The Just Juice Episode

Carrington Harrison
Monday, May 1st

Carrington and Cole talk about the Jimmy John robbery, the failed Fyre Festival, how prom proposals have evolved and more plus Carrington is joined by Kendall Harris, owner of Just Juice which is located on 1607 W 39th St in KC about how starting a business and how to make a successful smoothie.


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They should they just stuck to sports. Eads the stick to sports club dancing with Kerry did Harrison from the drive. I don't know just as I. That was about four. They're just cute over on the western united street enjoyed its talk about that help you benefit of the good news. And just give them. Owning a business small business. That's my boys item count format I don't look out for the culture coals here was that subscribe to this podcast on iTunes review it like it we had more things I do I got more ratings out here deficit reached we have more rating routine here I mean I gave me to start and I think there's certainly in the five star rating and let us know in the comments bloom we have now giving you a task in a responsibility. 70% of the content that we talked about on the show will be produced by coal. I'm putting you in charge of official rundown. So you've written down seven banks as the talk about if this episode sucks all of them go forward rather than their trash I am a 100% blaming you for that. That's fine that's fine I'll lose my responsibility as the the random maker I think this is a good listener we have some of topics this week. Talk about this on the show Bo we just couldn't because of NFL draft. The robbery happened at Jimmy Johns we passed Jimmie Johnson all the time I've beaten in the Jimmy Jones and and gentlemen. Terry Taylor referred all parole already are robbery. Walks into the Jimmy John's own brought away. Essayist Jimmy ought. You got a mask off and undermine. So I I worked there Jimmie Johnson high school or over to Jim Jones for five years from Thomas fifteen to a time most wanted to transfer to one in Columbia. Well the first things they tell you on day one of someone tries to rob you you just give them everything in the registered to this more expensive for the store to deal with you getting shot and replace the money in the register. I mean that's not a lesson I would have needed to be told Biden that job done over to Grozny sale it's meant seven dollars an hour and you could have ultimately do what has been urged to go as well or what's the from her statement on things I did ask about male what else do you need heavy. Did or risk going to jail over I did you stole a 167 dollars or at least get to see it was that I just order Utley but would have bet it should add did you go ahead get your power. Yes I need a large cup too no so the thing I never understood like the thought of robbing an eighty. A fast food restaurant as most of them and like in my experience to 200 dollars in the door you're gonna go to prison for years for 200 dollars he would. He's up to ten years in federal prison and a 250000. Dollar five. Sort of got to tell me if you brought Jimmy John's he doesn't have that 250000. Dollars sixteen dollars and it's. At minimum it just went in there wasn't thought out at all I don't I watched the newscast of 41. It was between quick trip. Donald JB job and so you don't want sitting there flash is the toast their front among minute. It was just completely Bob like people get nervous about two weeks but they had the governor thought of his base that was called cooling. Don't let it fifty points of it like the guy at the cold table when he moves it back and like put that on the guy's head. Still he looks unknown waited more than anything that kind of thinking my shift is about to end. Now I gotta fill out all this paperwork Greg Robb are going to be an extra two hours. Used as a noise and the best part about that as a former Jimmy John complete. He's still managed to throw his gloves in the trashed. The automated image so you have to deal about moments afterwards by the favorite part of the whole thing. If he tries to give them the entire year to ask register and we're not gonna go to an out of the space aliens take in the muddy out trying to hit and so. And they'll all port you can just see the frustration I and here I went oh well do you want from you I'll give you everything he possibly had Monday and they're Redford was not even with the change meant. Probably aids you gotta investigate them as you did you choose the fast way to he has way. Yeah I mean he went in the he's like our only get a number five veto put mayonnaise on that and give me your money like bill is not a well thought out Robert. No not at all I can see why you're already. Parole for armed robbery you don't. Exit these problems you can't be doing that to think that you in the system what do you need a man continued a butcher put up yet ability or get it done that. But you are at every possible shouldn't get away with the crime like yourself a fighting chance in this you walk didn't of them walked in the air. At least that's they call a huge deal left with a 160 dollars. You have to take notes from the other robberies happened on the crossroads this week really is Lou lose and one of the spot did you see. It split. Got robbed twice in order for hours blew over red arrow got robbed and sometimes the Tony for our inside job they knew drew no way to save the largest robbed twice without somebody on the inside not turn and go lower motives. That's the insides up I saw the did a big. They'll lose pockets for a bomber and in there with masks on take note this is a mistake in Brooklyn from. There and there in the back at 3 in the morning we soared over just five dollars. How I don't know I don't I don't know what they got out of there but I mean eyes so I worked on the rosters read over by lose and that I happened. I think Monday morning 3 in the morning and I went to lose for lunch on Monday. There were cops all over the place like Roman around the Jacobson's Yugoslavia. Figures and me too me too but yeah they were just all room and there's. I cop cars down there apparently taking statements we have an active shooters it's legitimate grassroots. So. I didn't know that I'd go with I didn't know that it was a crime spree across five spots on hit and one might assume just just. Bill circle yes I don't Blu-ray they took the the streetcar or a new set of about his. Robbed everybody who is a lose the Jacobson would use them even though it is not over and over had a voodoo lady was like Alex you've taken a date. Maybe. Can't remember. Him as the day and another taken some personality and what was instantly what it wasn't a year ago. I've been billions multiple crimes have relations after it concluded itself may all right well that that's a date and if you did you pay for it I'll OK we'll do that today. Let's go to bed level it played Florida possibly at relations account. You know urban villages say I think they have won the best deals in the city. Bill passed a trio so there's three costs as of today and it's a limited as much as you can. Finally I know dollars. It's a good can you split it with another person like what's that mean you go to Liddy is that we split deposits are helping so I don't think that I think that's against the rules and how can one person the trio you need three lead. Now make a lot of sense it's a trio. That's about. Another sad story. A staple of my childhood. McDonald's dropping the hi C orange. This hurts man mourns during this herds. That was the only drink how we did at McDonald's. And now they replaced it with so. Sprite tropic buried out begala no disrespect your host big Cole and I effort took care fits like all the luck in the world for mcdonalds with the action this you know they're they're wonderful organization yeah may eighth. I'm all for McDonald's power to the people. How did you do this and you're not consult the people we have to finesse I see back there got soup. Asked for the it's like a lot of that like these companies do think that know what they're asking for request that no one wants this bright tropic vary over the hi C orange. I don't know maybe it may be Dicey oranges expensive to produce circuit in total cost there. It is because I think all of the other soda seagate Coke and Diet Coke or by the two biggest ones and everything else probably makes up. 20% of the amount you see you spend so they can cut a couple dollars and cents cheaper to get the the spray them I'd ICL makes sense final. The icu or go I mean there has to be some. Economic reason why they did it but it is upsets me. Just you know what you already eliminated the dollar bid you used to be you get the big double put a dollar all the other stuff that was like don't. That is to call on a dollar fifty and you already hit me with the rising cost at least keep what I love it here. Keep those guys you'll learn McDonald. I mean they're ecology to make chickens in the small fry for three dollars and I was living McDonald kept all of us buffalo. Back today you can only get the combo. Value creature come off the dollar menu and they keep drinks they're let dollar the dollar and besides. What could just raise the price of that pocket and has been a dollar fifty what are they just pass the call this an investigative journalism all over in the yeah we need to ask somebody some questions and those numbers. We've gone to pass through Christmas and I never gonna drink soda soon affect me a whole lot about but I do apologize for. Los analyst said in it's it's it's a tough day whenever they eliminate one of your favorite drinks like I don't know why they would do this I don't know who asked for this. I don't know who signed off on this obviously Ronald McDonald agreements are getting very poor. Counseling in PR management I'm I'm I'm here to help. You would McDonald's menu was like a 130 items. They're down to twelve now. These to have everything good I like that it's like that us at that tells our favorite McDonald's jokes but a lot of people go to McDonald's and steer at that and you. A permanent change. It's big gust of the new book we've you'd go about it and promote the hell out of the jaded and the only place that really tries eating anymore is Taco Bell Taco Bell introduce something new every six months. We talked about the fact that the combined to taco and burrito and talk on the restore the same thing. That's their new item it's a taco burrito like mash up and taco and burrito I feel ignorant. The exact same thing when Lazard Shelby you wonder if I'd heard this taco burrito I. It's a commercial that like. They've always been side bus and it never realized how I missed this what it's been well ever he was clearly much isolated and probably state lives they do relatives all captaincy that you got all Taco Bell come out of Iceland no but it's been it's been on literally like every royals game every everything I've been watching has been to capital's commercial and admit I've seen just can't remember to honestly the growth and that's from when. I got a lot of got a lot of that there's like keeping you afloat right now with the roe VQ this great new invention and they combined to taco and burrito and to me it's. I mean they're both lettuce. Tomatoes cheese meat and a tortilla doesn't. To remember that the that double Decker taco this was a big deal when they combined the soft shell in the heart shall taco. And they put the re fried beans in the middle which I hate re fried beans but that was their big thing. The drills look I think who's been the greatest invention in fast food science. I tweeted this a couple days ago that whoever tail with the garrido as locals pocket should be in some kind of all of they've commit such a brilliant idea to Rios are delicious wonder let's just make this the shell and and keep our tried and true taco. Formula oh is this an amazing image a solid guy died at like 41 years old. Our repeated that god created the garrido slowed Osaka probably two menu you know I'd I tweeted this out and then people were sending me the information. About good to read those local stock goes. I thought set for the guy like how did not know that this great pioneer who changed my life had passed away at such a mean the good die young RP. And they do do you do you remember like when the rumblings from that first came out because I remember is always like. They're gonna make taco with a to read a show on legislate bubbling in the service and and one day they just showed up. I was a little things that we are never candidacy and then it. I was actually shocked that the guy was wide because black people have been in the opening up to read those bags and making their own the rebels local stock goes. About thirty years so it really doesn't shock you know white guys and and took a video. The Elvis Presley of the food day it doesn't Jonathan desires dealership people's idea. Let's talk about this because it was an absolute disaster. I assume it's the fire festival Frye fires in my I would announce both Lewis let's call the fire festival for the sake of this conversation as it was a dumpster an absolute disaster. What it happened if you are not good at what the fire festival was it was this musical festival in the Bahamas. They got a bunch of rich people were promoted. And it was an absolute disaster. It was in the Bahamas people went there they didn't have food that have accommodations they flight got canceled I heard it locked them in the airport since satellite the Hunger Games Coachella vision yeah it was satellite to me. So I heard some articles and essential it'll one of the first things that they did is they convinced all of the people who were going to not bring cash or credit cards and just put money on the wrist. All these people down there with no cash to mill way to pay for anything to that got money on a wrist band. The concierge desk was like two pieces of wood with a print that does that come on here's ultimately there was nothing there when I got. This absolutely no way edit this festivals put together by Dow rule. As some other rich guys that they were team in two. To do think we're really McFarland were there their combined interest to influence all of that combined interest all of Billy McFarland Dow rules Seri partnership over a mutual interest in technology the ocean rap music. I had no clue that Joba rules was just as. In there was just overseas loosely let's create a business partnership as we both of the ocean I just like the technology it threatens the rappers from pledged not. Let's not forget this might be part of the story is the people calling the US embassy yes I'd pick all the stuff the US embassy has to deal with and I kept to save you from hunger day in the. On the news that it got governor just on their living life on assignment were in the embassy in the Bahamas. If that's not the peak white privileged moment when they're relied wrote hey you know what we're stuck here we're just gonna call home. Where color in the US embassy like that that's the ultimate apple care moment do an athlete and you speeches manager at that I just about India got. I also read that essentially there like all promises Villa style rule. Places to stay in rooms and they get there and just all tense. And it rained the night before all the blanket and had her way. Half the time some have beds and as a people were just running around taking beds out of random tents it literally was Hunger Games late. Just go ahead and. I'm telling you don't drive roadshow edition and then out ruled released the statement that said quote. I truly apologize if this is not my fault but I taking responsibility. I am deeply sorry to everyone who is can inconvenienced by this but got the point you are you kidding even at your publicist Heidi well written and he opposed it. You just pick up your vote and you type in the notes that midstream shot into weeded out like. Either respect that you just put nest we got a 25000. Dollars jointly that your publicist types up and annual next year everyone who went the students via that you. All UN double also says I'll make statements and I'm heartbroken at this moment my partners and I wanted to be an amazing bit lawyers. In capital letters not a scale it put caps it wasn't scam just what it is and there was a scale of as everyone is reporting I don't know how everything went so left but I am working to make it right but make sure everyone is refunded. Obama Joseph money yeah that'll fellow guards are good singles looks so like they used to meet with the way to finessed you. I originally said that they were Joseph room and the team our. Overwhelmed by how difficult it was to create the infrastructure on an Iowa he's. I didn't understand could be hard to build an island it's yes they're just violence on support poor effort for. It sounds bad daylight if you go to their website of fire festival back how. And then they're just tell these days. I'm sort know what to go to your festival next year I guess that's all just from this year we'll have free VIP that's measured sensible to sort of break it to you. Don't give us when next you know defensible about it here at the festival go on you have an idea that laws. The good days since this curb your desire to have pencil and we talked a lot about you really you feel a ticket to the age are getting to be too old started on these things. Happens every single year about a festival news. I'll be really excited to go to a festival and it after the festivals over under people's accounts from it and it sounds like the most miserable experience than ever. Right so I don't wanna spend 3000 dollars seriously been attempts in the of the desert or on a stranded island somewhere like. I can listen I commuted home and there's there's YouTube and reconfigured next year well I'll convince myself that outlook to go to Coachella you've done this last two years you sent us flight information that ticket packages on the loan. That doesn't sound like a good time to be. Bear this year actually could have got Coachella tickets. Of the second week in India and you know there was a second weekend when I had company the tickets on sale at war and I called dear sue so that you had to be in that virtual waiting room I would like going to the commercial break to check it out so during one of the commercial breaks. I went there I could Abbas session two tickets. What did I had like fifty seconds to order it like it can't order the tickets and fifty seconds of my time. Had expired and I missed out on Coachella tickets that I think you missed a whole lot you can seem Kaman that romper blue. I want to be there may and I wanted to go to Coachella bottom room Barnes for me I. I think you start with like a nice little while local lose you know some people up in Chicago you can deal with that doce chance. And then menus are taken planes. Aisles at the camp rock's is that that's what fueled by a five year for a festival. Is with a good time. I've never. It was only one year so I feel like we should go to which you know Busby each. I'm my music I like. I'm not go stand around in this news but I don't lightly regulated as you do that opposed the rule would. But at least people like like I know at some point the greater yet to come to suspect that could be both. Alabama shakes at five both mutual's like single. Singling festival you continue to work your way up to the majors I don't know that's I don't know the festival which they like things that are on my bucket list. I wanna accomplish a festival is on there. Very easy to maintain a full. You'll assembly Mexican peppers remembered and you were kind of down there former detainees nationally and no. Break that's what Wednesday. Tool for fast. Break is passed. I can't go to another thing that's on my bucket lesbian or video. I feel like I reached in the local celebrity someone can put in there. Is speaking part I don't need. I just wanted to be in the back have a good time and they show the famous people I've read the other show that night as people show in the back having good at the tech news that alignment drive by with mine and few doubt that might then I'm your does bear and the back at the club go crazy song or whatever that would be. Perfect extra you should send them you're in your commercial relieved and four oh we had I was in the shiny machine Q you joke about you go assault the game let's talk about what do. I have been stellar and Charlie hustle to put your car are in their little. It's the Graham look book yeah. For over a year now are very close to it via and you pop up or what are going as chained up to put you know the celebrate diversity. Black white ebony and ivory together where it's not enough supply your haircut schedule would use that they had UN they're looking like. You can on the corner for nine weeks if they told me when they were gonna take the picture I'd be sure Erica odd isn't it was below its all okay what highly hyped product they they details. It was a smile about a country. That's elect. All of the count at all I bet that you did you. We've met them like paper meaning your video we know about you now ready to do deductibility USC fighters on call you get that one week notice you got one week to get ready for a fight. Man you got two hours and Erica. Hasn't happened in four months. Senator got a couple days audit which talks I had to get air comes in front of people and they're gonna take pictures on the that in order to have. I don't want that lifetimes guarded you on our record so I had to do it if you took you to the yeah we're gonna head out I didn't do much moral and I woke up at the moment I basically I woke up like this. You wanna talk about prom. Two K seventeen you just graduate high school last year or so you probably got asked if somebody. Without an eleven thank you no so there is like. All these pictures on Twitter with the passionate prompt you to seventeen of these kids like in private jets and aware and really expensive. Clothing and everything I just wanted to talk to you about your prom experience they'll never heard the story. I didn't go my schooled and have problems we had banquets though I did not go to prom actually the data don't ruin your topic banquet I went OC HEL and theaters I love them so fantastic film won the great. Cinematic experiences like that outlook age yet I love this. You know when they're in the the brother and the girl in the the car actually that's probably about. Yeah. I know. I it's great that the best part about that movie is all of them act like they're in high school and like thirty years and right like TI is thirty years all act like a high school senior light. Ice program. Your grown man. I guess I kind of ruins here wanted to talk to you about your prom but I he went to a banquet and so. I didn't go all but your generation to these young people Libya ruin product street problem like wedding proposals Malick is cedars Burress who would have sex appeal and I don't need to do all of that. I went with a friend and we are literally sitting in English clubs and we both and I have dates a girl wanted to go with the past by her Davis friend sells well. So now I was stranded on the street. So just a girl those principles and you want your prom she is like don't accommodate cool Watsco. But that was like the big prom proposal for me and I I don't feel like it got really big into a year too like Tony twelve point thirteen when Twitter really kind of sentences often IG yeah that's one asserted today it wasn't like that when I was in high school I just a recent. Yeah I don't ideas though did it I mean I mean I guess I gated in terms of like everybody wants the reads weeds and the lights. You write you a note do you wanna go to prom yes no maybe and that that was the extent of yes you to from not out here. Doing above and beyond and have been paid to take you somewhere. I asked a girl to homecoming pirating them coming to us the income of an adjustment for commemorative. Co set a record up very low budget. Are Frist he's here I'm David Garland interviews bigger. And it worked. I got an ambush outside of those videos that you leave guns and have it but we public the girls asked when there's been some other Sadie Hawkins yet ours was pulled sweethearts and I got ambushed outside of a movie theater and like some indebted to entertain assessment. Was electric competition you were a lot of people asking you to go order one person she locked in the early boom. There was a five star recruit owner on the up on this we are I don't know there kit. No I was I was I was like in. The BO pretty demoralizing feeling like we do. Like the whole thing it is but the trading places at the relatives which could get asked by growth filing figure out the future day if you're black that's a young age to find out that your teacher I know I agree and I was very happy. That new house is counselor and I live with Biden at out of 2425. He's got the life experiences that well. The fire at a sixteen which are not desirable but wouldn't that be a huge blow the eagle with a white girls are the most important thing alive. Good the first time lasso and homecoming my freshman year she said no all that lose heartbreak and devastation. Yeah it knows who's miserable but I will say as senior year camera and she was coming in the mammoth wouldn't. Bit of a debate you curbed via the aren't tables of terror on business but you talk about this. Visit Diaz vs night. Lots opal I actually just saw this isn't breaking news right now is going to skip the NBA com I assume you know and lot of mobile is put in Tokyo in the barge Japan ago. That's that's the perfect analogy to describe it. All of our balls funny at first I enjoyed it. It's very similar to the president of our country it was pretty funny at first it you'll like this eighty mullah blood. Lamar was a layer is in the beginning and now inserted to a complete clown. Is so he has and I've been working so we can about the draft up on the used and go. And they have three commercials and rotation and one of them is the Stephen A Smith and Lavar ball first. So I've. Had my fill of him for a lifetime but the whole high achievers of the neatest things I read an article was saying Jesus sales are up 80% over the last year. And nineties has dropped three. That boost technology Amanda boost technology is out here I got a pair boost. I actually got to boost the first of there's this picture of Connie in Coachella. It's two years ago I dozens beard jumping he has the white blue stone. In like a real height beats out one of the issues after I saw that picture. It's so you're much more of a shoot out and I am I have always one night he's never really wanna beavis and butt. Do you feel like Adidas is now the king of the issue gamers are still ninety unity just is just coming up upon them. The best way to put it is in our generation Nike will never be passed would have such and it data like they have such as its fourth tally es Buena FS one. Right now. It's very hard to argue that it d.s doesn't have the Jews I think more than anything. It is just adapted to what Hsu. Heads will now. If you think about basketball shoot the ball is kind of bigger they've always been all year right LV screens in sneakers it is slimmer sleeker comparability. I love Nike shoes. What the most culpable she's rested a basketball shoes but I think it is quick to note is that a little nipple or Nike's what's taken night it will be time to adjust my outlook the roaches for the price point known gruesome miss my progression but like also warned of boost but you put the ultra Bristol. The roaches fuel cheaply make it once you put more of the appealed to the roaches and he was at seven dollars and they came up. In view is too bruised or 180. Attitude over the price point what you put more and I don't like we're in the roaches now awkward to go to Bruce once you've got to get broke broken in and not as stiff as it were in the beginning. You'll swear by the ocean for the first I first got the ultra Bruce I want the first time I did the height. But it's a teacher retired the unaware of and then on got like. I wish I had more not at a point now spend a 100000 and Jews every week does not appeal to me anymore about that doesn't fit into the financial. Real life thinks the pay for an out of college only thing I'd do is put gas in the car. Instant issues through four times a month but now slight Amare umpire and no one's view about. I want her she's this year. That's surprising to me yeah I got the royal want to go throughout this month are this year. The department that doesn't make a different decision out of our Arnaud you know. Not talk about this last week. And in the we started talking about lives BD live Pete. AKA arrest minorities are talking about that show Calcutta sidetracked that we talked about Joseph Nixon. And issue a coffin that distracted me from the vision yes. Should our six trash to twit is said that it was we will continue this conversation all the listened to this. First the absolute rulers. So I revisited this and and research for for the pond and searched and I did I do little reason to watch porno bro let's take your report of experiences and our reserves by cats mighty. There but that's not an Olympic what the research ones. I I've watched Eritrean value collar resort to vote by. The girlfriend we've read. Engage in physical activities occasionally do much for with their program. Would you outpour with your shoes on and there's compliment she likes them but that is what conversational like when asked their argument is watching our shoes off in Lehman's admissions like pork. Fine but you probably you watch. Look what's important. We haven't really. In my life blood but I would say after a sport apartments like everything a lot more law in order and so that I thought it did. I don't know what it is it's enjoyable lives. What David tidbit it's different just to see what's new about it useful upon them yeah what and I'll be. But so. I wanna change my stance a little bit about this if you do it right and you kind of go into it and you plan out what's gonna happen in the the positions among the steps I think you'd be kind of enjoyable. I also think that being in a shower that's designed as a shower is a much more important than being in a tub shower. Yes a trash to me. Maybe you're right I haven't tried it in this environment. Soul YE perception that it is viewed. It's not a shower it is the most awkward experience imagine you don't have enough. You can get the food stamps and it's slippery. And like you said the waters on a natural lubricant no it's it's awful but take one of our goal to take a shower with another person is fairly overrated yeah I hate that. Cuddle and what you have the lottery the other person's COLT like trying to hurry it's not no one gets between. He creates these very weird like perceptions of what things are and they went to become an adult trial for yourself. You realize how it completely substance showers sixers won a television what made you think showers sexes is very passionate. Our emotional. Do you bond. It's way more awkward in real life China sickness that is always the ligament on the shower and cracked open investors like remember when fear of ours I don't ever feel that way it's just. You've been around enough to know if so doesn't work constantly at first like nervous are you abdominal this I don't wanna consider this this is divorced have a good renewed effort so I'll keep trying to yeah and I'm not bad. It has. What's important put volatile and let's just drive off the list is too old traditional way you did it this way for centuries and we know that word it's it's a tried and true benefit. What happens next. Juice and sex as far. And shower rooms and you know they just picked it themselves at the bass. They just let it once once some templates and well and that was have they gotten that shot is also what's the best kind of sex. 'cause then the best kind of sex is we're both of you are slightly tipsy that's the best. You like tipsy where western natural. Buy into dishes and there's a lower but not drunk where somebody makes that state. Or someone like falls out of bed but he is happy to be multiple times but someone's fallen out of the new phone and movement I've never followed that bit the other person has fallen out of bed that's happened multiple times. You should be sleeping with people who are following it was it's an awful experience ends it right and at that point. And that's over now not backs I think slightly slaves have felt like US fighter slightly drunk or like first in the first thing in the morning. A first morning as we do of war and nobody wants that morning breath missionary. Nobody wants bet it'd. The key new keys you got to do open about the offers all about Reagan did this before at UP. Those of us at the unit the First Amendment out of beavers duels to mouthwash are not fit to preparation that's preparation. It's five seconds my bathrooms attached to my bedroom of the underrated I would say sex is right after breakfast though. That we are right after you have breakfast. Where you don't really have much to do this is not the fault 'cause there's no sex on a sudden you know football about the commodity and it does that messiah football let's let's be real criminal Ivan do Lebanon where we're busy but let's relax. But the perfect sixes. You have brunch. And that is that little window from like 1130 to twelve would you are really doing much that's a perfect opposite if you want significant net. It's clock and start today that's probably the both underrated sexual experience the other really. Awful ones who is right after you've had dinner without having time to dodge. Yes topic gets. Some improvement of the rules I got caught on. You're a kid knows it's awfully Smart and I need to figure I need to digest of movement we need to happen our flexible. It happened and recently had a tap. Did you dictator paranoid you know oil it closed The Who has avoided it. How did you look at her perfect it. I originally had a side trip did any of you who knew the pizza slushy and allies. Like it like a bottled water than you delight here and stuck to our new sound turned off if there's noises coming from the stomach it got to find an affirmative. Or is it but it just got to fight through it also anything sticky like chocolate. It's just the mass afterwards. If you've ever dot used chocolate before that I can think I just feel like and huge now. You can't have six in the shower is that stretched so. Yeah. All six right after it did its job. My favorite time to do what everyone's clean you put it perfectly clean if it is re settled your body. And she's cleaning do you shower after sex like. When your done dude you'll distribution or two I'll always palace throughout the person. That's that's very important part of this article critical incident. Very important are. Just always wanna take a shower and been doing and those are the two teams on. Don't see why you had a that's situation Williams etc. so it was purely physical and it wasn't emotional in the moment it's over yeah I had Russia are at its base you lay there. Holder you know the conversation to talk about lie you talk about dreams you get bet fifteen minute post not clarity. We'd thought to do anything you put your mind to. So bella and if you do not only unknown to drop what's better bet fifteen minute post not Cleary are being hot. So greatest idea that ever had for the show came at Brookhaven those fifteen minute. Yeah as associates and answers are pretty blissful they're they're pretty eager. No I I'm usually forced ago points off because consulate afterward. We can't put it out of order and needless and they're not champion at a know you my card you wouldn't miss a Gatorade you know crippling our opinions of potassium. Due to debris commandos. That's critical man not that's critical. To do too little droplets on you for an. I have a sweat brag that you take out bad people always have those little rag that. Are split through a news article are those like the big got a barbecue always adds that were and that's you. That way. Isolate and she's like unfulfilled but made an. Ideological announced went off off your brow your child I'd like where this conversation when I'm just bad debts by. Our last thing about that is what I think I always think affords gulp of the kid I didn't understand what was happening on the scene where. Forces model is that is that the principal. Data that we need you or is out there and rocket than that guy comes out like Obama shook his god shall school Limbaugh. And it just repeats the kid I had no clue what the context of no clue that I don't. That's what was happening and she she loved Anderson what was happening I could do it up podcasts solely on force go. I love that movie idols we have ever seen all the way through. I and I've seen that movie multiple times in my different settings to affiliates always on TV I've never sat down wash forest don't from start to finish but it's in the home movie multiple times it's a fantastic film. Philly is on once a week. Did that once the weeks pushing united seven times a week. We have a channel that does run Shawshank redemption of sports company has altered national TNT and then the basket and informative and want to know though that law and order also run on net you know. For cold. This was part one coming up part two Kendall Myers from just Jews joys with talk about his business end. Why do we all love Joseph Cahill we talked about that rollout Hale's group. This is Mac lethal you were listening to the stick to sports. Podcast. Having be joined by a good friend of mine Kindle hairs he's the owner of just Jews part of why treated this podcast. Was to create platforms for young business owners like yourself can no welcomed us exports to the pretty cool story at least the drinks that you serve all of them are sports references why did you shoot. Man a man they want to. Go to export purposes because a lot of towns is tougher to geek guy asked jump on board something that they'll. On solid look at it like are good programs go to hamburger. Obese and seek it was approaching it with you put all names like at least that you like McGwire Sosa. The Serena you know so literally to the post. Notices every daylight. Green engines will miners. Purples movie too there's 0% chance ever so injures one arrives. You this. It's kind of skeptical would do it look like term it's tennis. Q what's this zone swing man is that's our most popular images is the Kerio. Spinach green apple pineapple mean. It's actually securities. With the chronic anger region in his throwing me is green could play baseball. The infant is off with a nice little smooth hit me and I never actually making an automatic uses real cool. Like that you can fill out hunger for food and other white folks crazy. About white people kale but they'll look Cahill. They lowdown on what they love the the Mike fills more think is more likely insides are with a black folks to this is green as gorgeous suit seek commissar. So if you like no Mike feels like that makes me. Then they also like I got or thought James on me utility like some folks up and I get no mandate they lick in alike what is correct at all and I don't like always are causing groove and then like the face that they make when he lighten the Cuyahoga elect bill o's he's instantly. Patrick has written. Hit him guys this is for different origins but it is least most popular blogger idol. While Shays and it didn't know when I know with rocket went DOJ agents added to a man and just do the opportunity to pull it or thought things blooming uses cooled me so. You coincidence. At the stat is like 90% of new businesses fail. So everybody is sort of business knows that the moment like when is that businesses fail in the first six months this did agents. Man I used work in the shop and honestly felt like if you do. The things that idea for that's out for some audio Smart to do so often. I'd go unnoticed that's about businesses though everything but. Like I'll fill some meat house allies delight in everything in this march's slight distrust the way that's scaring the stat. About business has failed not the awful if you if you've got to do something you'll have that fear filmed and you shouldn't do it because some guys are you doing and they are doing away with a New York. That's where he got the idea for a public. You gotta had to like fear you know like that fear affiliate aren't you tourists like he should motivate you know it's like if you knew it was going to be safe like you are cool. 90% these businesses making. Its hobby is make them or it could be that only 10%. Something different I've known you for. Pretty much half mile life now at this point. I think a lot of what scares people off about starting their own businesses they'd think they T afford to do it I know. If knowledge is settled five million dollars or you know it cost some financial risk for you to do this how was again in the money together to start your own business. Mayor housing Mondays always told us about the key issues like you know you got his meat that that chance version is womb like tickets and so you. I like the idea is you got game because those. They're really about like the read the though about complaints you have that looks more like the resource to a god and they had local businesses. Opportunity. Grow comets do with you know tour pocketed soon you know. What I was trying to do seldom are constantly they can buy into it in essentially you know as a partnership were I don't put any money. So is religious mockery to be a concept to my hard work and men of god trusted me enough to palpable we're. How that process binge that I I didn't know that I didn't know that it was a 5050 partnership I think like anything if someone feels like they buy sum and they own it. Where are you buying your ideas and trying your concept and I ever tried to push paid as well I think we should do would you tell you got to sit back and appreciate the vision. Not that's the best thing that he early ages like let me do what they'll tour ought to elect our ultimate ice he's like aren't what unity in our white tail light. Of operations for your bar instead of doing these concert on Jesus and he's like article does do it. To them was so he so is really more so a man of god it. I wouldn't come into the satellite sports and they always say like oh when you're keynote talk about the roars throughout this way so. He runs bars aren't allowed juice fresh fruits of products like that them for insuring. She knows all about like the big decide that it's so. Really is the situation he would need micromanage it and need to like see his money's going he knows it Ari can I had the idea. I had the money list it is almost like the taking on and and. Terms situation and I seven's perfect sense here's August art of African players he is the owner and creator just Jews it is at 1607. West 39 street it's right across district Miami ice I'd go over there are Miami ice I just by Tom I go off you guys are close I brought gotta go I go on the week in. Challenges. A business owner for six months through the winner wasn't the easiest by a lot of people getting Jews outside doing those kind of things over the winner what's the first six months them. Well honestly has been everything about the house won't be because I noticed I don't open up in the summer and have like that McConnell false sense of like oh Maryland is rock. They're my nose renewal we years those like. We open open the winner colitis McEnroe and so it was cold of the outside and and really talk to staff tools like. Talk to light. Hustle so say where they know like card. Instead of making everywhere he's uses them to load up all of our best sellers so people could mean you know we always have those readily available. And also doubles grow organically like within a narrative within the CDs though. We have like the mayor come out and we now Huckabee ribbon cutting. We really exists create a product it was a great product despray. Word of mouth so. Is going to the exact well wanted to go for a six month. It's hard to kind of get your name out there like what's 39 street it is pretty popular so. I feel like a lot of your business just comes from foot track record from wrong. Is hard to kind of stand above right now gotta get your name out there in a field it is right now in Kansas City fairly competitive. Honestly I don't think so because a lot of the other stops. I see like support him because RO I don't do what they do like they really focus on like. Zero to light scenes so it was a delight. He'll Sally it's an air water and honest of what we do that this far socialite you can come in. To a sister or you gotta knees and asking to bring them in we get a ton of keys when they renewed it drew like Japan is what them at like healthy snacks and make like. Plant based (%expletive) more split phase three sees this who do ice cream we do like pock marked do off fonts though will we do at all like tilt the that way like you you'd actually argued in London the medicine in McCain. Says what do. Like a lot about you a lot of insure vision in the imaging in the breeding value package Judy's. We all bring those little rainbow juices and if indeed there you know like packaged those four to be healthy and flood that year. But I look at them hit it reminds me in my childhood I meant that the populace of. Honestly that removal was go for it like the holds his use things like who we will people who like coming here. Lightning that like arm of Kia I don't pop the room full law knows I was do we Keisel problem model Leo. But he is out of those cute yeah it was hard for you I really debris is still I would still like I do people communities and those little bottles like I have grows like happy mother's days and asking they'll call requests like they fit perfectly marvelous bill lord. Keys have baseball team's outlook term this week you wanna do that incident like Gatorade stuff they do art our our penetration injured. As opposed it going to mark cute little eight counts. Will Gatorade she why aren't they what's the big sound so far for six month. Honestly man marketing is discussed. Honestly dislike the staff room because. Like I don't I don't look it is users like away from me theories is remorse like Asia you know so light. Gain some ideas and stale like okay. If you dislike. If you in support what I'm doing here at the figure though injuries that she wanted to make that happen you know so. Like would a lot of people. They it over stamp cases. Thus the work. You know so if you're having a bad day he bring that to work only chino and over here like it is you have bad effects me in at a fixed and experts and we you have such a small staff. So who would do is they the the care relief. Heated heated group of that light control things like this is brilliant is his target. But I have a provisional police wearing of the man talk bad about some ideas like me you have an issue today we have to communicate. A lot of people today is orderly communicate them as opposed than snail like hey you know. This is ordered me day morsels today. You know I'll know everything's fine just like Wendy's. Let at all like I'll read you to tell me Tuesday is bad days though on Thursday united steel are such an illicit Tuesday. That makes a lot of sense it would seem enemies running your business. The two hardest things I think would be. He's at some point you have the major difference. It deliberately relationship but like anything once work and money becomes involved. I just changes the complete dynamic of it and you server product I asked a lot of people you know don't wanna pay for the product right like it would cost monies might get. No oranges in the Keylon shipments were like nobody's gonna pay for. So like. Is flowing site IC harvest for aryan he Stewart is where it's so like Charlie brink of a corporate morris' like a room. Not like talking down human Florian market values like. Ma assistant manager Sosa so he would just like that balance between mean he was built like. It was rough for a little bit put it honestly like we got that currently the blue because legacy and he knows it like what is that money you know he's an artist. And if he has a gallery here fees to any damn Mike and listening to art open Stewart. Like list like obvious to gallery like anything he's doing home various portable so he knows that I would never like. You know bringing. Light anything from our peers in relation to our furnish it. Again like my home used to like Mexico support me. There really wasn't hard because I guess it honestly that we do everything for it's like we just may select ice from cell which is will like. Much ice crystals like green team Coke and dies. When playing days cookies those like a piece of was still phone in and they go on and they were like a lot of moans alight. Like actually you're like people to Connolly mean tour in Hollywood does to you know economy towards who have. And so we just always like Thomas stay connected through like these sneaker groups and different like events that I they've light washed you kind of go through like the the six and balances everything. And then now that they're old enough to actually experience like their bodies change like BC like OK if (%expletive) goes being. A hundred dollars on the supreme you know baseball Jersey. I want Caspian a 100000 clings to take your body and so the ages like new years and years of me actually talked to Leo about light. Bettering themselves it's like. Now that I have an opportunity tax help them help themselves they are all fours. I I thought somebody about a Jews Clinton's one time gains at its satellite that was miserable experience I ever heard mines are alive while an album put my body through a Jews and outlook Jews. I got to use things seem fun. So imagine like your body is like your car so you can or change right yeah imagine that Larry if you never changed the lower your car was gonna be is at its core are gonna break down that's happening before. Exactly so like a match in light. You've got years upon years upon years of waste just like seven in your body that she's never forced out. And like here it pretty slim do like are doing for errors like Tom you know got likes them yet is going down and talking down like Cain cheese Tenaris daylight. You actually care about food you like good foods like a notion as well and those who put steel like. We are a lot of cereal our bodies. Lot of light is asked of that we USC like clues in league game nutrients with the SE going to light push into vessels almost like always change for like your body. Like every light cobol like me who like to remarks like are just like at 230 clearly a child alive. So in Iraq travel like have like the busy that was a go to Houston so who go to the new you know New Orleans is you know hazing you know seafood and as odd that. But yeah I come back archenemy should like take like two or three days is now lifeless loss system. That's I think that's by the most messed up or adding to terms of nutrition in our society is. I think people wanna eat healthy eating healthy is expensive to do were eating poorly is extremely inexpensive right go to McDonald's right now you can get entire meal for a three dollar write you can't do anything of substance from your store for three dollars without it always leads the American public to. Let's just eat Wendy's it's that he can help. Brightness so we don't IC do like who food yet but we do like snacks and we do snacks from anywhere from like two books. The reform books would've. Like the the tough thing with that is that like you Tron displays somebody want this pro team baldness is like. Bullet nutri system that they need is better form and Golan in the the dollar cheeseburger and Fries and win these but. Like the biggest thing for us we try to meet people have boy is okay. I've been on both sides have been like on the column when he grabs. And now this ours like our our care more about like. Seen somebody do something better for themselves so if you will have to life actually like. Could something billion body and take three days actually like each itself right there and I'll meet you halfway he said you go to McDonald's and it. The gentle family and get on dole cheeseburger and audit transferred. TP team books the so we try to do is we look at it like car. Thirty bucks today you come here ego you know push a body to a little note that a rigor. And if you can you do with Kenya unifil great outdoors and select I don't look at it like it's also money cliff like all the make. We'll put some money off this clan is more select OK. Find it dispersant into the clintons you know I I'll meet that and a -- must discount rate so they can actually do resettlement body because at that point. Not only make him like. I'd gain and customizing gain it like a friend almost like some might have come back because. Went ot the services are provided that it wasn't me trying to get rich is me actually. Trying to help them better themselves. You're talking action owners ago a friend of mine he's the owner just Jews it is at 1607. West 39 street the last arms and their I'll ask you this how easy is this stuff to make for the common Maine he would like incredibly easy. People know that maybe I did don't know 'cause I don't mix movies like that but I love to Draco. If you bought a blender and ice it you greens you can make quality movies at home every single day. Yale. Are it was a joke bombing about a year ago busted out like mister curry of the the Jesus who hear me but I mean clearly is are honestly as easy as light distress yourself like like I mean basically the stuff Korea drink and you this Korean male when it comes to actually consume them I'm relieved him somebody got a Jericho is blister buddy but honestly like. Out of France as Lance Ito mean and a dollar deal it was a slight look cool inches below folk. So this yearly Connolly Mamie I wanna make and this movie. And you know lessons arming Lucas who does an asterisk you know people like thoughts about. Almost Arctic prodding those like we can do writes like a great cars you know unlike what some money can appreciate Angry Birds is like confessing Phyllis allies like walking on like oh yeah it is Cahill SP in his movies. Actually amazing like come back and o's that person comes back. I would like trust and trying things like do you make of British smooth and have been reduced anybody else that I ever experienced light gas that let. Like honestly it's like if you really just like take the Tom and it's like OK like a likes drovers alike are advisories from make a smooth like honestly like at the south we don't have like a recipe chart. Like we have Logan is just like just so you know like you don't sit and guidelines give plywood on I like we know pullout measuring pain because like is also corny but like if he'd do is hoping that she really liked. Load like ours is okay is Patricia who fears like are like today might be three strawberries this week with Smart my before. You know next week it might be two things following them will be fought but it is honestly just like distresses them like. You know was dude you know if it comes out you know like failure like bush you like hearing that fear of failure like anything's possible. What is the average person need to know about making its movies home maybe somebody right now is likely that loves movies but. It's been fifty bucks a week to go out there and I smoothly from somebody like you but I do enjoy him home. What it would you kidnappers the though the easiest tip argue very body that took some money gave me. You can always advise which can take Italy. That makes a lot of sense you can always added which can never take guys out so yea you got to his eyes and there. Water your run down there to protect the players like the fruits like the the finish losing them with the content of this movie. Bush like if you ever needs like. Lower pricing you can always go to the ticker smooth myself that despite all milk or go order. I was power some thicker than I mean this follow likes a lot of people we use like. Like Mike Morgan and regulate mix likes or units in. Wife when our sakes we we don't like that's a recipe we'd like he's like Harris who's been. Things like that help like you've likened the acre field. I don't want to be like nobody votes the point that we target go like to him and those child like. Camera which one was on some of these has subpoenaed earn that league it's like who fab five days yeah as my sister came there couple weeks ago and it's really. Like delicate players just Jews he's the owner of 1607. West 39 street. Now you'll get. If and an amount of time to pimp you're judged by amendment. Amen you nose is kiddo likes to make Frist juice and make huge Islamic group juice. This movies in the city probably in the nation the tiller had the next everything is fine. Yeah we come in we have great music playing we play a lot of my McDonnell prints guerrillas everything. The root like if you like to leave from breathing the income is his dukes they feel with the election. And it is not a reference to the raiders even though. I do appreciate Al Davis and just win baby. But is used baby is actually like I'm not so well after a couple of world which is Bootsy Collins is he's great so this is like you know Turkey focal so. Just Tuesday so why people would elicit nervous get the swing Maine it's got KL and pineapple. And see we didn't. Allergy stuff you know you guys like and if you like us movies and get the Serena because as they can talk. About a a.