The Scorpion Episode

Saturday, June 30th
The newest edition of the Stick to Sports podcast covers Drake's latest double disc album Scorpion. Brandon Shackelford (@DamnLookAtHim) returns to breakdown the album, which side of the album is better, has Drake grown as an artist, the kid actually being Drake's and much more. 

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You won't come. Haven't we shoot low. This is Mac lethal you were listening to the stick to sports. Podcast. This is a podcast that I have been dreading for the last 36 hours. But. We did the deputy freestyle yeah we did story of Adam and it is only right that I welcome back. Bring Shackelford. The reviews scorpion says the official conclusion. To be Drake input should be you at least for the foreseeable future. Shall not just social Ellis gets it. She's OK okay you noted is this the be sad AKA brand itself toward AK ADM looking you know AKA. Cindy smoke. AKA you know who could spot as you know our I got their smoke out won't that smoke I'll flavors we've neighbor in a new AKA today starting to date. AKA I ain't too proud to vague nicely and I see that ID's the minerals go how it's a boy I need and six I mean I'm going got a really problem we can grow this together didn't go. We can absolutely grow together let's get to it when it comes through scorpion Andy somewhat in depth look somewhat in debt album review hodgepodge of just scorpion thoughts from both of us who. I think this could have been Drake best album. If it was a single disc it is impossible for me to exclude the song that I think are skip global war the in my overall conclusion of this album Timmy doesn't work as a 25 song body of work it would be great as a seventeen song by your works well great is like a Vietnam I think fifteen to seventeen right of designer with the track listing. Reeker probably 515 to seventeen songs that we really like. I don't think the album works is 25 could it just. It's just too many stretches of solves that I'm going to skip to make it to me considered a complete body of war the way out look at take care of the complete body of work. The way I look at that the with the same the way I look at it if you're reading this does think this is kind of milled here when it comes to do his this jogger free I think it's studio law. OK so I guess as a Drake fair and act in I can put some two months at the Drake fan and being yes fifteen to seventeen but as a person who is. At most. A Drake appreciated for his legacy to. Artistry. In music itself I would say twelve souls maybe eighteen in that are really like. They took to put together to say this is the good album this is a great album with. The amount of work that's put in that problem itself it become a does itself damaged because it's a lot of feel it feels it feels like. If a lot of outlets so wrapped like 1 o'clock so popular out of place especially on the beside it doesn't flow as well as what you look at when you think of dale. Because that. Also the store where as. I felt it was Allen always to a really good job of a very consistently is that from start to finish my thought on how this is consistent. Yet but I thought it like a lot of the west calls albums dude acting game has done it will do his career where his album's flow well I think Drake. Miss the chance to make this is what's the beside where there is some hip hop folks feel. But is a lot more of the I guess the Drake year. Version the souls which again I enjoy more than I enjoyed him hard rap. But there's a lot of this but as the Eagles this transition between nice for what they and also in his summer games jaded. And then there's gold backed into the hip hop is kind of sounded song in the news that once so were you singing and it's Mickey element on the hook it like. This aka the flow we were better this if you just put. Nice to weigh in being flown into like all the tricky song you had a nice. Like common Linear so two words just like Memphis like all the spotlight this takes away from the joint yeah. Where I think moral life is a better album that scorpion if we're talking and start to finish that they it will more like there's a really good job is creating pockets if you remember had to first half would like passion fruit Grambling in mind my rhythm I think as I pronounced the long. Then it kind of transition a little bit and ahead the hard part with. Sacrifice is in and up portly and aimed out Chester vessel on there and many countries this is to teenage beaver bidding countries this is a little bit I think it created better pockets this is doesn't really have a pot keep. It kind of is the heart though that. Side a which I think is a really good rap album who have and then decide. It just doesn't really work for me like a song like summer games. Did you mean when like you were gore for the mix 93957. Pratt with the Drake I like listening to it. If you're gonna you are beaten into a song like jaded to me which like is eight. It is a traditional right RBs on my teacher RB but it's that it's a traditional brick or bees are soft like summer games to me your filler by like Georgia's. You're just targeting one specific demographic of Drake and I'm just not eaten. That's I think that's we're different of him in the treatment and group that's the we're part about it I'd love summer games summer games I don't think anybody asking him Tomlinson intimacy like some games. This is the favorites are. Emotionally it's her emotional war yeah emotional as when most what apprised via that would in the you have Majid which is though when people say is these are allocated to I just acting indeed it will grow on me whereas instantly. I don't know what it was about summer games I think it's the sound its outcome like video game is to me in the background and it also needs which is that African beat this like. Afro pop so I wanna condom like it's OK I'm I'm I'm love him I love this animals. But then again like like Zach is CJ AD but I didn't hear is that when people really seem to be in do we know yet so like. Like the ones we like passing people and Jolene are ones that I knew that there is these are these the typical Drexel that you could see like. He's good streaks they beat the working rat in his normal stuff. There's nothing new he's bringing it to all essentially what trait does he's talking about would he know he talks about. He eased somewhat. He still talks about his father in which I'll give us you know I didn't read what would you probably game if you. Eight cities that have voting next and that's it now push on to say. Yeah you might do we can certainly it's an acute somebody you flip some of the kids though you came really flip that you say it today at where's the art certificate that with the party and our net to a box that he got up to become educated and I was a little arrow bidders resilience isn't there a citizen one thing that they really hurt the album Lee's offer was being so long. Majors skipped the radio singles if it had been a surprise album or maybe this thing come closer meant what was in the past please since January it was nice for what since. February. Maybe early march actually came to listen to the album. I'm skip and it was one out in experience and Alec. That was the dot plea in the context of the album cut your flow after her upset. Is that its partner grow a little bit off her the song and time twelve the working out while listen if it was 45 minutes. Ninety RC 260 minutes I think you let it consistent ride and you kind of see some salt and others all of but made this. Most of the emotionally and elected as our 35 yeah I mean it's it's now or in thirty minutes washing them like. This is where I think streaming has helped music where you can is that you know to fall we await the next David notice him that your best bomb album. Well it's worth it does mean that literally trying to beat strange that this the reason for this album B twenty fives like. Yes rate zone you really like you price goes eight. Keen but that almost. That contradicts the point that everybody thought that he was working on this album coastal low. That's why he was able to put a double album because if you been working on this album in putting your everything into this album. You should have enough material to put out. 28 tracks car and when he was 26 when he. Point five I think its two game if it's 25 because it's twelve and twelve NS thirteen on the second side because mark tortilla so. If you didn't if you dedicate this must Mikey said he sort of working on album assume that's what was it more life with them so if you. If he's dedicated all their time in it seems like a lot of the material is relevant. Like to this instant like even jays works like this is relevant to this instance so. I really doubt it like he did he really put it was time until it could this it seems like this sings like a lot of deliberate a lot of stuff with like conversation that thing going talk about that pass tomorrow. I'd be really curious to know maybe you'll never get the answer because I don't know drink is doing any interviews based off what happened will push. I think the concept of the album. Is the projects you always wanted to do everybody knew at some point drinks career he was gonna do a rapid aren't the album he was gonna try to fuse to investors that rates united careers and going into. I would be curious to hear from Drake how much of it was changed how much of it was there was maybe a song in the track was in that you have before push but you had to remove that song because of everything that happened. When you had to go back and add some lines like I don't think that sit lie and was sitting there before the bush stuff happened. You heard the push you and your team and you genius bar squad got together and you figured out outs. Infuse certain parts and there because big in the tactics of the album. I think that march 14 has been kind of don't for one them. But what went push happy new. You could not talk about the kids for the first. Hour and 25 minutes of the album and think you're gonna finally waited talk about it the and I think the plane initially was. I was gonna do my album like normal march 14 it was going to be that last song and it was gonna be like that plot twist in a movie like all my god. He doesn't he yeah. It was going to be but pushed up. Is how it goes wrong or maybe add or delete some songs once this I want to know how many songs 'cause. It's weird that. Drake doesn't slow re talking agrees ideas such as we've talked in like. That's what we talking about women in its place in hip hop and things like them like that Israel's all like sun and people just random shots like. Companies don't get word that he had four days like these you everything will be lead one particular area yet adults so it's not just network it will always used to especially with you not responded wow so you can be like. The lot of the few things in there that baby's uncle but it wasn't like some really like. Greasy greasy greasy slick talk these like these enable the war of the few things. Think the most thing that really always made me laugh was the the way that he did flip the whole key in emotions. It was Johnny Cochran level of like. If the glove don't fit you must acquit and meet a concept rap music it was crew credible. But at the father however does not act. Yeah that's. Oh big networks I don't know if that's really like so you do you heard today at trader elective. In a Guinness does my beauty report this is Zeta T report but this county report go into report look let's be honest here. Like everybody knows the reason why Drake beaten so east outlets because of who used house we. It's not because he was front sealed teased out from the world. Because beyoncé sue and her daughter I mean herky every other artists designers and and in this idea he also said that. Will host do we want to block the acting like he's my kid just. Post about what are answer Graham or you can I mean like now you can view the blogs with their own government but let me ask you is that yes this really quick. How much of it do we think was the vote for charity he was in question. You and I both read enough about the story that at the time we did note with Redskins are not right so maybe behind the scenes they've angle back before the argued about paternity we know she was with other rappers are not on the content of that but we we. No she was so if a woman that you've been with two times courting him all alleged that tells you I am pregnant. You like. We only thought together to Tom I know you're with a lot sharper allegedly I know what you was weak case that rocky allegedly that's not much it. And it is the whole back and forth about eternity in the new finally find out what if that maybe is the biggest reason maybe a copy of pleased with radio idea that yes but but what if that's the biggest reason why it took us along with the right the key aide villainy figured attitude it was like are obvious way to announce it on the out. That seems by the unit you competent good weeks later got I got an equity and again it it works in theory but. Peggy in the way he has attitude towards like again but he says that about like that. If this idea of like with a both of Renton blocks like he's like a second tier like. Reality star like you can go to people go to see any drink is that if you walked in to see Unionists that Keeneland Nelson seemed like this great we will definitely carried a big announcement you don't literally any clap. One it's because you're happy the happy go hostile or not. I don't know either reality stars like it everybody's name but like he can literally and an exit yet I think you're right there is that there's also the challenge of the majority. But I don't know how how do we don't know how securities. I think kids less in two OK if the wind old he could have been a drought it's oh okay. Can't less than two because the baby was born October 11 at least courted the sun baby was born October 11 seventies so the babies about to be one. That's what is seen that could be that we we need to figure out who's gonna do is I would last like it used to target a hole do you when you're probably got a wee -- Utley got to get the Twitter detectives and the fight over the as the baby's middle management does. The also at the media know misogyny when we keep it real. Cute so. History and I'm not incriminate myself by. We all have to redeem people at the multiple different. The last thing you wanna do at a point when you're dating multiple people it's one girl comes straight active at this conversation. With other women to talk to be. Keel way not Ireland. And that's very good. I've never had to have these I've never would have becomes an ounce patently. Do OK but it certainly didn't expect that. There are other figure out or America alone I think ultimately the public knowledge of the I understand them with XP like hey. You might want us back on for a while and figure out the best way because. It can hurt you also hurt him. In the idea that. The bullet for longest Drake was invincible it could mean he's a ladies man he's always around like women in women walking them in he's. What strikes oh. If you do a woman pregnant it's almost like you're signaling the walls because not to be optimistic. We on the field is a lot of women will love department in a permanent hates it. Once you have one Q with pain. Urban style political support but urban thought somebody else gonna try to be the next yes but the thing all the doors open. Let me figure out what CDs to do it because I would love to have that. Payday you gotta maneuverable bit differently has that person you should have a maneuver into the league of first time you got to so called W in this situation you've got to deal would you got to try to handle it. As a father let me at least posit to you first because I don't know it is as a father how do you hear march 14. I went whenever you hear the record that is the New York I know I would it's my ears but single with no Cates in Europe father I wanna know how to jury your first. Out. There's the one line in there. I think that was in March 14 that says something about like. Look in his you don't you'll understand if you look it's you the deceit and iris of the like that yeah that was that was a eight out of ten but I could argue that it originated in the pocket your I'm a child that was the one I was the gaps that enemy at the father to them active. As a father. Like the atmosphere a lot of times I'm different than most people I really honestly sit back in. I pride myself on and sort of product muscle it's not like ranked in Q which I don't I don't think anybody else does I don't know some people do but does not need to do it. But I can't G. Wreck idea our minds around something that you know you create in steel like not what it Syria in some version of so version of deceit and this is me this is up and help create this is the life that is a part of me. Which that ended rose negro but again like I'm not actually judging by 'cause I don't know your markets will be. I I do wonder this is if you don't keep a book meego be honest here. Both of us have probably slept with women that we wouldn't want to be the mother of our children that I Connie here march 14 is may be a coping with that. Also dealing with the responsibility of you are now going to be the father that you have told us you hate in every single out. Like all the stuff you said about Dennis and not be in the area and it looks a lot it he would show up. Bible lesson and I had to grow at our march 14 is kind of the revelation I am probably going to be the father. But I always said I would never grow up to be. And I think that's out there like. What I boys when it from Drake is more introspection. I feel like he has a great story who acts of the god be with out being bred a dose is brushing aside to do these moments where Drake talks about like these fears but didn't the next thing is like. Got over some delight that is like we'll just let yourself be cathartic you speak about that's where I want a seed Drake grow as artists to be honest about. His fears of maybe the business that he does understand that wailed as he did it begin g.s or by cash money is it is it the fear of becoming like he says like his father. And now you have this tout the fear of being a father with a woman leaves and other sub country. Like these are the things that you could have done with scorpion that would be in way better than like I feel like. That would be like some part built emotional stuff that's not eaten in like this Bragg dose is missed optimistic sometimes. Causes. Lot of stuff like if you really I was sometimes I was that a person who really didn't listen they're X that I I see you've we we both CO Tomlin people who listen to the and didn't when it comes to the actual lyrics it's like just as. Mom. To be so like when I hear things like. I made them. Holes walk into like amber rose I was like. You'd be so that would give somebody else in trouble the fire Bartow. Florida borrow fired its legs days actually to me like analysts the like that's where I loved the there's. Obviously there's no. No risk being taken in this there's no sales that are different this is all just this is draped. Drink history like they're I was I wanna see him grow up with seem to two it is as an artist that's when I'll be okay. Like even if what is worth there's no no cultural biting from him was now there's little try to be to me it is all or not you know Caribbean at him. I actually I wonder this'll views you and I got a mutual friend DJQ I'm amber asking in this can be to the podcast for views. I asked them if you felt betrayed him run out of stories because it's someone it. I mean not. And it's important to say that I grew up on great Britain and friction on the junior college like when he really hits like man. Through my entire adulthood Drake has kind of become a soundtrack to my adulthood but I wonder if did you get this analogy a trek is Carmelo if like Carmelo Anthony the Carmelo that we first saw in the Denver Nuggets is the same Carmelo. Doesn't play a lot of defense great score like Carmelo is Carmelo. That I kind of look at Drake is. And trick is is he's never gonna grow as an artist that's what rate seven album even at UN I thought the same complaints about rates music for the last four projects right. Doesn't would take a lot of chances doesn't really grow a whole lot that the only chances Drake is gonna take. Is taking a sound from another country who is gonna do one day it's he's gonna to a controlling he's never going to take the chances lyrically and maybe even I would admit folder ability. It's like this should really be in an album that was how like 444 right that's kind of wrapped in infidelity. This album should've been wrapped in you going through I would imagine one the hardest times of your life of dealing with. You gotta grow up right you've dealt with pregnancy scares before just being a celebrity in the level of liberty you are right this time it was real and you know it's real. You dealing with that over the course of the Al that's the typical break album it was. Some biopsy here's some Bob Sears some tough talk here are some vulnerable solve some armed these songs. I mean the scorpion is no different view was no different than that that was the same it's just longer than some of those other albums you know. An incident like just like you said I feel like. Even like his vulnerability. Is it like. It isn't like the market for him it's more like this I just hope it's always kind of redundant. It's always the same thing like yeah I'm jury might have problems but I'm so today I'm still drink sold. I wanna see elected like it's gonna be in state. Date not all of it because there's been a lot of artists who what does work. I got busted before and a little pockets are tweaked and I feel like. If you look at artists who are very respected Joseph Biden is one of the first with two outs always saw his first project even if you get past singles by. Two minutes was like well first of latter were like rappers really talking about the things that scared the things that bad. Skiers and the man not a rapper but act as a mean this is this the year you lose your father. Put it in the context that though blooded as somebody who doesn't. But you're to care about his public image right there is a body that is obviously in this spectrum Mikey if if B button is on the zero scale low out of (%expletive) yeah trick is don't you give all the phones I don't know we did he tell you this. And I think that's I think but at some point you have to move that you have to because you bugle melt it. So much success at this point. What is just the care bow what do you think's gonna happen to you what you. Unravel the fear what are you what what happens to New York. Your core fan base you've been to court maybe it's gonna stop loving you. They won't build it brings you more because now you're being tested a missile New York like I wish that's what I wanna see dream girl I want to see him beat. Honest like I like to say like I wanna see him talk really really really in depth over beat like emotionally could that be would have been sold perfectly in dispute. How how fearful I am a B and dips. Let me ask you this though out of it it would JG counselor and I assume you had to be just dug out of it yeah does is it good to one. If you've been if you go to Jay-Z concerts it's not really a diverse group of ages they're not easy black and white people in different nationalities gusting to 84 times. It's not like states. Outlook receiver before I've seen it before you see mothers taken her daughters and you also seem to who's taken a girl you see dunes in a group just right kinda has that you'll. I wonder average rate and his team feels like. I'm Tobin whose. X number of fame or percentage of fans if my album doesn't have songs like in my feeling that my album doesn't have songs like jaded. That maybe he wants to make album just like Sondra is rose. Each he would make an album like a like I wondered rate feels kind of limited by his own diversity a fan base so to speak. I think. At some point yeah but again it always comes back to. What is music to what is what is your artistry what is your legacy that your leaving is it going to be just a discover PO box is it won't ever be something that's gonna say hey. This was this is my open now this is the way and this is my 444 this is my. This is my time to actually still mobbed vulnerability as a may not just a rapper edges. A person who has money riches and all the women I wanna tell you what I'm scared of wanna wake up the board and I think that. That kind of conversation that kind of lyrical in the game. A lot of people missing he could go apologizing hook on in people's food like this the good flow because there was another ex blue light for people who actually sit down listen. This opened up a lot of that stuff even like I know as we we like to determine that you while but. I think a lot of things that what made triple X sold. So embraced by teenagers was the things that he willing to talk about. Along with suicidal and mental issues that they can connect we'd acted like a lot of the people who. Just like would turkeys that that would bodies like I know growth who meet whose reach now for help but say but captains of pitchers don't talk to. Like he can speak to those people who bitterly want to. Speak for him because he has a big fan base and if he was to say hey this is the stuff I am scared. What are you scared it would open the door for so many more people that because his voice is so large. Like it's not as small as like. Like a two part are not a part but to acts like he's a pop stall. So he has the power to embrace this part of the country that. May be wants to talk but they're still too busy Bob and it's to realize they are bullet consultant who may need to hear of waste that sale would do with you too. And I think that's where I wanna see him grow as artists. I don't mean this in a negative connotation maybe some people take it that way tricked out with that kind of reached the point like it's man in. There every year just roster updates at this point right I I don't know how you can hate scorpion but she loved views are high you can hate scorpion but you love like. Same rate that I've heard for since 2000 and not highlight. This straight to meet maybe he's more skilled as a rapper and I think like more skilled as a singer like a song like -- out think you could have made on thank you later it's just a bigger sound. Interludes and transitions like. Clearly he is evolved sonic but I think that evolution like if we're talking about who's evolved more. I think forty has evolved more from the first time I heard on the right has evolved is in terms of her I don't think there is anybody right now music. Back and take and nineties are being sought in flipped and turned it into a beat. The way that forty as like what forty used door right now would beats assault like emotionally as assaults like after dark with songs like jaded in the samples literate and there's nobody dual 42 of. Yeah I agree I agree completely I feel like. Forty. Has pretty much created this niche I mean like I know there's other there's other artists. The other producers on the problem because I know the dude who did obviously did them the thing for a look alive is on track to which is up with the name as a nonstop announced that yes that's I know because I know that that look at the internet's been diluted net but. That's sounds like yeah it's pointless record you. It's just like little odd to me what was it like if you look to solve that helpful with that slogan it's don't like night for what exactly like I get. Begin with the and in my feelings he has is based that we nice for it if it compromised or Ross and Libya met in the head in C hammer the thing that's exactly what nights from what my feelings and I would hope that it's the way it did him populist and win 12. Indeed it was a nice transition to all the keys now. Like if elected. I just added that elegy for Carmelo Anthony's car because. If the Denver Nuggets is Carmelo Anthony Oklahoma City Thunder in the beat Bobby groomed and you gotta be Bobby Brown now. Injury had league world. He still puts out good music like. Alex tonight I try to opt out of him at my hyperbolic statements because I might. Think of I get brushed off with a hate bush and you've hyperbolic statement all the time. You would've brought up your views on her yeah I'm not a episode and a better human and I don't care. Procedure and again. I love passive from outlook on growth responsible people hate. I just don't like the top so I Kabul since the scheme did work out laugh like it's his it's funny to. I do think that what forty doesn't give a complete after like forty has created this scenario for Drake what he does producers produce for him. That old bulls carries the song to me goods like you said the lyrics are redundant you can pretty much placed some with the peace there is any other album and it would still be the same but like. The sound that forty has created is it's like a signature drinks but it over powers in a nice way like almost carries assault like emotionally it's. That the sample in sound is soul. Beautiful it's not like Rick routes like Rick Ross pick elect wanted to opera sounding songs in and beat two would sound like some heavy production. Movie movie cast and soundtrack but like it's steal us a great sounding solved if you just listen to the beat without the word you'd like this this is the old. I would love to have been there when he first plays out some folks you just wanna hear what would rapper first here's the beat I don't apply yet like you hit a bullet. That's that's that's what it's nobody's. Was actually academic stated we're enough that you made this point B and he's right. I mean like a song like night's Iowa. I mean that's just I mean that's is a lay up like that you first heard of you here at our senior Laura Neal sample like. Drake all you have to do with not mess it up another clip opened at Dartmouth about you didn't mess about but Utley all you had to do an opt for like when I first heard of Pete I was like. I knew like. You know what outlets have a drink enough that some songs like here and I'm like yeah that's it like I just I can feel it based on dissidents who was neutralize your sauce for them like. All you gotta do we just do your apartment and catchy little hook of course in the impacted the message right in its gonna take off. Yet even with. I think that's the freedom right on the holidays yet what first comes in at all hold on hold up that. Right there that bowl was elected as it is do you think you could do it and and Laura commit. Can you did you like this you know you know with the clean oh that's not even like I had to death by perfectly leveled to the real. And that's why I say I think this album. If it was one disk. And you did it down to fifteen to seventeen songs I think this could have been dry expense. Because God's plan and nice for what you can make a real strong argument is being to a of budge rates top ten songs you have two of his top ten songs on the album you take. You know some assault on each side that you like it made it one cohesive body of work are reliving this could have been good. And I'm in the minority when it comes to maybe I'm not mean streaks of it's always going to be split. I love side date I got inside eight use. About what I expected a rap album sounds like a different thing if you're reading this the like clearly had that trap influenced me like that that right wrapped. Album to meet some bars like the production out like I like the direction of side day. And to go to side being there once I heard fated I think the first song on side BM like. Aren't like Agnew was going to be inconsistent experience. I don't like five or six Oz maybe outside either to life is a lot of skips on side so much you love ranch at Newark and I think ratchet happy birthday it is one of five worst songs and great decider you you know you'd like I think it's up there with karaoke. I think it's up there with CC's interlude. It is in our. Overall the whole all the you all able to play can only assume I know 500 no it's it was probably heard about a I don't try to listen to see if I like war. But no like I'm looking his side view right now seek skip summer games ski. JD big thing in nice for what big fame ally for nest ratchet happy birthday skipped the bull that's how you feel that's the wrecker Whitney humanize them and we're Nicky does the vote. At the songs okay if if I'd never heard the song I wouldn't be upset I it's cool it's all right. Blum sent out light in my field and basically nines for what parts who. Like this on the Michael Jackson's all I could go out not advance on not a good song that's more the flex that I got Mike on the record. After dark fire Final Fantasy another and to be a march 14 like it's just way. The the ride all inside B is way more bumpy inconsistent and the ride alongside a timid. Other than the good of the leg ligament in the stomach to check with the right too for side B in my act I just literally. I probably will end up like just re sequencing. Album on my vote just because like he just did it almost annoys me to a level where. I think that it would flow. After day after an art be alive when the last song would be in great to meet perfect is perfect of the eleven but he needs to like gold room. I summer games jaded. Witness. In left it in the pocket just take out nick because like Nikki really kill the all of this opens up that's how you feel best about it and if I do okay that's the yet because. Like tricky Drake is doing tricky so he seemed singularly. Andy's here she comes out about it if you book that he got back problem. First of hurdles is why you feel that at. Is yeah he's single does this track rate this as you wrap until I actually kind of like the fact the use that as the I like to but it is our record I'm attached to Waylon test other records like. You talk about filler that's kind of one of those slightly filler songs the need allies and ability to. I really go back maybe looked at like the. I'd like the second part of the beat stage of the game angles into the first part of feel like is. It's like a brat brat Drake and announced that beats aids I guess the lot yet go to like this country Keydrick economic if like that be like this mean second part of that so yeah. Like the sequence of the could be better light side be more this that they use because as more tricky though there like. That age you don't want eager rape rap about being cute I think the public who maybe grew tired of here because it straight wraps. He's gonna you view to top die hards at this point it at this point rate he did you catch and stuff like like like. They have all caption. It's more like. Xmas it's been good about I don't know her like they say they like. It is those great records make you think of somebody yeah this is just like general user by the language is well liked it liked. If I mean it is. About this outlet I even likes the brigades with the brigade like give celebrities like there's like this idea. I give this a lot of colts a lot of lyrics that you got to listen to the lyrics elsewhere in this duel with a lot of things that weird like what bar possibly we'd like with the built this thing ever. They allege you'll be too but to follow me. Does pop to your. Oh. I see all these auto. Somebody. Somebody's that the I hang with future but I live in the hands of our loved the Redmond is light. Joseph Drake always says cores though I know he's doing it suits so Fargo like. I'm forty I can't believe you're and I've gone 35 minutes that talking about this. Chase parts the best part now like it's not been surprised how many like hardcore rap fan but trust there opinion like Anthony's neighbors cool like. See just like. Just eat you with so many lines insult me he bore the net like Rex RT BJ's or so breaks out is the best brewers on the entire out. And they have moved to cape but he again I try to lead I actually think Jay lost the compound. Never amber I think right now in their little back importance to Wednesday I think Jake animal light up. I think Drake out of wall panel Kate and I think the and I think that Jay got to yours but it buys them. Out of the mostly Dario I will say this though I do think this song just goes to show you there's a skilled. Like Drake I know you might I might disagree betray him rat Wright is like the ability to rent. Q ran. Paul it's just attic completely gotten that level light when you hear boat of like you could say oh. Trying to grapple with rugged ought to be like legal code right they don't lose this don't go to the and this. So within what like your program on your hopes are fluent unlike you they are not in this park. And they probably will never view it Parker's Jay is it better than gore. It's it's LeBron James vs like a the bestseller up the day's news if you play. Yeah the like. Our always wanna tell I don't. Try to refrain myself from. Be unity he stage and to a certain XT at select I don't jump out because then. The Eagles last it would if you liked him how much of a muscle and I loved it if they don't want to yeah. Days of lowered indeed. Yeah I thought Alison up Robbie I thought you tweet that you listened to a life coupled we first heard. The government back fourth largest rate back to appoint words taste. As it doesn't mean this this slow. Is literally blew without Drake on. In like. After an occupied just muted that part it was it's also into the woods needed on to do was anonymous like became religious and dislike. Legitimately. You've got to be fifty. No rapper too as this and wanted to listen to a date being cut that week he entered its fifth straight day. No rapper who was out here consistently. Do would like. That part of the problem is that day and not in as a person who. I really honestly I'm never been in DC cells feet and yet you a bouncy songs featuring beyoncé I came it was very expert in public. Hubble is d.s like goes like. Andy do you put that with 444 and you put it would disburse its is the one of the best ever do. It was almost like Jay heard a lot of criticism that we had about bright 'cause I ever proved regenerate it I remember when he announced 444 out in my head I was thinking. If you can keep this if that's gonna be more art compared to bars like I heard on the item Carter I don't need daddy and more from crazy. But he is like tapped into a different level in it it shows kind of his likeness to in his in his like you're it's a street that is cleared you heard a lot of the jokes in the criticism always like yell at that doubles up talking about you like this like governor respects who I am. So I hear Drake who. I think right now Drake is like for which your ability at the height of his career a compromise like LeBron James hearted. The light hearted I don't want it BP it's clear who the better player read write trick might be the more popular artists today elected bigs landscape. Mainly doing whole billion not Jay-Z and I think like this song was like a perfect example of armed veteran new. Yes and there's nothing that Drake has to do like Greg doesn't have to do anything to. Get to that level of today like he's good at his book this is Drake has Elaine B carved out. Every other artists is trying to get to where Drake it's. I don't think he sit even try to aspire to be Jake is Jay. Has done this being were like I don't think there's another person and reached that level because rappers before today. Who basically have stepped. What he's done it effectively. Effectively blow to mail at a better rate and so like. It used it to us over the giants to see further but to amassing get bigger the boost its due to the targeting him and like I asked him like you know. I I enjoy Drake to what he does artistry but she ages. He's like what that transcendent player like he is hip hop there's not been Drake is music he is the sound that probably rule. Live forever. And I'll also wanna bring that up to. Like that we really can't called Rick Barnes and more because the whole goal being so we want to lean to work on and pop. But. What kind of pop artist what what year would you put him in power bars because. He's not on the level beyoncé. No he's not on that level bomb of the he's guarding Chris brought. That's a really really good point. You say he's guarding Chris Brown as a pop star. This might sound really weird easy Taylor Swift. I would say he would because like. If we're talking a number one I don't think he's big has brought all I don't think he's big he's been on Tuesday night I think it would Dell dropped she'd be bigger than Detroit who like I think that's your date yeah I think that your BBs. Is tailored for it yet Taylor I think it's like that realm of like our CN it's like this. These cult following and of their own bad seed no folly RC no flaw in the so I thought posting about that they that the late musically he's. Without the vulnerability like idolized the kind Israel's recent album I think both you know why wasn't role with our but the role Qaeda that we don't think kotsay has always a vault as an artist he's always been vulnerable in different pockets Drake I think he would just always hit its ceiling in terms of like what his views can be without taking that next step. If he's on willing to go to that next level like I was listening to other rap radar podcast which jays beat Bob is a when it tells element listen to. And he was talking about I'd be glad it's happened to a different level of vulnerability to make the album and I wanted to make. I don't feel like Drake a 100% tapped into that so whenever scorpion does happen then I think is really good like a motionless on March 14. When he doesn't have it's who is at the same Drake album that I've heard by it but I've literally heard for ten years. And I think that's. Again and I think that was the overall point that. That most people who are being honest. Can say that we just want Drake to grow as an artist eventually. In a game like he said he's been doing this for so long but like. It's redundant animals to a point where like there's nothing new. Like I would love to hear him play with lyrics are tried to like in a rumor will for summer heard not do we want. And like that was created like our. With them with an injury to Electronica and if exhibit today or BSE let's not put reconnect to what does it like break at least releases news I gotta he's given what I have to say it like I want to electronic at eleven solved. Over nine years sop. Equipment that is what I see of trust that the new light there isn't it what what has done it is news that maybe is a challenge him have it. All the only thing he challenged himself with his grabbing counts yet. Like whenever I whenever he started to dance all whenever you gotta to the skeptic grime but as you alluded to the saddle doesn't really do that. I guess to close this thing out. I don't want any win the thing that I don't like scorpion. Scorpion is good album is good I don't think it is as great as it could have been. For a couple of different reasons. I think it is far too long. That a song like an album like Tate here even though it's five less song I think is a much more consistent start to finish ride in this out and I think if you're reading this is much more of its start to finish consistent ride. The in this album that I think really really limits what I do like about or life is I think he just creates pockets where it's like. All right this is the Caribbean right this is the rapid dragged its the arm free Drake. I think if scorpio would have done that if you chopped off like eight song nine songs. And it is Woodward would have been really good album it's a setting fit in at -- music does feel like at this point he's has given us roster updates like he's like. He's he's NBA two K eight. Every year I get really excited about two K can I get this to players on new team but at the court to okay is the same game for the last couple years. It's like this with great views of this is not a bad break album by any means it's it's not the great Drake album I was anticipating being. Again and arguments that are backing him from hyperbolic statements I'm not gonna. I think that we often need to step back from just calling things classic trampling go nameless yeah I'm I'm not I'm not I'm not skip Bayless I'm not gonna. I'm not an a minus read or not I'm going to do is. Heat he'll relentlessly so I'm gonna just be honest like I bought the album was decent. Like over raw as a body of work there's a few songs that I've I like dead even at the person who doesn't really love Drake. There's a few songs that I liked a lot enough to light little permanent repeat. There's of a lot of songs where I feel like are right his wheel house that'll appeal to Drake pains that I dislike. Again just Drake sound themselves not drinking so tricky songs like Marvin tomorrow. I had rates on the songs like. Emotional stats at Drexel that is like human being who he is pop in that case slicks as he attacks he but. I just feel like. Do you like you see it like that that is a lot of unnecessary saw that here after like if you did like Buena. I I look obviously I look at this album and my take away was deuces Drake blueprint to without you haven't bloop. Like there's no one out that you can look at her ex COLT photography if your being honest I understand. That some Drake say I feel like every sound every album we handle. Classic I feel like take care is his loop that's how I feel I'm not saying it is different I feel like for rape. The height of the great music is Tate here to meet it is the perfect combination. Of everything from rat right arm speed Drake said depressing break. Club Drake like I've I feel like take care is his classic and I do disagree we let it makes it not a classic way like no one denies the blueprint is the class nobody did bush take care to me is a classic modern day out in my in my opinion as him in my if it. A Buick titled to that I would I would I guess it was people thought disagree would have no one has clear cuts did it take yours classic so I just obstacle appointment. Drake doesn't have a classic album that is seen by the masses as a class. Like so this doubled this gonna get like there's not really a lot of hip hop who have created a great double discount for what it's worth. Let's look at the blooper to what degree. Like as a JC fan I can step back and be honest to say. That wasn't agree I won't put it first came out I was like. This is the best thing ever but as times rest I can look at his biography it's okay it's a few tracks here that I've. Okay when listening to games like it is classic now. You can put speaker box in low below are there but that's not the same thing either because both artists' work individually on their old being in a few tracts of them together but that's it. You have like after death which. It's a classic but it's a classic because beat was did when he dropped so it's not like you can listen to what to say all all the tracks are like. Perfection. What is the classic because of there's some Tom lead. Pass Iraq I mean like after death I do they'll be viewed a lot differently if that was the second beat a five album bluster of the last newbie humid here that we have the you have. All odds on me which is another double disc that. Again. A great if you took a few little float out of their death of great album but. I don't think there's any hip hop album that you can look at this is double disk and I know we were talking before we saw record and about. Futures up. And how it's it's a double disc but it's a doubled to separated by time it wouldn't like it and come out to get sold. I don't think there's no there and that there's any hip hop album that is a double this that is a classic. Biker game. Minus BX because of death. People do try to put all Gaza mean a classic bullet. There's a lot of songs are allowed them read that aren't like something that you won't hear all the time like you have like a lot of great songs on it like. Most wanted which is classic slow. No no more pain which is a great snow but like. There's a lot of solve ordered two like with. Well I just think it's really hard to meet 25 minutes. I want to hoard to may 25 it's an especially now with what is this speed up version of music like apple like maybe and a seventies when it's all good seat for the longest period of time but now we live it's such a rush society with music that. Once something drops a mile. People people like Chris Brown dropped. Eighty dollar tracks and people look at Florida Albert zero I don't know that the day of diagnosis I like is how we that's. There's no way that I feel like an artist keeps unless you let artists like sprinkles. Are addicted to seek in say you know way. But again when you do that you almost lose like. If you put a lot of time into creating it. You lose a lot of the footing because the material changes the sound and if he even if you are create. Something that's fantastic the lyrics sometimes don't work as well because it's blown out of date. You created this old six months ago in my house like okay this doesn't mean I don't want to slow so. I don't think it I think it's hard to make 25 so I think it's hard. Would not without not without them being like. Felt the repetitive Mike and I think that's would rate rating to a lot of missiles but to realize the quads are repetitive like. The sounds of different. But might talk about the sense of the same stuff that your great thing you're treatment. Matt this same god it was a progress Zeum. This version history so bush is social OK you know what it is this beset AK ADM looking him. And as you look at it across on board you know damn you Twitter dim look at him he'd be in the snatch that FaceBook is in the TV. You know got to switch to this incident into Google didn't look at him and it's a picture of me not so this is you've got the wrong person. We switched in twenty minutes which meant business and probably never work out like that I've up toppled like these numbers switcher equipment if you wanna feed. This ugly mug in need in video games out in baton. Without the new drops opera do the next thing. Spy game homeless animals that child we go up happening to me is ideas for. You. You would ex Bosnia. And it will be out the abuse it and he has always audio owns the rights and that's going I. I. Away I gave out. Yeah I got it up and IB I'm a flip a switch for a it's match rose and you what's got your grip it was that's what I'm. Bob what's it like this how did Apple's. App. I had my guy Brady sack over this court interview we yadier pace.