KC Bobcast - Danny Duffy Episode

Bob Fescoe
Thursday, August 2nd

In the latest episode of the KC Bobcast, Bob sits down with Royals LHP Danny Duffy to talk about life in KC, the two World Series championship appearances and some of the fan mail he's received as a member of the Royals! 


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Back in the early part of this decade I said that would Danny Duffy spring training he was a young guy but still at that point in time a lot of people knew that he was going to be part of the Kansas City Royals rotation. For many many years. At that time in spring training if we were sitting at a picnic table in surprise Arizona he said to me the famous words buried near royal. And from that moment I'm gaining Def TV he may fan favorite. Royals went on to win the American league championship with the eighty yuppie and he addressed that a bear suit after one of those American League titles. Here's my conversation with the whales face any depth. I hate to say is that man would like that was made this project you'd probably hurts it. Europe in grabbed that cared so much that's what it knows. It. But this there impetus podcast about. The good people would do earnings in the city you. And and look at it and would like no athlete really is never done with a charity for. Now just notoriety and the bed a little bit at Tom and I got to spell it knows was enough for me you know that. Use a special kid and anything that he's that for anything that the Wilson standpoint can you stand or. Many of behind and we have a flaw that esteem for that says that that's where I was. You know it's interesting because you know a lot of athletes Olympic name maybe Noland five minutes here ten minutes there you blended real life you've led the money you blended so much stuff to help this cause and move this cause forward. And it's one that I don't think people still understand like there's no money going to cancer research for kids and your like ominous opt out and take this thing to another level we're gonna raise serious bucks. To start giving money that's needed for these kids. Now you know I guess is that Californian I use this on the go do it in. So we decided to do my wife and I you money is just a tool to make the world better men. That's really what it should be I mean in on this rat race that we Lou we're running. Based law obviously. Has provided me with a lot. And why is it provided you so much blood I think it's because you know we were on a mission to make this world a better place. Yahoo! and leave the place better than it was when he got there and that that's that's marvelous is to do our absolute best and make this place. Change for the positive even though it's already amazing. We just we just love Kansas City and we love the kids out here what the kid bella knows friends. That they're number one. Where's that star billing where did you decide that's what you wanted you'd say I wanna leave this a better place I wanna do things and make lives better. That maybe when I had grown to be safe to California united ninety type of thing that you've got to have a come from somewhere east and wake up 1 morning and decide that's did. Now and this kind of feel like that's how we've always been. You know side. Unquote California. Really humble host city. Good brio high school and have all the money in the world. We had to work for everything we had that we. You know and it's our net there's really and it's just think that. If you make it out in in you know you're able to do things that a lot of people need to do it says those experiences of people would you pared much impacted me dad used to teach you where you. I mean. All of you know. Demy Tommy John surgery they do quitting based law do. You know everything nanos suppressed. Hating society. Enix panic attacks in in you know the whole nine in my folks stuck with me in my corner through all of you know and. Any mistakes always learning experiences and they don't beach over their head you know with the what you're supposed to do my momma my battered this amazing people I'm thankful form. Yes you know you've mentioned that that anxiety and all the stuff that you went through I mean you've got to have a strong. You know behind the scenes crew fight for you to stick with it because it here on an island like step by himself and that's something that's hard it can be to do to have to admit that. This stuff too. Day can't react and it's a moment season that don't viewed I'm not somebody news. I don't view myself as the guy who you know takes a lot of fried them lots it's. You know you got stuff going on I think it's important to talk about it I think it's important. To be able to get to a place that. Comment now. You know us. How is having a tough guys you guys know last Sears almost a year ago when mouthing him down and even before them in I mean this job is not sandy beaches and Lucas knows it and you know you look at the rose Sutherland is when you cam but this is that this is difficult to. And you know I I went and spoke to some talk somebody. Anxieties of real thing and and obviously I got diagnosed and got what I needed it did in and they don't get it done now nothing's ever perfect but it's all manageable amounts on thankful. I'm thankful for everybody in my corner man to say that leaves the you know not just my pants anybody tell me. You get to them read them that was made off. You side stepped it. Was that the use of the and a bad years ago was apparently. Like how do you reach here for the people that are listed. Out Wednesday's match goes on Friday I'm afraid Obama. He I checked my spilled to make shorts. And leave the house. Like I got some and so I understand what kind of that's like dealing with that side. How'd you get to them like it's OK to go out there. And admit to. Mean. I think you know. That there's a freeing. Feeling. We have nothing I'd. In and that's her lap real Italian anxiety over the that would have been like it's like but might get rid of this this Pirillo. My dad's got to my dad counts the garage doors he closes them at home. And sits in his driveway accounts to make sure their clothes before he drives away I could suggest the door at the hotel room ten times she then it things like that. It drives economy and its own. You just. I think. In order to get through Sunday got a feeling in order to feel that you kind of got. You know converse about it. People deal with adversity in a lot of different ways and sometimes nine. Healthy ways and notes you know one of those people so. You know I mean Allen. At the Toobin. These you know little it's panic attacks and and I can move at the lately down and you know when you deal with a lot in the world is just too much is coming to that that's it. Somebody's got to take a step back and figure out what you gotta do you get better and we don't do that and in through. What happened in the last year. Weights in the moment it hurts so bad that many people at letting down. Now look back at it is the best thing that didn't happen and especially the Dayton Moore. In my corner for that you know they committed this cape music curb man. Dating keep me around because. You know I'm a bit bitter mean that's debatable anyway. I they Jameer round because they cared about and I'm thankful I'm thankful to them for that soon and as much as that's out of the way happened in the past it's that important talk about it to try to. Help people whoever's going to the same time I think I was going there now. Nobody's perfect. You gotta you gotta figure I was in your corner and you know laps on those people and in this. Just do you best improve every day what was it like being twelve. Now look like human bobbled I mean I think. I've been. At duke at their heart for my aides. I didn't really grow and again until sophomore here. Then those funds and those votes let a lot of baseball player a lot of basketball soccer. You know without that we kids that play side seat get and I didn't sit on their ipads Holiday Inn. And by the street lights mom. You know it. Cook dinner every now I mean news is good times man that that had a great time much of it. Did you did you know with that needs like. This is what I've got to do what we all wanna be a baseball player fireman or something like background did you know what like twelve years old that this is something that you were gonna do for your life. I had a feeling. I think. Psychic if I go back and really in view much avail itself that. Probably bring the ball for the lakers and this is not passing the Kobe Bryant. But Mike Piazza was my guys do in the I really wanted to. My ultimate goal is actually faced him and I miss them I think two years. You know I think it's as a record the I was asking you if you were playing ball what would you be you because a lot of guys your rates at their minds made up that's what they're gonna do you guys. Just you figure you better than everybody else that matters eerie kind of dominate name yes it. I had a good fastball those really go for me I think about living here being meteorologist and really like though do whether here leg. I'm deathly afraid of lightning when I'm outside the that as do like -- lawsuit from my house in. Would love to get out there maybe seeing tornados Monday. Have you ever seen a tornado. And the bucket list now that's the bucket list. There was one time Jenna and I were stuck in Oklahoma we had a tornado coming at us from the north and another one coming at us like the south and we were like in between. And we were trying to out race these tornadoes in the middle of Oklahoma we ended up on native American reservation where there was nothing that would drive in drive in drive and describe the state that much ahead of the tornadoes on the I don't know that that's something you really look on C. I really do Ares I really do I mean. I guess that's experience it to figure out if it's the UN. I'd like to get out there and at least track this the wrong with it with the team one day. Obviously when I'm retired. And I've been through earthquakes. And haven't really you know really gain that and we have while fires yeah that's that knows the lawyers and god. Those of the words and I controllable. You know I mean. All that fire department says they came out and help us live ours is nowhere absolutely incredible structure protects and I don't know how in the heck they do it. I feel like we owe them our whole life. They they say it's on a peoples stuff. Via when it comes like earthquakes and not them it's really not anything assist the world's sixth for a little bit you go outside you lots of surgeries go back and forth and so. Outlook to see you tornado viewed through people miss the view from California like you're in Kansas do you see tornado or anything like that men. Someone I mean there was. There is actually Leggett severe thunderstorm warning and I laid down in the bathtub in Beloit Wisconsin because I was afraid. So now is nineteen years old yeah I got my I don't know what the hell to do here. I'm Elaine about good to see that again this election or at I can't remember what the right thing to do as. You know you don't know that kind of stuff when and calorie. You donated. He went from an NCAA would be the yes and that's the UK. Perfect. That's that's that's that's. And it billion dollars the unity that you wave of the people eagle like that's race card and you tees were raised. Raised the summit. May. Sixth. You talk about the lakers. Game and are you still able to be like a man of that and that you find yourself B twelve year old may need to be watched like the lakers it would run here. I don't know man I'm excited that the lakes that. In other Coby guy and it's hard for me did you people talk about them from him thinking about Ohio site. And you know that's almost disrespectful to code. Obviously LeBron is the best player on the planet. In any Campion yeah. But you look at their arrested the roster but again there is an obvious circus out there you'd like. Hopefully the Broncos bring the best on all these guys is that these leads that are on notice. You know Alonso is going to be very talented it is Brandon Ingram is physically gifted him. Hopefully can bring the best out of these guys but it's going to be a circuit student is going to be crazy. Why do you have to pick your side why is it Kobe vs Ronald suddenly these guys and applying it yet time when I understand Shaq vs Phil yeah yeah I wouldn't say it's Kobe vs LeBron I just think it's hard. When you went minority given the city to keep that seated at noon you know you kind of got there and that LA's. They've marketed. You know I mean he basically step off the plane and they gave me the keys. I don't know fellas. Intentional stated Kobe but it. You know nonetheless it's going to be exciting come and ago lots moment ago whether purple eagle. Been there of you know through the struggles and you know the whole all six years not that big a deal but it. I was really pull for these kids man Jordan Clarkson you know is in the zoo guy. Larry Nance you know I wanted to see these guys succeeding crippling vote. You know now they're gone the we'll see what other moves and they. Well a couple months ago Kareem Rush this podcast that he played with Shaq and Colby there weren't right at the end what was that dynamic ideas you let the side. I mean you what you ought to go in Matlock who would picket societies like. I love shack checked my man I love hang with him yet but I'm a guard on the shooter I had to be on Kobe's team. And I was like Kobe side and I was doing wrong and they let you know that could you imagine that dynamic walk in the 23 team when he Ortiz. Your reader Hosmer. Organizers Duffy guys' ears I'll be night and having to have to make that decision of what side you're sign up with. Seemed like a lot right things like alive. Would be really weird. Even think about that dynamic. Of a locker room you know it's obvious cause you know by it's like why it. Knives. And I could the Mets cannot imagine that which I would do it Kobe Shaq. Oh degree day. You can go right. Again quote he's my guy code Kobe never left coding never you know it's. Goes like do. My first child might be game coach we know it is too I'm OK with that. Makes you have to yeah he hit fifth fifth fifth fifth fifth us open so it can dynamic though. Walk out. It's all in fighting still find ways to win what three in a row whenever once could you imagine doing that with a team wasn't as close as you guys could you imagine when an anywhere with a team that is that close trying to win three in a row and everybody's picked decided nobody likes him. In this manner I mean we almost went to an era and now list. Palace off here camaraderie and being. We edits on it down we were raw. We didn't have that superstars. You know god I mean Pozen knows those guys and so note this function in the glow about that when a blown they would not have they would not gonna over with us and we went and made it where we did. Gain in Phil Jackson obviously had to be. Artistic genius that when you think about that advantage not only that the plane but the egos of those students or. And I mean. The zen master do you view this is the guy you as the got to put it all together I think you know using incredible. Coach and obviously what do you eleven innings eleven and some an element. Sense of the bulls have isn't really good players yeah. Got insured as. This guy and as you know Mike. Yeah I mean he he definitely knew how to manage egos are certainly it's what you have to do right leg is that like the number one job and people is what makes -- successful Mikey because he doesn't manage people like he's good with people idea. Yet he's really did what. Really get with making sure that everybody knows what they're supposed to be doing. You know what they're supposed to bring the table other the emotional. You know Lima emotionally from the bench or out on the field which is what's he doing. These are delivering an out of everybody. Which your relationship with social media right now. So I I mean it's it's a great tool and you know what I said earlier this on the freeing about having nothing to hide. Play. You know. I don't really feel like I had any to mince words I don't really feel like any delight. No run from anything and anybody wants to say some inner whatever if we could if we can't find a way to create some dialogue. In a healthy way. On. I mean own I don't get and that's what rewards than anybody had this call legacy and they feel like it. Sucks for you. People are hard on their man might think they don't understand that length. Think you're talking to real people because it feels like a lot of them maybe don't feel them themselves as real people at times the safe stuff out there. That they want Sadie your to your face ever meaning you've got some hard stuff I've gotten some harsh stuff obviously on on on that. And I think you handled it pretty good way like you're you've got to go back out of a little bit then you're then you're gonna. And those Hitler you know there. Did you got to do your best to. Kind of pick and choose your battles on the concept that if there's something that somebody leaves the door open Wheeler. It's an actual like dialogue going to be helpful to have somebody. Why not man. If this is talking to a brick wall like a lot of people are you know on Twitter. And you just let it being. Good ethics in especially in today's world and you know as you know. In and it's it could be a scary place. Could be a weapon that people use against you for no apparent reason but. You know that's where they feel strong that's where they go to get there you know. Rocks off so to speak. You know dude you wanna do and bit. It is what it is that is I try to be is on Manson and truthful and and. Few minutes possible. The latest when we view it was like walking to the stadium and people start to jump to conclusions on Mac guys that you've been walking for years and that's what was the story advertise. Q talking Dallas which. At the heck reader walked twenty months of our every aspect about that that's a little bit of this that's what you've always done a way to cottages. Beat you and your address while decompress. I and I mean. The night that I struck out sixteen. Knows. Literally that day after a walk to the field in Texas says that when he monologue that we wanted and been asked about sixteen starts a in have a heart thumping its detriment of the markers. Or anybody else so I don't know locked limit freedom law. That's really not that the deal that this kind of goes so you're we were just talking about. People who do anything they can use anything they came against Bradford honestly no apparent reason. Because they don't feel good about themselves. You know and if you gonna people like that on what you just gotta kind of got to let him go. You know that's important at an open dialogue is you don't feel good about yourself there's obviously some off you talk about it that it taking shots of people trying to make somebody else's life miserable trying to make you like better and your life can be better that he liked it. Yeah oh yeah. I mean. I've worn out the block but this here and now and I don't feel bad about it I had this dude. Really when I started blocking people you know just us trying to make a joke I think it was about how old I am now I'm coming up on thirty the rifle days. Said man we're going to be walking in and looking at these kids and they like you know they're all young is basically what I was driving and some of these. Let me dvds and movies. Like a well see elated in yeah and really hurt my feelings but if you wanna talk crowd didn't. I don't have any problem with it I and then they take it personally like to. You just got done talking crap these well. He just got done trying to literally bring me down for no reason I if if what I did bothers you fine I understand. If if it has affected you personally I totally get that. And I'll continue to try to prove to you that I have. Change that I you know I'm healthy now and I'm I'm good to go. But if you wanted to make a mockery of anything that I say. Later that rests not started yet I don't agree because there's no reason. Getting you know in Indy. You know DD you know to get their rocks off again if you want them then they then they pick and it's that honors a lot on the ground disputing. And they're still chirping and they have no ID that I'm not paying it did. Yes no maybe a better route to go to yes that's would it into the other day that says vesco blocked me. That's the actual Twitter handles really those like. Aaron well you know that's the claim that they knew got a pretty satellite. Him and going zero X Lisa is definitely Twitter had an area that free. Yeah good for you. What. Is that yes that night. We're pleased robbers. Followed. Harmony. Right and you really do yes I had a had a day. Obviously that got built solitary you consummate amazing places he loves baseball right in I'm going to be dollop. I had a guy tell me one time was actually. These are regular autograph sound guy out at the field. Could do you know the thing. The had a binder full in my cards. And he comes up to me after its area event and I'm all decked out like I don't like dress nice but I'm dressed and I saw Marty. Is backwards movement with its people become the meat eating we sign this I'm like yeah imaginary you know it's really easy to sign it. Autograph here is our unity is not spell so. Because you know the thing that just remember Leonard it's. Where he starts the game like now I need to read in 96 and then. Bill and the game in his honor in thirty minutes out 10203. In my crazier you guys need to start doing that now. And I just drop the minor edits these. Elements are to be a jerk but is it like grow jobs and feel you know I'm trying really hard to do well for this team. I can't throw a 102. They can't be that you know last time I even flirted with a hundred I got a zipper on my no vote. So. That back it down Medina and he's tried. I know I navigate the 0104108. Great touch ones and the village and are you a 100% did little. Don't know the Shiites straight and believe you know I hammer like. Curse in a slider lectures her and throw my right hand and not be good ago debate between right and left hand not vanity well have ended right at a boom. These sick if. We'll get back to our conversation we Danny Duffy in just a moment but I want to tell you about red door real ride your grill is quickly becoming the hottest place in Kansas City. For weekend brunch every Saturday or Sunday you can find lots of people in Kansas City taking advantage of some of their great run specials I personally love the vegetable for Todd with the red door real signature hot sauce it is top notch Mike kids they love those chicken and waffles that they have at raid or grow the buttermilk. Marinated chicken breasts on top of who fluffy waffles with all of us here in the butter all my it is to die for and the bloody marys are spectacular that's what I get when we brunch at red door grill over the weekend but it's not just about Roger red door real you can find all kinds specials every single day. I'm Monday you get those five dollar hammers of half Al juicy burgers that are grilled to perfection but of course on Thursday its hollow. Everybody loves Thursdays at red door rail. Monday through Friday you can find happy hour from four until seven where he'll get the best specials on drinks and appetizers to get on into one of those three red door real locations. In Overland Park Lee what am brook side and we'll see you at red door tonight. You got a pretty cool may indicate if you will and home what is the coolest piece of them were believed that. He said he of the Jersey from everybody that play right I got a couple of fiscal Jersey second autograph for you need and come out ladies no way I'd be awesome. How did you want out take you I'll take you know a Nokia its. I'd eagle that we had out on the mound after we won the World Baseball Classic. Everybody signed and I body on an auction in. It goes to the its airy but I. I have that mine had that in mind in my Medicaid. Got a Posey Jersey. From the WDC. I got original mural. From. That how this all Cody days lawlessness Adam Browning. All these cats. When they won the 20 yen in in 2010. I guess includes you. It's it's really cool I'm I'm really lucky to have what's what's missing like the one thing got to still that. You know now I can't. Anything that I never lets you know I know. Fortunate I am the event of real they need to get a Michael Jordan team squad sign. There's things we. Wayne Gretzky and even like hockey days. And he is an LA king of the big deal about the kid so there's companies do they'll. He still be now and then them I'm like a pig Roland boo him as my favorite but later in the world. Agilent look around and that's the thing that we've accomplished together you know us Monmouth in the bottom boys. You know I got a Jersey for them every year we won the mail lastly knows when it's actually time we won the Vizio thirty times. Make him a chance that he be seen. You know me it Lothian. And I got a lot of things that mean. I read something about him the other game he called you this means it. What's it mean yours has critical means a lot because he played a lot of people play the lottery ticket needs. You know as those football program. Speaks you mean like that you know lots. And do the same way about him. You you talked him much anymore. -- timing how do you know he's going to say man he's the engraved you know they'd they have a good club over there you know obviously we miss him here. It's never again obvious and now. I'll get things got a commitment and in in music is by and I am happy so maybe one data on their and I've been hello bird. You know seventeen seasons in Cairo in the game where in the partners maybe welcome McEnroe on well I have one more. As he talked about doing that no. That's an on this it would have been like minority wishful thinking me bro I. I don't have one of the game. Hopefully when you know when. That aids we did we did get another shot and gathering together and but he came to see on be via a deal you hate those street rumors and to do their colors settlers in. You know truthfully you know it's out of my control it's I don't really worry about it. As the only hear it and it and leave unload this place. I love this city. I'm of the people here a minute to stay at a thousand times in I never feel like where now. You know and only. An enzyme that you leave so. I wanted to be here for that next wave and and then that next epic is light armed man. Me Mike Montgomery air cosmic physical. You know a couple of guys with pockets obviously it's obvious. Well Myers you know we all took that picture for baseball America that is on the aisle of this in my house. I could see a lot resemblance in this current group. That's down man I mean I keep up with the excuse yeah we feel like I love that you love and it is he is home right it's I. He's on to in Nikki Lopez is a good Cuban news and big league camp this is what they get to know them alive. Cooper positive as positive always locked into the game you know all the tools in the world. He's just got it figured out he reminds me actually here reminds me in his Emeka odds. This feels like he's just chosen for this board for this for this role and I'm excited indicated it's going to be fun. I just I hope that I could stick around I have when he when he. When he when he went lineup and another notebook that I always bust out. I kinda didn't met a couple of weeks and joking remic letting in my like this delegates. At stake is kind of went through the lineup it. Is that's pretty good evidence that those two pitches he is drafted from you know Florida the guys that kind of their romance out of Florida continue to hear my. Wisconsin moves that's like you know bringing that together that's important having mine right. Yeah. Oh yeah. And you know David those that are really. Really an impressive job at keeping people together for a long time in. In I can remember in recent history outside of them. Finnegan and land in traded him you know we'll Myers we don't really we cheater prospects like like gold and you know between it was a go cower at the cal called our color color sing and Brady senior. In that assisted tip of the iceberg so. I'm looking forward than get here and in game I this I guess my advice to him this he'll learn as much as they can't right now. I still don't know crap in Albania for a little bit so. Learn as much as you can enjoy every moment enjoy those bus rides until it the grind that peanut butter butter sandwich is that we're even down there. At all let's I seen a delicacy. Straight. When you don't you don't have any money I deeply about her and Ohio yeah Atlanta actually sounds kind of good that. Dead you know not we had money for back there you know I mean we had some pretty interesting signing bonuses but when you're eighteen you don't know what to do with that stuff and you try to take care everybody in before you notice gone so. If you could be commissioner for a day what's the one thing you would do for baseball but stopped aren't tainted. And he's good the way it is right. DH bluntly no DH yeah I mean the other night and I would die you adapt to climate professional sports in the fan base. In this menace miners ambush south and if you use here if we keep on whether you work on obviously trying to do. You know expansion stuff this cool. It's always good to grow the game and that way bit. Dumbest is that investment. If you wanna go to a time event and go to it on the bad. We don't need eight minutes quicker it's not gonna do anything in truthfully when I was young. If they went to the tenth or eleventh inning I felt like it was on it's time for me especially those school night. And I got to watch song dream wanna get off art Pollard J. D. Drew a walk it off for Mike Piazza realm on a sea air care us do some awesome an extra innings. A bonus for me so I don't really see obviously kids you know have a lot going on and a lot in their hands now a days. But I still feel like it's really not that big a deal that that timing of the game. You you know. Eight minutes doesn't make a big difference especially when your ask him I remember when I was a kid going to lose games three year old son doesn't speak to ideally. You know and I remember one time my dad want to leave the game early in his yankees Red Sox fireman were sent out in left field and a Mike it's the eighth inning we're not leaving. And all these everybody fell around it will take all wheel drive you know write it's we ended up staying in some guy named Mel hall I think it's shale well. It's a game winning home run for the Yankees exactly this is why we don't leave work Leo right and have a little hint at that time. And from that moment on I don't wanna leave early and Anderson if you watching it on TV there's other things that you could do on but if you're the game and sit in that stadium. You know like what kind of time. Grass lining up look at what I wanna you don't you don't worry about them and especially when your little I mean. Dancing gone forever the vehicle on marathon and we'd be locked in every pitch I mean if I'm wrong you products and went. So. Then. I used to keep score pre season on both spring training out votes I'll watch the whole notion. The whole game when they went four homers and are and it was J. D. Drew. Russell Martin's. Marlon Anderson and Jeff Kent went back to back to back to back. In those against Trevor Hoffman. And then we lost the lead almost went 50 with Julio Lugo. Today it's senator. And then we lost them the lost the tie in the tent in the Nomar comes up in the bottom of the tenth as the tuna and there is I didn't have a voice for light. Probably one week I got a screaming and I don't I hit my feeling fanned out of mind and was bleeding free now. That doesn't at all about men like you locked in every moment it's really fun back. It's it's pretty cool and you beat a dodger fan growing up nicely main job of going and he's got a lot of them but my experience. Oh yeah. Already like it's it's like it's been seamless and in what they're trying to do I think they're desperate them and it's like we you guys were 2015. There's thirty years now about winning the championship. Nobody would believe that the gross well yeah I believe that look like for the Dodgers. It's been thirty years since they want a championship and got that desperation and you wanna do whatever it just what this is crazy to think that they haven't won a World Series that has so much success. You know it's a right to give up what they gave to get Muqtada. You know it really kind of speaks a lot to what they're trying to do it and you know the Davis is good for that state is good for the city. You've faced a lot of adversity just professional baseball crowd taken a year off this last year. Tommy John surgery to be hurt during the first World Series run what was the hardest thing for Utica and elastic on the speakers out. I think on the field lies I think it was probably. My fractured rib in the World Series. We still don't know. Obviously I don't you know good test here thereby gain anything by it. You know I just that they use this from overwork reviews and as. It's horn and inner costs or something and it's an in this stress fracture. And not being able to breathe during the 2014 World Series was probably an artist and because I know. I don't know it says that we had we had a healthy me we will little. Kills me to hear that but this this probably threw me housed and really love and and I don't like you have kind of pat myself on the back but I heroes. Well I was doing out there and I hear him and you know probably the hardest. That was guided it was tough for a lot of people in the city because. Everybody roots for use like I've never seen an athlete that everybody looks like like they do for you like I don't know if you understand how I feel I love you this Mike it is you know it's like it's. Any Tennessee game got beat you with just my company smiling not a lot of athletes. Have the means a lot and mint I don't know I don't know I don't know why I'm so lucky I don't know wise you know I've been chosen to. You know be. A part of this community and in this particular communities is obviously. Head and shoulders above anything. I really appreciate a lot of us feel it. But I think because it's reciprocated you know give back as as much as everybody loves you'd give it back with the that was created right. Everything else to you know. The variety club and it will Cellini that wheelchair that Mike and stuff like that like. Think people love that stuff and they they eat that stuff wealth and they really appreciated when we've seen. But you're kind of one of them and you're given back and you just do what they've lobbied for. That's why if he wanted to have success of its athletes. I think you are resilient man in love is two way street can't be you know and love listen to and if you know you don't love it right back. So. I'm clearly in love with the city I love this place some of the people everything everybody's dance floor. You know it's it's all good it's all and I this I just love a man it's it's unexplainable. It's unexplainable like a small town feel in the metro. Thoughts. And and then start deals currently. We see yeah on Mike and everybody. Will do is do you know a little bit passive mean. As Ariel let's let's scholars. And you know is this some things in happened on the feel of the thought competitiveness. You know. If you want. If you wanna go on somebody better be with the game you know and on its I understand that always comes back. But you know what is that big it's a belted in the lane and news that I had to get the ball. Bizarre is that it gave heaters that are you know I felt it and who's gonna take it this from the way it the to sell the clothes and don't view I don't know flashy panic I've. I'll write it felt like Legos and they did on the pay homage to my little brother. It was pretty sweet that you did that on Friday night after the all star midnight before this is here. I struck at a ten year old won two pitches because with football terms I walk off the field stolen. And everybody goes dude you're doing nothing you're gonna take up any of them but I guess I am I believe that. Two reasons that it doesn't mean it was a loss. I've put myself in re gift as a starter with the Woodson. Pitches that you lose we still got shut out on. One and you know things Evernote teams ever won the game because. That's. Yes right. Very hard this. Man it's. I'm going to vote what what's the future. View this and not like you're talking about the next couple years because that means I'm being here. Your other 20/20 22. That's here we got me it wants it. That's like that likeness like him like that. Yet decades ago you let's go yeah has programs like that. It's obvious the gates and that's okay it's a real plan yeah when he told me that. I'll be thirty. Utterly my they're my age 33 years that exceeded. I thought about it you know it's like us that about you know that apple the blue wave that we. This is 2.0 right now and I think a lot of people are gonna start paying a lot of attention to the minor leagues. You know not not to say anything about big league team. Because I think we're starting to. Turning in the right direction obviously you're 39 games under 500 so. It's a tough year. Conceded that fact it's a year boat we have a lot of small victories. In every game and everyday people learn how to play the big league level they learn how to conduct themselves up a few of them how to conduct of the on the plane. And they're learning how to compete. In myself included in an ammo it. So. I like where this team's going like the captain captain dorsett who you know they morientes. Has done you know it's tremendous the last decade. And in. Now on the positive video on the horizon. You know. I don't have Israelis. 28. I would look at one it quoted the world movie again in my. But we know we don't live in America well I don't know the future holds. That's my best friend right there. One on one of them by the desperate here and hopefully he's still around. We'll see broad policy. He's got shafted like I haven't seen a baseball player he shafted and the like this cat's got you NAFTA free agency. And now the talk around trade deadline as well yes that man is it like as a good baseball players and I maintain if he's healthy and monitors in your back a 100%. And even last year when Rondo and hit Americana and it is season that's again. Rhonda you know he needs back yeah that was a tough situation and. Youth youth youth. Not happy with him being in the game right there decided they felt about what is the most tired thing that recently while. Moose hit 38 homers and Kauffman Stadium last U which is a graveyard for a home runs. Contrary to what I've. Play he got. Ounces. And create the list is cause like. Do you deserve more you cornerstone in any friends. It Ilya let's come it is believe I think that anybody you know anybody of that stature that you know that that. That kinda need that he is thinking dude. The talent is obviously there is gonna get this economic. Is it certain idea legislators here Joseph does like this weird about this for a long time the California barely look ammo oh there. My thing. Ironic. And he's good I'd seen it rebounds. Super happy as Pakistan a barber right now in my life. It's K commitment Kagan is to opera here right now through laughter I mean it's like I'm back sinister. Yeah try to Vegas arrest of the presidency actually gave she's she's. In little brave going to be those likeness second model. So she's she's our immediate area that. To Doug as a trader status of this this appease deference. When this season. It. This I yeah yeah who. Knows that provided some I think it's a 107 today from all of the tweets. Oh. Jensen Lewis and ninety now. And I shoot on this and with Fiore now work on this it. Thanks may be a part of it bro I hope you enjoyed my conversation with the oil starting pitcher Danny Duffy as you can tell this hasn't gotten. He loves Kansas City there's not many athletes that come around the love the city in which they'd like we're lucky to have babies got the right here in the. It's.