Michael Porter Jr Injury

Fescoe In The Morning
Tuesday, November 21st

MPJ goes to see a specialist and is not in attendance for the Tigers' latest game 


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Missouri freshman phenom Michael Porter junior will now see a specialist. And it will not be at independence for Monday night's Missouri game. It's it's a rough time there. For Missouri fan I don't know Missouri's game. Well the last night side not for the Emporia State game which are barely won by a did you watch that game going but I did not lost it but they did barely win and it and it. It's the it's panic time for Missouri basketball freaking close though Michael is like her easier being a man and I. I don't think there pump the brakes I call it panic time for Missouri hoops is because. I keep coming back to this. It would be the most Missouri thing in the history of time. Yeah if Michael Porter junior came to Missouri everybody had all these high hopes and he saw the floor for all liked me and two minutes. Is it higher Missouri basketball career. I'd say I tuned in like two minutes and the best I was already on the ban so you missed the net Tyre Michael Porter C the united C imply I see them play it either you do down at sprint center Mike I didn't like it sinner and also an investor lasting memory of him. They have three more games this week there's and it's not gonna play he's not gonna play this week ID right you don't see it's not played Thursday when recycled materials and say here here's the thing if you're seeing a specialist more times than not surgery is becoming the most all -- scenario it will go to a specialist in the guy feel good you know you go to a specialist and they say we can achieve in next Tuesday enjoy the Turkey so that makes it very real possibility that Missouri fans will get to see Michael Porter junior play in a regular season Missouri basketball game for all of two minutes. In his entire career that would be about as sad as he gets when it comes because. I you know is spam and I was excited to watch Michael Porter junior place your right like we were talking before the show everybody who bought season tickets for the games this year down at Missouri. Is basically now getting a bait and switch not not Missouri's fault but the player got injured. And in just his joke anyway you go to see the uniform you don't go to see a player at all. OK because the uniform was playing the last three years old when it was going what the ticket office got a direct exactly that's his decision that people picking up the phone and I I I need to refund on these tickets I drive it in from Kansas City or saint Louis the watched the Jersey. I was coming to see Michael play college basketball and Emma be with you I was excited. To watch Michael Porter played for Missouri this year watching some SEC game seem what they could do it quietly giving that program back to respectability because. Josh he's you know we've talked about since they made that move to the SEC. They should be a perennial top three teams in the SEC there should be they should never be below three because of the rich tradition and history and everything that they have to basketball school they should be good at. Basketball and so far so good and they've got off to a decent enough start you know right now but the big story is what's gonna happen would Michael Porter junior and if you don't. It this year bad really sucks really bites the big one and a while Michael Porter junior down I have to have surgery I'm thinking to myself there's no I'm trying to rush back to step foot on the floor to go out their play college basketball potentially jeopardize my NBA career. That's the problem you're gonna have few years if there's a possibility even that Michael Porter junior needs surgery he's not gonna play through it right. Nor should nor should he now you know he may want to play through and their words in his mouth but I if if advising him on his old is mom or solicit. There's no way you're playing inside your daughter is sixth death on the university's diet. And next year if you're healthy. Will reevaluated then right. Did he get healthy by January or February or very strong possibility he's not okay I for the rest of the season and he just stop these tests shouted down I don't wanna see it reminds me do well be because it's too early but you'll be we heard was going to be a week and it was gonna be ten days I was gonna be two weeks and he's going to be back by the big it is yet specialists say that we heard the first return of second week of the term they don't make the second and determined he was never gonna play and I was never got myself. That that's what they do that's what sports does it is continue to keep you arms live with these injuries because they don't while the opposition know so. I don't want to say that were there with Michael Porter but each day that goes by makes me think he'd stay were close to having until all of the type of situation. Were we really never see his full potential at the collegiate. Level specialists scares scares the hell yeah. This is anytime you see specialist it's definitely a legitimate time when we were lies an athlete as a like a regular person they're gonna send you the specials like first. But I'm assuming he's doctoral whole bunch of stuff right they can't figure out what their people minnow like Abraham let's go let's go to my bats when he terrorists like that its board that you appoint claim an odd sports because you have all these doctors that are on staff right. These traders are on staff if they can't figured out that you go to a specialist and that means potentially could be really well in a Dutch history or sidestep the team like Ab yeah these Anderson there's Eagles and the data tapes your ankle the trainer he looks and it was receiving dock dock looks at those. You got a disease specialist out of business is above me try some of you have whatever route you out or not we're better as especially funny my pay grade. That's this stinks. I thought of the chiefs' Derrick Johnson played just 50% of the snaps on defense against the New York Giants. And Reggie rag and had to sell the game and we died tackles. And have been blind to see more Reggie rag in for a few weeks now because he is a talented young guy and hopefully it's a situation where the chiefs are giving Derrick Johnson last snaps trying to allow his Achilles tendon heal fully. So you come back and get that step back that he lost from a year ago meant. It's less than a year yet says they are Johnson towards accused and it usually thinks of all year for that thing to come back. So if they can take away some of his snaps. I wanted last week to shut him down turf shut down for four weeks and that bring him back in December have ready go for the playoffs like that was my idea. I understand that with the injury issues the chiefs already have on this team shutting down anybody is probably not in the cards but. Howdy back to about 50%. That's that's pretty good idea to try to get their Johnson back on track as long as Reggie rag and he'd play and the way he did on Sunday. They used to be good for the interior that he would. It be just the dumb luck though for the chiefs to had been looking for the got to play next to their Johnson for the last seven years and now we finally finally got to play next to their Johnson but they're Johnson isn't ready to play next to back guy. I mean like we've we seriously been looking for the power hitting left fielder the explosive wide receiver and the second middle linebacker since they switched to this three or defense years ago. Who's gonna play next to their Johnson I mean they the cast of characters and I think would be funny to read all the guys who have you know they're Johnson. The season these cats are and we finally finding guy in Reggie Ratliff who had a hell of a game against the giants might got back that was all over the place make in place he finally seemingly find the gotta play next to Derek. And now Derrick isn't quite ready to go and play at a 100% like we want Derrick Johnson played bay. About what you might add they may have listened obviously it took you know kind of what you said into account last week but we're not gonna shut him down you know if we can limit his snaps and keep him on the sidelines and let him get rested and ready to go it's gonna benefit everybody towards the end of the series. And I don't know that the the counts but I don't on that I need to middle linebackers anyway means. They play nickel all the time scenes so give me one it's healthy in that one is Reggie rag and put Reggie Greg Lemond there. Seems to be a better a better balance of more him last DJ at least for the time being. Yeah well it's a fortunate situation for that she's because that I guess it's against the giants. Bob Sutton and the chiefs decided let's put it Reggie Bragg and see what happens right we'll see we'll see if he grows in the role he looks at it very easily went out where they decide will put will cut back. DJ snaps but Reggie rag and out there and rag on looks terrible yeah right he has no idea where to vis not making any tackles and I'll. But that wasn't what happened it worked out for Reggie rag in and it looks like I mean the guy at nine tackles DJ's been getting right around five or six per game so rightly has been giving you an uptake in production over there Johnson at this point if you can putt back EJ's time when you get a little more healthy and come back a little bit stronger that it Q is and have production from Bragg. That's a perfectly I think so too I'm excited to see you read he's got to do this weekend against buffalo as well let's take the next step that you came on strong you had nine tackles but do it yet that's that's what you have to do because. Like it or not DJ was a minimum of ten tackles per game guy when he was always claim that position so you need somebody to make up and now he's motivated to face authority to us yes he also is I think very aware that. Orleans dark blood is no shady McCoy. Parrot that bit of a different matchup.