The Last Chance U Season 2 Episode

Carrington Harrison
Wednesday, August 2nd

Carrington is joined by Steven Spector to breakdown Season 2 of Last Chance U.


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They should they just stuck to sports. Eads the stick to sports club dancing with Kerry did Harrison from the drive. Cheers yeah it's all right welcome dean another that this is another episode of his beat. What I can't carry the parents that drive your subscribe to this point tied to you can also viewed on six and would back out this. I do it like you review it all that good stuff. I greatly appreciate you giving us a listening misses the lashing into use season two episode. I believe we did want these last year about season one. But I got my Ming Amanda Steve inspectorate here for Pasco in the morning thank you very ordinary non on the podcast today let's just get right into it. I really enjoyed season two I thought it was more comprehensive than season one I thought it stretched out a lot for the advanced easily won. I think the evolution of the show was a lot bigger this time in the first time what was your thoughts one season to. I agree with you in everything you just said. But I didn't like it as much as season one because I don't think I like the characters or the players. Nearly as much as I liked in season one I think season one. You add. Types like all the and DJ log did you kind of like wanted to see him get to that next level. Then in this season to hang most of the character were for the most part pretty much unlikable people who I have no sympathy for. I hate I disagree with you a little bit at the only person I had and overwhelming dislike for was Kim Carter yeah. I didn't like him at all might feel about disease in the last season was. I felt like last year's team worked hollered. And it was because of off the field stuff or academics they held him back. This team grated they want every game despite Argus other than the first one which they would that would that matches team but. You know that team didn't work hard and they just got bio and they artists for more talented than any other team they were going to play. That too many times in practice. So football coach I noticed they didn't work more or bring consistent effort in practice every day. It frustrated me that one defense they never seem to have a leader. There's so many different things you get into why it was there never a team meeting. We watched eight episodes. Over eight hours the television. Not one time they ever show guys on that defense Chauncey decode a king you know every legal defense is a leader. They never called a meeting about the defense that it was clear they had one of the top offenses in Ugoh. Offense was. Brash not not just trash trash with the guys trying to get to the next level season two is about the ball and then now hopeful rise with a lot of these guys you get a guy from Georgia. Louisville. Texas Tech and Penn State under defense. And they couldn't stop when crews could lead couldn't stop anybody made it very clear from the beginning that it did that defensive coordinator is going to be one of the story lines. You know what he was doing. I mean he was terrible at his job like just know. They showed no footage of him trying to figure it out. I didn't think he was very good and I thought the contrast between him in the offer to coordinator. But the markets would guy. Looks to me did you really good coach and likable. He it was a good I thought he played more good cop bad cop an episode are in season one in this one like it was pretty good I went back and everyone sees a once somewhat with my friend. And it was clear bloody would kind of yell out I mean did after a right it would he would leave Marcus gonna get in there and clap and say picking up picking up. All right will focus on the next play kinda coach guys in that way that they had a union yanked. This start I thought you could really see where markets had all the tools at his disposal when he had the quarterback when he had. L of their backup running back might have been better than eyes they are right yet we look at all the weapons they had his creativity and dialing up plays and dialing offenses markets looked like JD. Why hazing calmer at upping Cummings are in college football. But of course when a guy playing. A clue what he was there. You know we always hear that cliche like defense is just all effort and just like go get the ball. You said they did the seventh season due this team didn't try during practice now is very evident in the game because. These guys just how alone should have been able stop people with the schools of these guys came down from backed down east has to be always. More coming these guys are good because. Dollar mark potter a former global recruit. And not have a sacked eight games into the season it is unacceptable. Yeah it's either a pure effort thing or it's a lack of talent rating and he just was a great high school player would you translate that next level. Now I think in that up getting a second man river he was fired up about it. But I think a little or pregnancy got too sexy and we don't know how much like Chauncey rivers plated George I don't know. So it was good coach Ozzie actually a lot and I'll say is that in this season levels dungy was one of their better players to yell we'd. Know how much they actually play you are at their schools so they could have been. Third string defensive lineman what have you but. They still got recruited to go play at those places so there's talent there and I mean I thought actually one of the most. Kind of best figures that we got to watch was the Vern Williams is a defensive line coach who's working with all these guys but efforts him Bonner not to have any sacks. And for cam Carter. Or around. Or are Chauncey rivers do I guess not have a ton of highlights during the show it just seemed very weird to me on defense. I think what you said about Deborah Williams kind of goes my appointment kind of bring it back to the central point of I thought this up and so on this season did a much better job blow. Picking kind of pockets of things that gravitate towards you what my good for this year I've been Thelma Watson showed Thelma want to show he was like I'll watch I'll watch bloody was overly. You gotta watch episode one did you watch of the so why in a season the ability to one there's one episode one you will not stop watching the show emotion like football enough. There's enough conversations about other things that will gravitate towards it and Ali's on the air really likeable with a different kind of season and now you're watching it all the way through. That this app that this season touches on concussions. Playing through pain the academic system Isaiah are right coming up through the Foster care. Lack of effort on defense confrontation with coaches religion run in with the law. Domestic violence gun charges. Marijuana. Home life and how that. How it dysfunction in your home life even at a young age goes with you all through life. It touches in so many different areas and I thought. Because it was two extra episodes eight episodes opposes six. They were able to pick episodes where they would kind of tailor the focus like they gave you Chauncey rivers back story you can hear him talk openly about. Failing not one not two. The green we already has it into college and he didn't he tells a story about being in jail with the murderers did you go back can you hear his mom that was mom was gone. And the major at least. Understand the background that these kids come from and it's not as easy as just staying out of trouble. But I think all of was maybe from before we see college kid that he's got a trouble it's like. You Donnie you have all this things given to in the world why don't you just make the right decisions. I think we got a good chance to see the behind the scenes and home life spent at least lead to. You are not being a quick to make all those decisions even though you were technically an adult acting and I think. One of the other big differences with season two in season one was season one was almost. All within the walls of Mississippi. And we didn't get to and we got to like know the players but we didn't get to see where they came from or why they are now here in. What seems to be one of the worst place on earth like no one wants to be there. And scuba silly season one was just. You you saw what happened it Ese yen CC season two we went to camp Carter's hometown in Maryland we went back to Georgia. We went to Florida Tennessee were idea Andre Johnson grew up in his and we got to talk to these parents we got to see right Isiah right. Albeit in Mississippi grew up in the Foster care it made you connect more. With these kids even though they've all had told pass and it shows why there there. And I would say one thing this season one did do an understate its new so the focus kinda had to be on the program giving you emotionally invest in the program to bring you back. But it left into the yes. I'd memorize there right yet another year left like I remember so many of the characters was. When they want to co home I think that's how you pronounce the come home or whatever the episode that was about the other school yet. They even made you feel invested in that school even know it was 45 minutes in one episode never gonna win except the Agassi when that final did at a but. When you saw how they were clearly going to do it destroyed by. CC. Please. You'll like them enough that you knew they had good kids that were planned hard and that success was gonna come not going to be. Ian CC but you can get away at some point so I thought the way they did it was when they shall come together he says. This is a Super Bowl were winless there was that somebody has the wind. I thought it was perfect how it kind of faded to black and and they showed you were the highlight the next game but it genuinely felt happy for the other team like that coach that is I don't straight seemed genuinely care about the keys you look at the kids they didn't have former. Everybody there are new. Man last year as the play organized football we got a chance to go to school. We got a chance to have fun one more time and play football for an additional two years after high school where everybody an Ian CC is like. This is a four year thing for me it's two years here 81 year here and then I'm back to a bigger university that was the case and a smaller school. Yet I think. You know it's interesting and I think that kind of tailored into Isiah right is this really is. It for a lot of these guys this is there're only chance out in season one. Like if you ever gonna Mississippi before no. I've never been and it's a visit to Louisiana and Emma in the I don't ever think I'm gonna go to the state of Mississippi. Like. All these kids have is football. And that was evident for the call home a team but it's really evident these guys do if they don't get that division one scholarship. And they all think they're gonna go to the league. There's no there's not a lot of fallback in Ali talked about that all the time in season one is like doesn't happen. All figured out and that's why you saw the struggle with Isaiah right because he's. He grew up with nothing yet the two Brothers. His brother won it Indiana n.'s brother on the sidelines it EM CC. This is it for him if he doesn't make it and ball ball. What's what's his future gonna look like and that's why it was so frustrating to kind of watch him go through this season in his head butts of buddy and all the town on the world Diaz. He just could never figured out. I thought that I Zaher Wright had the best description of body Stephens in the entire show. I don't think there is Amy denying buddy Stevens as a football coach from the pure x.s and o.s and not dealing with people. What I think it was like episode seven where Isaiah says he doesn't know how to manage people in central is not talk to his players and I thought the situation with Isaiah. Was clearly. The central point of the show and it was one of the few things that Spain and kind of 45 episodes. And knowing how talented Isaiah was from season one kind of being used as a sparingly player. And it's these in to where he makes that incredible catch you don't sports that are he is going to have a monster season. And then like football injury happens in part of life imparted dealing with adversity is how do you deal with the disappointment. And it just kill me that no would dole could see the direction that Isaiah was going in. And never tried to really being an apple 101 heart to heart talk with them into the only person that really tried to do what was the trainer. And we don't we can know the conversation that they show was maybe buddy behind the scenes is talking to Phillip they would show without knowing it would show that a felony case of somebody would've talked about it I feel like they would have done that. What it was just clear had L. Eyes is frustration continued to bubble over a bubble over embody who isn't the best with people. Never seemed to pull water or on the situation I think part of it is a leader is. You've got to be able to put out those fires like you have to be able to especially in this sense we the fifty year old Maine your dealer would nineteen year old emotional kids. You gotta be able to do it. Everybody to kind of relaxed and calm down and understand that you had their best interest but I think in in season one that team. Everybody clearly had a difference interest but everybody was invested in the team. Far too many times we saw. On defense no he really appeared to be invested in that team were office because you had the Andrei. When something with the all clear leader it was something went wrong he was the clear one clap and up and profits alignments and we got a lot their school or we got to make big plays I live for these moments and do you guys gimmick play I'm gonna make the play. They never had that personal defense and I guess that to bring about ties they are right it was just frustrating to see that no one could sit down and help reach a look at the problem could have been avoided so early on in the season. Yes and but I don't think Isiah is without blame here we absolutely was because. I think starting Yi and I think the whole his whole arc starts with that incredible touchdown run or catch. When he dove Indians and me it's more senate so that tells the now as the top. And then he gets a concussion and you see that he wants to play through it even though it's not his best interest but you know what indicated his position because. College football a short. Ju co seasons are really short you have that much time especially with practices and women numbered deemed to get your stuff recognized by the coaches. You will you wanna play through that I get it. It's not your own best interests of he comes back early Nolan looked and out forum and I felt like at the whole way no old rules looking out for the best in pairs of eyes they're right. He gets his ankle injured. The downward spiral continues and then he just doesn't know how to handle it and you saw that with the bearcats and then letting the ball down there letting the ball bounce bearcats. Important he was he was dead wrong and that. But that was the end of nobody looking out for his best interest in trying to get him to be in the best position possible. Not only for. His future. But getting out of school in Mississippi giving himself a chance to do so angry with his life. Yeah poise that was clear that was the aid of Isaiah right playing on the team does he missed played bad the first time at all. Just put it terrible the first time. Bloody beating bloody clearly frustrated with Isiah goes over to a low light catch it. NBA and I think Isaiah who is all part journal to charge note you don't dare touch the ball at the one we all know that you know that he basically does it. And and I thought at least in the beginning of it he was like a my bet is to get fumble problems at least what the my bad. I did see what buddy was talking about it's never owlen Isaiah the last three incidents Isaiah he what do you think I didn't do enough I didn't do nothing. Doug you forgot the ball the one you did was something wrong in this ridges where it's my bad go sit down to be ready for the next play. That he was unable to rein in his emotions in no way it was around there to help. They clearly were emotionally invested insolvent but put a lot of time and energy and cam corder. In trying to help him get it put a lot of time energy they're with. There appeared to be nobody that put that kind of energy and Isaiah. But I think if you put it in there you probably get them load do you want offer maybe doesn't go to Florida or West Virginia because of the injury. Manny is a better player of the west Georgia do you a. It's sad because I think what we all want to see united I think they did this season earlier so we can then watch these guys in the upcoming season last year and he aired. So at some point middle of the year of college football season. I would like to watch Isiah right. But I. Not finding west Georgia on my television anytime soon but I'm excited to watch 200 Johnson is here Florida Atlantic I'm going to tune in if they are on ESP and or ESP and you were one of the secondary football channels because I wanna see if he makes it. I'm invested in him. Not as much with maybe some of the defensive lineman maybe Tim Bonner is also an FA youth that makes sense stupid I would of loved. You sit down. On Saturdays this ball and what ties they're right play football. The diamond I I hear his story I. I no longer get that chance as as a viewer. And how we got to turn incidents where it's gonna having a wide range discussion you're talking a Specter about the second season the last scenes view. Yeah so much stuff going on the only person that even asked them about it was mr. Wagner. Her coach asking a Isaiah what's up have a trainer that it's. His job talked to him about concussions and how he feels you never saw coach talked Isaiah about how he feels. And you billion do you think. And coach had any idea his his girlfriend had a miscarriage not I don't think so I don't even think that for mean do I think she knows him well enough to know that is energy in his body language in his demeanor was different. So something is up with eyes and think. That if the if the knew that information and maybe did you meet Regis may not have seen it you'll think that they a take that into some can I mean this this is gotta be the low point of his life and what it was a very hard life his girlfriend her fiance has a miscarriage. And then he's going out on the practice field and he's getting yelled out after a concussion and a and a sprained ankle while trying to make it. That's a lot to heap on a twenty year old who's had no stability in his life. No you're absolutely right I thought they'd begin I think they're handling of eyes they O was one of the more disappointing things on the show. Was transition a ms. Wagner. I say. I actually read this afterwards and why you're watching the show I didn't think about it as much there is no scenes. In which she talks to the football coach. That I don't know why I never thought about it because she talks the client and reverend Susan want to dogs McClintock the other coaches. She never talks the but he Stevens in after I finished I went back and I kind of red light where they now. Mr. Wagner story can she just started her own thing and I went on the website went on. The port their dynamic. I wish they had talked about a little bit more and made that part of the show maybe that was part of the agreement hey I don't want talk about ms. Wagner I don't wanna talk but if you ms. Wagner. In she talks about it a little bit. But they never really had a conversation about why their relationship was so strange why it was so frustrating. And I think it would have made more sense why she was leaving. Because it was just like. I wanted to challenge if you stand on plays too long is sag he won't growth. I and Oprah I mean no personal life for I don't how old. Ms. Wagner is that season. Prime dating years let's say for final yeah I don't sell like Jesus out of 700 people on. Talking of the towns you know that that that huge guys into the diner Mississippi's slam is a B slam like that's the dating pawns to the Mississippi like I can understand. Aside from being challenged at work. Not wanted to be in scuba Mississippi you're. High twenties low thirties woman like Britney Wagner advocated you know with the kid I would wanna get out to. But I think and also just goes back to buddy Stephenson or buddy Stephens not being a likable character. He had no interest in whether they were doing well academically. All we did having interest in that I was saying I think it. I think it would have made more sense in. I think they may be tried to infer with the equipment with the compassion at the players show notre. Because of the players like mainstay stay we need you here they all seem to be supportive of and we got dreams to like our goal is to get out of here and do something better because we know that we can't. We see the exact same thing in you so go procedure drew if you can do the best thing which you can do. And that means Lehman scuba. The you've got to go do like about the scene with a camera with a guy's name priest in the doorway he's kind of given that speech she's like I'm looking I'm inclined to add. But that was one of the scenes that they clearly showed. That even though she's tough fallen even though she makes him get up for class they understand they need that to get to where they wanna go and she's the only person that is academically invested in their lives. In May be just in their lives in general and because. I think the coaching staff has more invested in it was very clear in season two they're just invested in the next national championship the next win. Double talk of some of their guys to recruiters that they like so and so like. They're very on the back of from the foot is that we saw as the only person who's invested only their academic life but like who they words a person like she knew. Who they weren't what they were going through. And that's what made her such kind of a likable character in this whole shell. Yeah and I. I really liked her role I like rushing. I like she showed character growth she was a lot more demanding she curse more in this time as she did like. And these she felt more comparable to be herself that maybe it was this season one it's noon the cameras around you don't wanna do it she seemed much more. Forceful. In a much more. Demanding maybe is the word she seemed a lot more challenge I don't usually players or individual instance. They should put up with as much crap as she obviously in season one and I season three is gonna be here in Kansas. I think a big part of this whole thing and especially deals with ms. Wagner's Mississippi. I mean it's widely known as one of the worst states and not all these kids are permits the city but. Lot of or from surrounding areas it's not a Smart place. None of them are a lot of them don't have strong homes. Strong educational backgrounds like guest snoop Mike. You could tell like he was a really pushed and high school in other got a really like that might like to me they're like and dale said he was strong whatever Beloit. It was pretty clear that he didn't have much in you know on the terms of academics like having to deal with. 53 of these kids has got to be raining. Yeah ever rising job yeah every single day armies on the Snooki really quick. He was another one of kids just didn't work hard now but as hard alike because you don't work or better in high school but. There was talking about not want to hurt people and practice now garbage darn people in minute. Insinuating gable and Harper's magazine if you buy a brags I kind of get 80%. Which you know game celebrated Joseph that's what did an opportunity show was horrible. I just I just think Mississippi is such a unique place to film they show and it's different and so so many other probably ju co places not at an average you go places. You know in Palm Springs, California. A Mississippi is a standalone state when it comes to you. Education wealth and all that in the background some of these kids kind of proves it. Avid I think Garcetti what the team that was. One of the one of the true believers westerners did so I'm I'm excited to see like. Meet this with a fitting in for scuba Mississippi I was done with I was done with Ian sees it but I'm curious how the show I'm with youngsters the other shows gonna translate to another place. Two seasons where they wore ms. Wagner is gone Isiah is gone the office of coordinators in there anymore click trick it isn't there anymore. I lost enough of the key people that a lot like who want even Siegel back this season I don't I don't think in any character but because the quarterbacks gone all the guys on the offense a lot hurdle Isiah is gone I don't think I read somewhere that VGA Miller in the back of cornerbacks. Doing something else somewhere into the Padres now and there monologues and yet it by summaries and like there's no one on the season it's I don't care anymore because I what I am more in new people in a new situation. And I'm tired a body like I can't do anymore. Paula it's a body I don't bloody you're really good job in the first like two or three episodes but as the season wore on. What he was worse this season they and he was last season I know the highlight was the thugs thing that he said. And I think it was terrible I'm not excusing it. It's such a crazy already in the moment that I can understand that kind of saying something you regret in that mindset. I did actually did like most about what he's he's and one was when he puts decade indicate that you have to push me in the got mad at the kid for even saying you want them to me I would have liked. The push of like that was very necessary. In this season I thought they showed a clear escalation how bad body was that even though he talked a lot about understating it in the lord and all the stuff. All superficial meek. (%expletive) Michael wouldn't like it was (%expletive) He was more aggressive toward the camera this season that he was last season was more aggressive towards the players I thought verbal leading he was last season. All is rains were very open rain it's the last time girl locker room. I'm a light a fire and let's garnering give playing this a lot more directed at specific players and good. In the should at the end with the offensive coordinator summit the most ridiculous stuff but ever seen in my entire life. I hit the wall and just I I thought very early on is like queues trying to say just because I'm not pursing. Means I've changed and I've become a better better person I and I better talk to my kids like. I can yell at you for five minutes. And not cars and be more derogatory. Than just saying. But you you know piece of (%expletive) whatever like. That colleges all his changes seem to be very speak and superficial not like he was actually trying to. Change himself and become. Only a better coach but. Have some semblance of trying to help these kids. Get to that next level. She just seems so much more season too concerned with what's good for him and what's good for Ian CC like. Just no concern for anybody else except her buddies Steven. I fell for the first couple of episodes like. Mean I thought early in the season you could at least the effort in him frying him showing a little bit in her footsteps after San Assam heard like you could see it and the only. In the first game remember where he was cursed at the guy when it was like. Why do you have in a situation where you only have thirty players you don't have your full span a why did you have this guy who recently in the sides like that's got to go through use the head coach. I was watching the show like will he do he's not calling plays that they so why yes it offensive plays Marcus goes. You can call the defensive plays we thought understating the kept talking to demagogue it right did it right where. He'd never took control of any one side some like in this scenario you can't call the offense. Why you have this staff for holding up signs when he clearly struggled with that practice. Like that's or use who leader you gotta delegate and you gotta put people in the roles that they can best succeed viable lead to changes in the early part. Putting it escalated and gotten worse and got worse as the season progressed were at the end of it. Which is crazy the stuff with Marcus kind of put me over the top where it was clear the other side with tried to defuse the situation go back to coaching and it's tool like you with a twelve year old. That it's funny I was actually on the power resume board I was reading they were vitamin C and through. People would hit you for bringing in of the ex wife in the way that you brought it up like it was completely uncalled for you didn't have to do we heat of the battle we know our football league. A meaningless game by the way to help get like a team doesn't have any relevance so there are seasoned national championship yet maybe get a trophy the light that's now what that that schools about. Whatever whatever bowl Mississippi boy yeah it was pretty well. It was just it was crazy to see that had been in I'm like markets is been a sold her for you in this all this stuff. Kept his head down done his job stayed on staff last year we could with somewhere else because he wants to be here with you Marcus was. What a soldier like every head coach what -- employee in some work and under him and someone that can handle the offense like him. While treating him like that of all people like trim mark is more than he ever treated him Carter yes. I I I don't think either one of us are nigh eve to think that you know coaches are a little bit crazy right like they're just prone to control. Yelling anger. I just think that at some point. It also has to be a balance about what's best for the kid. Because it's duke go. This is in this isn't college this is this an a for your cause this is about getting kids to the next level there's. There's got to be a balance of view continued and he said this couple times. Keeping his job in putting food on the plate first kids which I get. Wanna keep your job and at a tough thing to do is continue winning it at that level but it's also. About having some respect for the guys that are playing Korean putting their bodies on the line. Because they've also put their trust in you to get into that next level and that's would you COPEL balls up all about and Lester coaching at. The Coke co homeowner home and that's why that coaches alike it was like. We know we are we wanna have these kids enjoyed two years and put their best affording him some chance to go Lou for your school if it's football or not. But like. Buddy's job. Is to win national championships. But one K is to get these kids to division one. And he does seem like gave varying poll or motivate her in league year in that sense. Today he didn't see month he seemed to K year a lot of time doesn't care that's just very frustrating about coaching where. Again I thought early in the season he at least seemed to show. That may or watching the documentary in seeing my life from afar may meet kind of re evaluate. The same old habits die hard installing a New Year's resolution that people work out really hard in January in Maine come February your back to the same eating habits that you had before. I don't think we've ever seen that on display may be on television. As much as this one we can talk about this before becoming delegate and came car and gas in the defense. I don't watch all or nothing on Amazon I don't watch it I've heard good things about it. I've never seen a television show oh. That covers. The dame as well as this one does. Players Mike W you hear him talk under their breath may follow guys' legal on the sideline they follow the coach keeping your talking taxpayers. Like they do a magnificent. Job of making you feel like your on the sideline when game day. That you get a good idea of how fast the game was how physical the game was the players' reaction to it sideline huddles were got a truck pot guys we're guys off to themselves. I've never seen a show as a immersed in trying to create that Saturday or Thursday atmosphere the way to show goes. Yeah I mean it was interesting just because you never. Even in the NFL like hard knocks you never hear the full grant. This was in in the locker room stuff too because it'll educate that's Stefano locker room for the most part in our knocks I've never seen on nothing either but some of those rants that he went on and and markets would talking to guys and clap not to Andre Johnson. Talking up his offense and you know and Holly's not figuring out what to do it is unprecedented kind of footage and it's probably. Would you say hasn't been good exposure for Ian CC getting kids together Ethel. Did you go did you go but I do know you know it's the shape you know it's a show from last scenes you and you know. What I what how how they've done. But I'd I would bet there's a tipping point for a lot of guys give in some of the stuff we've seen on that sidelines with body. I bet there's a tipping point for some kids classics and I could go to you. Westerners honor our garner you know Garden City and weigh in and out ideally in our coach and don't have to do with that guy because there are plenty did you cope programs are really good. But I don't have to deal but he seemed I'd seen. I've seen how works and it's not like in those two seasons we've seen. A massive success story know you right on guys get OT wine. We haven't seen a massive success oriented like John Franklin is probably. The would you say John frank London season one's the best. Single talent. The biggest star black dark and I I just moved to wide receiver yeah I guess I would say in terms of your success story everybody that has that success story. Would add a former. Just friendly with a crew of a Florida State the only left because he's behind James once and so yeah he's going to get another shot as long as he doesn't just completely mess us above didn't get any trouble off the field and had just just an academic kid just left me clearly was athletic and can run into all those things it was obvious to me checked the first episode. John Franklin could throw the football like I knew I wasn't gonna work out David quarterback playing at the SEC level that he needs to do something else. Everybody they've got that. Why you gonna play there yeah that like I. There is a tipping point with now this so it's been great exposure for this school. I would bet that a lot of kids would shy away from going there now though. As I think I think bloody ends from season one to season to cross a line from a kind of a tyrant you and abuse of power I think it was very clear in seasons ago. I just couldn't believe how bad guy with bloody I mean he was pushing as Iran in the locker room calling human MF firm like. The whole nine like guys were hurt you still put them through it. No sympathy for anybody I get it you gotta put their lives there's a motivational factor in the sulfide. Someone like a walk away like in that like in that situation what Isaiah wise include emotional in the back we don't see guys able to see you buddy. He's like and I say its face and eyes it's a get the ball away from you dog. Anybody what did you say would you say like in the tunnel walls back Isaiah clearly still mad kind of walks bad. And it's like you gotta be the adult in the situation in just leave it alone. Where you go to the one scene where it was a traitor and Isaiah talk and he gets into you must not gonna get my stuff. It was clear that there's not you can say it Isiah to get him to understated. You've got to just let bygones be bygones agree to disagree whatever you wanna say let Isiah walk away and then you can talk to when he cools down. No good conversation never happened in both parties are meant you had to have a productive conversation. Actually think the most like kind of an ultimate moment for buddy. Was in the first five minutes of the final episode is when they checked back in with the guys from season one. All we would with an awkward volleys Sydney in the locker at the training room. And he made it out maybe its SES but it he's still meted out of this is seabees he's playing football for two more years and who knows that he has a chance or not at. At the next level whatever the SE transfer nickel state he's on the waiver wire and us I'll also but he made it out. You know your eye is obviously excited and oh yeah he transferred out there he's not on the team right now. The other guy you bring marginal on did Andrei whatever is the other guy is still alive and got the brunt he's still there. So you know we sit on this box he's a year removed from planner buddy Stephens. And he basically just simply says (%expletive) that man. Like he got well but he. And he would he had enough coaches kind of and is on his back in his Wagner and all that there Wagner midwest what it always got to wax out in subtitles don't like it was because a body. I would say most of people would have that same sentiment in the players that played under him. No you're absolutely true. No one thinks you're not talking in the forest on a recording was about thumb DR Andre Robinson Johnson Janet Johnson eighty underdogs and I don't count under absent. Jenna Johnson. It changed my opinion a little bit on domestic violence cases. I still feel like if you have in incident of domestic bounty to spark the NFL program on the six games that. That's your penalty that's your final debt to the NFL. Is that. We have a zero tolerance policy for in you will be under the same age restrictions that a player that has it happened while he's in the NFL I still feel that way about it. My guess it's always went any mistake cues. Everybody messes up and everybody makes mistakes and some people's mistakes or greater than other people's mistakes. Life is about admitting you do wrong in showing an ability in a 12 and a desire to improve. Johnson at least showed that he was remorseful for what he did. Understood. The hate. Our biggest mistake I was on top of Florida State I was gonna start a Florida State I did this I got to come down here to scuba I can't create any problems I got to grind it out I got to do my stuff. Yes sports psychologist he was open and a battered woman's shelter. I know I have to do these things to pay my debt and if by doing that I can go back in April when it was obvious at least one to show he wasn't gonna get that look. He never appeared upset about he knew a bike you were guarding key by I had doubt I know that after pay this price war. That at least change my mind in it made me think about Tyree kill in the sense of but it honest and transparent about Tyreke he'll Beckett maybe change my mind a little bit a fraction of now I think what I read teal did is a very terrible thing. Well the chief when he can be honest about what he's doing how is out of Ali how is progress from it. How he feels about it today and we've never really got the transparency enough that this show allowed you to do with the hundred. Yeah I think I think the skewers transparency because now you've humanize the Andre Johnson. That video of him in a bar on snack girl the terrible is terrible. And that's how least I wanna see that so that's how they started. Episode to creatives. The old bus six episodes I thought he wins the most likable and the most intriguing figure on the team. And I want I didn't I didn't read about where he got offers 'cause I like watching a kind of not knowing what's gonna happen anytime I'm invested. I really wanted him to get that power five shot like. He seemingly has paid his price now adding to mess bounce is one of the obviously the worst thing you can do but to bring it to Tyreke kill. If they humanize Tyreke Cahill. I would have such a completely different opinion of him because. I love like I love the chiefs I want them to win every gallon Tyreke ought to have a great career. But it's also hard for me to get over what Tyreke kill bit but if they are transparent about what he's doing. Or he does a conversation he doesn't interview with one of the local radio stations or TV stations I'm much more apt to. Look at him in the same eyes and I looked at a Dandridge Johnson whereas. Yes he made a massive massive closed on my unforgivable mistake. But now that I know or I feel like I know Tyreke kill. I can I can move forward as a fan and just look at him as a football. Why can't this show because it stood dated David grind over the course of the season they showed you how mindful the Andre was a bit every day. In how we realize what he did and how we genuinely seemed to have remorse and try. But I think it's so many of these Casey's you never feel that way and you feel like they're remorse comes from. Finding out why the Ray Rice there role is really came from we saw the video I've yeah I think. It's a big I didn't mean to cut to honor I lingered video is a big part of it. We have video of we don't really know what were looking at fully. And that's what makes a whole thing harder. No we have absolutely no idea what it looks like the situation with the Andre it was just. It's hardly even know how it escalated that quickly. And if you watch a surveillance video he walked the bar you got a bump since we're a little bit they have a little bit of the exchange she got to put terrain that you've got to grabbing your wrist. She throws a punch and he just hauls off and Cox are like. It was just like it was a with a 52 exchange how to do it escalates you punch in the pines the way to know. History and no history afterwards which means it would seem to be an isolated incident and all the coaches to could not stop talking him up like he's done everything we've asked. In enacting decode Allen was the same way like ms. writers like if I met to go down today you know repented he did it would no idea that he attic armed robbery charge like no way. And that's kind of the way I felt about it 200 Johnson I wish I felt that way that Tyree kale but I just don't know. Al roof form on Sundays but I would love. To hear from him or I would love to have the chiefs humanize him and I know that's tough from their positions they wanna protect them. But in my eyes it would help me get past one of the biggest issues we've had here in Kansas City in a long time how. How do you think that showed dated healing politics because it was clear it was a part of the show that a big part of by like five maybe 10%. But I thought it was good for them to show. That these kids. We're talking about the same thing that the rest of the country we're talking about it I thought it was actually pretty good. But the show didn't really appear to lean either way the show is an anti trump or pro Hillary in this case don't they talk to the players it was clear what's by the players wrongly or I mean. And we know enough about America to know the young black kids are not on the side of Donald Trump but. Also I think accurately depicted how a lot of black Americans feel how I felt. Donald Trump. I don't like Hillary Clinton either artist just like Donald Trump more than I dislike her but that wasn't enough to motivate need to go to the polls to vote for Hillary Clinton by about the show did a good job of showing. The showed a good dollar showing that those kids bill howl lot of African Americans feel outside of that. I actually thought it was a waste of time because. You're right they kind of did in light. Read a four minute pockets in certain. You know episodes. I would've rather had it beneath theme of during one episode because I felt like in pockets it just didn't it didn't land the wait could have because. While they're filming the show obviously last ball was when the biggest party election was going on and they should be time Alec. It would have interest of media here the players in the townspeople in the coach's thoughts on the whole thing. I would have just rather had it confined into one episode. And it have been a theme as opposed to twenty minutes we just bring about a five episodes yet I would have rather had him do with that so I'm interested in their thoughts and it's as a topic I am. I don't think the way it was done was the right way. Does know how the college football rankings work but they kept talking about that right gigs and if you got to move ball and think the whole time I'm like. I really understand is who's voting at. Why is one twos so important when it's clear than this maybe it's like how the old beast yes used to be the world including three deserving teams like. Mississippi didn't deserve to be in over those other two schools the matter awesome yeah but they just deserve to be. In the conversation. So like I didn't feel bad that they didn't get the one tune because. Mean you did lose the game now grain into you had some X circumstance of why you lost you can find yourself but you shouldn't just. Don't take that opportunity away from there and it does seem clear at least in that season in college football there are three deserving teams but it's only two spots someone got to know or. You only get to play you know two teams attempted but what a ridiculous rule. The Clint trinkets up in the press box you like. It had nothing to do with what was going on on the field like I don't know why a in the world they wouldn't be allowed to play it also is not in the best interest of the 35 players on the field. Like churches asking. For injuries are basically putting these guys in a position where they are increasing the risk of their own personal safety. Because. You're making a ridiculous ruling about guys who weren't even there or participating. In that that NASA flight to and season why. Right and I wouldn't think my web about department got a it was stupid in the context of when it happened July keyed in having you do the fight. It seemed clear to include him because if he plays that game they went. But it's night and they went yeah that's not competitive which even with those of they have 34 guys India under rob it's our job is on the team they went again. Like it's that simple so it seemed like to include him for a reason of right now this is every possible death and they still won the game yeah like they still could've won that game even with the Lee year disadvantage they were. I mean he wasn't on the quote unquote roster he was on you know part of the program I guess is the word. Tim Carter was allowed to play was on the roster to Ozzie rivers was on the roster are allowed to play. Like they had just as much involvement in that fight as the under Johnson gave and they were like it doesn't make any sense to me. And it's a completely different story because then we are watching Ian CC in the national championship yeah you're right it was it was pretty stupid and by the way just is like. Let's say Isiah rights healthy for that national championship team right. And he shows out now has three touchdowns and a 176 yards. Who's to say his life's not totally different. Who's to say. I don't caught Oklahoma State because he has a great national championship game is as opposed at radio like that one game for a lot of those kids. Could be a tipping point for their future. Jim Carter was the most dislike noble character on season one in season two and that includes but it. Jim Carter had all the talent in the world. I got up the one scene where you say I'm one of Baylor he says made you gotta be able body which you're not Alabama equality was the perfect thing to say Takeo. Do I think could be a really good football player it was clear that he could turn it on on Thursdays or Saturday and go play at a really high level. His attitude sucks how we treated people sucks. How we handled schools saw how we practice sucked but I couldn't I don't look like much about the kid. Above what I couldn't figure out was. Will says because of medication. Like that was they kind of like reference and a color monitor a little bit like he had to take I maybe at eighty deer some like daddy was on medication but like. In Needham sleepy. So like. He was as you're right he was the most this likable character because you're like look at the skins like many could go all the way and he just doesn't care. But I'm also on the back in my mind like it's our masters this whole thing. Is he under something like this you have to take summing it in I would I would feel like I wasn't given the full picture of who can't Carter was. Makes sense but I guess that is look at no. Seemed to really like committee didn't really appear to have a framed in that but he maybe did in the beginning of the season to remember they have episode where he was like let me get this next be eight Elvis next. Didn't really seem to understand people there and don't take any criticism like. Is on team it's of Iraq and on like that happen all the time it's everybody not everybody and he just like. Just didn't know how to handle yet not all about one Tyler all of that trucking or make it fun isn't new yet they were to ask other questions and they got what the dreads with the blonde dribbles the he was like really likely caller's hey he was really cool well liked him a lot I thought they did a good job like in rejecting his humor into the show like. All the way the show was well put together but no I thought they'd Chauncey rivers was the clear bass player on that defense I thought he was. He was a monster at times they came off as really unblock global now the leadership qualities like Elvis thought like he wasn't the Dion Andre for the defense he was in the got it was gonna get get everybody involved. He got ahead is also over read the wanna give back to reading could really rally people. Radio Andre did but I got it. You're right though look at their defense and how many people they had how many high. That's that's the reason why their defensive coordinators coach and whatever high school football Florida and albeit a good high school stimulative. That's there's a reason why he's back I heard I heard a school for the Wesley is the west as a does what what station not like west went to Winchester Christian attack it has like some like that. Sit and ice human being just terrible comes wasn't it wasn't there there's a reason why they show that life you know not buying furniture and moving around all the time it. Ice is off funny to me when a team to team Carter. What do you think the recruiter for it was thinking when you watching season TO. We got a lot on our plate yeah regarding what do you think that Blake I'm sure that head coach it's not watching last chance you what do you think. But a lot of those kits for a loss last chance you know like. This is our teammate this is our team in what was this current thinking about bringing this guy up here I this I just I genuinely. Dislikes Medicaid which is rest up for somebody I didn't like now draining he'd have the greatest of home lives. But yeah loving mommy and he had a male figure that it played in the NFL that Clooney could give him guidance and leadership and all the other care publisher O'Reilly he he he grew up like twenty minutes from where I grew up. You Grubman of very light. A nice part of of Maryland so he's not Cullen from the same background as some of these other teachers. It just didn't seem that did not anybody easy negated with teammates and easy to get it would his coaches and he was talking about all these offers. First dog. Terrible louder and I'm glad to Berlin called and now it's time right now is one of the house on in my favor kind of issues the entire season like. This they'd roll on the grounds could you imagine doing that in pat wood that's in in the Mississippi heat how would soft rolling a hundred yards like that. Almighty god I'd rather run sprints and. Yeah I would rather runs through the roll like that that you view I got dizzy being generated a rollback that one guy when he call those girls that is yet. That was as one of the many issues that it. I don't want to root against anybody in there like. Next level turn against him I'll I'll diverting into a bar candlelight I don't have any problem with. Some team brought putting up 200 yards rushing on Pittsburgh this year did document a bug vesting of inspector. I've cared to know appreciate you hope you enjoyed it. The last chance USEC season two episode. Thanks Melissa subscribe to this on iTunes review it all that stuff we added.