The Show's Lowdown on Pretty Little Liars Episode 1

The Show
Thursday, April 19th

Julio & Stanford Joe bring us the first edition of the Lowdown on Pretty Little Liars. 


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Hey. Oh. Yeah. And then Kenny here on this shows LeBron mrs. Beasley. It's. So this is it and this is. This is. Something that's taken on this show we did the what's the moral one on the Gilmore Girls. And dead at finished and I know Lance is rather beside itself with this is no way. No sell out. I like the title the lowdown. The lowdown I'm pretty that a lot hi this is the lowdown on pretty low lives I've not heard this opened yet I'm honored this opiates I cannot wait Leo lessen the load down a pretty little guy better be good Syracuse. Yeah. Those lawyers and Chansi. Call us. Stand her G. Eight. Was the only person not to blanked just another landing. Julio ascension. Roots deep down south. Just put them picked to. No load down. Clean bags. This. And I believe that the gimmick I have invited and got a hazard illegally. I go this is the load as so. Still at all this is pretty little lives. Six 306 takes in if you have questions. This is the new load down on him pretty line. So the main characters we have a group. Or friends we have our. And the league Hannah. And Spitzer. That for the girls they missed bits yes as a person never brilliantly needs it's what's the first and that was her name is Mario who is a major issue that I donated and there was a friend named out. Game yet. Actually he. Let's not think they run pretty dark I knew that now lots of drama though. We. There are paying down an Alley goes missing and of its last forty years later apparently she's. And these reds it in the same town she's missing. Macy's presumably. And they're all coming back to the same town kind of reuniting its the year of their friends. Disappeared the universe policy is real quick it was six so they're all like hey welcome now though there's well. Is located yes. But she's also a Canadian. Kind of let them. There's there's no black. Now there is there is no it on my soon turning it polished as she adds. She ties into it got all that riveted it's just what hurled at one period. I kind of like the sun now through I don't know why out of it so there so yeah it has got to go to the story be here. Are starts out season high school girl in the first thing that we started to use the at a bar where she needs last. Yes she's a freshman she's a freshman in college Alex how that Colin August 3 the guys that you are looking to yeah right. He's got notes though I've got it right. Proposal. Goes to a bar to get some food where she ends up and numbers and I'll random guy was you know they're just eat. Bush meets this random guys and they they connect whatever and so they hook up in the bathroom. All right hook up in the back bought it in its climate I was. It. Felt so cut on the find out that she goes under first go to college or first class English is she's an English major. And her teacher is the god that she hooked up at the boss Gil is still yet. And I think the guys in the same class together with that same teacher who she is not hooked up in the and when asked what was sees it sees it hurts it was ready to. It's not my sincere immediately tries to continue to early and says I don't you've got something to write he shuts down. And then later makes calendar year. Yes. It's as are you. And illusionist. Absolutely. It meets this new girl on the block the black lesbian okay we need and who moved into by the way just her back on moved into the house of the girl that died. And see. Helps boxes and a little bit. The black lesbian who is what my client. Involvement. My dad decides this vote with them well how is it remains the let's boards this isn't the deal girls got. But the date was for president Ed. Let's. It's bulky and I don't as the they think well why don't depend. So that's that's families. That we've got NN news this rich blonde girl we see surfers got an X been aired them last. It's hurt. She is getting arrested for shoplifting these glasses. And her mother who's obviously very rich lady who wind up banging the detective to get your ha ha ha yeah right. But other than the worst that happens out there. Like forty minutes forty. That's better movement that lives. They popped. To get on an elbow and laughed as she's making out with a detected the hardware makes Ike could not return on her daughter know the letter. Paying money I've picked out at you this and this should be glad to give that you answer this be something you do with the futures well. This is I'd get it down that's stuff. Obviously got it. It's a six you don't want the other way to all you can do it through these things they're what do we do have a question of the ranking. In terms. Of looks I. Emily. Emily can convince her aria. But are is strong when yeah maybe are you and I. I don't I don't Emily that aria. Then in an instance writes excellent six three ticket out the map looking artists we got so we had last year actor Spencer. So her background is she likes to apparently make out with her sister's boyfriend's. Parents and so. Her and her sister now has a fiancee and in this first episode they kind of flirt he gives her back side as well. And and so what happens that kind of ties everything together is they all get this they all get some kind of confirmation from Alley that she may still be alive. Outlets it hasn't been. I don't ever let them at the very highest number of them. I am. So now all eyes and he iso or is that god sides are so high as the only thing probably. He was but it isn't Ali yes some of these ugly but the problem. The book eat she's nice who. Because outlets that my wife's heritage that is where that I I don't like they were good. I'm pretty shoes yeah. Nice it's not as high school. I can't address parading through the Donald I. Teacher I think that this I. But so as. Wednesday. In eat seeing are fighting these things out about these characters. After the here promiscuous activity they receive a sick as this they Nancy they ought. Attacks from and acknowledging that CC you are easy to do is pay at qwest there does not. Okay. And as the girl is missing Chris as you know. You know because he knows only no but each girl gets specific things sent to them only L and that girl would know. But if you say this shows that next night. It's. Don't you text the text all these girls likes kissing efforts that are don't make out with your sister's boyfriend or whatever it is not opted. You Alice in. Dallas. Don't know when that we know that. At all veiled. But they didn't get a text that jetBlue. Federal audit is just like they listen to the it's a bit and the dead body I did you I was I am obviously yet images in her backyard. The backyard because people were parents around the their building Tebow on top she disappeared crowd that's gathered on the eve. 80 and also I forgot about this by. I believe it was families bothered seated on a little time yeah or make our hearts are seeded. On her mother sold out and their bows her letter or text message that she got is you've walked down the street with with Alley and they caught her dad having doing whatever in the back of his car with. Presumably a college or high school I don't know I'm incinerated. I. I thought the giants there's a lot users to mud nickles of color. Effects and thought that's episode and ending the detective that lines of getting the case after they find a dead body is the one hand as mom well banged and it's. It needs to go back in town and real low. Laura line coming up. Flat out that was episode one next to next Thursday tell you parades this is the fastest growing. That many Kansas City radio this is that next issue. News. And the eyes of kids that it's whitbeck. Has the habit of coming out Russell was. These should be the one deadly event can be blamed poor. The hundredth victory. Going over fourteen in the fourth quarter right. Calling this.