The Sports Rapture Podcast- Week 1

Wednesday, September 12th
It's week one of the NFL season. Dante Hall brings you his thoughts on what went down in the NFL in week one. Insight on the Chiefs vs  Chargers...who looked the best to the X-Factor. What NFL teams struggled and also what he saw out of the college football world as well. Friends of his join along the insight train as well. Priest Holmes and Eddie Freeman stop by to weigh in. It's week one and The Sports Rapture Podcast has you covered. Enjoy

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This is his fourth trip cart path yeah I'm real close Dante Hall AKA that you enjoy stick. And today I am cool of joy it impossible to meet you so. Please support voice and I took to get through today so when I am not the only person on the web today and do all the things. It looked like they were on the weather to. Discuss that game of course she's season opener. As well this other kind of bill we want takeaways. And a quick deal and to the world of college football but first. And that world is a Kansas City Chiefs. To assist me in analyzed in the season opener is a guy that's a Super Bowl champion. But three time pro bowler. Three time first team all pro. NFL office a player of the year. A two time and if they're Russian touched our leader. As well as the NFL rushing noise leader and 2000 more he's also indicated this CDC's hall of fame my guy. Priest. Anthony holds. A. Let's event and expect. And that's what to expect little blunt I don't know value doing today I'm pretty good and I still get excited when I hear you always this week. Whom all the excitement you started on that deal. Whenever their return went up and it is you know I appreciate it appreciate you coming on the data itself talked chiefs football would have meant would you see in this season opener. I don't really impressed you know young guys. In a really stepped up our complete a bit planetary Kyoto at the beginning and that giant green. A disappointing day you'll see only caught one ball on yes today so we're just gonna let because you know I definitely think he had that Goldman's showmanship that what you give him why he almost electric I'd be game to get probably guys throughout that. Yeah I thought he was gonna have a big game also but hey if you go get up impressive win. Like that would win Travis only have one kiss then. You off to a great start. Also want to ask you this freeze when you look at this chiefs team the way they're built. What's the first thing that comes to mind when you watched this team. Sickening in my speech. They have to speed they have the youth. Now on the opposite side of the ball I. I think that in a can we've always had an opportunity to do that to be a threat are all bits and different. Different parts of the season aren't we saw that last year but I think that the proper step secure identity. And they're gonna definitely be the spot runner in terms of Kitna upright in open would be spent advocates the deepest again we always talk about game but don't break if they could keep that velocity. This team cadet regal park. But they've been in the low too much for my liking but let me tell you what I see. All of the first thing that comes to my mind when I watched his team in the first thing comes my my priest. The Golden State Warriors. Let me explain and explain. Went up the Golden State Warriors when you think of that team that team is this weapons galore I mean you have. Every position. Is pretty much an all star or future hall of Famer. All you got weapons everywhere I look at how our reach has been a step curry meaning. Did the dynamics of this guy it's like Steffi disorder and anywhere he can hurt you anywhere he can dribble shoe. Penetrate he's he's decent on defense. So other guitar Rica has been stiff Kerr I'll look at a Travis kills the ants being. Klay Thompson kind of like we just alluded to he'll have what kicks but you best believe. He opened up things for tar region as well as the other guys all meant so he's that clay Thompson type figure to where he may not fill up the box score Pakistan of a curry will all the time. But you best believe he's affected are comedy game other get re hooked essar workforce that's a dream on green right. And then you got a guy like Sammy Watkins we've impacted my home with they'd on the field and that Andre. Regular dog whatever it damn dude name is Andre what's is name on it if they get doc. I would I would it would detonate a lot of Hollywood today they announced today but you know how she and hope while talking about that's a patch in my home Korean hunt got someone get this team so you know Golden State Warriors men and that's when us. Try to you know humans in the Golden State Warriors and I liked it complicit and you were spot on when he talked about trademark green he talked about Karine a beat the world of course you'd utility guy he's gonna get into it got to eat it you gotta go. Are hard you got to be aggressive I even played in the trenches that's going to be a deadly a good to present were calling about this Dave Bush is put. When did before they are there regular person that you did we get and I have to put it pointed out our children direct and that's going to be. I put it as a compared to what we can't can cheat that this problem but we I would like to take you beg to repeat we're years away it Kevin Durant graduated. And it almost. How romantic moment no I don't know. The mod. Among them this blog you're gonna go there only if they couldn't it couldn't read you know you'd UT AUT got so. So maybe that's a whole lot of good Rawls the camera Durant on this thing. There again is Patrick my holes the Kevin Durant on the tees off at. At this point I would not CE speak Kevin Durant what I can't seat he has some weapons. Debt Kevin Daria and in his toolbox speaking pullout at any time that midrange jumper that given direct can do speak it Becky down 08 edition glittery I don't think that the ability that we would see in my home in terms that he had bet. Slingbox now this where if you need to throw the ball fifty yards it's not gonna be a problem keep it going. On a on a on a quarter out. To do that he can do that it it is across so well which we saw it yesterday in the game Bob will carry a common cause to on this let out he was able to will let in near. In the midst of his own deep into debt at a bus. We're different that I don't that was just the way I thought that was the most incredible tomorrow. It was a simple like he's got simple little route. But the way ahead of fit that thing in and the way he had taken toward his or to get debt that angle just right to fit that in the tar read. To me was the most impressive play of the day from him. Absolutely so there's both in terms of the comparisons idiot Kevin Durant absolutely not at this stage of his game but does he have a whole box. Like to Mandarin he even pulled out a different weapon and beach witty in a meter and wait I mean you could put him on the blue if he can make things happen. As he's grown and away. And still able to couple a dime and throw back across the grain if he needed to we've seen in the preceding games so excited about what cheetah. OK so no Kevin to rest on a team what you witnessed was a still plays straight minds and Andre. Okay cool now I wanna get to take off from Fremont. Yeah agreement you know I had an opportunity to meet him I went to the one of one banquet earlier this year. I had a chance to sit and talk with him out there it is because that the work. The workhorse mentality if that he had. And it's it's it's just speak welcome 11 at at camp. You know what really drives him and you know he always talks about the fact that you know come from a small school our are. I mean in day one and people not necessarily knowing what the ability was going to beached NBA and police showed up last prestige and all that ringling game. And even though it started will crumble well well he was able to do it Spartan composure yes that's well like about the young man. And Beckham would search to be a threat and a wet and that regardless go to the what position you put him and he's got that bounce back ability and I think that goes a long way and I think that's what the cheese meat. No doubt now that those were all great accurately pitcher hurling. And they've become her from you lot think you're the best running back I ever played with hands down so for you to be saying those things about you know. He should definitely take heat now where do you see. That he can improve. Well you know it's one of those things that would have been a much success early on it's gonna be difficult to say what at this specific areas that he needs to. Two crude and because of so much success early on in leading the league university is kind of typical indigo girls are the ones that just let it get rest and did it ask eight rookie coming in to delete but I can't say that as far as their composure ability. Doreen EXP didn't go beyond just a running back and incorporating them don't. Included all in the same way that a totally does where he can aspect. The entire all bad just when you put him out why you can you can bring Opie and our connect him to the line of scrimmage would be the opposite Ryan and in a moment that you stepped amount he's expected the entire defense and I think that's the same way. They approached that I read it gently to an app that built on. In knowing exactly how to dissect that defense outside. Each each he really say much about them backed up humbling because it doesn't happen. He doesn't do it but almost do happen they do occur if the helmet is placed my ball at the right time it'll come out even on some of the best running backs in the week but again I just think it's awareness. In terms of how he could continue. To open up his skill set to it took sick the entire defense when he's out there and not just that's a running back. That's great perspective I didn't even think of that soft like you hide on the chiefs saga actually. You see VM I know it's only week one we don't wanna be a prisoner of the moment or anything like that do you see them been a Super Bowl contender. Or Super Bowl pretending. It's pretender or contender every now at my home I would have to use to where particular. Because they would only get so deep in in the play cost arches because the mechanics of so many things happening at that time you know even I CNET when it was such a great record in knowing that you had just because you get the momentum. You can overcome certain teams. But I think that would mark my own any quick and again I just go back to the expected the tool belt that this young man hats around at least. Is a problem I think he's gonna create some problems and I had a chance to speak with him briefly. And obviously it was neat congratulate him on the greens are on a great start to as a rookie coming into the lead in north needs to be taken over and be in the general on the scene. Are an acquired at the Quebec position but I think that he is going to be the difference maker and you. We can really DC because. When the ball was well over fifty yards and the only person. They can go kick it already downed Atari Q there's no deepens that spectator so. If they complete their composure can be bear I think and encourage him to be able to do that. Our I think is possible kids whipping that out there you doubted that the difference make when I think about. You better remember this is that this young man that has abilities into sports. So it's not like he's coming in with the ability would want sport and have in mind fit to be able to to transfer. That to get emotional or mental. Perspective that you need to be gained unit to support individual that has the ability to play on both level. Yeah that's on issues sport just sit out to me I think that's so great great job doing and had invested difference maker that's it yeah so it sounds like I can put your record for saying you believe that the chiefs after we want our. A Super Bowl content. Actually you know most of go with what my home he and always say they have that potential are they definitely not pretenders because we know with with this gives it that they have an ability yet again it's a matter. Make sure that the timing of everything that takes place on the football field is kept in on the deep into it and it's. And on the opposite end. No that's well I don't as well wanna go priest is known as deep as the site somewhere through all of the way ten toes in the dirt. When you talk about the Altman's you talk about Kareem know we talk about Patrick my home which you brother but. My concern and why we want I have them bid up pretender and not a key contender. Is simply because of their Deke come out at you and I'm lived through this net 2003 when we had all fit that was potent and similar to what do you have now and we couldn't stop anybody we could make the team put in the playoffs when I don't calling him names out when I'm gonna do that but. You played in a game priest so I may be is this me am I am having some some some. Back classes or whatever but to me when I sit team did not pull on defense or is big and too much on defense. That gives me Paul which is why I have to say I think they Oprah opry gender because hey do what they gain yesterday. That charges should had about six or did yourself all things they had so many drops I mean. I've seen that many drops it in high school game you have to go watch a Julia football game in order to watch that many drops so bad that. Concern me because Pittsburgh this week coming up you best believe they're not gonna have that many drops you believe that so. Your thoughts. He got you to know I I agree and you know I think that's a really good point also when he talked about the number of trot step that the charges. And it's unfortunate because you know they could be an entirely different. A two week three with the chargers because we know that that can be in a bulls got as it is and inconsistency on that could that potentially could be six. Got a message that is the story also on defense still so maybe is that while the tees off this looks dad who did well number one to read all about it Google good is because when you open up death deposition with in the and he whereas if there was also look at that point yet economically from excitement in the end an inning and ended Jim would have been on the road. That's a different adrenaline that that explains the part that I guess when I go back to my experiences and I played my first four years in Baltimore and I added I saw a defense arm. 1997. To 1999. Being able to. Manifest itself but I'm ray Lewis and knowing which are unique in police have a really great eight it. I can definitely agree would you bet again day. That in my head of the defense date they've got to be able to know that they have to beat the the group that's gonna win again we always know that at all this too geeky to the championship. But it's gonna take a deep debt owed to step up and winning game you saw the heat is definitely gonna have that mentality of being but don't break. But again and I think this bit last year. Where they could be in the didn't break but it got to the point where we can't let those people you know and so again about timing and I think he yeah the defense. As host I think this doesn't suspect they don't eat in New York Mets and I say yeah it is definitely in the ER deadbeat in Tibet. We were without Eric Berry now he's gonna change our entire complexity of the defense when he comes back we still have a chance to improve their defense and like you say they can improve and and maybe that fortitude that we need on that back and let me get John Hewitt this last question I've been giant to actual Dix and that's. They'll lay beyond pale fifty weighs now what you put yourself in Libya on bill's shoe you're trying to get a contract. You know you Gaza all beat up more than anybody. In the NF fail. Armed you're trying to get to use your contract you try to feed your family try to set up your kids for generations to come. And you got a Willie Roaf sand would penalties that any go to all the civil what would have say that about you you would have reacted house. It looked on our party to make those comments about this morning that you know that's a that's the goal you don't about you seem as much in agreement on yeah. Yeah absolutely bet you know I think debt you know bill opposite wind may or certain tucked away because you know they don't like you know we're the ones that are responsible. At into the day but it was responsible. For you'd have disability and could be able to to speak to continue to add debt. Debt continued success in running the ball. So I can do that on one side but then when you look at lady unveiled just as an individual. Are. I wanted to hit big shot I meet with the key to dispute to be able to threats that impetus cricket season it's our actor. What he's put up to our season after season. I I think that's an embarrassment and sealing these sorts. Check it yeah and I think it's an insult especially where we know. That that took the money is available now since 2000 and Lebanon since the new contract is designed. I just think that's an and so and terms of what easily on the table. Were the Steelers and our best belief I think that teach skate tomorrow awarding last scenes. We eat out out in the camp creek even begin right before we want he's trying to tender. And went on about his business and still had a really good seat and I think this was one of those situations where. As to make a point two how important he continue to be treated the great. And I think for him to be able holdout and not played numbers game again is him putting down his swift. Maine that I am the best running back in the league and I would say that outside of what the ability to screen hi showed that you Steele hold that best. Running back problem and each could be welcomed indifferent to be gained his approach to game is Asian. To be named as to how we gonna do whatever it into law that last question priest and hamlets Gennadi. Are you leaving 835000. Dollars on the table even after all that is say it all you I know I'm not. We brought the fun of OK don't tickle me is that I got to leave at 835. On the table no way. Well too so. So this complaint and the reason why Beckett kind of relate to this are. But not necessarily. In terms of the amount that relate to just a situation. Definitely I would leave they wanted to take eatery. On the table. I was in the middle I think that is because in 2002. Are going into that 2003 seed and I was going to leave everything on the table if each piece would have stepped up and actually gave me what I would work because bad out late 88 contract it made it past the you know I don't know anything that they needed cavity to provide it could be part of those 2001 that too heated so to be going to 200380. Yen. Contemplate. Playing into it in the heat and wood was unbearable so I think that Huntingdon that we see here. It's an embarrassment that's why I didn't feel pretty good now as one big difference though. On our team we all tool man love Priest Holmes to where you work the way you went about a business you'll consummate pro. I think the issue related Vieira. He's had some obviously some of the field issues and to me it's a tell tale sign that his teammates don't respect him on and off the field. As except. Absolutely I would definitely could you could see that landing distance champions beat. It is this debt debt circuit to several times. Eight suited them in I'm outside opt out of Pittsburgh. On how we thought about the upcoming season about what it would take him to get there are on the ball. And again there's a certain way about doing things and I think right now it's come to to the point where all the I tried to agree. Isn't working arm Oakley is something that's going on behind the curtains and needle pretty that there are able to put together as I would love to teach. Bill back on the field on the ball correctly he does a great justice to the running back position when he on the field but the salukis had definitely. I'd run into that track record of nick and some decisions that were always best in his. What he'd already provided this team. But in the seat he's he's. Including whole heartily reality this is Steelers nation hey put no bullets in the seats net they don't mess the most important goal I can't. When you hear you and rescind their landscape because you know he gave. No I'm going to Egan Jones Connor at this point is not putting anybody. In this week's meltdown that night even the US with 31 times in an over under very popular tells us a fumble that cost in the day. Exactly. What I say it is dale. Is the Pittsburgh beat any. He's he'll mark O box data is getting note note I gave him it will preach man as been enjoyed talking to you I appreciate you more than you know. Hope everything is good back and SA San Antonio and I look forward continued throughout the season and what was the first home game you're gonna go to. You don't look at that that first home game and I definitely am excited about that come about so I guess I have Atlantic City but it may be out you didn't it's not RB Darren October definitely. Okay I'm up with a peace love meant presaged. A. Great insight great perspective. And now let's move on to lose the next. Hi my next guest to assist me and breaking down my week one takeaways. Is a former teammate. That turned into a family. I call him brother eighty Freeman. He's a second round draft pick. Out of the University of Alabama Birmingham was a mugger brother or or what you know every one is in the bag rated talk some football let's go to off wit we warrant what we knew that was confirmed. First and foremost. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick met Tom and bill they the real deal. I I can't name five with a Gaza and a team I mean TV Tom Brady. I do you view gronkowski. I can give view I eat to live like you to other packets that you don't taste so it make you arm and Bill Belichick. Can can you name some other guys. Because actually I am here and you don't want to come under -- sort of been a boxing is about similar grossed well when they really work and I know they award nightclubs its ball. This team we're doing it meant to us that they've jumped out to me. Since 2007. A gift of seat not AFC east the entire. Feet. They have only lost two games at home than when does that eleven years but this entire AFC they've only lost two games at home. And you noted go to play ever be planned home in the playoffs commitment weak division of football so that's gonna automatically give him a home game. Because of Tom and deal. They don't always help whale thirteen some tower of fourteen went for let's go to give them probably home field advantage is due out the playoff. And what's being you are not going to beat this team. And I just I'm just amazed that. I knew going into week warrant that they were the real deal but I could name five guys like. This is probably going to be department year that they are really ought knocked off their pedestal above the Texas were right. To come in and get their first game you got Cody. And JJ watt for the first our plan together. You gotta strolled secondary in my opinion you got a guy coming off injury in the so Watson and opt out was ready to a thin in his second year. No single story single movie. What are your thoughts. Well first regular what are pressures regalia horrible com you going around the league and you can handle a turnover. Thank you know beat. I'll leave you at all are probably. Sound fiscal voting group that JJ watts is that Javon Arnie you've got to sort of bag on March. We did cellist global land back. To play. On route that all medical care. Gadgets come on guy's hurt he's always about where I come out there and eight right there was like wow I mean he. Really style. I actually mean a leg that was dumped in created a column. Because my notice in. Thus our star talent on that but bolting for the miners could be their disappointment. You know and you don't want him pol who genuinely don't look. And a barren field by doing c'mon you know publish and most talented. And answers and it went how much anticipation we have potential ball over I don't know was more known you know they live it down. I don't think Louisville Louisville than those of validity to their people to training and in Iran enjoy a lot with a lot receivers. A running backs. And I don't remember all of a mix. Communities as ordinary you don't Bebop memory and you know they'll slot receivers you know be cured in a moment you'll be doubled to well you're never thought you ought to all who. You're too old Oprah was looted of Islam and I'll rabbit hole appeared out Arial it was. They demand that all sounds good but when you got Tom Brady put that thing we need to be easy touchdown pass to brought. He won the double team he only had a its own of that shoulder. Right in front of Apollo or to put that ball and guess what he put it but it's on the back shoulder right in front of power so you say these things as if it's easy to do they did everything that you say they need to do but yet. Which is while led to show where it. We wore out went into the season going Tom and deal on the real deal and they went out and just confirmed for me. We're not about what they too that will carry it around but I would say Houston army you've got a lot of talent for boxing. There's no reason in hopes of Joba is not a cloud testicles are still. I mean and disastrous couple changes she's precious aren't you see 1615. But once you've got a trickle once and steal. In oak commercial majors. They have I was in the best of what. Because right now he's not even the best one in the film. His brother TJ well over this. Ul that I got the real deal and JJ watt and today they are current to me they suitable as simple as insatiable they paper. Champs to me right now. Now you like column to protect they look good oh people only look good coming off the bus. But right now they don't look do we need him most in a game like that and you got those two names. On paper I went into the game things on a boxer lite. Tom Brady and ended this dude is eighty name me three alternate not name me two office environment on doing the pictures right. That is struggling acts need neither one I think it's the seals I don't think they've scored once. Now you know what I didn't hit it or not the ones. A little leeway Christians come out to submit an injury so look at a Walt's immediate records norm but the bomb Syria only political. I'm. I'm thinking he wanted to print in the England. Haven't been awhile ago while Marshall or Clinton actually. You know you can order the deployment of this great work great and it may OK I don't want this thing. As little more from that game to. Something else that I went into week one norm and it was confirmed. And that's that the chiefs all things. A man they all on stop global Tariq he'll come out the Sylmar fall races a bit to me. Is Villa Antonio Brown two point a lot of people like to compare him to me I don't think he's like me at all at all. Now maybe a five stature. The positions we played but when I look at his gained. I see more Antonio Brown tenacity Dante Hall. That's asthma but what do you think about this chief office at four has been a probable what they can do this year. Well the the big agency basically means that somebody and then they can begin and adults now although at a little over consistent mussina gold teachings about CO. And you got the speed. You know what the robbers or other forms which means to call between. You don't you don't take in as well. Has this actually this course between what I want it will not what I'm when I'm seeing is directory and our sister takes took over here. I want us you know include more than in position when Lee won't feel in order to you know put it means situation if you come at all. I don't even here at seven Trojan garnered journalists and I are. Yeah you know had a great game if you lost a game Eddie he wasn't excellent they move them around a lot parliament was planned that he was done no more received them are. Lawmakers are what you are such a win so apparently there are all right the coupons are back and now he's social and this is with us now back and they got. We're glad decent. That's crazy you know out there and that was his point of emphasis in the offseason I sit down win them back to training camp and he that was his point of emphasis and I see. You talk about mastery and into which who work on an all season. Alma got lights I saw some routes that didn't make a highlight film that that Everett spanked. All of averaged a camera guy didn't pick up on but also a route and he Graham win eczema homeless Graham. He went to scramble mobile before he went to scramble mole I solar route that he Brandon lets me know all. Oh he's been working on his rapper and his route running and it absolutely legit he's no longer just a gadget guy you have to respect. It not only don't airplay also owner when he took the viewer to the house. Big quarterback friendly indecisive or are on his in and out of his breaks. Arm yeah so that's what's got you got you gonna have to strip that tiger for mailed to me I think he's going to be on the G it. Wide receiver like you said X number one receiver that it is that's yeah six of all of us. You're live too far. They're all with what. We ended with and a replay talent including a swap equipment. I mean you could do to a lot when a mom and so now he's been right there would be a great deal won't mitigate or in the slot. We got a boot order will missile shield I mean you can project into Norman knew he was in trouble. I eighty he had he has rare speech like he's up there we it will Darrell green. Deion Sanders. Who else made some other guys have rare three I was fast right you put mid FA but did you got Bo Jackson. Did when they arrest me I think you'd agree Bo Jackson deal on sent. Maybe some guys bassinet and now puts our review and that comes things in my MI a prisoner of the moment or do you agree. Well. You don't see more arm almost ignore them I think he's I think he's got that deserved this on Jackson's beat army less speed output son's accident that category but he didn't look good record it is a bad because that's a nightmare well it. They had because they used to go during the war he's polishing her as well also meet the picture it would lose what you're rich armed. Well I agree that the quarterback in the whole thing they didn't know on homeowners take what I'll take a look at your image is great decision that. Now they're not scared to go around saying you know I mean all you without you also have a Obama Great Britain into so you know. It had only have. Telling kids they still put up 38 points how scary is that the other thing that jumped out to me and we warrant. That I went to the we won knowing and it was confirmed. The chiefs' offense is absolutely legit as more from the cheese go all the talk about something nailed. That was pretty much understood going into week one it and that's the Dallas Kaplan men they don't have. Any play makers besides seek we knew that going but it was grayer now my Angel I know they played on top. On top topped probably deep top defense. In all of football up that would Minnesota viking is and that Chicago Bears at that. That they've and it could Camille Mac but that defense is a top three defense no doubt so. We give them a pass on net it was declaring that the cowboys have no play makers would show up would you scenic. Hey there aren't Hollywood has. I'll remember so they. They're actually gain unexpectedly I don't think and we're really into supreme. And do our ability to be waiting on the event I don't think we didn't how many words as well. Additionally in which I'm almost withdrawals are announced before this is and I'll let this year coming to and so he got to win I think with the governor challenged him. Well our problem you know Antonio Gates fifty Antonio based just did it for the San Diego taught us a lot that. And now are armed wing of Weirton reevaluated your co. What we're we're related cost thought I got to pause how many cuts you off. On the chase someone else that he's been evaluated we all know Jason Garrett should have been gone a long time ago we noted deal that's O Jerry Jones puppet we already know what's going on with that. Take you knew we need to actually. To office coordinator scat Maine and I'll play for Scott Linehan faint oh good good me. But we're not talking about the main talking about the colts. And he's a hole or rib thick coat when it comes to. All this live. Ingenuity. Offensive creativity. If Andy Reid is on one end of the spectrum he's the complete opposite op play under it was a glory and it was a grumbling within their locker room when app play for the thing goes round with guys like Torry Holt. Isaac grew they've complained in the bottom dean. So now is 2018. He's been all he's been he's moved to 23 of the truth and justice saying rhetoric. To meet you need to examine Scotland. Well or at a talent that you all to being used to that is frowned at it again yeah you're going back reported net is that social media you know you need to guardians I'm Bismarck and Emma and seeing its. This is terrible thing to slow Friday column breaks and Oklahoma. Well what we've seen it couldn't Norwood each of them. Damn Smart clobbering them that I put on put them like they have a sister or a permanent slot you have. Now you'll are reinvigorated career he's a big deal you know you're citing an athlete out there arm I think did you know obviously. The play calling was well armed you know. They would play a much. Ingenuity in the play caller I mean they went a bit while that you need to put billions in the slot not thinking you can see you were saying we're all. You wanna get out of there or did you know what they're one point that was a moment now and now Bernanke you know she made that also I've burner speed like Julio Jones you know. But it really you know athlete he gives you some. Support in this slot. You'll tournament slap in order to associate you are aware routine slot corner he gave up on and talk about their. Thank apology original. Gerri on understated you've you've made a movie won't this month. Radicalized on his Jordy Nelson's objects as Michael Crabtree Olympics is what it is now available to you that Newton and the Bengals and pardon me you know you cut what he what what what one just let out that you don't even guerrilla movement when it chancellor doesn't persons in the world you know to you know. And the damage it could get if this if there ever becomes a time when you can fire the owner the owner can be fired. He should be the number one owner to be fired from his business I mean he isn't all awful. An owner and as a GM. If you want to go on ask someone or are they market corrections I would won't worn out she's you know Jodie Nelson would ghosts don't what we're grip legitimate. Professional machine was. They would Madonna out of the job coming there with a bit lenders would. Also nobody you don't rapping about it on the value you're able put him into the box and I'm comfortable uncle reasonably Kidman. And it's. Well put a name and possibly get a you know our interests as lucrative source once already it'll hold we've had is you know a hundred. Alberto so I'll just up. Yeah but then Grant Hill you have been you want to get into him today most important thing they'll have nobody in granite receiver. In and if you're on a major cause now I'm legal age I can I can. They don't decent how want they did you. It all about say it would that you owned and abetted received. I just move on from that. Atrocity you know what we call the Dallas Cowboys. I let's talk about another offseason. Acquisition that woods made and they ask him he'll match. A brother. How we're into week one nor in all the money he received. I'd Enqvist and Mormon faith I don't think anyone questioned more and fit that that man was pay. Oh wow oh my goodness you go out on a week of practice and you put up that performance on Sunday Night Football against. All bang. And man if they even they would like to say. I mean if there was a pull up banner man. An error Rogers that there was single handedly was would have been responsible for the Chicago Bears went in it. I'll fumble. A couple of facts and up 66. Watt. Your thoughts on Coolio Mac. Well that's why you can be books you've built a big book could be a transcendent player. You weren't able to source outreach or you give the production didn't nominate you how. You have to do happen to Chicago the quarterback include that Bain. You know the deal making describes in the right direction you're just there on their sore all frame all that much it is about ten tour. Are wrong. Iraqis. Have to stay there in Bruges and it's just the weapons that the Brit brits fought. Split from the citadel didn't catch a concert. Without without without the roof over it but if you're gonna call to know. Aren't what airlines as. Now. You know he's discreetly in amino and Rodgers got the speed yet apart and her exactly. That's your way around us through there rather that was my last check to take away as voice score two week warrant. Have a something that I knew bin confirmed and asked that Aaron Rodgers payment this guy that's all the way the G but that game last night. He was also extremely. Lucky you know I heard the great Jay-Z and Warren Buffett once say. You need Lola to be successful in the Lou look so he's a bad man but he was also a lot a little lucky last night Kabul scuffled a set of picked him all armed and and also this is where are really wanna go with it that's who are really wanna go fix real quick. In that game any. I saw someday to bat for me to come from Iraq conference that 8090s. Early to go out there only blurted warrant. And you got the lead and you inside the opponents. On home territory. And this about 23 minutes ago. Where's your play call going to be helpful yeah. Typical woman but when I bring ideas what might have Atlanta. Also why the didn't Immelt was limited arm these groups who also to coordinators there that the that the video. Go to war to actually went to tell me it'll a little warm but it was. Chicago without their nose bridge shotgun offense on third and not. I know what you were all need to be would you use all your assumption. If they're willing incomplete pass any stop the cock. You that you as a and that the government they haven't stopped probably minimum you need to Mears and his family to be. You made it unique to portal also to correlated to the in the in the always inject if there's. One other quarterback but again these are you know you run the football protect you quarterbacks. A total ball. And schools know they know if you don't go to ball diet as the ways they know it. Not end until last will be even speculating now I know you know if let's move animals that run the damn office took today's move quickly we get out here. Move on noted because there is some things happen and we wanted to and I didn't think I would be saying apt to watch and we want. I thought all with the number one thing. I didn't think oh come on we want thin rant is Patrick. Some people's thought and quarterback whether Tampa Bay Bucs move on board I don't care wind famous with and comes back. Got a guy that's given you a quick quick history on his. Now know. People might sound a prisoner of the moment but when I'm looking around Fitzpatrick and compare them not to drew agrees not to. Tom Brady Neville those guys. I'm simply asking myself where ever the half hour respectively in this team. With the weapons that we have or Jamison with our network might you know I'm always root for the black quarterback in the black echo. Because opportunities for those positions already. But they marry but hey man in this situation I gotta go rapist patch everybody got a live Harvick. No more but he went in the hole his senior year. That's coated nor any left. You also talk him out of got this school all 48 out of fifty. Now you want to look that one militants at the NFL comeback. Rita and don't know if you have a little bit. I don't go to 48 out of everybody did deny a minute does lets me know your brain is on another level and at quarterback position and then fail more than any other position. Your brain needs to be on another level because of their decision making him has to be on another left the twilight discuss this decision making it. Overcame his with his decision make it on at all the field I think. Would help this team more so Vince Amos with your thoughts on me coming out of we want the light Ryan Fitzpatrick to be the quarterback moved four. Well a couple of things here for tomorrow. Pumpkin could treachery is is a proven our quarterback he's wanting change and engineers are at a particular would you remain a source movement AMD. The tools into the contract tomahawk attack on all humans and the ultimate. Problem but the in the morning warm but 180400. And seven towards. They talk about Atmel Atmel dot. Our Evans. And just I give my and yes sir and it hit like my favorite receiver in the side. Door to report what. It. He got all in all Leo and so in the in the mature those reports were warned Koppel there. And it flat as a hundred no order or so what what we're doing this is certainly there's. That the weapons and maintain sheer. Two the culpability I don't see that all French Open the way you yesterday. My name is you don't if you don't do business. So little value of the great. You're gonna be Clavet Perino oh 44 opener you know living to whatever is remembering. There's guys that you couldn't have a better he's been want to ask you had a good you have been now that you should know the mobile. Yeah that's about it is just and post a rip or me. Pay all the all the right on Cuba getting in the parking. You can't let nobody that's an important I don't think so you have this isn't about me. I should be substantially enacted alternate road and I know there are more scene would. You know from what everybody else is basically I am. There he names in the lane either in these national they have been armed with their reasons are you need to go around somebody that there you know guerrilla. I want to get to know that I'm just base it on what I see now with the weapons that you just mentioned them what I saw yesterday and this are those that because I know people might think I'm in a prisoner of the moment. But I'll play were roughest patch it in Saint Louis. And I just wanna. Cost of people think about this. Yes it was probably an anomaly. Has forced the performance that he had yesterday but. Don't look at who this guy has played four does that mean name a couple of organizations that he played for. And you register has he really being given a fair for a chance to exit C. The St. Louis Rams got the Angeles rams the Saint Louis rent under Scott Linehan. On. This isn't anybody with your regular could agree to it does Cincinnati bring to the buffalo Duke's. The Tennessee Titans. And Houston Texas. And last but not least the new your object who haven't had on bonafide quarterback all ought they haven't hit. At the point what do quarterback since. Joseph. And Miller. Are there particular Obama may do so to owning a I don't think he's. Don't they are so for me to many. I think you put. What this particular situation with these weapons Brad Fitzpatrick is to get. Now Eddie when he got the minutes that I gotta get to this topic before we get out here I want it to the season thank him. That the helmet to helmet that that that role will you can't Gloria helmet I thought that rule would be. That the most. Bigger rule gore into the season not come out a week wants them while that's not even a rule that's gonna affect the games the most. Is this new rule that when you tackle quarterback you can't put your weight on him. To me. Is going to be. Incredible. As for as Watson. On. The fifth of players try to take down he's quarterback without taking them to the ground with their body weight on him. Mash W quickstep and wanted your thoughts there were only on average per week. 66 and a half roughing the passer call you know what it was yesterday. And we want. Fort flew over it. Double the amount that we saw last year is this an impossible task to ask you've got to take a quarterback for the Guerrero went up put no weight on your thoughts. Well want to hear and I've been in a village up in a ribbons are. Who own will now general Powell ago Mo Omaha. Football clears that was saying that these are ruled that all hobble but he is to produce on a bit overboard the interleague totally huge debt. We like to open a power to ballplayer. Actually began. Be an image can be ruled out an a out of a cracker ask Armenians a moment we would we trade because it was played hit a quarterback. You are where did I ever saw their role in the world record I'm Lindsay. And we did it is about rhythm duty trying to keep quarterbacks hill to because. If they aren't what ever else. Another game I was tempted to turn the game off so I do I'm we know within. But what what what should do what what else glad bobbled a little sad that we put a from your New Orleans Ritalin in young people like that I do is better do what they got him. He's right genetically engineered support but I handled I would bet you didn't say government immediately that's horrible to couldn't what you waters to name Turkoglu I don't know what you want to. I dare us great is they're frustrated because another thing about hitting. Your paradigm are not you trying to learn supplement used to spot. Played a little bar slash a lot of what you're doing is doing are you a little critical of him and him and. Go to court record we got to move on we gotta move bonus big league and the quarterback position I don't wanna put his own record real quick. Policy baker mayfield as a week to stall out soon enough but Tyrod Taylor. I like Tyrod Taylor I just said previously I'm always root for the black quarterback but this baker may feel Kia has expect. I think if he's playing that game is today. The Cleveland Browns would wanna game I just wanna put that on record hope to see baker mayfield. As a we to store ten seconds yes and no you agree. Maghreb and yet I death toll disagree and think soccer I watch it watch Buffalo Bills obviously. It would armed want to. I want brought will be mostly Garrity and obviously they already won in 21 in sixteen football team without one without wondered what Metallica. I watched how Martell rewards are being yesterday when a team that won and bode who and brought in general I think we're all women golf being an achievement. But now written and yeah. You don't want to compete you just actual or potential scored that was a he did great great. Great bulk of that horrible. What else do they are not ones with huge deal compete he didn't earned a gamble. We. It's sort of gone Romania had a he had an ill advised. Under roads are scorned when they were driving down in the last minutes of the game to potentially winning he under two jobs door I opened. They feel automate I'm almost at that elicited. You don't want you to use pressure and all I'm not born on my former armed you know. You know actually get overly. But a sip go to how long tol cooperate opened down 140. But he's going to keep your mansion again and local they want things. Well I'll. Catch the ball out of the ball game we won against a team at twelve engineered Pittsburgh and it's hard about it. And a popular book reviews Jake brought regional war. You don't all right good good this. Of how much of a national normally would be if you hit the ball was still didn't and it won't work. He did terrible all of not telling that lie he did Tenet polo he underwent her own emotional trauma to get in a day doing reception you're seated under throw at them. But anyway it's two minute wanna we got to move all this dip into the world of college football real quick Eddie symbol fish it. I think he's gonna turn it takes then that program around and less than two years over undone to review it and turn that program around. Hundreds of those double the way it owners would just go vertical right when he beat like a nice. But after the quarterback duel great quarterback. On Beckett Beckett Citibank and columns you know drop back as well it is on appeal and that did that in the right way is out now offered by the desire it actually get to tie in of all he's done a great running game. Jumbo there isn't a great recruiter. Don't act like Clinton Jumbo you know so. And that's why I was changing as listen musical they put a guy out some and probably Daniel respect Mike Tomlin and increase her book lightly he respected on Jumbo so you know it'll do it Endesa Jovovich is guy who won the respect of written plays football and let them in a really good changed. We Jumbo Fisher. Is there under the Obama. Who wrote me an Alabama boy dog out of cornerbacks are caper announces class damn name but that to a cute I hate I think he's gonna be the reason. You guys read. Being thrown in the fire as a freshman in the national championship game when you're behind you Hickel to stay etiquette he comes there any immediately. Lesion bright back to prominence now you've got a full offseason and now you're going to you are true. Clearly the best quarterback on a roster that defense is always going to be formidable. I don't see anybody knocking off Alabama because it is cute. Well I mean how is you lose it'd be great in the between or in the ACC. On the Eads. They hear that clicking nasty and see how he's an awful. I think he got a chance to go lemon no. Maybe in a warm but it's easy westerners it's a hole but I Europe Latin you have to do just as talented editors album LSU now. Lehman had not nowhere near coached. But mostly they put Auburn as we would. Ask your question I mean I had a engines and want to hear wheat Barley. Hello I'm worries at all because guerrilla time team. I'm they don't want him. Should and I hit it at it and it was a very carefully if that was almost integrators are low orbit he's ever laid out all this and now they're in their own so there was something that is a bit askew was greater trust and corporate video game. This possible the disputed land now. I'll watch that involve particular authors oversaw. And it anywhere out of draft sort of cut jobs good buddy but we gotta keep the movement that was. Ever so floor at the sports rapture my teammates came through with this is I appreciate them joining me on the sports wrap your podcast today until next time. Peace and love.