KC Bobcast - Clint Bowyer Episode

Bob Fescoe
Monday, June 18th
In the latest episode of the KC Bobcast, Fescoe sits down with Nascar driver & Emporia, KS native Clint Bowyer. The guys talked about Clint's love for the Royals, life as a parent and something really cool that he got do involving food! 

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About some of the most accomplished athletes in the state of Kansas may include employer has to be at the top of the list beat Korea native has been dominating on the NASCAR cup series since the beginning of the new millennium. In fact he has double digit wins and almost 200 top ten finishes. Plus he has multiple pole positions Clint Boyer grew up in Emporia Kansas and after racing on dirt tracks down there he was finally discovered and made it to the big time. And since making it to the big dog he's been so generous in giving back to his community. Of Emporia Kansas. Here's my conversation with NASCAR driver Clint Boyer will start because he is a guest that we got married to an end of candidates listening him. C'mon if you have a need to because it's different views from the guys you know more than anybody else knows because. He's awesome he really is a cool guy. And and and I sit him on Wednesday said art. Haven't clicked on the podcast. What are my gonna ask. Any oasis of the good. Guys and I'd tell me one thing he has. Ask him that the he says you don't have much of ability to play baseball. Any baseball player can be NASCAR driver quality ethnic that's. It's I don't CA's. It needs thing about him is he's so relatable. And a NASCAR and really I grew up in this area everybody knows that split. Obviously it's a royals games things like that but when he. Took over its was manager of swain mine tensions in the rose baseball really really. Started started in and he's. You know when when things were Rolen in back to back World Series appearances and things like that he never changed never wavered in and that's that you look for people in. And that's who I tried it you know be like in in in our world let's. Com through at all you know it's in tickets or call Nancy calmer out your week ago and when I was at ran well. Was always there for your encouragement a quick text or something like that. Keep your head you know army to seek good genuine person and and so proud that he's he's a part of the royals and in Kansas City and and Sarah lot in common with con team and everything else that. He's we've got it I think we're gonna have to do is help him get in there bringing met. Scissor lift or something way more safe he doesn't need to be climbing anymore. Patrice is very thing that this loving gay guy and happy he's with the rose. Yeah I am too and it's funny because city genuine and that's one things that you went if you guys it's still fun to be ratting him react. It's oh what is that it's a fun guys the few guys it's fun to be. Yours just remembered. Working its you know I mean in this area recently side on the road watch in this place from from. Hey let's face it not very good place to be you know it says it's that one of the neediest nicest place means it has offer all because of this racetrack remembered. It was housing development you know and and now it says one of the passes them on track we go to. And everything that's involved because of this race act legends on the soccer complex. You know casinos the latest thing means Cecil meaning positive impacts. It's happening in this area because others when did you realize it was cool wheels. Whenever Roland. You can't and I still Heyman is always cool to be heroes and it shouldn't waiver and that's what I think it's neat it's. About Kansas City right now is obviously getting beat up on a little bay here it's almost like. They're pushing even harder showing their support and and you know not waver from that and in as a competitor and and yes I mean it's in a sport that's been. Up and down you know that's what that's what you feel and and you know appreciate the most you mentioned it you know scissor lift to get back at that we had an accident did you have any idea it was this bad laws like he was a squeeze out maybe not making it non tell I talked to Lehman and you know texting birds Macy's McCain. Just like me and I always quick terrorists on down unions and I I'd talk to him into its nature you know meeting here. Mainly in need Yeltsin. And though and that's when he told me you know I'll close it was. And shows us some of the the most simple things in line that we enjoy and take burger and those sometimes the most dangerous code did you ever have anything like that when you race where you got -- oh my god it's in my life flash before my eyes out there was one of them really do believe it's over 200 miles an. It's different impacts bed yeah. What's it like it like it hurts like hell yeah but not liking me bleed mountain and everything else. Com now it's just like Talladega last week in. If those are probably the most unique because it's never just you'd react. You know it seems like these 1520 this in one of those big melee is and everybody gets in the new cases like. You know they're checking your bottles of makes you are guy in there Tony blood pressure through will Nokia lady here at this rally to see where I came. You know I've been the and it's like who else are new world talked in a month is of the doctor that Obama. Went on and others started yes others like fifteen of this in their argument and point fingers and everything else because it. That that would be awesome to be kind of is there to see what's going on doctors are trying to work and you guys in your screaming yeah right did you receive a fight break out know that sometimes I I would have liked he gave that doctors some news to work on I got four. I let's get back view and in as little bit about the racing because you're back to wicked man for like first time since 2012 Connolly. You know the royals will both open and came back and fourteen of fifteen and start to win in your win in your top five right now as we tape this amenable what's been worked countries. Well I think it's the very thing that you learn as a kid and and they teach you guys as any coach or any sport hearing you never give up never give up he can never waver from that and and you know I didn't they got beat up quite a bit and got moved around a lot. Thanks to roll and and twelve and thirteen next thing you know this out of the clear believe sign a new three year three year long term deal that. Got a ton upside in and positive things going on in. Gadgets decided he's done he's Clinton. So now you're out on the streets trying to find a job and and obviously tried it. Had to take some things that that you didn't necessarily wanted to do but that's what you had to do to get back on topping get yourself as Dallas aligned. With an organization Maxtor Haas racing it you know. It's capable of putting equipment on you do ego laden in competing your best and win these races. Had that last year com have a lot of name last year yeah obviously anything years since it had been in a competitive car. And then all of a sudden you've got a new crew chief. Bomb things changed a lot as far as the technology in what it takes to be successful in our sports com. Simulation. The technology and our sport right now we just just brought on nineties Andy's an IT company. If you had done it in years ago and our sport agreement with what's that Kennedy would. Would you re going with that what's the point in and now I mean I'm talking literally what are for our organization. If that IT guy the one guy that we can't live without honor race weekend at a racetrack is the IT guy. If he's gone we have a problem I mean it's like vehicular meltdown it shuts the whole company down. From from everything for the engines I mean. If you have trouble than changing used to you know proceed news does that in the boys are underneath it pulled a car rare about covers whatever the into the bottom they diagnose and at the old way. There even lifted and it. Now that the IT guy computer guy goes over the engine tuner the agency there doesn't have a 963 it's in his hand anymore. He's got a accord opposes laptop and he's like. Yea or day this blown up or you're Canadian makes a quick adjustment in the fuel map and a week I don't mean that. Is how far sports team and it's all because of the technology in. And you know is why we need these IT company. How many times the IT guys tried rebooting before it. I guess I'd say yeah I mean simulation behind you know our sport I mean this set ups and things he's go to the track it in you to stay there T figured out. Shocks springs. Track bar adjustments whatever is the case may be different front in geometry. Now that's all done and simulation before it aggregates in the track in and it on the today though that computer it's a buyers who will you don't want to be Seacrest has done me an asterisk card it's gonna handle bad and nine games nine times I think you're going to be in the things. It sounds awesome until it goes haywire nugget that you need to act haywire like now. Like like books for couldn't find team could find some ideas and that's molester deal with come off the ball way back. To its offs that are meaningless that's different world and we you know mind. My brother mind all my stuff misses we do it it's just like we did when it all started in in you know it's funny every test that baseball world. All world football world NASCAR world how to or outward in. And you see players really take off and get that big deals on the down nine. You know we have our TA the owners basically you need it you know we missed us now on our sport. It. Takes its at all on your own personally individually so. Everything's different but it's it's it was neat to see that. You know Obama it's all about team work it's all about the people around you that's the number one thing in this business. Even acted. In it's the wrong deal. Way you did that and next thing you need it to three years in. Again. Stick with with people and you. Accessible. Quality and win real. When you start to make a mistake once staff. Gary you. You don't have to be greedy once in if you view Leckey and have you Baylor and learn from that mistake can go wrong because I mean that's on everybody's. Taste might and I bet chase the money and that's that's a different business to Munis he has got the vast wall world right now mean. It's so frustrating to me because I come from us or you're really honorees you know. Professionally in your kid I mean the you know and and that's how you that's maybe it you know we race and NASCAR we race and series. Without that series in that program I couldn't afford it the next part of the next year for the next year he's. The next engine tethered to provide the speed to win and be successful for that next opportunity and so forth and so on and all this that stepping stones of NASCAR. That's how he did it. You know and and now yeah obviously Ozzie knees of basketball and and a goal and that's how you practice and it's a different world that. You know to see those those guys that are taken that money at an early age in and maybe not miss the education so that night that. On these difficult. It's it's it tricky thing because I don't blame them either way either side and you don't blame them I mean all it takes and there are euros a year Kuerten in her you're you're near something like that and you never got that opportunity you must be. Sacking groceries rescue alive I mean that's real that is now and that's something that's me. In my opinion difficult for them to. You know to base in the future your charitable aspect of things pretty remarkable I was doing some reading in much better reason view all this money given back to Emporia community. And your importing that kind of on your kids your sons raised money for charity and stuff like that would keep adding that's fantastic as well it cools things teach your kids had to give back. What was your son out raising money for and and how did you give him convinced. Like hey man this is what you got to. Well they did it you know program preschool at any rate. 6500 dollars and Erica. Com I told them that they'd I told the teachers that they raise that would bring a race car out and we batteries day. That happened days they raise the money and and through all their programs and for those kids to work that's what we did we. You know go and agree that doorbell and sell candy bars some key chain immense yeah you know the kids. Because they didn't want it you do it but David duke because he shamed me into next year those innocent little kid at the doorstep vegan. To works of and and that's it teaches us allies in I'm an adult. And I were our companies and you know part of a sport where your face to do that. And to be a spokesperson and into have to go about it of those deals and make and be a success not only on the racetrack but it you know off off. But behind the scenes of business to business and everything how our world works. Those days on those those candy bars in going down to own a car mile man down and Emporia. Those are the experiences that really set me up later on my deal happen competency go and looking guy and the guy asking for. You know millions of dollars beyond cyber race car that we can represent hammer whatever the case may be. Go back to charity stuff. Yet import community foundation you know when we obviously do a lot of stuff with in our community very proud to be. A part of NASCAR because they NASCAR the community out of I think is is better than any others. Sporting organizations. Is as far as giving back in and I am a proud to say that we we all support one another causes. The NASCAR foundation everybody eats eat look over at one of those events and it's all the drivers on board Indonesian. Not only their time their money to you that whatever the case may be that and we all have our own causes to. And that's where. You know the app all these things that mr. hospitals and so. Many different things are meaningful to you that you do you give to let's for me it was always an easy when to go back home. Because every time I went back there there was something that felt like acted like you know can treaty to you and things like that we've been evident. Build a community building that everybody in community uses from winning instead business meetings to. After school programs backpack programs scholarships. I mean we've we've done at all and proud to to be apart and there's a lot of people. It's do leg work in and just proud of what we've done shortly I mean but without you it does indeed that's going accusers pretty cool I was looking at forget. It that's that's a pretty sweet you've given almost two million more than two million I guess back to Emporia. Since you've been able you know to do this Rudy obviously did racing what's the most fulfilling moment you have at UN. Wow I just needed different when somebody's life. I think it was that community building like it means that we we donated to to the community to its beauties that we built. Around leaned on. My buddy Blake Chenault name dropper well I'm. He said I was at that moment and that was it on Stan and I could easily I couldn't believe that you know I showed in the pictures of one night continent and his partner know revered site. And that's pretty awesome when he would because eyes told him you know I was asking actually. You know how he would do that back was set up like an acoustic show or something he had some Lebanese act will pay. We do the grand opening complain cause you know that is yeah driver. Eight and in. On the home mom and showed up put on a show and and I was the welcoming moment in the surreal moment for me. Humans were preschoolers ask some pretty cool questions about what some of the stuff they ask you got to give them my little crisis that was it was that it was it was a body that it was funny is is she told that the use the levers. One time I choked on something in my face storm blew up a responded that. Some good questions obviously the ones everybody gases we union. Laws. That. And union now on the three year old you know what's gonna come out bright and those kids are no exception they use a Acer made. Its trustees said they still have. No idea what they're gonna ask what the embassy bullies or you gotta be careful. Because it's probably what you said that's Ryan and here life is going to be all over you and a repeat that that's Mora now got a touted I don't know maybe carefully because they will they so. Back to our conversation with Clint Boyer in a moment but first I wanna tell you about red door grill right door grilled trolling is becoming everybody's favorite restaurant right here in Kansas City because they have something for everyone whether you're a kid or whether you're an adult. You're gonna find something delicious at red door grill. We start the week off right with those five dollar burgers on Mondays and then you wait a couple of days for Thursday to get here and hollow Kenya dipped fried chicken that marinate beginning on Monday and Tuesday it's oh so tender and then by the time Thursday rolls around their flash Friday and it's so crispy delicious. People are waiting outside for the doors to open on Thursday morning. Of course happy hour every Monday through Friday from four until seven. You'll find the best deals and appetizers and drinks and my kids they love red door real immediately when we walk in May order those pretzel sticks and they're on the table before we even order our meal for me I love the salmon salad at red door real it is phenomenal to check out red door grill in Overland Park Lee wood and an heart broke site you'll find something for everyone. Everybody will love red door grill and we'll see you at red door tonight. I think one of the coolest things you've got to do and this is gonna show mind my side of like that up outside the sports is. Food and you got to do the triple these Cilic has yet again and I love watching match you know. Take me through that episode first the ball how long do you guys stay at a restaurant and the game and invest in one place like. Well here's the thing you've been friends for a long time and and met through other acquaintances but. Just have a lot common you know engineering energy level one and I can count on night in after hours and just love people you know and he doesn't matter where it is we always meet his Super Bowl or something like that or. Does it even if we're not there together by the into the night were together you know one of those deals and he he acts he just asked me if I would come be apart my guess I don't know any. I mean I can't make Peter regularly Sanders I'll rubles cereal that that. And say that in America wants a weak when it's Kansas City in in right around some great barbecue places. Com and it went to Charlotte in had a ton of fun there's those comparative bunch burnout which heated line cannot Larry this car travel with him yet AK anywhere that's legit and he's so proud of that car yeah there's like a big Dili exits got a new age and I like padded out there blow in the tires off I don't. Good we need to think tomorrow in the. I Eric you know but that comes there races and in. We did have done a lot of things together cool thing namely to sneak a lot on how much do you guys eat like to ask IA yet. So my appetite with I'm talking cat Kelly oh right I'm. Just think of a four year old that's how I beat my apple tire like took back yet you know that it would you go with a guy like that to a restaurant or senior he's started working with them not be used trust of yeah interact well. Given these are would you not trust it. Yeah privacy. See when he's gotten it. She just trust that it index in eighties you never before some colors every meaning or is phenomenal now. That's on its oats would you like like when you're shooting a TV sure he's doing it looks like you're eating a lot like I just wonder like can you sit there is going to cut yourself at all so yeah the runner won that you have his book I don't know that it will be book is among especially if you travel across country like we you mean the team's all happened in the garage area everybody. If you're in it an area that has you know one of those restaurants which it's been going around so long you will be Vietnam go to one. Because they're there on that show or reason that's the thing is they have a team behind him. And it knack for finding those go to stops all across the country and leaders in these places. Richmond we purchased in. That one right down correctly in the name of it but it's tripled the stop me and probably a block down and justice. Arnold. And that that when you're on the showed no you to sample and I go in on the next case you're right I mean you do you sample on every. Everything every plate underneath you've got a front of you. And rocket yet so now that you had experienced eating other colors of food besides Bayesian you know act. What is your like your perfect meal right now like it did this is what I'm happened tonight I just won the cup unbeaten this this were unknown and probably a Frontline. So I've got that's if we if we just want a cup race. As you saw in Martinsville that my agencies of the I've Horry body were ready like it's a duck dynasty tripled the in the Booth on fox what's the next tees if you could choose to go on this one next week ago you know it's it's. Happy and proud to be a part of the sport lowers its opens doors. You know ours our broadcast partners with fox NBC and not part of sports. And no different any other sport that but when it when it's your sport. And it IU it is collar race where it needs in the race poll. Drivers all the broadcast Talladega where all of us I was like what are. So far over its role is this your peers Gephardt. You know he is or night. The honorees receive our local currency in literally scared out reminder. For me. It. Well it's let's it's because part of this sport and you know race and we talked ideal on the radio show he says ask ask about the use social media you what's all answers the question about the emergence social media. Skirt this key. It's just not made that is why studies. Gaffe. Justin. Hammer every. Life with. And record at all. Alex yeah. Hello off my lawn right. Every step away. Goes through my ally in these keys. They do maybe that's attributed to waive everything people YouTube one point one all of this stuff it you know it you'll have to give an order applies world money prize. There. There. An armed robberies. In central. But do you like do you like the direction of the way you asked to go to. The sport young fans every sports tennis. I embrace yeah. It's. Positive. Solution he has brought. It to the world since morning but there's. Some. And saw people do. So. You. Pay. Sucks at it didn't. Wake better. Do better. I and that's that's my biggest pet peeve on waiters act. It in your view on accuracy so it's O Nate it is it's. Terrible eagle you force your that you want. Answers so it's ours. Not he cared about it. You're on you look at all of this week and won it. Equally that it says that you. Yet but that satisfaction of watching and making go to other three for other mother's basement and I just up I want my horse lawyer you. Argue all day long because you. It guys access. He bought it you think. That hole all day off. Whose injury NASCAR. The team mean guys those eighty AD in in respectable. Pace in in. Successful enemies at all. Obviously coach uses is our guy in NASCAR. On that you think but. He's just fun you know I think that's yeah. Follow in you know obviously I don't go to cheese gains very often nor. Or. In I have to polity Twitter here and down watching on TV Betty he seems very serious fair respectful. Com but fun to you know and I mean he seems like he can do is balance all of that and and you know elevator room when he walks in and and push players and they need pushed in and pull the reins back on the news means it. He's a good coach wanna leave you with this one used Truex are all winners all Horry in all 35 year old old dudes down the sport you get a lot of static from the young as a legal loser winner is gonna stay that way for the rest of the years as the old huge year NASCAR here's the thing it's always. It I mean you can't replace experience in our sport and and it's not the keys that are which. It's the immediate area yes everybody wants the fresh face that's success things like that let. So it Britannia explored the media are trying to find focus on I mean you're an item mean. You winner race and you look at TV for the following week he got all high roll your there points you look at some key points at that point. It's on that flier than X ray. Maybe it's kind of comical allies control it's gotten and how desperate they've gotten from it and win it and I'm lot of gay kids come and a lot of good stories. And I think that's sports healthy because of that but it's also the because. Hey they're gonna knock us off the users I hope you enjoy the latest addition to the Casey bobcats would NASCAR driver Clint Boyer he truly is accomplished both on the track and off the track. There's so many great things for his community right here. In the state of Kansas. It's.