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Nice yeah. It. Rye this and do you agree. Shout out in long line listeners put those. Stood he says we salute you. Or allowing us to be a small part of your Thursday evening. Always gonna have so much but this guy like we have all week. And as we are here until 8 o'clock once again as the royals. Kids hey you have been the royals on a streak. Or a row. Jay being the league out of the elevator today with me of these kids fired up. Trying to give me I told you suppose that. Look at their rotation. There's that emit. Telling your. There are only four bet. So it's happy I lodge. You ought to be happy today Kansas City. And is they they continue to West Coast trip and they leave San Francisco and head. To that Anaheim to play the angels another opportunity. The rookie Mitch drums started and I doughboy. No mites are out so he got he getting good opportunity to win and others Ares. As we do at this time every night before we get down to. Is it is happiness. But the day and chiefs are trying to bring the parade damn. As we do it is touted that the agreement best news and Tuesday. I. Miss. I'd streaks that he expects today ministers. I evolved to get by here that more than most widely used even inserted the movie food you say I evolved is involved. Thursday's. Evening to you. You ready has the you're you know the other is that the glass and that's it I'm out. It should be too happy about that this being over. And let me hear it may be in mean Agnes turning off. If it is she is she a Pete snappy and I. With you either relatives luckily I MA top notch producer hello case. Ally. But I don't know the ins and out thus the ball I know how everything works a bar is low at that respect performance that we are using it is game is to. I thought I thought it made the show about an all time. Like. Buyers through whereas a battle of a segment and then let the entire sleeper play out those of you about the the as if you're speakers went out. Last night and every day and if it's unfortunate that he'll play instead of us people's speakers. Unless it's because. That they should be a happy day kids the city right. The idea of pro football focus story came and a Como band. Led quit your dues. In this day and aids. You have to know this does go to come out right. Game. As it is it's not Dorsey that left is you've hit leads he would be back on the voicemail I testified. We see this stuff all the time now where you didn't used to talk about how you were released from a team it was frowned upon but now it's. Now everybody voices their opinion especially if they are hack. Come on now if anyone out there are still thinking. Andy Reid didn't have anything to do with his Italy's Eddie wood if they don't regular release and Andy wouldn't. Spoken to right now and just him and that the voice granola. You ugly you can't. As you know it's gonna get out of the heat and you could do that but you know it's a bad. And. This this to be moved right into the form of what I talked about remember I was on the day shift. And it we had our show also. And I and I remember saying it today people were given me a lot of rat because. Well. The old days the these guys missing OTAs is not that big of a deal. And I said it wasn't a big deal then not practicing was not a big deal. It not be edited it's Eric Berry Marcus Peterson just in Houston was not a big deal. But apart as it was a big deal in doubt that is sliding right into this in my IP of fiasco. Is. The bad luck that you put a gay teacher players. It did not appear. That you were back it up your players it almost appeared as if that she's fry it was just leave them out to dry. Because that's. It's a bad. Budget cut now I don't know whether or not here and what it's at Eric Berry had been doing. I charitable work there it. It wasn't until she knew there and there of course why would they said they just basic ones are. They go all out war but they left about to drop and it was let me your main guys out here. And where we got people for two weeks man talk about questioning the leadership. Last thing the leaders in. Eric Berry just that is the listing of justice they'll be. All these things that they couldn't just say hey. Hey. We know we're Eric is they have permission and we talked to a everything is fine now they left it waited in the way of Ed now they had to answer questions about it now it was a huge deal. What is should now and if I'd asked that I could steal away I don't have any inside information but I conceal way to mark is Peter's just in Houston. Ed. And Eric Berry would sit back and say name. They've made this a big thing about it at the letters. Look at some kind of way all and it's the same thing that's happened it would this right here is dotted. Now in what 34 weeks that she's with all our top players. But the air's and well guess now that when does not want their players but around the league into everyone because of that locker room. Hey. It don't matter illegal that it might. It might reach in. And a way to let. A little silly. By Ed it's. It's not a good luck especially when they hear a team. Its interest data and trying to get free agents a look at you orgy come to Kansas City. They're going to ask guys like Jeremy Maclin how they felt about that franchise Reynard are guides are as Baylor was reporting that. He heard Jeremy Maclin was at the airport when Dorsey called so he might have been on a plane that's why didn't answer as to Dorsey Dorsey left the voice. Again now. I ice all of them Smale but the that was the right way to let him know. What do you say I hope you're having a good like here I got as a side note we got to add to let it go. That makes that I'm Lance thanks. But but he's just lay out they've got its debt now whenever you get wherever you're going you're no longer DNC to you don't have to call this bad. Let's athletically that you lockyer we should think about your stuff. What is it like that that is you'd rather play other brigades and other people like. Hey Eric Berry you're out dividends that would shared. I only got to come not kill the story that people are questioning your leadership now just gotta say stuff like. I just cut to people living here. You you hear guys talk about stuff that's tell us and he like Golden State might be the best team in the NBA right now but Golden State. They just look like they have fun looks like they're fun team to play Florida via ask a lot of guys are on the league they'd probably say Golden State is. A fun place that I'd this now in in a four weeks and the leadership of the cheese and a possible way. For no reason to rule three of their top players under the bus. It is one of their receivers who is a respected players in the league. It comes out. If they cut this man and an explained it MO voice. They have been better off tweet it. AA GA event is one lets you know man. I've we'll be able to retain. While the the like any GM that or do you just do it to latency and I just Atlanta sticks. We're way he could make it worst attacks is better than it's mailed my opinion but idea among its letter. Although the vikings are as old as the first I read out of the country and you can't use your cell phone people used. And it's it's did it. First up this is where we should go and I apologize we should have gone here from the beginning. This is the first poll this is a critical thing in this. I love this person now once they what idiots who follow. There it is would you have rather receive that. Message as a voicemail. Or would you rather received. A new idea. Attacks but sixth idea or voicemail. Which which would which would have. Would you have preferred. That's let's remember this at these jokers would do is win. Innate up all his food. But which one. I think he I would say. The sixth I think that hot text that seemed really horrible like just like you don't care I think the voicemail is probably the because at least it's your voice I hear you. Why I mean they can have actually waited until they could speak to amend personnel are done well but it goes out to the three outs nick did you make visible are more visit three apps how would you rather good at taking a text. A direct mess it's a Twitter. Or the voice mail. Do you think Dorsey. Celebrated a bit. When he did give finance. So buddies that I give I guess buyer who gives a real. I think it would it. We identified that would is. About to elect at least the voice and I hear your voice. Text. Takes that route is via. But Texas is worse than voicemail I dignity I think it is because is that is that. There's a person has a personal thing today it. I mean you can dress up a text message babies' heads of a boat dealers and that doubts about my energy is some of facts updates on fireworks and confetti I bet you do it sees. Yes when that. Never let it run down it went and at least mail is citizen that it really a good idea that's another poll in itself was jogged or security expert to go to voice. Those people you called eagle they donate. And they you can really lay it till the voice. A bit suggests is now who hate here. Like. I mean the way you please release this information this Jaret needs to have a copy of the voicemail aching and he put them. Good outlet here which guides. I. They have an average check my voicemails because no one that I work with than their main contact with would leave me a voicemail they would. Send me attacks or something if I'm not answering my phones are generally. I get a voicemail and it's somebody like trying to sell me some things I just a week. But the 620 judge Dorsey has its to do. He can't take the time calling you'll know of the idea you're sol. This resonated with Google it eight let's excel that'd be introduced itself like my mom goes on her voicemails but as they is doers. I pick it up. And areas of job now negative. Of old school but he says hello this is break card here has the but I dare. About what he dumped his colleagues here yet that there isn't. Hey this is John Dorsey it probably. All he did is I pitch and he introduced itself in his. And his position. Hey this Dorsey. Vice president general manager yeah. Just as a taxi much since your wedding again thank you for the invite. Katzen odds and about its elite is that this is where we see this that oaxley your fingers boo will go and I will. This is the part that and the ship tonight this arguably it. Up like a light jog probably went with a positive bird. Right it probably sit. Hey left like we're really gonna give you good shot to get itself going early where you could really. Pick where you wanna play by the way I think we're good at. Let's go are you lays out exactly why they waited until ETA's to do it. So how is a tough situation and we had to make sure we cut you after June fires would just what is your videos on a little bit really looking good looks like we don't really got everything I had plenty of. You begin over the head injury we love you I'm afraid that would that I had to go on a different direction but when we get enough time. To go find another seat. What's again hopefully we got a little. Would take that which you and I wanted accepted that. Well all. That message for the Dow Dorsey via voicemail. Text message ordeal. Of vote for the voicemail like he's coming up. I'm gonna say something about the rule those that is completely the truth. I'll just say this probably will continue my reputation. But those who really don't listen as a class today if they get them Casey later it's.