Rex Hudler Podcast

Bob Fescoe
Thursday, March 22nd
Fescoe sits down with Royals broadcaster Rex Hudler to talk about his son and an inspiring story from former pitcher Jim Abbott plus a moment from his past where he almost lost his life in the blink of an eye.

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Timing is everything it's correct sub or the timing could not have been better for his arrival here in Kansas City. When he came to Casey was replacing a legend Frank White the broadcasting Booth and a transition was not easy for many loyalist fans. But wrecked Sadler made the most of it admit it is sure paid off. But has become one of the most popular people in Kansas City and he goes on to tell you what our latest addition to the Casey vodcast. Timing truly was everything for his arrival in Casey's. Obama I'm still young in my life and warriors. I mean everything. My timing stuff that you it is. We're right through. I realized there. Baseball hero today you know but we want me he eats he opened the door for me so. I know it's what we're I don't move back. Very it's moved forward to continued upon yeah. You hear the phrase winning cures all. Go through the crease when he hears on right here as well even even balding at that broadcast. Government bodies agree. For me to be to experience the joy in the ball park. Two World Series low seed and pays them a new generation and mean that's. That's worth it I'm done tomorrow. It's great what a wonderful experience has been. Just for me I would moment that we accurate well. When it works in speed this up. It's you know guys. We are we're expecting to win here but not for a couple more years. Yours came in a good time. It was right. When all of that we'll season the question. It's all the other players ice off their future and the Boston can be more fit and political we have moved him to. I think we I think we need to all be there that. She goes all the real. And its home port Orange County you know yeah I saved all my utility money here with wasn't that much it warehouse in my career. Thirteen years I pastor who. Will. So the timing was broke with its two. They were that you always an element Mulcahy has just increased our guys who would listen Greg realized it was a sure. It's wonderful here process. He's got educated here in who school district with its head to stick reviews. High school on its going to adult service programs. You know worked actually could become a tax. X.s and that's also right. Through. It's been a wonderful six years moments that opens up to be forty years. You know Hud he did that it did this story about Kate I wanna get into it I find it very interesting my niece has doubts it took so I know what families go through. When they find out they had a Down's syndrome child and he was your first boy right Kate was your first wife what was that like for you when you found out that he was born with downs and. Well you know one we took it. At home we did happen in unison pieces that's what they wouldn't users in jets and we didn't viewed as trusted. Well it for us that. And so when he went he came out you looked typical. Features. It's now with what I call ups and yet elementary yet and so so we the doctor he threw that morning. And and check throughout all of this. He's healthy but still healthy typical congratulations. Exactly now you cry when he came out. When Jennifer delivered it and we have about before she cried you know so I was in the felt something fools who straight right anyway so we took him. And we're hole at home for three days and my relatives all there are all in one there. And phone call him doctor. And Simonyi toxicity he Rex it's likely that you have this on its its positive renounce him. It oh. Mean. You that this is he would extra chromosome now possible. It would. You know an owner's manual. What are we supposed to do but I didn't it's not just want to let you know we we took to look we tested we're human moment and congratulations. I. Like me. I graduated. Where turnout which was to which shows him. It's like to. The phone actual moment that was that was there guys who were holding Kiki passes for a hey guys doctors that he has Down syndrome. It was emotional. My good football I'd never so much ground ball right over my grandpa story we. With strong guys look. We pretty thrilled to know that we. What's wrong war and we use it's gonna be okay we don't worry about it and it looks great healthy that's all we want. Which you know it seems like whenever you repeat that cards dealt to you that you haven't felt this good. Missy like we were like he told us I don't know where my phone call you heroes quite a shock. But he immediately. How grateful we refuse. It's so kidnapper. Was grieving. She was trying to give a nurse in our time nursing because kids with a syndrome have a low muscle tone of their time. And now well there was dated topic right to have a hard time speaking. In her heart Tempe. She was up in our bedroom and into people like wheat. And I'm. Still couldn't stellar but he was was right. So I called my friend Tim Burke who was a relief pitcher for the Expos Montreal Expos he was a friend of mine and and his wife adopted kids disabilities. One of his kids became mentally disabled. To a heart procedure. So he had experience of having a child disability. So I called my medical. He perky but here he I talked to Amy Jennifer dismantled or with downs in government. Can you media guys. He he he. 2% in and said yeah what you want. You need to grieve with Jennifer. Why I don't I don't feel like reading. We pray for a child with with it was healthy that's what we got by former pedigree he says because. Christine and I. Didn't didn't read together and it caused problems in our relationship I'll be city eighty to 90% of marriages dissolve the happy to disclose. Holy now high percentage. So did you grieve. So you know what. I said things perky 21 of them agree because. Do you have dreams of your boy you know big league ballplayers here every yet right but you don't want him he'll never be apparently. He has just those. You dream of driving a car that they're going to college scholar. Will not soon Scott if there's going to be a patriotic got a. Because you reap those trees. And it's working appreciative of it on and I cried with him for three days. It. That was special to. Really appreciate that price cuts while fight for my marriage I want you can't keep my merit. And and things I read this week said. And the only thing that would console me was it was a night we could with its idea. We do we. To give us like. It was. Yeah we're so right. I expect so. With your actor on TV that but the channels. My mom no it's only really don't see Susie. Waterfalls. Scenery scripture. We'll scriptures. Would read it I was like. It was like urged it to my soul. Was Nazis it's okay. And so really really special that time in my life. I'm taking that buys my friend. We beat 22 particular miners just putting nine years now so thankful it's 21 years that him. So. They let you share that story had a dramatic help you through this case so it's time for everything. This time real time at this time to move on it sort I had to go back to him. I just can walk by one that you're 21 years you know created the northern I had kept us at the two teams that wanted me. Couldn't leave it right through a 35 years old. So definitely go to him for ten days off. I have in between cycled the gym and training with Kate Snow Marc Plaisted to Bentley. Jim Abbott. It can't because it was and we real train together in the same gym that's a heck of a crew right there great all of us all personalities yet if so where I reflect back in. From becoming the front door and there they are there waiting for my buddies they're going. It is urged. To. Avoid. It was to help my baseball big leaguers have woo how's right. That was the hardest thing bomb on their produce now or that was back in it to her to come out of my mouth as I. The panel will accounts. And we have to. My beliefs like. These great new shirt. The instantaneously. Grappling hook. Circle hook. You can see it. It's supposed to work so much to do. For the last couple years. Rules experienced. Yet this guy. Who's just had him on. Some two tragedies happen. That's messed. Around your teammates teammates and I am pleased and help you. Stuff like that. Restaurant or walk can't go right Walken and took that walk right next. To select electors are part. And at least at least there. And he goes you don't want. Do about it one hand right successful Major League pitcher. Great apps he was unbelievable to watch us. What is this trade gap was just a quarterback in high school right or it's there was that everything. With one hand we want him. He said miracles can happen you and Jennifer the parent to hang in there. Hang in there man. You guys okay. Its that you will just encourage him and love him. And it's gonna work out you know that was like that was like a huge rep reps here coming from him but it was the way it is. He hit in the he did say it. Look what I do it might dispose. Did he did the self like he could write a little bit like you're right he was so horrible. His delivery was so so you could hurt him. He complimented us on being the parent if people. You know that was like Google like. So little of the work like my car that they mimic what it is drivable. It was it was his team's. My heart's it's been greeted with. Which to accept the gift I gave you Jennifer what do you do get it yet. It. Put your ticket. That's exactly right you accept K I gave you keep to enhance your life not to bring your life down. If you don't even know it yet the kids that you don't usually do encourage other parents out there. Bet it's OK to have a cute child with disability. Kenny would see the future but I can't. And so there was that went went bust some doors is typical. Hate came right place. Well he's got he's right. Let's keep working and other on and that's happened backpack that Sharon that your when everybody. And then you know one of the Cuban show hear him with with that with Rome and ashes and show it right and you know it's on it's over 21 years. But when I went to chromosome counseling different. Bob they have. You tell me how it happens right to counsel me and said you have guys won a world where the term down. That's who I was and into the doctor milk at 18100 discovered it was okay. My son does have down yes it's. Had a I love the dot com that we get stuck with men. But what is it that's when that story so we continue to move forward it is because kids and adults that have to have an extra chromosome. They're happy sure they are broadcast lovers so that's why we caught up said. And it's it's cause you to be able to get involved to do things help make schools better I mean he really was a blessing for you wasn't no question so you don't want it. It's still on the Q with the whole online news. Future human being. Q you. To us. He sees it helps me through it here. It needs to counsel Jennifer. Give us was of him and move forward. I I was watching a video review it was an interview. They keep it I don't know years ago abuse of your own teammates talking about it and he didn't turn a double play and Ozzie Smith he's he immediately called jemaah after he turned that double play with Ozzie Smith I don't know was the first -- that you did with Ozzie Smith or whatever like that. Was common for you to do with the relationship with your mother was at a real strong what were you called her every night was that something special hour yeah how did all that where would junior. I'm almost going hero. He was the disciplinarian. Q is. He. Educated yourself. While she was raising me and my two Brothers but you know on the table. She became registered owners that it needs 32. Backs. Warrior won't agree. I have a lot of respect for her. She. Taught me shaking hands with people are looking in the you know it's a yes or looser you know all about respect. And those things well. This was meant to and so. When I came home in the draft day. Seven you'll hear it from multiple school impressive California did draft right walked in the door to school 3 o'clock. Eight immediately call. And the Damn Yankees death. I'm from Texas and my parents from the south you're yankees. Which talent I told what is it. That one. Those excellent school age are all right at all or sign and they were who stood by and yes. It's a pass from some guiding Joseph Montana that would fun right and also right wing parties for that right so she didn't she could see the Yankees threat. So then the Yankees came to town couple weeks later Al Rosen vice president former repeat we third base. To review. And they sit down and who knew we want your kid my mom sent a son who beat your pals own. That would be skewed if you need to keep on thirty minutes later. With a walk in my front door was locked and knocked on my own front door open the door. And almost congratulations and hurt in that area he worked whose that Notre Dame a scholarship if she milked 150 grand. And it was a surprise bonus Steinberg has been done so it's like you know it's always have to respect my mom so. Time went on. Bill we were looking at. Tripoli but it was the guys I was supposed to his job with yankees catcher too when I turned it no we will have Michael when most of public editor to block. It's within the next time I got through and though they were some pretty famous like that was written in junior. Specter to account Michael home at this moment what and then of course I got to the cardinals. Turn to and we love it. Mean I basically was that he was man we got to put it means it's. Because I was in all. That was probably where it you know during these steps in the majors. Do you belong. Yes particularly you know but once I got over that all good but yeah my mom my hero. Kind of had that same experiences to bring it back when you got here to Kansas City try to figure out if you belong you know like he had theoretically if it almost seems like in each instance of your career you got to try to prove to figure out whether or not belong and I think that's not just for you I think that's for everybody how how does somebody. Understand that they do. Along the Kendall. Will. You know a lot of that has to come with confidence. One that comes from experience. And we failure dealing with. Baseball players are good at that for the police major league baseball players are good. You know on the successful if that's what and you know that when when opportunities present itself. Then. Step in your prepared you grew more confidence in you carriers so. Like you belong. And you move forward. Take the good the bad. Criticism comes which part of the job when your job like mine sure you it's. Appreciate that bode well to be better. No work on. It's the game reviews of businesses you know your packets at you talk too much. Anecdote. It's been in trouble. A work on it but he thinks. It just because you don't like me doesn't mean like you. So that to deal with stand up in the midst of your failures struggles just. Realized that that's gonna happen to you. And I think a lot of us do green shirt and yelled out. You know again I got back and way way SaaS to talkback. So I was okay when are we. Told you reason. Japanese coach to Leo. But he say top thirty minutes Marquardt who in the cup people with them thirty minutes these you know Japanese. And in my interpreter after about twenty minutes go by and you know look real happy. A well let's let's let's say and sit near the reason we're losing. I would. Thirty minutes that really. Well okay it's township that I'm gonna be that guy. He hired comes with Thomas they would be a murder. The image that here is a different. If the course it was totally different that it was different nativist and everything but it was too movie different. You know they had is different different ways to play it it is if they pitched backwards don't want to parties lost the pitches I hit. I hit second in the order only missed one side bets being the eight point in front of the pitcher the rest of the year. Your American player in the top four spots so long right. But he yeah he's America's. Vigilant I know he'll be the guy. Guy called. Out to. Thank you very much as I balances things of that nature man who's a million bucks man. I'll only for me Nokia has a lot of card contract you before we get 300 Griffin right human conflict. It. And get my. It will play and became the guy that he expected 300 we want answers that you. Your critics to overcome activity questions. And you know. It won't work collectively. You'll never about it. And forward. Did you learn any Japanese and Euro there is an yeah they're dead it was race. That's my brother Bob won two that was my plan that was his plan my way. I would have learned how to how to write how to recourse they have two different dialects rights. It was difficult at Bay Area. But I loved it days to a culture nine months others so I love the fans in baseball I do what's happening. Great experience for me back five years I mean he's back there that once he's in 93. Our goal was to use it right. He knows our hearts it's heal it happened but first it may be better if it weren't past. Vote more as it once a week I was out. Virgo you've been about the case. Or it goes you Reza coasters or. Hit it. This vinegar right here like his player so to calm down. Breaking ball better. 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Florida seven every weekday Monday through Friday you'll find great deals on all the appetizers and drinks specials out one of the three red door relocations. Stop in today and Lee would overlook our brook side. We're checking out online regular girl dot com. Not everything has been great for you don't yet have rated terrorism. Number years ago and do some research I did do some research on this one I told you I'd I'd put my timing of this hemorrhage and hemorrhage okay. There's a difference there is out as it was a brain leak here averages. Which zip or purse and your day it was an explosion. Well right. But I am OK and how how did you recover from that went what was that process like for you from the time that happened to it. Being in a hotel room and say I need some help peered. Bounce back and be enough. Well I wasn't sure. I wasn't sure. What are you brought that they've. So this is something that you did sense was we were in on the road we were in Oakland. We live in an Orange County California so it was very far away. It is Kamal of a fishing trip Texas. We had we do make the Rangers we televise every game and so there was a couple games off like vacation trend appears. So that's scrutinized through your work growth it is growth and how you rated to. Or we know. Which serrated it's. Notches. To a in my town where it was my it was it. And so called him. I. She goes oh yeah. Maybe it headache I got right isn't he doesn't like his point. To all of you. You I know you have any. Ruairidh. We just drew. That's what you would call home. On the phone. We had so Clemson on the on the moon. Pinnacle of the protest. Two opponents in these guys don't get me some more on here so. That's plus or that our parents and he's eight guys. That. So. Record to be put me in the way outside and went in the way it. There was a little a kid. Climbed in the back of the way that had Down's syndrome. Thought I thought it was an Angel. We just keep Q could you please you. Because. To what he's an hour. I just know you'll be fine kid that. Paramedic who's making it you can't give you guys. So I. It. Just encouraged you right there was encouragement that hit it through to keep goal and with Down syndrome thing to keep encouraging people. I don't Wear. By accident. And roll out Europeans. Are she is definitely applies. Doctor is that put him below my mind and pulled out there was poem and you you got monitor brain. I actually got my brain and it you know. I never lost consciousness really a lot of people who holes in the net recoveries. Great images in pursues a people. Iverson. So that we had a surgery. Did give him tomorrow I am my brain it's all going to be puts out here. Jennifer walks in the door just about the time they are deciding if she goes she's eight months pregnant during my third child. It's and she goes. Oh wait wait till the close race will will work with the don't Dirk is pretty she talked to the age of doctors the angels and he looked like Stanford. Stanford got the best neurosurgeon in the world wide and there so here from the helicopter guys. We load me up. It would be there they are at it let's go to the other but it told hey you can do flyby by Oakland Alameda county coliseum. Do me a flyby in this tilt over what's in the ballpark. They go. Third yeah serious injury you work we're we're we're to the hospital. I never lost consciousness but every time my heart beat by it would hurt lately with rob is probably with planet Stanford hit there. Interesting that doctor doctor gives me a shot. In my headache went away for the first time in three days. I. But immediately. Hit some speakers tomorrow. What were they given me and in and in Oakland you're giving you more pretty well so what 101 Huckabee didn't take the more please go to give. People. Lee. So anyway. Never had a headache ever let that sense. So they have all right. Doctor Perry's piper reaches there'll served in the world. On my case and he brings back cats and he's compared with one in Oakland egos you know whose bullets month's worth of. And your brain about this big and the one that I just took the blood is evaporated. I can't tell you why. All I can tell you is it less than 1% of brain hemorrhage is ever reoccur so you can chances of you dying of brain hemorrhage again we're very slim. My dad art to act where you're about. It's old obviously it wasn't my time. You go to the story right which I went home. He got to miss six weeks it was in April right earnings season because he can't work for six weeks. Yeah. Oh my that was all I was gonna die Brothers my mom okay. Hospital. They'd left the room of the intensive care with all these people these people Romney. And I had a group that like sixties program and a terrible and they all Hughes he might have MySpace it they would like them. So bill with the much. So my it went way I've gone I told nurse ours. Can you please leave a razor and clean up an hour and can you please give this that somebody who's sick right. So you don't lose it legitimately funny after that. Once like that it knows it but what do you know it is it. Got up to that season but obviously it wasn't my time. So it when I when they came back my family came back us up at it cold air they would go. Wouldn't it go all. Of them and you'll. They were like. Blown away so we don't. Couldn't talk to doctor let me go back ballpark sure six weeks yet at six week terrible and it looked like you know. It was. I had. I got stacks. Of low. For people. Remember remember us telling you about this that hate gender juror in this business heroes you can feel that there's that many. When there's that many spiritual. Spears going on and you can feel that and you can feel the prayers to the other room. I would wake up in the morning you know having him as a part. Of church. What's wrong people were lifted me up my got stacks of mail from people stay with that because it was out there. Angels broadcaster. Almost to bring gamers so we all over the country peoples of different. Sort of laughs. They've never had any practice that's unbelievable. That's great what was your impression of Kansas City before you came here. I do agree barbecue. I knew that that we could pop up some wins by coming here today as it was during the time when they went chair so law. I love their downtown and the via. Must. Not expect a new special place. And then and then just thought it was a real nice country town based. About it teller. What's love and passion and sure we couldn't see him. Whenever there rush yet. Experience. We can make this. Eight in the news and it was. It it's interesting that to listen do you do yeah it's always told business when when he got the job here is nice what you would cut at night it was like the last game on its least puts you guys on all the time when you're doing the Angel case about here you are together right doing. Like nobody's ever done that I don't think ever baseball do one team together that has moved to another team together like that to you guys. I don't know that it has either and and you guys are like Brothers you and Steve busy. And any of the gays who rioted rise tally your dad at times which I think is hysterical and I was watching some stuff the other day would you would arrive in the moon man the idea that they've they've beat hobby incident Tampa like all this stuff or Ryan just. How as a way of just. Bringing you back in and make him like everything just perfect again it's it's insane. I mean how great times is he savior right he's worried I. Some really. Yeah its a great job now is I will Campbell from my side. It's. Likes it he but you know his wife Stacy she's beautiful woman yeah yeah. She always encourage him. You know with every every teams straight guy and a quality guy is your belt but he. It is right that's that took so stay out of his territory tries to industry with symptoms couple moon right now. Right it was real purpose those pictures of both extremely professional very well prepared. And but Ryan Bryant's hoop on. Whenever I step out of bounds which is maybe report tonight. A kind of Koreans know look at Ryan has that look on his face whenever whenever I got to come. He's got to look he's got to look he he's he's that kind of go you know and a gold you know. Number one don't go over zealous and you are as it is in Malibu hammer right if they're written it. When it's okay because when I deserve it lacked. Don't leave some of the stuff. It is like radio but you guys when you work you have a 62 delay split sure yet so we have to limit itself that goes you really want them on here. You know potency I don't want to honor. Sony. Rep Ruth. It's. Always do brought that but it. I've never allowed myself you have to write about it on that in not beat myself up over. But what I. I accidentally called the mood of planet not really that was my body just came out. I stepped out of bounds and my wife she was waiting for me when I got on her way to the door is you know if you have kids all kinds of kids out there you. Please some dummy you don't get it here. It. You're right but as it. Is is is that the one you look at like the most of the one years ago man I wish I could have that will backer or whether that was. That came out it was amusing than they would hit me in the accentuated right you know without. You know there's always there's been several simple things over the years you know you when you when you broadcast for twenty years. Laws that goes won't name it's alive it's it's like a more difficult to make sure it is down. You have to articulate. I have more accessible rain gotten I'm I'm look at the monitor trade talk about what I've seen. To the people. And I have to illustrate over here don't want Rollins tees. And then I watched the field to see what's going to put in it depends on replay oh what to look for. All of that it was the guy talked to him that's right so I. Do you. It is all that stuff. Bring it where people could tolerate. God has at all is that when I I know I say they don't Larry like man I can't believe I just said bad about it it's been run. I think you probably the most the most embarrassing thing was. Was when when our guy Apollo started his career with four triples yes. Don't think it's ever happened before right to go record. If so then we started on most of blown that we his address them home run and I had. I after the call this fits in with me this gives the call and he's running third. They asked me to the guys I usually that lets television. I rivers you know socks hats with my hands you know the whole team of movies with Jack yet and I called Momo was. I didn't know of a hole all right it is the whole. Little you know. It's a lot this year you get the the hunt right. Although no so let it go ahead of the play yeah goes. If my school. You gotta gotta fix that I needed big match. I got. Threw him to go back as an and Apollo Paul rural. It is worst incidents or me who doesn't know what it meant to say right people knew that in no way they knew I didn't mean caller about. Now of course stop it's really easy out pharma baseball though where you can get away with some stuff like that and now look at it every day you're in our lives there every night 7 o'clock comes you turn on the big game in. The guys are part of your lives I mean do you realize how big a part of lives you truly are no. I want no I don't answer that. You know because because it's impossible preside Cuba but that being here in this town were. You know we've had a press ratings the last two years penalties debt are right there at the top. So as the majority that is we have most people but it's that the majority of people that we have. 90% admiral Watson rolls. So our own grocery store but my. More here. You know that are that you engage people like let's. Q but I think you look at. It at my kids they'll watch it. Overwhelmed. It's the product. He watches the product. It's exciting. Come back what's so. Watching you Brian and it is much of fuel and money although I didn't create good productive. We were good team sir all of us. We help enhance the product that's what we wanna do. It is exciting product at the top shelf. Even this season coveted eighteen popped on. Here baseball or else Houston is gonna be reused in the last few years ago which last couple years. So. We couldn't QB you'd said. I think so too an exit to dizzy on your partner for many years called you a man of servicing does for others. What's the best moment you had him doing something for someone else. Yet those young men Dave Ryan Grant shop he's still alive. He had it highly unusual to were wrapped around his mind just a couple of years ago. In the I admitted that. Got a call from the what I airborne found it to be you or call one was pressed him it twenty years old is the problem. That you would you be he loves you. So why are wiped out there but it it did you lose it in the Andersen's Houston. Getting treatment when the team got used. We doctors that he you have your moment come to a game rosary like what was. We gave. For the game and introduced to. Do you care. Through through Gomes told a group certificate well let's go to treatment here enough. It is nice to meet you drew goes back in the in the clubhouse he if he gets all the guys decided that now I will see wheat that's awesome right. Nebraska meantime those each player was assigned about eight but Red Bryant out there Richardson are two. So he brings back. Hauled me Q. But he signed but it's so cool so here comes all the players when they're coming out for batting practice and they came out of the out of the tunnel. They walked right up to it. Ryan we're pulling for you that's to me every single player before they do these things. What's unbelievable the power that. And these two were winning revision. Eventually. Yes the European way by its gone now and he's unfortunately battling leukemia. But he's he's gonna get well because. He believed the royals deal. And that's the class of war and in fact he requires players that have. Class about in the have a sense of heart and all media guys to take the blinders off. So once again just another opportunity to make some but he feels and that's probably one of the rescue its heroes happen here. That is that is pretty special and your right about that I've told date numerous times this that you really do a good job of vetting these guys and bring an image here and having him do great things because. A lot of the charity work and I'm involved at any time I need some nights hey can you help me out of this and they're there right away like immediately credited to to jump in and do. Whatever it is that you need because that's the type of guys are mean it doesn't happen everywhere you know it's it's been it's been remarkable I'm gonna leave you with this. If your mother never let the Yankees in the door the sign that contract where are you right. Our name on broadcasting the MacKenzie keys. Who knows. I am very thankful thankful guy we're just all the great things happen but I think we'll put that things to. Because the past ten years miners. I would trade that cal Ripken. Now Ripken's career yeah. It and oh well hopefully we're I would take that made me who I am. And it's always be with love on people this job actually. Is can we Pittsburgh. It. But when you sure this. We didn't make a prelude to spring training by the time this hey don't care right hip and I can't wait some did no more new years he's kind of gotten OB. He's like stay away from camp it that you have to be either don't come to those they do it but as it's too much. Right. Oh you know he's he's got. All kinds that we don't impress him for me. New players supplied spring rains like men and nobody's the first place too Bob. No doubt Ed and it's funny about that because he joins us every Wednesday and we we had our first interview them. And I said dual listed after the fall which is pretty bad deal right as an apple ball. I said are you reevaluating. Life is something else you want to accomplish in life now that you're looking at perspective I almost died right. And he goes you know I really like cool why am I wanna win one more world championship for the royals. That's great answer and advanced Peter lord I hope you enjoy our tablet Rex Butler. He is a unique individuals that hear more about helping others that he really doesn't sell. And it's not like anybody else we'll timing was everything that we'll never write again the city royals probably. Serving as well. People we have. Tasty for the next. AC broadcast coming up we'll talk with and this city manager here of the city where he thought the wheel tell us about the you throw baseball in downtown.