Josh Vernier Interview

Fescoe In The Morning
Monday, June 19th

Vern talks about the recent hot streak, options at the trade deadline plus the one guy who has jumped up in June and gotten the "core" going 


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Garnett first thing we have to discuss is well. We lost a legend from a delta house this weekend at stevens' first AKA flounder. That's why don't tell. Dortmund. Kinsler thought. Our. And it won't now reads this is why are out there. This is sparked the discussion at throughout Twitter and throughout the day about what is most able movie of all time Josh murderers. Rules and Saturday here at 610 Sports Radio. What is the most quotable movie is animal house is definitely up there. But there's that whole line of options like dumb and dumber Forrest Gump tombstone. This goes on and on. Yet done that was the one that stood out to me at the animal house crosses. More generation. Yet yet. I'll I'll live with animal house or what but apparently. And it's been found to prevent its. All over the place in the what we didn't bring up and I and I really reprimand you especially I saw that yes caddies yeah are out of us. And yeah gelding caddie shack is a good one. There and they see you forgot about caddie shack feasible for us forgot about caddie shack we take a yen that's one of those quotable movies. Of all time and animal house is definitely up there and and it's it's always gonna be up there especially. You know the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor zero point zero total got. No toga toga toga toga. Okay here here wonder because. And my night old games show caller called that. You know Bay Area between that would open. That. Trip was. Speeches and you know what it'll Germans bombed Pearl Harbor. And yeah all right lap but it was a nice call. And acts like modern art business at. I'll it will work. You know these guys yeah I don't know it you realize that the Japanese. And a lot I mean you'd watch and. It's shocking well Josh I'm gonna go miss that ran its this agency so many people missed and I mean every time we mention it I mean I. I need to be called into the boss's office and with the closed door and you know the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor randomly. I do. So low what you mean do we said the Germans and Mike it's a movie reference I mean god now like everybody down most misquoted movie and maybe is is in las baby Zell but if if what oil was gonna throw a toga party it's might with a stock threat like you could seated in the toga running around going toe got. Got toned down. Yeah who spotted out you know kind of sweaty buster Spain novel about a beard and the and yet Mike those doctors withdrawal. I elements so that parties. And you know hot summer with EP. Whoever the guy that that tricks the girl who boys Bridget. All right let's. It would if they we did its regular dates. Auto. Dad though was yeah. That yeah pulled yes that's pretty Bruins actually had our eyes burn back to the to the Houston series is when this thing really started for the Roy splitting with the Houston Astros I think was kind of the start to this thing was kind of a big moment you know for the royals the opportunities take three out of four for the Astros is that when you're kind of circling the beginning of the the best for the royals was that Houston series. Not a fairly now with that that road trip. Six innings. For Iran salaam Ian Kennedy. And acts and I Alex Gordon hit his second home run. Yet beginning with that road trip. You know at first light in the road trip in in the series were right. You got the colors and rather he took advantage of optical. Should help you beat up the Gillette spot. What it used in what not. But but it all came out to. The hole. The guys talked about. All these that in eighty people all season buckles but players vote. Need to be active it's it's not what let's go out actually the race. And so. We're in saying. And what Ian Kennedy stepped up that started at the world injured. Who's wonderful pictures it of course. What an important step up and being. What does ballclub. A well rounded ballclub and beat. The wind out. So all throughout the West Coast road trip now they need. About psyche. With the bat he would certainly see these sports editor MLB network re. Out every single day maybe it. The club house. Acted on that for the psyche and it that is that your honor for that right because we all know how it today. But until gay. And so you know it you're right. But for being tethered Bordeaux where would the launching pad for me. I don't know why we moved on who's flounder in the clubhouse I mean pet pets. We haven't finished out. Wahlberg in the club out what youngster right. Yeah that would be you got a new piece like that caught that ball up in the. But he's not Jolie likes flounder you know throughout don't Butler man got to go country breakfast. Bill is not there anymore but if that's. Net yeah oracle and out of the way it may actually practiced he'll butter we were going elegantly to get away country record. So. It does earn your divert. It's its interest in you look at the trade deadline prospects in this because everybody was this expecting an all around Major League Baseball expect in the royals to be sellers but. If they do become buyers. What happens when you think they go after if they keep this hot streak going and they're sitting in your first place or even at first placed on the trade. That where. It didn't get it. That I'd bet that that's what fourteen. And 1213. Year. I'll pick that oil academy at the Asians I don't think they're calling GP. Spectacular addition. Idol but it could beat Johnny quid open though was like you want and what they gain. Purple and are deeper into that likely she. An extra ball an arm. I guess we could that at bat off the bench. But let's be real old but that why so many people were desirous of the scenes that make moves that it's art now. Because that our system is rather have yet be double way AAA level it much. It will be partly and you know happen. Let our quality arms. Hot day blow away in rookie ball levels. You're gonna act a package of Portugal due to get it you want to bring it they also like reliever. Would say that. Would be to move on to me. The trade deadline. The big acquisition. For the royals beat it beat a return at the end up in all our update does when you do that. You could you guys were stationed in the ultimately all possible return of the strike out she earned it and it. I'm sorry let me ask you this if your first place at the trade deadline and you have the chance to add Sonny gray Yu Darvish Garrett coal. But you have to give up brought all month to see junior are you willing to do that. Well because I am I come around out of the sag leaders power IBM and is that this window with with these guys is ending after this year regardless of what you wanna say. This team will not be back is the score altogether next year. If you're in first place at the deadline and you have the opportunity to do this one more time. Are you willing to do that. Yeah me. Yeah I guess so I guess so. Setting great injury history concerned we look at it baby toward public to. Hear Jose keep. I would use something like that that would also mean you're likely to have to bring back so we set the bar two. That two year deal but. Yet you take that point so we all date we have orders losing. Is committed to these guys he's a winner. That the move up a winner that's the guy that is trying to reward the city. Well I would be more into these royals and so yeah but it. Yeah I and you know I'm willing to go two more years of Escobar and have another you know post season run itself I'm good that. He's just here. Verbal or are denied it big yeah yeah. Yeah yeah. A yeah and we appreciate the man. Do.