Ned Yost Interview

Fescoe In The Morning
Wednesday, September 20th

Our weekly conversation with Royals manager Ned Yost as he joins us from Toronto as the season winds down and the final playoff push begins


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Royals manager Ned Yost joins us every single Wednesday here on 610 Sports Radio oil's fall last night in Toronto. The one of the a long time records in Major League Baseball falls last night with Alex Gordon breaking the single season record. For home runs of the season and then how cool is it to see Alex Gordon set that record last night. You know quite frankly well after four. The you know he's attacking you look at it it broke a record I think from. The year 2000 which was like right in height of this steroid bear bear you know well you know guys. But more hit them all model. So you know it's pretty amazing way to exchange guy. So well and we even surpass that old mark. You know it's amazing to see all ballpark where it. This year what do you attribute that to. You know I accept enact. And I guess I don't know it players longer I don't know football burger. You know we keep you look at it all aspects of it. You know is pitching better I think pitching gets a little better every year you know pictured her little stronger. You know the players get a little stronger. I don't know I think it's a pretty big mystery people. Talk with Ned Yost here on 610 Sports Radio but let's talk about Alex in particular since the beginning of September he's hit over 300 looks like he's gone the opposite way more icy kind of committed to himself the use this month of September to start getting ready for for next year trying to go the opposite way you think. Well I don't think so I think that you know these citizens. Annandale then work and honest way you know freak like. You know I'm a little more upright views in his hands a lot more. And war can better. He Alex and Nick Adams you know look as if there. I got it right here I'm relieved or are due in September gear you know it's been grinding since they want. But like eclectic beat you you know what more do you vehicles are on the. The adjustments that. You know what we sent them three days some adjustments. You know him dale tried to put into. You know it takes time. Take time for those things aren't so do you feel comfortable and dissect it at a by product that you know it just beat them better and better. In all bitten. And the work better. Patiently and swaying and it would still allow him to hit the ball the other way easier so I don't think Alex goes appearances and try to hit the ball the other way. I feel like cause the problem is it more people are. And you know where it goes or goats. You don't whip with Alex still let's say let's be honest here I mean he's been now twelve years since he was drafted I think so he is he's not getting any younger is it hard for an athlete to realize hey. Maybe I didn't have what I used to have a couple of years ago deal with the aids process could be something as well that's difficult. I think active player all ethnic adjustment now I think Apple's true remotely for pitchers. Yeah I mean I think everybody makes adjustment when they get older. Maybe to slow down a little bit at CNET. You know they're not gonna still be productive. You know that their mindset changes a little bit Pete you know on about using all feel a little bit more and work your way. So that the backstage in the strikes a bit longer. Contacted. I think players you know I think players. They're better. Their production always kind of felt a little bit what they need to do it out you know what they need to do to get better and it's up to them that make adjustments. Thought when Ned Yost here on 610 sports radio and edit it a lot of discussion from people looking at as a horizon for the royals. Is there a possibility Mondesi could play the outfield. It big commodity play the outfield Z have that with and his skill set your mind. In the outfield absorb our candidate you broke up. I Baghdad in the outfield while modesty KG does he have that skill set. You know again I'm not tours and all of our all of our young guys probably exception Cutler you know they take they take all the new LP every single day. I'm sure they'll come in and now they are grown altered shortened second and third. And then they'll all look to the outfield. And take you know like balls and then they'll build our shake as we all work. You know this though. Bloody fall off beat Pete like well you know like you wouldn't exchange. And democracy tremendous speed he's got great hand eye coordination tremendously athletic. And yet all the walks about you are so definitely. You know exactly and his skills. You know that that's interesting because you're always looking for spots to play guys but if his back doesn't come around does it matter where you Plame in the field. Latin and it has backed it. Yeah I will play much in the popular and you look at. Picture production spotlight your game and generally it's going to be their base first space left field. Right field and in center field and then you know you're a medal here the middle of your defense is more your athletic. Pete and some guys. But. You know you you know working toward peace or it'll work place. If you're not gonna get much better aren't sure you better darn good second baseman. You know we keep looking at at Monday's development fishery you know he paper picture in triple aliens. You know for the first time and a really good offense it season. Still really really young guys still learning and you know they hit the Al east to be able to recognize yeah beats them up and you know what that back this is gonna take amid patsy gonna continue to improve and improve and you know we pick 11 day you know down the line he's going to be a really aren't all of type player. Videos joins us each and every week here on 610 Sports Radio last night guy you candy gave yep five plus innings sent in coming back after missing that that 11 start how encouraging. Is it to see. On him have that bounced back type performance. Well it looked that we knew that that would happen in the news that we have to give them time is his rotator cuff was completely Petit which. Would not allow him to get his arm up it was normal slot. When it was delivered pitches which meant that it was under the ball it was pushing the ball a lot a lot but he but he couldn't get the ball down. We knew it is Betsy Stark here in the last. Or we should come what an extra days' rest so it like Beckham won't start given the rest let it recover. And he should be fine ensure an upbeat. You know when he came in at eight after warmed up like that idea signaled Friday said that one but it is our. Young. Man. Am not what was that that is. Technology and stuff that's what happens in Canada we'd try to use technology that's that is why even make out that wasn't. That is skippers that no. Dead he would big glass sliding it. I never heard of phone do that before does that incredible welcome to Canada on mine and I got a couple more like Elena and I can call me aren't like you. Just ask you does that give it a chance to talk of them ended the innings winning I know we have the winning streak ended and whatnot so get him back on the vote Stephen dial his number what he didn't know what you call and he called us yeah from the from the phone got his cell number. As in my Canadian phones suck like black line. As to what I believe that that wasn't buildings here on the phone line I mean definitely was a flat line it yeah. Well by. I was obviously have a troubling candidate yesterday yeah wrecks that troubling candidate be it'd be a name that that they never even got off the highest Canadians talk to each other they still use it tin cup and I could string around I didn't cans and string I think these Merced moves couriers all is how they do have like if you if you're in Canada you get a message to somebody just trying to. Usual paper clip on moves for in the moves runs across the whatever woods he's going towards an in the moos takes the message to whoever your mean and you know send it to solid wooden heads on the photos do you think he's got to face America in order to get on the phone. I try to pick a bad signal coming across the falls and Niagara Falls is like paying at his hotel window try to get an American allies there. It goes back with a zero point six dad's portrait you flat lined on is that we got. There vermin it was god man. It's in and out here. And dance and throttle which you know when you and I appreciate it and serve as he wouldn't. Now that's our we were worried there for a second hate you don't live with two weeks ago listened to weeks to go in the season had any heart to heart when any of the guys like Hosmer boos rain ever in any of them coming to you asking hey what do you think skip what do you think's gonna happen in the future you had those conversations with those guys. Looked let the farthest thing from their mind right now. I'll vote. That they're all focuses on trying to win we got to win we've got one. You know that's our whole focus was get themselves ready to play. You know you gain from the IE and bought it bought in and what in the fateful. I don't think it'd be. You know mark. And then we had chance to talk to yes and who ended the Indians are winning streak have that feel. And what it each each event. It felt it. You don't go man I think there were some frustration we felt like we shouldn't at night or on. One strike away from Britain and and forgetting. Let you know we walked in it was a great game it was a little strange but if they want to do it Dan. You know the next it will end up doing it. It was you know everybody looked at the rockets are there are more excited that one. Break in the street does a lot smaller and how well right now like you articulate we want in early. You know we have completely throughout the war but we very easily on four Supreme Court that all its. Apple great and don't force the last couple weeks district one big we can't make one big pitch. Talk when Ned Yost here on sixty in Sports Radio being up in Toronto DA do you think back about that 2015 ALCS at all how special that was for you guys. Natalie now all of. Eat out an atmosphere. He follows a well liked there there and they are real here at our good. You know it's different atmosphere. He's you know. You don't really what you situation like weren't you were thinking about well I mean at its heart it. It would affect about one and talk about yesterday or not into the ball well we. Have to win. He's all games in order for it you know at least a chance going in these last few weeks or. I think that's about the only thing we're gonna. So you'll look back at him and I got a favorite moment from that 2015 ALCS like you know came scoring from first or anything like that. Yeah I don't know you can I don't think should watch adult. Now. All right Ned Yost with a 06 cents or pretty amazing got to get a wing gotta get a win do you turn that sense of urgency up or is it already been turned up toward. And I bought. And target is. You know there are complexity every day's been fantastic. You know there are every day. Yeah. They're fantastic and it's about production is not about attitude about intensity is all that's there about production. On reasonable amount yet but but it it brought out their combat is fiction. You don't yet believe in the facial hold. Let little about it. No doubt will go out you won tonight in Toronto we'll see you back to the ballpark next week. Felt that yeah it.