KC Bobcast - Troy Schulte

Bob Fescoe
Wednesday, April 4th
KCMO City Manager Troy Schulte sits down with Bob to discuss the future of Kansas City including the airport, new stadiums and the state line which continues to hold this area back 

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Bobcats this time featuring kids city Missouri City manager Roy Schulte. Troy has been with the city since the late nineties in various positions. And its new kids just need change from the downtown Milton knew existed the one of them who. Mean downtown did all of the midwest and you're still more to go from developing in new airport the building in new convention center to the possibility happening downtown baseball. The base of Kansas City is always changing into racial views at the forefront in the next 45 minutes repository shall see about the ever changing face of downtown. We'll find out what Palestinians can expect the new airport and what the big project had people downtown DC. Plus we'll also talk about the likelihood of hit the city royals playing baseball in downtown. Here's my conversation with city manager Troy shall you good with Kansas City, Missouri since 199820. Years. This city now. Did you ever think Casey notebook like those today. Please sealed tired drones. It's come along ways it's phenomenal transformation with that literally at night you had the awakening him and I we've got to do something out here. I think everybody knew for decades we needed to accuse them. Downtown it started to people born 1970s. Was. Mass exodus so. It was always figuring out now how to do it and who was going to be a we. In AMC was tried particular point hand. That never went anywhere wasn't going to go on mayor Barnes found. HR block to be good corporate citizens back in 2004. Quarters companies from Baltimore coming into the risk. And we have all there was a lot of received a it was a lot of just. Parking lot sweet shops. On a house was much down there and they took they took a big risk of downtown. It's paid off. Think Kate gets enough credit for what she did a cheap she basically came in and and had a job to do that was to reestablish that Tenet waited she do that job she is singularly focused at work when she was singularly focused. And we would raise issues about. Because I was in the budget office we reached about poignancy she she chew me out saying you know we're gonna we're gonna get this thing done and so. She was she was a she she was a man on a mission. To get that done and she was singularly focused she's been four years of results or work or Jordan result of what's the pitch like the course companies at this downtown that literally has nothing but that the before and after pictures side by cider or. Awesome anybody's ever seen them. What do you pitch to this company from Maryland the same eight by and us we're gonna do good that one in one of the things that. They did at the time was basically so we think there's a lot of potential we looked it. You know the geographical location. Base that the employment base that was on the fact that. There's been a lot of desire going back decades do something in the count and make and courses benefit of having a conversation about. The three light subsequent residential towers. The sitting negotiated deal that's basically invest now and will be long term partners and let you be long term beneficiaries recruit them. That's why they were the temperatures of 99 year development agreement with different but no one agreement and a 150 years of the city. Like quarters because they won't take risk and put 300 million of their own money into this thing. You know are reaping the benefits that. But they took a risk when no one else was willing to and I mean no one was willing to step forward and do. Make the investment course to others so wise why we hear the complaints about pebble it. All these people have I think people forget just how. For what what it was like fourteen years ago when parliament have dummies we don't after spending more money down town look at how mobile. Howell missed office as well. And the arm or may accuse. The reason. Downtowns in the condition he uses the city may be long term commitment to upgrade the infrastructure. And they may at long term commitment to development partners that we would be partners going forward so. Just because people's memories. Much shorter than me meet these people remember what it was why. Maybe. Don't count on where we don't have anymore. Public dollars down and you know how work should look at other cities around the country there's still investing them down. Downtown downtown strong rest of the city's her baby's strong. I remember you know obviously working in Sports Radio that disparate set it was a big thing for us to try to get that develop and how hard we work trying to push that was going to be the right thing and I remember. BM on the right off the positive that our with the big Fallon and it was a Hispanic hold in her I think is the name that Obama mistake. Arrogant like face to face with back pain screaming at his face about why we needed to. Passed this arena and vote for this arena and you're smirking at me right now like the which he City Council guy usually meet like a stooge in this whole thing was sitting. Council member he was one of those that at the time very good guy bit. He was he was just against spending public money people thought we had a perfectly good arena down on the west bottoms at Kemper arena. And he was just adamant that we not spend the dollars that they come up voting he was out voted on the city councilor I think it was a twelve to one vote equipment here with Paul voting. I chops are up but that was such a big thing and act came here and it's opened the doors that so many great things. I think you can't see that we wouldn't have if it wasn't for that. But the one thing. In all I I say this a lot of a lot of people agree why it takes a long to get things done in this town well I think. One of the issues that the time horizon I'm in marshaling the capital. The sports and with 276. Million dollar deal so you've got to go find a private power ego blow playing the site Uga. Secure the votes necessary approval from the voter population to spend 226. Million which is what the city did so. Those tuning those timely and pack up and elections on certain page and on your days before. Election date or just pack. It on. It's not surprising that projects take. 257. Here's our convention center hotel. We actually started a public process. Back in 2007. We just had a groundbreaking in 2018. Long time we were negotiating with the developer for seven years. In conversations about a second. Downtown commitments and to started in the city and others in 1991. Soul. It takes time to mortal. Public or private support. And political support to these projects forward but in the end report goes well. We unilaterally. Right Annika because always works out but it it it seems that we waste so much time that we could have these projects under way. Fighting about whether or not these projects are good and that brings me to my whole like I guess philosophy for the region and UC manager Torre would probably have a better feel this and I would. But I think the state line kills us in this town more so than any other city in America. And I wanna create a district here in kids were not Kansas we're not Missouri. We're like Washington DC got Jackson need cash she got plowed flat wind not clay all together. And make it one big district how much better would our city the if that. What's possible all I think I think that's a huge issue because wrist. Metropolitan area of about 2.2 million. As the last estimate I saw and we literally cap on the Kansas side half half on the Izturis. So it creates all of these issues you speak or work conversation about companies moving across the state line back and forth. I've literally been involved in conversations work company was gonna move across the street. From Kansas and it was a and it's one of those it's surreal world unlike any other metropolitan area that has that there are some times when you can Marshal resources if there's a big. It's objective that the region once when you can morsel. For United States senators and you know ten or twelve congressional representatives. On these big issues. But those are rare in most of the time. We've been we spent a lifetime kind of pick him one and others posting what's good for the region via I'm a firm believer that it. If there's growth and development in downtown Kansas City January cancer it's going to be good worldly that's going to be good for what cities because liberty it's going to be. And and listening thing. Is it there's growth in the ultimately this group for instance those people. When they're meant. Coming to town. Probably wanna bring him down to. The streets right mystery or power like history those types of issues so. You know we've got to figure route. How to move people around this region and state law state increase the benefit an impediment custom people. A public transportation standpoint sure but it's you know it's like unity coming. Play with departure tilt that's an interesting one that we got in this metropolitan area. We can either turn it into strength like exodus of the state concept of him this kind of agreed idea they're really just refocus. Especially when you look at them. This functionality seeing him. Federal level and state levels both states. Where work is getting we're region is moving forward issues. A whole lot of good people at the local level wolf on the Kansas minimums are aside. Artwork and roll up our sleeves Sampras is important region. And afterwards that's obviously hopeful. Do you see a day where we will be like one just region where Johnson County will be voting on things that benefit Jackson county and vice person will be kind of at city state that district at that I'd like to see. I think it will you know whether it's enough whether it's ever known as a kind of a political model and a formal political unity app could be. Hundred years from now but I think you'll start to see this conversation move forward. Well we did with Union Station by state approach. We do that now now over twenty years ago I think there's a modeling and whether it's. Whether it's or whether it's education whether it's economic development. He can see some of those issues transportation future ones where we got to come together region to start looking at. Public transportation I don't want people with cancer in misery. Can't get jobs affordably that are located so selfless Johnson County. All of those public expectations. You workers who worked out well. So there'll be. Economics region forces collaborators. Or. Formal political structure takes place the economics. Speech. I don't Poehler it's pick up on that because obviously it's it's something that I wanted to touch on it we do a little bit later on but. We've got a nice store right now with with this streetcar a lot of and I its its overshooting everybody's estimates nobody expected it to do. What it's doing and everybody's writing of people while that people make trips to go ride street car stereo. I mean it's crazy so how do we take that and expand and I'm not saying we needed New York's subway system or Chicago type the subway system. But there's got to be something better that we can do it fast period of time that will connect this area because I think that's next to expanding this region and making it better. Yeah I think. You know right now cancer views. This is going to the polls over the next couple months to them. Extend the street car from. Union Station down to basically fifty for our UN Casey right and that creates kind of a swine and familiarity and start to have a conversation about. Whether it's regional rail about that concept was promoted a couple of years ago when Jackson County. About trying to get commuter rail from what eastern suburbs in tunis. Spine there's been talk about commuter bus service. Or any real mom bringing passengers up I 35 core war. Excellently in the connected on a 35 at some conversations about with some of our. A suburban communities that are. And close its decency to Kansas City, Missouri just on the Kansas on that would Le CA streetcar line extended stay. West of the country club plaza down Johnny mission parkway over into mission Kansas those types of issues and I think all of it feasible again this time horizons. By the time you Marshall the locals resources. Get the necessary federal funds which in this image is easier said than done here but. I think if there's a vision in people buying into the divisional a lot of missiles are to come. Fruition you know one of the conversations we're having now is. As we build our new terminal for Casey. What's the best way for us to get people. From downtown from other parts of the metropolitan area to determine soul it's gonna beg the conversation about. Light rail or some sort of commuter rail. Or some sort of express bus service. All those conversations needed order from Kansas and servers. We just happen to you that's changing transportation. And I think it's gonna it's gonna force the conversations locally and I wouldn't expect a lot of support from states your cancer mystery. And women's sport from the federal government so to support cancer and cancers connect figure out. So it is their is early enough people around now that are willing to say yeah we we can open our minds to having mass transit having a rail line from the airport to downtown we can connect to the street carding kind of branch out there and I think that that the attitudes are changing. You don't have to look back at four. 2013 2014 everyone was saying street cars will never work never have a need for fixed real two car dependent. And the ridership in two years approaching four million riders. As strong just the opposite salute to provide in my quality product. People will respond so I think that it's more important to realize that it uses to keep my job equipment used to get to my airport. Denver just went through the same thing right for using it. New Denver airport too far away in aggregate like right rail extended up. Re elect him about their primary. It's exceeding expectations. And it's driving for economic. Denver's airport and downtown Denver which she got those connection so. I'm for Weaver. Will people falling away and I think people are beginning to understand the value of having multiple modes of transportation. Callers are expensive in the infrastructure support vehicles are very sports so. We've got to figure out different way to provide transportation services so. And so I'm hopeful once we get that wind down. It is the stark opposition. East and west so. Well I think at the Denver conversation is very interest to my yeah my best friend used to be that this city manager for the title what are park Colorado and because you realize that you could take off and Germany today wherever wasn't Germany and you can landed Denver. And you could be up to the mountain in two hours and you never have to rent a car you could literally fly in from Germany land. Take the train from DIA Union Station grabbed the rail up to the mountain in water park and your steam from two hours that you land and you never have to rent a car and we does that's a game changer for a. So that's exactly how America how that's helped the younger generation is looking at it so I think that's and you look at that global environment that morning that an activity. If she's so that's what. Could city's plan for that. Gonna have a competitive damage it rabbits are. I got into case TI now underway to rent a car right how white find you know a classic example of you'll Casey I actually had to go find the phone to hire find the cabbie. Two kitchen you know so. We've we've got a lot of work to do one man in Quebec that term allows us to start changing conversation. We're gonna build the terminal with the capability that at some point. Real life slight right into that terminal. That part of a preliminary design so he's kind of these kind of options will be available to students would reform. You do people realize that like we fight about this stuff but ultimately it's good. Lately how do you convince people that you can bitch and moan all you want about this but at the end of the day this is going to work and it's going to be good like. Everything that you guys have done in the last twenty years for the most part. Has turned out better but I think anybody thought so how to we convince people. That are sit at the problem this is never gonna work to say hey we need this we got to force this through because it's gonna make us better as a region while I think you have. To continue to put present the ideas of tracks one of the things I think that the city is not under mayor James leadership his work much war. Advocates of or stating that position and trying to convince people. If you told me a couple of years ago while we were gonna blow themselves the residents of Kansas City on the need for. 8800 million Dollar General obligation bond programs Hillary's property tax. Each year for the next twenty years. And they're gonna prove it to buy it two thirds majority. Just fix basic infrastructures that got what you drink and making sure sure button. We had a plane and we and we told stories of people what they listen to what they bought into that concept and I think that's the the conversation we've got up and we've got to be able to just present facts and dad let the opposition. Present their case usually act quickly becomes obvious that. There are not as informed they don't it's more reactionary we're just against it. And most people when they're presented with those options and makes sense but we've got to be you've got an aggressive political leadership. And are willing to push the agenda. Give back to Mir march took field agendas and we're gonna fix down. But she didn't hear I mean we need more political leaders like current likes like who don't care about the next job who all we wanna accomplish what it is that they need to accomplish. Now here in Kansas City and what's best for Kansas City can't worry about get elected at the state level or the national level we need more those type of policy. His eyes I agree it's having having that window where you've got open progressive leadership. It's critical cities grow we look at other cities. Its its existing progressive leadership but the elective level there it. The citizenry in the east speak ideas moving forward. No Sunnis want to work abuse. Indianapolis about thirty years ago to beef exports to amateur sports capital world report. It's art like take in the NCAA from a us and they sort of build all these facilities. They'll themselves or reputation and that sort of built convention so they've built themselves into. Pretty impressive place that we witness on Indianapolis thirty years ago. Was competition campus in Denver scene type of approach Denver forty years ago the city a 100000 people out 700 grow so. Those are the types of she said she the right kind of progress existing leadership in place. Thankful but it takes that level of commitment and people are willing to say this is good for the city now my own individual. Yet interest and that that's hard to do I think but right so Indy had that vision thirty years at the amateur sports capital Denver's grown like it is what your vision for Kansas City. Well I I firmly believe that. We have an advantage in Kansas City and it relates to. That we just are in the center of of the United States so that is extreme that we have the ability from from Kansas City your two and a half hours to the coats. You're never more than two and a half hours away from anything in the in the United States and I think that's an opera. Opportunity. That for whatever reason we let slide back in the thirties and forties every plane that was moving from east west or west east in this country stopping cancer. And we left because we in investments in infrastructure we've seen at background and others it sums it. Elect Chicago we let Dallas led Denver stepped in and still went for. The reason I'm for believers all of that stuff that is now in Denver. War in Dallas and Chicago. Because of the race issues in those cities could relocate overtime to Kansas City we could have the same type issues we've got all the competitive advantages. The second largest toward what transportation hub in the United States in terms are real traffic. We've got a lot of natural advantages from an economic development standpoint. We just that we haven't taken advantage so my vision is really just take advantage of that war Center City. Location that we got and then take advantage of everything networks mean. Try looking to see. Real to be shipping it could be heightened point you think about everything that somebody's trying to move something from one port city country to the other part of the country. Worst natural place for that. The location so it. Back my conversation with kids the city Missouri City manager Troy Schulte just a moment but first I wanted to tell you about red door grill it's quickly becoming my family's favorite restaurant in all of Kansas City. From bribes to lunch to dinner and happy hour and everything in between. Everyone will fights of the big love at red door grill from five dollar burgers on Monday to that column peeing your dip fried chicken it's only served on Thursdays right indoor grill has something everybody can enjoy. And with happy hour every weekday from four until seven you're sure to catch it on the best drink an appetizer specials and all of Kansas City. To check out one of the three red door grill locations 159 to maniac and over the park on a 119 street Hollywood and of course and harder brook side and we'll see you at red door tonight. Let let's talk about matter what the hell happened with that thing I mean lately that took but that was something that should have been so easy. And turned into one of the biggest fights we've seen why did he get so messed up like that well you know I think. What we really hand was. And I I give a lot of credit soon to. Burns and McDonnell because. To your earlier point we were still struggling city as to why why do we needed air. We have a lot of people that. At the end of the day represented less than 24% of them voters some in the city saying driving the conversation airports fine. We're model would just before what we've read about four and it cost taxpayers. Those dollars and give all the credit in the world approximate. Stepping up and saying we get an idea. And we want to. Build an airport with private funds a single terminal. We'll take the risk. The airlines or do you agree on this amount of money. I was a little surprised by the backlash that months of Mac got here but the instantaneous response in the community went from why. To a debate over how we're gonna build it and who's gonna build its. And in the end it was a I think when we voted in last year to go through this terrible. It was it was one of those situations where. When it was 75% was probably a foregone conclusion people reach Puerto so. You know I can't get enough credit for him to McDonald's forms to commit America to present differently do it. And still that people like the literally that day of the couple days before the election. I was going for a physical on my doctor would they be well informed. As to what's going on. I've dueling morning in the nose and tell them about the airport he goes well we mean when the George writes build for us. What whatever. I mean and it just moved conversation so. You know the process got messy but it's like you know politics is like the soft champion made nobody likes to see it right they like the end result. And we ended up with a result 76% of the people in the cities that were supported get it done get it built yesterday. But I again I give all the credit. Two burns and McDonnell because I really think. Music city looks to be debating. Whether we should make an investment and now work well on the way it happened in an operation like Tony Tony tips. A little opens what what do you envision the Kansas City aviation industry becoming changing too well I don't think we necessarily wanna be. A hub you know like it like Denver Chicago here or Dallas Fort Worth. But I like the concept of kind of mini hubs. I definitely wanna see us expand transatlantic service I would like to Caribbean service I'd like to add more self I'd like to have more international. Capability. Slump I'm very. I wanna make sure that our initial flights so Iceland or successful. Because I think once they proved the market. When you start adding those international. Flights. Kansas City is in not only competition with the Minneapolis Chicago's Austin Dallas Denver but were also in competition with. Frankfurt Germany posting to him. London England though those types of us. As the economy cool ones you've got to be able in a situation. Where somebody in doing business in Kansas City. You can see him Europe. At the start the next business day and that's what it international flight. Offered by ice and it was so important. You can lead. 6 o'clock on and Wednesday night. And you could be at your destination and you were caught them your about 9 o'clock Thursday morning that next morning. From a business development. So we've got that capacity. Globally. The global economy and so the more issues we have with Adam or flights were direct flights. To more destinations they asked way to do that is just put Mon one term loan. And then maximizes. Its useful. You said it's gonna be built with a slot over the rail can just pull right it right in a case what's gonna be there and like a play at her something about it the plan right now is it'll come in and what it'll have a basement where he'll be exciting to. The world. People we departures will come in the baggage claim and them out we exit but that you component of and as we design that eventually at some point. We could drop rail like what years realistic for that poll give him a time frame and the distances involved it's probably in the twenty. When he thirties at the earliest. Will be lucky to have the extension you know in case he built by people between twenties. So it's probably in the mid 20s30s early 24 he's given no time horizons of distances involved. And it's 6065. Million miles we gonna seventeen miles from downtown while it's going to be it's going to be a big undertaking. But it's one of those issues should start thinking about it today to start playing an important day and eventually come through which I have. Let's then let's move onto tomorrow when it comes to sports here in Kansas City because I'm already planning for two new stadiums because in about twelve years working these leases are upright these leases are up about twelve years and people think that's far off but think about you were twelve years right think about where you were in 2006. And I your life is changed now we'll quickly exchange at twelve years that's what we're looking at with these two stadiums right now. There's been some talk about the downtown stadium on the huge proponent of happening at downtown stadium I think we needed. Where are you one. While I am too I think it's one of those issues from a from just a long term development he see those Libyan those cities that have invested in their home to all our. Whether it's baseball people more Mo. That much war. Migrant of the downtown have that much more density development. Have a much more rigorous rail system to move people in and out. And so like the long term. It would be it would make sense for at least the baseball stadium to come downtown. And that was kind of a hole cost lawful what happened a couple of months ago. Was really when you think about it given the speed of development and seeing him in the greater downtown area and the fact that you really only. Thirteen years away from happening and do something easier Stan leases or something plan for a replacement. To identify a minimum worse that he walks. Cubans bewitched problems careening around town. The city it's incumbent on the Sunnis in downtown stakeholders to start to do some land use planning to say. Well what about here about here in space because. Those clause if we. If those go in residential towers our new office buildings. If guns it will become cost prohibitive to get that they'll get the property acquired. In the future so it's going to be expensive enough to building downtown baseball stadium about it here now and it realistic to requires. Again because thirteen years. Some treatment it's going to be accurately to them and we got a store. And that's all those investments the best way to make those investments successful was to make sure there are people who matter. Should he. As many people down 365. Days before as possible so you get that like concentrating your assets. And Kansas City. In close centered approach was to everything else so it's convenient. To get to bite claw our you don't have the development. Dense. Authors now develop so I'd very much want to see. A downtown baseball stadium come downtown at some point. But those conversations are real women married enters what city was just him trying to say. If we're gonna do business we don't start thinking right now I'll win banking. Or giving it giving them the property owners willing to make a wise sure. Like seven yours that proper legal and then we don't have the option absolutely so it in let's say 2033 we have downtown baseball. That would be my hope. That would be my hope but it's gonna take it can take I'm gonna need help with the state entity needed help on the cam we need help will. Private sector and I'm going to be obviously. The support of the royals to make that happen so it's gonna take a lot of people working together club but there's some passionate people. Downtown or sorting those conversations. Need to be one that would if they heard him they would recognize the companies here. Associated with so. I'm hopeful that they'll be some progress. Who are. Well it's at some of the some of the names you would see when you recognize when you look at buildings downtown on the mental area well OK so. They've asked for confidentiality. And we're just city is small part of this process we're just basically saying here's a little bit of money they're raising. On the initial downtown baseball study which was justice like planning was 120000 dollars worth of work city contributed. There it well over three years old. There's one right sector interest and I haven't been repeated conversations have been with teen who. But I'm hopeful something possible common where you on location if you could pick your ideal location for this stadium where all I would love to have it. In either in the loop with in the news. Highway. Downtown and close proximity to separate senate to the power and light district. And in close proximity to that is the light rail line the streetcar line right but I'm also comfortable way. Either. In the kind of crossroads area. That areas of something where. I've gone to an. Other cities summit panel when I'm traveling to go always try to go to mineral belt ballparks I would like nothing better be sick you ought. And look at skyline right. Of the city behind me you know. I ripped on Saint Louis earlier because what bucket beautiful baseball stadium. Packed up its. Or downtown. Ringing people surely imagine downtown Saint Louis without. Busch Stadium in downtown terror you know it's an. So we. Left field right field seats via. Where it goes a question of economics and availability and something. Everybody can get behind. I remember back in in the day I say now back when. The royals run good. Like a 102 and all that downtown Steve discuss was there all the designs were done and I think they're looking like what do you think grander whatever the potential location. And obviously that didn't happen that we spent money to renovate stadiums for whatever reason I remember. Hearing from somebody with the royals that said. We don't want to be a catalyst for downtown redevelopment we wanna be part of the downtown redevelopment well now that the development has been done downtown for the most part. This seemingly would be like the prime time for the world's where they're not reliant on the wants to boring everybody got down they can just kind of hop on the bandwagon and help increase would downtown. I I think I think conversational really happen with renovations it was too much of concept of what downtown redevelopment could be and like a city so it took agent or want to be that corporate. Take a risk it took if two quarters from Baltimore to take the Richmond downtown. That was a big lift asked for asked the royals. I saved well. I've got to known. Unity here supports countless secrets come down counsel I don't blame him at all I think it's a different conversation now because they don't have to be the initial. Risk taker that Peyton but you know I hope those conversations. Move forward I'd love to see downtown and I'm in on we. Financially the big issues going to be. As long as it's just check this respect or spicy combination. If there's just Jackson County Missouri. Which is hardly has the highest concentration of people without means in the metropolitan area. Paying the bills anomalies upgrade or Kauffman Stadium for the period Arrowhead Stadium. Anyway separate those two payment structures give him much more affordable way to do otherwise. That cost of renovation cost of new construction. It was half a billion dollars of first time around home that it's going to be 2031 billion billion to doing fine and so. We got to figure out what each regional lines assets to. It's true reach us no doubt and I think that's what are. I figure a way to not only is it. All the local stakeholders. Involved which goes through your way to get the region to buy into it too because it's going to be expensive. I. I think a good analogy for sports fans is it's like you know the same for both of the same time they came up together. It's like trying to pay Hosmer under forty million dollars in loose a 140 million dollars I mean it's it's almost impossible to do so let's say we have to choose one or another. We don't we have to choose bolt because eventually we will lead to new stadium so what do you envision on the football outside of salt you know I think that's that. Conversation that but to me I think the conversation. With the football site could potentially they could stay at an error we've got a long tradition of tailgating. I think it's an environment. A gutsy move it downtown is I don't want that I think the the early seating complex potentially do some re development round it off for some restaurants and those sorts of issues we get pennies you know you know so. Couple of details in yet but. Kind of like Gillette Stadium complex Edwards network element. There was so loaded. I was a lot am some development between two right between Kaufman and putting. Streak there. Become interesting to look at so. My people Justice Department that we beat arrowhead in place. With the room. Keep keep the way news. And I'm looking him much more concentrated dance development around these BA and you could do that would narrow it to have you move Kaufman downtown and you blowout Kauffman obviously paid that over put the hotel puts up stores restaurants and things like that. Kind of make it a destination place for everybody obviously they haven't boxed it's fun to dream you gotta have partisan and and again because of the planning horizon. The time to have those conversations now right you are happy to cover skills. The time to start planning because we want to be here. Before we absolutely I mean yes so I mean I'm sure you guys are obviously invested in these conversations ups and hugs the glass is everybody's involved and what's next because you always have to meet. Right and I think it's just figuring out. What works from an economic standpoint it's affordable. For the taxpayers and shows return an investment for the team in different regions. But at the south loop you guys have a dome that thing that's gonna get skilled personnel headed to south flu shot I might sensitive might be the south loop gets them. That's kind of an interesting idea again being led by. Private sector saying how we how we've picked some of these issues. Coming out of post war urban design when the whole concept was we get people out of downtown. Fastest part. Am. You know you look back and look at our crime problems you look at our economic. Disadvantaged population. It all adversely affected because that's what this city and state federal government made. In pushing these freeways through impoverished areas like me it's so it's all. The fixing especially when you look. The south loop which is creating artificial divide between. Down town and crossroads area accretive physical makers. Out there walk walked in the work. And confident that just keep money's Shirley did stand up or down there Polonia seventy mile an hour. Less inclined to take your kid across. All its power draw. Those are the types of Bulent proceed errors that we got to figure out a way to make infrastructure functions but now you know but not be here to sing that on the north. Where we know this infrastructure that. One path its like expect. So that we spend hundreds of millions of dollars restoring it. Or we look at it in an entirely differently we it was that we get by with me. In general orders and we look and camping in the north lute having fewer exits were doing some of those types of issues. And some of those some people's recounts well there goes savviest and money and all these pet projects but they're really. They're expensive. And long term planning horizons. And it's sort of thing about what what city we wanted to you know we made some states. Previous generations. This week's news was let's get people out of some Tutsis as possible. Now thinking news. That's collapsing. Economy to him in here keep them in your idol performance for what he. Within walking distance war my distance war they can hop on the street call right. Much more Danson. I mean what we've we've just horrible late in the game but those kind of planning. Planning to Milwaukee took down a freeway yep ask tiger the world didn't come to an end right so you know I think those. Types of issues we gotta we gotta continue to wrestle. I think that that plan in Dallas that everybody's talking about now it where they capped the freeway and everybody's walking over the top but now it's like that makes a lot of sense and that's something that we need to connect those two areas now. With the Lowe's hotel going in. It makes even more sense to have something like that connects to people just feel like it's all want you know it's. You know you look at that Claiborne or in Dallas commits or arts district with their downtown business district and it's now become. Much away happy. Polite while the living room of the power and light district has become kind of the focal point where everybody gathers for big events in Dallas they gather on. On the Parkland it played warned park. And accessing kind of a concept becomes that community space where you can program it but it gives everybody recognizes. And just me down their comment on the lid or whatever that is because to wait for people who. Orient votes themselves a tremendous. Gain in. Economic. Value in the surrounding you know what's the next major project for downtown. Well I think what we've what I've asked. Downtown to do because we've really completed all of our to do list that was. We've done two major strategic plans it was a as a society plan back in the 1980s. And and an update amend and in the 1990s. That really talked about aren't we need an arena we need an entertainment industry. We need to relocate his system and we needed downtown convention center hotel we need a ball rumor convinces him we need to. And expanded convention center and you look at that list that was done in the 1990s. It's taken us twenty years were. We're we've pretty much it checked the last box with a grand open with the ground breaking news of the Loews hotel so now when I'm asked him. Downtown council and other stakeholders. Let's but partner raise some money and let's let's do community usually processes that's what we wanna accomplish some the next one. He can't be just city is being. Enactment situation you're reliant on. Demeanor change for the mayor Boris says we're gonna do this come hell or high water. That made me not be the political reality going forward but there's community consensus. She everybody kind of thing that's the next big thing it's lovely and whether it's baseball stadium down. Taking out I I seventy over. On the new recital. Whatever those projects off. There needs to be the story of community consensus about it that takes time. But no better time like the present because we actually. Not that long term strategic plan done that we need I missed the an excess of great ideas Heidi Johnson County alone that you bring him into the park and you bring him into the partnership. We've established. One thing I'm most proud with with mayor James. Commissioner Tyler and mirror Holland when he was there. Counties victim Mike Sanders now Kerry's victory Frank White ones before largest jurisdictions just get together and talk about these. Reached one issues. And it changed. Change the framework whether it's transportation. Economic development. There's a lot of talk about before the war between Kansas or Missouri but that's being done state level there's not this incentive issue between. Overland Park and Kansas City sir we kind of stepped. And from that conversation. So we tackled the regional issues bring Johnson county and the table and figure out his or something that benefits. Johnson County that we can do something it's. Mutually beneficial. And you know they were. Johnson County stepped up its a willing to invest. When we made an effort to court for the Republican National Convention Johnson County invent and now that was going to be located in Kansas City mystery. But they realize that hotel rooms would be filled in Overland Park would be filled in the late. Those types of issues. Or important region you know trying to figure out away with all this fantastic youth sports on soccer facilities. Why are we destination location for national tournaments for use soccer. Rather than going to Orlando or Dallas shorelines. We're Minneapolis when we bring in those people in Kansas City her taking advantage of sporting slopes locker so. Fields and a 135 and Switzerland over them or you start to look at that something is a tremendous economic engine. Right here that we not take it to the super regional license after some maps. That's been kind of fun to see that process and out of that becomes what we did that attack this issue yours regional gained you've got Poland's. It makes a lot of sense when you phrase it that way will be urban youth academy speaking of use sports will that help eighteenth and vine reach its true potential finally I think so because. One of the things that we are. With AT and people coming down again. Facility. On him Casey's play softball games up there haven't number of that place is unbelievable writers like us. Oil's. We help deal will operated for the next twenty years without any support from local armory which. So I think if the royals' right step for which. Economic engine people down there anyway world class facility. And it's happens in Amber's. Old people. Rest. Some place for them between gains. It receives about development in and around. The area now the city's property owner down there they're motivated benevolent property owner says we've got a good deal. You've got a great idea oh my hand or the building to be made available. At next in the open victory and it. I'm very content. On its Bay Area just. Baseball and but there's a lot of potential. Proximity. To count house. Crossroads. There's a lot of jobs in the area. Quality housing stock so I'm. Competent. Private sector investment and it's huge absolutely it will we started this I ask you twenty years ago did you think kids that he would look like this. One years from now what do you think Kansas City will look like. I beat Kansas city's gonna still be wrestling with some of the same issues like. What I'm hopeful that you've seen. And it will accelerate is. The historic east west dividing line. First avenue has moved so Indian. And so. Was always pushing east in terms regional. Investment. Policies. Pieces classic example. In Denver Colorado your hard pressed white house with in the city limits from some 150000 dollars. In Kansas City, Missouri you confined to house with great skyline views a couple of minutes of downtown you can find for 45000 dollars. House may need a little bit of work but there's a whole lot of equity it's just latent in man structures so my sense is more and more. There's stuff happens schooled gets the school and city school district get back to. Standing on its own two feet providing a quality education and they're making good steps in the right direction that continued influx of development. Anchorage anomalies that statement the hospital on an infield so my sense is we'll still be wrestled with the infrastructure now. We're a big city and we provide services but hopefully it's gonna happen 470000. People within city limits of of Kansas City, Missouri we're talking about 800000. Within city limits of cancer in supporting infrastructure needs of city of 370 square miles. Report generated a lot of economic and economic activity are airport today generates about a billion dollars in economic impact to the Sunni. Charlotte, North Carolina. It's a ten billion dollar economic impact. That's wore gold shop and I have looked converse with Amber's gonna be 2550. I mean so much that's the scale. Ramping up leverage our ass won't you build. First class world class essence trying to maximize return man that's so again. Ten billion dollars annually or more economic development often. Billion dollar term. I hope you enjoyed my conversation with Kansas city Missouri City manager Troy Schulte. There's nothing that divides Kansas City did. One bit much like downtown baseball. Wind downtown baseball what happened I do a lot of people are against having downtown baseball and also wonders. With the Arrowhead Stadium and where that may lead built into arrowhead state of the season that would mean the kids. Early over the next few years is when it comes to work and look at sports teams on the Missouri side of the state lines and it will. Followed very close coming up next we'll talk it. Speedway president how to get to see light.