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The Drive
Thursday, May 18th

Rex Hudler joined Brad Fanning on The Drive and told a great story about getting his butt chewed by Earl Weaver.


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I enhanced my. People would would you call that people again that Hud word sorry. Rex toddler cheese and crackers well off royals TV analyst thanks for me it would. Love hearing the game will be. Fifteen year Major League that's red and we've got ball. We've got big league championship all therapy Thursday therapist. If beard and help the people there. Rigs have learned much room. On the drive. Welcome to drive everybody brags that that guys there there's there's enough today field under the weather. No fun being sick but it's more months I get a test of that royals yankees tonight getting dumped on them and hopefully can avoid this week. Trump. If your civil runs of gains in the lineup tonight to each week his wrist. Diving for that ball in the fourth inning last night. Tough talk drug. Rex Butler. Are brought to you by Lee's summit dodged the radio and and. I'm doing great. Appreciate you can't get that they'll be a department on. Oh. She did that it took me about there's the picture. All of your mediocre day. I believe that the lakers you're re all players are actors and conquer. Who would buy that. Like I want to guess which one I. Know we. Were a little bit. As Cuba you know quarter that have been there without them a dual partners. Courtney your answer later in the press. To me are mark it murderers and chipper apart. Should itself be a senior leader. And and other tire run and you have. In doing all those things that people in the world do when they're now they're all third trial or country. Now cattle. My entire life I don't want has gotten so good. A woman out there orbit so I thought he. Was. It ought ticker. Well. She got. And also she got a good art who though. Good luck to you so you are virtuous or there abruptly what you look pocono. Eight years old slugger award goes to bear won't. So that bird what the me. Under on the one person and I knew what it would loan so very thankful that. Achieved it yet what outlaw them but if you're putting you're now known Altman. Not eaten in a couple of kitten our group of border in domestic dog days here. Adds a layer and that and get married in July at three teenagers so. Yeah. Yeah yet to pass thing yeah. Anyway. Let's. What's been Gilani is the Yankees chalked it up to a couple bad nights or what's happened there. Well I'm. And it irritated. Similar to and there are methods including Yankee at all and so many. Ups car. Certain Castro. Actually that crawl. No wonder cure it's important circuit for his career at a school that little girl or he's in the seventh you'd pick. And actually it was her. Now if you'd better know I'd find myself and Peter tell. Thirty you know the it's funny towards certain that you got caught playing their target market they're all twenty better. Awards you know find out more at your door. Its interest in the seat shut their port he fastball way to shocker over solar. Beautiful woman got so called your psyche the real deal with politics it their mission there. It hurt a good record votes don't count of course that's what the heck ever that they are all you know before he. Let you lastly you're council if exactly how it all the opposite he'll let you know if you're in gusty. It's that the team I think Lucas beat by our Clark is right now. What can put. Which you know the off they might cool off yankees. Give them they capitalized on. You have older than old Blake he got it on border security you know you've been itself. Big league hitters to. Would have put them. Royals TV analysts wrecks other he's brought to you by Lee's summit dodge hug you mentioned Maurice a layer and I've been pretty critical of him. Over the last week or so based on what I saw. Friday night when he dove for the ball that I gaining based on ice Ollie try to stretch a single into a double down five nothing when he need base runners. Any missed a couple of tough then last night and I are you know Reiner talked on the broadcast that he's learning that position. At the Major League level what have you seen from Maurice a layer that they've maybe you can call me and fans it did. It he's gonna get better at some of the stuff because to me those are things that are fairly simple learning in a Major League curve ball really difficult. But he's doses stuff right now that did. I'm scratching my head man. No. It's through their employers two questions picnics out days in the monies to competitor approach you know sort Chechnya. Personally. I insecure and all the years in the minors six. Weeks. Six you're able. Uncle there or stately yeah Obama Pittsburgh. So far that the outside of her letter for abortion. And promoted to the next day. So. Let it go out and it took advantage of Tripoli there actually some blood. That got shot of the day eastern. There were gone. There were right at select our borders but I do. It to all of these years. The whatever the cult and over a page to deal with strictly we were down by Iran. Org under rule admirable that stuff for exposed to show. So hurtful people that's what it called chill sort analyzed talked mark talk chill. On the storm it's it's on television. On what network it's show. That's. What it is and you've watchers skills polished well I don't get to show what about the they haven't done so well here about cookies here are part of the. I guess the flip side of the solar thing damage this last segment that I think that's that's fairly easily easily fixable isn't what what he's doing right now. You don't like it because it's important. To catch it where they've gotten. It. Little excited about. Bachmann please let there. That you think before. The ball its own it and deflected that but it could its outlook and they're what's the situation here what are marketers do the cockpit and in the third to carry out there where I'm coming. Up call because you were up by one in that race. Please note double. You're going to go in Indian field. A lot more in Kabul that. Not know it to the march which you still have to think you know bring out there and in the pure progressive guy. It's eat your core like potentially. And Pia very popular. On the particular. Boston it is one of the greatest. They all coaches there are there are opting. And that unit which makes it all the side going for being talked even during. And their solar movements you would want the so a user group but he's learning. Of these students now to our corporate and I. Moderate toddler is pairs is approximately seven dodge. I'm Duffy on the hill tonight for the royals is comfortably the little bit. What Kiefer dust bin. What he's Roland you know before he had a couple hiccups what's the what's he gonna have to do tonight to really shut down his powerful Yankee office. Got to mix Maxima than he can't do what Gartner for more than. That you didn't decrypt. You know the walls that you go to that you decrypt it solid. Relief work. Stopped outside of that was a little while we're told you would like to talk about. In order and fired at the all you're gonna use. You're careful guys like on the first pitch then build their developer. It's beautiful ginger it's equal. He could start. Do what you got to chill. I dominated board and the line. You have to show that record. Reckon ball. You shorten the total I'll let. Commercial told. The power hitter then I'll put the provide. Little pressure cooker and vote for that too. And words ye are all precautions for the slight. That we reduce the armed. Or was it slides. That he didn't want it while it departments some of those gators keep warmup out there peachy. And so you want to do. Utley led to shell out today with some audio that I found from Wally back when when he was managing the south Georgia peanuts. And the reason I've played that it's a great does melt down and in the in the clubhouse after game when he was riveted even there. The reason I play it was like listened to and what led to go crazy but he can't he could do it and able as usual Wally and did you can't do it at the big league level what's the what's the biggest test you and you ever got when you're in the minor leagues and who gave. Martyr then. Earl Weaver and hear all and I remember a mr. Bertrand. Courtney desperate. And there were double steal our third first that they covered the were caught in the act. Eric Burke kicked out and caught the ball catcher to. Or refer. Yeah that would that would talked about it at my feet. Our crew were all practical book. Or what gets an it would over. Well what. So got in there which it's now. General its open a couple of do you think that you don't. You never quite. Sure that your. So that you need to be accurate and shall I do too awestruck. Won't inflation outlook because. In order. You know that this little yeah. In the end to onslaught on yeah. He might call. Oh so I took. I'd like I mean yes it. I was better America I think. I don't like actual balloon. Barbara I won't put much older on. My short like he could that person. Probably better than good vehicle went over a matter to the typical cheap. Britain that constant I would never talk to my liking of all of and runner or. A member signaled that the government so yeah. Nobody here and you know it happened at about it sometimes. It. There America might Glaus. Now. There Lenovo. Group that and they didn't. Want Goldberg the editor and as it is a you don't want your sugar in your windows are open in your neighborhood there. There you'll look over sometimes they are there aren't well that's kennel it's all. So it followed by another. Never never should know that the good that it would hurt their personal. It's all he can help you look at it like. Before you hear. Your interest is coming November 12. Man right. Benefitting. For Alexander but it's actually said. And I stand where I'm a mother to interpret. I've read more mustard or to own a big part of it one more court order and order the parts and got into its. Among recruit who's a and they weren't looking up to greatly achieved without the burn. Now also went to work on the twelfth the good news. Well recruitment program that simple political content oh. Our didn't bring Honduras. Are you have only when the strips out to meet all of the look at this sign autographs and if you know any. Or two about your future in order to do it. Our. Food and drinks recruit who secretly and beautiful and the people that war torn apart I know there were and of course that the city. That the World Series goes that we did we go work out Paul Kuhn planners at seven. 442050. Or go to so on the troubled dot com equity. Couple yards or Bob or. I'm not offered by cabin and asked them whether it's you know I'm here or where in includes like that eight. Thoughtful person. Look at all the food or not on. With a pencil to. That's opportunity and I was so thankful that the cruise planners. In Salina. It was just there policy that should certainly we believe what I do it would try to cooperate and where it's also felt awful. Its abilities have been people out there toward a very important support so fortunate that simple ethical. A lot of mammy I should both get married in July said we need a honeymoon scene ever though it might be there with you. It's important partner hurt or. You know. It's topical and couldn't hurt global compliance sending in the heart that would opposite end of July on record to. Well thank you so much for for the time and I hope we get a win tonight because yankees and avoid this week. Yeah we got.