Gene Taylor on The Drive

The Drive
Friday, August 11th

Here what AD Gene Taylor had to say about the new home for KSU. He joined the guys from the Drive


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Stacy and we're happy to talk to demand of the hour Kansas state athletic director Gene Taylor joins us. Liable on the drive Gina how are you go incident. A lot and are you guys. Duke fans at great let's talk about the big. On news and story of the day how does how good does it feel to officially be now called friend of the show. Well it's good that we can point. It's been it's been a good thing not work cited I think. We get it brings to the table gently coverage and I think even the corporate. A little blue lapel with a look of horror when will decide to go out there on the partners and. We're excited and you guys as part of the K state Bentley. Jeanne if you can't tell our listeners how exactly this deal came together. Legal appeal. The company or was he he manages kind of our real partnership she and certainly our what. Casey. Got here you know while she worked great quote it would be a vote from your field. Normally when eight chanting down and that's got flood stage in their pocket and we've got a truck an internal. What were so our goal that we were looking for one or. Little wonder what are coverage here in terms of both daytime and night time and some flexibility you know look with our coverage certainly. The pregame post game coach's show movements and things that we didn't have before that you guys are certainly didn't help this work. You know full cover to post angels won a reciprocal basketball. And football and you know coaches carry a coach coaches Sheldon got a cynical about all of the other years. Overall things are very important to us and it came true and the outside. Jane. Was signal strength for you guys because I yell at nighttime or really really strong and is that was that part of the reason you came though this. No question now guilt and talked about coverage and signal strength. Know nine times it can be equally particular basketball perspective more torque game that night we don't. A couple of football games movies being broadcast ignited elected ability store and you know it it'll find it looking. The barriers that shouldn't there there were at the. It to refine it and and that they'll be part of it and and certainly. No we can glove and so offense they don't take it. It's either the fundamentals and there's only power lines so that all available on the the conversation terrible start with personal. Not a threat to the show Gene Taylor the athletic director decades day K state athletics now. On sixth in Sports Radio. Oh it's been kind of a busy. Few weeks or had it yet Rio Bruce Weber if fighting do radio Obama bullet never a little more busy message that man in charge and athletic department and it. A lot of beautiful thing and it's great that they keep. You don't look for oracle the he's. Looked union announced that work there will look for greater perspective I'd you know the talk in the pros were. So quite a few weeks. What I doubt there about a contract extensions. May and we're making great internal movement and the restructuring. And so burst. Something that I was trying to be done before before school started. And it been has been busy and I think it. And you know to continue to meet our donors to support artists significantly in. I've met with probably 90%. Internal soul will be fully don't let me play their first football game and I'm back in Minneapolis so. Like a soccer team played nine to worsen an assault and so. It's at that time a year or did not and bought them. Jim was gonna ask you this timing on shore was and I deal. How big of a challenge was that was that you found out this news in any football season starts in 23 weeks you had to get this deal done pretty quickly. Do not want one and you know I think our fan base that's all concerned about that on Monday. From from the perspective before football. Game at school populist. Internal folks in the field to pull this together. You guys that he will be able to make the move quickly and that it is important and so yeah you know you can't overreact he can't panic because they are Brandon. The strong and then we'll talk a couple under a station like sixteen and that need you know strong station like you guys. Be part program part of a million and so we were confident over poor. Decision. We'll go right stations certainly gets with with look at that bill. Or. Jeanne I've got to step daughter go to K state as a freshman she leave it in. A couple of weeks and got accepted into the pre vet program so it's it's been a really fun day right here GA basically on the nation's his daughters go to K state is wells so. Yeah I've got a high five and we've been where a lot of purple around here and I get the K state moms sticker on the back of my allies. Her cards and Allah when attacked her until I could finally telling the news today she was pulled to what kind of reaction have you gotten. In Manhattan and and and from around the country from boosters from fans from from your staff. But then you know according does not flexible but on Twitter and current and well. Could sort out and Kirk quarter. You're on your station kind of incidents. Have a pretty conversation about well. But they don't decisions. You know it took part of you guys. It's gonna be out there it was the result and the. The accident there positive. Follow the complete quote that that was an ancient. The or the Kenyan that is the bird club with a accent but it's about cars because a lot of the things that they want it. Or hope for illegal stations were getting and so it will do with a secret that he's better so birther cause. Ellis civilians and discount tuition this year as edgy you're gonna make it to make that happen. You know that second while you're. At. It yet the Kate haters and your family yeah. We're we're parameters via Parton look for so long marriage certificate the ticket because. That's correct well right now it seems things are official Gene Taylor officially becomes friend of the show and six in sports in Kansas State athletics have teamed up. 46 in GB the official radio home in Kansas City for K state athletics gene thanks lover coming on today. Well any time it is this thick here.