Marlins Man Podcast

Bob Fescoe
Tuesday, March 6th

​In episode one Bob sits down with perhaps the most infamous and controversial sports fan in America, Marlins Man. They discuss everything from his love of Kansas City to the biggest mistake he ever made with a pair of tickets. Plus, the true story about how Marlins Man came to be on the national stage.


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Our first episode of the podcast here at 610 sports dot com an extension of 610 Sports Radio drought BI journey I guess you'd say on the east podcast we'll take a look at people at the major Kansas City sports interstate on field to off field coaches to players everybody in between. And we start off our first episode with probably the most famous sports fan and all of the United States of America. And he became famous right here in Kansas City. He's been at every single sporting event the you can imagine over the last five years. And he's living every person's dream he's going to horse racing he's going to Super Bowls he's going to NBA finals final fours and every baseball game you can imagine. And he's always dressed in that orange Jersey sitting in the best seats possible it's more slightly Marlins man Lawrence thank you for being the Guinea pig on this that at a test drive of the yeah of the bobcats that the well. I'm actually armed you first gas and whatever else happens roast my life or you know he says I was the first. Podcasts that he can speak you can say that there's no doubt about it aren't right. Let let's go back a long journey on this podcast since there is no rush there's no time constraints or anything like that so that's gonna be a lot of fun. Back in 2001. Kind of started this thing going take we do that first game where you had this moment of man I want to do this. In 2001. I was in law school. You with questions for deals ever thought about your amazingly thank you bet you do your homework. And Tony hours went into one yeah prepared for an arms and are guarded Peter Ehlers that was in my garden owner of the Yankees are used to pick in the gulf and the law school and while ago the World Series. I've never been the World Series who plugging and because the Yankees in the Dodgers shows a lot of monologue about sports. So we flew to New York. We went with the team. And we flew on the team plane away. Which are about to be very important trip for me to actually met a girl from my starter would be for years ago. And what happened was we were two World Series yankees won the first two games they've put their sweet. Once doubted the Dodgers. Won all three and went back to new York and they won. Game six the Dodgers won the World Series but the energy in that these guys and I saw was amazing for me. Because I had never ever been to a World Series and seen out of and a bunch of super bulls have been a bunch in Miami. A World Series is ten times works Super Bowl so this was what you was this 197778. When the Dodgers and yankees were in the World Series team are 81 though it was 1981 to 1981 that was launched an animal would for I would that you wars. When I started I would also happen and then. Which in this is the true story. Is earned your real losers are probably too young to remember this barber was super mad Reggie Jackson had blown three balls in right field. And the day after game five and he showed a preview for the cast of his arm and he claimed he bit it costs that in the elevator and by Dodgers fans and beat them up. Obama to tell you that's not true. I'm with you are rodeo we're up with in the Peter Heller. Wearing my Florida State to pocket computer oh yeah where he's Columbus clippers yankees jacket. As Barbara was drunk and pissed off that Reggie and there whenever he punched the wall and broke his hand out of anger at the hospital. So on the way to New York. He said to Peter and I sort you wanna sit for the game. I didn't know was going on he's as you wanna move of the first class I think with Peter. And we've ever heard this Tarver was saying we went up in the overview as the acting want to make sure. Nobody ever knew he really wasn't. So people of Google looking at our record broken in the view about the mr. bout is going to be a month. Never happened had you ever told that story before no. So this is the first time you're sharing that story which are required told some friends but we promised vibrant we would ever poly bugs appear I've talked when he was alive and you'll always have no problems since. What would you ask me at the hospital once hey Thomas nobody else knows talked about the block socks you know my only I forgot to mention about the Steinbrenner thing. So. That's a true story where if you go look it up barber who has for years and now social media. People were probably figured them out but back then in 1981. You have anything you have now so that's I got started in baseball. And that what happened was tomorrow's seventeenth 1993. I was whoever breaks. I got really for the Braves but the Braves never won anything when they finally got good they were called about his braves could never won a World Series. So. Doctor reasonable 11. And what happened in Florida. Was I got her law firm and in Florida if you wanna send me some good cases used in some cases. On the out of my that you view money for the cases I can't say yours dollars it's illegal for influences are very very strict about. But I am allowed to give you tickets. So what I did the a block the best seats I could. Marijuana cost for the dolphins hurricanes the Panthers in the marlins' always had the best seats so people Lou. And since this case theory here I was getting the best cases that you may be only 10% of them. When you take only one out of ten cases all agree it's very efficient it's like for bulk update. And over time. Those huge drop back that we won going war that's argument tickets where friends and family. And that eventually really up as argument mysteries and that's how the malls and started didn't start trouble in the country it started in South Florida. Would dive teams unit to its eastern edges of being happy I could write a check. American armor conjecture for 50000 dollars or by 50000 dollars in tickets handed the people. Who are disabled. Who could be either expo anywhere. War veteran. There's an eye it's a United Nations to me. And it started out way and it got to be in nationwide story starting here in Kansas City in 2014. Who without art. That's not Kansas City really made it. In nationwide as I was sincere Francisco at twelve. Nobody goes about. Well and and that's what I was gonna get to August 20 for fourteen World Series I have written down that was the first time America really noticed you mean you're sitting in a stadium of blue in this orange. What was it like for you to be quote unquote discovered for the first time. Well with even more ironic about that this happened last night we ask you about this at PKU game. Com. I was here the week before the World Series. You guys did do white olds were playing the Baltimore Orioles. I went to Baltimore and ranging. And everybody here is he fifty become the key is the only from the Kansas City. So I went there there were a tremendous amount of Oriole fans who can be huge city who bought seats it was a lot of Orange. In the crown club movies it'll work to me. In the ALCS. Always got the World Series I was sitting by myself. All of a sudden my phone starts low reference to telling me. You see what you look like you like Rudolph are urged those reindeer. Aren't we talking about that all we article worth giants fans this warm sitting. I can see giants fans around. Home plate and it would mean everything blow up is when the royals. She's probably with will be with Steve Schiffman. Was sent down and asked me to put on aware of those Jersey as he was very polite. And said that the owner of the royals sent him down. Instead I was distracting from the success of the team not distract the pitcher. It as thieves realize that those the chipped up in the in the how about a royals Jersey how about up that's about the whole team how about a World Series ball signed by the team about city where the another suite with a government losers are using Ronaldo so he was very polite. What made it blow up which I do know is that some media people. Asked the royals if you'd asked me do this world that absolutely not it and luckily for me. People should obviously be pictures of ship are talking. In between you two sections of all of here who actually standing up and talking about executed ought to be what's that. The world's came back oh we've made a mistake it was a big misunderstanding. So what was what was openly offer free you re may have considered taking the Jersey off was or sub the net that got you two point real. All right sure I'll be willing to take a vice it this piece of the come up positive. While I was thinking about them you have orange world's Jersey. I might awarded orange world tour yet he wrote if you make me. And orange Orioles Jersey I would where actually a Storm Chasers did that for yes lord Omaha store gas storage is estimated orange they have to go there. And you know it's funny is I didn't realize that was the royals minor league team room as they walked around you never ever been there is all these polls have posters. Artery to be key in Jeff Conine a lot of people argue with the royals in the Marlins with a lot of history with those two teams. And yet to be where they've been to Jersey for me that was large that's pretty cool. Large Levy the Marlins may have witnessed here on the first edition of the bobcats that extends ports that come our new venture into the podcast fray if you will. There's been there's so much to discuss with you and and and so much talk about you know with he was as we go along through this on the equality journey. And and there's so we just different questions in different ways to go. You seven interview one time you get attention from people you can't imagine who are some of these people that you've gotten attention from where maybe five years ago ten years ago you never would have thought on planet earth. You would have had the opportunity to mingle with these. Oaks to another great question thank you I'll give you some celebrity names like in 2012. The Marlins changed the name. From Florida Marlins might. Also change your color scheme from peel apart. So I knew. Back our date gains the Marlins were wearing orange only date that was what they did. So. By accident the heat got good LeBron James Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. There I never planned this we you see apple was never elect a marketing thing what happened was that he got to the playoffs. Eggs and the journey and the Marlins moved or 7 o'clock game to four is as it was a day. Where archer. I put on my orange Jersey. I go to the Marlins game because extra innings when I get to the heat arena it was a plus audience in the pacers. This new thing this is years ago when real we're missing Kosher it was a white sure every chair from some bank. While I got here late somebody stole my shirt so all whole arena is in white. Ahmet arch. And the group lose by fourteen points and come back and win so Mike Miller whose Hitler. That's due to Christmas is where there are futures in the next. I'd never in my life would have thought boat reached up and I myself on number we went. Two days earlier text message hi this point wait. Where the lucky Jersey. When he waived his right to me. Kay Everett goes abroad doesn't like me. The case for another reason. What I wanna charity walks ago at this have on the bench Pat Riley seats how we're doing wagers you've brought first year. Opinions that aren't torn Mike's Jersey man everywhere is my Jersey and I said then. If you've ever wondered if you Wear it way to the championship or race. So LeBron go opens up until we had to move and while we think it makes the move. He won that the mic which charity auction you have to sit next week so the bottom literally got along after that so LeBron really is very thin skinned. Yet he that he's like a big kid. He's fine. He's a big kid I mean that's really like I mean who would yours you're like yeah I get into it's he was that way he's used I was worth it to wait wait three he would like that. So. That's how it started when he got could grow I was dating lived in New York. So every week and we were trying to get together and do things that we decided to fly to different cities when he won 27 games we went through a lot of them. And what happened was. I've worn that Jersey. And Roy didn't Wear one game as a rock the rock was beaten back. She's a door briefing did we won the regular Joes afterwards we lost. Well my headline the next day and that wasn't the way witnessed the last game LeBron James Cole. It was the Koreans call the local morrow has been the principal. Jinxed by the or ministers. So I Wear that Jersey always through your first championship if you accuse you under one all of the bears is up is coming down. This whole wall white and as ours. Which was me. NASCAR route started. Now in 2000 where I want to the World Series and twelve who has won my former secretaries was giants. With the emphasis yards. And she said hey we common goal will be. The World Series or won the raffle. From aloft for the game. With her it is bring your chargers match with the giants waited overseas or read there sure. So people like wait that's not giants orange wait that's. What the heck that's a so are you doing your views wasn't called Marlins and suddenly the name and that was in twelve or go to thirteen which is the war around the country. When eighteen playoff games. In nineteen days difference every day I got up went to a different city. A few questions I mean she K O'Neal Shaq worship in the heat source. NBA championship comes up to me and says. Are you the guy I saw. It last night. And you were and you were Oakland right before. Mine before that. January and you know in the ya ha he has ourself we review to hear Shaq. Asking me permission for assault he with me. So I'll like all. I've met a lot of guys that people reach out to me like it's one game as it is now though way. Portland trees Krewell people I've ever imagine him in years to reach out to me for advice. About. Welcome visitors will help put your charities. I've also had a chance to meet people are never would've jumped about our ball mark Mets season tickets. Barbour Barbour reports acumen to his arm W long queue wants a picture gradualist approach with you today. And the reason I started helping out schools like athletic department grabs. Who is. Retired. As a teacher his development your genes used are being cute stuff is I would to a Mets game. At a Mets. On the screen in this little cute about it and that means is her. He's on my ball he can take a picture with your money angle your alleged. Oddly. Idol legend just aren't sure. I say yeah I approach it down here. He says I Hugo were around wanna go to my parents. Little apparent that he points over there. It's our Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick. Sarah Jessica Mark Parker from sex in the city right now Matthew Broderick skidded. Is worshipping the one picture of the Covert away and be right Sarah Jessica Parker about the broader await the B. So they've backed gallery back I told we can go tell your dad shall we play a game. You went to school at all with us for movies I would play. He goes back if those Matthew Broderick shall we play and he's up deals whop whopper. With a computer. Next thing is on the sit down as the border here I got a buddy I thought the whopper amber at the whopper computer in the movie war games so. That's an example of the type of people that I that I have been like in Houston. I met. Pirates with that we call the LSU guy who think of the third Ortiz Jersey he. Was a surprise at all over far BP. Blew up. I think thirteen. Or fifty people died thirteen on this group and it took him out of the rubble he lost his leg. And the video shoot it from him are people or a world that other team owners. I'd go a lot of people in cities where the most successful people in that city have the best seats will come up to be like so it was back to beat me. I know almost for example of the orchid the Yankees game if he's listening Larry Rosen. It was on rose art with. That's the company makes all the grounds stuff he just sold his business for our money him. I've met movie producers about a lot of actors and actresses a couple of the first parents and myself is it looked like skinny person. And it relies on the camera that you really yeah lately no way. You're you're that person you look a lot smaller purse now are a lot of that. When have markets in the same thing mark in Little Rock. But he always looks almost bigger than me about the rest of Stallone. He is really little to appear about rocky Rambo. It was to all the camera angles floor McCann will be. This museum activities like Tom Cruise about it do these little. Tony Danza as little as well it went currently fellow comedians. Are illegally here wrangles that short people may have looked caller yes. What's the best gain you had tickets for that never happened. In 1980. Olympics. I was going to lake I did go to Lake Placid. You let the infamous Russia our tribe blow blow. I traded. He backed and you could have in that you have stuff over brokers you have to order the tickets online who's a lottery. Pick I got. A couple of different sets of tickets but I really wanted to ago. Through the bobsled finals that's of the bat been called the Jamaica bobsleigh problems that are review remember you're too young. Okay well I wanted to go and she's Jamaican bobs like I traded. Hockey is before the Olympics started hockey semifinals. For bobsled finals. And I treated. My friend in New York he had he had. Bobsled finals. So morbidly classy. And it turns out. USA Russia is not the championship is the semifinal. I think if I act. I had tickets to the miracle on ice traded out to go to the bobsled. I have to watch it on the wall of the projection wall. Outside the arena. I was outside the arena at the Lake Placid when all that happened inside the Sonics as those who I had tickets without event. That's the one ticket that I tickets to the idea go to rest wire problem note. 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You were misdiagnosed with liver cancer but it helped create who you are what you did how did that quote unquote. Or being saved from cancer and it should interpret would you ask that question as we just as talk negative fifty was would the experience of a baseball yeah. OK so march is sixteen which is an offseason. I have trouble at a fate. I've kidney stone instantly from the cold MRI. The cat scans showed a big growth on my liver. And they told me that we don't want to secure job to go for a camera. I go for the MRI and a radiologist tells me. You have a huge growth are deliver a feature of liver cancer. I go to mighty general physicians in the casket and he sees the MRI this is will ultimately catches his eye view of cancer it's so big. Yugo or did you doodle well you major arrangements to about the you have six months. I was like wow what livid because my ideas but program parents live in six months. Would go kids go favorably. Wow. So. I think Carly by the about it. I started doing things differently like I sort of saw a lot of like points their collections as they require a public liquidating assets. It's my buildings and stuff. And then one of our friends said did you ever go to west specialist. So I went for the testing. So I go to a specialist he says. You have yellow fingernails in yellow eyes it you know at that advance. Who's the head of cancer is the liver cancer is Jackson hospital which is what are you. So they sent me for this biopsy. And they come back you may tell me that I don't liver cancer. I just had this big growth human tolerance for all. Office that I went from living six months. Of living. Thirty years maybe. When I was having so much my life that yeah but I was having so much by the electors though I think crap from anybody. I was living for about a month maybe two months. March of paper with baseball season started like there is no tomorrow I hope I make it to baseball season when I was thinking baseball season started sixteen. And I have already been all ESPN's favourite games. I started taking people would be a lot of games like. In New York I really do with the Yankees I bought a heart for tickets. How off. Two games in a row. Parnell later. It's like a cute guy but what do. Pick under for people's way too much sweeter report that I grew away. For the Dodgers giants series for four games of doctors cubs have a deal with the Dodgers abort 25 tickets a game for six games in borrow. What I tell the team is a one out off. They're empty seats our house from where I asked for two days for the event happening if you don't sell them to me. Unsold seats public good if you want to do with doctors I'll call somebody up and uses and Steve Schiff was enough to do with the royals okay this year. So I was re these people have a such a good time. They told me. You're not on six month I was open I just see the World Series is sixty. Roses opened would be oil which are attributable Indians in the cubs. And I was going everywhere I increased it with Donna disclosed on the right baseball article in the Saturday night baseball which fox. Which are aware that I baseball which he has I was literally. It's sixteen. Everywhere out of the change well why Colorado wasn't the guy. I think about it too much fun. Amongst operatives we've escalated. Into every single day. I told office stuff from lawyers I was the guy retire Ottawa this corporate and I want it would be involved. I'll review the defense quarter. Attribute the truth lies anymore. I'll read all the work you do that I'll read everything on the bills. Every day every male equivalents as his files that the excellent 2016. Russert told you are with the sporty with three or one day every day. I ask where a lot and that's where it really blew up while it's started the Kansas City fourteen. Everywhere he went from Haiti need to like Howard Chua and sixty everytime you turn your TV except for golf. It was nasty televised I was there I became friends of the guys in the media they would send your schedules and events hoping I would go. Where he has been talked about me always talked about sixty it and talked about it all 1450. And ESP n.'s MLB on the boards are happy camper who's following Urumqi capital was out thirtieth Kansas City. Affairs briefed. Because of old white guy but because of the sports and I told Mitch few ones. I figured out with sports our sports is an escape from reality when you're sporting event in particular about. Mortgage. A homeless problem prepared your kids or figure about it is. He better make a basket with two seconds ago where he strike out with a yeah. With the game out this year. At the college World Series was three moment come true people must be your best. It was the elimination game with a World Series it was the gators verses ago. And it was the bottom of the ninth inning. Bases loaded up buyer rug with a 32 count. Every kid in his life is about to win the championship the pitcher hopes to get strike three to win the game is up by one. The batter poster or a fly ball the pact the guy up to tie the game with two outs missile base hit. I've regard tickets were to win the game. K this happened would you Wear brings with it brain Yasser get a way to when he was on second base was back these Indies living at home. Would've Francisco Cabrera hit OK so. By College Baseball here is a situation for the World Series elimination. Final game. 32 count and kept the ball off. It was supposed to ask what's it like six bubbles and a visit pictured at strike three and one. K that's sports but I guarantee everybody that state was not thinking about their parking tickets or problem with the boss. Or what color trash is everywhere or were carmaker -- all sports is an escape reality. It's humanity if it's our our generation go back to the gladiators of Rome with the weather watch of the Hawaiian birth of the gladiator. Happy about the problems. There house hopefuls if you can't hear you right so. I figure that out also figured out that brings areas together no question that I had seen. That with Sudanese were diverse. And you're winning team. The brings everybody the other blacks whites Latin Americans. Catholics Jews everybody is united. I felt out of our country needed. And we did have a voice speaking up against it so what happened was it was 2006 team. There was a lot of media press about. How depletion of group brutally beating the blacks are stirring the black through with the or black guy who gets Africa sidewalks and can't read or can't do it completely lose in New York. And humor over that phrase block large matter. I was in the interview that he was in Chicago. And ask you what you think about that says don't do with sports and I said there's like four years ago about the 2015 year. And I said. You know what about the kuwaitis on the film. Old lies about her young lives matter. White lies matter block lies matter whose lives matter capitalized on all lies. Well all they put out was that all wise matter. What everywhere. Office at the phrase all lies matters started problems started. When it started all lives matter. By accident I didn't play it going to be an issue deposited effect figured out so I was going to other cities. I would which started in Kansas City I would start to teach the kids. In. Assembly called assemblies. That your real heroes. Not me going back with our partners. I'm not a hero. I'm not alleged. About today's homeowner worried about you about re Smart like for you critique you real heroes are. I started teaching the kid starting is a grove elementary or release them. Back there real heroes are their parents. Who sacrificed every day. We closed. Out there about. Food in their stomach general partner at the parents are going up the clubs of party united anymore you road one depicted the school. The real hero or the teachers in the room. So I have these kids stand up for the first time realize these are accusing you missed any ovation for the kids that teachers. This issue within the guard are applicable to die before with the river which is our life with which just happens I'll order one live. I also say. That you'd you'd also honor your police in your first responders. Firemen. And you have department this past week Kansas City. And I said those military. Police officers and firemen are the ultimate. A forward people they risked their lives every day. Absolute total strangers. Nobody's making them do not appreciated enough. You worship. The Kardashian. You worship the rapper publication of the people on TV movies and TV that's popular car. Those articles are they were sleeping when it a lot of the growth of my secretary's been to a modeling of the side. They're all rented for the video. So don't look up these guys it's eight you're real heroes are your parents. The police. The firemen. Teachers the military. Have actually trademark. After that we can use it I own the phrase. All heroes were keeps all of that. You know you you mentioned the firefighters and and and that kind of brings to the bonding of this city I think when the royals were doing their winning in fourteen and fifteen. And I always get choked up thinking about it but the way that the city came together wasn't about baseball baseball was in the backdrop what was going on here in Kansas City that was. Kids he rediscovering itself finding itself again realizing who we are as people and coming together and supporting each other. Helping this guy beat cancer and act I'd be cancer in this woman beat this anatomy to so many great stories re will be to hold because of the royals and their success. And in fifteen we gathered the KC no firefighters die right then and their during the the at the the World Series you donated 101000 dollars to those guys in the into their family. How did your carnal love for the first responders store. I was in Chicago. Pat The Bat cubs. LC asking. I received a phone call from my office. That the police chief of four or two ago I got a phone call from the police chief of Kansas City. A while ago I would work hat. That they were gonna sell. The promoted. And that the royals. Who he knows Arnold like the world's if we change clothes the royals team has agreed to Wear a hat. And will be vetoed it. Visited contractor there apparel business environment. Such that we talk about what happened I told the story I have friends were I represent. The national farm with the Oilers. Which is the firemen go I represent the firemen by fairer is that the police officers Richard K of the week I have department. He heard of a job your firemen on the Watergate Broward Palm Beach. So I think what happened it told the story. So I'll do. So I got the Kansas City. Probably for listening he was about power parlor brought me the hat. And I walked up to your radio station at a boot him and I walked up I said this is a hat. Nobody has but B I have the one act. This is Casey at the the goal for sale tomorrow. Like 25 dollars each I think. I posit the ten dollars as each currently find out as much it was broken down that's why hats. I've promoted pack. And I went around there I started with your station. Then later on in the day with her broadcasting live from the World Series are all day you were there all day. The TV stations Yuma mine about our are now before he started. How one around wearing the hat. I then in the game intentional by advisors are the right change it is. Could be huge story all of my god the world's most read tomorrow's mission chief to do that hat because what happened before. As player. Ours are to write down on Arthur reported Whitewater know this is north as you can box so I used that held the promote. Then they raise some money but it isn't as much as I thought it was going to be a foot there it's only 20000 apps. I mean it's old like they ran out acts. Alice in missile likes of how much are still some I'll definitely. So I decided I donate some money soul. Instead of going. To. The game who was pulling away. It was a game I think it was the Mets doctors there was some game. There was that are there in particular for a costly. Assert our money I think you know what it's gonna be gone of that game. The biggest day Kansas City. Let me go to this please call power light and ever been to illegal walked around and watch the game there. So I took the money that was spent on tickets to decide to begin with the fairly and made anonymous article and he. I thought I'm about oral marketplace ultimately lawful public companies. The firemen and fire union put it up there are trying to raise more. I was happy I did that. I never vision how much it would change my life is totally changed my. After the World Series with over. That I deal with to a fund raiser. So what's the space called the Westport flea market reviews were good hammers right and at a four under through there I just thought it would be a bunch of fans giving money. Tamar shot right absolute shock I've met frank Wright. I've met. Well we will see in a bunch of former royals players who came over. Plots which I do know that the families. Of Larry in John. But their families. We raised a lot of money and that if it showed up. Community pursue them. In the mask out of the world's with a much hope VW right. Case it was because he's. A guy so I got to become friendly with them and anybody before houses and apartment became friendly with those people. So I. John. Meshes brother. Invited me for example this year to go to the farmers who they had the last week or baseball seasons he Judy won over him. Let's these calls an exit when access I think we raise if Giles listening about 6060000. Dollars or something. So I just told Jon today. Or yesterday that out of Ireland visit the fire stations on Sunday. It's Saturday with each station for like four hours and they rode around a fire truck. And I've made friends of those guys well what I did back there when the world won the World Series. I had met from previous trips to the sports license you mentioned Vegas the manufacturers of the jackets I designed. A World Series Jackie that revealed. That more for show here with the manufacturer design or order a 150 for expires this year. I've made World Series world's jackets. The reversible. One side looks just like the jacket he wore during the World Series would reverse it at the World Series trophy. Years the two years two worlds on the world leaders. It would all the firemen. Now they were up front of them to like come up my visit them and a couple of times you put in the pocket up in the year ten stories high and bomb. I became friends of them which I never would have envisioned wanna wait too. Com. Station ten the other day. Which I did not Arthel this dual analogue show with you. Estimate itself in how to fire hoses with an American flag. There out of fire vehicles and a its super cool but I didn't really throw the plot of the bottom. It says in honor of thirteen year veteran John Nash. Who passed away October 12 2015. Are prepared. So this is I didn't even know that I first saw that super cool it's that we audience. Each pose is either red or white. Which makes America flag and then the blue part is gone on on three blows is that you like stars. So Barbeque at the site and never thought out whenever can be configured visit them also where you're sure thing underneath mark Martin's jerseys. I always have warts 2015. Either stationed there are stations said the T shirt every single game I go to about successor mr. each so one Major League baseball's all this year. Is one with you ready one with the addressed. Good evening hurting me. It's where you can see far apart which are mapping human big story like he's where he's you have the pitcher. Okay. And now the coaches got bored with the bar has been movement of your voting group for strangers honoring. Our review growth of the police the firemen. In the opener your parents and teachers about throb about what's the moment for use in major realize all this is worth. There was a moment as compared to. A period of time in 2006. He sold activists peoples' faces who like everybody else you all pro. Kia problems we tell people about and if you happen is for poor people's faces of the kids run up to me. When I would see people in wheelchairs I was I was with our allies our school. Out of high school I was living will carefully the year with a about part of structure bout back. So I appreciated that could companies like when I go oh. Two nights went to talks games. The first thing you are walking arena. That is the people who welter I take pictures with anybody who wants one. And they're like these you're so excited there glow eager beanie the issue with a picture of their vote from last year they want the picture and give these people. Happiness. At least hold back tears and not wanna cry to make their day today added. I don't care what people they knew that it sorry aren't doing them for. We care about the TV cameras I'll do them first and I'll visit every single person behind the basket one the other. For the arts arguably is the student section to. And you see the hackers are briefed others are realize that colonel Mike calling on this earth. That's like do or where. You're you're getting choked up but they are trying to Nazi radar it's okay because because you know I get it when I think about the royals 1415 I mean I think their their days at its random Tuesday five X optical I still can't believe the joy happiness and how would like you know I Tyson melts through. And maybe that's on the people don't understand with sports and why you have to sportsmen because did good cell outweighs the bad and happiness he CO OK people's faces is just incredible. Bob after the war holes ago. Why you won in Kansas City you went to New York. Nobody thought you were awaited New York they told us in New York where there on the week and the world's told us from where there. The world through parties would be Friday. We're gonna win it in Kansas either. Game sixers W Tuesday he wanted to win it here via a guy and everybody says that we're gonna win it Friday. Nobody thought you're gonna be hard on Sunday. So now I told you at 2:30 in the morning where in Times Square. On Monday Pepsi's overseas that in Times Square. Nobody told us the parade was the next day Tuesday. The first I heard about the parade Tuesday was tipped. While walking the street at York people are showing all the TVs when those crucial Kansas City Union Station. With the blu exit these two crazy people intensity in the grass blue. If I was all the files blow. Available blue eyes that they would they pay the all the grass I mean you station in the world. Or while memorial blew the people that know that the grass that's people. Why so what I looked at TV carefully. It was it's always passively of people there are a thousand. It brought the city to get. People stood out in the sun for miles I heard people parked cars and abandon their car like two miles out crazy and they walked in for this. The whole CD came together. And I can think of as of Kansas City Detroit could be writing internal cars but what happened with Philadelphia we'll be right they'll be boarded down the city. Apple would Detroit won with hockey team. And I did Kansas City set the bar people we can match. I heard that 800000 people only had six arrest them or anything big was like you know for stupid. But no fights. Where you got 800000 people together 800000. And there's no flights at no bathrooms. No nothing and okay yeah no food the war. Okay pat arguments that. I was really so optimistic especially. With the fire department will be like we're very well that's if you're here for the parade. The outcome give one of our trucks one report we want your trucks. I was in New York I had to argue this call I actually thought the Fareed once Friday. As armistice is a great day is standing here you do a lot of great things for people all the time does anyone doing great things for you. Let me be me. Tomorrow I have to Fatah a party were right go basic justly Malone he's got a partner like I go into the city a cure its. Kansas in the Pittsburgh. Chicago or Saint Louis. It is BB I walk wherever I want if you're right they disliked easily if they feel my heart in the right place you go and I have always have problems in Cleveland. I've always been in Cleveland and and it's really cool because. There was Pete. Get a phone call at 2000 needs. 62006. Who's fifty was he has. His eye calls me says I don't know who you are I don't know about you. Mobs as obviously the greatest story in sports. Who you. He tells Maine will be due on the producer CBS news. I say this the producer CBS news calling me idol what do you want from me. He says I'd like OB OK if I had some camera crews following you. There's out of bullets going not about sports guy. But are here this is a really great story that we sit on it I wanna do it so I wanna fly camera crews from New York. This is fifty. From the New York I wanna get my best reporter who's the Washington palatable folly in Kansas City and in Chicago. I was Durham before the World Series that was the championship series are out. I assume a lot of those rapper in Chicago but of Italian kids are going to be mobbed. I'm used to batteries. Because I hope so with fewer applicants. So we go to Kansas City churn up we get mobbed as usual. And in Kansas City while I talk to people I wanna talk and meet you artistic photos I get the talk that they wait patiently in line but I've never seen wells before. And they spin me around after a sixty degrees taking photos and it's nice week go to Chicago might argue it's gonna happen this is roughly fifty to sixty beloved. I had really been a lot of drivers Chicago. And they rented one of these rooftop pleases. Sure those are awesome and the right field yeah things and the interview be up there it's on says it's really pretty. Ever talked me about me and you know how did this happen a lot if you are more like average you've evolved with the baseball white baseball. You know you try to sell yourself and asked me like. Oh what's it gonna stop. And I said I've never thought about that. But obviously right now. I think they'll spotlight guy. Like I said. Review when you. I say that I'm not a messiah. Ice sheet I'd make people happy. In my any it'll care about me I'm not Latin Arnold don't care about public nothing you blame. Every in the city I go to. I make other people happy I rocky if my views every fall love what I do I thought we were business for quite company which is always tough Florida. But nationwide. But what I see what I do for people and I everything illegally this before there's nothing that compares to it there was once years ago and I were winnable way to share. He just was on TV you know felt he did do good for strangers either promote the police firemen apparent to stop you bring other people. I can't think of anything even close to what I've done. And I thought I was gonna stop. I think probably like when I die well. It might stop suit and opposite trump. Who's from the subject hasn't had any media I don't know why hasn't the media is I talked he has yet about it this who have a review by turned out to be right. In December trump change the law. Okay. He totally took away. Any deductions you can make for donating. The schools. Now what you wanna buy tickets is that he can you. The ticket itself was box just to donate fifty thousands of my association since the Florida State arguably the about the Florida State Miami. Here's the deputy war also wiped out. Acute expense. I've ever happened before all of a sudden now. Like I put my count the other day I mean I know believe me I don't ESPN you missed our Coast Guard guard about the arguments of the story man this is huge story. Our friends in Florida State. They're freaked out. If they say oh my god we live off of donations. That we received from our basketball or football teams and everybody's saying where are given the money anymore. The same thing with tickets have now I can not expense any more tickets the donations. That might change everything for me. I might be able to take let's say advocate right off how public that happens many people or stop doing. It for example. I have. And of these tickets. If he went home games a year that's in her dad tickets occasionally you do about fifty myself. I've 24 floor of the tickets two tickets that's. Sixteen year you know I've picked everybody's tickets. I don't do anymore so. Exchangeable stop with the BB outsized. Doubt about all right Marlon and we got two minutes on the clock we called the final drive. And try to fires many questions or topics that you get as many answers as obstacles or make rapid all right let's start this thing out Derek Jeter incident. Out of his league. Those voting don't carry rookies rookies a hall of fame player rookie. In operator rookie of the year or. When Alex Gordon scored in game seven absolutely. There's no question in my heart what I saw he jogged to first base and he stopped on third and he would easily scored games. What do you tell people about Kansas City. They're guarding how great it is it is the best people in the country. What is the coolest thing you've done here incessantly. Vivid top of the bucket of the fire tropical lightning storm. What was the effect the first the IQ report via the truck it was. A little rain on the West Coast also with the with the lightning coming out what I do it up here and I art did you like we're bringing you down. How could be tethered through the air out of metal bars well you're right you're like you started that a that it twisted who do you wanna meet our loyal to school yet when that. She's quarterbacks. Which was their fault this. And how it's written. Pat I think at the fire station I was I got to meet them and all newer ones that's what people don't realize that this quarterback who won the Super Bowl was on the chiefs did sixty deal last year. You'll meet the habit. I know. While we haven't met. I don't know. Out of out of that's fair what haven't you been to use that you wanna go to everything at that place effort Everett. If I wanted to go I wanted to go in person this he released the watch on TV everything I've seen. I believe you with this people wish they were you who do you wish you war. I was asked that before I would say if I got to die and come back quarterback has me. We've got their wish I had done differently in my life. As a wish I had dated girls who were their thirties were you married into the Google's new appointee just one player have fun that's honest to god truth. Parliament thank you so much I think you know look the look at your show. I hope you enjoyed our conversation with arguably the most. Famous portrait of all time Lawrence Levy Marlins man. He's seen it all he's done it all he's got great stories to tell and he's been every sporting event I think that we all wish we could be yet sitting in those great seats. Exodus of the bobcats coming up soon so stay tuned to find out who's next on the bop. Next it's. I.