm I mean I just I know that you can look at the offseason and say man like. Did did they get better anywhere reeling I mean technically they got better at the quarterback position but not immediately. And aside from that like have have they improved probably not but I still don't see any reason to expect him to do anything less than win 91011 games. I think why that she still get the respect nationally it is it does feel propped up by things that eventually have to fall. There are good defensive team not Corey like Millwood would put them in the elite level defenses they're not gonna outscored you and they have eight clear bit but don't break mentality will go to the art from the Toledo that's when he and once you get in the red zone we're going to stop you. Mean and that's hard to do for 45 street seasons in the cheap to me feel like the only team that we all have making the playoffs that we know have average quarterback play like you populous way about Cincinnati people don't it was way about other middle tier quarterbacks and their team ball realist she's an image we're just too close to it. Cattle all winning nineteen games and make in the playoffs this year what what other team we convinced are making the playoffs as an average quarter. I guess Andy Reid effect early I mean you look at that injury problems you know it's not it's not an Alex Smith predictions and and reproduction and he just does this. So fluently throughout his career I mean. I think I heard you talking not too long like two seasons in his entire career or his middle losing count yet bravery pre. And they look at that I mean you just trusting your reads your your put your pick behind him that's my confidence is an estimate confidence in this team as it is solely based oil and it -- read your coach when at least eight games where the other mediocre quarterbacks were coaches like Marvin Lewis you know you know put the playoff of bagels in the playoffs because Marvin Lewis. I mean you hold on Dow causing adult I think it's just an Andy Reid are you guys with me on Denver I think there were a lot wasn't it. Yeah ha I mean I think they lost it. And then and that's the big thing to me is IKEA I I know that their quarterback play has gone down. I don't. Understand the events jewels of higher at all like he ran Miami's defense last year and they are like 26 in the league like. But it did the defense of Miami was not good and yet everyone was excited about him being a head coaching hire. And frankly I think Denver's defense has gone way downhill right now it's it's Von Miller in the east they obviously still have their corners. But I mean they've. They're injured along the defensive line they lost Willie Jackson. An and I just. I don't really don't think Denver is especially debate they could be though I mean they're it's a it's it's that kind of league you know there quarterback away you put quarterback out there. And you still have to rest and let's say you'll see here's an excellent color rescue. Temperament that beer that's made out of really the brunt of that cabinet I look at as being completed I know is I'll admit I was terrified of the rocket science happening prior 26 in the I didn't think in the there's any chance there's like gonna play Trevor semi and for full season like this Super Bowl contending team. Are you just go which are Ximian and then made it very team that clearly they're playing at a implant and be failed. Like their play today was obviously for Paxson wants to be good. They're playing. To go get a quarterback the way Houston did. And your like a tradition of fire the GM having done this year here or what if if I may they're they're planning was actually Brock costs Weiler who's now back and sticker. I mean let go back there you know you are beautifully read about I think the Broncos I mean they're electable he's on the block. And it took. The chiefs a few seasons at least to get over like they are kind of intimidating and on the field I think and that she's finally stood up to him last year and now. The kind of lost their edge I think. The leaves a bit older the Marcus ware has gone on the let me Von Miller is also great TJ ward now cut he was kind of the you know the intimidator on the do you. Let's play devil's advocate cutting the Broncos are good case study. I always say in the NFL your window is never open for as long as you think it is especially you don't have a great quarterback. Could you make that argument for the chiefs that we often they're gonna be good they don't ever great quarterback it's clear that at least a front office focuses on next year not this year that this is the year that she should stumble they go seven and nine and then next year with the homes they take that big stuff for like I feel like I can make a pretty convincing argument on the other side that. Art this is just the anomaly year for injury is not like every year in Philadelphia they were twelve win football team. Figured that'd make the playoffs like could you make that argument this is that your for the chiefs. It would shock or shock me if they've had and she's like I mean tough schedule to its exit. I I feel like this year is. It's like no man's land for the team I mean you can clearly see the focus that the front office has put on and on essentially getting better in the future and not necessarily right now. But but they didn't like go all in on. You look at you know and it's not necessarily great example you look at like will buffalo has done. And their completely changing the identity of that team that changed. Their defense from a 34 to a 43. They get rid of Sammy Watkins Aguirre to raise your rag and the the entryway Ronald Darby I mean these are like three of their cornerstone pieces of that team and buffalo is like. In full turnover mode and the chiefs could have done. They could've decided you know what it's it's time we're not gonna try to bring factor Johnson you know they got rid of Jamaal Charles but they wanted to keep DJ in Tom unity and and I I think that. I I've beat kind of written this season off like they are not gonna win the Super Bowl so what's the point. The one thing with that though is that. Like I guess I look at it and I wonder at what point. What has to happen in order from homes to play this year. And having the. Only way he plays this season is through injury or their out of the playoff picture. Like at their four for the not starting Patrick Holmes let's just out of its terrible which I mean obviously a keynote for Tzipi just absolutely terrible. But if there that she's like we all think they're going to pay but not limo homes the season. I think that like. Really the chiefs' only hope for the Super Bowl views the Madden curse and I know that a lot of people like that you won chuckle at that but I mean. If Brady goes down. Then I'll be all right we've we have Russia a lot of questions like what would it take for you to take the chief seriously as Super Bowl contenders this season. I'm it would have to be something happening to New England would have to be as severe as Brady getting hurt that would have to be it for me I've pretty much just blocking scheme the prediction of the New England Patriots. I just think kind of what you were saying no hope the Super Bowl does feel like he knows what like what's gonna happen this season. Like its well I'd like very positive on the chiefs this year I also very down on the big pictures via our energies will be good I think they'll be competitive I think will be very entertaining season. Man I've seen for years of Alex Smith and Andy Reid I've seen four playoff games and know what's gonna happen. They're gonna beat a team that hasn't worked quarterback announcement in the gonna lose to a team the better quarterback than him which are hard to find this year. Like Dick about it equipped for playoff games the one playoff win they have is against Brian Warner the three losses organ to Andrew look an awful Berger Tom Brady. They're gonna lose to a team in the plus a better quarterback than what we all know how this movie's going in even though rob expert and even do anything and pass well I was just running or no he didn't beat them by. Let's give them credit big third down to in the game they'd hit a volatile it they'll Europe they threw the ball up to put into it brown which had him could have fought the enemy of the good life a couple of times he exploited mismatches I still can't figure out how Justin Houston was on Antonio Brown. On up. Like I still I'm still genuinely confused from being there I don't understand what happened. One that play go back to the point you made Ryan that's what frustrates me so much about the departure of Maclin if you wanna get her immaculate perfectly fine. They seem to have a plane and they didn't go out of free agency to pick up a one year option with Dakota got a rope wire for the chief picketed Eric Decker for the cheap or it could address to wide receiver like their filed with having a bottom five wide receiver corps with the bottom what twelve quarterback giving a bug that's right park. With the seventeenth best quarterback in the NFL but if they are looking toward the. The future I mean they got these young receivers in camp. It's almost like their idea is to develop them in time for my homes like get the Marcus Robinson to be ready to Chris come to be ready yet Albert Wilson probably out of here. But did say your chess and ready to be an actual receiver wants more homes rated take over the weird thing about that is and like I know old. In in general the West Coast offense is what it is I know a lot of people got really frustrated within you been lost saying that like. If more homes is gonna play inside of injury sesame soccer be ready for two years and what not just so stupid and our voice but that doesn't give. I like into the lobby he does good builds up that's a very stupid to make it a point the whole time. Carson when's played one that double AA football and started day one for Philadelphia. You're telling me there's no way of that she's had to start my homes on Thursday they couldn't figure something out and Philadelphia's pretty much running Kansas City Steve Sosa like you can select Kansas humans so difficult but nobody can learn it would mean actually talk to read about this I was collect kind of get on that point he's like -- call more plays -- more of a command of the offense made a big believer. Great coaches mold their scheme around the players' eyes all the patriots last year for three weeks runoff with Jimmy grapple low in in less than a week run one for Jacoby percent. Who were not. Similar at all so what's up making it seem like it's impossible for the chiefs to formulate an offense around Patrick Holmes can do. You don't have to give them the full 100% of the playbook. Give us 60% to run of schemes and concepts that he knows and you an off his your talent alone you'll be fine and I mean we saw the. Fourth Indy with Michael Vick I mean he took over certain reckon its first year in Philly and later in the year it. He started adapting his offense in during that season. And then turn it over to pick the next season and it was totally different I mean wasn't dink and dunk then they're throwing deep to Mack and John Jackson. Well and and that's where. That's where I think I struggle a little bit whiff. The idea that we wanted to develop these receivers for more homes. If they're not playing with small ones because I do think that the offense changes I do think that some of the route combinations change. Because of the arm talent that Holmes hats. And so. How are we supposed to be developing guys like to Marcus Robinson NJ who Justin and Chris Conley when Alex Smith is not going to be throwing them the ball. Or certainly not throwing them the ball in the same positions on the field them Holmes is going to. Like everything changes when Holmes hits the field so like I I am eager to see him and like I. I don't know I kind of had a little bit of fear here. So we're always revered so. Listen. I milled I see in big bold letters on it's it's pure fear failure to do I hear ideas. I did this last night so I'll listen man came very prepared bottle tops and so here's the here's the deal. Like. I know that he said it essentially. It's gonna take injury or the chiefs being eliminated from the playoffs from home supply. And I could see that and I know that this is like totally your brain here blood. You've got you've got tomba and daddy. Both on the pulp list into the season because they wanna be healthy at the end of the year. You've got now Stephen Nelson with essentially like what it's it's like an open week injury or something in the or they decided to put him on IR and so he's going to be able to play until essentially like after the bye week. I feel like we're gonna ramp up. And after that by. At new York at the giants like we tend. More homes gonna start. Because the back to it record. Yeah because I think that the back after the schedule. Is it's aside from that giants game it's very what I first ten games are extremely its last six yeah very very evident dolphins Allman December we have that we of our. The five games and December are not challenger. And and I'm just looking at like you're talking about. Playing buffalo home in late November playing at the jets in late November you know. The schedule sorts opened up to where if the team is starting to get healthy and they're gonna hit their their stretch run and they wanna be able to change some things and not put necessarily too much on tape the moans like I think it's the the perfect opportunity for him to do. I. I doubt it but that's that's my theory for right now. I don't think there's a chance they do. I would advocating from the beginning old Erica to be through ten games from homes that was 37. Point six something like that. I think it has to be clear they're not making the playoffs for the nadu. But I think they would do it. Iso 15 is about an astronomical yet I just don't I just I really find it hard to believe with house stern they've been about there's not a quarterback controversy about a quarterback controversy. We all know the moment they go back civil homes they can never go back. I don't care how bad homes it's you can never put Alex Smith analyst Matt outlets homes as heart. But once you pass the torch you can't handed back to Alex Smith so if they're gonna do what you're saying. In that it's over. That's why I'd trade Alex Smith for the beginning of the season that is what is said this is our quarterback I hear from everybody YouTube until we meet what our argument this nickel quarter. If the best thing in the NFL is to win a Super Bowl under rookie contract. With the widget QB why they punting on one of those season they're giving one of the more. Use it this year be ready in 282019. Woman holding your three with this team. Every chills and is Fortier casualties though this prime I would just be trying to advance that that's why I at least I've been saying kind of backed are beginning to special kind of started this is. I've been saying this up and tell she's faced ask themselves two questions is this a suitable contending team put your answers no like mine is all right let's move to step to. Do you think making the playoffs. Is greater audience at in sixteen games seventeen weeks of experience from homes. I would say the experience a greater between seventeen if you don't think there's a bowl contender. Keep the experience in 28 team Holmes is basically Carson when it's ready to take that big stepping your two markets Mary go to and then you go from there like. I don't understand why the chiefs have handled it this way unless like durst say they think. Pay if something happens to England with a second best team and a in the AFC cut don't know how do you think your being newspapers team if you're being honest with yourself. There's are more than likely gonna have to go on the road beat him you're not winning in New England this year. Yeah I don't I don't upon on. Season. Because I think. If you think the chiefs are good enough to be the second best team in the AFC. I think you got to take that chance America to get an MBA conversations here so it's kind of like. How much stability right now of Golden State being the way they are. But you get a second best team in just kind of hope you know maybe during cancer maybe step periods or something happens. I think you're doing that and I also say I'm excited to see Alex Smith. Knowing it's his last season I think there's a good chance we see a different Alex Smith this season. People have been saying what's the stealing of different Alex I am not saying it's NASA are going to be better. I think it received more aggressive oxman I think he sees the writing on the wall okayed this is my last season he did get that chance or Cisco. He got a can cost and he was done and I'll be the end of him as their Cisco. Now he gets one to find your socks okay you've had your career you had your time with the chiefs here now you have one more chance you've got to done yet. Now's your chance are gonna change anything up or he's gonna do continue to be the exact same Alex Smith has gotten to this point. But not further point. And I think. I think he comes out more aggressively this season than than ever I thought I would take like over in touchdowns over interceptions. Devils yards and touchdowns like. What's the ceiling of Alex Smith. But what's his career high right now it's 3502. I think it is in career high touchdowns 23 so so aggressive Alex Witt both for birdie 700 yards and 26 touchdowns this season like. That's the same quarterback you know what I mean that's like that that's just like having one of those games where he completes. Fifteen that's the completes 21 passes and is that I have an owner of 54 yards a couple times the F like tool one. Like I I just it's not like Alex Smith's 26 years old he's not here callers age he's 33 years old mrs. is what. All let them ninth season somewhere that range inning on a computer right now but we just know what Alex is at this point he's not taking some huge jump this year. And listen we we know that and but that's the thing is is that. Those couple shots a game. Can make a difference and even if it doesn't look like a huge difference statistically. I think a lot of it may just have to do with the main tally respect factor to about congress are doing that are not open in the box net and it's so but here's the thing and this is this is where I'm a little bit leery of potentially like trying to play more homes this year. So first of foremost. If you do bench Alex at some point. Then you are not giving anything for him in the offseason appeared nothing like a us. I 'cause I just don't I don't I don't think that. In less he plays the entire year if he ends up getting benched for the last 567 weeks. Like you're you what you and maybe get a fifth or sixth round pick maybe would you trade Alex ability. I mean to get to the candidates Christians and you are on Jacksonville I would absolutely be trading for him. Because if I'm Jacksonville. Is it better for me or let's say that she's won a second round pick routes. You gotta pay them though if you eighteen million dollars next season try to draft a quarterback a much for the draft a QB like special I know you have to cuddled next season. I'm thinking in terms of like right now. I think that out so be a great fit for Jacksonville. This season and then they would still have the same ability that the chiefs' two to cut him and saves eighteen million off their cap next year fixed you know if they end up it has this special situation I think like you look at teams are not think Houston could probably use them like this season Jack's book reviews on this season will be like quarter two teams like that next season. Until maybe you. Hold onto him like past the draft nothing happened that part maybe were kind of big I go on the same page year. I I think Alex certainly has a place like if I'm did for I really want Alex Smith I don't know why trade a high draft pick for player I know you have to cut. But the chiefs essentially have to cut Alex Smith next season. Why would you waste two years of homes on the rookie contract. And why are you going to keep Alex Smith when getting rid of them is such a huge benefit for the chiefs let's he's willing to confer a lot of that money into signing bonus money which frees up a lot of space for the chiefs isn't their best interest the cut out the embassies. A final leg you know that is clear the other 31 teams need to fill in the off the chiefs everything. Always the Clinton won't waver typical of as a free agent why did you look for I mean you have to be team that he probably wouldn't go to. By choice Cleveland like what like. You are Jackson like a team that. Alex Smith gets cut he's on the open market can go to any of the 31 teams are and two thirds of teams he's not gonna pick cleaver Jacksonville so you send a third round pick and secures rights for. If I'm Denver I tree trunks. I mean I go after outs with I don't tree frogs took me rephrase excellence that these that I would not trade for investment if I'm Denver but the first call I make next season high draft a quarterback and I try to do the same thing the cheapest it I'd draft a quarterback that I ballots were couple seasons and the removal. The bizarre thing is that like any of these teams that we're talking about that would want Alex. Are essentially trying to put themselves in the position at the chiefs are in right now. Well it has a chance which is wanting to be potentially the second or third best team in the AFC just so you have a shot and here we are in that position saying. No I don't really want that quarterback anymore now that here's the biggest thing with my homes as far as like the readiness component. Nobody thought he was going to look as comfortable as he did like I don't think anybody was prepared to watch homes go out on the field and play the way that he did. I wasn't surprised I mean. Shock maybe I'm just more cynical than this I just feel like the media. Sometimes over complicate even the quarterback position. We've now seen with Howell in the modern often exiting NFL were made is just an extension of what you've been doing in college it's not like. 2007 where nobody would run the spread in college to do when they were still run those pro style off but it was such an adjustment armor would Blaine Gabbert it was like. Yes learn how to take snaps under center nobody does that now site I just if it's all based off or strength and ability I just I wasn't surprised that he performed so well with Percy. I was personally I mean in some of that may just have to do with. The guy who won four games at Texas Tech last year I know that they quite literally had the worst defense in division one but like I just. All I heard my share to officers are calm down with red I mean I just. I I I heard about how raw he was and how it was going to take time and and I didn't wanna see that David Carr situation of throwing him out there and just not being ready hold onto the ball too long didn't hit and then suddenly becoming gun shy because. The way that he plays. Is is pretty fearless you know bet that like backyard football. The of the way the people talk about him like I'd wanna see him lose that by being put out there before he's ready play. He he looks ready to me like that's that's the reason that I'm excited. What went on Alex we're talk about his ceiling and you're kind of projecting him for the whole season like what more can he do well. He doesn't have to get better for a whole season. He has to get better for that one game he has to be he has to play like Italy quarterback for that one game towards. It's almost more mentality. Like you have to get to that position where you could before like he did against Indianapolis and playoff game yes built to do that. Against the Pittsburgh against the new England's and that you're saying that's tougher because their better teams may have better defense and whatnot. But if he plays better for that one game. He's there. All of that makes perfect sense biting we all know the scenario is gonna happen and go back to lines the year this is going to happen and it is going to be one of the biggest weeks in sports talking Kansas City. Chief you're gonna lose out it's gonna play very poorly. All she's fans are gonna think we would've won that game or at least had a chance of homes at started and that's when it that's when the clock starts like to take on like nick falls wasn't good enough to make you think that realistically. About the chiefs last season. But the chiefs all our taste and maybe like 12 games worse last year Naples but pretty similar we never not turn overs were never know individual games. We know what's going to happen. Output is gonna complete. What he's gonna be he's got dope less than 200 yards one touchdown one pick and they're gonna lose they're gonna big game of mold to start we won that game and I'm telling you that's when it starts. So like I'm making is artists are different look and look closely enough to order no you're right and that's why they're making the point Alex but that's not good enough to avoid a quarterback controversy. But he's always gonna be caught up in a quarterback controversy to the skills in his stats or not big enough to avoid the same way it happened with Capra nick is the exact same way it's gonna happen with mobile that's why I think good interesting case study your theory is but there does seem historian to. And then Alex Smith goes up for two each and they win both those games at home what what do they do. Would they do I think I think you keep lemon homes I don't know what you're doing that scenario I think if he plays due to injury and as well. I mean it's over yet. Wally Pitt twice in his career. Innings. Right bottom bribes and it's made a lot of money you know he's out though he's absolutely bailout but look what do we think any period. Without injury. Is it possible I mean they're a good job of saying like. Saying the right things like Alex's unquestionably the start what you have to do that because of what you just knocked. But is in your read even thinking this do you think he's debating in his mind right now. I just don't know I don't watch the talent more homes and not think about it but when you watch out and out like Alex meant. I think some dug hook a few yards and that I think outs with mr. I think Alex and the serviceable. I just think he has a very defined ceiling but we don't know announcement I think it's frustrating because I think that she's been for so long to kind of clamored for that next quarterback an exciting dazzling quarterback. And now you have a and all I hear is excuses of why not to use of the gate it's like all Alex Witt is XY and Z. But you know what's going to happen to see to act like I doubt she's fans or afraid to see my homes because they're afraid what if were wrong about. Can I feel like the whole propping up the win loss record. If frustrates me the most because we all watch these games outs but did not win the Carolina game I don't care what you kids always twelve when quarterback. We go to each individually he did not when the Carolina game he didn't he do when the Atlantic game last year. So like now we're like when Georgian I'm in the office but tonight we played well but I wouldn't say if you tell me reason to wonder why that she's won I would not say it was outs. And that's a thing is that if you use so he's. Third. I think since he took over in Kansas City third in wins behind Russell Wilson and robbery. Like 44 wins the last four years. How many of those games to Jews would you say like Alex is like reason one why the chiefs were victorious and he'll last year. And a price or less than I'm like yeah I thought I was saying is like it's you know maybe like maybe that buffalo game that we went to win he he was throwing nice deep shots that Maclin yes. I mean if it's also not asked to win games exactly that's why he's in there but that's the thing is that when my homes comes then. More homes will be the reason that they win games like to be so the biggest difference between those two is like. I look at it and so Alex himself he's not a gifted pass. And that's one of the reasons that I got so frustrated last year is because like the difference that Alex usually made was when he ended up using his legs. And when he wasn't using his legs last year I'm like OK so what's what's the point why we even have him. But like more homes doesn't have to run in order to be any lead quarterback. He has any Lee. Arm. That Alex doesn't have and yet Moulds is more athletic and when we've seen him get out and run which is actually been like. Kind of few and far between with the limited snaps we had the pre season. He looks really good running the ball like he he's just it's such a huge step up in talent. To Wear like UK ask more homes to win games it's a huge step up and it. It's literally a huge step up and everything I hate to quarterback Wynn lost day. I hate to everybody tells me no football the ultimate team game but the only people they get credit for winds of a quarterback in the coach. And then you out of your quarterback if not just loosen Wenzel around here is did with the loss of vinegar quarterbacks not gonna be blamed on the often the line and wide receivers but then is that it's just. The quarterback Wynn logic aside and you wanna get into it just upsets me. What's the ceiling you guys have from homes are up I said it would what's the best do you think he can be our lord and savior let's start that's the best you think he can beat most realistic. Expectation you have formal I think we did escort I mean if yeah. Yeah I mean with the guys. On the way out that are on the way out yeah I mean there's there's. QB one is is there to be taken in the Leo it's in about five get out of bill lot of other guys I think that communicate clearly marked as Mario can be the best quarterback in the league and two season I think Russell Wilson could be the best QB in the league I think they're card you guys are kind of by the 28 years older car to be the best quarterback like. I think we'll Holmes has the talent to put himself in that conversation and that's why it's such an exciting time. I you've never had this you've never had someone that you can make a point could be the most talented quarterback in the NFL. Most certainly could be the most talented QB the NFL in three. Four seasons you saw and I mean. Meant Nazis like the the authority quarterbacks but at what was that turn tonight in the says the next round I o's fantasy. It's if you thought our roster and you know I wrote that he is really good years ahead. Yeah about I mean that's so that's the thing is that. A lot of the national media they're the conversation that has been antebellum homes are really just about the rookie quarterbacks is like you just won a seat at the table. Because you see the writing on the wall for guys like Brady and Roethlisberger I guess if you want the U line rivers amber and conversation breeze yeah. And I mean The Who knows how long Rodgers is going to play. But. It's it's the teams that have. You know Andrew Luck and James Winston marks Mario and Russell Wilson like those. Do you you want a seat at the table because that competition is going to be wide open and as soon as you drafted more homes. You're there. You are you are going to be in that conversation and not Keiko would be public morals. You know we have no idea what Holmes will actually end up being malware to get time yeah I'm just I'm just saying I doubt they're morally look tell us or mechanically them totals but the greatest first pre season offered. But that's I think I think that that is. Like one of the biggest reasons for excitement in some of it is that unknown and that's where the fear comes in because you don't you have no idea what he's gonna end up looking like when he plays when the games really count. But. Mannequin I want. Also I mean in terms of quarterbacks. We might not have likened to find the best quarterback in the league coming up just because Tom Brady was I mean his escort back volatile. Peyton Manning is top five quarterback of all time Ben Roethlisberger and Aaron Rodgers will be treated very top ten quarterbacks of all time doctors have the next. Like best quarterback of all time just automatically into the league it could just be a bunch of guys that are around the same and hopefully my home is one of those guys is likely segments. They take Alec how to mid two thousands were before Brady in pain really start to take off like. The real look at the two thousands added that's why he kind of people make double look at the books look at the ravens quarterback play which is different when those two teams won a Super Bowl like. The end to shift in the NFL started with a great 03 draft and to the box and ravens were once involved anymore you needed to QB the noticeable comic elect of the NBA point it's like sliding in. Will always be better or worse than Matt Stafford. It's a lower. Projected elect Russell's. That's I see a lot of Russell Wilson and just the way he's run around avoid tacklers in the backfield but then keep in his eyes trying to make the big boy. And you know Russell Wilson I mean I. You cannot talk about it magic. All the time with them he's just he's makes these place you know so I'm I'm offering its so better or secret middleman I don't know how to answer that question because to me Matt Stafford plays for the lines and he's completely irrelevant like I don't know if he's dude or not because the lines or tear. Mike and I don't know if that's just purely to do with coaching or defense or what but like. I mean he's he suddenly got better when he didn't have Calvin Johnson like I listen I. I know the people like Matt Stafford and his numbers are there like. Like I says that he's the highest paid player in NFL history. Yeah no I just I'm just saying like am seriously to me and and again it may just be like like totally alliance point. Matt Stafford is not part of any conversation and I have about this and as he is completely irrelevant. Boo hoo well there you have it target to average or our podcast to stick the sport spike has a little bit of a matchup here. On we haven't talked a lot of quarterbacks and I talk about the often as a whole in general. Let's start was running backs and we could talk about their dependents who won two individuals in the passing game. I feel like I am in the very small minority of people that are concerned about no Spencer ware. Last year in the NFL only nine running backs had more told yards from scrimmage stance Spencer ware. I can't imagine a team losing someone like that and everyone's like at quality justice system I mean the guy was don't really productive in the system you could've had hit in cream on who your idol and you take Spitzer where do we think the Fremont finished top ten this year until we are. He does I don't know we'll see what happens I like auriemma but you at least had the option to have one of the better running back do those in the NFL which we saw clearly helped Tennessee last year. You're now eliminated that possibility which has to be a big factor on eighteen. That lacks weapons in their office. Here's here's my problem and it's kind of similar to like Jerry Mac an entire hill. Like sure you can replace Maclin with Tyree kill it he comes and takes over but. You can also have two options just a regular running well we had Fremont and that's where we got two options our number one. My problem with cream on it. Is lasting a full season. College game is and as long it ought to carries on him in college. And the way he Rollins. Like he kind of runs like Spencer ware used to like delivers the punishment he stays up and takes extra hits. And so I kind of worry about him lasting full season and then if he goes down. You backed circuit at west and three point junior partner also CJ's. Miller who had what nine yards last season. And CJ Spiller was a B option Osce to vote pretty good pre season training camp I thought CJ Spiller. I thought he should have made the team from the beginning I was trying to read Torres like why he did make the team how top editors a roster fluctuation combat on the team. And all that I Boston I thought CJ Spiller I think he was gonna make the team even if what even if a winner was healthy I think cedars polar earned it this pre season BOT. A couple things first on where and and there are cream and so. Last year Spencer wary about 14100 combined yards from scrimmage yeah vice thirteen 86 so and and that was about 250 touches so basically like. Whether it was a carrier reception he averaged about five and a half yards per play. But he didn't crack a hundred total yards in the game after weeks six between rushing and receiving combined so. I mean some of it is just the sheer volume of shark injure west is hurt and Spencer where's your feature back and he just gets the touches. So I mean honestly I think that. The 14100 combined yards on about 250 touches I think that's a pretty reasonable expectation for him personally. I will say so you said that you think that he runs similar to Spencer ware before his concussion Dirk and I don't see that. The way that I seek remark is that he has. He he reminds me a little bit and that there are certainly not the same style. And not the same size or anything but he reminds me a little bit Marcus Allen in that like. He he does this thing with his shoulders where he knows how to. Kind of turned just the right way to not take big hits and he will lower shoulder when he needs to when he's in the position. But do he's so shifty like he avoids speaking it still the guy that Torres has compared to his Emmitt Smith because Emmett Smith was able to run. Between the tackles and not deal with big punishment throughout his career and that I think the same side. Deliberate I'm doing wrong term I would say he fights for those extreme limits me I'm. To rest to Emmitt Smith. Yeah he said that bully just in terms of like cannot sign it because when you're on a hill there for her tail 59 over 200 in the just like that that lower center of gravity. I mean he he can be you like a punishing runner but when I look at Spencer where like Spencer ware was the guy like ran. Pat you on purpose because he wanted to run over you to make a statement and that is not Kareem on AMA does bad comparison split. He's gonna be the unquestioned feature back in week one it. Is he going to be the only question feature back seventeen games post playoff games C looking in nineteen games here for rookie running back where. Turkish request and CJ Spiller is back ups like we're not expecting much from them can he handle that can handle quite touches every week. And I completely agree with that which is where. Like that the thing that sucks investments or we're going down. Is that I thought that as he wore down as the season went on ahead you have someone rookie Adam Owens who punches like yeah man it would have been sold nice to have that at the end of the year. I don't know third on a running back right now our outlook from. IA I what are Lankford back from buffalo guy got a Williams I think that's his name so he went to Arkansas. And like. I think that he's a fairly similar talent and similar player denial Davis. He's orange he didn't do a lot last year. But the bulls looked at it fumbled alive this literature and especially in key moments and other but I mean. I think I said last night onto Ehrlich I think that. If CJ Spiller is healthy and that is like. 72 font size if he's healthy there's no reason he shouldn't do like ten touches a game. I mean he's a completely different style it's all about that speed and like. That's the big problem that the chiefs have a running back right now though is that there is an huge variance between the three guys. They're all a little bit smaller in stature hunts more equipped to run between the tackles but then they essentially just have like three scat backs. So like we've. I think they need a bigger guy. I think that they need someone day and it's not not Anthony Sherman like I think that they need a bigger guy that came go down on the goal line and is just a power runner. Outings boat is going to be a speaker. Option in the passing game and people are giving credit for its fast he has I think you that's kind of what separates them you write like I think the other guy is a clear he's the fastest running back that they had. I think they eat you read is gonna use his be in a lot of open you'll situation a lot of mismatches and I think the passing games were there and use it. They clearly are bottomed here when it comes a wide receivers you got to be more creative and that's while light where. I think what you said about where obviously it sure does that kind of beard out. It was clear there's a pre concussions Spencer ware last year in a post concussion points or three concussions but the way it was pretty damn good. Post concussion Spencer ware was not very productive at all I wanna fifty's it's. Breathtaking. I I've I wish we abroad and are gonna seem to get the names got knee injury now and it's a lot. Show the office of the show judicial clever running basements while these are kind of makes a hard all I would never pay. Program draft on the third fourth round every single year which sucks and me I feel related bill I mean I can't pay you saw it that's not good business like yeah. They're drafted as replacements get. I think how I think how running backs retreat it's going to be a point in the news media like it's there's one position that has binges devalued in devalued it'd. It's like a clear yo I will not pay you like. The position you feel finally paying in the oval one yeah. I mean if you're drawn up a football player loud and elect the best player he's always be the running always easier now why are you ready go to my receiver yet quietly rumors no reason to hear what the amateur hour podcast. Talk in chief's. This whole offense centers around the health two individuals. Carry killed in front of skills. I'm terrified of one of them is terrified. Gimmick the playoffs. It's kill or Travis Kelsey miss extended time this season will not make the playoffs. You answer that. And lets the running game becomes big factor argued that. Despite hard to believe in this case that right now how many coming no weapons do we know this team that's. Hill Chelsea alt UU three months I think remote gonna go that we all think he's going to be good that's three weapons how many weapons you think this team had two features there's. No not a weapon a so we're gonna eliminate one of weapons and give him who all bets with a limited quarterback that can't make one. I it's not like he's gonna create hybrid gummery they're like they're not they're doing this year. Let me make the counter argument over. The chief's office has been pretty much the same every year under injury. And they didn't really have weapons the first couple years and had Dwayne Bowe who was terrible fit with Alex Smith. And he was as a receiver. I mean it's not exactly exactly none of us now I was there aren't yet camera rough government but if she softens we'll still around you know ten to fifteen in scoring and in total yards and affection and obviously. But they've been about same office no matter who weapons are around Alex and it's almost like an Alex and Andy dominated offense now. If you're gonna say to take an act that next step. They anymore weapons I'm I'm right there with you but I think Andy Reid. Is enough to at least coach up a mediocre offense with the despite who is out there I mean look at the patriots playoff game and Tony fifteen the Mac on that game. Still the. Is in a bomber mergers and it is on him obviously via. I mean let me ask you this Dick do you think that's one of the flaws of reed is a coach is sometimes these two over depend on scheme we saw the same thing in Philadelphia had donated over one wide receiver I could just get by with Freddie Mitchell and James the rational these other guys. There will be good butcher has always is seal like as much you can scheme x.s and o's man LSU we have the greatest quarterback of all time in Tom Brady. Man it's hard to out scheme everybody in every single big game that I think. I think our offense obviously with a Gregory and a ceiling Jonas is ceiling offensively because if I'm the patriots. I'm taking out at least one of them there's no way Kelsey and he'll have a good game against the patriots are taking out one album and I making Chris Connelly Albert Wilson. Dimitris Ayers beating and they're not like you're not going to uttered you're not talented enough to be an elite team with those weapons in my opinion not at a high level. That's come of that that Angel conversation about. With and I don't I don't know if this is an Alex thing or it's an anything. But the one thing that we have seen consistently. Is that Alex seems. Unwilling to exploit matchups. Where it's like if if he knows that whoever it is that's you know guarding. Let's say Jeremy Maclin last year or something or Tyree kill at this point. If if the guys that being double covered Alex wasn't like specifically. Throwing at a dive away that we saw Peyton meaning to the way you see Tom Brady due date you look at those. Those matchups and specifically were gonna win on this you know nine times out of tents one's gonna throw it to that guy. Announced doesn't do that. Alex is constantly looking for you know whichever is the right option in this particular thing because he's so he's very robotic and he wants the full I mean has ups either receiver open and throw the open receiver. And that's his whole philosophy. Right it's alike that's where. I said. Last night I I didn't think that any guy on the team outside of killing Kelsey or at least any receiver Chris I think I do think the running backs are gonna play a big factor in those receiving game. But I don't think even Conley. Any of them are gonna have more than like forty catches. Not that might mean that you have 45 different guys with 35 catches but that's Alex Alex constantly stressing all around it's yet and it's it's Indy too so it's you know we can have. Six different guys with 500 yards receiving and then you know and but that's that's how it seems to work in the passing game. I think it's a fair criticism and it does it mean you can look. And his team that broke through. Terrell Owens like that's that's why it broke acts. Eyes and and maybe thought Mac would be that. And maybe so Tyreke and now it is just opened my Holmes. Who's gonna turn the page to moans and Munich games. And you you wonder too though if either. Indy learned from it or Philadelphia in general learn from it I know the DeSean Jackson was not a first round draft pick but they took Shawn Jackson. Saw him become player and the next year turnaround took Mac when in the first. So I mean like they they changed their philosophy at least in some way shape performance we need to get better on the outside. And I mean I don't know if Chris Connelly as a third round pick is like a significant investment retiree kills a fifth round pick clearly not a significant investment. They haven't gone out there aside from. Giving dwindle contract in and giving Jerry Mac with a contract quicker they're not doing it through draft when it comes to receiver there they're putting very low investment even he think he was there. You pay them yet for sure. I think the instinct thing though is that like. With with these guys I do look at Chris Connelly specifically. And he reminds me of the fear that Dwayne Bowe was with Alex here you mentioned circuit like Alex justice either receiver open he does not have anticipation. Even though he knows the offense so well it's still about like it's on the screen and to not take chances yes it's it's not in in if you wanna call it throwing you guys open sure but like. It's more about. I need to see that this guy has separated in its seat for me to release the ball and throw like actual orders jump balls yet there's there's no there's no trust ball rolls from Alex and it doesn't matter who the receiver is I don't think anyone will ever earn that trust from. It's Alex just trust what his eyes seeing and it's not necessarily like what the player can do. And so when I look at a guy like Chris Connelly. Who I think it's immensely talented he's not just a great route runner but he's so keys so athletically gifted physical. Win Padma Holmes takes over I think Chris Connelly is going to explode like that that that season you're waiting for from him. He needs a different quarterback in order to get there. But those last thing out about the offense to defense a lot of things are on the defense to. The offensive line with the amount of money and resources they spend. Our league meaning the value out of the offensive line. Because. No one overall pick a left tackle you've paid Mitch more second round draft pick so you spent a high draft pick on him. He's gonna get right guard just got paid in layered you grenade tardy right tackle got paving they've paid. 43 of their fourth visit three of their five positions in one of the high draft pick who we think's gonna get paid Mitch more for the better centers in the NFL. The teams that spend that much off at the line around that much resources I can see the work of it. They're team like Oakland that clearly has built up their quarterback built up their running game a team like Dallas this certainly built up their quarterback and built up their running game. The G-7 average quarterback in the war average running the football last year are they getting their value from the amount of money that they spent on the offensive line. I keep hearing about continuity of this of the year hey we've had this system for 34 years in place and I got to see what this often the ones I got to see this off it's taken a step forward and then I can help attribute that to the up and the wind. So are you just got an average up at the one place in my opening. Yeah I think. What you said like this is the season you'd expect them to Pakistan like all been together at last season. I'm now having that full offseason and the belts together like continuity is is is a big part of it. I would sit there kind of a weird case study I think they're really good pass blocking and not negative run blocking for whatever reason. And I mean obviously you want more than that given all the assets that you talked about there and into the line. But I I would say I'm satisfied with their pass blocking. As a as a unit but not run blocking because there just wasn't much room mr. Listen I it's I don't know how to evaluate offensive line play unless they're playing poorly like that's. I don't know when they're playing well. Don't agree and I'm not having to sit it make it seem like I am duo also overture bought it is saying is we can agree that doubts of the go off and the line Oakland as a good off in the line. I can see the direct fruits from the tree if they're good offensive line men. Darren McFadden rushed worked out the yards on does that tell us to a tee off at the line at scheming coaching and all that. It's not like Beckham points the chiefs and be like me and this is what you're eating for your good office of line they're quarterback's not great and you couldn't run the ball very effectively lastly how many times on third and two. Fourth the warns 33 short yardage situations all that the line pass to win those battles are deathly not that's what they didn't win those battles last season they're definitely not. Power line that's been. Mostly you over on on third Q Stephanopoulos. That's in it's weird because it's like. When I think of when I think of Dallas. And I think of Oakland like. There offensive line sets the tone. I think that that's the way that they were built like they I mean you think you hear so much about Colette she'll civilly that the signing that the raiders made and that like. You just just run behind neck. And the chiefs don't. Have a guy like that on the offensive line and I think that maybe like tardy this kind of being propped up as maybe becoming that guy. I tell you what though I mean personally for as as much was made about the Mitch Schwartz signing last year. I really don't think he's played well yet I don't know I think is going to or not like I've been really disappointed with. This guy is arguably the best right tackle in the league and you paid him this money and like I'm just look at him like. I mean I don't. I think short of the. I hope becomes that and people would just say he was banged up last year which I mean is a very convenient and you can say that about. Pretty much anybody Reza bats is all their banged up but. You expect to see it this season disagreements chores because he was like the best right tackle football or in the FF. In point if you love but fortunately they signed an canceling the good signing it's a solid signing. I'm with threatening more times than not specially paying free agent offensive lineman. You're never yielded dividends up because it's just it's sonic labor position it's hard to really evaluate analysts are team takes the big stuff fort -- know if the money that you spell shortly obviously he's better than a fourth round player at third round player. May have for the money they're paying the third round climate it's not that much of a difference if you could spend that money on wide receiver running back another higher impact position in the past it from there Fisher's. I wanna look at as. And maybe not. Making a return on on the investment like it's been in the number one pick on him obviously terrible draft. The debate that'll there but I wouldn't paid him. Last year I mean I think is is going to be an average left tackle and maybe if you want your money tied up in that like you don't wanna bat left tackle I don't mind the official contract the layer rejuvenate party contract the one life why I why did you pay him like you did have to pay you pay it really for no reason I keep. Seeing positive stuff I'm maybe I'm just put into a sock in two our guys Seth Kaiser's reviews and errant drive but he loves. And I honestly don't know anything about often the line place on kind of just trusting matter I I want to see it out. You Renee tardy this say that I thought that they you took a step back specifically when they are running the ball when anger went down last year. And I don't know if that's like just a very convenient timeline of when Spencer ware also happening gators concussion or what. But directly correlate all be very interested to see. Wind and if and markets back into the lineup. Or if they're just gonna start Whitman and Whitman just place the whole year. But I mean we saw and a great we're talking about you know at the very least two hall of famers maybe three hall of famers. On those offensive lines that the chief said in the early two thousands but. We had this one position. Right tackle where it was just like it doesn't matter who plays there can be John well or can be. John Tate or whatever and they just rotated through guys and so if we have four spots and then left guard is the one who were rotating through guys and these guys are good enough that we should be. But I mean it is it is patently obvious especially if you look at pro football focus but they are very good at pass blocking and it just not the they don't space well there is there an athletic offensive line. Each. Again I just got to see a value from realizing that she's a bad profits allowed by any means I'd obviously I don't know enough to tell you they have a good or bad offensive line just based on anything you got a limited salary cap and you spent a lot of resources were really good offensive line. Points over the fruits are like that's my biggest arguing with the author of the line I would say look for it in few sacks given up this year and maybe like how good they do on screen pass so. That's the nice USC this we have a talk a whole lot about defense so much this has been about the offer to smoothed defense. Every argument about the defense is based store into one sentence if Justin Houston is healthy. Everything is based on that one thing he did because if just a nuisance LB and we all agree that never really good defense if he's not healthy. But I have to figure some things out. I don't know if you can hold yourself up to turn over the way they did last season. Eight if you're not gonna create pressure with they didn't do a good job of last season. Mean it's just hard consistently have a good defense in the NFL and it's hard to maintain that been but don't break mentality it. You're not forcing turnovers and high clip the way they have if you can't get a pass rush. I'll tell you this much the the one thing that gives me at least a little bit of confidence. Is that they put Tom on. At the very least they think that Justin Houston is fully healthy and Justin Houston thinks that he's fully healthy or else tumble would be ready right now. Like they're they are resting Obama. He could and I guarantee like Tom can go out and play on Thursday night if they needed him to. But I think that they are willing to lean on Justin Houston they feel confident that he's ready ego and my. Well I only just Houston's ever going to be the same player again. Reason to believe that would say that's simpler gain or are we talking about the top like the twenty sacks are we talking about. 810 to fifteen sacks hell raiser on defense I do think that's still possible for doesn't mean. I am soul wearied of of making any kind of prediction for him. And I'm just I'm just gun shy about it. Just Houston but as well just in Houston was one of the five to ten best players in the NFL including quarterbacks. Like at one point he was he was in the same conversation is as JJ watt like this guy is that dominant there's going to the guys all play defense against the Broncos last season. Is absolutely still there we like now you're right I don't know because they hoping for 4678. Games are you know I don't know how long ago I can stay healthy but that that's all play sample baucus the Broncos still has. I just and now you can make it argued it was against the wharf right tackle situation in the NFL could see absolutely. Terrorized. With a tie December lower somber ally productive and at the end. And Donald C game into pieces they'd be they made that error will rise isn't just came minister holding them and pentagon knows this game. Like me the thing about it and asked of them like it's hard to get whipped the worst that ever right tackle situation IB but those also like his first game back in maybe so they were giving them the attention they probably users and will get the rest of his career probably. So I don't know that's like an anomaly there are no obvious though after the first ten snaps of the game you just inducing him to play and collect pretty obvious. The U to figure sow doubt. A little bit different than what they were doing and they did not do it. We get so much of this season the conversation is based stolen. If Justin Houston is healthy which to guys played. Sixteen games the last two seasons. Yeah everything is healthy and I mean I mean people say that because he. Such an integral part of the run defense which fell apart last season without him and Derrick Johnson and some of the defense of Lyman. And the pass rush what he's counting on for both windows like I don't know we can to stop the run or the past about Justin Houston. And with them at least at full strength I'm pretty confident we can do both a keys that. Important and that's why they want to million dollars and you expects. And to play in the U Beckett. The the thing that's so frustrating is that like we haven't seen the team at full strength to win they've hit the playoffs each of these times. Someone is always hurt and it always seems to be one of the pass rusher is whether it's Tom or Houston both we've never had and we've almost been defined by pass rush over these four years then you read at least our defense. And we've never had a good pass rush in a playoff. That's script that does did you bring that I was robbed out of being nervous it's far have we can do right now. Pass rush we could say two years ago clear strength this team very defined we knew who passed versions work. Do we know who they are now. Justin Houston if healthy big Asher X. Ryan doesn't think he's gonna be the player that he used to be tumbles on the pup list. Who has generate a pass rush we confident before like. Where do we think this pass rush is coming from a night they went out there and drafted a sack guy. It's not like their defense on line is built for got to get a lot of sacked issued is based on the defensive scheme they run. Pass rush has gone from a certainty on this team to one of the bigger question marks that we don't talk about talk a lot about second airy a lot about wide receiver a lot about a lot of things pass rush continues to be concerned for me with this team. Yeah in I would say we know the guys we just don't know if there capable but we don't know just use and so we don't know if you Ford. But already about the for at least I don't know anything like before you civilly and of so here's the weird thing like all the questions that we have about Justin Houston. Grid there a senator on health but I feel like we have all the same questions with before it like it which which one is gonna show. We don't know fees and go to or not and this is his fourth season. We still don't know the guys good or fourth or it's more so like I mean. Stood I don't know I have I have no idea I would say that. The second best pass rusher behind Justin Houston the guy have the most confidence and is Chris Jones top and it's it's weird because we like he's not a pass rusher. I mean we get we get that but. I think everybody agrees he's fourth were good season right Christians. Always a pleasure indeed denying that. I was surprised that develops he was last season I was surprised at how far along he was last season and the national media loves him to elect people think he's going to be stars like rookie defensive linemen just as an out pass rush for cut develops a little slower than other positions on impact is visually jumps off. Chris Jones jumped off the page last season like. You're right Nationalists are very bubbly personality certainly look at the SoundBite if your national got to want to quote go to Chris Jones. Who provided for you he does have the makings of being. Relatives farming he placed notes tackling keen to see how big it was sparking a player be certainly. A well known popular player than I would say. The pass horses kind of depending on the defensive line to win some of those long on match ups like. Yes the wind Nunez Roche has come in and when I like Tim Allen Bailey has come in and win Bennie Logan. Most of their run defense because sold put lower pressure on the quarterback like these guys have to win their one on one matchups for the for it to be good passers I don't think. Just outside linebackers it's not this isn't just in Houston and and Tom I'll leave circuit Tony fourteen where it's gonna terrorized. Pretty much by themselves but guys can't create a group effort. And and what from go to the Ford. One weakness that we just happen there is always have you brought. Like good offense is no that they can always run it before and no matter they matter as it was not the best is the glaring weakness that war always have to deal with. Long assists and like one of those unfortunate things is that as a as a part of that group. We are absolutely destined to see for example played meaningful snaps. And especially if it's artists and if if anybody gets hurt I mean he's your third pass rusher until Tom comes back. And now how they use. This what are we calling him K policies got fourteen nicknames. The he just passed out Odom OK that's asks is it. Shortened version of record as though. But we knew we look at this guy and I mean. Just on his his sheer sizes is obviously gifted I I was really surprised at how fluid he looked in pre season. But they've got him listed and outside linebacker do you think he played that well with the with the starting to. I think that he gets in there and so packages they're gonna try to bring him along slowly but I mean why it is there any reason to not give him ten snaps a game at this point right now. I mean. That's an outrageous whole couple times based on the show listening when that match just to see him in and they can. Throw me in the nickel they wanna use an as one of the down linemen that one from outside like. I liked that Bob Sutton you know it's a mix of personnel and stuff and I think he's if he's a very interesting piece of what they can do. Actually kind of like the front seven. But I think that I liked the front seven more in 2019 minute you and towards them. Let me ask you guys this and I think you guys are better equipped to answer this question that even mean I've I've. To be like the upgrade of beanie Logan overdone hard. I took the national media likes it I I can't tell you talk often the line I'm not equipped enough to of highway defensive line and I'm just gonna reeker detail what I've seen other people's today. I I will say this in Kansas City. I absolutely like the being Logan change from don's article. But I think that what is there is going to be very inching is to watch. 330. Pound on to article that is like as light as he was a senior year of high school playing in Atlanta. Playing in a 43 being asked to be disruptive. Vs Bennie Logan playing nose tackle. Like the people are going to see Domtar Pope probably have a very good year Atlanta and say. What the hell were we thinking and he's playing a completely different positions lost a total weight and being asked to do different things. I would agree that he's better fit as a 43 defense advocacy can really uses apple and this is some more of this. Anna tell why needed to cigar. But in my college Domtar Pau intensity he got worse every year. Are we first came on so I mean broad rookie year aside yes 2013 when he first came on the scene Manning every at like. Eight sex the first eight weeks like he was a complete tear and it measles and get me attention that he was later on but his production at least went down every single seasons ago talking. Be that big of back problems I was Adam it do not paydowns Harpo do not paid on Torre pulled up on the worst countries can give out. Big back from any NFL clearly agree I was a pain you know I need to see you stay healthy and your over 300 pounds that you had chronic nagging back issues how to get Smart money to give that guy 25 million dollars guaranteed by. One of the smartest things that Dorsey left on his way out was. Avoiding the contract dons are Apollo and the writing was on the wall I mean you draft Chris Jones that's the typical Dorsey replacement drastic there. And then once Chris Jones blossom into the polar it was last year there was menos and there's no chance that on their vote comes back this is the root for an outlook he really quickly. I EO but disappoint I guess from our perspective so it's not the kind of predict with the chiefs are gonna do his. We kind of learn the tendencies of Dorsey at least we're draft respective the last four seasons like to write you draft Chris Jones. It was pretty obvious what the next move was going to be huge after Fisher obviously what the moves going to be bring in Albert. It's our first I don't know what that Oprah beef steaks I don't know they're gonna do OLD only got four draft picks next year and none of whom are really got I have a second round draft pick the Armenian valuable picks exe and they're gonna make you work next April. Yeah I feel terrible I'd I would say no first round credit he would people care about the graphics are kinsey I don't think. Esther date they may not act until it's much. Unless somebody. Steps up and and really in them on now. That's a room picture's going to be I'm telling them much. Good student I was surprised. I don't know like I guess I I look at Tyreke and Conley and I look at the importance of being able to plea defense. And man Stephen Nelson going on the short term IR. That's talks intern that's our priorities different backs it but there's lots of practice Aussie. I don't I doctor stuck. No I don't I mean that's that's essentially where I was going to look like Stephen Nelson if Stephen Nelson is going to miss at minimum eight weeks. And it's we have it cross yes. I was extraordinary joy and I labored for everybody knew I had five drinks surveillance are open you know an isolated as prime time rates that we get a big press cards allowance. And yes I I don't I'm not competence or the great stopping the pitchers others see eye to what was a cop in the they had both of I get that she's like a 5% chance of winning numbers and a 5% it's giving it cubicles. And in the able. I think most teams deployed at us and I think people this week that talk about the radio here like Weis and Davis chiefs. They have hatred are cleared away the best team in the NFL I think they went at least fourteen games this year I do not think you beat this team in this scenario but something will be it's gonna be all the wrote at this time that air let it apps have a chance to be deployed. Boy on the road of Brady gets his fifth raying Lombardi trophy big ceremonies Brady has more rings and everybody flag goes up and get dells they are clocks back for the first time. I mean it's opening day of the visible champions never lost on opening day other than Baltimore ready on the road. Two to Denver yeah it's like a plus plus BA it's been kept in Arizona on the losses because they weren't home that's why that's why I think. I said this from the day's schedule came out. The game against the Eagles the most important given season mostly most importantly have to win the third when he weeklong. And the Eagles our our push you know I was thinking that's it'll first came models like well let's cooler at the Eagles at home that's not like a guaranteed win the next week. Powered up at their front seven is this load but that's why don't we think that's a solid team week two against the Eagles is the most important game almost at this historic auto and true because they got it at the chargers next week. No audio to go on. To LA and improved a late hit on it in a must win divisional game against a team that gives you fits the charter always give the chiefs it's pathetic guaranteed dubbed walk in the air. So yes the chiefs better win week two against Philadelphia most of formulas that. This game Thursday rim is so it's really weird like in terms of preparation. And game playing I don't think it's like on like a playoff game it feels like a standalone because you end up you have. This Thursday night before actual NFL Sunday and it is like the first game of the year and like. Both teams I think are going to be doing some likes you're gonna get some some weird football on Thursday. But like. It the pats are just they're they're obviously there are different animal right now I will say that I think if anybody can do if anybody can gonna go into New England Thursday night to start the season and do I think game. Like debts that if anybody in the league and I think he can do it but it's gotten. The tiny corner in the game argument you might have been breaking new idea. As a white man he's this morning early. OK so who's it what's what's the bigger loss Julian Edelman or Stephen Nelson like I I'm gonna say it's Julie no. I mean it could be wrong here I don't I agree with you but we know the patriots we'll just create someone you've never heard of before I mean I would element that you don't like front diminish the author Julie ailment. Bring it cooks is gonna eat. Chris Hogan's going to eat there was on the slot is gonna and there's got to find somebody like there's gonna make another white wide receiver but the other gonna do this gonna go back. And they're gonna digger and it's gonna bite another white right receivers they're gonna turn to Danny Amendola still they liked it there medical PG also. As as a fan like I'm treating this game as a dress rehearsal. Like I I don't expect him to win it all I'm I'm in the same boat that you are saying like I think are gonna get crushed honestly. It is potentially the worst possible scenario to begin the season. On the road addict on Porter did in the NFL I do it I think it we look at every was all 256 or whatever game's the thing about it is the hardest game in the and policies I don't think every team lose I picked out to lose Green Bay Seattle. I would think every team in the oppose this and let me ask you this. Westar show on on Friday if she's one. Though the expressing mean if a two semester and analysts who have if you and I game you're investing and that's it's just it's it it's a 101 power cal I did you're the seventh team in the college football at you beat the number one team and entertainment so well. It is eligible for if you went on Friday I absolutely will come into achieved the best emea. And I got sidetracked. For the seat. I mean the tiebreaker of the patriots not a big you went fourteen games with a patriots are booklet that paid off fourteen when you do lose. They won it all that the chiefs. Wellesley or might do actually future's best and if I'm up. Excited about the game just because nobody is expecting to win but there's no expectations for us we can get crushed. I don't think I'd change my season prediction for the chiefs plus I would say this though. The Holmstrom is dead if they would want all opts. In my own doubling its embassies analyst at the injury like George scenario of later in the year no absolutely he wouldn't be. Don't know it all plays that we we want now obviously something happened they their competitive in the game like. Is it possible their competitive and it's a 2724. Game that you played really hard in this. The only way it's a loss for the chiefs meet is if if they get blown out you can't block their and you beat 31 authority. But if you go out there in your competitive and it's a late touchdown and makes it ten point win the patriots barely cover art like again most of us think the chiefs Vegas has what the chiefs than nine and a half point dog in this when you're not winning this game. Competitive though that that that speaks a lot about your preparedness your rating is are you a contender. If you are there any Guinea DB 313. We'll have a serious conversation Monday or Friday. Nobody's that would be shocked with the original I want these are just boring one to three and that's an area when you've had 51 with a birdie on ten. I mean Kyle and ask will open man that that's that is that's one place and look at it doesn't surprise me it doesn't change anything for the season for I would say it all depends on site and it was they'd it all depends on how VS will open app and like meeting our cattle parts of Tennessee how the game works. Many as one of those days mate is throw the ball over 34 times let's say the offense looks lethargic in this one they can't seem to move the ball they can't get on the board the deep it's getting in shreds. I will absolutely be terrified. Of that Eagles game if that's the case like epic about their display complete stinker idol. I don't wanna see the offense go out there struggle because and I I know that Bill Belichick is a genius. And he's able to just like plug all these guys in who's the who's the best pass rusher on the patriots. Who's starting trailers patriots I don't I cannot name their outside linebackers. Like I don't I don't know who they are. I really don't know anyone in their front seven except for Donta hightower triple our earlier in the hunt but. I I look at obviously they have a good secondary that that's and that's an understatement I mean you know of Malcolm Butler and so when Gilmour and smoke forty Clancy director target and the back in public. You you also have to look back and I that's so it's so strange man that I know it's not fair collect the last time that the chiefs play the patriots. The game was really close and we are you talked about like it was a Jason. Rate lake. That game schools. But also please. We also pulled like finals plays out of her past like I'm not counting on repeating Alex running around for his life and an eating at fifty yards and Chris Connelly. Plus close and that is seven minute two minute drill you but I mean like. Close I'm with you it was close. Kind of close in score only a discourse closer than the game you know scores obstacles which it was as clear they're not trying to like don't negotiator like big Thomas felt like I was there but. Just watching the talent watching that environment the game was not at the legacy to the scores kind of took Ted but kept us at -- plant the entire game like reserves now. 12 possessions and and play with. That on a book you guys like K you basketball it out of the like games at Alan like the games Allen will be seven point game McCain was never in danger of losing elect all right Allan affect like if you're not you're not beating that team in that scenario they win these games all the time that's how my game felt. And that's why like I and I wonder is if like this is is New England charged up for Thursday night against the chiefs like absolute. Absolutely. I mean it is it is charged up for it to me the biggest reason to delve there. Yeah the -- there and in it in its users direct AM Brady gets five re getting five the electricity of the crowd to Ingrid del being that they signs were Tennessee. On to develop a monsters as well it'll look like game day out there he'd be where is Bill Richardson. There can be wearing a clerk he represents me and well. He wears a Tyreke soldier he thought about domestic violence is bigger and tougher on that this year it was about I'm good at talking points. If there's still think if there's any positive of playing the patriots and we line is that it's on Thursday night and gives you ten days. To acclimate. To evaluate what happened to try to figure some things out and get ready for fairly now I do think insisting that he said the death Philly game is like the most important game of the season. I wasn't really going there. But boat when I said like I I'm treating this as a fan as a dress rehearsal. I I'm just like writing the game off like it's a fifteen game season and we start with one in the loss column of Serena. Have been enough six months. If there's no I don't gone for six months you know that's exact same way I looked at it. Cornerback we kind of alluded to it kind of got off when it's in which proved that fine. They believe they have eight corners under the age of 2.5 now seven because the Stephen Nelson injured. We know one of home and we know that side of the field is taking care of why would you ever thought that side. I give mark of Peter is gonna be on one side and they're not gonna move a map kind of your rover while the other team's best receiver. I'm actively avoiding Peters if you appears 45 times in the game if you might want to be played these catch a one level I think I've seen happen to me times I'm not gonna continue to test that side which puts more pressure on Mitchell. Gains Nelson. And the other guys on the other side of the field. I mean that's twice sixteen in a nutshell I mean after the first. Three or four games when people or test computers and is pick off passes they have a five for the first or in this open it up. Like you're not in and if he's as some gonna continue her on this team they're not mean that's. The end the end of the argument. Well and OK so let's say Tom Brady throws thirty passes. On Thursday. Ability throws at most like three in the way of Marcus Peters. And a lot of them may have to do with just this. This wealth of running backs that they have liked where we're really going to be tested is the linebackers in the safeties being able to cover their running X. And I mean that's that's that's what a lot of teams are gonna be speech struggling with his skin is. They just said they've got all these guys that can catch the ball. And they don't like. Tom Tom obviously spreads it around like a woman was kind of his security blanket megas growth is too good. I mean if you watch that that twice fifteen playoff game. Every big play it like third for so they brought us and it was it was an in the slot on the wrong wrong Parker was my thought but he is also playing ten yards off line of scrimmage not pressing because we didn't have a true slot corner. And without Stephen Nelson we don't have a slot corner now. It's gonna be gains and I think to gains as actually the press in the slot like you need to field press. Are otherwise came around little nick plays and pick up every single burden and four. No gains was getting barbecued and that Broncos game cooked of that long touchdown pass over the guy's name. One Broncos receiver gains league he goes well at the typical involve it was it was some odd angles and I don't I don't mind me. Well it's this way there but she's fans loved Cody lateral wanted to regain the city and now you're the number. I Oliver mount a book boat and looked at it just like now we don't ever gotten hurt at U definitely UW Ford Motor credit I don't. However I don't know I think I probably. Do it like 65 adding the analog rolling about eleven. Listen if you are taken in the second or third round I want you moment by all the second and third round draft next. I will tell you this wind Phillip gave resulted before we started seeing all of these injuries to Philippines. People were excited. People liked what they saw from him he's a Torres just in Houston if he's healthy he can be and that's and so that's the thing like I'd I can't trust him to stay healthy. But if I get sixteen games out of those gains. I think that you will play well. And that doesn't mean he's gonna be glory player but like I feel comfortable with him on the field if he is healthy. I also don't trust him in the slot. I like this as my super secret game plan does everybody think in the chiefs are moving their corners. Tom pretty well to go to the slot. We got all this time to repair its first week we've had you know the patriots are scheduled for six months here. Mark speakers on this line. Limited slot take away that security point. Take away what the patriots do best like Belichick does to the opposing offense he likes this receiver put Peters on the slot put gains and a Terrance Mitchell on the outside and roll that. And I press that far to get it right in his face and press take away that third fourth or it's so easy. I don't know me and soaps so much about Peters is like instinctual. And he plays a little bit with like his back to the sideline. And idol I don't think he can do that and we need to take chances as we can't just go out there and and let them think and we cannot display the bend and break defense and expect to win this like we have to go out and attack and the best way to do that is with a wrinkle. And confuse them give them something that they. Not expecting it gonna have to Alter its viewing. Of course and but we'll be quicker than any team to adjust so you gotta be ready for. And nobody expects to Peter in the slot because they've never shown haven't been talked about in in practice reports or anything like that like. Throws open like that let them make of them try to adjust like you have to do that. Because we're such big underdog you can't just go out there and play our typical chief's game. And trying grind this one out 76. I'll think it's our thing is any chance. Build the weird thing with New England though is like I'm a little question continue like throw a wrinkle with the patriots. Because like. The teams that have beat them. They haven't done anything like that it hasn't been some special package it's been the giants generating pressure with the front four being able to hit Brady in the mouth it's been. Von Miller completely wreaking Havoc or religious Denver's front being able to do it. They select idol I don't know if there's something that you can do to relief to roll off. Belichick and Brady like I'd I don't know if you can it has to be its I think for the most part it's just this year. Like battle of you have to win one on one matchups against new England and that's on both sides of the ball you have to do is beat him. And I because I don't think that New England but of course they came when. But that's like that's why world one that desperately want but it is something a little. On. I mean seen anything like just take the loss I'd go out there tries on the bill because I don't I don't think that it necessarily has to do win if I mean look we we have seen. What felt like an inability to get anywhere near Tom Brady because he was throwing the ball in like two seconds we saw the same thing with Peyton meaning. When the you know his first couple years in Denver when it was like how are we supposed to be this team. And negated west but. And so I guess that maybe like win Denver beat New England. It's because they have the combination of the pass rush and being able to have the key to leaving Chris Harris and and Bradley Roby so like I give dad. Yes take like grocery and then the pressure and get. I just man I really don't think they're putting Merck is tutors in the slot as the right thing to do justice so I mean that's that's that's their. The order wrinkle up there and our ability I don't have any problem with a wrinkle I wanna go back and answer of course what they often are completely forgotten talk about the so we can talk about we're here let's is let's let's get everything she's out there. More tyra killed transitioning to the number one receiver. Cause for concern excitement where are you guys that. Because I think it is a good move I think people may be over selling the kind of season he's going to have I think you maybe had 859. Regards Jude Alex Smith. Transition to the position etc. Ideas are not expecting one of those big it Du'Shon Jackson kind of years that maybe this stance would indicate from DeSean Jackson was in Philadelphia. I'm just curious where you guys were Adam commuting it's. Idol. Unless it's a huge here I guess I mean you see he's he's kind of like the typical. Training camp superstar and maybe sometimes ABC does what the lesser tier players but also sometimes it's like the upper tier players as well. Mean you can see it why it happens they released Jerry Maclin now we're gonna pop up Tyree kills in a one receiver. I especially with so much of training kit is designed for guys like Tyreke Hilton Fuller yeah I did benefit smaller faster players. I was very worried and then you receive the training camp videos and those roasting corners like that and you get more confident. Endemic to showcase and we quarter and then didn't really after that and maybe that's on purpose to be like. We we have like Tyreke kill players Wear like a showcase them in the precincts that have to put us out of San Francisco was nasty. And menus you have those in in training camp against some of the good corners on the chiefs missed and it gets Peters has gotten people's computers over and over. Long it's short I don't know. I think I think that he still going to be used and a variety of ways if for no other reason than he's just so immensely talented than it and liked it they will hand on the ball. And it's not just going to be on reverses like you I think you'll see Tyree kill even lineup in the backfield again. And even as your number one receiver there are still going to have these like weird Tyree killed package plays that they're gonna do. Honestly my biggest concern with him. And it's it might be lazy on my apartment like I just don't know if the guy can stay healthy I really don't. He small man the keys he is a little guy that's my fears and in when you so you look at like some people these compared to. And and it's a lot of it is based like on the sheer size of the player. And it's Antonio brown and Steve Smith you know and those guys are the exceptions they're not the rule. And so when I look at a guy that's. I mean five day maybe. And I mean he's obviously solidly built like. He's not brutal this game is man and if if if the volume of of touches in the way that he's using everything continues to grow like. I don't know if you can take the punishment obviously he's unbelievably talented. It's a lot to ask to just move motorists if someone else I mean. Fifth round rookie last year nobody really knew what to expect any given these gadget plays hand offs and screens and one. He's got his pass outs but he's running guests and also he's thrust into the that receiver one role. And maybe that doesn't carry as much light in the chiefs' offense is that would and other offenses but. It it is a lot to ask from a second year fifth round rookie who was playing net. To do it whenever colleges put the name he did like 50% of the snaps or something his rookie nick like it was not that much but it was like if he was on the field. He got the ball. Yeah. In court yeah yeah and it's up at for image right that's my fear what you talked about. Was the size anatomy and appoint everybody makes the same thing would have to review brown like. I've been making his point got to go back some all of the media and paerson. Like both Iraq and brought up plug in the same thing one of the work alone didn't work out of here may have brought us while it's appropriate behind Pete Manning look out day and he has problems of war and brought us while it clearly wasn't and work that your right. What's good breaks audio brown isn't good for every small player in the just locking her last season he seems as Antonio Brown like it's four point right the brutal game at the contact sport guys are when he injured inch roll with it. And what you were saying the transition was meant last year no one really knew about Tyreke Q and when you didn't know we was it was a week twelve week thirteen. This is all off season you've had time to scout and prepare and play it in very few players aren't that dominant. Shipping auto Beckham Julio Jones which may be used made very few players in the NFL just run roughshod over the league what you did last season. There were times he was unstoppable that game against the Broncos disciple he was on stock. That's the NFL at the top colleges. And NFL is one players just clearly superior to everybody else miniscule position that's my quarterback. I just I struggle this year when more attention more the focus the game plan's gonna be to stop Tyreke hill. Does he still have those would be moments in the structures where you both completely stop. Also how does he handle struggling housing handle the extra attention like does he get frustrated with not taking all these carries in the house and detestable like five times in those games that he is exploding last year and you know and takes 320 yards and one of them eighty yards. Like if you get that extra attention sacirbey merely as easy he's gonna have to grind now. Some of these games is gonna happen to have six catches for 48 yards on them it's gonna to keep chopping wood. And he got to teach probably nope not or sucking in you're not such tablet. We've got this far aren't happy as anything anything yet untouchable about like we've done a pretty comprehensive. Released felt like going to be kicking game in the punting game. Justin's gonna be dusted let's see how help the Cairo Santos is there a special team to date oh yeah I mean like about the data they've though they're gonna be good this. What they head to block punts during the pre season in return for touchdown like yes they're going to be pretty south to. Yeah two they won the first one in the online that you know and they did it to buck went over under half this this season what fun yet over. Taken over. All one less thing on on Tyreke where did return I was gonna say real quick circuit drop kick return. We agreed to restore an opponent's kick returns gonna be a combination guys Spiller to mark Robinson at night and be one set to return. Spiller. I think that they'll put Tyreke out there and when it matters. In games and games that they wanna. Missile somebody but I mean most atomic that kick is going out of experience on anyways so I mean that's the way it's design in the league now I don't Spiller would be mines for us. So. Less Lou one quick thing on Terry. It really depends on how is defended. Because. There are there are few. True like shut down corners in the league. And so if you're not it's doing all this different shading in trying to double team hammer always have a hope over the top love like. Tyreke based on his speed. And even what he's shown to be pretty capable and route running he will just beat guys in front of him. So like is his numbers I don't think there's any reason why his numbers shouldn't go up if they're gonna continue given the volume but. Man I wanna say it will news. Seattle game. He had like three or four balls go office hands and some of the more relief like thrown in the rights bodies have and try to do it justice from behind him and what not like. That's that is the kind of stuff that I worry about is like going from yours you are a small part of the office but when your on the field do you view our focus to. Now it's like there are big time expectations for you and if you do struggle like now what is what is his reaction to that can be. And I'll bet but I'd I do think that like he's still he's still gonna get open third teams are gonna have to decide if they wanna shut down. Tyreke portrait of skills like to you have to make a decision every single week. And so if if any greed and if Alex Smith are willing to say we have to. For all intents and purposes superstars on this office and you can't double team both of them. I'm gonna throw to the guy that only has single coverage every time I was gonna do. That's why I was I was really high and the chiefs offense up until they released Jeremy Maclin just because of that point you jets face so much to it in terms Kelsey entire kilt. Back in the middle one coverage pretty much every play like he was poised for huge season. And one of the capped by I would be much more confident in the chiefs twice haven't you know offense if Jerry Mac OU. I would too. Way that you guys all play a team to go to wouldn't chirping quick. We talked rock star life yet you. Don't like you'll sixties right to strike up a pretty good about it. I had Oakland when he AFC west. Tennessee I'm very Tennessee's I think I think it's a lot to go in the game this year he is out lock to win double digit games this year I think is the question is like ten receivers him make those kind of like that you hot break up and it's like which one of those two quite suitable. Yeah I got it well I think that. I'm more muscle on the division like that division is always has so what turn over you can't beat the saints can't offend anybody. I'm still kind of black and Carolina artist that you can come down at me or him bail roll the dice and take him bay my AFC playoff teams were Pittsburgh. And it got traffic into my head. Pittsburg. Oakland. Tennessee Tennessee. And new England and my second place in my two wild card teams working the citizens and. I'm I'm really Ohio Baltimore. I actually love the offense for Baltimore. I'm I'm not I'm not kidding. I I think I think that terrorist list is a very capable starting running back but they added to any would. And you have Jeremy Maclin and you Mike Wallace and if you get anything at all from sharper and like I just I I really like the weapons that they have offensively honestly I mean I think I think it's a really nice mix of talent. And defensively like if they're not the same ravens' blood. I I think that they're still pretty good on defense a lot of people really like what they have. I'm I'm I'm Baltimore tables resuming play. That's populace that Saturdays at us as I exactly how our ball productive a Cincinnati Dalton is healthy Joseph makes an addition solid running game. I for back AJ green solid defensively I kind of like the angles or the chiefs are the kind of same team. Phillip on the Bengals lost their hubris often the linemen. This offseason I would like high on the Houston Texans still. I think that defense might believe the best in the league Batman made behind Seattle I guess you. Mr. Shelton now CN do CO ST for details. On him I I got the number ones in my view load. Coca and I also like charters I think there's a good chance they when they its US debt all those injuries last season. It'll sort of started this year. Yeah I mean the rookies yes I mean I'm in cells on IR it's been like the last five years it's within let's go to playoffs he was off pot he's going to be there's all these studies like injuries kind of even out in the long term except for the chargers and they don't like the bottom five for the last five years is like you'll sleep organization kind of things Clinton. But they're set up. They're passer ushers joint boasts an opening a great victory corners Casey Hayward and then Jason for a comic corner I think defense is going to be good as the old. I've had a thing for Philip Rivers. I think the chargers he's got a ton of weapons to me and I mean yeah they receivers for days because Keenan Allen always guys and well. And you guys stepped in like Terrelle Williams and then rookie tight end under Henry like they've got and then in the gut Travis Benjamin too I mean and and yet even if gates goes down even if Q now goes down like they are already setup with all the weapons in and throw in Mike Williams whose could just be wild card yeah I mean I was never really big season. For them yeah he's like Cindy who could could be very I think Los Angeles. Yeah I. So called San Diego what I've finally just adjusted to Los Angeles rams you got to give me season to get adjusted to the scene Diego. Los Angeles charged you gotta give Utah outlets are looking up this that one point knows the listing as LA feels like we're seeing that it could invite list that's out with last year I columns they agree of the mentally weak well audience votes he got tired of attacks like corrected me that its its laws into the keynote Allen talking about Ali until the federal state about the desert vehicle albeit it is the chargers are. I love the idea of them playing in this like smaller stadiums like 37000. Or something like atlas. I mean I I actually really like it because I think that it can be like like really. On an entity and rowdy Walt so here's the thing though it's like. Because of the way that it's built like you are right on top of the field because it's soccer team like it's intended to be like. Straight like there's not really sideline space in the near the woods college wrestlers that are right on there check. What this Ackerman let them talk to you were very art course record the style. Still I actually I get this bad no I'm idle I'm serious. They suck up the breakthrough in America this year people are in doubt don't like hearing is with the twentieth consecutive years of America develop. After the chiefs I watch more soccer than football. Like I I watch more soccer games than like nationally televised and games I watch the chiefs and I watched now. All of my house but I think I don't know how to lowered to answer may as well. I don't I I try I tell that's ridiculous every day at least in my mind I like it's its weird and daily textile like someone. No NATO and benefit IA. I love the NFL a little football me amateurs this I don't know there's so it's it's really weird is like I ate. I like inherited the NFL you know my dad like took me to games and it was something that just kind of got agreed to meet and like. How I came to love soccer was very organic. I just like I just started watching it and really film over the game and I mean I don't know I can't get enough laps and I know there's a lot of people who like weather sucks. I mean if you soccer at night a little clock USA soccer and I and I understand the appeal of soccer more I can't watch on television does actually looked informing. Like going to sporting at least I get it like I would I would sporting games I don't know something like didn't register to meet for the first couple times that way and I went a few times apparently four by games last year. I understand like I can see I I always argued about soccer is I think what ruby harms in America complex stops it from growing. It is hard to see that individual skill and players. Like a well all I can see the really good like you've never really impressive twelve yard run like YouTube technical gods medicine and soccer's apartment tell who's glowed like if you don't score it's hard for me you see who's cool it. And they don't score a whole lot to which is it's hard for me to see and appreciate individual skill. Like a baseball guy can rob a home normally dean of the really impressive play. I still I don't understand soccer enough to see those moments when act. So the boot. The couple problems is that number one like while. The MLS is getting better. It's still not oh lead to slower with talent and so like if if what your exposure is is watching the MLS because statement they went on ESP in like. You're not going to be impressed with the kind of talent because assist that's that's not the lead level guys in the world. But the biggest from the soccer has and like you get you can joke about like also offers the breakthrough the biggest from the they have is that. In America vacate grow because they can't get the TV money and they're not gonna get the TV money because. It's 45 minutes of no commercials in in like ten minutes of commercials in their 45 minutes of no commercials. Like their opportunity to make money is by putting somebody on their Jersey and then having like the running video board inside the stadium but. All of the other sports have the running video board says stadium two and they have every single they've got TV timeouts there plugged into an on itself like. The TV contracts for soccer in America are so small it just doesn't matter in all of the other countries in the world they're not competing with anything it's just soccer like that's what you get. So. Expert I've never I've heard I've I've married guys can't remember that argument be admitted to very very Little League and that's the biggest like those the teams in the MLS like. As as more people get interested in some like the bigger companies are willing to put more money into those the few sponsorships that they can get it'll help the league grow but. Like you're you're not gonna go out and spend the kind of money that they do on the the big time players because teams don't have the money for. It's not backed. Well I mean we gave you football and football talk here you ought to be like yeah. Like two minutes I mean I have ever you're like. I thought I'd like. Gotta give you that rides golf on his partners. What if I can't plug where you can hear you gotta do that that's always key. We are HPP Casey. She's podcasts across most platforms. If I mean on third is there Hampshire I'm sure everybody. I don't know what. Layla and I was so Agile but with all right. Well yeah I mean it'll that's that's pretty much we're going to find it matches his eyes are landing pages ought to let children talk about cheese for this long to put this we need to post their via video about it yet it'll it'll be an air price obviously you can you know download and on. ITunes and moments so. But thanks thanks here's is obviously couldn't do this in the professional studio. It just feels very on his amateur ish weeks and that's why didn't make image buyouts are saying cuss words or anything at all night I don't feel. Right doing it earlier front eyewitnesses again you have to buy it as a loser I stood up protected. For Ryan for nick we got here.