Ian Kennedy interview - 3-16.mp3

Ian Kennedy interview - 3-16.mp3

The Day Shift
Friday, March 16th

Ian Kennedy joins the Lake and Bink on The Day Shift to talk Royals 


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We got into it on the line utilities on the activity was the mister royal Ian you do want. Arbitrary. They were or do implied Beirut sit here I'll watch all these tournament games I. Odds are bracket yet to the royals get but it doesn't give it up the whereabouts. I really know a lot of the leader as he eyes a comment. I've learned I'm not very good at it soul on the it would spend my time doing that all what is that like. A little watch and you know somebody up from the workbook in the Olympic Games. Go for the term belong on. You know my actually my wife get so into it could she play. On the actual. And he she still took the hotel in been locked but he is back to back the night life. You repeat the quote we let. Well legal solicit questions that you look at it. I was with was with secret they US he did make that target. All of no real ruled that the again. This yet. Know what. It's so it hasn't been that yeah like what the word that's spoken to rule them all but also the room. Yes so you knew what love meant that wouldn't you. That's power couple right there. Pro baseball that are about that school player hey Lucas do is the US seagate news media be part of. He did he was not from a cult who made. I'd like you here we have so we all know he thriller. All good golf and I were dating. Due to a woman remain in yet so we've veto it sure you will. Yet do it didn't remember putting that you are talking rumored that the and that's broadcasting. You alive down there ain't just all the things changed its name this. I would dude O John Jay and moves come back at me. Does this is it weird being that the clubhouse in Arizona ages welcome to the short today. Yeah for a little bit there you know let the other there are implementing new and you know pretty much for me. He's articulate talented and overall. No we sent Ricky Nolasco. The Marley deal. As you like areas that your car. You didn't you do achieve it was walk into the door her and checked the Internet. And it OJ OJ to sub mention god moves coming back and I think a lot of royals fans who just. Static when that news broke here this last week but what would talk about getting moves back because what does that mean for you as a pitcher knowing that you got a guy out there there's been so good defensively. When there he supporting you off when you're on the now. Yeah it's nice then you've faced by who have inspect saw the you know kind of the feeling because they'll open that. Knowledge with a lot of sort of open a few token that. Things were. Don't work out word of financially that work or like a long term deal somewhere and you know the people for in the Stanley but then. Obviously land and you know you're probably vehicles fired back. You know what I told about that while the ship happier back here because. You know we admit you know his personality is had leveled. We're gonna like you're that the muschamp has let you make require that the they do all the were. Yet know I'd. A lot of concern here it. But he says the plot of the military. Give us give us once they Ian we'll talk to each any from the Tennessee Rosie on the day yet. We gotta give a quick school or updated and tilted into double its army at sixteen every ten brought you by Casey trains we'll take away all pretty calm out. Had a job that would Texas a and M up over Providence had a halftime when he 27. Purdue about three minutes left over cal state Fullerton 2218. You about that you are update rather they're. If you get updated. Or. It's brilliant I feel in the last year. They took off yet that he mystery it typically change a little bit towards the end of the year it did so I you. The as they come together we. Nobody will. You know field but they're normal for training worried I'm trying to work on in the really. For me it turned to repeat your delivery over over over. When you're out in the middle of the morning if you're trying to make a little bit of an adjustment. And I was able to make those. You know lot cooperated with the the film. But he to try to stamp out of the help. And let it not so small that followed my leg. And that usually take the baseball hall on what will order a Fella here in you know I have McCain get the is that strong that well he. Not for the global and those like. That he did that I had left are the years. You know beginning of the year so it's. Here it is so you rule except when you're out there and now. You know from felt better. Fastball command. We'll try to work around for training to folk. It's definitely the phone couldn't you know. I mean you are extremely blessed guy opportunity. Mainly due got a Major League Baseball career. In the thing that I'll look at a look at that mass of hot tickets you have you gotta I've got pregnant eight when it comes and mentally baseball right now. You know you know so that people are talking about what's been. Happening in three seat with the lack of money that's being given to diss your Major League Baseball as a goddess is backing it you know you were created a couple of years ago. What do you make though of what's going on right now on me to meet on the house not a surprise you at what's been happening here in this up pre. But after it was surprising. You know we have. If it isn't like we can expect a lot of things that happened or even to. Some of that how late delivery of timing and some guys are getting contracts for years that they're expecting. Our home here so extremely blessed by the likes. You. It's a tough with the so many different teams trying to take the approach of not competing in so some of the best players are out there. And all black man you know like someone from me the picture look at the Olympic area that it's taking so long as far with all the team. For an. I mean hasn't the current records that you'll love America pitching staff on it he's as healthy as anybody he. Really EER. We're eating habits like cold like Cornel B. It's work work ethic stuff like that bullet for example. Growled surprises. You can only get three year deal but. It is. You know that you're seeking their ticket for com. Rebuilding or. And certain currency and so on name and its own right it's not. You know expanse of I think one. And you get them in there are starting to back into it and the Phillies have something has accepted in the rebuilt but. Authentic world. And he can do a picnic were approaching the runway where we can rebuild and still compete. Were those guys are still. You know and learning but still have some guys around them that. You still need leaders around them until you guys are gonna either after the rebuild record quote it's. And I did feel that. You know this but the product but the people out there. Are taking the approach they're going for a lot of one foreigners in. It's it's just the political look at you from a veteran. Standpoint of I'm certainly no major carrier that the analysts Solomon Mike the stock is there. Or problems or you know guys that we saw on the market and trying to. Waiter I'm a little bit murky marketing effort for that matter and city. It now or deflect it it is prospector that not that many on there otherwise whether it's so awful there are more than. They make that free agency. And I think it that I think what their career. There are in the process they are able to do that you'll have to pull a couple of years in the hoopla. On the United States like. The veteran guard and so sometimes. You're in now and and proven himself a that they need reward. William couldn't agree more we've been baffled do in the show which of these deals BC NFL you turned to year counteract stuff like that it's a it it definitely caught us off guard. Look talking more about the pace of play at all that that. Taken up your time today you know shall talking about about that and you'll have opinions either in the league you know we'll see us is that it'll dogs you'll see when you back here Ian. Can't wait to see with the royal Villa in the royals postings without the agreements pieces in in some leaders for the team. If it's good to see but it takes audience. The point here at the army on the recruiting. Analysts that it looked like in brackets. They have artsy yet that's eight years where they. Like. You just yet and yet he rose on the base with late debate.