Most Hated Broncos

Fescoe In The Morning
Thursday, October 26th

Who tops your list? 


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With the assistance force dot com right now you can check out our blog about our most hated Broncos. As self vesco playing all together or most hated Broncos you can check that out and extreme detail what we're gonna discuss that right this second. Is to choose from and we started on this thankfully it was your idea. The right to do is blog as a show that non a non Elway yet not migratory John Elway who can all acknowledge you don't like John L don't anyways yeah that's you know we get that it was July easy we don't would you like LA behind John Elway and I now I didn't realize a list of going to be this long yeah we've. Burst through this out there yesterday at this job like a canned its interest in get this guy that. This is what is. The name is like oh my god anger is so long hate the ball. Again you know we should have done we should just went to the Broncos all time Oscar because everybody on the all time roster is capable of one way or another with the Denver Broncos. They want you get a start well. You know I I have about him a lot of hate almost. Or hate admiration like yes sure yet we hated say look we we still hates him as we Hayes it was for a long time why they had success and I liked alternate by. My number one native Rocco IMAP Sana Al way it is is Steve Atwater Steve Atwater. He was so freaking good. There was I hate that guy at medical hit the Vienna Korea had just go look at that what if this series that put there's a series of after a ball so good back then yeah I like what we all Thai investigators in the in in the NFL I am. And do this Dave and I that guy scares me itself. Steve Atwater was my number one hated bronco but their collaboration there because he was side effect period. I'll have one guy's dog leg and. That's the last few black. This is easy to me kid sharpens the worst. By first hit it's if you got a kick in and hey and athletic if you'll end up on this list of most hated Broncos for baiting. Derrick Thomas in in a Monday night meltdown that help you went up on this list for. Hey guys I have a list to Molly Shannon Sharpe ruined a lot of games through but now every day on that that's one he's spewing nonsense like this. Would you be only got you into the gay kids when you've got to about your roughly you've got here. If Pro Bowl looked robbed a pro bowler GDP of BP let god they'll wet absolutely not true that his argument right there as it moves the ball. Because when you are the only got double team triple need to sort. Can you. You always get everything because you address if you could well I have all of the. Blasphemous. Janet sharper than Tony. Yeah development and defendant's death rates due to these two things. Tony Gonzales that's tied at an NFL history. Chanted char. The Tony G on his best days of my most hated Toronto. Because he's still on the idea of television. Change your arm Eddie yeah I might is marks cleric he's the first guy on my list he was part of those old Denver offensive lines that. Those guys cheated a cannon care what you say they scraping plotted seated they turned. Mikey understand they turn Terrel Davis into these all world running backs right that that offensive line would Denver. Would come down low would chop block yet taking these out take your angles that punch in the growing. Like they were the dirty is offensive line. And march Lara says part of that we always take guys that are good we always take guys that beat up on ours on our team and Lara was part of that. But I also need solaris or another reason. Back when I went on might world famous cider and donuts when it back in 2012 war. Baylor against him in it. Went to Canada. Are solaris. Decided that he was gonna rip me and yes dear what took hold. I don't care. But he is a power because I asked him to come on our show the next day one day and refuse. To come on they show. So marks Larry I hate you because you sir are a chicken and York yell. I I'm six 306 anybody that you hate from the bronco the other guys Ed McCaffery because that I just made a play all the time like any time he needed a freak of plate easy Ed McCaffrey was coming up with a big plays back that was your right yet to name since since Bob took to disease yen was definitely Miami looked it up he was 75% 85. On third down conversions in the fourth quarter between ninety and a power I and actually get the exit of the joke about it. Yeah that person actually seem like it. It was third and seven Ed McCaffery picked up the first down but I equipment that's because he was so good at another guy we hated as he was good that we want of arts and I went what all the rats running backs that kind of rushed for a thousand yards for the Broncos. All Landis the area. Paid him now I am Mike Anders seeing no shot Marino. There ought to grasp it whomever they picked up off the garbage heap. And no notion Marino the first round victory. Everybody else was just like their arrogance that got a good run anybody it was because of that office of 12100 yards and nine touchdowns every stinking year. And they all stumped when they went somewhere else who put my Clinton Portis to screw that. He's probably until favor though yeah helmets don't like him yeah I don't like him any less stupid bell he wore when he of the five touchdown dance she saw Yankee is about Cuba like those heat of bells of the world and CJ Anderson can add to that list. Right now he's not very good even as sandy did whiner a bronco that you better want to remind my all mile so don't like you're busy and can't stand it any of those yet okay. Statins yet the one guy we have brought up it's getting just all over the tax on a 69306. Is overwhelming house yeah. I want you guys who's gonna take him well. He's is all the whiz but I don't remember anything Roman how's he did against the chiefs specifically. Like. Spitting in JJ stokes his face right as terrible thing to do with it is to play for the 49ers head high and as far as. What's he do against the chiefs wave when he dubious that was like them admirable that makes you AM yeah. Go Roman ask ice can't put him ahead and Shannon Sharpe and his campaign. Way to lower at the Super Bowl with the chiefs this year run radio row Roman mask he's on our show what he's talking to us have a whole different appreciation for him because he. Kind of like that do you sit down talk him in his wife's very hot it is so. I don't hear that you kind of like a robot that I considered him still guys more greater than they do a Denver bronco. Always consider him as a greater more so than a generally the western Digital's. We kind of see it romo's wacky maybe.