Ned Yost Interview

Fescoe In The Morning
Tuesday, November 14th

Ned Yost details his incredibly scary accident and injury. You don't want to miss what the Royals skipper said about his chances for survival!


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A check in with skipper Ned Yost. It is and we do it normally Wednesdays but man it's been in an eventful last week for you my friend and I'll start it off with a logical how do you feel and today and had you do all right. Yeah Bill Barrett had a pretty good night last night and so far you know pretty good morning today so we'll. And I had a rough afternoon yesterday and lies and that this. I don't know these could be kind of sit there and all the sudden it just like why am. Then you take a couple deep breath and kind of alleviate you try not to move like. Really slept good last night not had a good night and so far had a pretty good morning Lowell called dirt. Well that's good man up I'll tell you what I think a lot of us were very scared and I got a text from my dad last night oh my god had been dead is he okay nightly people from all over the place worried about. Your health and what happened with you about a week ago take us through what happened is this something that you've done hundreds of times and just like step wrong. That'll now I've got that thousand yeah. And or real particular about it you know the safety of our Beers stamp on this farm that we got. You know a lot of kids come on here. You know a lot of people. You know we're introducing the bow on a lot of nets ran you know Cheney ran darkest brand. And so issue you know we're real particular about the safety of at all. And at the end of the year I'll go through the entire far more at least stand. Am especially on the pine trees because of pine trees grow so fast. In all kind of loosened up. All those strap a little bit he hit the tree a little room to grow a little room debris. So when the season's start again inexorable back in recheck everything and make you appreciate. They cure everything I. And put like one we put these the safety. Because all the lifeline. An attack is that the top of the tree goes around the tree dropped but the bottom on entry. And you walked in actually. On the ground and lie and not up with you. On the whole time major climate up into the treaty get into the tree and get out of the trees and that if anything that happened you're not all one more than. Though they grabbed you in and you know allowed you say so. Well out there on the you know second a couple of them that when friends come out. And on. You know like that gave before. Separate dance ready. And I had whether you know that a lot of cable will go check the Saturday afternoon and remember it was going to. You know if a wedding shower in Montgomery. Alabama she's gonna be down for the night. You know I told her well Sitka. Kansas City. State companies state now in order on the Alabama and here is a little you know what follows football and wanna run around because lifeline on the street in check these street liked him a little face and then. My take deeply regret the day. Besides that he took off what the the first and got data and probably a minute by minute it didn't take long once in the neck and you know you know checked all the staff there on up and everything goes got to the top of the stand. And you know attractive and stand well enough. I'm like OK how's that Obama outlook in because I had my safety belt. I'll put the lifeline on us out up about it down for the day. On the stand and mount reached behind me and grabbed my and was reaching out. The onto the tree and I mean it was like you know paying them Al bottomless well I mean down highway. And I'm not sure. You know I'm not sure why Andy ally and it on Obama side you know I don't remember. Trying to grab three you know I was trying to grab it tree anything yet to slow me down a little bit. The first I remember the first team. Like the first two slides I make contact with the tree and then after that it was not that. And I'm making it felt like an eternity before it before pound yeah would you vote when I hit like Lambeau. If they're we're certainly not you know if I can catch my breath and maybe get on the street forward on the backs on him. But I realized real quick you know I was able to move. You know my legs were. We're completely useless. But but you're not what. Happened out of little. You know light and it. A little like and not it would in my hand like it move my hands luckily I'm not paralyzed I think to myself as. Well I read in my pocket and I grabbed my phone and all out and luckily he's only twenty minutes now on the road. And Poehler look up all around it's really you come back and call 911. Can't lose so she turned around all night long one. I think that took him about you know appointments to get there and I mean I guess that there was just no way no way. And one that went out there. Guy I was gonna say to did you feel like your life was in danger at any point at this time I mean twenty minutes is a long time there. Now I'm on now now up like me I'd probably fractured my form my pelvis or something that was the only thing certain mileage for her in my. Shall forever mile for her it's my right side. Now I mean I I didn't see your you know anything added I didn't think anything needs it really. And open and in the 911 crews got there and of course it didn't take Long Island council what was. Nobody pulled the ambulance that week in and hiking and like that in the art of fine. Finally. Started taking my pressure and check in my models when. Com I can hear Minneapolis. And now we'll analyze light that was analysts like that satellite flight as well. Paul alive flight in Grady hospital and you know uncomfortable. I don't mind like flight. You know I don't think that's the series is probably a fraction of all the and when he goes now is that the difference is Tony remains compared to an hour. Argument he's got more lifelike. But by the time he picked up and a low on the earnings turnaround which is initiating. Opening up and carried me to the ambulance would work I mean it was tremendous pain. By the time ago out of the world war was the helicopter would land that. Although not in the helicopter. You know tightly all. And then boom adopted gradient you know I'm still not getting anything. And he acknowledged to Syria. And that was fine. By the time you know I'd get me out so late for me and in the and I mean these trauma doctors. I mean it it's. I put it on the you know they head down a little bit pain medicine payments and that beyond. In the helicopter and I mean not totally whacked out of jail. I would feel. You know conscious. Yeah I mean it was like. I can turn over to the gate is that. I mean it looked like the matrix is not kept trying to figure out a while my game again Ahmadinejad backed out of the matrix and in the union but it would take. You know and I'm like which is linked. Public meg dot yeah they hold and the intensive care from a room. And they want to work in. You know the doctor rose land on the county that look he goes your blood pressure is really love. And we're not going to be an idiot and anything different things that have to. If you're gonna happen in the bottom and I am sorry but yet but we can do when I'm on lifeline. Well all of a sudden you get in the shop in my right leg Kaymer above my knee and then he drilled awful. Through my phone. Out the other side and then. That the law through my age and put it then Pat White on. You know that he might well let's open. It was so close it was kind of you know pulling back that was the floor for. You know four traction which he's a Elvis down. And make that happen sort of Vietnamese. He's real tight complexion and and what you guys then kill me if you know. And that and the doctors the first time I'm like what he's talking about it and look he doesn't inflating life okay. Like. Card you're together like inside spotlight. You know and but I know I did notice that you know Garnett. It in the 12345. It happened. Units of blood and that could not get the latest now. But you know that was real common one when she got that is because we eight what it does Slovenia and you know will fit well let's will be fine. And now they look like it certainly taken its leading up. Well. It looked at the surgery and not that some kind of you know apparatus that in my late in the mile arteries and some idea. In the mine that went to my policy and somehow they useful. Stop the lady. Finally got off me it took me back intensive care. I EU I mean of course at that time I was in critical condition. That night there that they've. Lebanon one Kamen now. That means third period you know that put stupid. He with a bunch of late. A bunch of screws in it when I got done. You know I actually felt a little bit better because what does blade wide open. Not on the doctor you know and that saved as a young. Trauma surgeon and he gets even if you know baseball and ignited that out there. And so what we hear about it you know what. If you don't you don't understand and no one can tell you. He said that you know he's being taught to influence results in depth 4530%. Of the time. And you look traction on the table you. Yeah that blocked 78 units of blood we can get the bleeding stopped because I would reported that analysts say. I'm like well I'm sure glad you did. You know they did a fantastic job. You know get in China you know get a little bit better he should every day from that point on Bulgaria. They did a good job. You know the area about just sit back and think about it you know there's been times where I've been out here working on things. Reach slide might via phone and belt out think yourself and that includes LP out here by yourself that you filed. But I neglected in the truck that's about it and if I didn't have my own I would beta and it's just no way on our way. I. Love Montgomery or nobody going to be alone there's nobody looked inform me. And and the way I was leading. Not probably rattle off site may two hours blow. Got really really lucky on the fly and then you know how to break it up or to peak came at a great trauma team and went to the right hospital. You know at all. All the people lined up you know updated for a. All right I'm sitting here I'm on the verge of tears hearing the story I think everybody's just leveled and Josh might inspect every singer or mouse wide open. I can't lead and I just heard again. At any point where you've mirror is at its other you're just a matter of fact about all and really assessing the situation as it's happening. I never I never I never dreamed I was in you know that type of situation. You know I just named a pay my public instruction in an idea of all via. You know the blood. Brains and arteries that are you know or that are in house that net outlet and that's why it's such a deadly accident when. When you when you fracture like that you get so much and internal bleeding and that's what a major major fracture. But it does that occurred I mean it's just did you know. It didn't occur to me that. You know I was in dire straight until after the surgery and and they came minutes and let you know. And you are and you are in critical condition Purdue days and have such ago we is that now and that's one you know by then you're done and you feel pretty Michael. And a close. Well you know I don't think. Well luckily enough that I'd vote really didn't understand the gravity of the situation were blown through it. Maybe it was better that way that would enemy not knowing what you're going through May be maybe you approach your body reacts differently or might react differently if you no way I only got you know baseball terms a 70% chance survival and that's a hall of fame type career but I'm like oh my god like. I only got this chance of rod maybe it's better they didn't tell you that we you can at the process that kind of stuff. Yeah and he didn't ever and I'm glad you didn't tell me in the and the doctor and I would never tell you I would never. And I'm never you don't have you worry about static but that that was the position we were hand and you know on mine that was it was a kind of data that it through it looked at this pit look he well. You know I just didn't realize the severity. The injury. Is there a chance that you don't manage this year that after all this. Come on I'm not going to be fine. NB a 100% by spring training then I'll know more on the warning about got to go back you know the X ray all my. All my my love them and some penalties that a lot of companies it will buy dot you know and you get all. I think I am I'm going to be non white. Buried for two months it means that I won't be able to even get on crutches for two months it's wheelchair homeland. Right now it is such a major ordeal that you just get into the wheelchair and sit there for a minute. It's a lot of you know this kind of sit on the couch trying to find a comfortable position and not move on but. Pick it up plenty of time to recover and I am generally a you know pretty good pain tolerance guy and not a pretty quick healer so I don't see it being an issue at all. Would talk when Ned Yost here on 610 Sports Radio how how long did it take you to start thinking about baseball and lineups and all that kind of stuff after this injury happened I mean did you mind go straight to that to try to get your mind off what you're going through right now. Nominee. A lot of credit. My my mind right now. One after being that this incident on Saturday. Your whole body changes I mean not in pay for you know I'm not my my appetite is way way down. On this very tough to go to the bathroom and it's like okay my goal today try to figure out how to album album that. You know I guess that is that it has been nine days since the you know I've 41 to the falcons. You know keep trying to take the loose stool softener can try to figure out. While we can do that you know right now that got me a little better I gotta get to where I can now. You know dictate some of the pain and some of the plane tone you know Warrick and now. You know what can move around just get off the couch in the mean it's it's it's not until. On the that one out today and and flying back in the what would he do more typically huge outcry here forty yards in front of the door. You went back up what they can picture you can get up and look at it yeah benefit as well. So what are you don't have no idea what how silly name. On the that are trying to hurt the yacht watching anything on TV here movies are doing now. Not now not now I'll watch the market TV about the problem as is without early or we do that we don't have Internet they don't have like Wi-Fi. We have you know 3-D you're not doing a lot of heavy duty. You know Internet clerk and check it out check the news a little bit of mourning and given me. You just have regular satellite TV and are just not a whole lot. You know brought on what. Just kind of sit here take a little map whatever they haven't. Very good luck waters like panda you know hopefully it'll help the healing process of you know get this thing healed up as popular candidate had he been able to move. As this foxworthy come over anybody's killer try to keep you company already. Yeah Aaliyah I mean yeah they've done it is then. They've looked at the hospital like the first three days that it's Alpine look if you're in day out there. But I think they either you know that's all a big help wake of that amount and all the guys are over it just. You know now but I think they're all gonna maybe jump on the truck and tomorrow we're there to mark and I'm and I'm about ready to see them. Had to get a lot of you know a lot of you know text and emails and calls them so they're now. Lot of people from reaching out and a lot of prayers and not sure appreciate it. Yeah who who have you heard from my former players current players like he'd give us some of the guys have reached out to. I mean yeah I'll let me you know. Most of our players. You know Duffy and and threw it not me it's solving look forward to death he was in Venezuela and you know former players Jeff Francoeur. You know we tried to keep it real low key at first you know because we knew. That. He he's not and we just let. Friends know. You know what was going comedy steak and I got a little more out there a little while there finally on Wednesday. I think you broke Wednesday night and ESPN. Because then all of sudden like my own defeat rep that I got a text from Andy Reid and then from Dale Junior Clint boy here Ryan new man Larry cable guys. It all my friends. You know they're credit and I'll work second and the third count on how many how many tech I've received. Told us. All right let's ask the real question how is dad handling you right now. That's you know I'm gonna mention that you know she. Sees this Russia. Call pertinent me you know not it Jiri when you're not when you're hurt he is so you know it's easy. You know not be really nice I'm slope. You know I've been really. I don't make a concerted effort not dole actually you know the funny you know filming action figures that god want me to become a better listeners though. They allowed that to happen like it said it would use for three months without being able to run away I. Learn how to looks better without that. It off and she's right here and wait and I mean almost too much disliked every I'll call you might need to. Yeah it's funny you say that he exudes got you to be kind of nicer because my wife said the same thing about me I'd like lace it done and and I was on like invited and some one of them payments. Use this is the nicest you've ever did that mean your entire life so I if I could definitely see it like it if you get a different perspective on things on. On manner. While a lot of talk to her and about a month and see if she's Angela and everything and how you're doing and as a patient because. Matt say when everybody at the Airways is scared to death about you know a originally he felt not that big deal then you find out exactly what happened and it is like immediately everybody's like how's that deal because I don't know if you understand how loved you are in this town and how many people have reached out let dad know or think about please tell that were thinking about what that no we're thinking about it. You got a lot of fans appear man that are happy to hear your voice. While I'm happy to bit without them throughout the let you know elect at that once we got out via. You know all of the bleeding and the doctors got every back together we were tree you know we're kind of out of the woods and you know if Pharmerica Hadley. I think we're in good shape and look forward and everybody. You know once spring training course. No doubt and met. A new nickname iron Ned how does that work. Oprah. You'll whatever. It. Will be at. But we're glad to be alive. Yeah. As as a major kind of refocus on things a little bit lies. Not really you know not really not yet anyway. You know I think that. You know my priorities are pretty well in order for the most part. So I mean I think we're always trying to that's all we are in life. You know I don't think after this you know you sit back Dohmann got so much that I can make major changes. None of that. I want you just you know stay out and stay comfortable stay pain free and now call us anytime you wanna talk to get bored more than happy to take the phone call me out chat with the a little bit itself. To stay fresh stay good stay healthy get ready for spring training we'll talk yeah I guess it you know a few times over the course of the winner but have a great Thanksgiving. Said Deb all of our prayers as well as I know she's gonna need it's going to be tough for her as it is for you get better soon man my friend we'll talk to you soon. Thank you guys I appreciate everything.