The Inaugural Show

2 Guys in a Brewery
Sunday, July 1st
On Sunday, July 1st; Jay Binkley - middays on 610 Sports - and Jason Nivens - afternoon drive on 98.9 The Rock! - traveled outside of Kansas City to Excelsior Springs to visit with Neil Wilkerson owner & brewer of Dubious Claims Brewing Company. This was Bink & Nivens' first interview in what they hope to be a series of beer podcasts titled "2 Guys in a Brewery."

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Hugh Graham. Local radio guys sit down with different rulers in the air breweries talking. 610 sports radio and live from 989 in the wrong. You're the one thing yeah who do work. Probably personally over the first look at those terrible laws also. Yeah I am ready. Yeah we heard. There. Action. Welcome to two gags and robbery and thankfully Jesus Nivins at six in sports radio and didn't do myth that is a rock between 37. Nightly in what we're doing is we're doing here around the city. That just intensity but around the city because they were excellent greens are although okay outside cutesy the only -- 3035 minute drive we would have done for Israel and we're gonna start repetitive statement across the way else feel what is going to be time to do is integrate until they have right mixture or. Bring him brewer Neil Walker's in the and its the owner the operator dividends that I at each one of your beard did you get your dubious claims. Brewing company so springs Missouri you pick which while wearing drink first and tell us why we're gonna drink it. I would start now. So I got I've got the bath house with a very weeks I've got the wisdom wit and I've got the validity the end vitality and vitality. You and now vitality yeah. Let's go Vienna because I figured distributed here than humans would appreciate the most big yet they in the style of peers like this year's free use them that go well podcast. Of course about it and they got. I tell us about this. He had finished the that you're very crowded. In your Van Halen dean tanks. In the back unit Vienna beer tell me why you did this in excel reports. This disappear here is a true German beer it is the longer it it's a fight we process that we all of this fear. East likes colder temperatures hit it takes a little bit and more time to finish but it makes it smoother Beers all through German Marines. German east. And more replicating what what they've been doing many many years in Germany. Okay well I I am a fan this do like to see severe yeah drew got here that you would like this next roast beef flavor and it's this European influence. Bonds you're now that I have this my employer is now discipline instead of before we got around it that Cuba made little. Darker that you wanted to did this actually got turned out the first time our efficiency on some of this green Turner Field it. That we had better efficiency basically Adam Adam the animal thing process this so yes until how many years how many years that you've been virtually through. Brewing beer cups before August or run its home home brewer's idea as hard as the harbor in 1990 exploit hit. Okay advertise in the local paper that I could pick out. Here's or against terrorist I I did the man. In a plastic lunch every other day for two months I could actually afford this kid go okay. And that's the idea artistic and so when you're in east from 1990 to now when you do have a situation like that yet here where you use me. Beard is darker or gone heavier and just goes out to endure. What this thing to drain them and edit and then go back to that. About the drive more traffic or okay yeah absolutely absolutely I'm proud of the way this turned out but I really think that we did this next best that we grew weak and justice. Think we can we can tweak it. And it is not a bad beer but I think we can make it an excellent here. It's great you're ECB it is this homely kid a how to combat sexual it is one. A rather that I've heard it ninety's didn't hear daybreak over your openness beer open it was orange. It was clear all I mean radio today. You'd get a job where the shots that he may have wounded obviously you're here was pretty good if you know what it turned into. Making other Beers or happiness at the start of vegetables and did you how big are you into the creek your business it's what great big ticket to a big at all. In fact that was about the time that John McDonald started. Remember hearing out everybody knows it. But a little Hillary it's. Been okay. Yeah its net at the hour after I knew he. Libya highlight. Every time is yet another job for this ode sit home or. Did you just how big problem was is we like different vegetables and meat. Was that your actions that clean all go to a beast but I make feared it was only my bad news this is what they did when it was a good my page actually. Figured out recipes out of anything brewing when I when I open it is obviously great company. When I started on the project I had thirteen different Beers in my house that I am wrong path thirteen different styles of fear everything from light to dark. I was I was actually eighteen Beers in barrels it was good the whole big thing they've just had a small so when you view. Yet when you're the average person coming up alternative to root beer you think there's been obviously it's a one shot one shot veered. You know being talked about for us when he did it was born to came out wrong in eight years. I think we all of these pretty good beer ya doing it. We'll look at what we want it won't affect the drawing board. Q have you found in your career in this you have I don't seem more failure than success and growing but that you had. You've learned more from the mistakes that you made verses like hail that just this part right. Here you know I mean. Absolutely in the funniest story I can tell you is as I was actually put together a recipe. I have my book open I hurt my back in the middle of putting it brings together and I don't let me guess the flip. And I finish after recipe I grew. Realize that wait a minute I made a in my box last Mexican style beer. It turned out BF two tournament investors observer group. Happy accident right happy accident obviously you have Maria Beers that you like the two they meet at the Vienna to forget where you. I won't let brilliant student. See if it's my. You know he's get a bag of pretzels with the years is that water be prepared he brings that water drink between appears. The Clinton and let the melody thank. I think you should go right to the blueberry. There's a bit ago that whoever throws open your global business this is your views here Clinton event right here everything right here. Me tell you that blueberry. So rode out. Its words and some fame via we want to read reports the war. Aim at that as leverage ruled that state and so this marine had Bloomberg beards first and they've tried uber beer bad that is the only time I've seen it. It brewery is your burger here widely agree. It just mixes well with this week fear it it was a it was something that I worked and worked on now Padilla. And we're able there replicated from Michael rise to the that this thing we have here dubious claims and what we also do and we came out with them we're currently out. But the rain has greatly the exact same beard we we inject forever yet and it is very hyper wealthy it's coming back stated. What I like about this is snipers and trying it last evening I'm not name names Brett had another beer. Driven by fruit and it was well. All due to strong almost like certain you know where is this one has just. Subtle subtle flavor of blueberries and it's not overwhelming so yeah it is to get overwhelmed yet has as a nice taste through it without being like two strong we're almost. So that's sort of a certain kind of life is too severe eulogy given the winner will lose more meaning. I think an accelerator yet they need to be around here I really did it and I do yes. I definitely feel like this summer one thing you can do here around. Sure that's good it's good solves itself. I'd say yeah see your homework yet. In name added that manifest itself to be yet another job obviously you need to make money right. He got married you viewed your wife your Hillary now well he told me she's a veterinarian got. So there. So you were on the side added that kind of kick off who visited breweries and see what they're going to Judy it's what you're doing by medals and hearing your basement. So. I worked oh man out of that home brew little for for quite a few years and she says got married had kids. Kind of backed candidate for a few years in about 1213 years ago again they're really really happy. That's right started buying deep freezers and I was adjusting these deep freezer and make him. Vessels breakfast theory as he ordered to appear in I had like six of those that happen in my group. I had like casinos here thought that you know who else attribute that took it to that level I basically was. Producing beer on the small scale but doing it the same way of these guys back to what you with us. Ultimately we like happy happy to read beyond that we're doing all right women friends it's. More friends and I can and can't do. Hey everybody it's. Based get a marine base at total. Yeah. The case that grew out of working under today it was everywhere you than half of the day if you knew where are you argue the main man here you have like partners with you like you maybe a couple of the guys that. Home brewers well you guys got together it is that's a really good story so this dome and as we are building up to root out kept walking and I could tell he was he was interested in exactly going on in the room house. It in one day he opened up to him because you know I got to sign this. It has a master's degree in brewing he's working for Guinness brewing company. In in Baltimore okay any he must come back home the car. Which you talk to him and and so we did I talk to him we we connected immediately from there he's taken over the wheel house and he's he's doing. So he's brewing gets. At that time yes people. It's quick find their abilities. Walk in the here this what are you seeing anything about it doesn't. It does seem like when it comes to you you know maybe maybe it's maybe they got that taxes it seems like when you get into this happy accidents. That means it's sort of open outdoor life story it was again if that's kind of hit resided here right yeah. You put out there and either it's gonna manifests itself sort of thing always right next. Or you next to like PA yeah it was a win within our brand New England went with the orange with the URG yeah. Got to have an orgy not a fan of eating the fruit person you think. Being beaten to relax as. That's a brand new here that we keep them where we felt like you summertime we needed something that had coriander and orange Phelan and so we know we've made it. It would beer. And for their beer I like playing your ballot I suggest Reid during its three sets before you actually get him here. This is this is the kind of fear that it's. On both. Summertime. This has various thoughts are sort of I guess I mean. Resist resist creases there yes yeah I know threw over to it now for some reason zoos and current president yes. Sensitive or even beer and then in the trigger your name. And techniques really like that truth review of you have to live through round one. Beats the old one big big event here because we we can yes we can we can. We can do things fit to correct that we have a problem with the beer we wanna creek we wanna make the right where we're pretty much forced goers and Utah. So that's I think. We're doing pretty veto our Beers every. And how how long you've been here in the Ronan exorcist rates we started April 26. Is that they wield here. Fresh question you voting and another question quite so it's just brings has three vineyards locally in any area. They've got a trolley that runs those vineyards on the weekends. They've got you know as you mentioned earlier for 383 yards for Ned Helms who. So you can walk over walk back. Walk over and stumbled back. I let. But you know what I do think it's like that expressive find I need you and in Philly got. 30. Vineyards like I said no brewer. It if you I don't mind guys I just can't you. But I can drink beer all laws. Under my wife you can do that is what we do this exact. It's. We know once you're required but that is why and then let me coming here and it appears though. Dad where's where's where it was that moment in your life. She expressed it you know move ago when you're right Bono and open up the story of the storefront where ago. This is so. Courts keep in my base you know because I think you get to make that decision like you just keep on growing and how successful this year or all the guys like like this that and quit your day job and you get a new two year goal it does guessing he gets it. It was real guess if you if it was one of those my wife and I did a lot of research on this we we we made friends that we had friends remembering industry. They they helped guide me gave me advice. Want to look for what that's what to do how to build your business plan and we did we get our extra homework on it that's fine because we we need to know if they sulphur springs. It's worth the pixels whispering some missiles raise the debt could handle. Through. Our sides share. And you feel like obviously it. Can houses I think so yeah. Success speaks for itself Rick here's the thing I mean it just brings that community. It was some configurable or is that you may have hampered results there actually is our editors talked to people. That's what people that you were. It will give them that they have here want us there is it more crowded this place. What kind of reaction did you find Jesus this is building its brick building or building that looks like it took some more. It all all FaceBook your progress at how much help chip mobile people. It's easy pitches were walked it and see how much till you have local communities my guess is they probably eligible. The locals here are amazing people are you gotta do is pick up the phone and they're there this is this is that shows the strength of like another mayberry. It really really truly is this city. That this city could see my vision and very everybody was on board this council. Administrators. That the police department the fire department for the city codes that they've all been extremely helpful and be giving us the Sampras you know so this. No roadblocks as they don't want this in a community absolutely. You're you're looking to say that this is yes you're thinking like that it bought breweries somewhere. Get the locals at the local. PD. FT get all those people involved but also you mentioned like the breweries to keep you. The people that you knew that TVs and put some pointers what pointers would give to people. Doing your homework obviously debate. Knowing the race you can had taken and the potential rewards work what others were guys. That's what's really cool about separate community. It is it it's like theme in and I traveled this country at minutes a lot of birds. My day job before equipment to deliver re allowed me to visit all these groups in the country. And in no matter where I went I was always. Given advice. But I am floored me you know it was it was always friendly it would take time to talk to you. Mean and it is it is like the truly I am so there there are two birdies and I don't know like listen here you know it's been yeah Burris yeah Burr oak was one of America quality of literary. There's places like Africa and we took me. An internship furry is that in myself when your latest this thing close those folks remains hey they open up their meeting told me you know what to expect. Opening the books are we thought numbers. I really really closely. And we'll do good turnout. The list I get we've. We don't always tell little ears I you know I guess guys out on the hill that your LL right. Oh yeah yeah so there OK I like everything right so we'll do they'll they'll we'll sit this stuff and things out. This is hit me up here we will be easy Avery really you need killer. You get ahead. Just Bloomberg wheat obviously gives peoples of the news when. Gives people something good we're the only answer but you expect all I'm not yet and already I talked about this fear over hope I'm not AOL dash. Never been I've always been pretty honest about that. But this is one thing it's a couple you yeah I've never had a conversation about but yes. Yeah I didn't disturb you that much I fill out that I'm not. This I can do this. If you wanna get over. Yeah I'm you have some audio yeah yeah I was coming here and have a good. It's he seems like Michael lighter jail sentence that that would you're going poorly at times L ails our hitters. Yeah. I too park. Thank you. You don't agree I had to really fight that they are your feelings yeah I guess yeah I just. The only pillows made him rolling back the military in Vienna which is a given your approach to your. Blueberry week which is definitely different Taylor will ever ever agree is that Leo right. A loyal pulls an ego at the polls but you get a of these two did the piece that I definitely. So let's that's what do the real quick relief five PA. That you when he gets human wrapped up with that that things all that talk and their names. On the next Eddie Alex and does Dave get to that assembles. Dividends. He tried you have really let me to drink and I was a good thing to have. Yeah that it is as good. What's in this what does that mean drones that. When we threw that night PA we we put us throughout the whole entire cooling process getting up it's got to be happy but it's got to be balanced. If it's it makes it this ally house we have to put in a while we're boiling it. And did we do us hopefully now between now and then whenever works his top willingly we've put obstinate at that point we give arrest. And then like most ninety days we we graphic regret having just before we can get I get my. I'm gonna go on to go to the picking up hail fell over the release if you get beat it's important good you don't renovated his movies earlier places they will go we will be able to return him. There's a lot of great yeah I would direct you. That I got me wrapped up with the first down the Lexus now and then explain those names on this hangs over there. To date. Michael. Alex any deal I you know like those de beer guy you that I didn't know those names. Even at CNN we'll be down there on the end yeah I. Will be the. Her reason why you picked names here. You know lose this one of those throw a dart to us it's. Davis is and duty they've this year. Because now you're you're about as yeah so when we bring this down we decided to go light summertime we did money goes big big we're gonna we're gonna get they're pushed out then come. B I'll be back up for that because I know I'm a big stout guy. You mentioned in the summertime it's a little heart and chew right now and it's a hundred degrees outside Brazil's police or stay a little. Yeah staples expects the old time. Again I only saw like the bill alone on the look at I like to break October this was October you know in the end review we'll do some pumpkin Beers. You know was we'll stay creative visuals seasonal what is it that's that's the future right just keep. Changing seasons in the time we always staples of the PP yeah sure like to bearden. And people see him at. It was technicals but there is so backwards that ran over and hey that's because you up to our users aren't actually so. Thank you I think I speak for me thank you for being part of our inaugural. You guys and brewery. First woman first one for you Reynolds here today. But all these breweries I should feel pretty good record.