KC Bobcast - Steve Physioc Episode

Bob Fescoe
Friday, July 13th
Royals broadcaster Steve Physioc sits down with Bob to talk about everything from life as a parent to dreaming of being the Royals play by play man since he was a child 

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That was a kid in the 1960s kids cities keep busy guy always had a dream of being the voice of the baseball team right here in his hometown. Well in February 2012 he finally got that call he got the call to come home and start broadcasting for the Kansas City Royals. And it wasn't just broadcasting for the royals. It was broadcasting for the royals at the right exact time right before the royals took off who won back to back American League championships and a World Series. Steve busy I was here he was along for the ride and all went item once it's led to many things including writing a brand new book called. The Walton Luke. Here's my conversation with one of the broadcasters for the royals Steve busy everybody talks about. My dream job my dream job my dream job here you are the tailored to your career living your dream job in getting that opportunity you think he has royals who was at daylight when you got that call Kevin you lakers want whoever one's life. You let it be via the events for the royals. It was amazing and I always remembered the conversation I had with Mike's Watson was from Kansas City and at. Work for different organizations Arizona San Diego Colorado. And I said what was it like for you coming home and he said. It's better than I thought would be and he was very excited and it has been better than I thought it would be because I was coming home not only to broadcast it to my loved growing up. But I was going to be closer to my sister to my mom was getting older. And my wife fell in love with the town as well she's always look Kansas City so it has been better than I thought it would be. Yet I think it's very unique because we all lie and say oh this might read that's my dream job right now doing what I love doing my dream job you can realistically sit there say. I'm doing my dream job when he broke as a kid watching baseball whether these days I would imagine when you were probably bury him in the first incarnation of the royals. They hear your exit in the hoo yeah absolutely palpable everyday. Like it would exit this. I'll look down and see young. Young boy in the stands out about me that was me. Or municipal stadium downtown Kansas City because I used to go to these days you to use the royals games. And they were gone for one year older than 1968 season but for young baseball fan. It just kills me when these days left Oakland. And when I heard that Kansas City Royals were them on in 1959. Like entries via script miniature brought it. But I cut out all of the little. Profiles that were doing on the new royals in the expansion draft night followed that team religiously told Matthews. That you were the reason gutsy minuses in junior high school because. I listened to every single broadcaster that night pizza tonight season. At the transistor radio the wire. Your. That's cool man. I struggle obviously academic. You're but I knew every single oil choke you to know that you YouTube think at that time you're listening to any and that's what you're gonna do like you're gonna actually be behind the likes of me calling these games maybe not royals game it is baseball in general. No because as a young person yours thank you could be the athlete now you're going to be the best you can read Nate tiny Archibald but the chance of -- talking you can be Otis Taylor. Worthy of Kansas City Chiefs or you're going to be the next loop now war. Later George Brett of the Kansas City well I found it Byrd early I was mediocre athlete. And then when I got cancer Steve actually struggled my first semester was an academic probation. And then took a year off and work. And something happened walks back to Kansas City working as a busboy top ground restaurant and I said. You're not a good athlete which you loved sports you love talking about it much ticket class so went back to Kansas State took class and I do remember. The first broadcast ever did was so lucky high school and Wakefield you know. Assembly team. And I'm leaving the broadcast with my hands were shaking. And shaking not because it was breaking. There shaking because I do what I wanted to do with the rest of my life and I've been doing it ever since it's amazing when you have that if they might I think was eight years old what's the giants it was in the John Madden had several ultimate fight clearly never play so I've I've in the Booth -- able whatever was like a I I you have those moments you can remember what you decided this is it this way I want it do for a living and I don't of everybody has those moments but I think it if you. If you've been thinking about something maybe your whole life you probably do remember that moment. This was absolutely and I was very fortunate have a great professor Kent State popular. Who encouraged me now. To my credit. I've volunteered for every. Fair and I was a sports record period Steve via them and to state university tonight whistles are shooting film of the football basketball games and every child an opportunity came up a raise my hand. Even when it was to be political reporter for the presidential campaign in 1970s. For. Anyway. I just said the more experience I've yet to be in front camera do it does matter where other sports that news just get the experience. And Bob fiddler and purge me gave me every single opportunity Kansas State not allowed me to get my first job Hastings would help. From the great red white yeah in its accidentally mix asking them differently if they get the accurate differently now he truly helped because Fred became obviously legend in this town as well what do Wales will negate the big twelve and everything in between. You guys had that relationship that actually helps you probably get better jobs after that first. He was. Like a father figure and he never took credit for but I do remember him telling me. When he did the varsity games for Kansas State University football basketball IQB junior varsity games and on his drive and he would listen ago. This this. Kitty tasty bees have them it's not too bad there and so we became friends through that experience. And then apparently found out my enthusiasm my passion might work ethic. Through Bob fiddler. And tonight I believe he he he never told me he had never told me. Whether he made the phone call to KH KS and he seems to rescue because that's where Fred white started my hero and I wanted to start there. As well and which you know I got that job and two years later I got the job at WWW because a fair way he would. Called mead said hey I've given them your take. They're interested. And they were. Sarah and to produce moments like got that job and you can cancers as well yeah but when you're doing when you sit there it's PP Kansas doing you know K state game to do everything case they would get to the level that it's that right now with football being turned around a basketball moving in the right direction and all that mean at that point in time obviously basketball's pretty good. But football is nothing to speak up and K state was really nothing to speak of until Bill Snyder arrived on this there. I think he is one of the greatest. Coach of all time to do what he's got cancer state because this is a school that's very difficult. To recruit high level inner city talent you're in the middle of nowhere in Manhattan yet I loved I loved the experience there. But to recruit top talent. It's impossible he's doing with no store and one story athletes because he gets. Young people who buy into the team philosophy and that's the only way Kansas State can win they can't get the stores they never well. And that's why I enjoy watching his teams play and when I've had a chance to talk with him. We've had wonderful conversations but not always about football a lot of times it was about. Collecting baseball cards did you know Bill Snyder was a huge baseball collector and NGOs are oh he used trade his ball cards. And he would also receive it's no money. When he was growing up and St. Joe Missouri and he also saved his money from delivering newspapers would. Who got to be five and dime store. And and by baseball cards I did a couple of college football games at Kansas State. And we had more discussions about baseball card collection and we do about the football he's delightful guy but it also guy. With great conviction great self discipline. And demands that from his coaches and his team and that's what we've been so successful what's the best baseball card that yes. I don't know what best for you which here. I have. Many you know obviously beat George Brett cards had back in the seventies but I have to share something refute it is very embarrassing and I've collected ball cards from. From the 1950s. All the way through the 1960s when I was struggling so badly academically. My dad grip cards. Read through every single day and he either hit them or threw it threw them out. I must have 50000 dollars worth of cards were talking like. Ted Williams Willie Mays Willie McCovey all of the greats from that area were thrown out because. Knucklehead here would discipline himself to study. Mathematics. And and English etc. and I was struggling in school but boy I knew my sports why why do parents do that because my mother always said I'm not gonna be that mother who throws up the baseball cards fact I'm gonna be the mother that goes above and be we had Mickey Mantle cards I have the almost the entire 1960 New York Yankees team as a kid growing up that I was able to collect and put together. You remember those kinds of cart II know their grandmother's house now somewhere she won't tell me where they are probably get a middle I'll offer it up what thoughts that done. But she was always going to be a mother that wasn't around those baseball card because of those are stories like that you know you know. I didn't give my way. Folks that many opportunities to believe me my mom did I was not a good student to a got to Kent State University that's right was able to get a good deeds was because I found. My passion. But that's that I asked my mom one time later viper said why did you believe view when no one else would she said because you like to read. And because you like to read you like to learn. And I used to read all the time and it wasn't just baseball book because I read every media guide but it was sometimes the classics I think the first. Adult book that I read. What is northwest passage by Kenneth Roberts and I was in the fifth sixth grade when I read it I just thought it was a fascinating story. And I think should to this day that's why I enjoy. Broadcasting. Baseball football basketball because it is part of the story telling the life why were you such a bad state. I was. Incredibly interested in the things are passionate about the things that interest to me sports interest. The Kansas City Chiefs interest to me. They were dynamic team at the time but Lynne Dawson Mike Garrett Otis Taylor frankness that. Jim Lynch Willie Lanier buck Buchanan and I can name every in the same things to with the Kansas City Royals with that team and I could see the development the growth. And obviously when Brett Craig heiress scheming you do this was. Misty was going to be special and as a young person you want to be part of that enthusiasm so I would throw myself into those kinds of things and study them. Unfortunately I was behind in arithmetic and English and other. I think today ability if you of that type of kid they would find something for you to do in school to kind of accentuate those words mean a thing now look at what my kids are doing in his first and second grade there's a lot of obviously basic stuff that you have focused on. But I think education is change the lives there over the last thirty years you can steer people. That stuff because there is such a career now at schools I don't believe it's the school. I believe it's the teacher teacher can have a tremendous influence on view in sixth grade I remember mr. marksman. Who or what was an incredible teacher I thought. And he's the one who encouraged me to read he goes god who got a sixth graders reading Kenneth Roberts Aaron bell rabble in arms northwest passage but he eventually. And so he really encouraged me inspired me he knew that I have a love of history. So he and to this day I remember mr. mark. And then of course when it got too much on machines nor the receive teacher named Caroline Jeter. She was an English teacher and she was two time teacher of the year and stated chances and she. Would not let you off before. And she said Steve your good writer what you don't know how to write. And so she would give me the follow ups okay you wrote this do it again and this is why it's not correct. And I would have to do it over and over and over and finally got to see plus in the class but to this day. Our family has this incredible friendship with Carol Lee Jeter my mom went to school and said. All he. They're all five kids must have curly Q she fought to have Caroline Jeter and then of course we told you about Bob Butler Kansas State shirts or I don't think it's a school. It's the teacher. And I think we have to do a greater job. In America in our states to encourage teaching I think. That's the future for our children is in public education we need to really fight for that. Yeah it's it's funny you mention that it which teacher of the impact that you're not going through my mind and I remember all of my teachers names I don't remember one having it truthful impact on me. And and I think he came in high schools from teacher hated algebra I miss Clark and she's in her twenty's and I I could do you know and like I am gonna sing one plus one as an analyst where I don't know if you do batting average in the RA I could yeah absolutely I figure all of that right and I remember her always telling me I'm not gonna spoon feed you might have a spooky and I would resent like you know you're not it's still it'd probably be you know. If she would do with him populace who beat you figured out figured out. And here I am 41 remembering back to those days of you know algebra one as a freshman in high school. Because she was in a spoon feed me. And I now use that with my kids have not figured out you can figure out and you can I think appreciate so much fearing it out of yourself sensitive to stolen there and have somebody do port. You're right and I do believe. I was part of the era vet wanted to help my children yet and that's not good my love my kids both of them are college graduates but there were times. When I was I remember my daughter thirteen years old. And I travel obviously so I love my family wanna be with them as often as possible particular chemical on them for knocking on her door. And saying hey Brian what do homered and you're sitting out most of whom were together over the age of thirteen girls or any. Teenage begets separate and knocked on the door to it right you want to do homework and she goes Jewish wanna do my homework which slammed the dormant phase one. What is it about what's right and optimism to organize it like I don't wanna do your homework. I just wanna hang out you. So you could in the future just let your dad download easy to say no dad wanted to run homer by myself. So sure enough. I go often road trip. Moderates on the California and I come back animal says it forgot of that conversation run upstairs and inventory. Think anyone who homered which goes. No dad but thanks for asking and then close the door right MySpace. Not enough so I know the better it. But you're right I I think a lot of parents. We have to work so much I was working several jobs football basketball baseball yeah it would your home. You wanna spend time with them sometimes it is picking up the arithmetic book and helping them with their homework. You know you you I think Abby unique experience from a parenting standpoint and and it if you want us edit this out we can edit this out. You adopt that your children I mean so it to have that type of relationship with your kids. That you know that you went out adopted I think it's spectacular in and of itself how did you formed that bond with the kids when you adopted them and not have them on hero. It was very easy. My wife. At seven miscarriages lost he behaves and and it was incredibly devastating but. When we adopted Bryant. It was such. For lack of a better. Explanation. Such as spiritual. Organic. Perfect natural experience. That. I film obviously this was my child and it's not like you get nine months to get ready for. In our case we were in Cincinnati Ohio. It and we wrote outline. Why we think we would be good parents. And then the lawyer gives it to prospective clients young ladies and they choose you. Well my wife's. Resonate Stephen Stacy his Villa was so. Incredibly inspiring. That Bob you had your wife would give that your children. Because it was unbelievable we got a call back and within a month he still interested in more cares if I gotta set an eight year old how epic trek back now. But to that the great figures and how it all worked out was we had a group choose us. And she was thirteen years old house now. Well here's the funny thing. And he calls me one week before the schools to deliver we're waiting for our baby. And he says Steve. One treatment situation there's young girl. Who just liver issues very good student at fort Thomas high school. But she got pregnant. And you decide if her baby adoption with the adoption. Fell through she was supposed to give the baby I was doing via video legal work. In North Carolina two states Kentucky and North Carolina don't support rates of adoption go through a one note you Stacy. Would like this child and we haven't removed waiting for us and we just thought. It was one of those god moments so we said yes and that was Ryan. And interestingly the girl. Who's maybe we were waiting for she decided to keep. While we would have gotten that child anyway so. That's Ryan who is now 31 years old marriages you missed three incredible grandchildren and I love Ryan from the moment I saw her. And win that took place my wife still wanted to have children. So got pregnant mr. written this scary and the last one was devastating in our number. Tom called and our adoption lawyer saying. My wife of David and she needs I'm here to poppy. And the miracle and that was heated note but he called me in December 28 to say growth has selected view. For their child number 28 it's my birthday all while it's still the greatest birthday present ever receive that. That would be kept it you know it was born march 1. 1989 he's now 29 years old ladies masters degree it sentences which states that we have been blessed with. Two incredible children and I think if your. Your whores. Open you get to trial soul that's supposed to come view anyway. I think that's that's an awesome story in and you gotta think as a parent it's hard not to raise your own trying to raise what is truly somebody else's but you're bringing them in on your own I mean it has to be very difficult husband wife that you think you know what. Blood is overrated. I chose to race. Greatest runner ever. She's problem related to me right. And yet we if you you know states we have this incredible. Love affair there. 34 years it's really quite sickening I'll be honest with you and Uggla I think it's more awareness gap. The easiest thing ever gotten married Stacy part mr. it's raising children. But my wife is you better optimistic positive. Job. She's passionate passionate about oh about yoga about goodness. Passionate about first here are very. She felt passionate about and when you fights like that. And given are trying to do it would stoop. If you get you got yourself a bit like it's it's a perfect match it really is it's like illness all are placing your it's your sister almost ghostly gigs. I think it's an awareness to anyway. Mention fantastic again. And and I think it's just being here idols thing going through trials and tribulations. Going. Right biological children. And not having success there and then finding those consoles were supposed to come anyway. And what that life is about ups and downs we've had some challenges that lecture recruit a little bit I don't like going to a bit dramatic. Richard of course on. But he gave us a hard time he had to local option. He is now the articles on once was lost hours and just incredibly young man I'm so proud of him. We're going to repression is going into wants to one water conservation. And help save the planet. And I'm inspired by and also inspired by. His strength to get through what you went through you you mentioned the ups and downs with your son in the you don't have to get in detail but but how how did you handle all. Patty how do you handle that as a pair when your son is going through something your daughter's going through something so difficult. And you're watching this happen and you wanna be a dad and you want to fix it you wanna change. How do you do that. Unconditional love I mean that's the thing. My teacher Jesus spoke about off. About unconditional love that regardless of what they're doing that doesn't mean you have to invite them in your life. There were times where we had how's that indeed. But there were rules and regulations that he had that line. To live with a us and once he is here to those rules because of that and it's much like the prodigal son story. Who once was lost. Hours round but I think he had to go to the depths and win on pain suffering. Became too difficult. And we when he became sick and tired of being sick and tired that's when he found himself and I've always felt that there was this incredible. Spirit in him. And spiritual. Growth. An awakening in him. Word now realizing he's now realize. How how do you get to that point the team to say you're no longer welcome here to your kids how does that how do you how do you view that as a pair. That was extremely typical. But we had to do it we had to do. Stay firm and fast my wife and I. We knew. These the truth about him. We do he was its team for fifteen years visas incredibly young men leaders street they skewed capital sports teams. Passionate. And then he went to the dark side why. We. We told them love them always and then. When he got. To. That awareness of himself. That he would be welcome in our homes and job. He has Crohn's Disease and and the Crohn's Disease went from prone to depression to. Oh yeah. It would dark now but I do remember the two of us driving. I drove with him to California to get back into college. And he told me glad I have Crohn's Disease. It's it's horrible disease it's been debilitating do you think goes. Because of it didn't happen I might still be doing the things that you speak. With Crohn's Disease told me you can't do. And it's it's been incredibly sure you remember the moment when he said I'm ready to come home. Of the remaining U we've really user admin. You know it's been it's it's never. That you see it's much like life like who's up and down so that's why I'm not a person believes that. God you should problems I believe life is like. Why in each challenge each there's less. It closer to. Might he. Some might lose it or others might be Jewish faith for me it's like Christian faith. There are many paths and I. Arson traveled many paths to get back to word used but he's good you know. A backdoor conversation with Steve is yet in a moment but I wanna tell you about red door grill and their new brunch it's now available at all three red door real locations in Overland Park in Lee wood and an harder brook side every weekend on Saturday and Sunday. It's the place the brunt but just the place the brunch it's the place abroad charter. You've got to try their chicken and waffles Mikey knows lava. Ethnic Belgian waffle buttermilk chicken tenders covered in sausage gravy and the drizzle with that maple Sierra remanded so good. And now I have your attention. 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You work Jerry Springer I mean like like you're on TV do in sports appears Jerry Springer in the old mayor of Cincinnati do whatever and as he was doing on the news that night. Did you ever think you'd get to the point where people are chanting G airy fairy and this guy became a national phenomenon dealing with the dregs of society on television. He's one of the smartest and funniest people I have ever met. Now it did he choose. I'd necessarily agree to agree with the I I think it is you know what degree temperature but that's the to the path chose and which are framed portrait. In it yes it was. And I still respect him I think he's honorable man in and I'm talking about the principles. And causes that he has that itself would. And he he's a man noticed that obviously for years. In Cincinnati. And I note goodness inside yours I've seen it seemed charitable work that guns or I do believe. Music good man but there have been so many. Good people. Coming in my life. Do you ever think you'll end up on his show report. I think it be fantastic Gary's been busy out of them stricker today but you you get a lot of meaning in your limited time at Cincinnati had the opportunity to work with a Nationalists phenomenon now not obviously then but also being their for Pete Rose. You know record breaking hit I was watching some of these old videos and here's Steve busy I look at like at you know five year old out there on the field so young. Interviewing Pete Rose the day he's gonna break this record to get into the record books. You covered world championship teams before you've been around a lot of big time events. That had to be liked his incredible would be there to see that moment happened in baseball. It was and still was great memory and it remembered because in Iraq my life on. And why you get married during baseball any ways of baseball and answer is one of the great questions I think he is because family members could be there in October after the season. But my wife about it. We get married in September 7. And I had asked Pete Rose when he was in it it just in humorous question right when you get to get it was in May may have to 1985. August 23 August 23 and come up with a figure well boy playing against right handers now and figure it between 26265. He was very good with numbers you think your right here. You know so we said with conviction so August when there ago sleeping September 7 NC. So I actually have the space votes that it is on it. Stacey will you marry me the other sentences but not until like is it the greatest thing about Pete Rose when he decided. He dispelled. Until he's filled eyes and dashed via mail and I love that about. But graceful. Exit when he went September 7 bombs. He. He ties the record on September they actually do the cubs reds game on Saturday July Saint Louis or. Personal bitter that you buried its seventh he gets it at September. They. Flight back to Cincinnati. And it won't be going on and actually gets it. On Monday he goes over war on Tuesday. Lefties pitching through this and play and on Wednesday September 11 it's been hit he got his hit on September 11 before 9/11. That's nice element to me they Pete Rose broke type jobs that record so then we were it would go but I do remember being in the Booth with my wife. And look back here and went celebrations taking place nice. Aren't you glad we stage. You know it's it's a great story we go about. Our wedding married and knows the story of right now 34 year friendship which we've grown so dude did you know at that time that he was gambling and doing all this kind of stuff yes. Really I didn't always doing it on baseball but we remember we could have computers back again. But he would call me at the television stations like every Thursday because college basketball teams play Thursday Saturday. And say. It is post Louisiana Tech and Virginia commonwealth when. A bit but he does big money big money answered well good but it could go. Virginia commonwealth of free with four minutes ago so. You know. So it would be those kinds of conversations going note sold like this is in the offseason where he's making so I don't view or he would go to Tokyo racetrack and a friend of mine tell me you've gone 5000 dollar ticket service being. You know but other athletes were betting on. Horses. Or. You know. College basketball. Not a baseball yeah and that's where you've got himself in trouble. So we with Pete Rose getting that hit you being there and seeing all that happened and face it your face did you ever think like. What would I ever have a moment bigger than this at this stage of my career you know like your spirits up so great so young in your personal early having your career to everything he could top that yes he did it. And you have to. You know when it is when you watch children play. I remember rushing home. From a Arizona State basketball game paying a student driving the airports and before nine elevenths that you could run run to your game. Barely made the flight Mike's on his eight years old he's playing and he. You know. Machine pitch championship game and they had a really good team. I get back just in time before he begins talks on its three home runs two doubles. Drives in eleven runs their leading 2322. Of bases are loaded vehicles and left handers out there. My son is over first base this kid rips up screaming line drive my son lays out makes this unbelievable catch penalties if your kids pile on top of them. And I look over my wife miss so that flight that moment there's much more important to me and Pete roses hit. For the time when the angels were clinching but I see me flinch before I was in during the game because restricted by the national broadcast. And I was given permission to go home because my daughter was in was the lead in the school play. So I ran home and that meant so much to my daughter so those moments are waiting greater then. Championships now the greatest moments in its sports is the fifteenth world trip here to seed Kansas City Royals. The way they won. We could team philosophy. The love of each other I mean how many times to receive team that finishes last in home runs of last walked the world championship there's only one way to. That there is it an esprit de corps. That was on net 1415 team and it was a joy to watch it as a broadcaster. What we were so close you know concede quote it's you know an airplane that group for young man how much they care for each other. And they knew I think collectively it's up punches and they knew we could do this alone. We had to do it. Together. What was your for your favorite like untold stories from that brought or as a from might be behind the scenes take us behind the curtain on the plane or in the clubhouse or something like that being witnessed and and you like that I love this story and I haven't shared. I have shared this several times but out here again because I was the sideline reporter for TBS during the national game. Baltimore Orioles and I which we work and I was. And right next we're ducking out so what concede that unity in the team and Jason Gore was pitching that it was the final game of the Ailes yes. And let him over with a hitter was but he had this tremendous shot to left field you remember the play and Alex Gordon. Nixon's catch and slams and the bullpen defense base first. And crashed down and it. We dug out erupts in joy and they're all waiting for an it was the last seven innings and Alex comes in got a big smile on please. And they just swarmed him enough. Part of the scene and I can watch it and Jason Gore it's just been waiting outside and he's not part of the the march. And final big guys get off Alex it's a spectacular match. And Jason been reached for men hugged him and then they separate and out walks two steps away. Turned to looked back Jason in my direction he goes. I got. And that's what they did they each had each other's. Outward from the rest of needs ruins of the had my post offices Mike who's in office or else it just wore tacitly at risk risk of possible. The starting rotation had this selflessness. That all they cared about somehow somehow. Pitched well enough. Mohandas unbelievable and tied in with lead and they believe that we. And I just thought it was a great. Demonstration of unity but that moment when Alex and routes I got your. That commitment of 1415 success yeah. And it really was that way and in Natalie turn around organization but we always talk about the way turn around Kansas City generally in you've been with the reds have it at the angels and obviously the royals now and so many other different things. Have you received a team have an impact and effect of a city like that royals team being fourteen and fifteen. No I really and maybe it's because all they went through. And I thought that was. One of the great moments because they suffered for thirty years yet they didn't win a world championship. They had gone through the dark times. And I do remember asking chip Montgomery said. We did it go bad. And when you go. Exit went bad when you would offer apps and exhibit of this. Basically corporation. That made the decision means that it really wasn't bill. David Glass was it was takeover and said it would turn which when he hired me. And being more and plan. Stay within and the glass and we have the conviction and the discipline to stay with them and even when he was being questioned but he remember I think you've said. It'll take eight years and you start the bottom he would do. Develop our minor league system he would do. Building new facilities in the Dominican Republic. But. Dayton as a man of tremendous. Faith. And also conviction I believe you're not gonna win championships. Without good. Yeah you've got to have good athlete certainly certainly agree that it's. But they had good people. Rex toddlers and interesting cat you've been with him for very long time like a brother you write what you say and and obviously the broadcast with. Him and Ryan and him and you I think you're completely different Bryant's family the father figure and your panel like the brother figure direct subtler. How did you guys develop the relationship that you have because together the two view in the Booth seem like your happen in the timing your life. This will remember our friendship goes back to when he was player. And my first year with the angels in 1996. That was wrapped up next year and team's miserable but you can always count on Rex. Rex would be the guide so I communities. Wrecked would be the guy they would cast to the public appearances he was always have a good mood and his mom taught him. The fountain nodded range in disguise it flawed but well well enough on the plaza they got nothing compared to Rex Butler. But I've seen him. Through. The great times when he had his best season hitting over 360. Moment so much here. And balls in difficult times when his first son. And he did know. It and me. We did joy that he brought when he came in the world because he has Jennifer boat so honest with what took place. When they discovered. Peppers on touchdowns. And the pain and the anger. That he's well he's very honest about it. But also. That the beauty came through and I'll always remember that story that he probably told you about your map. She was it's frustrating thing. And he would return phone calls for the first three days after. Kate had Johnson. And he goes again. And he said. All of his friends JT snow and Jimmy Edmonds had him. Chuck Finley and mark links to roll Utley who call you want to know. Tell us about your new baby. And he's on it. He goes down and you know you could hear it from one it's and they ought to know what to say empathy and went back to work. And he says I got on the treadmill. And starting job then right next to him that it's different and it's we don't know Jim maverick. In my opinion is is it truly. Was 11 hand he became an all American mission and what he's running that direct and nieces. He waits for a moment there. Let's Rex does anything and then he says you know when my folks got mired in eighteen years old. And when they were 191. Made. And he came out and he'll one hand but he did just. And it was one of those ha ha moments Rex truly took that into his part said we are gonna make this experience. Tremendous levee expert and believe wrecked it is. Man he Jennifer. Tremendously and they believe that this was a U. And it's because the port of these doubts that. Community me ice help dramatically so no one to do the same thing in Kansas City as well they're good people. Lovely community you whales and assess it earlier wrecks now. It is an explosion that he has many times but but he's he's a good person and really cares. When you're giving his eulogy as you will what does the what what is the one story that you're gonna share with everybody about other than everybody needs to know about him. I think that really yes because I do know. How they fought out there are legal. There are certain legal things that states must adhere to for the disabled community. But in my shoe fight for them they're not going to get them to. Then I saw so many individuals. Single. Mother. We've been down child. Who is from Mexico didn't speak the language but she served herself. Well Rex Jennifer help those kinds of people because they had to fight for caved in their school system. And so it's that it's that moment rip. Jim Everett it's that moment that Rex is on your experience with many families who are. Who shared the same experience. Where their child they've discovered either this whole. It out war and suffering and he's going through it hurt. When now he's 21 years old and he news. A man of incredible. Talents. Mr. You used its future on and he has nothing but on condition while. Rex Jennifer nurtured that. Children two and their children are the healthiest and wealthiest people and I think they are that way because of me. So announcing father. Mentor slash baby sitter and cutlery and all of that go on time. And you're still like writing a book and he became an author of the walls of Luka and it's mightily out after what 27 years of trying to work out as well right. I wanna know what I wanna know about the book how did you decide on I'm reading a book dealt with baseball I'm writing a book about wine and then in the great war and in Italy. I've always been a reader to a you have earlier you know club of the class of workers and Roberts Wallace at Johns died back. And now we kind of got on surgeries outlander. I just like good writers. Paronto. We're in the politics theories in Naples Italy but Stacey and I were. Vacationing and Italy 2006. Bursting out of bed and breakfast in southern toasted and I have just vivid dream about who's grateful city. Usually just go back to bed. This case. Wrote down outline and Vietnam notes away and went back to sleep next morning states require. Isn't towns particularly honest roms mono and I certainly I have this dream last night just what it was about if we. It was about one line owners. News reports which is after drinking some key on they had this agreement. Probably hit but. It is it. You can sometimes history sometimes dreams or did it and it. So anyway we know continue our vacation the wars that you reach it that you are. And the last week beating three other couples. Cool Luka so. We're driving can see the walls ago. This is sincere because this was the city of my dreams so now interest now why. Buy a book about the history. Reading him. The history these walls Bassett. And not for you but. There were three wolves of prescription walls between the wolves the Renaissance walls look at one times the number to me up all of your. You and some parts of the top money. What would have a ton of money out of the year were supposed to take the money. So the last walls that you could walk on day 205 years to build. And they are massive ramp. Right by you could drive a truck bomb if you want to. The soldiers who go inside go went and to succeed him next. Story you weapons through arms drone war searching the river but the planes to keep attackers out today. In over 2000 years of freedom rules. The wolves never been military test no one ever attacked. And I thought this Psycho babble bottom line we. Human beings to the same thing that we surround ourselves with these invisible walls to keep others away in this case it was people hurting. One owner who's rich one maker wore it live in this property they want to see goal which. Rates in your base line. And we each have their own struggle much like a baseball. Each person has its own. Worries fears doubts whatever might be pushed aside for a short time come together pleas to of this case. Wynonna was. Emotionally abused by his father and all he wants you to produce one it's. His wife is represents the ego. She wants power she wants knows ride she wants. A new dress you know she which represents the ego. And then you wine maker. On the property. He goes off to war it is killed and Lee's wife and four children and all Angelina and girl wants to do it somehow keep her job. And you have a young man goes to a war sees much or when the protagonist break. Hello and he comes back damaged vehicles he he has the business with them back. To you. Get rid of those fears those words well I'd have woman. Spiritual victory Isabella. It's silly it is person that nothing. Can get hurt compass off north or witches or me. And in politics please during your times of World War I and the rights of some issues. See you know all of its worst place with a one. Then it was even worse of where's the influence of 1990. And we lost sixty million people want lost fifty. Wide in the influence and then of course most of them. So. Not only is life going to give you those things but they're going to be personal things well. You stage where you're. And he's taller you answer reader to grow the mental physical and spiritual. Question exercise each muscle every day. And it is grows case. The muscle machine. Exercises that blows them out for you then that gives me. Essence of the story she. Helps these people let go their fears doubts to come together to reduce rates race. And you've already got the sequel like you knew this was going to be hit CO RD rook the second one a I just that's like ego driven right to know that actually I wrote one book but then when I hired developmental. She said no there's not one book it's to book here. World War I era which takes place this book from 1949. To thirty and it ends would. Luke dedicates its triumphal march to Mussolini and there's certain. Things it takes place in my. Fictional characters story and then two picks up in ninety property after. We need it was rights manifest you race solidifying union at all. And how to fix our coach Howard. Steve that you operators and of course because it's also love story. The wind owners John hopeful. One. Trial and now that friction happens we have. The dawn of World War II all so right take place. So are you done after two books are you gonna continue go winner when you do they have should start over 121000 words in another book and it is about race though is it what's it about its fictional via. I pick I don't wanna tell you all about but it. It's about young man in the southern ute tribe and state Colorado itself. And it's two ships. One of them. It is. Is incredible athlete and great pitcher and have always been fascinated. About pitching. Young guys in does it matter if it's Jason Campbell today. Or Roger Clemens does matter with the pitchers. He's on the mound and he's alone. And he's in crisis. It's all these thousands of people screaming. And he has to be able to execute. High velocity. Locate with movement and walk all these distractions. Well by. Attacked as a ability to. Focus. Much like Greg Maddux. He has total understanding. It. It deals with if one to you that. Much tragic you hopeful. That he. In his quest to break the major victim of course there will be missed out. Mark Kansas City Royals often delicate so so. Do deep do these images and stories can you lawyers sitting in my Vikram yoga meditating and you're sweating and don't go I don't do because you don't go but does gas. No I do argue traditionally. It's my wife is. Health and nutrition so right yoga instructors who we've got to do you know about 22 years ago. And I just like the traditional style I do like via the rest work. It's really interesting when I talked to coaches placed of this conversation John Walker Watson was an average coach for a number of years. And when eyes I'd say what you what you see what's going weather team they're not reading well. That's what we do successfully what is the reason alone now and pitching is about for a hitting it's for a it's. The great ones have that ability to do it. I used to just be amazed if Michael Jordan or. LeBron James stuff Mercury. Why one person's real good free throw you the last funds in game one person is not war. A picture wise the ninth inning so difficult. And he did not just facing. It is a league hitters he faced 789 in the night as opposed the 345456. In the sub Larry that is really this hiking in the mentality. Support and that's the scene that bit that takes place you have that picture to drive out those words those fears those doubts and help people yeah. And in in athletics. To watch Joseph Montana on the ride to watch step recovery from three point. Nine iron to watch. But I like Wade Davis with the bases loaded get out of town two to be there is. The belief and conviction. Competitiveness that's incredible. So what it's all said and done what he what we don't. To be. A good friend a good husband good father. I think the thing who has written to him I'm aware. I'm I'm walking home. God be with 111. On. States he has. Incredible spirit my life. Whoever restaurants. And now were you know sixties it would work grandparents. And I think we're very aware we average. Portable I've always thought. If you put your wife. And she pushed you over. These. You know it looks like a baseball. When outward appearance fees for protecting its outward offers patty fail. This thing's true with. If it is simple it is trust horrible that all he thinks about doing so well grind out five innings and hand poachers and Madson. Forever Colin Davis baseball there's so it's it's in sports that you like that too many times we in the media. Identified or book that selfishness. Or ego. When he practices selflessness that goes on to support them always. Which inspired me and and has been the common denominator and every championship I've. Or are you one of these guys who wants to leave on his own terms or be carried out of the Booth. You know what I don't even look like that way because. In all of my experience when I got lit go from the angels in 2009. I remember calling my wife first and then I called my age. And obviously hostess point because I really enjoyed it. Two in humans. With this organization for a long time. But my wife but you did or she goes what whom would pitchers have had for us. And then one week later she goes that you write this book for three years. Somebody's gonna hire you. Now's the time it and that's my vehicle right when it was all excellent look at lightly on my terms. Or another mr. justice example. I know I have written. I don't know how long I Stacy she does know how long he gets me and celebrate their receivable. And see things through my job with the royals I love every day. To might work. And and still to this day you know it get excited about. It was getting men on base and its popular coaches place to come through to be here. That excites us to this day really get excited about the government's Major League debut I know how important important is that young man. How important it is to mom and dad and I wanna make. This history. That really countless they are playing one made it special for them so I've always looked way way it looked at about. My terms that are terms I'm just gonna wait every day. Every day's lesson. What's left on your bucket list. Oh my gosh well I mean he's done he's done so much to me like it traveling baseball football basketball we'll writing great mayor's bring kids kids at me like. Very well what else is to get to do I don't want policies you know I'm going places. Whatever but it was items mindless. Hiking after. And all three major Mike's use them that's when my actions. Whitewater rafting hiking so we hiked captives of the achievements Richie both sides of them now cables people follow those it died. We dated. But on the way down. We're finished. My book lists OK Stacey. We did mine would be like you Richard what goes. On this guy the whole story what's he did where we. Paris. One of missing plates that they. Of the book who may have Beagle pictures that wouldn't mean Jack Nicholson there so. That was fantastic experience but we have bucket list I've won hike too much future Patagonia New Zealand. Com and also just want your granddaughter. And good people. And right now it's my opportunity. The states opportunity. To be demonstrations for them demonstrations of law. We know that crisis will ultimately fails on the way the hand. So that's what. We think we've written there can do help but consciously. Hopefully our children if we remind. But he read my mom help me through it. I hope you enjoyed that look inside Steve busy actor realized man being a parent really really tough. Calling baseball games and your hometown team on the radio was pretty cool. And writing a book happens to be just the icing on the king. It's.