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K-State Athletic Director Gene Taylor discusses the latest on the future of Bill Snyder on "The Drive" with Carrington Harrison & Brad Fanning.


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We are honored to be sitting down with the Kansas state athletic director. To start the show as we here in Manhattan Gene Taylor thanks for them out to be here mrs. my efforts of the nights. And tonight's people you gotta make around around here got off the kinds got to stop all these little bit about. Friday that it me he needs and well a clerk it's not nighttime it's got to know right now you can stop by the afternoon I would say probably with the sun goes down to execution and all that tickets of plane. Closed city. No self that you have reached or six months as the case they'd athletic director of the bits or. Being great you know it's it's great place obviously it states it tremendously passionate fans in. You know certainly the football season. Not going as we planned. You know has been great new fans an awesome it's been very welcome maintenance that's been tremendous so. Good and enjoyed myself for him it's becoming the the stretch Eugene I mean the next two games or at least what you gotta have a right for all game absolutely. Certainly you know six wins is the Boston. At a minimum. You know it certainly feel it leave our team capable of both been there been times issues that we which was the game we did that way and so. This is a team that is very committed and noble game I am only surprised that no. That's the thing I mean there's bits of like the Oklahoma game was active at the game was tied and you get so close so many times you know the West Virginia game so it's like. It's not like I don't think this the record is really. Tells that the entire truth this football team. They LA it's what those years that there have been a lot of years where those balls bouncing your direction and yeah and you win those close games and then things just happen and things just happy the way the wind of when an amendment. This is a year that does for summaries of those things haven't happened and obviously you know I think if you look and players Italian coach tell you there's times that we. Haven't put a complete game together office defense special teams and I think they feel they can do that than their cable read a lot of teams like you said Oklahoma schools Texas. Yeah that TCU game we had it's such so called that we have some things happened. So yeah it's just one of those years we just got to fight through it and wanting our kids have not done it not quit. Yeah in and out there playing hard every week in and in and that's evidently dame practice have been out and knock on every day of the days I go out there. They're working hard and it's good to see the. The biggest thing is they either you pay attention to you're looking at coaches and things that are going all your programs you know how the kids do. An if they're still buying into coach. Yeah very much so I mean that is certainly you know for me being new it's a little bit more difficult to tell them don't know the athletes that well but. No longer around a program along here around the athletes in Tennessee got a sense of the on the still they still mine and is still part of it and before when I've been able tell it's very much the case. With our kids here. Right now talking to Gene Taylor came to state athletic director on a personal level is this maybe the busiest time for you throughout the school academic here. Football season ending women's basketball men's basketball kind of gearing up as a Sherman's difficult on. Yes on there was certainly a difficult as sexy fun because you're going from event to event and sport the sporting news. At the newness of the basketball season starting so there's a lot of excitement there you. You know hopefully anticipated a chance vulnerable game around the football season so it is busy and it's a lot of fun a lot of activities months of this school on an. No this time here you're also doing Nielsen donor events and you get ready. We've got the you know we got the big twelve championship coming up and ultimately so we got a lot I've got a lot of travel coming up the next few months as well. Has apartment you've been the hardest for you just adjusting now being here is six months got to go to my initial question is the specific tight community of people have been here for a long time kind of getting in those circles and kind of networking is starting to. It's an order about it. You know that's quote get one of them I think it's great place about men and Kansas State in our fan bases they are so welcoming and you know they they wanna meet the team is their ability get a chance to sit down on Mars or development staff has done a great job of getting out to Sierra owners. Whether it's within this data with in the region and the meaning some national in the Dallas and new York and Boston. And and they're very very open they just wanna know what you think what your vision is for the department of very supportive so. That's actually been very very good and enjoyed a lot of it we still needed him more of it is that a lot of great donors they need get a chance to announce the. Jeanne we had yet we let you put him to me is that your taxes a few days ago but yesterday the report came out for Brittany Murphy about. About Jim Leavitt having an agreement of verbal agreement to be the coach in waiting at Kansas State and that caused mr. not only locally but the I'll tell you what you know and actually to like that's been the big story what do you tell us about that and and what what is your knowledge about that. Like I is certainly it's interesting the timing of an August night was just asked that he handled that was yeah unique timing of things in. Certainly to me it doesn't feel relevant in the Nazi coaches here's our codes via I wasn't here during that time Solano. Don't know what all took place but it does seem odd for me but as far as I'm concerned it. Doesn't have a lot of relevancy with with what we're doing today and without when I've known since then you try to look up yesterday I think he's going to be typical that are there right and all the sudden they just crazy for every time they get it to. I think it was Siler is look at what's attached to it you can on directly like they might be you like those interest in the seasonally. Do you view your job and take even or six months now and and the future of the football program and in coach Schneider's decision in the future of what he's gonna do it worked what direction that's gonna go is that maybe that the biggest thing that you have on your plate. You know I think I was pretty evident when dying went through the process and then as I got here though is probably my most. Regularly asked questions who what when is the day they coats retired besides tire what are you going to do what's the plan. It is that your biggest decision and certainly when you have a coach with. His stature in his lets you know as pleasantly stunned for program. You know I guess that I don't want to come any time soon but. You know at some day it's going to yen in the when you do you've got to you've got some big shoes to field and he. There's a lot of people that care a great deal about this program wanna see it succeed in the last night he left. You know didn't work out group. And people still have that sense that your who's going to be scar tissue yeah absolutely absolutely. Deservedly so on understand that so yeah I know it's a big decision. When it when it does come it's going to be is it's going to be low is to be looked at nationally in his sermon by a fan base and it's going to be decisions critical for program. Right now talking to Kansas state athletic director Gene Taylor my initial reaction why saudis. With all respect to Bill Snyder who was done so much for Manhattan so much for the university I wonder if you potentially has too much power if he has the ability to veto coaching hires that if you sign off on something can Bill Snyder to say no I don't want that and that it kind of which you're an awkward situation of I have to tell the person know who was the most influential person. But in this university's history. You know I. Nice and I don't know when coach goes. If these guys say I'm no longer coach you know I've been hired as athletic director to make that decision and certainly you know you're not in. Today years ago and now a coach to coach but he it was a direct you know but ultimately that's my job is to make that final decision and I certainly think the president. But as a Myron is in support Meehan that for me in Tennessee coach you have no input. Makes no sense in terms of who he is one of the program welcome it's my decision because what's that decisions made. I'm going to be the guy with a with it and that we are so that I can take bill Schneider that office I was out there if it doesn't part of it name on the stadium so. Certainly. I think. And for people that think that it's not going to be my decision. Really don't understand me as a person music athletic director and a us as an institution in the and I think that discredits coach Snyder a little bit too because I think he cares enough about this program. He NC senior I think. Yeah it's ultimately is decision to Munich with those for. But I guess there is a little bit I guess some concern. Like it's some mayor originality whenever you have to ask for the woman handed mayor asked the father expecting him to say yes what do you sesno with a security I just don't gonna get married there it went like. It seems like bill like force on the view to head coach maybe you don't hear those belief like what you're doing that scenario if you're getting a little bit resistance. I I make that decision was I think is what's best for program and ultimately I think it's somebody that. He may not agree with built in that's going to be my caller are called in terms of myself the president Nazis the president's as well. And we have abort it kiss it more than SO approval these decisions and so tonight I don't anticipate to be an issue had a great relationship with coach it was six months week. We thought you know them pretty regular basis and I feel confident that it. What's that day comes and I sit down and say coach you know this is what I'm thinking those what you're thinking that he's going to be very supportive rudely. We take it you're pretty great spot and he could become an annual program that's got a really bad football program I was sitting got to get this thing back up and running again. We are also the spot where eventually you're gonna have to replace a legend. Which is it tougher spot. The fact that the guy accepts it and take it certainly I can't say that I never replaced the legend. You know those those exist very few cases obviously you're thinking. You know bill anything John Wooden you know maybe you know whoever replaces the Nick Saban and Alabama if Greg burns there and those are those are tools of big tough hires three places in the question. I think every situation is different you know the north for the state of sue Craig left I wouldn't consider him a legend is certainly very successful very popular coach and now is very scrutinized in the smaller you know certain scale but. And and I think every of every situation differently might think it's easier replace a coach that's struggling programs that the ability harder just because. Who wants to go there is nobody here have been great facilities this program is well well respected in what coach is done. Across the country I think the candidate pool B. Believe it and whoever steps in whoever that person is really has to understand what they're walking into. They're gonna every time it looked up to the press box and saying hey coach woody called it in the assignments is bill Schneider damage they have that he's gonna walk past the you know coach walked past the statue that dated and drive in so. That's a big shoes to fill for whoever gets that money really have to understand that will be a question I'll ask them pretty directly you know you yourself and talk. Gene Taylor the athletic director for K state you know and I made an eye on what your opinion this was mine. Analogy but it's my comparison. I sort compared Kansas State Kansas City Royals going into free agency. It's a smaller market team that really hasn't very small margin for Ehrlich and decide free agent because. If they if they get raw they spent a lot of money which group. Listen as much of the luckiest in Algiers you know in the late nineties Michael this year and follow up with this team in this program and in what bill Schneider and do. George it's Alabama Tennessee. How important and what is your margin for error when it comes to getting that new head coach. Well I think anytime you hire a coach of margin there is small the usage replacing legendary replacement program that's been successful that the guys left or you replace programs to build that that. Because you have to figure out culture have to fear growth it you know to zero what type of program. In we're going to be immunity. I think that time the Naval Academy you know your own world option team on and coach decided he was in. Pro style office world that's going to work yeah. And it didn't work gently that that out though. Mean I think you just have to understand your situation in understand what type of program Mueller and bring a person in this point that that culture that program. So that choice may be smaller but your margin of yours is probably small and every position every time and time bars and now you ride I would say that. I think there's going to be a lot of coaches. That would would be attracted to her on the ideas on Alabama's but you know it's a not a whole lot of these jobs out there not and they're not really good evening they know the passion that we've we've gotten great donors would be great facilities we got the opportunity troop levels facilities. And we've got a great winning culture and that's a lot of people love the department. Right now talking to Kansas state athletic director Gene Taylor. Do you think you're job as may be of little bit harder I guess when it comes to the landscape of coaching is a feel pretty confident that eighty Reid is gonna be back for Kansas City excuse Bill Self probably going to be the coach K you basketball. Tomorrow Bill Self something could happen health related to Maliki to decide mapped on this or over the long tunnel to go home it's been more time with my grip here are up with we like it yet. So like that that is so does that make your job a little bit difficult just knowing the uncertainty of your head coaching job to some extent. I think that uncertainty exists because of the Bob Stoops decisions you know it doesn't really matter I mean I think you fear. Sit in there always comfortable that your coach is going to be there forever. Now you write a mean it was both coach B and seventy years old and in the fact that you know he retired before that. You know at some point he's gonna retire only makes it any different agencies maybe think about a little bit more on the front side has more on the front of your. You thought process than the back you thought process on gas and you know with a guy like Bill Self you know chain is probably sit there and pretty good but I guarantee is also thinking. You know I need to probably just be prepared in case that they ever come. Let me ask you this it's probably at a spreadsheet but you have a drawer with some names and their rhetoric always got a hard drive with well they've done that nowadays there that would you guys the open record hero and I'm not this is gonna write a paper I. You know I don't I don't have a list but it's values in the any heated. No matter what their coaching situation is that there are always looking and then there are always news live you know in particular note and let these guys would considers so. Anything I have those in my mind and but that was two years. Our votes for the studio is analysts and coaches in the room. That maybe guys look at the list and. Let me ask you this that you guys did we just got the released yesterday they get you played Missouri twice home and home what would end of that. You know we were we are in need of of the power five down the road than those two years non conference five it and just feels is our deputy. I've got to ask her to atomic take on those influence game is being what is considered Missouri absolutely gave me the content they're interest of those parties the conversation got the dates figured out and believe you me and announced the contract yesterday. In my back for the big twelve considered Missouri's role in leading the conference there is or is there. Is are part because it. The TARP like a little bit yeah that's a whole different story you know I think maybe that's. Days gone by and a lot of lot of big twelve teams are playing the Missouri teams in London conference process in across the boards like you know it didn't really cross my mind. But we announced today a couple people say hey you know this convenience view. I I didn't I didn't hear from anybody's I think we're but I think it's you know it's done them down roses that the speaking of that game a lot of people kind of wish that game is a neutral site you guys having a conversation with Errol it yeah will acknowledge their hand we did with each other about is there potentially decide that we thought this little of both really. You know what it society goes to a new really take a chance that they really good contest with both your home crowds left by his. The new hold on this time you know and on the road never. It is basketball season what are your expectations publishers markets club and I'm pretty excited. For both coach median and coach Weber Whalen O Leo it's early in a couple of games. On the men's side I really like the cases seem like these new ball really well. And still you know again the kids dollar basketball teams. Go to like the team elect votes in my opinion when you hear coaches generally like my team that has a tendency to play up pretty well. I know he's pretty excited about the potential for the team and I think we are Bryant is. And puts me besides India you know these batteries placed a lot of his left last year in he thinks that. In overtime they're in good enough actually healthy. On the coach likes and inciting violence with the team but they've got to be aggressive again that standard and passable on and so follows these teams in that scene in the exhibition. They get an after party. That's Kansas state athletic director Gene Taylor sitting down at this act tights or girl we appreciate your mighty guys have a great day it just aren't so oh by the time that narrow and it might be well. Drive home. Bomber they liked that shot but yeah. Right now yet we have large sheer tights with it was that dollars just to hear case. Bill they can appreciate coming to town got a part of union in the future I feel pretty confident that he spent twenty minutes like you do with us at every bar and you'll be here it's like 8 o'clock. And then mind of my plight low blow don't have a safe trip humility and appreciate appreciate.