The Last Chance U Season 3 Episode

Wednesday, July 25th
Carrington Harrison is joined by Cole Foss to give their thoughts on S3 of the Netflix Original Series, Last Chance U.

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They should they just stuck to sports. Eads the stick to sports podcast with Kerry did Harrison from the drive. Approach us. All right if you think another addition of this export my guess this is the last chance you season three episode my guy poll had a return call you that amendment. It's good to talk to you all right let's do this a couple different ways. Let's start with the coach because. I think that's really what they show centers around I think the other seasons when they were in school Mississippi we'll talk about that obviously over the course of the bike as. The other shows I think kind of center around ms. Wagner to some degree and then they pick individual player like see the ones about out. And then it kind of transitions into ms. Wagner is kind of a star. And that's when I think the coach they have a lot of one on one put them they got him in the hot does smoking a cigar they got him the bar. This wasn't the coach is the star of it. What did you make of Coach Brown. I thought Coach Brown thought he was stellar and that's kind of why the show focused around him. If you notice like I was going through sports closer to put an article about all the players who have really been featured on the seasons of you bless his views are also hard knocks there. And this c.'s entry by far had the the small number of players so I'm wonder almost if they're just weren't dudes who were interesting. So they had to fill time with with coach Brad if you're definitely interesting and worth focusing on. I'm more of their just was a lack of interest in people on this team. My big issues that really coaching in general on this is deathly Obama lineal coming now. Is I think people of Kuwait cursing and making guys running yelling with them as coaching. I thought that Jason was a great recruiter obviously that many former world players the company independent Cain these you are selling them once something. My biggest complaint we Jason Brown from most of the show weeds. You could tell he would take the confidence away from players do varies state telly and go whole personality Ellen Adam. The Walt when he was like we're not gonna suck it hit like this while and a lot of stupid stuff. Very rarely in the show did he really ever did the show ever highlight him giving confidence back the players calling into the office say you played really well are saying you really believe it. Times like. What the big things in the we'll talk about we're gonna jump around here was. It was clear that Bobby Bruce needed real life counts yeah it was obvious to me on and the teacher. Mr. Becker was kind of the counselor to know what sit down and have a conversation that ought to like a human being. We only saw that really onetime. With the coach or Jason Brown. The once thought we kick off the team yeah it was like all I care about you I care about. Maybe do more to build back up the confidence of somebody that you had torn down their confidence seemingly the entire season. I don't think he was ever really old player of that. Re in the hoping he can say was I'm playing Jenna mind tricks with you manipulate you use that a lot I think that was coach Brown's way. Of covering for his lack of ability to control temper. So I think he at times we obviously we talked up before we start recording how we can basically every player off the team at one point to the other. I think that was just his way you avoid he would get so fed up you kick you out of practice kicked off the team. Then he'd cover for himself to not make himself seem like he was going back on his words budgets are on display in mind tricks with the. He genuinely cared may be a little different them buddy and I think that. I think he used his background a lot as an excuse like I'm from Compton I had to be artful all the hard game you have solar head to a but there's that saying go you gotta give in the whip in the sugar cane he always use the whip at least all right so I can't speak every conversation always use the whip. Very rarely did he give you the sugar cane or tell you do a good job or does put it all around you and encourage you during practice and I'm very firm believe your rug. Your team takes on the personality of your coat and a you're best players. I could still going it's that I Butler game they were gonna lose I didn't know anything about. I don't think about the show going to know nothing about it all I knew that they were independent. I was like this team is disciplined and well coached. Vatican team go watch a good spot you're not going to win on the road against the team that was disciplined and well code because that's not your team and what happened. They blew a wide receiver pass on third down the goal line up didn't work in their best player got another personal foul penalty because they were on discipline. Your biggest weakness was always come out in in situations and diversity and the difference thing. So one of the things Zoellick. Movie kill was always angry about how they were never organize and and how this wasn't a day or caliber as US armor in that first episode there's a scene of him in the hot tub. And they kind of glossed over but it could remedy come about I think game plan to watch for these guys do Imus Obama calling plays but I've got more week Andrea on the field. I think he went into this thinking I've recruited every imaginable good player out there I don't need actually coached as I have the best players. There's at the end where he kept bringing back that play with Turkey and Boyd who who broke the 99 yard touchdown run so that was a terrible play call on the terrible coach for that but I recruit the best player on the field. So that means on the best coach I think there's just. That's you should have been undefeated they should have blown everyone out and they did it because a coach brown and has aired. I think so too like I think I think she obviously is the biggest reason why they went nine and sue and he's the biggest reason why they didn't go look defeated bit. I mean I kind of had the feeling from the beginning and at first game like. The practices like just didn't really look very organized by the legacy like I've watched a lot of different teams but Barbara. All right with them alive I'd like a bunch of different teams. Yeah guys that were committed to and it never released seem to have a very good flow when it came to practice. That maybe the biggest difference of her talking about from one that you'll stamp went about is Mississippi and practices were fishing or movies and they were getting a lot of stuff done. I never felt like that while watching this team. What was the school he fired from virtual ROC Terrence is a garden city's coach made a comment about how everything they do like make us as fake us yet he was trying to mimic. What you've seen from good programs which he just was never disciplined enough to really make that work with his team. Yeah it wanting to about the coaching disease and we got there's a lot from buddy but I felt like bloody was a little bit different was. Bloody it would at least if his assistant coaches a little bit to root growth like it got cut back up. You see it undermined at those other coaches on your staff in front of the players all time it really showed it was bloody. Was that one time the very end of the season where over the off the corner O coordinator got into it. But for the most part though. Buddy it is like what he played bad cop in the habit that all that the court it would always come into play good Conrad and Erica do stuff like that or when he came to the defensive lineman. They would leave that former but the the climate can't think of his name without in my hand didn't play for the judge yeah the Eagles got always in charge of it. Fell victim brown undermine it the guys on his staff a lot better if only Allen and you don't show your quarterbacks coach a lot of respect. How the leak Allen gonna show our room only Henry is he going to show him a lot of respect. All and I felt so bad for Diaz the entire time like I hear that he unpaid an independent living in the dorms. Just like. It did have to deal with not only coach. Brown but then move week just every day every day ever and that would be miserable. If I was him there was that scene where basically trust like I'm in a fire you've only ten or misses another class. Dude I'm bill I don't know how he was able to communicate about weekly you're gonna get me fired because you're not going to our. DD as legitimate leg I actually think that was the worst Coach Brown ones the entire time yeah I. Would say that was maybe the worst in the time like. You would like on the verge of fighting the league can domicile line it's like how are gonna fight your quarterback on the sideline he spot one of his other coaches on the game and every game made bad guy and I think the wide receiver code you'll feel like. Is it like puts that little bit like we don't want no smoke let's relax. So I kind of I think I was looking down on the whole thing happened but did it could run through his headset and I coached through a back and elect him from behind or something like that which it. One don't there had said but if you're an assistant coach you have to have more poison to throw your head coaches had set action in the middle of the. I mean nobody really have poisoned the situation nobody was incredibly disciplined nobody knew you knew how to run things effectively the end about brown who has. I actually felt like the last three weeks of the season. A lot better. I thought the first 45 weeks he was really really bad. And immediately after the fight I can't remember the top minded left like after the incident with the coaches and at that time he apologized. He was a whole lot better like dealing with people in all out like he was a lot better in May try to show like. There was more encouraging to believe he was like courage into the not the second record like the brain MB. Who is terrible for breast. Be sure brass if you walked on a Boise states of the theater and you know is horrible act like I really am. About quarterbacks who would like very weird light. You're seeing if you could tell who they believed it because he's that leak and they have the disagreement an ape brain ambient. Everybody on the team including the coaches was it they are saying your pride is going to cost us the game put the leak Allen hit back got to call him weak output only get back in the game. You don't wanna do it. And they've beaten Jimmy called Babylon yet no business owners in this situation. It was terrible. That you're gonna quarterback at her word quarterback. I've ever seen in a documentary Hugh woods tenor. The other thing about this show is all the other last chance to use the backup quarterback was kind of a story yet Vijay in season two. Due to the dreads Susan one you have the Q walked on a Mississippi State. I was surprised that there wasn't that one of those two guys wasn't better than that work. Just with how would how well. Especially throws in the last game when they play the third guy he was much better and it really does look like he understood the concept of football like there is not that the Bill Brennan. Couldn't complete five yard outs seven are well this herbal tea. Tragic he was slashed the going back to the turning moment of for Coach Brown I think it was when he wore the picture to practice did I think that was really the moment any rain and yeah. Yeah which was a letter. Did a that was that was really really funny let's get to the quarterback in the will kind of break it down with individual players so I was watching the whole time. I did what the buzz was ever was with a weakened like at least some frank and I could see how if you were coach you can talk yourself into it because. The pretty special player of the economy things happen. Idea Andrei V cameras last name the kid from Florida State in the in the is sexy and a kid that poster girl on the base. Do they really good quarterback it's something unfortunate happened when he was in college. When you can buy tell right that's a big time recruits and get himself back I liked his attitude and always encouraging people Uga so he knew he messed up of sports stay and was trying desperately to get back to that place. 200 Johnson's yet I. Like belief in green energy. I don't like his attitude. I didn't think he was that good I didn't think he had good fuel vision I think he had good pocket awareness he always that really good sex. I think he kind of like. Have like a fake football IQ like you diagram plays and explain it like all the field you're aware Asher internal clock was always broke and he wasn't very mobile. I don't like the league can Reid's team at all like to. You could tell he didn't enjoy playing football and I think they would they talked about that with his dad about how his dad decided forum at your playing football not baseball and goes obvious and we didn't want to play football he wanted to play baseball. But his status forcing you said if you're sixteen years old are not making decisions in his house or whatever but think that that was as obvious as anything. We see that he was very special though as always I mean just like as a watching him late in the game of football I like it if I didn't know anything about it. I would never send me. Number one quarterback in the country you don't look I I wouldn't they if they didn't tell me that's what what bumps and would like John Franklin I. I look at selling was fast you get some of the country kid was really special. I never got that. Watchable and with those other two guys there's always likes teams in practice or cut scenes or their children coaches just like amazed yet you're right maybe maybe it happened and we just never solid in this. The way they cut the steps of yet there is never like. Look at him make this sixty yard pass on a dot there is none of that with them. Yeah I I felt like he was really good because leaders had better skill with the simpler than everybody else bet Carlos. They had on grade kid the number one kid on The Who was like. A team they never really talked not been so war. It was like really really good they never talked about it the entire time. I can't remember one time they specifically talked about him out of it with Austin Jackson Lee that was and he was going to Washington State. You really really good they never talked native I felt like only time will meet with special was it was like a go route deep in me is corner. And has got to get the ball they got a 4050 art which is incredible skill less than a friend diminish it. Like I never ever felt like he had it because remember there was that one game in it's either one. Which Franklin rushed for like 500 yards and five scores are no are you Hillary never had a game like we did. Rumble levers so I think he was. I looked up his little recruiting Peja were never cancels of the dual threat quarterback and he had like 23 yard rusher all season like what was the dual threat from below zero he was skinny. When he's had used 185 in the season beckons 160. Ounce may or may they may dual threat like he could play in coach. I actually do anything line I do think he had a good understanding of route concepts and you could tell. That whenever the coaches let him be involved in the game planning calling plays and all that kind of stuff. Different kind of energy in a mobile two and you could tell at times he would try to like motivate guys who arrived we all arrive via hi Ryan the coach. But probe too many times did he run for any body that you're not somebody that the rally the troops or ever encourage other players you think. He was actually heard. Though less than honest with the ankle injury. Yeah I do I do I think he was there. That and I think he could play that's a different and I only play Nico played I do think he was that. He just seemed like me like a move like court heat he was mad. And young Madden don't do him any help afterwards that he was just mentally check it out he wasn't gonna do limits we checked out. He didn't appear to really have. Mental toughness to overcome adversity the things that happened throughout the course of the game like. Little things to get them off like that would separate interview and it and it always frustrated me about it is bro they told you. At the end games you could celebrate when your side and all you want one play always an argument like trying to buy it borrow. You look at the value be and so do you out here I need to relax. X I loved when Coach Brown talks about how he's not really from a blaze from the valley habitat user they Hugh walks around like he's hard but he's not an. Puzzle. So once Brady did to smoke the wind up in the line coach owning and it don't matter. You Ramadan. Abdullah that all the I don't believe you gotta get out here who was more small leak or camp Carter. Season to bully. At least a quarter you can't have that mr. two weeks ago. Ghosts right. You could have a disgruntled defense alignment and no he's not gonna impact that team. Went with Malik. So is that we took Yonder a Jordan Jackson whatever his last time. And we give him the exact same skill set among week Henry has but we have his attitude that's nothing wins every day. Because that team lost games because in the week decided he didn't wanna play anymore. And they had to go through that Brandon BA guy out there. And I don't remember how old mirror mirror on the mound feel he'd never had a good attitude like it was always. Like I am a firm believer like football kind of one of those foresee where basketball. Like yeah all my bet in all care Utah where we need to ago. That exit from us season soon the hundred kid that plays that I pay you now and pick it at that and how people would intercept is the first well I got you got my bed I made a mistake he is the first one over there at the like he was kind of the extension nobody knew the total of BO. They realized it I messed up I got a cure these guys. Jobs frankly humidity wasn't the best team guy in the opening is like deal. And the polish. And well yeah I'm gonna win is important never got that bop from regent again he was trash. A thousand shouldn't John Franklin's the only guy on last chance to meet with the NFL I thought I got a sound of the better circle these cornerback now all out fast he always incredibly bad and he could never Ruble is actually in camp or is it just the got to invite he's he's I don't mean it can't if I know I saw he was on the Bayer's I didn't think. Going to camp amusement court you know he was he was he he was really really good. Let's look got a lot of what is Q a for individual players running back wise. I thought I can't remember what game it was I think it was the second game against sports guy it was obvious to meet. That Jamal Scott was their best running back at the time to remember they try all three running backs in the game. And that Boyd fumbled in Kingston just wasn't barrier it wasn't very effectively we'll talk about him wasn't very effective and Jamal was the hot pain it. They lost a ball when you all didn't really do anything to losing jobs aren't what they went back the boy and boy it was really good end in a row they room. Wrote boy the rest of the season at all one very telling scene in. Whole season. What I believe it was the last game boy it was hot hand from a couple long big runs. Was tired they put into Malta and all scored you touched him. Enjoy ball went over to avoid instead. No that was your touchdown Monday envoys say it no problem it's a team game. For the person that ever say anything like that at least on camera the entire time I never heard another players say oh it's cool you've got your shine. I got eighty yard run you get the rest of the team and and that's what. Good teams do yet and and I thought so basically forced his way to being a starter yet again we're Hitler forecast through through through production whoever did. But yet it it just sucked for the other guy. With his parents are point eight. Dick to execute Vermont I think you know the ball Jamal Jamal. And I I was always confused on where he came with you freshman to transfer work is they they never really went and it was a. Now story yeah they don't talk legible sport with me because I think he was a straight from high school to ju co guy because boy it was remain in union like thinks there was from Michigan. Another kid opposite they're thinking you played at Michigan like I never saw within. He was that he wasn't going to give them opportunity I never saw explosiveness. He wasn't it Gregor running back bully and like a second gear like itself once he got past efforts here you were not catching him at least at that level. Like Jamal up the mall are hoping that the one put a good solid. Absolutely in Kingston like. He just never looks like a running back to me that's it looked like a linebacker defense and the that is attitude either did you lose their bet a lot of guys and bad attitudes on this being a lot of titles where a bad idea. That's out of the running back. Why wide receiver lies they try to make Carlos. One of the key guys on the team like Los law like Tim I thought it was cool. And Eric are you ought to beyond that you've had your way you go read 37 years old that's neither here nor there. I wish they actually headway in more to his back story that is mom's been at fourteen green and related transcripts so he could be there. I kind of wish they had with a little bit more into that next who were in their relationship and maybe covered more remember but I cover Ollie a lot in Q1 like he kind of became the star of the season. The Los had the personality to cut a key area and I wish they had maybe went a little bit further in it is the. Well in the whole other part two is huge with JB three different schools and that's that. Told a story is worse do you live with them for awhile like you could tell they were close and and that relationship there was was great and I. I just I felt bad effort for him in and you could really tell that. That Carlos is going what I guys that the NCAA screwed over if he didn't fully understand the rules. And that's a NFL and maybe is aging out of it but. He he was able to back to you want to see his caucus and use when you said 49 years old now. Gimmicky he absolutely could've gotten smaller look we're completely and and they want you tied at a smaller look at it coming did dude you're damn near thirty. You'd be doing so but ultimately alive that's nothing to twenty years old you're still like in junior at what point do you give this up this way with. India and dominate and on the Austin Jackson did number one in the watt receiver was the best player on the team you go cowboy you know what I think about it. He must admitted yeah. Absolutely we vogue worst person just because they never talked about him at all. They they interviewed that other receiver who lived with close more than they interviewed him. Good actually and why did it talk about him more a home there was one scene I believe it was. That kid talking at Lowe's. And I remember him saying if I was senior I know I'd be dead or in jail right that the reason I think last chance you won't always work if they keep doing it big in the next twenty seated always watch it. Why I think the show will always continue to work is. They were always highlight keys that it genuinely feel. This is the only opportune at play football like Bobby groups legitimately felt like if I don't. Make it in football I have no future or. The same with the with buck the the center and that dude was living in an alpaca farm in Nevada in a a rundown. Temperature. The IP camera people to leave all that he and don't fight it I loved what he got pulled through like three God's now to play a regular or value of I like the way that. Well I idly thought jumps towards the pleaded I like how did EB now the after huge stadium in snapped the overall problem like. But you can't Beagle once say not one of would be did. It was a good reason it took about you can't get the snap. Current and I I really enjoyed his story to an announcement of guys that use I was pulling for like we pull for Ali. Of course you were full of but the scrappy do are like a source with the IRY. Terrible lofty I liked him I thought he had a really really good story it. He packed up his stuff he drove from Nevada he drove some of the Kansas didn't really know much about school I didn't really get away from the situation. His grandparents were farmers but our viewers and we know we could feed another mouth he had to get to work 1413. Years old you got to grind of being able to feed yourself. Built on Jim did you have your pop was a mess that light. He other more relatable stories and characters in all of the two are alike the most. Were body Bruce and him about the with the two most. Humanizing as the word boy. I think they kind of minimize what the show really means like the show last in view is really this is your last opportunity to make something of your life via full singled to do different things. Vigil last chance to do. The but master kid no. If I make a situation where independents can't I'm going to be back home in Nevada I'd do everything I need to do if your body bruise you realize that this is my only chance there was one scene in there. Early on in the show like so we can even know how to explain he was saying. I don't know where Peter you'd go I just put more I think they should be yes I think and I can't really explain what you should put it America is just something I innately know or understand when to put here is when you write is just a mind blowing concepts and. I think all things that we knew were. Both highly educated folks I think that's something that we. Take for granted is the inner city schools where a lot of these kids coming from when they're going they're not at all prepared to go to college. And I think definitely the main. Now one of the struggles of illustration last chance you'll one of the things I don't think it's really mentioned enough is. How much these kids have just been passed through the system because they're good at a sport reality like those kids were not college level. They were they shouldn't have been. I don't let me just I I wasn't scared yeah I guess I can imagine. Where you don't know where periods right yet I insist it's something innately you just know where to put the appears like you know this is the proper place like I am in the house I just know that one house I didn't know you appeared to explain how I know that I just know it through education. Overtime hear somebody say that. But Boris to me with my favorite character. And because it is. It reminded me by easier right from seasons one and two the light unto you had a really good talent need to be coached. Like clear you had some like darker birds demons inside you and just like ms. Wagner was the only person that seem to care about that as human being beaten ms. Decker was the only person in that whole system that appear to care about them and human beings and I think. Her methods were certainly different than ms. Wagner that makes it maybe not is. All of likable is the right term but I understand how you could be gravitated towards ms. Wagner but not in the same way about mr. picker IA. I'd like to his record chew my character on the show I loved her it was just two different bin sure sure sure was a lot more. I thought that ms. Wagner is a lot more like motherly than this one. I thought mr. Piccard approach was your young black men in America I'm gonna have prepared you for the realities that exist if you were a young. Blackmail me understated you're. The red light out at you watch the show it's harder for you to relate to Mecca like a lot of the books she was Adam reed and when they said the in word or class net learn about in its net. This is why that would teach you that she can't really teach. No and that's I think I liked the speaker so much is because it felt like. Wigs are always awfully got to do at 93 weeks I don't aren't you giving them an open. Wednesday it was all right so we'll see what the get go little better look like Stoller and the right way Seattle purple wave. All cars he subway exit of pocono dresses she's always out spoken out. Dress and she really generally genuinely cared. And I think that was like she wanted them she understood the football was not gonna work out for them. A best is yet and she was trying to help them understand that without. Crushing their dreams of doing. Demi if it wasn't for her I think Bobby Christmas tree expert. You wouldn't you wouldn't quit two weeks and paternity then the whole conversation is as I should like give me two weeks yeah as she was taken the time whip them into an outsider class and really trying to work with them. No she was really really good but thought he said to see about Abrams at the end you're just a story about my dog Bobby Bruce. You lock up an accounting yet imam and so grimy. It'd take basically with it residents prepare for is the story. Some guy posted on snapshot or somebody wanted to get a bite you. And some girl basically sell come pick you up. Lined them up they lined them up. Good the story goes lured him over to Bobby Bruce and two other guys who robbed them at gunpoint with a shovel. That a gun and a shovel took 450 bucks an iPhone in some of the stuff awful. Rob my dog what about the dolls with the gear basically and impose announced that they did. And I tell ya cuts down. Absolutely dull and the other thing about neighbors to is who you're talking about Isiah right and and how he was so likable and so talented I don't think body Bruce was talented I think Bobby Brewster. One bit more than a royals but it was a hot used playing linebacker 280 pound there when he was little I only use more skill than anyone out there he just wanted to hit. What's so crazy that there is a way if you're refusing to players if you could put Bobby were Bobby Bruce's like. Instinct and drive into the league kid were you got a really really good player yet cause if you can do is give Maliki and reads like IQ and ability to process that made me get that's about Bruce. The all the time they were like Bobby can't just hit the first thing that mode like he was to highlight how do you is do like you were on Matt Light. This is what they trucks to see all Harbaugh yeah like he was jet discipline wasn't really his staying at. I don't think he had the football I Q. If you set a goal tackle that guy he was gonna do more times in the so the other guy who's like that and Gooden. I do dad was always. In some shot but I thought well I thought they only had one good defensively and it was him. And the good view that it that it I don't want to know. Adibi. Big earlier is gonna get a job like letting you know who was in a residence on planet. No clue we're in good it was got to go. Until the last fifteen minutes like all he's going to sinners we're in theaters to your heard in Ireland the Irish. They still like Iowa State yet like hmm I like Mo last third round and I might. It's you could you showed us that senate seat code that was governors in good to go to Alex and a look at offers. In a good and though woods I think did Jackson film often to me either best often the player. God is the only time they needed a big defensive play. It came from and he was always in the back you'll always regain advocates stop Iran could drop back and covered now the past you so late maker for the but it crucial moments ago personal always. Like Brody got. They're gonna have a little bit more I'd see them I'd argue got to have a little bit more on Q. What are the guys that they they talked about a little bit and didn't get its entire time the kicker. I loved it when the kicker missed that second kick in overtime came off blaming the fat off. And be able. Love my Dottie did he does that it could start immediately went to people like dog that got that do business that can. That kid MM the band death. Made the song you know let's save this army and nine. The breach. Bus and out there but I yelled this thing individuals pretty terrible. I see see we. Oh and what was once ran and who you. Owe them. A blow it. What do you make a difference of the two cities this global with a lot different thinking it is and you and I grew up in the areas like. It was kind of crazy to see the bike. I heard of the wild Caribbean I've heard of something I've been a fort Scott I've been to some of the place just going to Joplin being around the area. It was so you meet specially where we live in the country to see EU. As part of the country town highlighted that and. And so growing up playing travel sports like I drove through most of those towns and nowhere Kansas what the questions I had they kept pronouncing it elder radio Kansas. Moderator and Eldorado illegitimate you can look at it. Because I actually know people that play at coffee. With a play conduct drug Hugo football. I called it goes out pretty familiar. Super put it where independents can't like I know people from in between I don't really know much about their program but this. Always. Try to think of it does seem as football obsessed and. Mississippi know and so it just seemed to me like. There were a lot of rural kids who it Bellic an extension of high school football. Where the junior colleges in Mississippi felt like that was just a lower level of college football. As some think the the talent level overall mr. images as high as it was down and mrs. Yeah I had I kind of felt like if you noticed the president was always talking about community wreck but I kind of felt like they were thinking and it does not do here. You always do well Saturday's. His watch football you. We don't like four to be good spotlight for death if it's not good but we wanna go on Saturdays. And just feel like something like Butler. They're community seem to care about the ball more than their president raised the money for I didn't feel like football was super important to the people of independence Keyon. No and I think part of it too is they've been so bad for so long that things occur expressed that was they had to build their own facilities and got they would build our locker rooms. So I think may be that bad drive for the ultimate but the pride for independence atlas and there are support anything had their name. That's let me did I think a lot of times they are talking about community in rent how important it was. Own just for the morale of the community I do feel like I do feel like that woods a bigger the red we've been through out. The entire show. What character we have image and I really like them are like the announcer he was like really really had no physical first reviewed play in the school right I I heard I thought his story. But you need to back story on them announcer I felt like using him as Kyle like. You can't tell I go to a narrator in sort of vague. You need to understand the history of independence Kansas football what we've done here ICC. I felt like he could do you mean he could do would just because Jason Brown was so new like Jason Wright a bit alike but he Stevens race he can tell you a history other. ICC didn't really have a whole lot of districts that need somebody to had been there through the dark. He was like a combo of the maintenance guy and like tiger. Susan I. Had a terrific so you like you remember miss mash together some microphones I mean that's that's of announced rules it is your favorite season. I really thinking about that I still think two's the diocese did I there's something about. Just that you didn't get to know the players felt quite as well on the season that you have the previous two. And they're just weren't as many I hated Mo tenors alleged that that just kind of he turned me off a little bit. But in terms of I like brown more than I like com. Buddy buddy and I I really like Frank Diaz and I was reaper in the entire show. But yet just to me it just wasn't quite as good season one to. I don't think it was as good but I don't think that meant this season was really really ban. Bomb was an A minus and sort of and yeah I kind of feel like there orders more players like that restored like you gravitate towards like. You know dollar some hot streak here about it women like we all gonna have the same stance about it but but the season to get a really good job of taking a very prominent story. It is showing you you know Stephen A Smith talking about it's it was Knapp reports Dana and any humanizing net player and making you feel like it was a once obvious they give this kid another change it. That many of us if our NFL teams drafted a plan that it had been accused of domestic violence and that we saw all the media would say. Get that data here I don't want that guy in my community but if you watch season 20 last chance you gotta be like. You know I saw a lot they're that this guy's doing everything in his power to kind of make a means forties doing everything required of them. He's worthy of a seventeenth I thought that season to do it really good job showing you that. You know some of the characters so when they cared over you wanted to see the continuation of eyes they are writes the org. And starting this from season one like they thought this is basically sees a lot of show media is a party start completely over. Like you're right you didn't like the quarterback you didn't like the coach you're constantly comparing it to something else. I just don't think this season was as good as of about you said it. The seizing its eight minus one I would give season to NC don't want it. I think the thing that while you were talking about that I kind of realizes there is no big comeback story in this at this in this season right so. You had the guys who have been arrested for we kicked off the team's fervor for making a singular mistake the linebacker Reggie armed robberies and. Go to Alan all I liked it a lot. No one on this team. Was there because they made one single mistake it all to me publicly Los got kicked off cause yet like nineteen chances with his grades and didn't do that other kid failed nine we'd Tesla. There was never that like. A dude made one mistake in now or pulling for him to give. Yeah plus a big difference to lie what it makes it different the last since he was like. Which seemed buoyed. You have your schedule is more good enough the Playtex at the time the light. At least on the other shades of last year and view it was made you do it and so you guys that you are you ready uses other Ike. Dutch Kingston theory. They never told us why he was there it was just actress or permission gain I'd like mentally to be one let me commute as you go living trying to get back to where I was Edmonds still is WAB. I didn't really ever explain why some guys who just got there with a couple of guys like lo some block mass rather than it ever really explain it with a whole lot of guys. There was a there was that high profile guy who dropped out like a dismally tanner would deny him. Social agitated and so much I was rooting for him to fail. Like Jon Frankel was at least like how cool yeah I mean. And got a really good for you about your trash and you got to try and ask you like your does not like does not what's appealing about you in this old. Ordeal and I think something blinked and he still not signed and lower. So though that after that. I don't know why you came away from anyone out I don't know him. Looking into on this I think I was in I thought was very very telling. But dinner where he is adding it's his dad his trainer Emily right and talk to all of us stuff. Emily doesn't seem interested doesn't seem engaged you've got to tell right there they didn't say it. Yeah you're not clear if Obama you can just you can just see it in his body language about the getting motivated through this again and go to another season of it you can just helpful bullet for him no more right. And and justice to add on to that there was our economy by his stats that they've made him go to junior college because if you set a full year he knew he wouldn't be able to go back into so I think your point yeah. It would you were casino we can we can end on this though is they never really went into wind will leak was why was rat like with the players they kind of went into. Why are you so verbally aggressive why do you respond this way. They never really witnessed this like you probably would do some like. But that they introduce is dead until later in the season Bruno is only eight episodes polite but it introduces dad from the beginning show their relationship and comedy that like. I kind of felt like maybe the film directors decided Jason Brown is the story here in his relations in his personality. Reid of put all our energy and I mean so every time we see it like the barber shopping Coptic directly but it was a barbershop where they went anywhere else they shuttle. Play cards for ends in. Buying call ours and get all of the ship like Jason Brown was the score of season three a lashing it. I know is that we've we're gonna and the like four times on the the one thing I'm excited to see in season two is I think Jason's daughter reunited organ alt an accident and really after if he hadn't seen her eight years now you do to show someone they're gonna ask me if I'm excited are you gonna track independents. This season no 'cause I wanna watch it. I don't wanna know what happened I don't know anything I didn't I literally didn't I got purposely made sure to oh boy any of the information to undertaker trick of going on Coca and independents are Prado or Harvard I and I did Saturday go to Independence Day I'm perfectly by during the backwards Halloween week ago before me. Go to Doug deal law would be good is there bingo we forgot in this whole forty minutes I can't think of the open thinks of the long gone out reasonable note I had was Vijay the backup quarterback on season two is playing for the partners. All our individual did it he's auto league's. Not liked him. Did you watch that one episode I haven't yet I'd as a with the unlocked I played a glossy and I'm like half finished. You don't want the most up like image of movies last two days assault equalizer in Mission Impossible Simon got to do what's happened last year if you elected. Oprah the rest of my life I've been ready rooms and generating financial analysis on the city of age girls artery I thought we covered everything and he's forty minutes. I can't think him at the mouth liking it I'm sure some little tweet me some than that I missed it by keeping an open or else those who are from my guy cold. It's me out of here by.