The Michael Porter is Back Episode

Carrington Harrison
Thursday, March 8th
Carrington Harrison catches up with Gabe Dearmond of Power Mizzou and Sam Snelling (18:06) of Rock M Nation to discuss the return of Michael Porter Jr for the SEC Tournament and a little bit of Courtney Ramey talk. 

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Gabe Dearmond (15:08) on Courtney Ramey

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They should they just stuck to sports. Eads the stick to sports club dancing with Kerry did Harrison from the drive. I don't know just as. It was a scary guys in this is the Michael Cooper. Activation of the feet Ford five games. You're gonna get to enter into the firth was going to be that gave the arm of the power loses dot com just reported as saying cry about twenty minutes ago he's always his way to Saint Louis to coveted. And today so this is our talked with gave the arm last night. I got a chance to catch it was seems Snelling of dive cuts and rock in nation to hear that conversation after my conversation with Gaby arm. We'll talk to Michael Porter junior talk about how you integrate him in the roster of expectations the scene is Selig will also get you a little bit of Courtney Arabia discussed and so were my Missouri basketball fans out there I hope you enjoy it. Joy right now by gave the arm and a power Of all the people walk in the face of the earth there's no person that has been more involved in the date today covering of Michael border they gave the army game how you doing this morning are. Character needed break laureate David gonna go out and happening at. How have your. I guess that was discussed this how happy are you that we have finally reached the conclusion of the Michael porter's side. It in point on. You know look like a I. They're like kind of choking back. When you can't answer that think like an every day it like a hundred I'm and the answer is well I don't know. It's frustrating and and what was art about covering it was the only answer anybody ever could have yet been an adult now. I don't know it could very popular people in the media and amstel like it here. Both apple what do you think when you say what you think that you don't want to get anybody open up. It made it it's like it and what became obvious that the last few weeks or probable. Olympic spirit in your side wee bit it. And in a week he finally did I get on Tuesday. I think the most frustrating part of all of this I think what kind of what kind of broke my spears Saturday with him not playing is. It became pretty clear that Missouri. At least to some Marie was kind of fanning the flames of a return if you remember back in January Jeremiah in my spoken out of the first thought he got us that I haven't made a decision on what I wanna do. And then Congo talked about it whenever I think it was Tom hard in the end it by itself had that little report on the content talked about it on SEC network. Missouri have kind of been hinting that Michael Porter could come back this entire time. And I think at least from my perspective the up and down roller coaster of what was I felt like he could play Tuesday at Vanderbilt he didn't play Saturday against Arkansas that seem like the perfect day for him to play even didn't come back kind of a fool me once fool me twice mentality. Right but but the thing is that nobody wanted to that it's always like it could make that if it. You know chilling out of the information we like make things up in those people who wanted to believe that Michael ordered air and we order air people. I decided. No matter what race was out there that were holding him back in a big board decided until it in Alberta and we're working in the practice more than mediated you. The bottom line one of the very ready and act in support Iraq. You know there was never. No from the very ever that he's playing here now until then. He played here he ratted. All but nobody ever that it was ready. All and I understand what it would mean yeah the deprivation. People got frustrated but I don't think anybody ever be let AMR. You know the only if you like being with my local media post well. Airport in nineteen year old niece grown up in an age where every bit of those are your pet goat also you know in the book all with the idiot who put. It hope that it optimism on social media worry default with the fact that it. As you 145000. Follower on in the. And that is not a bit outnumbered that is for real though. It we live in an invited or not only is it putting everything out there well where did you have all the bad. You know what he put out there in bin. Putting their own there have been their own opinion didn't do it I. Auburn have to be anybody to blame it was always if he's ready he'll fly and now he's. We gave your perfect person to ask this question to in terms of being an engagement. You've been around for coaching searches you've been around as Missouri has changed conference's. How would you rank this Michael Oher story in terms of your feigning gauge journal power was there. Part copper per airline that would certainly bigger arm but other than that I've never seen anything like it. It because it in every day aired in Europe now. I think Rita or week is that we found out Mike was gonna happen another doctor's appointment and all was that. We would get cleared for contact it has literally been every day. All I'd never seen anything like it and you know I think it's great or look very into that yet if you like regardless. Apply I mean I told my part of the beginning of the basketball you and we bought a ticket but bragging rights in effect that. Would it hit the bar in the NBA it'll be cool we unit that you got it in life. I think it's unfortunate that they didn't get impolite last Saturday in all get that would be great. On but the war paint on the orient but Mike Wood and come back or honor for a black belt. You know you wait till you're ready ready I think it's great they're gonna get inflated now. I think Eric in your probably a bigger basketball and that I am a bad view. Is there any precedent for what or about to meet the ever seen anything like that. No that was actually my next question we're talking to debut our departments and dot com. I mean the closest comparison you can probably make his kite re Irving carrier ring at least quite quite agree get tiger Irving at least played a few games in the beginning of the season got hurt in the was ready for the NCAA turn. I mean. Especially Michael Porter has never played for dessert and we played the one game to even make the first media time now for zoo. So essentially they are adding it lottery pick that has never played before. I mean it is very fair to say this is the first time this has ever happened in the history of the basketball. And they're not saying it that will surprise me connection he could come out and look incredibly rough. At that point did rebound and he could come out and just be on fire from three point agents or point five. I had via their ability green was. When you talk about those extremes that kind of leaves me in sue the question of what do you think this team ceiling is I've been making a point that this year I think there's like team good teams in college best bottom but there's one great team I think there's like team and good teams in college basketball. I think out once you get outside those two good teams that and being college basketball. The eleven team in the fiftieth team there is not a wide margin between those two teams I mean example about a team like Texas Tech. That attack might be a four seed in the NCAA tournament Missouri might be an eight seed in the NCAA turn Texas Tech is not that much better than Missouri if Michael Porter is healthy. Where do you think the ceiling is now for Missouri if they have the good Porter and not the bad rusty border. The feeling it sparked a leader the healing of our help all right ago or. They get it. But they win that argument might played really well on the committee says. You may be a bit different he'd have a one week you all year beta that ball off line and it could be erratic like it. And are they doing in the current I agree with you that. I wouldn't even say they are in good to belt out you beat UT one need. If you work all purple saying I would back a significant amount of money. That I could not afford to lose it if he baked that we in Villanova and also bike onto it seemed like odd. On the urban light on the. Earlier in this earlier in the week on the show I say if you gave me duke Villanova in Michigan State. I feel comfortable enough to bet a hundred dollars to take them against the field. I'd take Marvin badly in Cold War K I take bridges and is though and I would say jail Bronson NJ right. And I feel pretty comfortable that that the national champion is gonna company one of those three teams. Both what you feel culprit all it by today you got battered amount of money you pay your rent that month. That idiot don't read into it knocked out or. I feel good about to cover that that though Ali. No that's where it I mean I am a plus Saint John Saint John was winless in the Big Easy though anybody can be beat. I don't think we've seen this year like most years there's like a clear light here won a couple of years ago Kentucky when they finish undefeated duke that you originally Okafor Wisconsin that was a clear 21. There's normally a real solid year too like eons as North Carolina those team to count on that year and then there's a tier three. I think there's like a really wide open cedar one and then to your two has like. Fifteen teams in it. I'm not sure they're big difference between here here and here are being you know break or Oklahoma going to be probably eight right. It's great young yeah I attacked for everyday and public aired this week in. Absolutely because it very they're very little gap I mean reaction I had been dying is the then it became op. Is that the very epic seven Ernie the Indian ego like parliament. I want it here on the colts without water. Install it and non. All of me I'd just got that 122 games in an export the FEC. And they editor all of Eric in in this packet while that Barbara war that the one. And ultimately I really wanna see that reaction echo is built well. The only reason I don't think it's kansas'. I Kansas would have a pretty strong gripe number one if its Missouri and then number one in terms are and his number two in terms of the pot region. If you've got to play Missouri in 83 hours from Kansas City a lot of Missouri fans like myself are gonna be there it's what five hours from Columbia. That's a pretty manageable drive for a lot of Missouri fans that I do big part of the advantage for the one seed past the B region also has the beginning favorable matchups. Got to score in case you over both sides. In terms of a team in Missouri clearly trending upwards at this point this season eight we'll also be screwed on in terms of proximity from the campus. If it happened character and I will lot. Stringer hill on Monday afternoon. All I'm in now. I mean out of me just now but I really think about it. They could have Michael quarterback in the cape us could not have you joke Azubuike like that's just Brian upset material right there. I mean look at it like to eat poorly but I I think they're only deserving of one he is here. The one or the wrong they have been in year out. And I really don't think there's much difference between the here in the southern don't ever year. You're gonna be at least one water UT it would make it back. Right now we're talking to gave the arm in a power arm as you dot com. How many times have you been asked the chemistry question I feel like every single day talk about porter's return I keep hearing about how is this going to affect chemistry. And then my argument is a very simple Missouri is adding a lottery pick. You could ask a coach right now the team and they've never practiced or played with Michael our Michael Porter before and they'll find a way to figure it out because you're adding a tremendous Allen. I'm surprised how many Missouri face specially given this team is lack of depth in this team's. I think needing a ball handler and someone that can create their own bucket while we're why are we discussing chemistry at this point. I am not surprised because this is the boat all I got the white it in the oval of the green and debate in America. On and Babel argue it warp did I would argue it's probably not but whatever. I have heard that it pupil number one like you ever heard it ought to be it won't go to the country who would love to have. The problem not a mark and it happened about or. Number who. Fifteen. At seven how you scholarship like what what. You not you in minutes for many but it's not like it but all the problem it is Robert and like thirty minutes and that a. Or not they'd order late 43 minutes in and that a 27 because Robert in the game. I mean it if you have it yet and then rotate in and all of a sudden US on a but he admitted he thought might look back at one point. It legitimately. You one bit. One is back now accordingly are now what is ultimately gained it all right to vote yet but it won't argue. Another minute somewhere in the rotation. Pretty comparable for Ralph played the last couple games and are you got quite a bit if I. Per year are met in action would have permitted to gain and a bit more complaining and Mike Scott what are. Nominee that's that's a perfect way to look at it I just look at this team and what excites me most about it is they need somebody that can create their own basket late in the shot clock because we've all seen those 45 minute stretch and were Missouri just cannot generate its on offense outside of hitting three pointers you finally have somebody that can do it every team that is treated the press. Like a ruby skew the entire season they add another. I would say elite level ball hail or at least in a college landscape like this should not be looked at as being negative in any cup. Asked if you're I was told about Michael during pre season practice. What you gonna deal for that scene is vacant look awful or 187 back in. And you can rate in Munich what are they are with a guide it but he goes off and. No. It you could it be if you could write down on the paper. If we need the perfect player who had a bit in purple even flight. That through their giving this afternoon. Is that. Again we don't know if they're getting deeper than a bike or 90% we don't know the wire they're hitting it that well what he's capable of is exactly what it. Even being the only god maybe you at that helped more if it got like water LSU like they are all your point. I feel like the other big story other than a Michael Porter has been Courtney rainy. Any update I know Collins a watched him yesterday any update on what's happened with cornering. I mean they're not going to be much put up big until Courtney senior season is over and we know the order up until then look he took I'm now. And they could visit Cuba nude during his Eden. On is in my opinion that McCurry would not have. Offer him publicly. Acting not not pretty off and about their chances of getting it. Aren't comfortable saying that look very and it is not in the driver he only right. I'd still like at this point it's speculation to kind of ask what changed Boswell I'll ask you this how real. I think it's real simple and I don't think it's speculation the bird what would under the impression because they were all very early on what they are not coming in the door. The bit and about where I'm at. And debated whether that mean because look very played well any audit or. Because some of his other top options started on another we are there re a net gain I don't know exactly. But according rainy that reach out to Condo couple weeks ago it that I metal. Talk about it worked it about it it. Yeah because I remember there was a store I can't remember who wrote I would give him credit if I did. Any kind of felt like court he's dad with kind of asking to be recruited by Missouri if you remember that story was I don't know what happened with Missouri there's this perception that we're not interested and we are not Cadillac. I was following your reporting you kept saying he's not coming he's not common. And then I'm like well why at least save it's like why he publicly say hey we wanna be recruited. Then adding it was 23 weeks later there was a conversation Missouri had made an offer I always thought that he had to offer comes as a surprise that you never been offered a scholarship. And now cons OC them to the last what four days. Bring he's going to resume mean it certainly seems like this thing is coming together in a Kevin Knox like speed. It's it is not like paint and looked at B calendar covering or hurting like. People tell you you're wrong. No because in recruiting what it can they didn't that would barely true what irked that I have been at it that's what happened when you're dealing with seventeen year old yet. Let's get the arm and a parmesan dot com gave enjoy the game today if they went today I will be there tomorrow so I mean knowing Missouri they'll lose in a heartbreaker today and that ruined and you playing Kentucky tomorrow and Saint Louis which everybody opponents are aired and Robert. Immediate. It's just too good today it's sunny outside like it's coming back today. Today they're gonna shoot 21% the first half to lose our heart breaker in the ruined in U Kentucky tomorrow. You know elect arrogant and are still played in the NCAA tournament of right now. Really. That was our conversation and we gave the arm and apartments dot com up next it's my guys and selling rocket nation. Check out of pocket cash dive cuts one of the best Missouri basketball podcast up there here's thing this is Mac lethal you were listening to the stick to sports. Podcast. Another episode of the stick to sports podcast I feel like the stick to sports podcasts. Is it really sticking to sports as much as it used to it. It's now just whenever I feel motivated to do podcast that is coming here and I'd do podcast that take you listeners behind the scenes the let you know how dedicated we are talking about Michael Porter junior. It is 11:16. Not a morning at 1116 in night and I'm joined by Sam Snelling Iraqi nation and and I mean it's honestly barely two podcasts I listen to every single week. The Joseph but it podcast and dive cuts every single week so Sam Snelling from dive cuts in a matte hair to a great job of that. Net are Sam thanks for a moment. Candidate so it on on tuchman do we execute a man. Let's just start with the very very simple question what is your reaction to Michael Porter being. Held before theoretically the first time this season. It release more than anything probably. I don't like your diet they could vote on it and I'll order my you know you can apply to uploaded in a foray. And so actually kind of and that you know being on the right I think it is a good thing. I'm so I was relieved I think Europe that also a lot of excitement you know I think. Coming into the season you think about Italy talent. And getting the sort of play on a team that you are gonna watch every game. Deter this fruit Fonda get to watch bet that. That ability and we were brought that for thirty games so. I mean he even at this is going to be fair. You know like. Borrow against Georgia maybe if they win another game and our chief game and so it's armament. I think it's it's it's going to be award that's going to be a lot of. You and I were on the same page that Michael's gonna come back and play at some point this season. All Mitt might my confidence and it really started to waver when he didn't play on Saturday against Arkansas because. It felt like the perfect storm he had been practicing for two weeks it was at home. I haven't been at every big moment was who arena but I find it hard to believe there would have been a bigger moment aside from the last game against Kansas army desire Taylor's shot. A bigger moment the Missouri Reno there what would have been if Mike he checked in on Saturday that the place what are went absolutely crazy the blood is around the building wouldn't be if Mike had announced early that morning. They was gonna play as opposed and not playing. So when he didn't play and that situation I admit my confidence really started to waver and I'm sure. Myself like you were a lot of people even tell me this week and Mike's gonna play Mike's gonna play. But they're the same people that we're telling me last week that Mike was gonna play in the need didn't end up playing. My cup is really started to waver heading into the SEC tournament. Yeah certainly it like that he'd turn I was probably more likely because. Either they're difficult he would come back and getting as you let you know once you start practicing. And it's not like he's he's come a banner. You can pretty he would learn you know worried and I have a a couple week's practice order get. You know 56 straight days of practice. You know they were practicing in an avid game and having a day are the other well you know our shootaround and practice. That's a sort out the schedule goes to this point that he's manager trying to kind of preserve got legs so. And the military get it in and really you know get at the flow of that sort of basketball shape that I think it will look pretty difficult to get into. From it was a delicate they Campbell while longer and by the interior Sissy I was at a place. I'm in the first anonymity because. Even being back for a couple weeks now like he's still not going to be about what shape is he still not gonna feel quite like keys. Is it below or at blog at least it well that and it's just good at. Come in and out a lot more often and. Let's just start with let's trust are the top to become a work our way down into more I think like. When it comes to this. How do you think the additional Michael Porter this late in the season affects the overall. Makeup of the team because it's not like you're adding them in January at the very beginning of conference play that theoretically you would kind of sort it sure she tried here. I kind of thought a tablet Michael I guess with with Missouri. Like most usual to be playing your best basketball at the end of the season I think sort of Barnett is playing about as well as he's played his entire college basketball career. John tastes finally start to be more aggressive is certainly playing the best basketball his college career so far. Same thing for Jeremiah Tillman Jordan now adding a guy that is going to take a shot. Take up minutes and change the overall dynamic. What do you think this does to the overall makeup of the team. October it does look like a professional team and you know. Michael was going off disorderly have a lot of you know being around the team on a regular papers that might have a little more concerned. But evidently he's been around guys. He's been. Practiced at not just shooting around. So it's been sort of a different kind of approach an ad for me to my probably biggest concern. Is. If he's got a baby expect too much themselves coming out. And try to carry more load but he needs here and I just think that the way that it is declining U bench but got a reply while on. He did that mentioned access. But being like the biggest benefit is is that he's gonna. You know you'd take out some of the possessions from Pat Robertson whose kid how to really really big or little beaten. Until he can go to lighten the load for some of those other guys. 88 built up that over the couple games that I hope would sort of get back. What we sort of expect would think that Michael porridge in here that I certainly think that it could and that they had that problem. That's why I'm really curious to see how at least the plan for using him tomorrow was going to be. Cons those that it's gonna be Tony it's when he five minutes and you watch enough NBA basketball and I think to get this analogy. If you remember at the very beginning with OKC they were kind of talking about Carmelo coming off the bench. And their logic was gonna be hey let's keep this going let's let's let's is not have all three of these guys playing at the exact same time. I wonder if the plan tomorrow is going to be. Hey we've been unable to give cash is a little bit of a break so were we normally will play Cassius kind of threw him being tired. We can sub cashes out at the fifteen minute mark bring my kid to be V scoring punch for the second unit. Play him for 56 minutes Indian reinsert cash's back gets a lineup I'm curious to see how are gonna handle. What was there alpha dog before whenever they needed a bucket cash this was the guy that really got the in the buckets and Nate. Integrate a player who was just better in as more ways to get baskets and Michael Porter. Well let me get as you get later on in the shot clock at greater gains you know an inclination. The longer you know Mike is that we think it would be I think it might. I think any time that you can play. Yet Pat Robertson. You know a job today and Jordan or bat on the orbiter. What the ball market and the mean that's just to be really got sent those. You're allowing. The senators to sink in the lane to prevent. You know Michael Porter junior permit exporting your defense then you're gonna have to let. We're now to I actually eaters and guys that have a really recent history of being excellent three point shooters and those guys getting easier three point works. I I think it's something that you're gonna waters are off so I don't really think that. This is something where they're gonna stick with Cassius down on the stretcher and I bet that it. At that point he becomes so there are people at its worst states that are and the guys did a lot more electable that it opened shop. You know has struggled at times sort of attack the red white shot clock. Right now our talk and says Sam Snelling you know rocket nation of one of my favorite podcast dive cuts if you have not subscribe suiting your reserve basketball fans first off what are you doing. And then second you need to goals sound cloud you can subscribe to are also on iTunes that's how I listen to what excites me most about the addition of Michael Porter. There's obviously the hype around him and you add the number one recruit. I'm excited that they're gonna have a guy that I think can consistently create his own shot which they don't really have a team look at Robertson he's not a guy that I really like. Since seconds left on the shot clock you can go Connie in BAI so its own go get a bucket is not really his kind of game. And this team has been desperate all season for another ball handler we all know Missouri's problems with the press and how they handled it. Just the fact that they have a guy that late shot clocks and can go give his own bucket and they have another guy that can handle the ball and it died you have to respect as they another ball handler. It's just all the world difference to this thing. Yeah like I think the public difference between game wanna gain chewed at the very etiquette Arkansas this year. Yeah Jordan Barnett name game you had. Rear or possessions where they just threw him the ball and quick outlet and bring a ball. And yet Jordan not a guy who the great ball handler but. When you're when you're matched up against Arkansas maybe third or fourth that's a bald standards bodies that are going to fall. An end so that's kind of what you're gonna and that getting close. Yeah what Mike in the game like that the TP teams are gonna have to decide how we do have. How to defend Wimbledon percent of them you know with the car in May complain side are we gonna you're dependable that they can make sure pop. And in most teams. Probably gonna take their second big guy and and hope they sort sort of they can shots products and at that point like that out of died news. Very likely that it could steal the ball Michael Porter junior he has to bring the ball out so. Yet per mile. All season long I think we've been looking for. That that one ball handler that can disorder. If you read this summer weeks and we just haven't found amid I think he's the signal about support time. Intermediate or you audit like Eric or somebody like that. If it simple book better. All at all like the bigger part of that are those going to be like OJ. I got asked this question earlier today when I did a FaceBook lives all kind of kick it to you and I'll add my own question. Who do you think the addition of Michael Porter helps the most who do you think the addition of Michael Porter hurts the most in terms of minutes. Obviously he's gonna take somebody's minutes up what do you think it helps the most who do you think it hurts the most in terms of playing time. Well I think it will like we're kind of sanity here really helped has struck out because the lowers the usage. You know I had just feel like the last couple games casts a sore or tired. Particularly down the stretch of games. And it's it's you can and either maybe not even by. Playing fewer minutes. Just. Making those minutes that he's playing easier. And so he's got a little bit more or you don't stretch so. You know I think that one of the things that that is really of the youth that helped catch. It really any anybody hears the shooter and carpet is probably gonna enjoy playing there Mike because it's just that drove the if that you know more jobs but. As far as who might hurt you know this since. This is kind of a difficult question because I think you're the inclination. Is to say that because courier. Who. And the plays you know we start scout players more backup minutes at that sort of combo forwards are. And couple Martin really seemed kind of end jewelry. Feet. Jot a quarter terabyte element duo. Particularly late gains. Public you know when you're gonna try to make a blue ball sensibly. And and they really matched up well together. And so I think it that's going to be dictated a table that. You could maybe sneak yet Kevin in that role with all been there now at a three yen and just try to. But minute affair but you have Michael Porter you're your use it all quarter. So in the end Mike you didn't take minutes from everybody a little bit but ultimately that they. That it makes you like the biggest that might give the burger. Right now we're talking the same Snelling with a rock M nation and also dive cuts. Let's switch I guess maybe a little bit big picture and or kind of jump around here. What are your expectations for how Michael Porter is going a play and his numbers I'm kind of expecting at least in this first game. I keep takes probably 78 shots. I he scores eight to ten points. 34 rebounds in the game. I think we see some of the explosiveness that got you really excited about it but obviously some rust and some things that will probably be worked out next week whenever they make it to the big into double late term. Well so for me like it's about usage. So used to do is basically saying you know how many. Possession very irresponsible or whether it's or shop. Or a turtle where. And and you know it's that sort of effect that that and I retired at the map collapse of the big lake George 61 possession game. He'd take. And shot twenty minutes. Either that's in that area of about. You're like 23%. Usage which I think it's probably it. You know trailer actually didn't factor in turnovers. He probably needs to be NB did twenties that I twenties I think you suspect that a player group. You have bought and bought into it could have played on form. Whether or not he's taking a punch shots but that's sort of being still I think. Remember possession that he needs. Just we just need to going to be big injuries during the all that Procter and do that makes sense. And I I think ultimately. You'll probably get the needed him to be home that. Ten to twelve shot ranger he's playing point the point five it is like glass the 88 shots. But he's just the guidance is wire score. If you double floor like that I want you kind of running the offense through. I've said that that's I mean he's good at that taking the shot that you probably going to be able to. Help the inmates find decent shot there as well. Maybe we've answered this question you can obviously tell me if we've answered this question and I. Somebody told me something that only Missouri fans can make Michael Porter coming back as a negative I'm sure you've talked about it when you're podcast I'm sure it's been talked about oil rocket nation a lot of people are making the chemistry question. Or asking the question about Missouri. In my state has been a very simple. Every coach in the country would take adding a 611. Lottery pick at this point in the season. That maybe there's some growing pains that some things you've got to give over. But I think you and I come from the same school of thought give me the best players on the court and I'll take my chances with the that. Heck if I'm a team that has never impractical Michael for the season I'd take a while my team because he's likely better than any player that I currently have Elmira star. Well let you know like best so it it means areas. An 89. One seed that you don't think Michael Porter junior had the ability beyond down. In I'm not sure the answer that question mount be that that he'd be tomorrow brown will now. If you were to say okay but very vs project. The big server Virginia without Michael Porter junior I don't know really don't like the chances you does that system really tough matchup that you wrote well. You just don't have anybody who can. Really. They're saying that the colts' first Virginia. From a defense standpoint and all of what you want to add my origin and about Macs well okay now have a data don't eat certain. In and it. The game that probably going to be in the high fifties and I guess some level I distinctive. That's basically. The Keating Virginia's biggest ever etched and at that point it just makes a lot of sense that. Is there a chance that chemistry it's hurt probably. That it. Maybe lower your floor a little bit yeah probably a little. There's an increase or ceiling by a lot absolutely. And with Michael fortunate with some big with that I'll. You have Latinos like. Lemonade ninety you can make very easily make the sweet sixteen we Abraham. Because you just have that otherworldly talent who can take over then what does it take you out very eight not Arizona how much better public war should you know it's just. It's just changes. There and a completely. But you're right and I was gonna say mean I think what excites me most about it as a Missouri fan I'm sure a lot of misery fans are in the same boat that I'm in. I didn't think they had a chance at the final four with a team that they had before did have a chance to win a game yes at the bracket breaks perfectly right maybe they had changed the win two games in the NCAA tournament. Before Mike got back. It's now not crazy to think they can make the final four I'm still not picked Adam I don't care of the bracket break I don't I mean like. That are but we just all South Carolina last year kit carried by Orwell and they made the final four last year that it's not crazy that I think this year. Adding more so than we've seen maybe in the last five years. I think there's like eight and maybe it's in really good teams in college bass while no great teams but Candice is good duke is good Michigan State's good Villanova is good you pick your teams and then once you get outside that range. Men there's no real lead wire. Wide range of what you can be. AA and I guess what you can't beat for example a team like Texas Tech or team like all over. I wouldn't be surprised if they lost the first round of the NC double a term I also wouldn't be surprised if they made a run. I now think if you was in that same category of wouldn't be shocked to see them make it deeper on the tournament now but Michael if he's held the and playing to the way I think he could be but also I mean if he comes back he's not healthy he shoots poorly. And it doesn't go to plan this team could very easily lose around one. Well the reality is the look without my order junior does seem to lose ground wide you know and here we're talking about it. An 89 matchup or something along those applied to talk about another cheap and good but law. You're talking about it at the well there's some time I looked terrible other and somehow. There has to Kabul about women together. To get into the tournament didn't get it safely just like the that are. So you're gonna tell me like. It didn't very keen that we saw play against our our our you know play. There are three game booting stress this. But most recent war. Where the struggle to make shots said but all the boot eclectic spirit. You know I have a tough time getting stops defensively. At teams now wouldn't that that would again. It's that same team as with somebody like Michael Porter junior. Who. There's this sort of capable stand you know like this so that he bought an eight that. Did meet all the extra possessions and I'll get it back a bit stay and you it will do that and and so but that's. What adding elite talent and it boats or you. You know like Madieu is flawed they're really. Eddie long what Michael orchard road well. Well when you have somebody like that it covers up so many flaws. Or has the potential to cover somebody taught us that there's nobody in the country that that he could eat if Michael portrayed as an acute and well. Seed wise I wonder review and ire on the same page when it comes to seeds. I think best case scenario even if they win the SEC term is a six seed the NCAA tournament. I think eagle likely this is probably a seven. I think if they can find a way to beat Kentucky that gets them off that 89 line. Plus the cachet of having Michael Porter I think you Chua seven seed as opposed to the 89 seed which I don't care who you are you don't wanna be on the 89 line. Are you in the same boat. Yeah you know I could see a scenario where. They can maybe speak their way into our. But it really really remote. I think what you're probably looking at that point as a bunch of the other teams and that same area at the release or conference departments. And had the surge just. Look like it that our team they've they've wind kind of going away against him some good teams department. It does look like a much tougher better team but by Porter terrible war that point. Yet simple it selection committee and sort of look at where. Ability and looked at you know how that played with that police saying okay we exit if you are the world is artsy. But that sort of like. I think that would be. Pretty impossible but. Her lack of a better term that this is it that the long except advocate that I think if you let me get to see both those interpublic going to be tight. And had that that point republic into the sixty but I think if you didn't do that seven month I think that if you are. I had two questions ask your luggage right you're talking to Sam Snelling from rocket nation also check out his podcast dive cuts what are your expectations for Missouri this weekend in Saint Louis. I would like to see them win two games. By expectations that they should at least win one. They need to beat Georgia. If you lose it looked into Kentucky. Hero. As long as you've gotten. You're still hard pressed them some more ballots and at that against you know another couple Palestinians that think that that's. That's not the kind of give you momentum going into municipal term. But certainly if they get past Kentucky's I think that you will greatly. I feel like the other big story with resume as weird as it is for a team that is about to head to the NCAA tournament. I think it's time to stored with the zoo or Michael Porter and Courtney rainy. And are wrong and think and I feel like in Utah fans right now. The biggest thing is is my gonna come back as Mike gonna come back. We now know Mike is coming back and now the question is how the got to play were all seen today I guess whenever I drop this podcast I feel like the second biggest talking point is Courtney rein me. You're actually in Saint Louis you're tied into a you you know a lot about recruiting how do you feel about as the appreciates is with court hearing. Woods and and you live out there that see that I used to coached Aaron Webster. Where Courtney plays. All mile potter and the current coach that I coast where there's still coached. And that we we talked early regularly so. As they. Are really great guy and an. But the funny thing about the rain means it's. He doesn't really have the inside track and information because this is really being brought. Court that. So. My bad read on the situation there is that. Those are issues so Courtney intro had a conversation until March and whatever that conversation. Where the battle. Something changed between Croatia will Darian in court and trial because. Matt now I don't know that I would say missourians favor. But I certainly put them among the top two retreats dean sort both the chancellor Courtney. And certainly the momentum. Seems to be headed in the very letter that you think there's a lot of things. That make a lot of sense for both sides. I've been preaching all along like Courtney has the console and a player he. While playing defense rebound. And he's exactly the part where they need to be the point where it needed a guy who did it and distribute. Even though that does Google. The one thing I would say I was wrong about with console market news. I always kind of felt like the media kind of oversold his influence in Saint Louis because I looked at what he did eke out a look at what he did in at Tennessee. Any didn't really get players from Saint Louis my question kind of was well if you're so good in this area and there's so fertile with talent why were you not. Why why are you not convincing kids from Saint Louis to go to to Knoxville and play. Wrong so far his influence in Saint Louis and they've only really got to move player from Saint Louis and towards Watson and Jeremiah Tillman. I think it's pretty clear when he has his sights set on a guy like right now with EJ Ledell and that right now what he's doing cornea Raymond. There they think they got a shot according Rainey he's putting the full impressed you try to make sure they go grab Courtney rein me. I under estimated his influence in saint Lou was big time whenever they were trying to hire. Yeah I think initially. I I didn't really even going after the same look as hard as as you really happens. The point where. I kind of think there's a decent chance that the empire. On the nineteen class sort of Saint Louis. Hitler's and military kids. Which means certainly would be a bad thing you look at parents are program. Mark McKinney him. You know certainly there's. Egypt a valid and friends and sykora whose whose out of Springfield ill or placed the same policy goals. The thing I think about it like what I thought it was one of my friends and George Segal. You restore talked when he. I think there's about two or three weeks after he was hired and there's just like there's momentum shift and look at all. That all the old saying look that's all yeah well it got a bit skeptical about the third because your norm. CNET fully had a falling out with. Reporter Aaron you're very big and then looked at all Lotta years ago. And that recover and Quentin did a decent job of recruiting area. They're really what a lot of Saint Louis Allen. Other than maybe you know. A couple of leak guys and like the middle age without supper. Mike Anderson didn't really go after it goes to absorb a lot of guys. But. Frank hates just did not execute well in the city and and I can Anderson never had a shot. You know I don't think anybody. Alien that was that's what really thought that connect them but they're gonna succeed there and they work it out send their kids. Under the plate or. But competent guy who has a reputation. You know being a program over being the foundation both earth. And on top of that used you'd like one of our you know and in March use. He's got beat Saint Louis and so you could really recruit because you didn't really have to you. Before. But. It wasn't because he didn't have a reputation here what does it work well. And so now when he walked into jams it's the same as like one more Williams walks center earlier much that he walks and bike. They have that same sort of book was like well like Abu Omar does balked at. Were there really hasn't had a and so he's been named guy is widely respected. And it's at the point now I think he's not gonna get a sense of the it is just not. It's going to be really really difficult. For any other coach to commend the Saint Louis area. And and Al recruit the market for it he bought that's just that's. That's how it's going to be from here on out I think that that's probably the most exciting part of a compromise good art. I think I noticed this whenever they got towards Watson I'll get you ready here at this last question. I noticed that would towards Watson is always felt at least like on the Saint Louis operative to cities like can't speak all the way for saint which is how it appears it is. Saint Louis kids had never looked at it as being cool to go to Missouri. Like it's called go to Iowa it's cool to go to Florida number one Florida had David Lee and all those kind of guys it was never cooled to go to Missouri. I noticed it would towards Watson how he was tweeting and I was talking about it when he officially got on the fold. The torch Watson seems happy to go to Missouri and happy to tell other people hate it's cool you can come the Missouri now and armor tweeting and out right when it happened. If console can make kids from Saint Louis believe hey you don't have to go anywhere else you can come two hours. Played it up played close to home player funny your family and do something that has never been done before Missouri. It's okay it's now cool to do. That will be the biggest win of any thing from Congo so it is very refreshing as Missouri training you're you say that what kinds of steps in the room he gets that respect. And he just makes playing basketball at Missouri cool which in my opinion has never being the case from a my perspective for kids in Saint Louis. Well and I I think it's important. To sort of make the point that I think that looked about. Maybe the kids in Saint Louis and it's more about who the very it has as they're America. You gotta be if you look at the tenure at commanders. I mean there are a lot of it to her. Clamoring to go to the very for the booklet with commanders. You could probably look at seven per year and called them later it may be the only they have all the guys. We were really willing. To do whatever that will play from the door. And certainly that you know they paid the price. What we think a lot of gain and then. And sort of getting our reputation Bob but do fans. Hopefully there oh rooting with Chicago mark narrow. If if a coach isn't able to go ahead and there are the kind of respect. That. You know like you're gonna get. Without. You mentioned sort of like Arab O'Donnell the typical approach. Yeah as news is that the acres now but what he is our coach of Florida relievers. Incumbent and his his shot. That adept at both the senate got Indiana. And Purdue had Hulu. You know they had. For a while there are really well Quinn. You know Mike innocent had a system but in a dispute took etiquette guys that. That he wanted. You know he's he's successful. Finding. Bid level restart as he doesn't need. You know those are forced to put most coaches do. And sank eight and I ignore sainthood certain. In Kenosha was never gonna succeed so that when you get somebody who can. Bill in and it was that the necessarily have to become the market could have been in a top green earth you know quite Marshall. Anyone else that. Who is that you got to try to hire I doubt it pretty quickly they've got to plug up those in the dot. Anybody they're gonna hire that that had a reputation. That was going to be worth and billion dollars a year to. I was gonna happen kind of respect that. That's Saint Louis they're recruit so it really. Needed to have wanna go platform that does it just so happened that the rules were really the right guys. Was what Kabul mart because of their history in the area. And sort of gives its history and and knowing what it takes at a get recruit. That Sampson Allen with a rocket nation also check out as podcasts dive cuts. It's Owen sound cloud it's also on iTunes that's how I listen against them on these big MBS and I'm telling the truth I'll listen to podcast every single week. Alice and your podcasts in the Joba and podcast every single week I'll always appreciate the inside and out in depth you guys get into Missouri basketball. Always great talking college basketball is great talk in Missouri who would demand and that's it thank you so much for listening to the Michael Porter is bank episode of the stick to sports podcast thanks a lot to debut on an apartment zoo why was heading to the game for coming on today thanks a lot for stamps smelling the staying up late and recording that Whitney thank you so much to you for listening because after the Georgia game. No one will ever listen to this audio again thanks a lot for your time today how to get everybody.