Recap of the big Missouri recruiting weekend.

Carrington Harrison
Monday, April 10th

Carrington recaps the big Missouri weekend with Gabe Dearmond of Power Mizzou, Eric Bossi of Rivals and Sam Snelling of SB Nation.


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They should they just stuck to sports. Eads the stick to sports club dancing with Kerry did Harrison from the drive. Ago she says you should thank you. Podcast. Here across the national. The analyst for rivals. The third part seeing Snelling explanation. He does the podcast paint touches enjoy. Had to be joined today by gay DR mission of empowerment who dot com David's been a fun time in a busy time for Missouri fans I've even. Not bad and like you cut up pretty good idea is it really kind of bring out happened in that. It's almost like the news has been. They ate out a little bit like. You know the first thing happened in there and Mercury days later the next thing happens it's just a little while but every day it's been a -- so. People would it have been constantly really excited about Bible week. I actually heard an interview you did I believe it was a 101 ESPN when Bernie Mac list can you compare the turn around that Missouri has made going from 824. Last season to what potentially this season could be upcoming. Yeah I mean they're the compared not made in the 99 marina in that. You could the only team I could remember. That it went from terrible. Great we built stopped in between you don't like. The royal the last couple years like in 2012 made it got a little better than Bert and got a little better vapid or a breaker like well if he earned the war buried. They're they're not up it goes all all. Through all the cards other into the spectrum excitement now the caveat here thought he was array of what out in it bet on the football field. That the very have been getting even lay a bit all week it yet or being played a single game to prove that. The excitement it necessarily warranted but at the level action. Is that the only thing I can think. Right now it seems to be kind of a combination of the two of but you have this incredible basketball prodigy a Michael board that you only got because whenever his kids were are whenever you with a kid his parents decided to move to this part of the country. He didn't try to into the greatest high school basketball player of this generation at least. Are locally. Ending he just likes it you enough to say I don't wanna go to duke I don't wanna go to Kentucky I wanna stay here and try to build so that level of excitement and it is just been so bad to be in Missouri basketball in the last 34 seasons that when you count when you know when you've been combine. Michael Porter with that scarcity of wins over the last couple of seasons you have an an incredible combination. No budget candle what not it confused here that's what is expected at about is about Michael order and I don't mean to. It is chaotic on the important thing that life is about mark with the old in Michael order hadn't. Come open net income to military and they've gotten to have a knock them Blake here to visit like. You're not seen this level of excitement just for all the partners that at the Boca I mean we're seeing all the excitement because like you said. After what looked very in and threw like anything was going to get some of them back on board. But it is you'll be perfect storm. Of everything coming together at the exact right time which the owner is not happen much in the bird basketball and a lot. Here you probably haven't been asked this question at what we can certainly get to the basketball stuff but. Can you compare. Michael Porter rocks arts and anybody like Chase Daniel I think it's kind of held in a different. Stratosphere when it comes in Missouri fans. It seems like Porter is Owen met Jeremy Maclin level already. Yeah I mean. It in your conduct in two different question because are we talking about as a work crew I mean. The only thing that probably. Is equal is toward brokering backroom and it may be children. I mean note here is coming out of I will like the hype well Opel or they had weight gain. On a I think alternately the way Michael order will be remembered by the birds and just what happened over the next year. I mean you'd make it still would be picked it knocks you make currently is cute belt being credible on the basketball or does that ring or been. The next thing I mean do they compare and I had made about a week it Apatow well I thought order to be basketball Brad. And by that I meant they got it with you from all all relevant. But not great you know he kind of set the age Brad never played on the top point I'd eat. Eat eat settle an individual record but Bill Burton look right because it was largely wanted kill a lot here. No but he got the very in the national conversation. To allow treat Angel Jeremy Maclin and all these guys to come here and in those guys have. It well that's not bought order would probably be except now look look look very might have one of the three best recruiting classes that America and it that the case. And you know literally could have order per year. Third no like that the aid for the next got that literally didn't become they let go for it this year and look at it actually either got a. Yesterday I was watching your FaceBook live chat in somebody ash chew via the have been simmons' question. It may have matches before must surely we talk a lot over the last a couple weeks ago. I'm about this. I've never heard anybody make the OJ Mayo Michael Beasley compares like he doesn't have to be Anthony Davis that level of one and on or Carmelo Anthony he doesn't have to be Vince Simmons either where you went eleven games and he is running very apathetic in the end you just don't go anywhere. What it's just Michael Beasley what do these as good for one season everybody excited about it everybody's bought and and everybody who don't want to go to the India. Yeah I I only laughed because. What he's not Michael easily what you thought about how basketball player like he. Right I mean let Heatley and I think with the best individual he'd. In it yet on now what it didn't do was get in a great you know I mean it got up. Block is to go to. Do it's it doubly hard and I think they want and I'll do it hurricane like that in the very tip of a or don't get me wrong. And I think that's probably a realistic thing of the bid seven compared to like yet it is the most recent one. They're tipping his liver doesn't have Donnie go visit coach. I'm might not hold him and armored car at the college basketball coach what you would. I give the impression that they've been sentenced wasn't really all that audience. At LSU I had read that thing with Michael order you've really seen audit that I mean look at that works here you were out here. Getting McDonald's all American it is that your like. Well we don't think he's going to be here for four years or even knew who he really seemed to be bought into making his final year. The most it can possibly be I think. You don't get vehicle hit a good comparison. Serena who probably to god that both air to hit the wire Ed. Haiti the saying that because I know what it expect ancient I'm not sure we can build expectations predict it any higher but. You know to rant that most of wolf for yes technically it was sweet sixteen and he would bury it in any left and then they went. And put the thing with. With during and he was you know he also has DJ Augustine. Or you're out of all of that eat yet the mother really good player so now you're talking Jordan Barnett. It keeping it happened not that you seem yet Jeremiah Tillman seven per year you know all the guys in all of a sudden you're talking about making that that's. They compare to invading Michael order and come in here and be everything we think he's going to beat. And then these other guys in your opinion and they are likely to rain level at. In which is. Sweet sixteen in the picnic and. Any enemy from watching it I guess the snaps yet this weekend from Kevin Knox a look at these are grand picture NC a Michael porter's Twitter feed back. He seems to be enjoying embracing this process where. It was clear with Vince Evans he was a mercenary. I'm here for one reason I'm here to whoop and I'm here to go to the NBA and not saying that word I hear the same thing I'm not now think he's going to be here for two years at three years earlier this but it. It's kind of like a fund balance between the two he knows that he's here at Dade. As they pit stop to go to the NBA but also enjoying being the most popular kid on campus. In doing it in what is basically his home talented Michael didn't move your saluted it great but I've got. And when you are your goal and he spit in the NBA for tenure. When people ask him where he's well he's gonna say Columbia the power. That's working for a lot. Even the Michael Porter junior that we know in decked out like. LSU with it was just a wait station and what you didn't mean anything to insist. The verdict means something to Michael Porter you're acting at least that's certainly the impression I get. And I think that's or something I mean I didn't let it looked at how level about the. Or with Michael but with you look. Very best basketball he's. Did norm Stewart I mean. It largely had in through the third it was important to that you don't need an English what the rumble buried but the bird became very important. Michael Dixon and market did that work and Matt Lawrence and Leo line even before the during it right. It's in the last or here's what's been the problem with the very and I have. Seven per your parents Phillips sir our guys like that where I think Missouri is very fort. But they haven't had a doubt though that the burden meet any big Jordan marks and or Jabari I'm not sure but she still pressed it or that plate play. Or they went on to the next level and again like you if you don't want to over 88 yeah as the goal would be in BA that's where our order to get up and all that. But I get the sense that the very mean dumping it in more than just that but like I've got to go or month till I get to go to India. Here's are gonna Gaby are in the power arms you dot com about the incredible recruiting weekend that Missouri head. Let's start with the conversation probably cares obviously at some point we will talk about Kevin Knox is still up in the and the Blake here is that we locked in. What do you think made Blake cares commit this week in to visit. I think I mean he was all right what Washington I think he wanted to play it much it that was always. The pain and I think. After the coaching change Washington. Been pretty locked in on hoping to get a shot at them or it initially we. Until I probably wouldn't take here in he Dave Roberts spoke obviously a kid into doing that. And I think that has to do with you know scholarship situation been in which you can Walton both leaving they needed another guard so would they. And then we'll let you you've followed like that you all pictured it re enter in all that. I mean I don't know it 717 year old leaker would not. You know like her little bought the wet dog and if that's pretty cool right. Yeah absolutely I mean I looked at the pictures and it's. It's clear that Missouri can't sell. Blake cares and Kevin Knox toy and they were not do we're not Kentucky we're not Michigan State. You can't sell the more how important they mean to the community and through the fan base to duke it's just another when. They always get Kevin earth and so so so if they don't give him no new ball that get bombed book Bogut somebody else. It means everything to Missouri fans for Kevin Knox to it and. Here is what I mean on the mark and it's to eat is probably what. On in the compared I know a lot of I'd. And like they'll get Iraq at that rate is another bite people around the bird basketball I think it and that's what they'll help but hear the comparison to meet. And I don't they're younger than me so I don't know how familiar you wore it in a lake or beat the faculty on forget oh yeah. Okay that you've got Michael Porter these guys are going to be here or here or what that he did people forget Kentucky book or that team was not out. Like Eddie Sutton got it on probation that word now that they'd ever. Well I think that may be Darryl losing eat. And in that Lackey did it don't hit it on wood and it jumped cult free and Richie farmer all those guys. They've brought in are back in that weight or gain the law would like this signal to America. This program in the back. That could be years until Morton now that he's got you could be our version of that. You can get the one that it goes from an adult Kirk and yet but back to where we it may be even better innings like. We'll work point five years just to sit back here at this point five year anniversary of that he. Kentucky has one like rare or national title. If you talked to a long time Kentucky and. I promise you that they're favored at 9190 cutesy bit brought about the doctor. International prominence again that's what they all remember. And I think that until port and belts to beefed it doesn't even want. They came here in cook it being from the worst year running as he's history. Back to national problems even if you don't get up to the final four whatever he got it out Q. A level where everybody eight who comes into us indeed we go all did you really good thing. What you're going to be the guy even if your only your one year but it's forty years look very bad they. Better remember that 2017. Plus what order not to vote god. That one that they've really got us. Jaber announcement kind of crazy and and and you can attest that this is boy cares according you guys website is like the 142. Kid in the country and everybody's excited about him committee like. This is a different time for immune recruiting. Well being yet they did would he and other services. It higher we had he gave Robert higher than about or are these so you know it you're obviously getting a very good but. Is that what people are talking about the number one and number nine to I don't like trader at. Like Eric did it I like the forgotten god as we get what you want a 150 at basketball part of the country. Pretty good at their want people it's like I will basketball and it would got hit in the top hundred fit in the country like they're nothing to usually bill. Right. Really good player you know there are a lot but it would be a lot. Are quicker when he. I without looking at rankings you'd probably like this second or third highest rate it didn't commit but there are a lot like years. So that's a pretty big deal it's just. Right now ever think it takes a back seat to Michael Porter Cavanaugh. Now part is crazy about the Bob about the arrived about the arrival rankings is but just like Blake here's 140 so you don't look I'm always not that good and as you put that you look at do the context of every kid that plays high school basketball and you have a ranked as the owner and forty cycle when. The. I think we all into this with football receiver it people that he or fight off and they feel like I restart next is I'm cute name. And I go god you got to remember that they could probably like one of the 400 as high school football where an America where you we've got we literally. And then thousands of kids talking like in the top percent of all player in America like that you really good. You know it it that there might happen to be 242. Bitter back. Right now looking at Kevin Knox what is the general feel around the program about the visit. The general feel I get from the very people. You date think they have a great shot to win kept. On big general feel you know yet if you talk to anybody outside of the very heated claw he. Airy and offer it out you can Carolina. And I get like I've got an. Point of view I mean. Eat in recruiting it would be reverse of what usually happens what you believe happened this program like the bird would like it two years. India and it'll last month Kentucky and Carolina duke community goes there we thought would Devin Booker but at how this war. You know Arkansas in would we look. So. From the outside to look at look at this thing go. Hillary and ordering it is the paper it's not a paper Michael order like young talent Michael Porter. We can go to the belt holder in many hung out with a bit like you who saw that last week. He got to hang out with the with the Jordan bring of this week if he did what and how what Michael Porter. Yeah well I did it the very big player in this irked when you don't get hit by I don't know at this point but you know there. If people at a very good feel very good feel like they with their best foot forward and they come out yesterday with a very good chance to get enough. You are good person to ask this question too how important is moment some buzz and cash shape to a program because again Missouri can't match the cash day of the duke Kentucky. North Carolina in the other teams on the list but in terms of buzz and momentum. They are pretty up there at least over the last 23 weeks yet it is in those circles. Yeah it's gigantic if you regard number one good player wanna play with the I mean bill press he got other guys beat them you know like it was all up a Urquhart they wanted to play with a mean. That's how were you want to be on the field on the court with other good players. On and in. Not that also get that we've been basically comes back from everywhere I look back at all. And so I think it's work while you get it is that like nobody else if you do what Hillary did burden. Last weekend at an islet saint recruiting they're going to assail. The first one is hey we're on top come here and help us either. And that's Kentucky duke and Carolina I'd and where one and it worked probably review that or that's programs in the country right now. Come join us you would begin ticket to another all out war all that. Or the pit when you're not there is it or not there which you weaken the air and that's what the third selling at. Timeframe on Kevin Knox I've heard a couple different things ever got a mid April of her late April. What do you heard in terms of a timetable when you expecting knocks decision. Well here that after the Jordan brand game which is Friday night and report on. In school called spring break next week now and in note of and at that point you will sit down talk to Himalayan belt belt and rabbit is and so. Whether that becomes public next week or the following week if we don't know for sure but. I would being with in the next you know after that game within the next ten days or so which would be eight parole was. 44 at that point I think so I I would say it by about that would that we by April when it's your gonna know where it's. I was gave the arm an apartment do dot com gave hopefully we do this two more times with the Jeremiah Tillman and Kevin Knox wrote committing to dessert. Yet we didn't talk about Tillman who we think is gonna be out of it Letterman said all four hours unfunded. Negated it at that point and matter of when people triggered in doubt that those are. Yeah based on what I'm trying to do with got to separate all of them like they're so jumbled together like this what kind of more week in focus than those other ones. But I mean I've got like you I expect Jeremiah Tillman to be a zoo prime the next ten days I expect the commitment. From Jeremiah Tillman Kevin Knox an item level Missouri fans by and just continuing to go on arm is new interest in just click F five hoping for good news. We're like that you don't and eyes get. And I think. International. Recruiting basketball analyst for rivals dot com Eric bossier I mean join this this regular thing we've created. Yes nom. A lot of excitement in the area right now there's a lot of excitement for Missouri basketball Blake chair us tell our listeners what kind of cutie is. You limitation one Blake has athletic. Flashy. He's one of those guys I'd have all goes well at all like. Very very talented. Out of the matter. Settling in and locking in being able to question Al around quite a bit during a cycle time vote with school didn't send it and we'll. About the person's summer came. You know you've got to prove that well is it difficult or don't quite go ladies straight stick ever since he got bad news one of those guys. It really out lately that he had. You know but it just went right here guy. It will reward repeat its ability to eat very Al a ball. You know he's really excited about while Michael Porter and the degree you're going to Washington. That they're really coming to worry as well Paul is to guard hair yet let it utility is now. Can you tell. Us how this relationship when Michael Porter was confounded. It's not like he plays on Mo came in having to run into each other in. Basketball circles like out of his relationship between Michael Porter ambling cares to. In topic is if we're running into each other. I'm back it all ears at all I don't know. Didn't meet up all of the point guard. I wanna play that wears off it and make it. As well. I think it bad that we you know from speaking of blatant act. He has brought up what you want they're good players because. It makes his job easier you want group it you know. He's not like you're anything like that so I think that a lot it was one of the great player and you're only apple relations will then. You know pumping Martin is back and pretty good relation builder is. Not a huge priority in there. Everything I read about Blake Harris says that he's a pass first point guard I believe it was Cory Evans also from your site on your colleagues. Specific thought he could be one of the best passers in the country. How how would you rate is passing ability using people kind of oversold it a little bit. And court get short sighted sometimes you use it evaporate blacked out or. I'm not on what happens is probable we'll what was urban evaporated. On. You that that the pain. Is not as important at the news media to create Eagles or. And get in position three get deeper and reacting. And he can you'd actually sometimes. The decision making will shake you up unpopular war. Highlight. Like. That right in the decision making and making sure that it. You're making the right at lashes at you get in good order and it makes you think that that is. From watching a lot of these high school basketball players in guise of similar size I was read about Blake in one of the stories are rivals and is says he has been the next couple weeks working on his jump shot. And also getting stronger. For young point guard the young players is that pretty common what you see is one of the things they want a war going is improving their jump shot because there's so much more athletic than everybody else. That that they it is easily get to the rim. Yeah absolutely you know win. Here are at war you'll hear out wearing immediately these whatever you know. You could still alive and athletic or because people that called her gut level especially. This spring that the key factor here because. It's one thing to be athletic but at another into the athletic law you've got big guys you know. All game long shot and you appreciate it and some guys. It probably able to look at that Geithner is they. Adding up that. You know that the battery or the computer here. When you got for strictly go along with it the more deeper our our content at a disadvantage you know Peter pick and roll. And they try to play under the rear or night or on the opposite she's okay. Burton has been turned up by urban pop used. More will be better yeah act. A lot of these guidelines that we too much in the back and say we also. Being able to look at the mere fact that a bar that. Is it helpful not vaccinated and these guys all they care need to work much insight Robert you know if you go to your role that they answer. Now getting in and actually believe that it is and see what happens. When you get funky apple watcher of the energy they have literally now are these great world knows it. We won't think probably going to be in demand that it will not mean it. In things like that what state. You're talking aired boss the national basketball analyst for rivals. The other kid that was on the visit Kevin Knox. What are you hearing about him potentially attending loser. I think they're able to hit that shot there. Are greatly if you bet. What he'd do or me or airline he got re blue blood in the school where. You know the auto or Nash championship football player and ordered state they have entered this Hitler to three years and principal. And Missouri picnic and in. In interest freeway three weeks. Agents are legitimate. Legitimate contender. And you know at this point. I'm not raised it during yet they. Apparent hunger in Butte North Carolina are here but there are coming off. And it got a lot of momentum going. And I think he's he's situation become an employer a lot. And you know beat all the out of and you wave of excitement there there's there's there's a legitimate shot I don't think this will. At a regarding element or visit I was but thought it would really make this happen. Last thing you hear from me. How important would you say momentum and buzz these. For a kid like Kevin Knox because Missouri can't sell you history or story program. The way duke Carolina Kansas Kentucky and all of those schools can sell you. But right now in terms of buzz and excitement for program it seems hard to match what Missouri's done over the last two weeks. Well. What you meant you know it if you look at the last three years and Terry. It and media as they're getting out and it and the the guys are getting mentioned where. It is really remarkable. They. What our department and out of her. Act all in it up and up Cutler. I was high level or graduated. Eight I've been I've been in here. And act here remember. A vote like about the bird out and certainly not out of you expect expert team it at the struggle that at least human and I think that can be used to record is something new and different. It something a little bit up. Wouldn't it. Has shown that they're willing to do something little different did last year on our kids. That are that are are we gonna be in. He's seen it either you know you've been Simmons is secure their policy you guys were doing their thing and you know mark it we've got all the momentum back at a and yet it can make a guy in ethnic and you know what. Maybe I would have never really hear a month ago that was. You know how to know. Allied one more question you got I've asked a question I wanna ask a follow up to. Can you give me eight comparison or player in recent memory that you think and the kind of gravitational pull that Michael Porter appears to have is he's not trying to do my Honda bomb but it comes with him to Kentucky's that's not really that hard to sell more eight. I'm here is gonna be three other kids will have a chance to won a national championship if you come here this is Michael Porter trying to attract a top team kid to Missouri. I can't dig it too many cases were somewhat that it happened. Yeah nauert it's it's it's that you need in here now. What will act as if apple crop or is. So many times they. Yang now. I've been here you know this is of course it is decision on the news in the space on the respective. Like order. Is pretty much lost all our all. He wants it. In. It not only doing it behind closed doors. You know he's involved in the LP an ongoing. I want to get in a play with. And you get if that happens is much. And with the excitement everything else going on it how to create the sprinting and you know it is. Seriously flawed analysis matter in Maggette not really look for him to be New York. That you're great class is Michael Cavanaugh. And now I'm really curious you know. Firsthand. The Dallas edit you know and the other read body language there you know what it is that they're paying really a possibility happening or. It dat beat is English or at litigant and in what he'll look probable. It certainly make an error. A lot of interest. Boarding all the that your name. Or soccer certainly there are out there a lot of excitement. Airbus the national basketball recruiting analysts are rivals dot com they're hopefully we do this two more times whenever it. Jeremiah Tillman commits and whenever Kevin documents. That he's there. This is Mac lethal you're listening to the stick to sports podcast. Be joined by good for in Sam's Snelling of SB nation also does the podcast. Paint touches sandbagging you used to these regular podcast to talk about as. Recruit. A great deal like how quickly elvis'. Is coming together and you know I just. Kind of laughed at how little sister and about this you ask well last out but he can't get enough. I know it's I I I looked this up. Kim Anderson stepped down by march 5. All the stuff that has happened since March 5 of the Missouri basketball program. It's slipped her a long line of things and really are still probably. He's pretty busy talking about a lot of different things. You know week two weeks look all without subtle. What I want to talk to you about was roster construction and how you think Blake parents fits in the mix let's start with its commitment today or yesterday. He tweets out officially it's tiger takes the picture visit this week in everybody's excited about it how do you see Blake cares fitting into the picture for the same. Well I think he immediately bring the guys who. Is that upgrade. A large pack although it was so revive this. A very pure dirt ball. You look at the other ot. Art. It's a pop or a certain guys do it at all. Art it is not nearly. Is that role. I think equal better off all this is good other primary all court. A guy whose owners exceptional passer and I don't let me. Probably give them you know eighteen air warning that the next here or play a major role. It seems like Blake Harris is one of those guys that Missouri just hasn't had in terms of quality depth. Like Terrence Phillips being a star on the scene but it you can bring a freshman like Blake Harris off the bench and you're not asking him to do a lot as you said the played at 1822. Minutes don't need you to score a whole lot. Be a pass serve though it downloads through hopefully Jeremiah Tillman that seemed like the perfect role at least for year one Blake cares. Yeah and his ceiling and river. Are you mean in. Really. Quick Nancy's. Explosive. Church of receipt prettier and I dunking on Billy Preston as banker. That's I mean he's the guy who. Is. A potential car all week. Point guard that I needed. That your senior. But in the first year. It benefited you and have parents though. And and they'll also I think one of the more underrated all our tradition. I think there's also a personal as it. Is the possibility you take up much or Utica. Point guard that I think. Thought they were getting. Which is sort of like that distributor in general. That that he could potentially lead. Or beat the SEC and just picture. I I talked to. Debut army and air bossy both of rivals let me ask you this question from a little different perspective. Do you think Blake Harris is being sold undervalued by recruiting services giving everybody has nothing but glowing reviews form. Well I got to grow up obviously. Under old. I mean the number of service and good luck rival. The lowest. Like below what it is you know overall I think he called it occurred I'll lay. You know there's been some concerns about and kind of opened. Or school. Eight in any week as you guys. That's sort of waited a bunch of different places high school. Those guys usually and that struggle. At all. And maybe don't stick. I think is a really good example for eons. Recently announced that it NM guard Kobe you bet that former new target all the while. You know I'd stretch and now. He played at like four eyed. Little right or beat a year. So when you're an itself but around and it's difficult earth are out there and coaches to get a better. So I nonstop thing is there's a question about and there's there's I think Eric question that all of the air request app. You know like eighty course back at all if you only played maybe if he'd been at exterior gain. You gotta be happy with. You know what transfer. You know those alleged of course you. Multiple places of yours. I was just about to ask you that question I was gonna ask you is there a fear whenever a kid is just jumped around his entire high school career. Now that he's in college do you expect him out of settled down for years and except his role that every kid says hey I want a bureau into his best for the team. But February march when the game gets more important your minutes are getting shorter because teams are trying to tighten up that rotation. That's not a happy situation in Europe and. Exactly and and I think they're bad that one of those things. You know I don't ever but it sure you'll like or does branch or that it ought I just feel like. It's not really an epidemic like people always heard it it got more as the Ole. The last years to lose social media reflect about. You know years. There are out. Like Ali now. Post there. I analyst note. The letter it says mullah thing. The Il well. Odyssey nightly. I you'd think that irked that. Or. And you know use. Top global players who are the quick our shop or in and around. And I'm right at high school. I are you. But those guys will need be less like we stick it yeah that order form. You're talking a same Snelling of SB nation also does the podcast paint touches. As their roster is currently put together so not adding any player that we think they could hand and I know I said earlier about Tillman when I'm trying to. I'm shuttle league Tillman separate from this discussion up. What do you think there's a starting five is right now. Oh I would still know are still probably. Start it and courier. Where there. And that point they are ordered dinner in certain spark. And then I think they're probably. I looked at Jordan Barnett. Like a lot you know even as leader was able to get Kevin not look like if you idea of playing partner at. Order and not think at those four positions I think that's just create a lot of this matchup. You're Porter are. For a year and I had about what people battle. Off. I think ultimately you're probably looking at their parents or or Robert. As I can call eight oh. You Robert Bullard who weren't. Wearing. Rolled letter is you know like it Beatty could accurate. Yeah echoed its moderate its size and maybe light a fire prone. And her knees like courier to the orange. Then you Larry. You know word intern and part that the responsible. I think if that's why there's a lot of opium on the roster right now let's go to all of but he. About Kevin Knox and this is gonna be we're question NASA certainly not a negative. But everybody you talk to about this they knock some Porter played the same position. Is there any limitations I guess in your roster without having to similar players on the court at the same time. Well not really great. And I think that Jordan Parker is same position as well. I also think that the game is changing like you know so each team Israel out of point guards you are all order. A power ordered Saturday that's it it's not helping though and take about five guys. And a lot of energy appetite. All. I. You know rebound and I thought here I think are going to be. And moved yeah all it does not play well you know what. Bark off or offer for you are. Order. Not insolvent. I think absolutely that you took or rape. A lot more and not in order before the same time mean. The amount of lengths that you get those guys are. 67. Ethnic and it's rebel X shoot. It is I think that get you so much like oh the and also let their side like it it's there it's not the at least get. Kevin Knox was on campus this week in it has it been a week and somebody asked me that someone tweeting me. Is this the biggest basketball are what this is the biggest Missouri basketball recruiting weekend cents. And my answer was the weekend they had Isiah brisk goal. Antonio Blake me Thomas Bryant their all those kids on campus at one time and didn't get any album so my answer was this has been the biggest weekends since that. Yeah and hopefully a little more fruitful. Obviously what was it. You did it got up. Yeah I mean that would let abilities each week in a lot of people out for debt. Even chastened in them. Was on that that that is well. With Porter junior. But remember that we can bet Eric it's gonna try. Any blue chip guys that yet. And the official visits where lake Indian burst though Bryant. But there are a lot of on a missile that the guys that there's. Is it Michael Fortier or where we're both on campus what else out of the pretty pretty huge weekend that group that really got. That was a huge week inference agreements that gently. The rest of it didn't really got you excited it was cool to see the picture than that of the football game and odalis stuff but. Yeah that was gonna go weekend for Missouri means it's weakened as you said with the commitment of lake here as was definitely a lot more fruitful. Now and that one wasn't the start with a very basic question how do you feel about Missouri's chances the link Kevin Na. Well from what I've been. Your there's a lot of positive feeling about. Our. I still skeptical because. All the work you've you know duke saw are going to be. Good. And there it airs and there are going to be a lot of open up on the wing. For Dexter so it looks like. You know I think the ball on the air for credit now on those are canard and eight admirable on. The NBA and our challenge is graduating so it's like there's just this back in happening pummeling down. I know he's then I'm very I've birdied it out in awhile. I think it'll let you come down to what happened really want you don't need one or Psycho be a part of a duke in the system that you couldn't you wanna play with the spread. Do it. You know and and maybe try this kind of start to build something there. Ultimately. He is gonna is gonna be at all. Miette ticket right now about that it cheaper either cute the men do and I would accept it verified that that he did that he is crazy to act or talk about eight. Opt in recruit from Florida and then do that pops up with new answers. I helped us agent like that is just and it's crazy. Insane to think about. It is insane if it it's at the point where. Nothing surprises you like I'm sure you've seen and heard the same rumors I have about Trevor do all the point guard. And there's been so not. Now he's interest in Missouri I don't think he's going to Missouri out it gets close but it kind of reached as Bill Simmons calls it the the Mike Tyson's zone. That Tyson reached the point that any story about Mike Tyson you would believe. Any story about in your career right now I believe. It it it didn't reach the point that whenever Carlton brag raw released from Kansas I was thinking. In new needs Dalton Bragg which they want it and plus you're not at the I wouldn't call them brag on their team because in my immediate go get Tillman. John's aids come and they got per here's senior year like a girl to brag that much. Now look let's get the former you know why are out there player we don't we don't need him we've got the I think that you know that all thing it's funny at the proper thing and they're like some of them or I'll beat that was funny. And not like money like oh that's a joke though that hurt them duke but it's just funny that like you beauty it's bench on the possibility. No way it is I mean you're you're absolutely right we've got to the point that it's a possibility and I'm with you based on everything you read. I think it's down to missourian duke in the question is. To me now see if you disagree with that you got two options you can go to Missouri and be treated like apps who got. We got you to commit this one year it's going to be Missouri pull lose and it's going to be exciting or. Go to duke replaced Jason say number of plays grace Allen. You get to be a part of a long lineage of great duke basketball player no doubt in my mind. Cannot go to duke he Everett is sixteen points next year he goes to the NBA he's the eleventh pick in next year's NBA draft apps into the wrong with that. Even the exact same thing at Missouri. But VO part of something that's unique and a real oneself lifetime kind of opportunity I guess you could that. Although the tension and I think that. I I think the you know the opted out of my roots ran the big deal but I'll although they. And understate how old. Quick quick he's a console Martan and rest and so well on at the boxes. Those that are unaware Canada is that a former. Ordered its seminal wide receiver. Early ninety's. You know eroded what are they keep. A lot you know so. Yes so. He and and combo like I'd just during the years like so perhaps on the mark. And when you sir talk about content literate group. I think it is authenticity. And has earned it that have been keeping her stand out among college coaches mean. You get sort of a global audience who's got his ought shop. Yeah it background noise. And then you got her like that the calculation. A coach ships he had. And so it got it it's going to be nights is gonna come and eat it like that. I didn't. As noted in like you brought that back in and and down to earth would really like direct. It at another thing that it that it. Under so that's why does this it and so strong. Sampson telling SB nation also does the podcast check it out paint touches. They see him I'm hoping that we do this two more times once for the commitment to Jeremiah Tillman and next for the commitment of Kevin Knox. I'm Balata and about a good thanks and I appreciate Tom's always meant.