KC Bobcast - Kareem Rush Episode

Bob Fescoe
Tuesday, June 5th
Bob sits down with former Mizzou star and NBA veteran Kareem Rush to talk about everything from life in LA as an NBA player to his music career! 

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But some some of the most popular families and hit the city sports the name rush comes to mind and Brandon Rush Korean Russian Jauron rush of all the wonderful things in the sport of basketball. Kareem Rush though has done something no one else is done in his family. He's played ball with the Los Angeles Lakers he started the University of Missouri and he may even have a spot coming up I'm one of the most popular TV shows going on in America today. Here's my conversation with former Missouri tiger standout Kareem Rush we are backing Kansas City man in aid in your busy busy busy Ian eagle and the NBA to do all kinds of music all kinds of other stuff but it. Accurately in the in the back bowed out in the academy's boys and girls clubs one star because there's so much talk about. Oh start where you know what I'm doing here in town. Iverson came back to you know build a foundation in the train more Brothers. You know the community as a result some wonder if you're back thought report to a so you know when you were very quick start at home you know so mr. combat vet. You know we've been able to secure major parts of the board gross those servers all you know six that are close for the other kids. Provide free clinics. You know camps. You know build their nutrition program article called sports lab which. Miller said not everybody is going to be versatile athlete which to me wanna be involved in some capacity for the teach you. In the announced does the rest of ball you would have to be an agent into the front also didn't do so very sad about the partnership we can inducted to the portico of the hall of fame on the ninth. Cecil kind of you know launch departure between ethnical. That's pretty cool it sounds a lot like would date more zoo with the urban youth academy where there tried that not only teach kids the game of baseball to teach better be broadcasters are agents or general managers and that kind of stuff. Did you ever think you'd be in a spot we're teaching kids more about the game like off the court kind of stuff of that on the court. Absolutely I mean does he must have much more than just that's what where. This while the mom doing now. There's a bill to pass that knowledge don't know where I'll learn you know not only about what corporal also good business that we've been up and doing you know post career. Some of the always wanted to do. Just a bit of a kind of already took part to support the growth will be served as a kid to believe this is very exciting and we're in the kitchen and the difference. Basketball's provided you with so many different opportunities and somebody different just avenues to do so many cool things you. We're talking about earlier before we started this about running an academy now down at Oklahoma City what are you going to be doing what that. Well for the gateway to all my dreams and you know one of the few dollars and vision. In the replica and we train is in you know bottom of the race and politics in Beatles mentors so. Two weeks ago guy who Brantley hit me on. On FaceBook wanted to some of marketing material for that the case erupted in Indian open goes this summer that matter I got a really cool you know look at Nome building. You have you know we. Your background with tradition can be a part of you know the team was so. Going on all BC oh you know academy so. Here are that albums last week. Check him out you know housing and the facilities and that made an opportunity for me that never visited app and so zone. It's been an Oklahoma City but you know you since it was the start you know. Got the opportunity to break these events to bring the incident juniors. I'm let's go back to what you weren't high school you're at high school are very unique timing Kansas City when it came to it recruiting basketball guy and all that an aunt and obviously being kind of at the forefront of the first family of Kansas City basketball. You recruited by a lot of places cited ultimately to go to visit you didn't go to UCLA and follow Girardi decided to go to the zoo why do decide on that. So that you guys my G year where I was going out out deficit he Szilard. But that's the year allowed me to finally get a chance to be momentum and bemoan own name and do battle with up to that point Oslo drunken brother are rather good I was over and over done. Dramas multiple points so Africa the first year Stephen Starr moment of it I'm not going to blame him you know I don't wanna know Romo. And then didn't think about was who really into an activity going you know quake and now it's known in Hampshire say birthday. So you know we thought you know like him you know he's impressed my mom and grow while they gave me the blessing and in the that's the thing element of this is made. I mean those are fun teams to Wear and I mean even as the K you guys sit here on those were fun teams a lot to me you guys are exciting you guys on it was like. The rivalry was back between rising kansas' and and stuff you said never really thought of a zoo so if you were gonna go to UCLA where else rethinking of the. UConn. And duke. You know drama if drama to indicate you ought to be in their two. Was ruined movie they're atop. Those with no more report our power conference you know the big name team but. You know and Joel awkwardness. That it reverses persist for what would it Quincy eighty's that you yeah. That's the thing from what their you. The couple's program around you you've offered the group. We don't do this around and been around Eunice in this. That that is pretty cool that he allowed you to do that does that really takes it recruiting guys now as you say duty glad they're doing and you wanna do it guys wanna play. You don't wanna go to mean instant justice system like going to cave system got a lot of history. You know you might not go over them months and you were going to be a part of team by. You going to with it was a closely yo mama I'm a good thing around you. That's ultimately the real victory like this where it's morning here yet ultimately light that's rob gone that's got to what what's your favorite story from those years this. Story. I mean we had a lot of great songs still prints that they were a lot of guys their Keyon Dooling you know just rocky noticeable turnaround Brian. Just frog it was probably the worst player but probably the most successful one of the Iraq. Hello Al succeeded Josh. And does that. A million differently now it's great to see you know. Is that he's taken over in the week showed responsibility. That's a big organization in big time feels it's great to see what America were with you know. This Abu reaction go to my before last year. Should be Oklahoma we a major run and we'll see. You know that other of the moment on there and denim my most memorable game plan because duke. My sophomore year via you know an assortment put me on the map in Nashville. Where so. You know very tough was. You know Quin Snyder obviously didn't last as long as we all thought he probably would have lasted that at the zoo. What was it like planes for Quinn because once you left here man it was like off the face of the earth for a really long time. He had little black cloud you know brick row I had an overview of what happened with the school book yeah my diploma means the polluting the whereas coach related that young. I remember now. The first cut them school we run around his her Mercedes in them is that it was food and Ayers though. You know mimicked an amended its now at 37 a commitment to responsibility and pressure in thirteen years old and coat you know in the major universities so. You know he had his football you know but he's rebounded amazingly well. So problems he would do you saw these all the great coach Greg remind. In them that we've seen them you look back on top that's obviously driving round at least 32 years old when you think if they're blowing air it's great. Weather this little weather now. A little bit older thirteen years ago. It with a pretty well and everybody loved the bit like Hitler he was really like thinking thinking (%expletive) on campus. To a they're violent weird error by it's easy to recruit as it immediately goes there he's played for a little bit agreed you know where. We have the government do you know grab their movement you know so he was you Greco fever beat you. They're he destroyed the beat anybody derby Josh he probably Josh a really completely shocked me. The Americans Oakland with a look where it yesterday. You know way when he was at the zoo you guys had it going in the right direction it if you go back to when he was the coaching give him one piece of advice to keep him. On the street there and keep him in what would it. Don't give replant all good. Server deployments. You ultimately I get your pilot yeah. A mount I don't know that made this it would have been going on with that we're now you know with the money and all of the good initiated this a terrible system I couldn't be reformed. It was a lot of us that the O'Donnell and with a coat. The stuff to go though did she you know about them like this you know. Keep your head up doing Google and have a down when Agassi rebounded very well number on them let's talk about the NCAA because that obviously is a big topic right now he said he needs reform we all know these reforms you're in charge what do you do. I mean I liked what Condoleezza Rice they've made some mixed that order but it is about the money that those in the room Williams about the money. A lot of guys that you know make money off it like this where it would be you know doing deals with local dealership or whatever. You have to pay you know where the record lamented what yelled at them you McMahon author like. Me when all the how's about a four dollars off subject but everywhere you go campus doing that your use of whom you were those days ago not to do so. The money mr. Obama wears some capacity and that's what you know agents and although there is happy because. The most fun you know who drop their money so if workers are you surprised it took this long for the feds to get involved with all that I am. You know put the pressure the public on the you know drive that. I don't think he's changed what if any outside pressure is old boys please vote you know systems so they names out of its. I mean it's about being like a player on campus a coach me 23 million dollars a year scene athletic department make all this money yours treatment for Rama noodles and like like how hard is that you think most. Because wears me and in. India's star whatever book. If they could months like missing college either or you lose the truth that they can activate whenever when got to school. But emitted more than they are in doubt in his mind it diamonds that made me a dollop of like the output. And in that too much of him in the in in the bills. I think they. The change is coming is on marathon. I'm excited to host its how much do you think you could have made off your likeness college. Though. Big bucks made the bumps on jerseys and I don't know I don't know the question. I wanna see what the revenue is look school receive that they have got to be open would that. Well you definitely should Vickers the where you know with local business in the squad on that stuff so when it could be made. It's interesting you say about John embeds albeit as popular as he was in college because people don't think that way but it's really true I mean there's a lot of dudes that. That go through whether it's zoo or K you would. You see a lot of these K you guys come back and they play. You know all these pick up games around town because they were popular campus and they weren't good enough to go to the next level of play. And think about all that money that they could've made that maybe sell their family you know him to vote again. So they are so that they do something happened that day. The multibillion dollar and a student at the money has doubled the fun this where it's worth and somehow. And their house the B two agreement thinks some sort of resentment from the players like I mean why would Republican that this guy next to me is the coach he's making all this money and there's the athletic director make all this money in his Blanchard foods are making all this money and war out here doing all this and we're not anything steel there's. A lot of what is thing and that is just. The logs that together built its debut as a acknowledge my. Do this that's what went younger than me. It's unfair it's only this stuff worth it to where he'd be you know something with MBA kind of it down with the one done deal. And I would have approved of the I'm not oppose that haven't gotten it over the past two years and had to be you know recommended. The -- development dollars what. This let guys go out of high school they're able well you played with a guy obviously that way and Iceland -- right he was ready for the most guys are ready for the end so what would you tell kids at one because they're obviously repeal this one and done maybe I don't know what's your advice to an eighteen year old Cusick an NBA here now looking at opportunities can be really important for. Is doing their thing about what definitive right or we're 5%. And it wears some that to the experience I think that that that system. You really do well for of the younger guys currently very. Young teams don't win CNET. The development team the mouth more money out of the corner there. Committed more fluent to sort out if you. This system in the do you played which Jackie played with code I wanted to stories about jacking code before it first the ball. Not their relationship but when you commanded there's Kobe Bryant their Shaquille O'Neal here's a kid from Kansas City played at the zoo now languish acting coach. Give me your first initial impression when you walked in now locker room on my god he's like my childhood I was. We'll Imus is cooler player who it is over about by that point I was means not to go to LA. Every summer some. Two. Was ardently that would drop out of a new barely see. But you know in the lakers concluded the bill I came right there repeats it was this regression to be you know we do Laker my first personal code was. I mean the American news he was standoff was used as the rookies but you know work their respective jobs implement early. Birthday yeah I'll walk drama come out of Kobe's up there before our border by workers go forward them understand what it means that. We did it to sort of the person we want literally learned that on day one they want. And before you being here work Donald ball in court. With it is the opposite. It is elevated to. There. Brother upon. Every road trip there's a remote doubts I was board votes to report hosted by Jack. Our first summer league in Vegas. The embargo you know we've received in his right check them get enough money to select. The big Brothers with that guy but he does. It was who knows. Separate. That we haven't yet older guys meals. The real big demanding garter lines though obviously beat him to guard of them kofia lines. This act a fund god made you got to play with. There was crazy. And drive that John Reid put my personal and I'm I am not so read books though is that we plan basketball. But now that are on there who don't know war. So looking back you labor day of my opponents my phone moment India. What was the book he wanted to read. About it greeted at all no doubt puts him you know the first record every year. You blog posts though. Teresa about yourself. And we but that's not so the big man alliance vs the Goran alive it's OK what what does that yeah mr. scheck you go ballistic. Is brilliant blue like that satellite was divided like. Rio is the real problem in those two even though the court ordered a review and I remember after two or Detroit. We sit in the bank with both game. I'm sitting over them on the women and next year improvements later in pocono. The rove issue back then I'm in hindsight. They have sent there it is that it got to nothing because if one to two which incident at Fatima got a. Why can't guys put those egos aside and why does he get to that we're you know we've got some really good going on. And then you've got like like petty (%expletive) that you're fighting over in the locker. It was Shaq I'm with Coco was Jason Jordan also at that point Shaq had 3M VPs in the finals. Quote and you know what we are one together and support this alone. That's what it was deserving Kyra do before he knows you know guys like that one to a known it in the team themselves. They had. Unbeatable once and that's what that was did you visit. Saturday do it on Euro I mean big picture at this point 00 we can do at the end and I'm proud both guys have been what he wanted to be. The man now me yet to yet well which echo those guys were in the property careers together which is rare. But this treaty. There by two top five weird lead to go like that and it was McDonald Douglas and which they. With the team together so Shaq was more like the fund Big Brother Toby was like the dad he approached it more like a work environment Shaq approach to respond. Which way it works better. Outward and threw together than Kobe in the went through you know you don't bond so. When Shaq left obstacles will moved him most about the board team so. The diluted book you know more start you know organizing team gators now he with the leader yet and I thought you know all we want. So limos lined up Jack's pass that cash what's a party like question. We'll limit the packed fun. You know more mystery. Six months strict new partner were you know. Labor movement been rock stars who have school next county party. Stayed beside delayed about Miami. Phoenix. To run 20 with a veteran but Ron. Wellman won here after belatedly rumba I wish I was them from the front of the great city. Out of my comfort so New York. Obviously New York obviously yet but so. Give me more about the party apps like what what's it like EE Gil out after EB get these limos first of all sorts putting all this together like who's the social cheerful note I mean days. It's checks little handler they seduce them much this prize there it was a good go to promoters and world report to get there so. We get our you know via B six and blocked off for us than. The minute people wonder if you know come hang out you guys so it would give them at a bad time so you get like shacks leftovers as economic. The rookie good. And it's accurate count them out it was a political around her yeah I mean I think a lot of people don't like. Even realize including me like what goes on. After the game's over they always say you know the after parties where it's at you you cheer these stories about the lakers but you leave these stories with the lakers after briefly. Who a lot of points and I've accessed at eleven early Tuesday as whatever my government. At least a good place to be admitted that. And it is that it also is allowed you negated. Other things you hear him singing you do all kinds of other things how much just being in LA provide you the opportunity to do whether it's on America at the world so there are a lot of people still remember. Those six threes and with arms final so you know probably. Once or twice a week byers Michael middleman that's the reason that reminded again so sellers but they're owned now you know a lot of opportunities out there. They're prepared and hustle it's interesting to hear you say that about LA because you think big city like that you probably get lost in the shuffle you know liking Kansas City. We'll always remember Salvi for his big wildcard in Hosmer for being a star over the royals are very you know maybe this new guy homes for the chiefs to use them spectacular. But for you like in LA there's so much other stuff going on you really happily make it aggression. Don't. Overdo it the sixth through an exit he was there remember that's my claim payments that lakers are. Critical of celebrity is definitely the growth of the movie stars I'll support them what the lakers you know back when you're winning there's. Who act holly bears didn't all noise and technical and I'll talk you know you yet so places with the ability that those corporate. There's a lot of weight so you're out there playing you look over who who reelect all holy crap out there gaffe and Burton one of the blog about right for life. Few awkward but it was cool. Jack Nicklaus that million name I don't revert to Marshal know you is the school Billick yeah I think you asked me did you get a movie roles because it matters. What movies two years ago this. Wait that's my plan. Butler's there were moments but what's different things so the movie's gonna next month to implement. To back my conversation with Korea Russian a moment but first I wanna tell you about red door Grail. Right door guerrillas become the goat to spot for my family because they've got something for everyone where the year kid whether you're an adult it doesn't matter they're something on the menu that everyone will love red door grill. In fact they've edited new menu item that you know what I personally never like cauliflower but the way that they do with their spicy sausage cheese. Takes cauliflower to the next level and eating can convince me to eat it. I love it now at red door real of course happy hour every Monday through Friday from four until seven. The best drink specials in town and be able to enjoy the appetizers at a discounted price. The first Saturday of every single month live music at all three right door grill locations and don't forget about five dollar burgers on Monday and that Hala Kenya deep fried chicken that they had every single Thursday so report will truly does have something for everybody don't forget to check out one of their three locations 159 inning Antioch and overlook mark hunter nineteenth street Hollywood and at the heart of Brooke's side and we'll see you at red door tonight so you you took the singing career and how is that don't. There's going well salesman a bigger present for me. The more sort of vessel sourcing with the Portland basketball anybody who knows me know how important thing in music is to missing nicely choir. You know so what happened 2000 can answer my neo on the commit by eighteen month rehab place you micro fracture. Three but of course a look at going over school but don't wanna pursue music thing and being in LA and people in the music business producers so. A start album of the demo CD. They loved it but you can you can put out when he saw houses with single previous domestic vehicles sold as the song goes there was well it was a billboard top forty. Trucker saw the typical here's a bit that. It was fun didn't really cannot do much would it more passion type deal. Passports now in about trying to put voice your engine kind of pushed so and I and I saw lashed at a football where owner did pretty well. You know something back started uniformity. He's serving well some like that whose team do you wanna be approach moves at a I'm a Maroon 5 so I asked a couple of songs when you get out there would be innocent which triumphs. Trust them probably something and like Maxwell. Just Timberlake. Vanilla give real taste. With us. People don't really look good together. This isn't and they want children and home. That's pretty. If you look at Kiko and avoid those are going to be sixty decent not too right let me give you little boomlet might my wife and I song was everything for our wedding ten years ago you know everything I've an arm. Burris. Mine. You know on the do. And so on in this. You know. Do. Some breeze too thin home. You know do. Listening to on this into the game it's a new design for me. And them the end than food. Ice very good well excerpts are well done well done so if you get on the voice against becomes a big career. Will this be a bigger deal than playing in the NBA playing for the lakers for you. I think pretty. A look at a bigger it would be another accomplishment that that I set out to do. Appear between what it took a blend. But both cars when half forward. And you know if they're not there to record do I think it etiquette school service I think they'd they'd like guys can do that cross over you. Multiple audiences involve more people lots of people root for is the these artists in the back in the storyteller. Bill former NBA goes. That removal of the few rounds this import more over the monies that you have to put now so. It's our views are purple and give you a better opportunity to exactly what I know more about. Kansas City youth basketball when you guys who have grown up and you guys are like the big star Syracuse in what was it like being rushed brother in high school in Kansas City. You drive the brother but you know from. A bird on you know is that when he was in the more where country. That's as well it was pretty you know our our enemies quiet one squad. Jauron grow Leo yeah Portman did he Mike Miller Earl Watson. Brad slow. Where's the confidence. It is going to you know when we've those guys challenging them you know you know what that got a portion of the where you know that you recruited president. That exit. Force me to come work or my game and don't moan and missiles on. Wacky stuff the scandal that went through CNN. We've had in the fifth lap run for the grand jury sentencing sucks. All knowledge about worm is part of do. Yeah that -- piggy stuff was really out of control now what was that like for kids yet to go through all that you thought this guy was like bleak view a right way and now you find out what my got to say. Was amazed that it. What what would happen to him you know this that it is that you didn't pay as the place. This isn't different is that bonuses we respect to smaller kids. But but it says when money gets involved in sports you know miers to the ball in the most people in new doors and purpose though February book. But most Mariette ago Harwood who door initially. Money that's involved in the peace tonight in the third from waste dumps when it does it go from having a good heart to realize alike can make some money off of this scandal to jail when and I used to give you a check but to inspect. There are you run. AU team sponsored by a more familiar businessmen here in town this really kind of security student employees and to put him really about bronco known in in court at that point so. It. How does it hasn't happened was like Nike you show up in town one day in the all right we got you guys back here's a check start doing this this and these guys years and these guys there it's in the shoes responsive. Backers though Buehrle C as a kid you know regular runner is an agency and that's also involved. Earlier earlier own it is it is it is like especially you know guys like drawn and called on our top reporters in the best of acrid as that happens early. You're around them jewel Jauron obviously was the first big name to come through here you followed that your brother of the three of you guys who's the best fit our products. Me that you. The they will today in Atlanta. It's got a championship that audiences you know did he did that much if they win 101 there was this. Well that. Yeah both. Waivers were liberated. The governments and drawn support for both the reverend secretive yet weighed more drama. Bush as far as. Street's going to buy they could they would be if it were it doesn't Ares V he probably doesn't come back bikinis as he would win that national champion and a the that this seat like look at battle line they'll man I don't chairman Andy I'm not you know to we still made it you know you can hindsight is always been. I'm happy came back. Knowledge I hate you when a man we got him. Bill I think I think if you ask bill deep down you know he loves sure Ron in Dovonte of these guys. But man every time he talks about where that he smiles and laughs at loves him what was your relationship with Bill Self like. Not not reckless off I keep. My distance from anything anything associated QU. EU and we would go because it is brutal winter KU. When go through there have been a problem yet would have withdrawn. That was a big night it happened so a couple of circle action where we're. Roy in the line mysteries I'm sure that. Cure a lot of bruised drawn you know and honest. That you bring in loved him. You know he still speaks volume actions through you know noticed that the retirement all of that and do you know and so. You bring him up those long Brennan vote in the school what was the Roy beef up. Iran yes where's which are on call from Roy in the paper what does the harassment suit. Asking him geo cities that question what do when it's not me I know lots of at the job with the size does that that that's though what you know about Broward do really well okay you suture won at Kansas match. Now look at you and then he called them right now that's for everybody sees. No reason to stop recruiting someone who was yeah. I think with most you know on its own. You know from eastern time knowledge that's important ones so for sure hope that those Jewish so if he would have gone BK you would you have been wishing it was a 100% since all three. Months. Do you wish you would McKay you know. Now and ever. Go. Oh well let go so yeah. How is your I'd do it well yeah it's about you know the academy. We wanna do a better ball the best moments where he's most comfortable. Excited coming back here tomorrow with them and do some you win from little rather look at a pitcher right. Has the tide to turn weird now little brother he's looking up to you saw him a couple of them that broke the drug use them in the if you know problem it was about one. We've enacted bill that mom Taylor I'm on the road. So they went from back in the executable with him in. That's been to our men in the news capable foot and how did how did that happen you became the big Brothers such. As always. Like Obama person now is always that you know drunk while Vietnam with them once in reserve and you know strategic and what I do you know so while there. Who won the kind of steer you know will be doing well there's a lot of things that we're doing it mentally and that's always been that way. So he's definitely he's he's along for the ride through your pro that's. Likely to find yourself and do that. You know anyway you can and if you're here beavers younger brother now help them like the older brother that's a win forever yeah right yeah wheel. Well which those that. So back to the Boys and Girls Club you guys are gonna get honored with the Boys and Girls Club hall of fame. Ten years from now what do you want to have accomplice. Is. I hope botching usually we have our own academy here in town. You know maybe have a you know that you see I don't know. They're about business and of course it is now being informed so you wanna see what they weren't dealership first vote for more than going to a lot of care to free clinics enough what do you know for the for the club's. In any kind of trying to grow now Melissa from. The little Canada having Oklahoma City are went into your developers simply some of the considered an honest our own. Farm system you know go recruit employers unitarian players you know bring them up the ranks. Do you see yourself ever as a true coach. A more back in runner there's the power. What it crew and a lot of them doing them a Muslim they view as well as I recruited most of it. You know momentum that's how horrible was recruiting you gotta go kiss the sixteen year old kids but had earlier today across a man you love to have you. Good our program and knowing that we are good artist and brought that we were goes on slowed William campers. Together due to meet Lumix it helped me grow on and off the court. What do you think of Missouri basketball right now I'm outside of last year you know having Mike and it was just a big disappointment to do plan. Like ones though. That just beat him quite a bit last year prior to that she's starting. You wanna start the program bring back from the alumni which you know the school has done a good job of doing. But propellant do dollars for an element bag and after that return going on optimism can you do some some events with some gas field. You know when it nominated also other places around the world so. That was hazardous pushed me know in the accident that this will be the first thing I do here in the back in town. But I'm molecule we are you know we've been opened many coaches but I think we have the political it would cuando we begin though the program but we're needs to be. And quit at stake in what he had as a coaching staff and now like the entire NBA is no forms of assistance out of them and then we always had them and I had a great basketball mind Lou about opportunist. We Igor. We're into what he's doing news go repetition of the Google might go in every news yeah greatly appreciated and absolutely I hope you enjoyed my conversation. Former Missouri standout Kareem Rush usually has accomplished a lot when it comes to the game of basketball and it's awesome and it's been giving back to the community it's still much to him. Coming up on the next episode of Casey bobcats were joined by NASCAR driver hit the stage at Claiborne. It's.