The Marcus Lucas Episode

Carrington Harrison
Monday, May 8th

Carrington catches up with former Missouri WR and current Seattle Seahawks TE Marcus Lucas about his time at Missouri, trying to stick in the NFL, and randomness along the way.


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Had to be joined on the stick the sports by chance by former Missouri tiger and current Seattle seahawk markets Lucas here from liberty Marcus I don't its name and don't go our program chirp. Yeah man I appreciate you coming on it's the first time ever done a phone interview for the by cast Lotta times people come in studio but. You're oblong for the Seattle Seahawks. Take this drug has the early part of your career you were with Carolina. With Miami Chicago. Back to the Panthers and now on the Seahawks you've got to bounce around the NFL what's that been like. There is sick than during the though is Goran. Probably I think it all the factors. I'd whenever it looked football in the reality. And you know I outlet to you how words you know. It was when they're little money wouldn't that was so assist. Play in this game of the high school college and again not for free. And you know you really under passing in the or some you know really it out there and you know playing ball because in order to load the sport that you think about. You know every mortal without an admirable or adversely. And so now. You know just it's my dream narratives or army that there are really about you know the money and saying very direct very assist about you know even if part of it seemed that mean you just can't replace that soon will play football live. Noted in the huddle and other guys as in everything you've been through it you know you can't get rid of that though. The belt and around you know and it is easy you know all different parts of the country I mean it's been great. You know if they'll let you know I'm in the position that I. Have you been in inspire it because I think everybody kind of has those moments of self evaluation when you lay down and nine and you kind of evaluate where you are what your doing. Has there have been a point where you felt like the dream was going in the in between any of those stops that you didn't think you get picked up by another club. I mean of course something that. It in you know there's it's you know it's it's very unique in the flyers. You know you don't know. You're gonna play in abuses like that same feeling better. No doubt in your years at that last spoke in the last. They're whatever it repeat. You don't never knows it will be my last inning and so you know you do have that human. Well I know that that same feeling you'd order excellent. You know are very very to get out of work out due to this thing in note if you are in you know. No matter what people say the last person you'd look by the look over you or whatever the case that he. I make them pay it forward and so that's where it the way out of that. Here's Augen LaMarcus Lucas on the stick to sports podcast. I got to ask you a Cam Newton questioned. Played with Carolina a couple of times did you cloud Cam Newton for some of the stuff that he wears like cam he's a fashionable guy. But some time cameras got a goofy to me he's. Okay yeah you know even though through yeah. Note you know definitely you know you've received if I were others in the I'd vote saying I. Let. Yeah well let me not saying it's not easy when you Wear it since. Personality on its sleeve literally and the now he's just a real good dude and nobody. No need. Weary tone from Atlanta you know both of the action ethical. You know he's you know about the trains and in the news oh dollars. It wrecks and things like that so. And if they closed within what is this all ports are to Casey. Yeah you bet there was definitely earned it and definitely hear the crackle and a lot of. This time Auburn he always come off to me is the guy that people just gravitate towards. That I've been in a room with Cam Newton and he was clearly the biggest star like you can kind of feel the energy come from camp. You does that play with cam kind of feel that way day in a league full of stars TMs coming in net special level that he's a level above everybody else. Lead you know you know it if he doesn't do. 666. Viewing that you are human they view a large human being. Already. But it whenever you loud it was in the war and then you know you never buddies knowing didn't everybody left they get there by the current I mean packed hour. I mean he's you know it is he who gravitate towards it will move he. You guys well. Definitely incorporate everyone in the locker room he's not I don't talks you know there's users who took a lot of whoever you. Let's pop it substances to the U you know making everyone around him better because that's it. Do great. And so you know he's he's definitely bring. Or package. So he'll be. Thank god you know in April. You are trying to figure each year career or whatever but he's got that senators like every article the ever present game. Like you know so he's he's definitely. And here's the news group leader. And I never it. When you talk about the current quarterback you play with you can't play with anybody it would seem. The polar opposite in personality Dana Russell Wilson or what's it like going fraud and eccentric personality like. Cam Newton he's been playing with a guy and it's a little bit more understated in Brussels. A move rats rats article there about gore about that in the group are. He he understands the business side there was and that you know he perform the way he just let me know also got most articles where it's going. Swept. And put yourself into work every day old wrestler you know he earned them. No distress in you know they may be seen in the letter of the might have let. Blakey will. Takes everything is business life where everything counts lessons. So he you know up there like every. Which were sitting makes it calculated and now that they're saying you know with. With Russ and me we were never out of it and he didn't really have I do now he has this is that it is bureau and everything like that we'll let father and on this. Mary he would never Eric as though you know that's the big dynamic and that's a lot in here a lot but you know he that your guys that are. We're coming up I was still young you know no one day you know kick in after you know word of it video games ago. You know decent food or whatever but the minute I believe of all they're due in court as well. I mean to see the different dynamic of people and how will you know minister who bought or another can still you'll have a good time in the army right. Well you know restaurants movies you're still joke around and you know have on Mahler outward and you know he has the lists you know he you doubt Simon and it's very pittance I can note you saw that same. Now determined that in the past and then earned and everything. You've got a pretty interstate road and passing getting to the NFL I was read a story about you earlier today in the Kansas City Star. Did you always know that you're going to Missouri. I think I mean I you know back and do you know. At a young age one or two of them Larry as obviously you read anything Obama mob. And you what you would do play basketball on the at least so. Follow them very. As the saints are you know what it wants offers herbal and it. Remember coming home to let you know you can pretty much pick whatever school you wanted her to insist site. You know you want to explore and he doesn't influence in very boring is no word that you sir are an. You know with the finalists from me was spared bird like avid Obama. Material in my drama which includes Kurds aren't which obviously you can't replace it occurred education. But at the saints Hermanson I know that rout them during a remote areas that felt like them. On the cell without a sudden. Jimmy one great official visits story because I just think it is the myself. They get if five of those official visits and if I'm a recruit like you were I can choose where I want ago. I'm taking off five of them bad boys so I know they're gonna pay for my plane ticket they're gonna roll out the red carpeting gave me all the food and trying to entice me to the university. Maybe I decided on official visit number two I really like resume this is where I wanna be my mom going here. I'm gonna go and lock it down on taken those other three official visit just because man they do everything for you. Yet so all in perfect in three. Or to their relative to do though in art call. And general Arkansas act ever so a lot of load. Eyebrows not aired out all the experiences in the locker room with a gain you know kind of you know Lamar did not record or be involved in. He was. Our personal mirror learning Mingo. They lose. Users are running back there is so make her so mirror and laid it all out. And gardening there the past. And when the craziest thing that was you know you price you know that limerick he you can remove to paper that I haven't. The whole student section other viewers there and they're chanting your name during about the law and paying like that's another sign of the crazier. Think it's beyond that recruiting business and let's start like that well. A Spartan to mean. As they knew everything about me are in their junior days in spring training and everything else so it was more tailored you know what allies in. It was pretty pretty much for my mama bear or Hitler like they're really cute in a church in the air that are a little while witnesses in a suit so. Well that's another problem or couldn't. I had Martin Rucker on the podcast one time and what's it like every former Missouri player talks about mainly. What does Gary include deed to create that kind of gambling environment because that is doesn't seem that common in college that they make it seem like this big. Happy family that obviously it was gonna have trials and tribulations. But everybody at winsome Missouri talks about the youth foundation that was built by Gary thank. I moved it to third better as the centers together I mean they're well in the order who commute you gain. Hunter Brothers you know are mean it's it's by no one figures and low to normal and you know he he laid prologue that's always a local war in the oh in. And so I mean it is to work with every saying that you do a movie we would incorporate. You know everywhere I mean look how break off eating and think like they are aware now you're didn't know. Different position than they are buried over or through. You know the blood flow and here's altogether and they put me through different activities. Are the altogether like. It was or or the movies or pay volatile as they are closer to put it in building saying more. I mean you know Warner who in the door together. Everything I mean just it's so close especially your classmate. It's so close and they work or in the locker room and you're not. Not that either users that are there whether or whatever if they're easier and ruin integrated world very opened. You know assist. There are over and the the billionaire Allen is. Early or those like they're part of there and then there's the matter where you can there's no life. Critics are saying they're not in Finland as well you know he's just. He did an exceptional job. It everywhere and together and and it is held a move sure you know whatever you you know your brother's view and and across from you enough ability despite makes you play a little art. I think there are no. That's what we went through him leave my freshman year we started our our. People with arraignment. Although. And whenever we whenever he left. Plame and we dropped off a little bit and you are in local or federal put that in there and shoot and here we are saying though. Who we could promote recruit together. What was it like to switch conferences like some people switch teams you know guys shrimp are. You switch conferences with still stayed in the same place and I I feel like from a Missouri fan perspective. There was bad. The big twelve not as focused on defense not as fast as the SEC that it took you guys that first year 2012. To adjust to the overall speed of the lead. And I mean shoot it's it's loaded itself first group now is the biggest. If you are so worked in Britain bankers not mean. Truth is that for those guys aren't so often aren't you learn and they made all the difference. And you know are you. A much better RD line. Was that played. Our senior year. The Kabul years. I mean that made all the difference. It was Michael's hair code he read in than they have in the back of the mark to market golden in great. I mean you know now. I mean that that was the I think there. I'm as far as you know of the the quarterback and they are in the big twelve million ounces the past. I think those corners are actually better it. You know if you guys if they get out of order there is little beat all of our our and so much pressure on the quarterback and things like. In baton as pat are they different meaning noon whenever you've got you are on Iraq Iran and Iraq. Indy 320. Our own office so I've been a flight being absent real big differences we have with our group. Personnel up front and single person I know men do those you know it and felt that having little small athletic. You know about that move or persons who is the page. Actually huge people that are the movement people. I mean I think the biggest the biggest. Talking LaMarcus Lucas on the stick to sports podcast. What games sticks out most from you in your college career. Aren't sure that's a far couple couple good Lauren. There where. At least the last interest you know we say they're cut or if you are in the second or in error. Out one of the most more memorable and that because. As they're grown up from the bird and not knowing how much I won't miss. No doubt pretty well in it's kind of funny. Christian grandmother who are harder to our amid new lows that are. Here you also warmer it's our loan. So we knew we certainly knowing a person or third grader would ever break. It's crazy that we are in the same class and they're very relaxed game in fact. Together we vote watch them do their immune rhetoric he basketball football whatever it was a lot. And those are created Olympic hopeful note. This is in third grade at whatever get older ominous or an hour days or how many do something very McCain or whatever it whatever they ordered. And then we go there fast forward. Years or have it would. And then actually ordinary game or the last such on the and so the last such error about rivalry. Now aren't. And the fact it ever imagine. Not seen him before and grow and and being known the importance leg and inevitable. So when you look at it you're the answer to a trivia question might one day might Kelly's gonna have some trivia question. And you're grant the answer of it that you got the last touchdown in the UK you rival. Exactly and in so it actually came out. This year whenever you as you are about the last as you do other but alas such error after. Arab you know they have in the air as well use ordered last year's whatever direction it hurts to. A limited so a lot out there has outlawed that you and your question will last as who had left that's still up in the air it's about who. But yet I'm I'm ready for that. That 2013. Team where you're on that went to the Cotton Bowl they ended up defeating Oklahoma State met game. I think it heavily for Missouri fans will always compared to the 07 team would Chase Daniel heckler Chase Coffman and those guys. Do you guys ever have that trash talk back and forth about about which tiger team is better. Of course I mean so you know coming into amateur. App. Low. Without their 2000 and that's all we ever heard of 07. It was every single day at home that was oak all the coaching. But we always as a live about advancing. And so actually it's so where they got me being. You know it minutes away from headed to a national consider. I mean it is it got out as your music out. Yeah actually. You know be there and and do exactly you know what that's intended. Yeah we definitely hear that all of this you know. I think that they bury it under the warning your in no link as. You're talking about you know there's the and so those are owes seventeen who are well intentioned people. Yeah I think that we really had to it's I really respect in the of Auckland in order. See Ike I think those seventeen was a little bit better than you guys but I will say that. Your team had my favorite Missouri moment. Then we'll Josie dive against Texas a and M is my all time favorite Missouri mom suggests that to me was the first I think to the nation that Missouri had a rot your play Texas a and they had Johnny means they'll it was an. Holder a night game everybody's fired up and in Joe's he has that big Ron and I and I see Satan and that in zone. All my god I went crazy when that app. Of course I mean you know they had a bad summit in. I've been prudent I think we've been through. I was born and what they're little they're up. And vice do great and so I mean it it follows it appears as it was in there are always about errors in me and I. Now compare and you're seeing now is in you know in in the NBA over the Internet I don't think like as. There are no different out of place Lou. You know it is it is definitely you know they're going to be well we were net he deleted so. You know you can say what you want about our. And you know we repair rural and. And then you best of five and seven in the year before that the first year in the SEC in the new exploded when seven more games next year ago twelve into who. When did you know that you guys had something special what was that moment where you realize hey we aren't that seemed to miss the ball game this year we got a chance to do something really special. They'll figure that out on the it was in the summer or or are you in the summary is that all you can just occurred. We came back you know. There are an early oversaw all. There's Merkel. And that the first. Noticed there's a little reviews and so Patterson their home. For Christmas break and things like that will normally do you practice and in doing so far as host site. Now they're saying right so everybody got they are remembered here that everybody's. In fact early. Look all of there's precedent in years and things like that folder back. Like two weeks before we are closer or actress who lived in we're fact. It didn't work out in together and lift it and you know doing just that it's and there's two back into it as soon as possible because look at that. Particularly in the stomach the missed the bowl game. I think that's whatever lies in change we have. Remember in your meeting. All the seniors in encroach in cool well it's been we just kinda changed the mold of little. We won't start to talk gloom and know the coaching staff has been. And predicated towards you know we we got a winner of Irwin would have been over in the SE CE. In the room in in battles so that's so different than we're like go about it. You look at this rate in the student when I look at like nixed it and that you know thirteenth. There and they think that the national championship that's the only thing. That's the only way you know as if they were not aware of national championship or not as. So we knew stop mentality and so that's in the meeting we just. Let's hope this neglect and we don't hear anything about within minutes you were always talked about Russia which is it's it's not. Note that suspect is typical he says not police shoot or that we are forward. And and and in what passes. You remember a game away and go into you know me and exist and not everything up to the terrorists so elusive about when they won game minutes are. It and you know have a Claritin or larger cylinder and will do. A wanna go back and talk to you about something and win you talked about the family component now think there is a better example than Michael say him about the Stanley component in Missouri guys protecting narrow in keeping everything in house. When did you find out the Michael Sam was gay and I think what's so surprising is we all betting college college kids gossip. College kids talk. The fact that. No one outside of your team knew it'd never leaked out a way and then Mike was able to come out in the way that he wanted to is a pretty remarkable thing when you think about college students plus this new era of social media. I've been saying. You kind of heard I mean on the news. My freshman year you might as we're sure this is virtually the owner in the same. Some sustenance operator. When you are here saying well you. You know you'd you know I mean it has been ordered note my. You never know how to and so I can we just talked earlier. Well. Pick another guy he says you know little you know court you're inevitably you'll never. Eric and Eric. But there are many. He declared the you know a price of personalities. You is no car like that Arab news in fact here's the facts you know you. You know typical rural whatever you walk into OPEC has been put. That's the same term exercise. You know you could hear different he's you know just ignore it Riordan thank you litre and enveloped. And it would just don't occur more like I believe moment it was like I need a little I know you've been through with most of your Brothers. Are we need a little you'd be comfortable saying it and then like as if there's so much pressure just about our view. First movement is like. A likely irrelevant in the that we do will go on like our president. You know we. What it together lead you know what you're natural together they work out he'll do everything we are gathered in you know. We'll and usually I do anything that you have to housing and the most. And so whenever he would eat in in were just okay this group no I'm not I was. Is you know obviously with its place. In that elevated in the and he just elect the Arab. Out of town older we've removed from the shoulders and he is being self around and you know whether any thing that was urged action Ernie. We. Do miracles were comfortable with it and that's the Kerner you know. Thank you need curb public and Mathis are artists use. Sometimes whenever unacceptable. And other locker room and you know in those few if so if it were my experience. A group of eight in between two year old student in and you this place grow may have grown and you know. We did not mean I guess with Mia as an adult I've got to worry about your free time in my free time Anthony's first it is sports is one of those things that. If you comply I don't care if you black white straight voted for Donald Trump voted for Hillary Clinton. Sports is about helping you win the sports is about gaining. 53 guys were eighty guys on a college football team or thirteen guys in the NBA all working in one accord to try to win a championship what do I care about what you do in your free time like that part to me just never made a whole lot of sense to me. Murmuring that are similar will be aren't there you go you all along about titan we treat people who respect. You know and you know respect you fooling. And in outrage. Or are. And there's not much like your they'll give it everything you have in the game and it's even distraction in. I can't be what's your viruses. Dude you were sure argued saying you know people within. You know approve overrode governor bush it doesn't Satan the person you know Arnold. It should. Shouldn't matter as African American student I'm sure you've been asked about this before about the protest in the situation and things that happen at the University of Missouri. What her initial reaction when you solve the firestorm. That it turned into fourth place that for four years you call home. There duke Lotto obviously. It was of the racism during the war and war. It only means is that you know while you period. They're easy to be decisive in them so. As. As app and there will bring you that early years you know of stories. He's different thing right here in the word order here's the sound and I there's. Or as an athlete. I we get so sheltered. You know the world has a partner at least you know where. The big bear out here and so you know mine. That same person there might be calling you know just under an average student. There is word of the lord knows in derogatory toward them or ever. In my preview. Regain regain yesterday or an old Saturday or whatever. No you're you're really lose your job and if you like something out of a flatter you wouldn't do whatever. We just because that this sport as it looked so we did. We get pretty sheltered in two. Building the match. Interview notes the earth you know. Little all the artists you know are under our at a lower numbers look a lot our main group of saying you know about either. No outsider. All of a salute and no other other these world. And back at the weak encourages so it away from the real issues that record low income. There's you know and there are blocked off. No held to different lenders in our average student assembly and so. You know of earnestly you know this is important. No. Whenever. Well also in. You know province who have. It is so I am here now we talked about earlier this is like you're also a few of the guys you know they feel this way. You know they're they have other earned that are getting respected. You know there's there's issues that we're going vote in workers. It is very holes into the bar and that's what it was they didn't just let expected then to duke. Eight and you know that just shows how I'd estimate was out. I mean is you know all could that the coach people this is interrupted in our it is. And you know institute some merit it's usually action news about. In that maybe change in. It's a great uniquely created. Do you look at any part of yourself what you would have done if you were in that situation I mean you played on the Missouri tiger football team. It makes a lot of since the media at some point you gotta ask yourself Maine if a dial my team came to me it felt strongly about this protest what I have participated in. Who regard I mean there's definitely guys I think of you who may not agree. And Bernard at the same you. Know politicize your own. So you're into your own you know. Perception on things in direct services for the greater period. There is word you know large group of our innate that he didn't like I gotta. I mean might not be exactly. We view it or exact you know. You know way it cannot feel about it but is it to the team that they're moody of and the Brothers. No they've gathered so whatever is so. It's just lying there are I think those. If the team that we can look mean failed passionate about this I need help and he does it matter. I think that I outdoors either or they're. Into the Nokia users will find the solution or you know make you know alternative paying or whatever I would definitely. Either Orton are now elected into the darkness it was. Knowledge Jamaican NFL money. It's obviously a lot different from college which story is better your best college night or your best night in the NFL. I mean. There for me all of there. There. The corporate citizen with more about the all of also air or right. Party congressman. You go that special bond me years. Or is there on the the door and you couple or put it and you know that would move value are as here a couple board Airpwn. You know maybe two minutes down the road from your desperate. In you know you're out of eight different houses that goes on the outs it BO days or do whatever the case there'd be. You know. So those birdies out of college. You know actually more memorable. Because you know you Richard are urgently if it does it's you see you know. Eighteen hours the day inflow. I I think that the stated policy action might better just that the quality people who are mature rounded. You know you you definitely look back more and the caller. To is unique earned. Wouldn't want my roommate and and it's a certain you know people material girl out here it is. They blow. He's in the living room you know that let you know you can't take that and the great allies it. But this sudden your best and enjoy ever make in my. Note so I think it was almost. A way that it. I always argue that college with a lot more fun because it sounds like you've gotta think the same thing. In college all your best friends lived in a three mile radius you can learn it. You either walk down the door to go talks only began in the car and drive ten minutes to see that now to see your best friends. At least require some level of work and now we're all different bays and a light some your friends are married with kids some of your friends live in all across the country. That in college were everybody's in that central hub the though the summit I'm vouchers most. For sure I'm exactly the same way you know I would argue look pretty damn it earned our right. We'll let that they're here violently at the others in. And so it just trying to get it all the same places. I. If so our current. You're removed the last. We're all together artists include not because you're laughing in the you're put into altar of the air it's like. Wherever what volatility of the world when something that they're doing so order a group from earth a traveler here there are traveling there so it's just like. And on the earth well albeit at the end of it is. It's pretty challenging it oh. You know that's the pal you know the flow and then they are the things I've said now go to Europe you know you can in most of the forward. Or or. But also though I say that account with a great time also add millionaire friends you do yeah millionaire for us. That some that would tell me you know there have been a couple of nice that you are out in LA are you went somewhere and you had a great night in the off season. Are you you know. Read the money's there is definitely that and everything. You know you can get a different outlook on well at the same armistice site. Lou I try to stay pretty focused. Obama in terms of its order there that it got a real part of it and I'm not there. You know I can't let go of words in you know go out all of them until. Action or whatever McClover and elect because you know that's our whereabouts. So it's just like in. Is so improve yourself in the you know these are. Are there are now look a lot of big move that we read it seven or eight years you know me things like that. And so there you know that they were worth the reward for themselves look like as the so that that we would never even dreamed about doing it you know the no fly in private and didn't think I you know you know if this is unimaginable. You know. Does it do it live that life is well it will be. On the most fire that you're there is hope we will bring out in the is it like it is. Who is most famous number in your phone. Well it was wild animal or moves shoot it in there and so yeah. OK former lottery through your world and all of our and the quarterback they looked at them the the reform. Sure are mean. Sure I'm that much of critical people you know throughout the throughout the way I am in football in the new opportunities. The network and it's certainly been playing it next to we view those who. It's the companies will tool orders were rock hard defense and merit is there a little coat its then. Being hurt us both parties and things like we do you know artists who have written in this. Let it go forward if they ever needed thing they got. And we'll. Who would you say is most famous person you met aside from football I remember that Drake was there one time. Training camp or any was one what are you guys practice or whatever who's most famous person you met outside of football. Lou right now and the and are in huge huge right now so which would show. On the Bear's owner about inflation actually I would urge so an Arizona. And you're about to go backstage north and you know in front of the law just a little Kasich as it looked at. In the it and I only do this flat or go get there and Russell are on the cool if they pay our respect and so useful or mean. It's sad a local and like surprise. The crowd of up here in the Big Apple without who. You know Earhardt on Wednesday your guys. That's crazy when you talk about your teammate he's like yet he and Kevin are really cool like how come really cool with the biggest comedian in the world that you. Is running completely different circles like one of your good friends he's just really good friends with the biggest comedian in the world. Primarily because you know what let's move. Ireland and so here it's you know elevate is in Cuba. I mean that's that's how they are being the bigger the our immunity that aren't. In big circles I mean you know I'm amazed actually. Honor bloke you know. Would you rate with simple fact that I can use its market share to keep all their air. And you know I just. I'll hit him on those days this. You know the breaks as they assess itself that I like to give them and you know about them and like that's so. The pac I mean this. They get started running around in circles I mean here and you know similar already you know it makes them work for instance they act as though. You know you did it in the pretty cool situation then invited the groups and parties and things like it is pretty. Being. Everybody talks about rookie hazing whenever it was your turn. How much was the bill. Our main if you are actually kind of got out we are working in. Is. We have our attitude in and Charlie and things like who is if not for the rest earth and so there actually opposite. Root it and coach for care. During those look there actually that bad actually carried out we let our our neighbors. What you learned in your checking every every third news goes distance you can bet it's. I talked crisis he couldn't in the and Charlotte for every there's. And we'll need it than I that's out of our pal Margaret. And last question here you gotta talked about not being able to live that life did I understand like you play and Richard Sherman you play we came do you play with some of the mega stars that have seen that kind of money on a personal level. I'm not even enough to think that some of the motivation for football players and try to make as much money as possible. You know that this is the prime earning potential of your life and you wanna make as much money as possible. But also you wanna get on the field you wanna play like you're Dirk competitive by nature. What are your goals kind of go forward as you've you've you've bounced around a little bit but not settled in a spot in Seattle what are your gold moved forward. They're great but the person you know and coaches go to court to promote that's. Ordered air and everything else but it was so compared to twelve all you know our lyric I'm afraid. The U. Their colors are just what you expect out there it is you know if I'm doing everything right literally lock our. And yes there are aired. When it does happen and it also Burton. You know everything else that comes with its endorsement or whatever because it as he at all. Don't stick it to the play is to consider the player very despair and all the look that is true or what is something like that so. That are going to be Altman are factual they're back out so American you know compete and be one of the best. You know it only would read artist or artists received so one of the best. 101. Our titan in the world I mean that's what would be. There's been the most is this what me. Markets look his former Missouri tiger current Seattle seahawk adding SP from Missouri fans that I root for you man that's that way too much he would time. Thanks a lot for coming on man I enjoyed the conversation. Are we. Didn't.